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Harvard  College 

By  Exchange 







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DEC  29  1937 


This  is  the  sixteenth  catalogue  issuecl  by  the  Fraternity 
since  it  was  founded  ninety  years  ago  and  contains  the  names 
of  13,897  initiates  (of  whom  4821  are  deceased)  to  the  close  of 
the  academic  year  1921-1922.  The  Catalogue  of  1915  marked 
a  new  era  in  the  development  of  our  pubHcalions  of  the  kind, 
and  attained  a  maximum  of  usefulness.  Its  success  led  to  the 
decision  to  make  the  present  book  in  similar  form. 

The  general  arrangement  is  almost  precisely  the  same  as  in 
the  1915  catalogue;  it  is  of  pocket  size,  printed  in  clear  though 
small  type  on  thin  paper  and  bouna  with  flexible  covers. 
In  addition  to  the  Ust  of  members  by  Chapters  (pvin^  the 
delegation,  address  and  occupation),  with  alphabetical  mdex 
and  geographical  index,  the  book  contains  much  simcunarized 
information  regarding  the  Fraternity  and  its  history  in  form 
available  for  reference.  There  is  added  a  statistical  summary 
of  the  War  record  of  the  members  of  the  Fraternity,  1914r- 
1919,  -with,  a  Ust,  by  Chapters,  of  those  who  gave  their  lives 
in  service. 

Since  July.  1907,  the  Fraternity  has  had  its  offices  and  head- 
quarters at  tne  Alpha  Delta  Phi  Club  of  the  City  of  New  York, 
a  picture  of  which  appears  at  the  beginning  of  this  volume. 
The  Executive  Council  holds  its  meetings  at  the  Club,  and 
transacts  its  business  from  it.  Any  member  of  the  Fraternity 
whose  class  has  been  ^aduated  can  be  proposed  for  member- 
ship in  the  organization.  At  the  present  time  the  roll  of 
the  Club  includes  about  a  thousand  names,  representing  all 
the  chapters.  It  is  an  attractive  clubhouse  with  over  fifty 
bedrooms,  erected  in  1907,  and  provides  a  suitable  place 
where  the  graduates  and  undergraduates  may  be  brought 
into  closer  touch  with  one  another  and  with  the  Fraternity. 

The  Fraternity  asks  the  active  interest  of  all  members  of 
Alpha  Delta  Pm  in  maintaining  the  card  index  from  which 
this  catalogue  was  compiled,  the  accuracy  of  vhich  was  attained 

•  •• 



through  efficient  assistance  in  the  Fraternity  office.  Notices 
of  deaths  or  of  changes  or  of  misstatements  of  address  should 
be  sent  to  the  Alpha  Delta  Phi,  136  West  Forty-fourth  Street, 
New  York  City. 

Those  who  nave  had  the  responsibility  for  the  publication 
of  this  volume  are  deeply  grateful  to  the  many  members  who 
have  assisted  them  in  their  work. 

New  York,  September  15,  1922. 


Intboductort  Mattbr:  pagb 

Preface mAv 

List  of  Chapters vii 

Address  List  of  Active  Chapters viii 

Historical  Sketch ix-xvii 

Summary  War  ReccMxl zviii-xxi 

List  of  Oonventions zxii-zziii 

Officers  of  the  Fraternity xziv-zxv 

Charter  of  the  Executive  Council zzvi 

Officers  of  the  Executive  Coundl xxvii-xxviii 

Chronoloffy xxix-xxx 

NumericaiSummary zzxi 

Abbreviations xxxii-xxxiii 

Roll  bt  Chaptkbs: 

Hamilton 1 

Miami 17 

Urban 23 

Columbia 24 

Yale 35 

Amherst 78 

Brunonian 101 

Harvard 117 

Geneva 136 

Hudson  .   * 141 

Bowdoin 154 

Dartmouth 171 

Peninsular 193 

Rochester 210 

Alabama 225 

Williams ;    .    .   .  227 

Manhattan 241 

Middletown 254 

Kenyon 272 

Union 282 

Cumberland 294 

Cornell 295 

Phi  Kappa 309 

Johns  Hopkins 321 

Minnesota 329 

Toronto 336 

Chicago 343 



MoGiU 360 

Wisconsin 358 

Califon^a 364 

Illinois 370 

Stanford 375 

Washington 378 

Alphabbtical  Indbx 381 

Qbografbioal  Indbx 517 

Addrbssbs  Unknown 624 

Addbnda 627 


1.  Hamilton  Chapter,  Hamilton  College.  Clinton.  N.  Y..  1832- 

2.  *  Miami  Chapter,  Miami  University.  Oxford,  Ohio.  1833-1873 

3.  *  Urban  Chapter,  t  New  York  Umvereity,  New  York,  N.  Y..  1835- 

4.  Columbia  Chapter,  Columbia  University,  New  York,  N.  Y.,  1836- 

1840,  1881- 

5.  Yale  Chapter,  Yale  College,  New  Haven,  Conn.,  1836-1873, 1888- 

6.  Amherst  Chapter,  Amherst  CoUe^,  Amherst,  Mass.,  1836- 

7.  Brtmonian  Chapter,  Brown  Umversity,   Providence,   R.   I.,   1836- 

1841.  1861- 

8.  *  Harvard   Chapter,   Harvard   College,    Cambridge,    Mass.,    1837- 
1865,  1879-1907 

9.  *  Geneva  Chapter,  Hobart  College,  Geneva,  N.  Y.,  1840^-1876 

10.  Hudson  Chapter,  Western  Reserve  University,  Cleveland,  O.,  1841- 

11.  Bowdoin  Chapter,  Bowdoin  College,  Brunswick,  Me.,  1841  — 

12.  Dartmouth  Chapter,  Dartmouth  College,  Hanover,  N.  H.,  1846- 

13.  Peninsular  Chapter,   University  of  Michigan,   Aim  Arbor,   Mich., 

14.  Rochester  Chapter,  University  of  Rochester,  Rochester,  N.  Y.,  1850- 

15.  *  Alabama    Chapter,    University    of    Alabama,    Tuscaloosa,    Ala., 

16.  Williams  Chapter,  Williams  College,  Williamstown,  Mass.,  1851- 

17.  *  Manhattan  Chapter,  College  of  the  City  of  New  York,  New  York, 
N.  Y.,  1855-1913 

18.  Middletown    Chapter,   Wesleyan   University,    Middletown,    Conn., 

19.  Kenyon  Chapter,  Kenyon  College,  Gambler,  O.,  1858- 

20.  Union  Chapter,  Union  College,  Schenectady,  N.  Y.,  1869- 

21.  *  Cumberland  Chapter,  Cumberland  Umversity,  Lebanon,  Tenn., 

22.  Cornell  Chapter,  Cornell  University,  Ithaca,  N.  Y.,  1869- 

23.  Phi  Kappa  Chapter,  Trinity  College,  Hartford,  Conn.  1877- 

24.  Johns  Hopkins  Chapter,  Johns  Hopkins  University,  Bidtimore,  Md., 


25.  Minnesota  Chapter,  University  of  Minnesota,  Minneapolis,  Minn., 

26.  Toronto  Chapter,  University  of  Toronto,  Toronto,  Ont.,  Can.,  1893- 

27.  Chicago  Chapter,  University  of  Chicago,  Chicago,  111.,  1896- 

28.  McGill  Chapter,  McGill  University,  Montreal,  P.  Q.,  Can.,  1897- 

29.  Wisconsin  Chapter,  University  of  Wisconsin,  Madison,  Wis.,  1902- 

30.  California  Chapter,  University  of  California,  Berkeley,  Cal.,  1908- 

31.  Illinois  Chapter,  University  of  Illinois,  Champaign,  111.,  1911- 

32.  Stanford  Chapter,  Stanford  University,  Palo  Alto,  Cal.,  1916- 

33.  Washington   Chapter,   University   of   Washington,   Seattle,   Wash., 

Total  Chapters 33 

Inactive 7 

Active  Chapters 26 

*  Inactive. 

t  Formerly  known  as  the  University  of  the  City  of  New  York. 

•  • 



Hamilton Clinton,  N.  Y. 

Columbia 614  West  113th  St.,  New  York,  N.  Y. 

Yale 915  Yale  Station,  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Amherst Amherst,  Mass. 

Bnmonian 64  College  Street,  Providence,  R.  I. 

Hudson 2021  Cornell  Road,  Cleveland,  O. 

Bowdoin 228  Maine  Street,  Brimswick,  Me. 

Dartmouth Hanover,  N.  H. 

.  Peninsular 556  So.  State  St.,  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

Rochester 65  Prince  Street,  Rochester,  N.  Y. 

Williams Williamstown,  Mass. 

Middletown Middletown,  Conn. 

Kenyon Gambier,  d. 

Union Schenectady,  N.  Y. 

Cornell 777  Stewart  Avenue,  Ithaca,  N.  Y. 

Phi  Kappa 122  Vernon  St.,  Hartford,  Conn. 

Johns  Hopkins 3004  N.  Calvert  St.,  Baltimore,  Md. 

Minnesota 1725  University  Ave.,  S.  E.,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Toronto 128  St.  George  St.,  Toronto,  Can. 

Chicago 5747  University  Ave.,  Chicago,  111. 

McGill 128  McTavish  St.,  Montreal,  Can. 

Wisconsin 640  North  Henry  St.,  Madison,  Wis. 

California 2401  Channing  Way,  Berkeley,  Cal. 

Illinois 709  So.  4th  St.,  Champaign,  111. 

Stanford Stanford  University,  Cal. 

Washington 4550-18th  Ave.,  N.  E.,  Seattle,  Wash. 



The  Fraternity  was  founded  at  Hamilton  College  in  1832 
by  Samuel  Eells,  of  the  class  of  '32.  When  Mr.  EeUs  entered 
college  in  1827  there  were  two  Uterary  societies  at  Hamilton, 
the  Phoenix  and  the  Philopeuthian,  between  which  a  bitter 
and  active  rivalry  existed.  He  joined  the  Philopeuthian, 
to  escape  importunity  and  persecution  but  the  struggle  fc^ 
supremacy  became  so  desperate  and  the  means  of  persuasion 
so  unscrupulous  that  he  determined  to  form  a  new  society. 
In  a  history  of  the  foimdation  of  the  Fraternity,  Mr.  EeUs 
says:  "The  effect  of  this  state  of  things  on  the  character  of 
the  students  was  deplorable.  It  seemed  to  chill  all  the  noble 
and  generous  affections  of  the  youthful  spirit  and  destroyed 
or  corrupted  the  very  elements  of  honorable  and  manly 
character.  It  was  a  contiemplation  of  these  and  similar  evils 
that  first  suggested  to  me  tne  idea  of  establishing  a  society 
of  a  higher  nature,  and  more  comprehensive  and  better  prin- 
ciples; one  that  should  combine  aU  the  advantages  of  a  union 
for  intellectual  and  Uterary  purposes  and  at  the  same  time 
maintain  the  integrity  of  youthful  character  and  cultivate 
those  finer  feeUngs  which  tne  college  society  extinguished  or 
enfeebled.  The  new  association  first  must  exclude  that  jeal- 
ousy and  angry  competition  and  secondly  must  be  built  on  a 
more  comprehensive  scale  providing  for  every  variety  of  taste 
and  talent,  and  thirdly  it  must  be  national  and  imiversal  in 
its  adaptations  so  as  not  merely  to  cultivate  a  taste  for  htera- 
ture  or  furnish  the  mind  with  knowledge;    but  with  a  true 

Ehilosophical  spirit  looking  to  the  entire  man  so  as  to  develop 
is  whole  being,  —  moral,  social  and  intellectual." 
The  attempt  to  establish  a  chapter  of  K  A  at  Hamilton  in 
1830  and  the  establishment  of  a  chapter  of  Z  ^  there  in  1831 
probably  suggested  to  Mr.  Eells  some  of  the  details  in  the 
development  of  his  plan. 
The  Fraternity   was   rapidly  extended,  the  first  chapters 



beins  established  either  by  the  founders  of  the  parent  chapter, 
or  those  closely  associated  with  them.  It  was  the  pioneer 
fraternity  in  eleven  colleges  and  the  second  or  third  in  eight 
others.  As  it  sought  students  of  decided  literary  tastes,  it 
soon  acquired  a  distinctive  Kterary  character. 

It  may  not  be  inappropriate  to  notice  the  extent  of  the 
fraternity  system  at  the  time  Miami,  the  first  Western  chapter, 
was  established  in  1833.  K  A  the  pioneer  of  the  system  had 
two  chapters;  viz.,  at  Union  and  Williams.  A  *  and  ^  T 
were  still  local  societies  at  tJnion,  while  S  *  had  two  chapters, 
viz.,  at  Union  and  Hamilton.  In  other  words,  the  system 
was  then  confined  to  two  States,  New  York  and  Massachu- 
setts, and  to  three  colleges,  Union.  Hamilton  and  Williams, 
when  the  founder  of  A  A  ^  boldly  planted  its  second  chapter, 
at  Miami  University,  Oxford,  Ohio,  beyond  the  Alleghanies, 
in  what  was  then  emphaticall^r  the  "West."  Ohio  was  there- 
fore the  third  state  and  Miami  the  fourth  institution  to  serve 
as  a  home  to  the  fraternities.  The  act  of  A  A  ^  in  establish- 
ing its  second  chapter  at  Miami  was  important  in  its  results, 
as  it  led  to  the  foundation  of  the  three  national  fraternities, 
B  6  n,  <>  A  O  and  S  X,  forming  a  Miami  Triad  as  K  A,  A  ^, 
and  X  O  had  formed  a  Union  Triad. 

There  are  26  active  and  7  inactive  chapters;  9076  Uving 
and  4821  deceased  members,  a  total  of  13,897. 

The  Hamilton  chapter  in  1882  erected  the  "Samuel  Eells 
Memorial  Hall,"  a  stone  building,  in  honor  of  the  founder, 
which  has  since  served  as  the  nail  of  the  chapter.  The 
Miami  chapter  was  established  by  the  personal  efforts  of 
Mr.  Eells;  this  chapter  died  at  the  suspension  of  the  Uni- 
versity in  1873  and  has  not  since  been  revived.  In  1838  it 
admitted  some  six  members  from  Cincinnati  and  for  some 
years  it  was  supposed  that  a  chapter  had  been  established 
there  but  none  was  chartered.  After  foiu*  years  of  existence 
the  Urban  chapter  was  withdrawn  in  1839  at  the  request  of 
its  own  members  to  avoid  the  initiation  of  lower  classmen  in 
opposition  to  a  rival  society.  The  Columbia  chapter  was 
the  first  at  that  college  and  grew  so  strong  immediately  after 
its  establishment  that  its  prosperity  incited  the  envy  of  the 
non-fraternity  men  and  its  members  siurendered  its  charter 
in  1840  to  allay  the  resulting  dissensions  in  the  college.     In 



1881  the  chapter  was  revived,  nine  other  fraternities  having 
meanwhile  established  chapters  there.  The  last  two  chapters 
named  were  mainly  instrumental  in  the  establishment  of 
the  chapter  at  Yale. 

The  Yale  chapter  enjoyed  a  prosperous  career  down  to 
1869.  It  then  began  to  decline,  and  this,  in  connection  with 
the  opposition  to  the  system  in  Yale,  at  that  time,  by  which 
only  the  Juniors  were  eligible  to  membership  in  the  general 
fraternities,  led  to  the  surrender  of  its  charter  in  1873.  It 
was  revived  in  1888  as  a  four-year  society,  but  in  1896  jdelded 
to  the  pressure  of  local  college  sentiment  and  became  a  "junior  " 
society.  Since  the  aboUtion  of  the  local  sophomore  societies 
in  1903,  it,  and  the  other  general  academic  fraternities  at 
Yale  have  initiated  members  from  the  three  upper  classes. 
It  now  possesses  a  fine  stone  hall.  The  Amherst  chapter 
was  formed  from  a  local  society  called  I  n  K  in  1836  and  was 
the  first  national  fraternity  at  the  college.  During  its  earliest 
years,  its  membership  was  confined  to  the  upper  classmen. 
In  1845,  in  response  to  a  demand  that  the  faculty  be  permitted 
to  inspect  its  constitution  and  records,  the  chapter  offered 
to  and  did  admit  to  membership  the  president  of  the  college, 
averting  the  opposition  of  the  college  authorities. 

The  Bnmonian  chapter  was  suspended  in  1838  on  account 
of  the  prejudice  a^inst  initiating  lower  classmen.  It  was 
revived  in  1851.  The  Harvard  chapter  was  established  on 
a  literary  basis,  its  earUest  members  being  the  editors  of  the 
college  monthly.  It  ceased  to  exist  with  the  graduation  of 
the  class  of  1865  on  accoimt  of  the  existing  opposition  to  the 
secret  societies  and  was  succeeded  by  the  "A.  D.  Club.'* 
The  chapter  was  revived  in  1879  and  again  withdrawn  in 
1907  at  the  instance  of  its  own  members,  who  found  it  difficult 
to  fulfill  their  obligations  to  the  Fraternity  and  at  the  same 
time  conform  to  the  customs  of  the  Club  system  at  Harvard. 
The  members  formed  the  "Fly  Club." 

The  charter  of  the  Geneva  chapter  was  withdrawn  in  1876, 
at  its  own  request^  on  account  of  the  decline  in  the  number  of 
eligible  students  m  attendance  at  that  time.  The  Hudson 
chapter,  foimded  by  Samuel  Eells  and  named  after  the  town 
in  which  the  imiversity  was  formerly  located,  was  the  first 
one  established  at  Western  Reserve.    The  Dartmouth  chapter 


sprang  from  a  local  society  called  TAG,  which  originated  in 
1842.  The  Peninsular  chapter  was  the  third  chapter  organ- 
ized at  Ann  Arbor,  and  passed  through  all  the  vicissitudes 
of  the  conflict  between  the  faculty  and  the  students,  known 
as  the  ''fraternity  war."  The  chapter  at  Rochester  was 
originally  at  Colgate  (then  Madison)  University  where  it 
existed,  however,  less  than  a  year.  Soon  after  its  establish- 
ment a  large  number  of  the  professors  and  students  left  Madi- 
son and  went  to  Rochester,  where  they  established  the  Uni- 
versity of  Rochester.  A  majority  of  the  new  chapter  located 
at  the  new  seat  of  learning  under  the  name  of  the  Empire 
chapter,  which  was  changed  to  Rochester  in  1870. 

The  Alabama  chapter  was  killed  by  anti-fraternity  laws  in 
1857.  Under  the  advice  of  its  graduate  members  a  chapter 
was  founded  at  Ciunberland  University  in  1857,  where  it 
was  killed  by  the  war.  The  Manhattan  Chapter  was  estab- 
lished at  what  was  then  called  the  New  York  Free  Academy. 
For  many  years  it  maintained  a  summer  camp  at  Lake  George 
called  "Camp  Manhattan."  It  became  inactive  in  1913. 
The  Middletown  chapter  was  formed  from  two  societies  at 
Wesleyan,  one  called  the  Betrian,  organized  in  1849,  and 
another  called  the  Lebanian,  organized  in  1854. 

The  Union  chapter  was  aerived  from  a  local  society  called 
the  "Fraternal  Society,"  founded  in  1833,  and  the  Phi  Kapj>a 
chapter  from  a  similar  society  at  Trinity,  whose  name  it 
bears.  The  younger  chapters  were  formed  mainly  from  local 
societies  organized  for  the  expressed  purpose  of  obtaining 
charters.  The  Wisconsin  chapter  was  a  local  called  *  P  B. 
California  *  2  A,  IlUnois  n  8,  Stanford,  the  Cardinal  Club  ana 
Washington  6  X.  Twenty-two  of  the  chapters  own  their  own 
houses  and  the  other  four  have  raised  funds  and  expect  to 
purchase  or  build  houses  in  the  near  futiwe. 

The  alumni  have  formed  graduate  associations  at  Cincin- 
nati, Cleveland,  Chicago,  New  York,  Albany,  Buffalo,  San 
Francisco,  Los  Angeles,  Seattle,  Baltimore,  Philadelphia, 
Boston,  Washington  and  elsewhere.  At  New  York  City 
they  maintain  a  club,  composed  exclusively  of  graduate 
members  of  the  Fraternity  and  which  owns  a  club  house, 
eight  stories  high,  erected  in  1907  at  136  West  44th  Street, 
near  the  heart  of    the  city.      The  house  and  furnishings 


represent  a  total  investment  of  about  $300,000.  The  club 
hius  about  1000  members,  has  been  in  operation  for  32  years 
and  is  the  center  of  all  the  activities  of  the  Fraternity. 

Clarence  A.  Seward,  Geneva,  '48,  when  president  of  the 
Fraternity  in  1897.  founded  the  Seward  Scholarships  the 
total  endowment  oi  which  now  amoimts  to  $25,000.  One 
is  always  held  by  a  member  of  the  Hamilton  chapter;  the 
other  is  held  for  four  years  by  members  of  the  other  chapters 
in  rotation. 

The  government  of  the  Fraternity  was  for  many  years 
in  an  imsettled  condition,  various  expedients  having  been 
adopted  and  thrown  aside,  after  trying  in  vain  to  imite  the 
feature  of  entire  independence  in  the  chapters  with  strength 
and  aggressiveness  in  the  poUcy  of  the  Society  as  a  whole. 
The  problem  was  solved  to  the  satisfaction  of  the  Fraternity 
in  1879,  by  the  formation  of  a  corporation  by  a  special  act 
of  the  New  York  Legislature,  called  The  Executive  Council 
OP  THE  Alpha  Dei/ta  Phi  Fraternity.  This  consists  of 
four  general  officers  of  the  Fraternity  ex-officio,  of  nine  members 
at  large,  the  terms  of  three  of  whom  expire  each  year  (all 
elected  by  the  annual  convention),  and  of  two  representatives 
elected  by  each  active  chapter.  This  Council  transacts  busi- 
ness through  an  executive  committee  of  nine  members.  The 
actions  of  the  Council  are  subject  to  review  by  the  annual 

During  the  past  fifteen  years  much  has  been  accomplished 
in  unifymg  the  Fraternity,  broadening  and  developmg  its 
field  of  usefulness  and  makmg  the  administration  of  its  aSairs 
more  progressive  and  efficient.  Each  chapter  is  visited  each 
year  by  delegates  from  some  other  chapter  and  itself  visits 
a  third  chapter,  the  schedule  being  rearranged  annually. 
In  1911  the  Coimcil  established  the  position  of  traveling 
secretary  as  a  graduate  institution  to  be  supported  entirely 
by  the  alumni,  and  since  then  the  Amherst  Fund  of  $10,000, 
the  Williams  Fimd  of  $10,000,  the  Stetson  Fund  of  $10,000 
and  several  other  gifts  have  been  provided  for  the  permanent 
endowment  of  the  work. 

Conventions  of  the  Fraternity  have  been  held  as  follows: 
Utica,  N.  Y.,  1836,  1876,  1892;  New  York,  1837,  1841,  1867, 
1868,  1882,  1888,  1893,  1896,  1899,  1906,  1907,  1911;    New 


Haven,  Conn.,  1839,  1846,  1847,  1856,  1869,  1889,  1910;  Clin- 
ton, N.  Y.,  1854;  Amherst,  Majss.,  1850,  1860,  1912;  Geneva, 
N.Y.,  1853,  1867;  Cambridge,  Mass.,  1855;  Williamstown, 
Mass.,  1858,  1877,  1914;  Oxford,  Ohio,  1859;  Schenectady, 
N.  Y.,  1863,  1909;  Rochester,  N.  Y.,  1864,  1880,  1890;  Provi- 
dence, R.  I.,  1865,  1875,  1881,  1897;  Cleveland,  Ohio,  1866, 
1883,  1894,  1920;  Portland,  Maine,  1870,  1906;  Middletown, 
Conn.,  1871,  1878,  1884;  Ann  Arbor,  Mich.,  1872,  1885,  1896, 
1921;  Ithaca,  N.  Y.,  1873,  1886,  1922;  Albany,  N.Y.,  1874; 
Hartford,  Conn.,  1879,  1900;  Boston,  1887;  Baltimore,  1891, 
1917;  Toronto,  1898;  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  1901;  Washington, 
D.  C,  1902;  Montreal,  1903;  Chicago,  1904;  Minneapolis, 
1908;   Madison,  Wis.,  1913;  San  Francisco,  1915. 

The  catalogue  of  the  Fraternity  was  first  issued  in  1837 
at  New  York,  and  contained  the  names  of  the  members  of 
eight  chapters,  arranged  alphabetically  by  chapters.  The 
next  four  editions,  published  at  New  Haven  in  1840  and  1845, 
at  Cambridge  in  1851,  and  at  Boston  in  1854,  contained  the 
names  of  the  members  arranged  in  one  general  alphabetical 
Ust.  The  succeeding  editions,  published  at  Concord,  N.  H., 
in  1857,  New  Haven,  1860,  New  York,  1865,  Utica,  N.  Y., 
1870,  and  Albany,  N.  Y.,  1876,  have  the  names  arranged  by 
chapters  in  the  approximate  order  of  their  establishment. 
The  semi-centennial  edition  of  the  catalogue  was  edited  by 
a  committee,  and  was  pubUshed  at  Boston  in  1882.  It  was 
a  fine  piece  of  work,  complete  in  its  information  and  ample 
in  its  details.  It  contamed  much  historical  information, 
kinship  tables,  a  bibliography,  a  complete  military  record  of 
those  members  who  served  in  the  Civu  War,  and  various  sta- 
tistical tables.  A  supplement  was  issued  in  1889.  In  1899 
another  edition  was  published  with  even  ampler  details  than 
the  edition  of  1882.  In  1909  and  1915  condensed  catalogues, 
without  biographical  detail,  were  published  by  the  Executive 

Song  books  have  been  published  at  New  Haven  in  1855; 
at  New  York  in  1859;  Albany,  N.  Y.,  in  1864;  Geneva,  N.  Y., 
in  1869;  Amherst,  Mass.,  in  1875,  and  New  York,  1896,  1904 
and  1912.  The  last  two  give  the  music  as  well  as  the  words. 
There  are  several  pieces  of  instrumental  music  bearing  the 
name  of  the  Fraternity.    The  official  journal  of  the  Fraternity 


was  called  the  Star  and  Crescenty  and  was  published  at  New 
York  City.  A  trial  number  was  issued  in  May,  1880,  and 
the  publication  of  the  first  volume  conmiencea  in  October 
of  that  year.  It  was  a  handsomely  printed  quarterly  journal 
of  quarto  size,  with  a  cover  in  the  Fraternity  colors.  With 
the  beginning  of  the  fourth  voliune  in  November,  1883,  it 
was  reduced  to  an  octavo,  and  continued  until  the  end  of 
Volume  V  in  July,  1886,  when  it  ceased  to  exist.  It  was 
well  managed  and  contained  many  articles  of  general  interest. 

The  original  badge  of  the  Fraternity  is  an  oblong  slab  with 
roimded  comers,  displaying  on  a  field  of  black  enamel  a  white 
crescent  bearing  the  letters  '^A  A  $;''  above  the  crescent 
is  a  green  star  with  a  gold  center,  and  below  is  the  date  **  1832 '' 
in  gold.  On  the  bacK  are  engraved  a  monument  with  crossed 
sword  and  spear.  This  badge  was  partly  superseded  for  some 
years  by  a  jeweled  crescent  displaving  the  letters  "AA$" 
holding  a  star  between  its  horns,  which  was  at  first  used  as  a 
graduate  symbol  only.  In  1912  the  Fraternity  adopted  a 
standard  slab  badge  and  restricted  the  wearing  of  its  insignia 
to  the  standard  hSdge  in  the  case  of  imdergraduates  and  to  a 
badge  or  pendant  by  graduates.  The  colors  of  the  Fraternity 
are  emerald  green  and  white,  with  gold  and  black  as  subsidiary. 
Its  gems  are  the  emerald  and  pearl,  its  flower  is  the  lily-of- 

Among  the  alumni  of  Alpha  Delta  Phi  are  the  following: 
Ex-President  Theodore  Roosevelt,  Secretaries  of  State  William 
R.  Da;y,  Bainbridge  Colby.  Secretary  of  the  Treasury  Charles 
S.  Fairchild,  Secretary  of  the  Interior  James  R.  Garfield, 
Assistant  Secretary  of  the  Navy  Franklin  D.  Roosevelt,  Speaker 
of  House  of  Representatives  Frederick  H.  Gillett,  Financial 
Director  of  the  League  of  Nations  Sir  Herbert  Ames,  and 
Edward  M.  House. 

U.  S.  Senators:  William  B.  Allison,  George  E.  Pugh, 
Adonijah  S.  Welch,  Phineas  W.  Hitchcock,  Watson  G.  Squire, 
Joseph  V.  QuarleS)  J.  Medill  McCormick,  H.  W.  Keyes. 

Foreign  Ministers  or  Ambassadors :  To  Great  Britain,  James 
Russell  Lowell  and  Joseph  H.  Choate;  to  France,  Edward  F. 
Noyes;  to  Austria,  John  Jay;  to  Greece,  J.  Meredith  Read; 
to  The  Hague,  William  E.  Quimby;  to  Germany,  Edwin  F. 
Uhl;  to  Turicey,  Horace  Majmard;  to  Brazil,  Irving  B.  Dudley. 


Justices  of  the  Supreme  Court:  Samuel  Blatchford,  Geo. 
Shiras,  Jr.,  Hemy  B.  Brown,  William  R.  Day,  Oliver  Wendell 

Presidents  of  Colleges:  Eliot  of  Harvard,  Dwight  of  Yale, 
Stille  of  Pennsylvania,  Gilman  of  Johns  Hopkins,  Darling  of 
Hamilton,  Gates  and  Harris  of  Amherst,  GaAeld  of  Williams, 
Chamberlain  of  Bowdoin,  Dodge  of  Colgate,  Raymond  of 
Union,  Rhees  of  Rochester,  Orten  of  Ohio  State  University, 
Wheeler  of  the  University  of  California,  Pynchon  of  Trinity, 
Hall  of  Clark,  Rajmaond  and  Taylor  of  Vassar^  Backus  of 
Packer,  Hutchins  of  Michigan,  Rogers  and  Hams  of  North- 
western, Hunt  of  Dennison,  Moody  of  Middlebury;  Adami, 
Principal  of  Liverpool  University,  and  Dwight  and  Stone, 
Deans  of  the  Columbia  Law  School. 

Grovemors  of  States:  Chamberlain  of  Maine,  Willard  of 
Indiana,  Roosevelt  and  Whitman  of  New  York,  Noyes  and 
Denison  of  Ohio,  Maynard  of  Tennessee  and  Hubbard  of 
Connecticut. . 

Lawyers:  James  C.  Carter,  Joseph  H.  Choate,  William  G. 
Choate,  Clarence  A.  Seward,  Everett  P.  WTieeler,  Edward  M. 
Shepard  and  Francis  Lynde  Stetson. 

Clerg3rmen:  Richard  S.  Storrs,  Joseph  P.  Thompson,  O.  B. 
Frothingham,  Abbott  E.  Kittredge,  E.  Winchester  Donald, 
and  the  following  bishops  of  the  Protestant  Episcopal  Church: 
AveSj  Brewer,  Brooks,  Coxe,  Burgess.  Griswola,  Harding, 
Hams,  Huntington,  Johnson,  Kendrick,  Lyman,  Shipman, 
Stevens,  Watson,  Wells,  White  and  Whitehead. 

Authors:  James  Russell  Lowell,  Edward  Everett  Hale, 
Donald  G.  Mitchell,  George  William  Curtis,  Charles  Francis 
Adams,  Horace  H.  Fumess,  Arlo  Bates,  Moses  Coit  Tyler, 
Alfred  B.  Street,  Francis  Parkman,  Hamilton  W.  Mabie, 
Owen  Wister,  Jonn  Codman  Ropes,  Prof.  Francis  A.  March, 
Stewart  Edward  White. 

Daniel  Huntington  and  Louis  A.  Fuertes  in  art;  Russell 
Stiu'gis,  William  R.  Ware  and  A.  D.  F.  Hamlin  in  architecture; 
Manton  Marble,  William  Eleroy  Curtis,  George  W.  Smalley. 
Talcott  Williams,  Edward  Stanwood,  WiUiam  Hayes  Ward 
in  journalism;  Robert  T.  Morris  and  WilUam  W.  Keen  in 
medicine;  Francis  W.  Taussig  and  Sir  Hugh  Callender,  in 


Benjamin  M.  Harrod,  engineer;  Charles  W.  Stiles,  zoolo- 
gist; Dr.  Walter  Wyman,  Surgeon  Greneral  U.  S.  Marine 
Hospital  Service  and  hygienist,  are  eminent  scientists  in  the 
government  service. 


In  Service 


Killed  in 

Army,  Navy, 



Action  or 


Died  in 














































Rochester : . . 




WilliftTns, ,,....,.... 





•   •   •   •  •                            X  4 




















Phi  Kappa 

Johns  Hopkins 

. 56 




































Illinois .*. . 



















Less  Repetition 



Note:  The  statistics  and  names  which  appear  in  the  War  Record  are 
taken  from  the  lists  prepared  for  the  Executive  Council  by  a  special  com- 
mittee. They  include  only  those  records  which  were  fully  authenticated. 
In  the  case  of  the  Yale  and  Harvard  Chapters,  the  statistics  were  taken 
from  the  official  records  of  the  Universities. 

...  • 





Joseph  Stbono  Allsn  '07  Donald  Edwabd  Stonb  '18 

Paui.  Hawtbornb  Knowlks  '18 


Alfred  Winter  Evans  *06  David  Kbr  '17 

William  Wallace  Colquhoun  '14    Lee  West  Sellers  '17 
Joseph  Thomas  Hanlon  '16  Stdnet  Francis  McCreert  '18 


Samttbl  Denison  Babcock  *97  Philip  Livingston  Rose  '16 

Arthitr  Yancet  Wear  '02  Louis  Bennett,  Jr.,  '17 

Richard  Lord  Jones  Connor  '08  Roswsll  Hates  Fuller,  '17 

Jambs  Webster  Waters  '11  Jarvis  Jenness  Offutt  '17 

James  Fenimore  Cooper,  Jr.,  '13  John  Williams  Overton  '17 

William  Patton  Russell  '14  Dumaresq  Spencer  '17 

Robert  Howard  Gamble  '15  Henry  Norman  Grieb  *18 

James  Alexander  Moselet,  Jr.,  '15  Leslie  Malcom  MacNauohton  '18 

Langdon  Laws  Ricketts  '16  Clarence  Alexander  Brodie  '19 


GoRDOK  Robert  Hall  '09  Thomas  Williams  Ashley  '16 

Douglas  Urquhart  '13  Robert  Swift  Gillett  '16 

Rowland  Hazard  McLaughlin  '  15    George  William  West  Berriman  '20 

Philip  Overton  Mills  '05  James  Alfred  Roosevelt  '07 

Leonard  Ford  Sprague  '16 


Warren  Eastman  Robinson  '10        Judbon  Gordon  Martell  '17 
Charles  Roy  Bull  '13  Forbes  Rice:ard,  Jr.,  '17 

Douglas  Urquhart  '14  William  Frtb  Martin  '19 


George  Elliott*  Shipley  '08  Raymond  Whtton  Thompson  '10 

Thomas  Start  Knox  '10  Richard  Nelville  Hall  '15 

Gordon  Bartlett  '20 


Benjamin  Bradford  Mbtheant  '99    Marshall  Warren  Foote  '13 
Charles  S.  Williams  '12  Richard  Nelville  Hall  '15 

Nathan  Clarence  Towne  '17 


Samuel  Robinson  McNaib  '19  Gut  Babstow  Fbalbt  '20 

Albert  Adams  Sbrcomb  '03  Stanley  Willis  Wood  '08 

Arthub  Fbbderic  Cleveland  Tous-    Francis  Lewis  Alltn,  2d,  '16 

SAINT  '12 

Ralph  Waldo  Wtant  '10 

William  Winslow  Wait  '15 


Chables  Oliyeb  Wiegand  *17  Mebbill  Blanchard  '18 

William  Gbaham  Cabmack  '19 


jAMEa  Jellis  Page  '08  Alfbed  Bbooks  Listeb  '14 

Kenneth  Knapp  Walkeb  '20 


De  Witt  Jennings  Payne  '08  Walteb  Abnold  Jones  '19 

Valentine  Hallock  Newton  *19 


William  John  Ogilvie  Malloch  '90    Chables  Penneb  Cotton  '13 
John  Redmond  Meredith  '99  Walteb  Leslie  Lockhabt  Gordon 

George  Crowther  Ryerson  '05  '14 

George  Edward  Vansittart  '05       John  Robinson  Woods  '14 
Eyre  Frederick  Morton  Dann  '09    Maurice  Arundel  Clarkson  '15 
Sidney  Smith  Burnham  '10  Robebt  Douglas   Galbbaith   '15 

John  Ube  Garrow  '10  John  Anthony  Ninian  Ormsby  '16 

Abchibald     Walteb     Macdonald    Fbanklin  Reginald  Gibson  '17 

'11  Alan  Pbatt  Maclean  '17 

Ogden  Dunlap  Cochbanb  '13  Thomas  Leslie  Habling  '18 


Laubens  Cobning  Shull  '16  Geobgb  Phelps  I^ggett  '17 

Clabencb  Alexandeb  Bbodib  '18 


John  Keeper  Kennedy  *98  Kenneth  Burpee  Carrxtthbrs  '08 

Charles  Alexander  Pope  '05  Charles  Campbell  Gwyn  '08 

Geobge  Edwabd  Vansittabt  '06  Maitland  Lockhabt  Gordon  *09 

George  Houghton  Davis  '07  Rainsford-Hannay  Winslow  '09 


Alfbbd  James  Lawrence  Evans  '11    Henbt  Hutton  Scott  '14 
Francis  Edward  Morkill  '11  Jambs  Curzon  Macdonald   Mor- 

Thornton  Bridgman  Botd  '12  row  '15 

Frederick  Douglas  Leach  Green     James  Knowles  Bertram  '16 
'14  Terrence  Smtthe  Hall  '16 

George  Donald  McLeod  '16 


Arthur  Brandon  Howell  '15  Stevenson  Paul  Lewis  '16 

Frank  Austin  Sturtevant  '15  Kenneth  Sterling  Dat  '20 


Utica,  N.  Y July  27 

New  York  City August  18 

New  Haven,  Conn August  13 

Albany,  N.  Y May    9 

New  Haven,  Conn August  20 

New  Haven,  Conn August  17 

Amherst,  Mass August    7 

Geneva,  N.  Y July  14 

CUnton,  N.  Y July  26 

Cambridge,  Mass July  20 

New  Haven,  Conn July  29 

New  York  City   June  24 

WUliamstown,  Mass August    3 

Oxford,  O July    6 

Amherst,  Mass August    7 

Schenectady,  N.  Y ^July  21 

Rochester,  N.  Y July    6 

Providence,  R.  I September    7 

Cleveland,  O August  29 

Geneva,  N.  Y July    9 

New  York  City Apnl  28 

New  Haven,  Conn May  12 

Portland,  Me May  18 

Middletown,  Conn May  17 

Detroit,  Mich May  22 

Ithaca,  N.  Y May  14 

Albany,  N.  Y May  13 

Providence,  R.  I June    2 

Utica,  N.  Y May  24 

Williamstown,  Mass (45th) May  23 

Middletown,  Conn (46th) May  22 

Hartford,  Conn (47th) May    7 

Rochester,  N.  Y (48th) May  26 

Providence,  R.  I (49th) May  24 

New  York  City   (50th) May  16 

Cleveland,  O (51st) May  16 

Middletown,  Conn (52nd)    May  28 

Ann  Arbor,  Mich (53rd) May  13 

Ithaca,  N.  Y (54th) May  12 

Boston,  Mass (55th) May    4 

New  York  City    (56th) May    3 

New  Haven,  Conn (57th) May    7 

Rochester,  N.  Y (58th) May    6 

Baltimore,  Md (59th) May    7 




Add  Aibor,  and  Detroit.  Mich.  . 

. J60th)  . . 
.  (63rd)  . , 

New  York  CSly   f87thi  , 

Buffalo,  k.  Y.  '. 
WuhinctoQ.  D.  C 
Montreal,  P,  Q.   , 

ChitMO.  Ill , 

NewYorkaty    (73rd)    . 

PortUnd.  Ms (7*th)  . , 

NewYotkCitj'    t7Mh)    . 

Minneapolia,  Minn CieOi)  . . 

Scheneolady,  N.  Y.  ,  ' — ■-■ 

New  vSrk'fcity"?.' !!!  i !!!!!!  [I!"  i !!" ."  frwh! ,'. 

SpriDgfield.  Bod  Amheist.  Mue. tSOth)  . . 

Msdiwu.  Wie.  ■ 

WiUianMtowii, , , , . . . , . 

Berkeley,  and  Sao  Francdeo.  Cal (33rd)  . . 

Cleveland!  O. ,.'. 




*  Samuel  Eells,  Hm.  -32 1832-1836 

*  Charles  Kilbourn,  Hm.  -33 1836-1837 

*  Seth  Tryon  WUbur,  Hm.  -36 1837-1839 

*  Samuel  Eella,  Hm.  -32    1839-1842 

*  Giles  Mumford  HiUyer,  Col.  -36 1843-1845 

*  William  Henry  Goodrich,  Yale  -43 1845-1847 

*  Theodore  William  Dwight,  Hm.  -40 1847-1850 

*  Henry  Noble  Day,  Hud.  -28 1860-1853 

*  Alexander  Spaulding,  Hm.  -46 1853-1854 

*  Frederic  Dan  Huntington,  Am.  -39 1854-1855 

*  Joseph  Parrish  Thompson,  Yale  -38 1855-1856 

*  Richard  Salter  Storrs,  Am.  -39 1856-1860 

*  Theodore  William  Dwight,  Hm.  H[0 1860-1865 

*  Edward  North,  Hm.  -41 1865-1868 

*  Joshua  Lawrence  Chamberlain,  Bdn.  -52 1868-1871 

*  WilUam  Slocum  Groesbeck,  Mi.  -34 1871-1872 

*  Moses  Coit  Tyler,  P.  -56,  Yale  -57 1872-1873 

*  Lewis  ColUns,  Un.  -53 1873-1876 

*  John  Jay,  Col.  -36 1876-1883 

*  Philips  Brooks,  Hvd.  -55 1883-1885 

*  Joseph  Hodges  Choate,  Hvd.  -52 1885-1888 

*  Edward  Everett  Hale,  Hvd.  -39 1888-1890 

*  Clarence  Armstrong  Seward,  G.  -48 1890-1897 

*  Charles  E«ra  Sprague,  Un.  -60 1897-1898 

*  James  Coolidge  Carter,  Hvd.  -50 1898-1900 

*  Elijah  Winchester  Donald,  Am.  -69 1900-1901 

*  Charies  Ezra  Sprague,  Un.  -60 1901-1903 

*  Hamilton  Wright  Mabie,  Wms.  -67 1903-1906 

Talcott  Williams,  Am.  -73 1906-1908 

*  Francis  Lynde  Stetson,  Wms.  -67 1908-1910 

Benjamin  Ide  Wheeler,  Bm.  -75 1910-1912 

Harry  Burns  Hutchins,  Mid.  -70,  P.  -71 1912-1914 

Henry  Warren  Austin,  Wms.  -88 1914-1920 

Edward  Mandle  House,  Cor.  -81 1920-1921 

James  Rudolph  Garfield,  Wms.  -85 1921-1923 

Rush  Rhees,  Am.  -83 1923- 

Collin  Armstrong,  Wms.  -76,  Am.  -77 1904-1908 

Frederick  James  Eugene  Woodbridge,  Am.  -89 1908-1911 

Henry  Warren  Austm,  Wms.  -88 1911-1914 

Joseph  Edward  Raycroft,  Ch.  -96 1914-1920 

Louis  Wardlaw  Miles,  J.  H.  -94 1920-1921 

William  Levering  De  Vries,  J.  H.  -88 1921-1923 

Ralph  Pahner  Merritt,  Cal.  -07 1923- 





*  Erasmus  Darwin  Hudson.  Jr.  Man.  -64 1879-1882 

*  John  A.  DeRemer,  Un.  -57 1882-1885 

*  William  Talcott,  Wms.  -65 1885-1888 

*  Robert  Schell  Rudd.  Hm.  -79 1888-1894 

*  Alfred  Lee  Manierre.  Col.  -83 1894-1896 

*  Charles  Eara  Sprasue,  Un.  -60 1896-1901 

Henry  James  Hemmens,  Hm.  -87 1901-1904 

Robert  Alexander  Gunn,  MoG.  -94 1904-1909 

Shepard  Ashman  Morgan.  Wms.  -06 1909-1911 

John  Clarkson  Jay.  Jr..  Wms.  -01 1911-1912 

Hunter  Sylvester  Marston.  Brn.  -08 1912-1915 

Ralph  Palmer  Merritt,  Cal.  -07 1915-1923 

William  Earl  Smith,  Tor.  -15 1923- 


*  Charles  Sherman  Edgerton,  Mid.  -70 1876-1880 

Theodore  Luqueer  Mead,  Cor.  -77 1880-1889 

*  Alfred  Ely,  Am.  -74 1889-1893 

*  Bradford  Washburn  Hitohoock,  Am.  -81 1893-1894 

Henry  James  Hemmens,  Hm.  -87 1894-1896 

*  Howard  Hunter  Williams.  Y.  -89 1896-1906 

*  William  Day  Leonard.  Mid.  -78 1906-1911 

Martin  McVoy,  Jr.,  Cor.  -92 1911-1912 

Joseph  Edward  Rayoroft,  Ch.  -96 1912-1914 

William  Speaight  Langford.  P.K.  -96 1914-1917 

William  Levering  De  Vries,  J.H.  -88 1917-1921 

Daniel  Lace  Quirk,  Jr.,  P.  -93 1921-1922 

Paul  Phelps  Hutchison,  McG.  -16 1922- 


LAWS   OF  THE  STATE   OF  NEW  YORK,   1879 

Chaptkb  245 

An  Act  to  incorporate  The  Exeoutive  Council  of  the  Alpha  Delta  Phi 
Fraternity,  and  to  provide  for  the  organisation  of  subordinate  chapters. 

Passed  May  5,  1879. 
The  People  of  the  State  of  New  York,  repreeented  in  Senate  and  Aaaemblj/f 
do  enact  ae  follows: 

Section  1.  John  Jay,  Theodore  W.  Dwight,  Algernon  S.  Sullivan, 
Erasmus  Darwin  Hudson,  Jr.,  Edward  Morse  Shepard  and  Francis  Lynde 
Stetson,  all  of  the  city  of  New  York,  and  all  persons  who  are  now  or  may 
hereafter  become  associated  with  them  or  their  sucoeesors,  are  hereby 
constituted  and  created  a  body  politic  and  corporate  by  the  name  and  title 
of  "The  Executive  Council  of  the  Alpha  Delta  Phi  Fraternity,"  and  as 
such  shall  have  perpetual  succession,  and  shall  be  capable  of  suin|(  and 
being  sued  in  all  courts  of  record  and  elsewhere,  and  of  taking  by  gift,  be- 
quest, devise  or  purchase,  as  well  as  of  holding,  granting  and  conveying 
property,  real,  personal  or  mixed,  to  an  amount  not  exoeemng  one  hundred 
thousand  dollars;  to  have  and  use  a  common  seal  and  break  and  alter  the 
same  at  pleasure;  and  also  to  provide  for  the  organisation  of  such  chapters 
as  it  may  see  fit  under  such  rules,  by-laws  and  regulations  as  the  said  The 
Executive  Council  may  establish,  and  with  such  powers  as  it  shall  give, 
consistent  with  this  act  and  not  in  conflict  with  the  laws  of  this  State. 

$  2.  The  objects  of  such  corporation  shall  be  to  promote  morality, 
learning,  benevolence  and  social  culture  among  the  members  of  the  said 
fratermty,  and  to  take  charge  of  its  property  and  business  interests. 

§  3.  The  said  The  Executive  Council  shall  have  power  to  make  from 
time  to  time  such  by-laws,  rules  and  regulations  as  it  may  deem  proper  as 
to  the  members,  names  and  duties  of  its  officers  or  trustees,  and  as  to  the 
time  and  manner  of  their  election  and  their  term  of  office;  and  also  as  to 
the  mode  of  acquiring  and  of  losing  membership  in  the  corporation  hereby 
created;  and  also  as  U>  the  mode  of  conducting  the  business  and  the  affairs 
of  the  said  corporation;  and  generally  as  to  au  matters  within  the  objects 
hereinbefore  stated,  and  not  in  conflict  with  the  laws  of  this  State. 

$4*  In  case  the  said  The  Executive  Council  shall  provide  for  the  giving 
of  a  bond  or  obligation  by  any  officer,  member  or  subordinate  chapter 
thereof,  the  same  may  be  made  to  the  said  "The  Executive  Council  of 
the  Alpha  Delta  Phi  Fraternity." 

§  5.  The  principal  office  of  the  said  The  Executive  Council  shall  be  in 
the  city  of  New  York;  and  it  shall  be  the  duty  of  such  council  in  the  month 
of  January,  in  each  year,  to  file  a  statement  of  its  officers  in  the  office  of  the 
clerk  of  the  city  and  county  of  New  York;  and  actions  against  the  cor- 
poration hereby  constituted  may  be  commenced  by  the  service  of  the  sum- 
mons upon  any  one  of  the  persons  mentioned  in  the  statement  so  filed  last, 
before  the  beginning  of  such  action. 

§  6.  This  shall  be  deemed  and  held  a  general  act,  and  shall  take  effect 




*  Theodore  William  Dwight,  Hm.  -40 1880-1881 

George  Jonee  Peet,  K.  -66 1881-1882 

*  Francis  Lynde  Steteon,  Wms.  -67 1882-1886 

*  Edward  Morse  Shepard,  Man.  -60 1886-1889 

*  Benjamin  Whiting  Frarilin.  G.  -71 1889-1893 

George  Jones  Peet,  K.  -66 1893-1895 

*  WiUiam  Brewster  Clark.  Am.  -76 1896-1897 

*  Jefferson  Clark,  Mid.  -67,  Am.  -67 1897-1898 

*  Benjamin  WhitingFranklin,  G.  -71 1898-1900 

Collin  Armstrong,  Wms.  -76,  Am.  -77 1900-1902 

*  Charles  Elihu  Quimby,  D.  -74 1902-1904 

♦William  Day  Leonard,  Mid.  -78 1904-1906 

Frederick  John  Eugene  Woodbridge,  Am.  -89 1906-1908 

Silas  Wright  Dunning,  P.  -60 1908-1910 

Wm.  Ives  Washburn,  Am.  -76 1910-1912 

Louis  Frederic  Dodd,  Man.  -94 1912-1914 

*  James  Monroe  Hunt,  R.  -80 1914-1916 

Harold  Irving  Pratt,  Am.  -00 1916-1916 

George  Newell  Hamlin,  P.K.  -91 1916-1918 

William  Speaight  Lanrford,  P.K.  -96 1918-1920 

Carl  Sweetland  Reed,  Wis.  -06 1920-1922 

8.  Morgan  Barber,  Cor.  -90 1922- 


*  Henry  Lynde  Sprague,  Cor.  -73 1880-1882 

*  William  Birch  Rankine,  G.  -77  Un-77 1882-1886 

*  Alfred  Lee  Manierre,  Col.  -83 1886-1893 

*  Charles  Franc  Goddard,  Col.  -87 1893-1897 

Henry  James  Hemmens,  Hm.  -87 1897-1901 

Carl  R.  Ganter,  K.  -99 1901- 


*  Arthur  Brown  Graves,  Wms.  -58 1880-1882 

*  Heniy  Lynde  Sprague,  Cor.  -73 1882-1887 

Jacob  Van  Vechten  Olcott,  Man.  -76 1887-1893 

Nelson  Stanley  Spencer,  Man.  -76 1893-1908 

Harold  Irving  Pratt.  Am.  -00 1908-1914 

Louis  Frederic  Dodd,  Man.  -94 1914-1916 

Harold  Irving  Pratt,  Am.  -00 1916-1917 

8.  Morgan  Barber,  Cor.  -90 1917-1922 

Eidward  Francis  Swenson,  Min.  -07 1922- 



Traveling  Secretaries: 

W.  Fairfield  Peterson,  Cor.  -11 1911-1913 

Duncan  Langdon,  Brn.  -13 1913-1915 

George  Dawson  Howell,  Jr.,  P.K.  -15 1915-1917 

Harvey  Sheahan,  Brn.  -17 1919-1920 

W.  Earl  Smith.  Tor.  -15 1921-1922 

Anslcy  Wilcox,  2nd,  Cor.  -21 1922- 


sUb,  initiated  . . 



initiated. .  DcumlHt  24, 







,iy  24 Moioh, 

Aucuat  A, 

renity Wiatsr,  1S4 



July  a. 

July  31, 

Spring  term, 

June  27-8, 


-.July  la, 

recognised. - 

rard  Chapter  auBpendi  ■ 
sell  Chapter  eataS^Uied, 

Geneva  Chapter  Biupends 
Phi  Kappa  Chapter  -  -'-' 

, —itiated March  19, 

. .  -iderad  Charter Spring  term, 

iiupenda  actlye  loacUoiu June, 

rr r—  eatabUshed,  initiated .' Deoember  2o| 

Harvard  Chapter  retatabliahed.  init^ted February  3, 

Columbia  Chapter  re«gtabliBhed.  initiated May  18, 

Semi-Centenntal  Convention May  10-18. 

Yale  Chapter  ie«BMbUehed,  initiated January  ZT, 

Johns  Bopkina  Chapter  eatablidied.  initiated May  fl, 

Minnesota  Chapter  HtabUehed,  initiated February  22, 

Toronto  Chapter  established,  initiated. ...,.,,.,...,....,,  .June  10, 


Chicaffo  Chapter  established,  initiated March  20,  1896 

McGiU  Chapter  established,  initiated May  11,  1897 

Beward  Scholarship  Fund  established, December  7,  1897 

Wisconsin  Chapter  established,  initiated June  20,  1902 

Harvard  Chapter  suspends  active  functions April  19,  1907 

75th  Anniversary  Convention April  18-19,  1907 

Permanent  Fraternity  OflSce  opened June  1,  1907 

California  Chapter  established,  initiated August  15,  1908 

Office  of  Traveling  Secretary  established September  1,  1911 

Illinois  Chapter  established,  initiated January  13,  1912 

Amherst  Fund  established February  23,  1912 

Standard  Badge  adopted February  23,  1912 

Manhattan  Chapter  suspends  active  functions May  15,  1913 

Williams  Fund  established February  21,  1914 

Stanford  Chapter  established,  initiated Apnl  28,  1916 

Washington  Chapter  established,  initiated October  29,  1921 

Stetson  Fund  established February  7,  1922 







)'-•  t>.  CO  i-l  CO  »H  »H  N  CO  N  1-H         1-HiMNi-l»H         »H»H 


00  CO      

O  N  t^  CO  U5  pQOt^c500ccos^»-<-^?o?or»ioo>pco«oco«oco 

W  0>  •^ '^r- W  ■^  0>  »C  1-1  QO       '*tO0«CO«       CC"5'^N00'^a»^O«0 

cO'^iO'^eo     c«co«o-^co     cow-^j^ww     -^  w  w  oi  i-i  oi  i-i  c« «  »^ 


usw     ^  a»  o>  S  b«  <H '^  to 



^    Si6 



I    6<58 

tf    S    S98: 
^    So    098 


fl    ofrg 

•S    A«8 

-       iWcO«OOt<-iOOO'^N»W»H  - 

I  ^  CO      CO  CO  ^  ^^  w 

•^W      1-1 0  «0  CO  «o  •-I  Ol  CO 

ei  «e  CO  »H  CO  ®  CO  »o 



N  t^  •*  W  CO  «-!  iH  C«  •^  N  C«        Ne»IC!l»-liM        r-l»H 




fr»  •*  W  CO  iH  r-l  W  CO  W-«        r-lr-lWi-lW 


W«H  b-eO»HCO»Hi-lr-tN,-(lH         1-liH.H 


W»H  «e  CO  iH  W  1-t  r-t  rH  W  1-1  i-t  i-t  fH 



■^Wi-tWi-l       r1r-iH 

»-"i-t  COi-*       W  1-iiH 


1-1  COiH         iM  1-4 

Oico"*osioeoooN«ooo»oco»o     cot-. 

Tt4  00  W  W  "*  W  ■<<< «  «0  »C  t>.  <0  ■*       iHW 

1-1  WlH         iH 





lO  "^  W  W  »0  CO  CO  •* 

00  0»  b- »-< -^  X  W  rj< 





















Acct Accountant 

Adv. Advertising 

Agr. Agriculture 

Arch         Architect 

Aud.".'.'.' Auditor 

Auto Automobile 

C  Eng       Civil  Engineer 

Chem Chemist  . 

Chem.  Eng Chemical  Engmeer 

Contr Contractor 

Const Construction     ^ 

Cons  Eng Consultmg  Engmeer 

DG        Dry  Goods 

Dipl      Diplomatic  Service 

Drft! Draftsman 

Ed Education 

Edit.. Editorial 

E.  Eng Eleo.  Engineer 

Exec Executor 

Fi?!  ^ y.................-....y"  1  Financial  (Stocks,  Bonds,  Investments) 

Geo!.. '.*.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  1 !  i . Geology 

Govt Government 

Hdw Hardware 

Imptr. Importer 

Ins Insurance 

Journ JoumaliMtt 

lab      Library  Work 

M  C  Member  of  Congress 

m!  Eng. Mechanical  Engmeer 

Mer. . . .  .* Merchant 

Merc. Mercantile 

Mgr Manager 

Met.  Eng Metallurgical  Engineer  . 

Mfr.  or  Mfg Manufacturer  or  Manufacturmg 

Min.  Eng Mming  Engmeer 

MP Member  of  Paruament 

Pub. Publishing 

Purchas.  Agt Purchasing  Agent 

R.  Est Real  Estate 

Ret Retired 

R.  R Railroad 

Ry Railway 

Secy Secretary 

Supt  *  *  * •  •  •  .Superintendent 

Transp. Transportation 



Hamilton Hm. 

Miami Mi. 

Urban Urb. 

Columbia Col. 

Yale Y. 

Amherst Am. 

Brunonian Bm. 

Harvard Hvd. 

Geneva .  .  .  • G. 

Hudson Hud. 

Bowdoin Bdn. 

D&rtmouth D. 

Peninsular P. 

Rochester . . . .  i R. 

Alabama Ala. 

Williams Wms. 


Manhattan Man. 

Middletown Mid. 

Kenyon K. 

Union Un. 

Cumberland Cum. 

Cornell Cor. 

Phi  Kappa PK. 

Johns  Hopkins JH. 

Minnesota Min. 

Toronto Tor. 

Chicago Ch. 

McGifl McG 

Wisconsin Wis. 

California Cal. 

Illinois! 111. 

Stanford S. 


Note.  —  The  number  opposite  a  name  in  the  Alphabetical   or  G^o- 

g'aphicid   List  refers  to  the  page    on  which  that  name  appears  •  in  the 
hapter  List. 

For  final  changes,  see  "Addenda"  page  627. 

*  Indicates  deceased  members. 


1832-1836  HAMILTON 



*  Eblls,  Samuel,  died  1842 Cincinnati,  0. 

*  Latham,  Lorenzo,  died  1860 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Undebwood,  John  Curtiss,  died  1873 Richmond,  Va. 

*  Williams,  Othniel  Samuel,  died  1880 Clinton,  N.Y. 


*  Avert,  Prof.  Charles,  died  1883 Clinton,  N.Y. 

*  Catun,  Prof.  Marcus,  died  1849 Clinton,  N.Y. 

*  Handy,  Edward  Parker,  died  1843 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  KiLBOURNB,  Charles,  died  1894 Charles  City,  la. 

*  Morse,  Oliver  Andrew,  died  1870 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Parsons,  Lorenzo,  died  1868 Westfield,  N.Y. 

*  Root,  Prof.  Oren,  died  1885 Clinton,  N.Y. 

*  Storrs,  Rev.  Henry  Lemuel,  died  1852 Yonkers,  N.Y. 


*  Adams,  Melville  Morris,  died  1884 Pompey,  N.Y. 

*  Cob,  Hervey  Leicester,  died  1883 Le  Koy,  N.Y. 

*  Hinckley,  John  Goddard,  died  1868 Westfield.  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Rev.  John  Pinley,  died  1843 Clinton.  N.Y. 

*  SpENqsR,  Hamilton,  died  1891 Bloomington,  111. 


*  Bennett,  Nathaniel,  died  1886 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Cob,  Frederick  Auigiistus,  died  1870 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Comstock,  Calvert,  died  1876 i Rome,  N.Y. 

*  Mandbville,  Rev.  Henry,  died  1858 Mobile,  Ala. 

*  Miller,  Anson  Stowe,  died  1891 Santa  Cruz,  Cal. 

*  Platt,  James  Augustus,  died  1899 Dodgeville,  Wis. 

*  PoMEROY,  Rev.  Lemuel  Strong,  died  1879 Junius,  N.Y. 

*  Wright.  Thomas,  died  1867 Chicago.  111. 


*  Adams,  Thomas  Parker^  died  1836 Waterford,  N.Y. 

*  Baqg,  Dr.  Moses  Mears,  died  1900 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Clark,  William  Henry,  died Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Huntington,  Daniel,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Keep,  John  Martin,  died  1861 Beloit,  Wis. 

*  Morse,  James  Otis,  died  1883 Englewood,  N.J. 

*  Wilbur,  Seth  Tryon,  died  1838 New  York,  N.Y. 

HAMILTON  1837-43 


*  Frasbr.  Philip,  died  1876 Jacksonville,  Fla. 

*  Gilbert,  George  Yates,  died  1888 Gilbertsville,  N.Y. 

*  GiLLAM,  Rev.  Cornelius  Willett,  died  1863.  .• Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Hadlet,  Amos  Kinney,  died  1901 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ltman,  Rev.  Theodore  Benedict,  died  1893 Raleigh,  N.C. 

*  Raymond,  John  Howard,  died  1878 Poughkeepsie,  N.Y. 


*  Bbbbe,  Rev.  Samuel  John  Mills,  died  1873 Nebraska  City,  Neb. 

*  Ely,  Heman  B.,  died  1856 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Hastings,  Rev.  Parsons  Clark,  died  1892 Brooklyn,  N.Y 

*  Lanofobd,  George,  Jr.,  died  1840 Marshall,  Mich. 

*  Lathrop,  John  Milton,  died  1837 Sherburne,  N.Y. 

*  Miller,  Charles  Dudley,  died  1896 Geneva,  N.Y. 

*  Porter,  Rev.  Lansing,  died  1902 Auburn,  N.Y. 

*  Pratt,  Rev.  John  Wesley,  died  1896 Lansingville,  N.Y. 

*  Pdtnam,  James  Osborne,  died  1903 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Rev.  Levi  Ward,  died  1863 Genhantown,  Pa. 

*  Tatlor,  James  Wiokes,  died  1893 Winnipeg,  Can. 

*  Underwood,  George,  died  1869 Auburn,  N.Y. 

*  Van  Norman,  Darnel  Cummings,  died  1886 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Adams,  Ira,  died  1847   New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Adams,  Rev.  Sesrmour  Webster,  died  1864 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Gridley,  Rev.  Amos  Delos,  died  1876 Clinton,  N.Y. 

*  Hastings,  Dr.  Panet  Marshall,  died  1898 New  Roohelle,  N.Y. 

*  Jerome,  Rev.  Charles,  died  1873 Clinton,  N.Y. 

*  Lyndb,  Charles  James,  died  1841 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Lyndb,  William  Pitt,  died  1886 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Rice,  Charles  8.,  died  1843 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  WiNSLOW,  Rev.  Horace,  died  1905 Weatogue,  Conn. 


*  Briqham,  Henry  Augustus,  died  1870 West  Troy,  N.Y. 

*  DwiGHT,  Theodore  William,  died  1892 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  ScoFiELD,  Hon.  Glenni  William,  died  1891 Warren,  Pa. 

*  Sherwood,  Joseph  Saokett,  died  1841 Auburn,  N.Y. 


*  Bacon,  William  Johnson,  died  1889 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  North,  Prof.  Edward,  died  1903 Clinton,  N.Y. 

*  Peck,  Rev.  Linus  Mead,  died  1847 Cazenovia,  N.Y. 


*  Frost,  Thoii\^  Gold,  died  1880 Evanston,  111. 

*  Halbert,  Norton  Asa,  died  1890 Midland  Park,  N.J. 

*  Kbndrick,  Cotton  Mather,  died  1849 Hamilton,  N.Y. 

*  Otis,  Rev.  Stephen  Franklin,  died  1846 De  Ruyter.  N.Y. 

*  Parsons,  Charles  Ashbel,  died  1882 Seneca  Falls,  N.Y. 

1848^18  HAMILTON  8 

*  PoMBBOT,  Theodore  Medad,  died  1905 Auburn,  N.Y. 

*  ToBBANCB^ured  Sidney,  died  1872 PMsaic,  N.J. 

*  WiLLABD,  Hon.  Aahbel  jParaons,  died  1860 Indianapolis,  Ind. 


*  Dbxteb.  Andrew,  died 

*  Gbidlbt,  Frederic,  died  1876 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  LoTB,  Rev.  William  De  Loes,  died  1908 St.  Paul,  Minn. 

*  RiCHABDSON,  Robert  Mark,  died  1902 Ssrracuse,  N.Y. 

*  Stbbbt,  Alfred  Billings,  died  1881 Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Thompson,  Henry  Hunn,  died Passaic,  N.J. 


*  Cbamx,  Rev.  Edwin  Hall,  died  1854 Gawar,  Persia 

*  Ebujb,  Rev.  Jiunes,  died  1886 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Havbn,  Rev.  Loren  Eaton,  died  1849 Waterville,  N.Y. 

*  Hubbabd,  Harvey,  died  1849 Norwich.  N.Y. 

*  Jackson,  George  William,  died  1869 Wytheville,  Va. 

*  Jbbomb,  Ira  Newton,  died  1864 Iowa  City^Ia. 

*  Rbxpobd,  John  De  Witt,  died  1895 Janesville,  Wis. 

*  Robebts,  Albert  Backus,  died  1891 Bessemer,  Ala. 

*  Sanfobd,  Richard  Kin^oury,  died  1896 Brooklsm,  N.Y. 

*  Satles,  John,  died  1897 Abilene,  Tex. 


*  Case,  Everett,  died  1918 Jenkintown,  Pa. 

*  CowLES,  George  Washington,  died  1901 Clyde,  N.Y. 

*  Daniels,  John  Horton,  died  1913 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Elt,  Sumner  Stow,  died  1910 Girard.  Pa. 

*  Pabsonb,  Theodore  Stuart,  died  1^4 Henderson,  Ky. 

*  Rathbttn,  George  Oscar,  died  1898 Auburn,  N.Y. 


*  Bbibtol,  Henry  Pratt,  died  1864 Clinton,  N.Y. 

*  CoMAN.  I«vi  Parsons,  died  1889 Newark,  O. 

*  Lanoford.  DeWitt,  died  1906 Vernon,  N.Y. 

*  Love,  Samuel  Gurley,  died  1893 Jamestown,  N.Y. 

*  Spauldino.  Alexander,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  MoBQAN,  Rev.  Homer  Bartlett,  died  1865 Smyrna,  Turkey 

*  Robinson.  William  Willshire,  died  1850 Penn  Yan,  N.Y. 

*  Sprigos,  John  Thomas,  died  1888 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  SuTPHEN,  Rev.  Joseph  Walworth,  died  1852 Marsovan,  Turkey 

*  Undebwood,  Amos,  Jr.,  died  1907 Phelps,  N.Y. 


*  Allen,  Rev.  Nathan,  died  1864 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  AvEBT,  Joseph  Strong,  died  1895 Clinton,  N.Y. 

HAMILTON  184^-63 

*  Bbnnett,  Samuel  Allen,  died  1860 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Eklls.  Dan  Parmelee,  died  1903 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Elt,  Dr.  Benjamin  Cornwall,  died  1904 Girard,  Pa. 

*  Miller,  Henrj'  Giles,  died  1899 Chicago,  111. 

*  North.  Rev.  Josiah  Wilcox,  died  1882 Middletown,  Conn. 

*  Orton,  Prof.  Edward  XFrancis  Baxter),  died  1899 Columbus,  O. 

*  Sheldon,  Edward  Austin,  died  1897 Oswego,  N.Y. 


*  Brioham,  Lewis  Alexander*  died  1886 Jersey  City,  N.J. 

*  Campbell,  Rev.  Archibald  Heury,  died  1910 Harvey,  III. 

*  Ellinwood,  Rev.  Francis  Fields,  died  1908 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Gardiner,  James  Solomon,  died  1880 Whitestown,  N.Y. 

*  Kimball,  Martin  Luther,  died  1891 Berlin,  Wis. 

*  Lewis,  Rev.  Welcome,  died  1900 Coventry.  N.Y. 

*  Morse,  Rev.  Andrew  Bigelow,  died  1914 Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

*  Sanders,  Randolph  De  Forest,  died  1854 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Tbnney,  Alvan,  died  1885 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


*  Cabruth,  Uri,  died  1875 Vineland,  N.J. 

*  Hopper,  Rev.  Alexander  MacGrei^or,  died  1889 Adams,  N.Y. 

*  Hubbard,  Rev.  Joseph  Welton,  died  1907 Mt.  Vernon,  la. 

*  Jones,  Rev.  Commodore  Perry,  died  1853 Unadilla  Centre,  N.Y. 

*  Lee,  Dr.  Charles  Mortimer,  died  1902 Fulton,  N.Y. 

*  MuMBRUE,  William  Bement,  died  — Kapowsin,  Wash. 

*  Notes,  Dr.  James  Oscar,  died  1872 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Snow,  Benjamin  Bradford,  died  1920 Rochester.  N.Y. 

*  Stow,  William  Walter,  died  1895 San  Francisco,  CaL 


*  Catlin,  Benjamin  Rush,  died  1913 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Cleveland,  Rev.  William  Neal,  died  1906 Chaumont,  N.Y. 

*  Hawlet,  Martin,  died  1888 Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Hudson,  Rev.  Thomas  Boyd,  died  1912 Skaneateles,  N.Y. 

*  Kimball,  Dr.  Walter  Scott,  died  1899 Lakewood.  N.J. 

*  La  Grange,  James  Benjamin  Olmstead,  died  1876  . .  .Binghamton,  N.Y. 

*  Parmelee,  David  Little,  died  1865 Aurora,  N.Y. 


*  Bartlett,  Rev.  William  Alvin,  died  1917 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Buck,  Edward  Howard,  died  1861 Maiden,  N.Y. 

*  Humphrey,  Rev.  Frederic,  died  1908. . .' Havre-de-Grace,  Md. 

*  Merwin,  Hon.  Milton  Hervey,  died  1917 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Miller,  Samuel  Franklin,  died  1892. ; North  Franklin,  N.Y. 

*  Williams,  Prof.  Samuel  Gardiner,  died  1900 Ithaca,  N.Y. 


*  Beach,  Mjrron  Hawley,  died  1920 Chicago,  III. 

*  GiLFiLLAN.  Charles  Duncan,  died  1902 St.  Paul,  Minn. 

*  Sheldon,  Prof.  Rufus,  died Pittsfield,  Mass. 

1864-58  HAMILTON 


*  BoYNTON,  William  Nathan,  died  1896 Talladega,  Ala. 

Bdndy,  Charlea  Smith 1422  Irving  St.  N.  W.  Washington.  D.C. 

*  LiNDSBMAN,  Charles,  died  1907 Clarinda,  la. 

*  Lyman,  Henry  Franklin,  died  1857 CorUandville,  N.Y. 

*  MoBOAN,  Edward  Christopher,  died  1857 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Williams,  Joseph  Loomis,  died  1858 Hamburg,  N.Y. 


*  AvBBT,  Theodore,  died  1907 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Chappcll.  Jordan  Romans,  died  1917 Windsor,  Mo. 

*  Habt,  Rev.  William,  died  1895 Auburn,  N.Y. 

*  Pbatt,  Seth  Parsons,  died  1888 Norfolk,  Va. 

*  Pbindle,  Joseph  Addison,  died  1905 ; Apalachian,  N.Y. 

*  Shuman,  Andrew,  died  1890 Evanston,  111. 

*  Stbebs,  Schuyler  Bliss,  died  1889 Cooperstown,  N.Y. 

*  Taylob,  Sylvenus  Aldrich,  died  1863 Ottawa.  Kan. 

Wabd,  Milan  Lester  (Ret.) 703  Poplar  St.  Ottawa,  Kan. 


*  BuBLiNOAMK,  EU,  died  1867 PUlar  Point,  N.Y. 

*  CowLBS,  Isaac  Augustus,  died  1854 Syracuse,  N.Y. 

*  CuBBAN,  Edward,  died  1894 .• Utica,  N.Y. 

*  DuTTON,  Van  Buren,  died  1866 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hbad,  Franklin  Hervey,  died  1914 Maplewood.  N.H. 

*  Hobbach,  George  Lobmgier,  died  1857 Omaha,  Neb. 

*  McMastbb,  Rev.  Ariel,  died  1903 Pompey,  N.Y. 

*  MooBE,  Richard  Channing,  died  1867 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Stbwabt,  James,  died  1914 Ottumwa,  S.D. 


*  Fbbbin,  Charles  Merril,  died  1856 Watertown,  N.Y. 

*  GiLBBBT,  Benjamin  Davis,  died  1907 Clayville,  N.Y. 

*  Johnson,  Rev.  Herrick,  died  1913 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Robinson,  Rev.  Charles  Edward,  died  1920 Pelham  Manor,  N.Y. 

*  Robinson,  William  Mason,  died  1914 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

*  Skinnbb,  Rev.  James  Avery,  died  1917 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Van  Duyn,  Dr.  Augustus  Coe,  died  1907 Chicago.  111. 

*  Wallacb,  Hon.  Wifliam  James,  died Albany,  N.Y. 

*  WiLLABD,  Erastus,  died  1858 Indianapous,  Ind. 


*  Adams,  Seymour  Fenton,  died Cleveland,  O. 

*  CoLB,  Charles  Blackmer,  died  1865 Waukon,  la. 

*  Cbanb.  Rev.  Cephas  Bennett,  died  1917 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Johnson,  Eli  Grahame,  died  1856 Chaimiont,  N.Y. 

*  NoBTHBUP,  Ansel  Judd,  died  1919 Sjrracuse,  N.Y. 

*  ScoviLLB,  Frederick,  died  1905 Fort  Scott,  Kan. 

*  Sbwabd,  Frederick  Dwight,  died  1859 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Thobpb,  Rev.  Wallace  Walter,  died Lestershire,  N.Y. 

6  HAMILTON  1858-64 

Webb,  Rev.  William  Henry 31  Genesee  St.  Geneva,  N.Y. 

*  Wilson,  Maj.  Oliver  Morris,  died  1907 Independence,  Mo. 


*  Goodwin,  William  Bacon,  died  1900 Waterville,  N.Y. 

*  Hall.  Prof.  Isaac  HolUster,  died  1896 New  York.  N.Y. 

*  LOBINO,  Hector  V(oltaire]),  died  1912 Louisville,  Ky. 

MoRBON,  Rev.  John  Herscnell 305  North  Jefferson  Ave.  Peoria,  111. 

*  Paine,  Prof.  John  Alsop,  died  1912 Tarrytown,  N.Y. 

*  Roys,  George  Edward,  died  1870 Lyons,  N.Y. 

*  Wbioht,  Daniel  Webster,  died  1922 Bowling  Green,  Ky. 


Beach,  William  Harrison  (Ret.) Lake  Rd.,  Seneca  Falls,  N.Y. 

*  Bbookins,  Arba,  died  1897 Chicago,  111. 

*  Hale,  Francis  Edward,  died  1888 Indianapolis,  Ind. 

*  NoBTHBUP,  Milton  Harlow,  died  1906 Syracuse,  N.Y. 


*  Bioelow,  Horace  Porter,  died  1902 Waterville,  N.Y. 

*  Danfobth,  Arthur  Curtiss,  died  1862 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Davis  Charles  Mortimer,  died  1868 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Newell,  William  Whiting,  died  1894 Paris,  France 

*  Rots,  Charles  Henry,  died  1890 Lyons,  N.Y. 


Bbooks,  Samuel  Thomas 

*  CuRRAN,  Henry  Hastings,  died  1864 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Davis,  Robert  Howe,  died  1921 Wayne,  Pa. 

*  Grant,  Rev.  Henry  Martyn,  died  1902 Charleston,  S.C. 

*  HiQLEY,  Warren,  died  1911 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mitchell,  Jethro  Greene,  died Toledo,  O. 


*  Bacon,  William  Kirkland,  died  1862 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Fowler,  Horace  Webster,  died  1888 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Habdinq,  Lsonan,  Jr.,  died  1894 St.  Louis,  N.Y. 

Hopkins,  Rev.  Stephen  Grosvenor 150  Broad  St.  Newark,  N.J. 


*  Butler,  Henry  Alanson,  died  1870 Clayville,  N.Y. 

*  Cobb,  Willard  Adams,  died  1900 Lockport,  N.Y. 

*  CuRRAN,  Philip  Clinton,  died  1877 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Fisher,  William  Hubbell,  died  1909 Cincinnati,  O. 

Gardner,  Theodore  Faxton 

*  King,  John  Curtiss,  died  1865 Port  Byron,  N.Y. 

*  McIntosh,  Robert  Wesley,  died  1868 Vernon,  N.Y. 

*  Minor,  Payson  Hungerford,  died  1888 .Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Plant,  Frank  William,  died  1914 Joliet,  111. 

*  Simmons,  Rev.  Henry  Martyn,  died  1905 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Tompkins,  Henry,  died  1921 Newburgh,  N.Y. 

186&-70  HAMILTON 


*  Adams,  Silas  Hobart.  died  1870 Rochester,  N. Y. 

*  HicoK,  John  Henry,  died  1896    Flint,  Mich. 

*  PmiiLiPB,  Albert,  died  1909 Amherst,  Mass. 


*  Campbell,  Augustus  Scott,  died  1898 Highland  Park,  HI. 

*  Cunningham,  Haines  Drake,  died  1899 Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Hempstead.  Lewis  Reybum,  died  1871 .- Galena^Hl. 

*  HoLLBT,  John  Milton,  died  1914 La  Crosse,  Wis. 

*  Hopkins,  Prof.  Abel  Grosvenor,  died  1899 Clinton,  N.Y. 

HxTNTiNOTON,  Chester  (Cons.  Eng.) Richmond,  Mass. 

*  Knight,  Sertus  Hungerford,  died  1865 Westfiekl,  N.Y. 

*  Mbrritt,  Charles  Wesley,  died  1901 East  Aurora,  N.Y. 

*  MiLLABD,  Charles  Sterling,  died  1894 Indiani^wlis,  Ind. 

*  Skinnbb.  Charles  Patterson,  died  1899 Ottawa,  Kan. 

*  Spbncsb,  William  Henry,  died  1877 San  Mateo,  Fla. 


Baboeb,  George  Elias  (Mer) North  St.  Litchfield,  Conn. 

Breed,  Rev.  David  Riddle  (Prof.) 123  Dithridge  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Brown,  Edwin  Jerome  (Law) 17  Stone  St.  Oneida,  N.Y. 

Fisher,  Rev.  Samuel  Jackson 5611  Kentucky  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  Halsbt.  NicoU.  died  1921 Miami,  Fla. 

HuBBEiiL,  Greorge  Wolcott  (Law) 346  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Lton,  Chester  JenniiuEs,  died  1898 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Waqoonbb,  Gieorge  Henry,  died San  Francisco,  Cal. 


*  BioELOW,  Rev.  Dana  Williams,  died  1916 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Canfield,  Frederick  Winston,  died  1865 .  . . . , Syracuse,  N.Y. 

CoxE,  Hon.  Alfred  Conkling  (Judgje) 112  E.  56th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Daniels,  Henry  Everett  Case,  med  1917 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  EoERT,  Charles  Gardner,  died  1902 Ogdensburg,  N.Y. 

*  Miller,  Martin  Rumsey,  died  1905 Tarrytown,  N.Y. 

*  WiLLARD,  James  Hazleton,  died  1901 Bedford,  Ind. 


*  Baoq,  Samuel  Farwell,  died  1920 Troy,  N.Y. 

*  Barrows,  Rev.  Charles  Densmore,  died  19(X) Clinton,  N.Y. 

*  FrrcH,  Thomas  Warner,  died  1914 Summit,  N.J. 

*  Hallidat,  Samuel  Dumont,  died  1907 Ithaca,  N.Y. 

*  Jerome,  Rev.  Theodore  Charles,  died  1886 Wolfborough,  N.H. 

*  Miller,  Roswell,  died  1913 New  York,  N.Y. 

North,  Simon  Newton  Dexter  (Asst.  Secy.) 

2852  Ontario  Rd.  Washington,  D.C. 


Abbott,  Thomas  Alden  (Ret.) 487  Ashland  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

*  Baolet,  Frank  Herbert,  died  1878 Tarrytown,  N.Y. 

*  Churchill,  Frederick  Burchard,  died  1885 New  York,  N.Y. 

8  HAMILTON  1870-76 

Edwards,  Rev.  Maurice  Dwight   423  Laurel  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

*  Frebman,  Howard,  died  1870 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Giles,  Clarence  Marion  (Ins.) 296  E.  Slst  St.  Paterson,  N.J. 

Underwood,  Jonathan  Piatt  (Timber) 

332  So.  Michigan  Ave.  Chicago,  III. 

*  Van  Ostrand,  William  Haines,  died  1907 Newfield,  N.Y. 

Wood,  Dr.  Halsey  Lathrop 210  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Bennett,  Hon.  James  Levi,  died  1918 

Brigham,  Johnson  (Lib.) Iowa  State  Library,  Des  Moines,  la. 

Daniels,  Franc  Burohard  (Ret.) 

2112  Kenwood  Parkway,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Hopkins,  Hon.  Woolsey  Rogers,  died Auburn,  N.Y. 

*  Kendall,  Rev.  Frederick  Gridley,  died  1881 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Reed,  Rev.  William,  died  1909 Verona,  N.Y. 


*  Bailet,  Julius  Irvine,  died Hutchinson,  Kan. 

*  Brandt,  Prof.  Hermann  Carl  George,  died  1920 Clinton,  N.Y. 

*  Gridley,  Charles  Chapin,  died  1872 Chicago,  HI. 

*  Hopkins,  John  Hampaen,  died  1919 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Jewett,  Jay  Hamilton,  died  1916 Harrisburg,  Ore. 

North,  Edward  Simeon Clinton,  N.Y. 

NoRTHRTjp,  Dr.  William  Perry 61  E.  73d  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Carstensen,  Rev.  Dr.  Gustav  Arnold. 715  W.  179th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Huntington,  Samuel  Van  Vechten  (Mfg.) .  .69  E.  78th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Mathews,  Edward  David Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Porter,  Lansing  Lee,  died  1908 Evanston,  111. 

*  Skinner,  Jphn  Arthur,  died  1903 Westfield,  N.Y. 


Chester,  Rev.  Carlos  Tracy  (Ret.) Wyncote,  Pa. 

Eells,  Charles  Parmelee  (Law) 2415  Pierce  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Paine,  Dr.  Nathaniel  Emmons 1640  Washington  St.  Newton,  Mass. 

Rogers,  Hon.  Henry  Wade Federal  Bldg.,  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Gardner,  Dr.  Henry  Dwight  (Williams),  died  1883 Vernon,  N.Y. 

Lewis,  William  Ebenezer  (Law) 50  Rutger  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Stone,  Dr.  William  Gleason,  died  1909 Saranac  Lake,  N.Y. 


*  Chase,  Nicholas  DuBois,  died  1902 Easton,  Pa. 

Davis,  Frank  Fillmore  (Law) 35  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Det,  John  Richard  Steele  (Govt.)  .  .2128  N.  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Eells,  Howard  Parmelee,  died  1919 Cleveland,  O. 

Johnson,  Dr.  Richard  W.  (Major) 

*  RoBBiNS,  George  Sidney,  died Denver,  Col. 

*  Spriggs,  William  Thomas,  died  1877 Utica,  N.Y. 

1877-84  HAMILTON  9 


BuTLBB.  Dr.  Glentworth  Reeve 226  Gates  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Febdon,  William,  died  1921 Brownlee,  Neb. 

*  Hawlst,  Dr.  John  Sanger,  died  1912 New  Haven,  Conn. 

RsBD,  Rev.  David  Allen  (Ret.)   . .  .Edgewood  Gardens,  Springfield,  Mass. 


Cabt,  Walter 184  Delaware  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  CBrrTENDBN,  William  Bacon,  died  1900 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Pains,  Dr.  Howard  Simmons 148  Ridge  St.  Glens  Falls,  N.Y. 

Young,  Chartes  Oliver  (Edit.) Port  Jervis.  N.Y. 


*  Allen,  Rev.  Theodore  Hand,  died  1912 Peoria,  111. 

*  Bennett,  James  Miller,  died  1922 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Carter.  Rev.  William  Smith 63  Gibson  St.  North  East,  Pa. 

Chester,  Porter  Lee 293  Henry  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  DwiGHT,  Dr.  Francis  Edwin,  died  1885 Clinton,  N.Y. 

Gorton,  (ireorge  Varnimi  (Clerk) State  Hospital,  Utica,  N.Y. 

*  RuDD,  Robert  Schell,  died  1903 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Walker,  Dr.  Delavan  Edward,  died  1904 lUon.  N.Y. 


*  Church,  Dr.  George  Taylor,  died  1907 Waterville,  N.Y. 

*  CjUrdiner,  Charles  Alexander,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

Heacock,  Hon.  Seth  Grosvenor  (Ret.)    87  West  St.  Ilion,  N.Y. 

Klock,  Percy  Lincoln  (Law) 149  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Millard,  WiUiam  Josiah,  died  .1915 Utica,  N.Y. 


Otto,  John  (R.  Est.) 17  West  44  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Beattt,  Alva  John 

*  Calder,  Frederick  Manwell.  died  1921 Utica,  N.Y. 

Houghton,  Daniel  Clay Elbert  &  Everett  Sts.  Oakland,  Cal. 

Jones,  Harry  Orlando Holley,  N.Y.  • 

*  Minor,  Worthington  Cogswell,  died  1903 Bufifalo,  N.Y. 



*  Avery,  Charles  Herbert,  died  1912 Chicago.  111. 

*  Avery,  William  Henry,  died  1921   Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Bush,  William  Theodore Lowville,  N.Y. 

Fraser.  Rev.  Greorge  Kenneth Northville.  N.Y. 

Hoy.  William  Alexander  (Law) 56  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Martin,  Rev.  Clement  Graham. .  .76  W.  High  St.  Ballston  Springs,  N.Y. 

*  Nash,  Edgar  Whitman,  died  1885 Albany,  N.Y. 


*  Avert,  Edward  Woodbridge,  died  1910 Chicago,  111. 

*  Babbows,  Robert  Belden,  died  1899 Cold  Springs,  N.Y. 

10  HAMILTON  1884-91 

*  Black,  Rev.  James  Thompson,  died  1915 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Chittenden,  Granville  Ingrabam,  died  1913   Denver,  Col. 

*  Gardiner,  Andrew  Leishman,  died  1910 New  York.  N.Y. 

*  Miller,  Rev.  William  Porteus,  died  1904 Dayton,  O. 

Paine,  Dr.  Clarence  Mann 381  Piedmont  Ave.  Atlanta,  Ga. 


Allen,  Frank  Doi^clas  (Law) 165  Broadway,  New'  York,  N.Y. 

BuRRiLL,  Samuel  Potter  (Joum.) 307  Superior  St.  W.  Cleveland,  O. 

Ford,  Dr.  Charles  Milton  (Prof.) 69  Beverly  Rd.  Kew  Gardens,  N.Y. 

Merwin.  Rev.  Milton  Knapp 1006  Miller  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 

Russell,  Dr.  William  George 1706  Arch  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Arnold,  Benjamin  Walworth  (Timber)    465  State  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Jarvib,  Ira  Steers  (Farmer) Hartwick  Seminary,  N.Y. 

Leavenworth,  Hudson  Parke 

McMillan,  Rev.  Arthur  Chase 207  Warburton  Ave.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

ToLLES,  Brainard  (Law.) 34  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Eells,  Rev.  James Utica,  N.Y. 

Hemmsnb,  Henry  James  (Law) 64  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Rhodes.  Arthur  Ernest,  died  1911 Cold  Brook,  N.Y. 

Walker,  Rev.  Charles  Hardy 609  Third  Ave.  Troy,  N.Y. 


Allen,  Frederick  Lathrop  (Law) 11  East  68th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Chase,  George  Howard,  died  1887 New  York,  N.Y. 

Ellinwood,  Dr.  Francis  Field  (Ret.)    . .  .Fort  Schuyler  Club,  Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Hastinqs,  Charles  Edgar,  died  1904 Austin,  Texas 


Brandt.  Schuyler  Coe  (Mfr) 312  N.  Ridgeland  Ave.  Oak  Park,  111. 

Knowlson,  Walter  Sherman  (Ed.) . .  .Erasmus  Hall  H.  S.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Leland,  Rev.  Dean  Richmond 1315  So.  21  St.  Lincoln.  Neb. 

Perkins,  Rev.  Frederick 38  Broad  Ave.  Binghamton,  N.Y. 


Benton,  James  Robert Clinton.  N.Y. 

Burton,  Dr.  James 813  Central  Bid.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Gibson,  Dr.  Walter  Campbell 258  Genesee  St.  Utica.  N.Y. 

RuDD,  Joseph  (Law) Bristol  Road,  Clinton,  N.Y. 

Seavey,  James  Arthur  (Joum.),  Edgewood,  112  Sunset  Dr.  Ashville,  N.C, 
Sharp,  Prof.  Clayton  Halsey  (E.  Eng),  118  Fisher  Ave.  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

*  Stevens,  Edward  Lawrence,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 


Adams,  Samuel  Hopkins  (Author) R.D.  4(9.  Auburn,  N.Y. 

Hathaway,  Frank  Boardman 983  S.  Western  Ave.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Osborne.  Henry  Piatt  (Pub.) 70  College  St.  Clinton.  N.Y. 

1892-98  HAMILTON  11 


CHEgTEB,  Dr.  Thomas  Weston 143  Tremont  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Martin,  John  Parker  (Court  Reporter) .  .278  Park  Hill  Are.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

OwBN,  Rev.  Thomas  Newton Columbia,  Conn. 

WiLLABO,  Corliss  Fay  (Mfr) 2307  Pleasant  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Caowalladkb,  Starr  (Mgr.) 

2901  Weymouth  Rd.  Shaker  Hghts.  Cleveland.  O. 

*  Chitbch,  Charles  Taylor,  died  1913 Hoboken,  N.J. 

La  Rub,  Charles  (Law) 21  Park  Row,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ralstbn,  Fred  Henry  (Adv.  A  Pub.).  117  No.  Dearborn  St.  Chicago,  111. 

*  WooiiWOBTH,  Dr.  £arle  Eugene,  died  1903 Brookljm,  N.Y. 


Hatxs.  Harold  Fayette  (Fin.) 301  Meigs  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Kino.  Rev.  Walter  Alonso 131  Bums  Ave.  Wyoming,  Cincinnati,  O. 

MnxBR,  Samuel  Jacob North  f^nklin,  N.Y. 

*  Smithlino.  Ambrose  Francis,  died  1902 Chica^,  111. 

Stbvbns,  Robert  Clark  (Cons.  Eng.) 660  Lincoln  Ave.  Ene,  Pa. 


Chambebs,  William  Wallace 

Grsknwood,  Isaac  John 

c/o  H.  T.  E.  Beardsley,  Inc.  120  Broadway.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mtebs,  Joan  Henry,  Jr..  died  1896 Ilion.  N.Y. 

OsBORN.  George  Washington 122  Elmer  St.  Westfield,  N.J. 

Petbbsen,  Rev.  Anthony  Nicholas Broadway,  Scarborough,  N.Y. 

Wbight,  Clarence  Stewart 2  No.  First  St.  Jamaica,  La..  N.Y. 


Holmes,  Frank  Wing  (Law) 44  Court  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Lbbob,  George  Lbwis  (Fin.) 409  Elm  wood  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 


Beabdslet.  Hulbert  Ten  Eyck  (Ins.) ....  120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hopkins,  Winthrop  Haight  (Clerk) 743  Oakwood  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 

Kessleb,  Alfred  Lee 9  Park  Terrace,  Binghamton,  N.Y. 

McGbbgob,  Rev.  Robert  Gardner.  219  North  Avenue,  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

PoMEBOT,  Theodore  Medad  (Fin.) 203  Ellicott  Sq.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Wiixiaus,  Dr.  Irving  Dewey 293  Central  Park  W.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Allen.  William  Loyal  (Law) 21  Park  St.  Malone,  N.Y. 

Booth.  Rev.  Henry  Kendall 3d  and  Cedar  Sts.  Long  Beach,  Cal. 

BuTLBB.  Sts^ey  Locke  (Mgr.) .  .Wayne  Knitting  Mills.  Fort  Wayne,  Ind. 

Elmobe,  Elmore  F.  (Ret.) Main  St.  Peru.  N.Y. 

HoLLET.  John  Milton  (Banker) 405  Main  St.  La  Crosse.  Wis. 

*  Noble,  Edward  John,  died  1902 Brooklyn.  N.Y. 

Reed.  Dr.  Edward  North 824r-8th  St.  Santo  Monica,  Cal. 

12  HAMILTON  1899-1905 


HcTL,  Ernst  Oscar  (Sales) 4393  Westminster  PI.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Mebwin,  James  Hervey  (Law) 100  Paul  Bldg.  Utica,  N.Y. 

'  Stone,  Ralph  Walter  (Geol.) 

Pennsylvania  Geological  Survey,  Harrisburg,  Pa. 
Stone,  Rev.  Warren  Sage 138  So.  Fitzhiigh  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


Fisher,  Clarence  Lyon  (Timber) Lyons  Falls,  Lewis  County,  N.Y. 

*  Miller,  Henry  Cook,  died  1906 Bath,  N.Y. 

Steiner,  Rev.  Walter  L 174  Main  St.  Kingston,  N.Y. 

Taylor,  Harry  Earl  (Solicitor) 18  S.  Irving  St.  Ridgewood.  N.J. 

Waddell.  Robert  Shannon  (Mgr.) ....  693  Goodrich  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 
Wilkinson,  Dean  William  John Washington  College,  Tenn. 


Castle,  Samuel  Northrup  (Eng.) Box  3290,  Honolulu,  H.I. 

HicoK,  Edward  Matthews  (Mfg.) . . .  .437  So.  Wai<^  Ave.  La  Grange,  111. 

Johnston,  John  Emery  (Mfr.) Port  Leyden,  N.Y. 

Skinner,  Herrick  Johnson  (Law) 

c/  o  Amer.  Bankers  Assn.,  5  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Spbh,  Edwin  Jay  (Mgr.) 2095  Renrock  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 


Butler,  Robert  Vermilye  (Lxmiber) 

6570  Homewood  Ave.  Hollywood,  Cal. 

Hawlet,  Dewey  Tanner  (Ed.) 280  Whitford,  Ave.  Nutley,  N.J. 

Jenks,  Maurice  Lamotte 43  Rockledge  Ave.  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

Lake,  Ralph  Emerson  (Fin.) 28  Grand  Blvd.  Binghamton,  N.Y. 

MooDT,  Edwin  H.  (Law) 36  Lincoln  Ave.  Binghamton.  N.Y. 

Reed,  George  Stephens  (Law) Reed  Terrace,  Lowville,  N.Y. 


Allbriqht.  Rev.  Manley  Fifield 31  Quint  Ave.  Boston  34,  Mass. 

Arthur,  Alfred  Karl  ((joal) Lowville,  N.Y, 

BuROEss,  Theodore  Herbert  (Law) 

Rm.  1319,  Williamson  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Croft,  Frank  De  Lancey  (Law) 5  Chestnut  St.  Binghamton,  N.Y. 

Hunter.  Joel  Du  Bois  (Charities) Harrison  St.  Evanston,  111. 

Lake,  D(avid)  Harry  (Fin.) 106  West  69th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smelzbr,  Crosby  Tracy  (Eleo.) ....  .330  N.  Ashland  Ave.  La  Grange,  III. 
Waodbll,  Carroll  Johnson  (Fin.) 

c/o  Drexel  &  Co.  5th  and  Chestnut  Sts.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Brandt,  Frederick  Flandreau  (Law) 65  Cedar  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Heyl,  Louis  (Grocer) 88  E.  Front  St.  Dunkirk,  N.Y. 

Strickland,  John  Lyle  (Hdw.) 833  State  St.  Carthage,  N.Y. 

Wicks,  Rev.  Robert  Russell 231  Oak  St.  Holyoke,  Mass. 


Beach,  Frank  Cuyler  (Ed.) 178  So.  Oxford  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Humphrey,  Oliver  (Fin.) 67  Wall  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

1906-11  HAMILTON  IS 

Mebrick,  Albert  Hamilton  (D.  O.) 1065  Fifth  St.  San  Diego.  Cal. 

Mills,  Frederick  Peter  (Mfg.) 34  Stote  St.  Mt.  Morris.  N.Y. 

MuNOBB,  Henry  Jairus  (Aud.) 221  Montrose  Ave.  S.  Orange,  N.J. 

RiCHABDSON,  Russell  (Ed.) .Box  109  Route  3,  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Schwab,  Arthur  John 130  Riverside  Dr.  Binghamton.  N.Y. 

Spbh,  Herman  Anthony .9  Murray  St.  Binghamton,  N.Y. 


Clabk,  John  Durant  (Telephone) 2614  Foster  Ave.  Brooklsm,  N.Y. 

Easton,  Frederick  Shaw,  Jr.  (Sales) Hotel  Richford,  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Heacock,  Groevenor  Walker  (Mfr.) 105  West  St.  Ilion.  N.Y. 

Wabbubton,  Greorge  Robert  (Fin.) 36  King  St.  W.  Toronto,  Can. 


*  Allbn,  Joseph  Strong,  died Chicago,  111. 

Clabk,  Elarl  Mosher,  Norfolk  House,  Victoria  Embarkment.  London,  Eng. 

HoTT,  E.  Willis  Ward  (Mgr.) 3325  Alto  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 

ScoTT,  Lester  Francis,  1  Riverside  Dr.  Philipse  Manor,  N.  Tarrytown,  N.Y. 


*  Baxteb.  Frederick  Herbert,  died  1917 Lima,  O. 

Hemmenb,  Herbert  Rawling  (Banker) ....  1529  Howard  Ave.  Utica,  N.Y. 
Hollet,  Alexander  Hamilton  (Broker) 

1  Montgomery  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal: 

Hollbt,  Horace  King  (Fin.)  230  N.  8th  St.  La  Crosse,  Wis. 

Holmes,  Marcellus  Bailey  (Newspaper) . .  .39  Chelsea  PI.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

Pratt,  R^  Goflf  (Lumber) 35  Jarvis  St.  Binghamton  N.Y. 

SiMMONB,  WiUiam  Bush  (Mgr) 1331  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Wbbkeb,  Rev.  Ernest  Joseph  (Missionary) Canton,  China 

White,  Clarence  Edwin  (Eng.) 261  N.  Broad  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Blodoett,  Dr.  Clements  Winfield .800  Euclid  Ave.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Butlbb,  John  Milton  (Sales) 405  W.  51st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Richardson,  Norman  Dayton 966  Woodycrest  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

RuDD,  Robert  Barnes  (Ed.) Hamilton  College,  Clinton,  N.Y. 

Stone,  Dr.  Chester  Tilton 62  Pierrepont  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Welch,  Philip  Henry  (R.  EstJ 

c/o  Hartley  Homes  Inc.  27  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Wilcox,  William  Jenkins  (Law) 401  Emerald  St.  Harrisburg,  Pa. 


Bounce,  Harry  Esty  (Edit.) Lawrence  Blvd.  Bayside,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

McAnknt,  Harold  Dillaway 2276  Creston  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Mix,  Prof.  Arthur  Jackson University  of  Kansas,  Lawrence,  Kan. 

Titus,  Rexford  Walker 46  North  St.  Binghamton,  N.Y. 

Wills,  David  (Law) 557  Academy  St.  Astoria,  L.I.,  N.Y. 


Bell,  Walter  Allen  (Dealer) 36  Main  St.  Ogdensburg,  N.Y. 

CosTON,  Carl  Herbert  (Sales) Carter  Apts.  Scranton,  Pa. 

14  HAMILTON  1911-16 

Dalt,  Clarence  Joseph  (Ins.) 750  Clarkson  St.  Denver,  Col. 

GouQK,  George  Frederick  (Adv.) ....  1  Riverside  Dr.  N.  Tanytown,  N.Y. 

Ralstbn,  Brown  Van  Namee  (Adv.) 735  Seward  St.  Evanston,  IlL 

RxcHABDSON,  Raymond  Spencer  (Mfr.) Easton  St.  Lowville,  N.Y. 


Bell,  C^reorge  Allen  (Mer.) 44  Grove  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

Bernard,  Arthur  Bernard  (Leather) Ill  Lincoln  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Boone,  Capt.  Hugh  (U.S.A.) 114  W.  Market  St.  Lima,  O. 

Eblls,  James  (Const.) 342  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wallace,  Albert  Haines  (Mer.) 631  S.  Hill  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

YoxTNo,  Russell  Addison 21  Linden  PI.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 


North,  Dexter  (Chem.) 2852  Ontario  Rd.  Washington,  D.C. 

Peck,  Prof.  Walter  Edwin College  of  Wooster,  Wooster,  Ohio. 

Roberts,  Ernest  House  (Adv.) 2201  Cimimington  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

*  Stone,  Donald  Edward,  died  in  Service  1918 

TowNSEND,  Elbert  John  (Ins.) 9  East  Main  St.  Le  Roy,  N.Y. 

Trout,  Thomas  Wilbur  (Mgr.) 

Marabanong,  Atlantic  Blvd.  So.  Jacksonville,  Fla. 


Barney.  James  Edward  (Sales) 136  West  44  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Calder,  John  Walcott  (Fin.) 1532  Simset  Ave.  Utica,  N.Y. 

Jones.  Dr.  Harry  Clinton 33  Union  St.  Eastharapton,  Mass. 

McMillan,  John  Bavlies  (Fire  Ins.) .  207  Warburton  Ave.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 
Robinson,  Albert  Sidney  (Ins.) 

710  Onondaga  Co.  Sav.  Bk.  Bldg.  Sjrracuse,  N.Y. 

Walker,  Rev.  George  Warren Margaretville,  N.Y. 

Weaver,  John  Van  Alstyne  (Writer) 61  West  10  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Adams,  Myron  Whitlock  (Eng.) 3  Cline  Row,  Calcutta,  India 

*  Calder,  Frederick  Holbrook,  died  1922 Utica,  N.Y. 

Kino,  Karl  Burnett  (Broker) 230  Homewood  Ave.  Warren,  O. 

Kino,  Paul  Lamard 230  Homewood  Ave.  Warren,  O. 

Little,  William  Hobart  (U.S.A.) 107  York  Ave.  Towanda,  Pa, 

Mackat,  Kenneth  Tait  (Florist) Hotel  Bond,  Hartford,  Conn. 


Baldwin,  Franklin  Mosher 56  S.  Munn  St.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

Banks,  Harold  Albert  (Ins.) 90  S.  Clinton  St.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

Covert,  Hudson  (Lumber) 4108  Grand  Blvd.  Chicago,  lU. 

Decker,  Lewis  Robertson  (Purchas.  Agt.) 

143  Plymouth  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y, 

Eblls,  Milton  Merwin  CEng.) c/o  Bucyrus  Co.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

HiQOiNS,  Wilfred  Rowell 3328  Portland  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

McMillan,  George  Scholefield  (Mgr.) 79  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Nichols,  Louis  Heyl  (Mfg.)   324  East  St.  Walpole,  Mass. 

1916-21  HAMILTON  15 

Stone,  Philip  Waldron  (Contr.) 98  Remsen  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Woodruff,  George  Norman,  died  1914 Mexico,  N.Y. 


Adams,  John  Robert  (Contr.) 15  Milk  St.  Boston,  Mam. 

Fraseb,  Carlvle  (Mgr.) 5614  Penn  Aye.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

French.  Carlos  Hayden  (Sales) 78  Washington  Ave.  Seymour,  Conn. 

Leonard,  Charles  Albert  (Journ.) 29  Orchard  PI.  New  Rochelle  N.Y. 

Martin,  Hugh  Webb  (Adv.) 76  W.  High  St.  Ballston  Springs,  N.Y. 

Martindale,  Stephen,  Jr 237  8.  10th  St.  La  Crosse,  Wis. 

Petersen.  Reno  Henry  (Sales) 233  So.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  HI. 

YouNO,  Carleton  Clark  (Paper) 24  Coll^^  St.  Brunswick,  Me. 


Bull,  Walter  Dean  (Sales) 261  W.  22d  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Kelly,  Joseph  Reed  (Broker) 301  East  68  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Knowlbs,  Paul  Hawthorne,  died  in  service  1918 

Otto,  John,  2nd  (R.  Est.) 168  College  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Peck,  Charles  Eugene,  Jr 7  Park  Place,  Ashtabula,  O. 

Van  Auken,  George  Lord  (Ins.) 1147  Main  St.  La  Oosse,  Wis. 


Scott,  Eugene  Field  (Secy.) 100  Gibbs  St.  Rochester.  N.Y. 

Stone,  Andrew  Waldron  (Adv.)  102  Remsen  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

WiNTON,  David  Knox  (Limiber) 

1021  Maison-Blanohe  Bldg.  New  Orleans,  La. 


Brandt,  Schuyler  Buell  (Adv.) 

c/o  Wm.  Green.  Inc.  607  W.  43d  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cooper,  Charles  Chester  (Adv.) 1582  Compton  Rd.  Cleveland.  O. 

Gut,  Robert  Bates  (Banker) 81*  Front  St.  Binghamton,  N.Y. 

Kaiser,  Richard  Wagner  (R.  Est.) . . .  .Bonnie  Crest.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

Martin,  John  Tilden  Waite  (Adv.) Mayro  Bldg.  Utica,  N.Y. 

RoMBR,  Kinsley  Gird  (Acct.) 20  Cottage  H.  Utica,  N.Y. 

Sandblom,  Frederick  Gustave  (Adv.) 

190  Hamilton  Ave.  New  Rochelle,  NY. 
Thomas,  Walter  Meredith  (Journ.) . .  .440  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Turner.  Theodore  Sheldon  (Law),  1933  Harvard  Ave.  N.,  Seattle,  Wash. 

Watson,  B.  Frank  (Law) 1901  B  St.  Lincoln,  Neb. 

Weaver,  Randolph  Tate  (Edit.) 61  West  10  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Barron,  Norman  Macc^nald 303  Main  St.  New  York  Mills,  N.Y. 

*  Farrbll,  Robert  Macalister,  died  1918 

HiGBiB,  Melvin  Dwight 28  Madgett  Bldg.  Hastings.  Nebr. 

Kaiser,  Albert  Louis  (Examiner) Bonnie  Crest.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

Keehn.  Grant Roelyn  Rd.  Kenilworth,  111. 

Rudd,  Thomas  Brown  (Law) Bristol  Rd.  Clinton,  N.Y. 

Whitbbck.  G.  Paul 41  Bertha  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

16  HAMILTON  1922-25 


Brandt,  Aaron  Wilbur  (Sales) 312  N.  Ridgeland  Ave.  Oak  Park,  III. 

Craves,  Robert  North  (Sales) 81  Seymour  St.  Auburn,  N.Y. 

Hawkes,  Belknap  Carleton  (Chem.) 

157  Kenilworth  Ave.  Kenilworth.  111. 

HoouE,  Lawrence  Boulton  (Fin.) Bonesteel,  S.D. 

KiLBOURN,  David  Giles Salisbury  School  Farm,  Salisbury,  Conn. 

Martin,  Clement  Graham,  Jr 76  W.  High  St.  Ballston  Spa.  N.Y. 

Nichols,  Lorrel  Brayton 80  E.  Front  St.  Dunkirk,  N.Y. 

Reeder,  Ronald  Joseph  Richardson 410  State  St.  Carthage.  N.Y. 

Rebder,  Roscoe  Giles 410  State  St.  Carthage,  N.Y. 

Stone,  Walter  Cochran 4  Union  St.  Camden,  N.Y. 

Turner.  Robert  Elson 1933  Harvard  Ave.  N.  Seattle,  Wash. 


Gould,  Gordon  Harry  Pritchard Lyons  Falls,  N.Y. 

Hall,  Arnold 171  Front  St.  Bin^amton,  N.Y. 

Kaiser,  Charles  Julian Bonnie  Crest  Park,  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

Marlow,  Frank  William,  Jr 200  Highland  St.  Sjrracuse,  N.Y. 

Price,  Burton  Scott Beechmont  Park,  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

RiGGS,  Strafford  Peshine 212  Elwood  Ave.  Newark,  N.J. 

SwARTWOUT,  Henry  Williams 35  Chestnut  St.  Clinton,  N.Y. 

WiLLARD,  John  Kent 2307  Pleasant  Ave.   Minneapolis  Minn. 

Wilson,  Hugh  Harper 301  N  11th  St.  Nebraska  City,  Nebr. 


Baer,  William  Bush 228  Randolph  St.  Peoria,  111. 

Bates,  Lounsbury  Danforth 35  Willett  St.  Jamaica,  N.Y. 

Dowdell,  Philip  Higbee 496-12th  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Duff,  Elmer  Potter 5803  Midway  Park,  Chicago,  111. 

Holley,  John  Milton,  Jr 217  S.  15th  St.  La  (!Jrosse,  Wis. 

Maoee,  Robert  Boyd 436  Westfield  Ave.  Elizabeth,  N.J. 

Sheldon,  Martin  Armstrong  .* Lowville,  N.Y. 


Allen,  Donald  Hallenbeck 65  Brookline  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Farrell,  James  Irving  . . .  Corrick  House,  Clinton  Rd.  Whitesboro,  N.Y. 

Hawlby,  Dewey,  Jr 280  Whitford  St.  Nutley,  N.J. 

Johnson.  Francis  Williams,  Jr 1362  Amherst  St.  Bu£Falo,  N.Y. 

Kaiser,  John  Francis Bonnie  Oest.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

Lehmann,  Alan  Dunning 123  W.  Oakwood  PI.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Richards,  Charles  Willard Main  Street,  Phoenix,  N.Y. 

*  Saunders,  William  Duncan,  died  1922 Clinton,  N.Y, 

1831-89  17 



*  Bishop,  Prof.  Robert  Hamilton,  died  1890 Oxford,  O. 


*  Grossbsck,  Herman  J.,  died  1849 Covington,  Ky. 

*  Grossbsck,  William  Slocuih,  died  1897 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Pabksr,  Samuel  W.,  died  1859 Connersville,  Ind. 


*  DsNNisoK,  William,  died  1882 Columbus,  O. 

*  Harris,  Horatio  J.,  died  1859 Vicksburg,  Miss. 

*  Moffat.  Prof.  James  Clement,  died  1890 Princeton,  N.J. 

*  MoLONT.  Prof.  Daniel,  died  1852 Cincinnati,  O. 


*  Fletchsr,  Albert  Munroe,  died  1840 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Lancastbr,  Hugh,  died  1841 Hamilton,  O. 

*  McCoy,  John,  died  1904 Independence,  Mo. 

*  Olds,  Chauncey  Newell,  died  1890 Columbus,  O. 

*  Smith,  Dr.  Samuel  Mitchell,  died  1874 Columbus,  O. 

*  Stoddabd,  Prof.  Orange  Nash,  died  1892 Wooster,  O. 

*  Tslford,  Prof.  Charles  Loomis,  died  1849 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  TsMPLB,  John  Baylor,  died  1886 Louisville,  Ky. 


*  Duncan,  Robert,  died  18ft- Fayette,  Miss. 

*  Parsons,  Charles  MoLellan,  died  1895 Columbus,  O. 

*  RsBBB,  Samuel,  died  1879 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Smith,  Rev.  Robert  Calender,  died  1874 Macon,  Ga. 


*  DuBOSB,  Virgin  Milton,  died  1852 Dallas  Co.  Ala. 

*  John,  Samuel  J.,  died  1853 Eaton,  O. 

*  Lows,  John  Gilbert,  died  1892 Dayton,  O. 

*  RsiD,  Hugh  Thompson,  died  1874 Keokuk,  la. 


*  BiRNST,  William,  died  1907 Washington.  D.C. 

*  BuTLSR,  Jacob,  died  1874 Muscatine,  la. 

*  EwiNO,  Philemon  Beecher,  di^  1896 Lancaster.  O. 

*  Grossbsck,  John  B.,  died  1879 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Hart,  James  H.,  died  1867 Piqua,  O. 

18  MIAMI  1839-46 

*  Hoi/r,  Robert  Stephens,  died  1867 Yasoo  City.  Miae. 

*  McCoy,  Samuel  Knley,  died  1898 Chillicothe,  O. 

*  Miller,  Joseph,  died  1862 Chillicothe,  O. 

*  MooBB,  William  Alexander,  died  1884 Midway,  Ky. 

*  Page.  Henry  Folsom.  died  1891 Ciroleville,  O. 

*  Swan.  George,  died  1839 Columbus.  O. 


*  Babb,  John,  died  1850 Columbus,  O. 

*  Bblvillb,  Dr.  William  W.,  died  1871 Woodbridge,  Cal. 

*  CoNOVBB,  Wilbur,  died  1881 Dayton,  O. 

*  Elliott,  Prof.  Charles,  died  1892 Easton,  Pa. 

*  PuQH,  Greorge  Ellis,  died  1876 Cincinnati.  O. 

*  Stbblb,  Robert  Wilbur,  died  1891 Dayton,  O. 


*  Andbew,  Dr.  George  Lafferty.  died  1911 La  Porte,  Ind. 

*  Bishop.  Rev.  John  Mason,  died  1890 Oxford,  O. 

*  JoNBS,  Charles  August,  died  1866 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Vance,  Calvin  Fletcher,  died  1903 Memphis,  Tenn. 


*  Abmor,  Dr.  Samuel  Glasgow,  died  1886 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Brtan.  Charles  A,  died .• Columbus,  O. 

*  CoNOVEB,  Obadiah  Miller,  died  1884 Madison.  Wis. 

*  Green,  Moses  Peed,  died  1870 Hannibal,  Mo. 

*  HiBBEN,  James  Samuel,  died  1877 Indianapolis.  Ind. 

*  Iddinqs,  Daniel  Wilkinson,  died  1888 Dayton,  O. 

*  McCrea,  Adam,  died  1893 Ciroleville,  O. 

*  Mbndenhall,  E.  T.,  died Wilcox  Co.  Ala. 

*  PoBTis.  Benjamin  Person,  died  1878 Cuba  Station,  Ala. 

*  Shiel,  George  Knox,  died  1893 Salem,  Ore. 

*  Van  Ausdal,  Isaac,  died  1900 Dasrton,  O. 


*  Babnbs.  Charles,  died  1870 Madison,  Ind. 

*  Chalfant,  Lafayette  Washington,  died  1847 Felicity,  O. 

*  Haire,  Thomas,  died  1846 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  HoRR,  Versalius,  died  1885 Urbana,  O. 

*  Kbelt,  Dr.  George  Washington,  died  1888 Oxford,  O. 

*  Moore,  William  Bennett,  died  1904 Washington.  D.C. 

*  Walker,  Silas  Bailey,  died  1873 Sidney,  O. 


*  Brown,  Dr.  Marcus  A.,  died  1848 Ciroleville,  O. 

*  Brush.  Charles  D.  L.,  died  1844 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  QAiiLAQHSR,  William  Davis,  died  1871 Cincinnati,  O. 


*  BuRROWES,  William  Schenck,  died  1872 Franklin,  O. 

*  Effinoer,  Robert  Patterson,  died  1899 Peru,  Ind. 

184&-55  MIAMI  19 

*  GrOODB,  James  Samuel,  died  1891 .• Sprim[£eld,  O. 

*  KiBKPATRicK,  James  Douglas,  died  1899 Society  Hill,  S.C. 

*  Sullivan,  Algernon  Sydney,  died  1887 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Wright,  Dr.  Thomas  Lee,  died  1893 Belief ontaine,  O. 


*  Clark.  James,  died  1882 Brooklsm.  N.Y. 

*  Jambs.  Charles  Pinckney,  died  1859 Richmond,  Ind. 

*  McGuiRE,  Rev.  Henry  L.,  died  1853 Cincinnati,  O. 


*  BoMHAM,  Rev.  James  Clinton,  died  1899 Westport,  Mo. 

*  BiTRROWES,  Thomas  Ashton,  died  1889 Springfield,  O. 

*  Mayo,  Herman  Boseman,  died  1856 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Oliver.  Melanchthon  Wade,  died  1900 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Stewart,  Charles,  died  1917 Easton,  Pa. 


*  Hume,  Alexander  F.,  died  1907 Hamilton,  O. 

*  Kalb,  Rev.  Creorge  Lewis,  died  1912 Bellefontaine,  O. 


*  Anderson,  Richard  Clough,  died  1878 Da3rton.  O. 

*  Bonner,  Samuel  Alexander,  died  1894 Greensburg,  Ind« 


*  Perkins,  James  H.,  died  1858 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  YooRHis,  Robert  Stevenson,  died  1896 St.  Louis,  Mo. 


*  Heron,  Samuel,  died  1860 Connersville,  Ind. 

*  PuQH,  Jordan  Ajithony,  died  1849 Cincinnati,  O. 


*  Dbnnt,  Rev.  Harmar  (Charles),  died  1908 Woodstock,  Md. 

*  Satler,  Milton,  died  1892 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Swing,  Rev.  David,  died  1894 Chicago.  111. 


*  Brookes,  Rev.  James  Hall,  died  1897 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Chambers,  Andrew  Gowdy,  died  1891 Freehold,  N.J. 

*  Morgan,  Rev.  Pollard  McCormick,  died  1872 Pittsburg,  Pa. 


*  CoRTBLTOU,  Rev.  Thomas  Foster,  died  1888 Montgomery,  O. 

*  Httssbt,  Rev.  John,  died  1888 Lafayette,  Ind. 

KiLLEN,  Rev.  John  Thomas 


*  Bonham,  Lasarus  Noble,  died  1918 Oxford,  O. 

*  Haire,  Rev.  John  Pursel,  died  1914 Chicago.  HI. 

20  MIAMI  1856-62 


*  HussET,  Dr.  LutelliiB,  died  1906 Lockland,  O. 

*  McCiiUNG,  Rev.  John  Newton,  died  1896 Sprinp^eld,  Mo. 

*  Strain,  Rev.  David  Jackson,  died  1896 Virginia,  111. 

*  Taylor,  William,  died  1911 Storms,  O. 


*  DuNLAP,  Dr.  Archibald  Stewart,  died  — — Chattanooga,  Tenn. 

*  Manning,  Lewis  Drake,  died  1899 Batavia,  O. 

*  Oliver,  Warner  Symmes,  died  1874 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Paqb,  William  Wilmer,  died  1897 Portland.  Ore. 

*  Satlbr,  Nelson,  died  1907 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Thornton,  Joseph  Lyle,  died  1906 Middletown,  O. 


*  Brainard,  Gideon  Reed,  died  1901 Springfield,  111. 

*  Dbwbt,  James  Stoddard,  died  1894 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Gut,  Rev.  Edward  Alexander,  died  1913 Jacksonville,  Fla. 

MooRB,  Robert  (C.  Eng.) 61  Vandeventer  PI.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Parkbr,  Tudor  Homer,  died  1861 Covington,  Ky. 

*  ScHMBLTZBR,  William  Valentine,  died  1866 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Snow,  Rev.  Joseph  Crocker,  died  1901 Newtonville,  Mass. 

*  Stbblb,  Samuel  Frank,  died Hillsboro,  O. 

*  Ward,  Edgar  Melville,  died  1915 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Wbaklbt,  Herbert  Henry,  died  1906 Dayton,  O. 


*  McDonald,  Duncan,  died  1882 Urbana.  O. 

*  McDonald,  Rev.  James  Smith,  died  1915 Corte  Madera,  Cal. 


*  Crissman,  Rev.  George  Thomas,  died  1905 Long  Beach,  Cal. 

*  Dewbt,  Elijah  Francis,  died  1893 Big  Rapids,  Mich. 

Parker,  Arthur  Boyd ♦ 

*  Pence,  Abram  Morris,  died  1906 Chicago^  111. 

*  Satlbr,  John  Riner,  died  1914 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Spencer,  Rev.  Francis  Asbury,  died  1904 Columbus,  O. 

*  Thomas.  Walter  Scott,  died  1915 Troy,  Ohio 

*  Webb,  John  Andrews,  died  1906 Austin,  Tex. 

*  Wright,  Prof.  Cyrus  Mansfield,  died  1913 Cincinnati,  Ohio 


*  Clopper  Edward  Nicholas,  died  1881 Houston,  Tex. 

CoMLT,  William  Judkins  (Chemist) 

*  Gut,  David  Wade,  died  1902 Oxford.  O. 

*  MARSHALii,  Thomas  B.,  died  1916 Sidney.  O. 

Mato,  Archibald 


*  Brown,  James  Polk,  died  1875 Dayton,  O. 

*  Daughbbtt,  Aquilla  John,  died  1901 Peoria,  HI. 

1862-69  MUMI  21 

*  Dbwkbss.  Thomas  Lewis,  died  1860 Trosr,  O. 

*  GsBS,  Albert  Henry,  died  1894 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  OiiDS,  WilUam  Woodruff,  died  1863 Columbus,  O. 

*  Pbck,  Hon.  Hiram  David,  died  1914 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Thomas,  William  Irving,  died  1866 Troy,  O. 

'      1863 

*  Brooks,  Dr.  Theodore  Darwin,  died  — — Piqua,  O. 

*  McGBBaoR,  James  Wilson,  died  1902 Palatka,  Fla. 

Snow,  David  Bassett  (Law.) 206  Central  Life  Bldg.,  Ottawa,  HI. 


Gut,  William  Evans  (Ret.) 10  Portland  Place,  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Mato,  John  Wesley,  died  1873 Nacogdoches,  Tex. 

*  PowsLL,  Frank  Stuart,  died  1903 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Wilson,  Hon.  Moses  Fleming Cincinnati,  O. 


Johnson,  Rev.  Henry  Clay 

*  MoNTGOMKBT,  Clark  Bates,  died  1920 Hollywood,  Cal. 

*  Stkwabi:,  James  E.,  died  1889 Springfield,  O. 


*  Barbbbb,  Carlisle,  died C<dumbus,  O. 

Scott,  Samuel  Parsons  (Law) 321  Main  St.  Hillsboro,'0. 

*  Wood,  Rev.  Charles  Seeley,  died  1912. Urbana,  O. 


*  Bishop.  George  Spencer,  died  1916 Oxford,  O. 

*  Bubbowbs,  Stephen  Ashton,  died  1921 Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  CiiABK,  James  Hardy,  died  1869 Trenton,  N.J. 

■c  Plattbb,  Rev.  James  Edward,  died  1883 Winfield,  Kan. 

*  Thomas,  Alfred  Addison,  died Dasrton,  O. 

*  Wbight,  Amos  Willets,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 


Ankbnbt,  Albert R.  F.  D.  No.  10,  Xenia,  O. 

*  Bltnn,  WilUam  G.,  died  1892 Oberlin,  O. 

*  Bbookb,  James  Eugene,  died  1904 Cambridge  City,  Ind. 

*  Btbkbtt,  Abijah  Raymond,  died  1914 White  Salmon,  Wash. 

HiBBBN,  Joseph  Matthews  (Mer.) N.  High  St.  Hillsboro,  O. 

Johnston,  Rev.  John  Boyd 

*  McLain,  Alvan  Leander,  died  1871 Springfield,  O. 

*  McLain,  Dr.  James  Lafonte,  died  1916 West  Chester,  Pa. 


*  Baldwin,  Anson  Sherwood,  died  1904 North  Platte,  Neb. 

Bbooks,  Frank  Stuart  (Draftsman) 82  No.  22nd  St.  Columbus,  O. 

Smith,  Kirby  (Law.) 6  Main  St.  Hillsboro,  O. 

*  Smith,  Samuel  Mitchell,  Jr.,  died  1878 Columbus,  O. 

*  Spbncbb,  Charles  Stetson,  died  1867 Cincinnati,  O. 

28  MIAMI  1870-76 


McFarland,  James  Milliken Throop  Hotel,  Topeka,  Kan. 

McKiTBiOK,  Rev.  Eben  8 1232  N.  Los  Robtes  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

*  McMaksm,  Joseph  J.,  died  1907 Hamilton,  O. 

*  RoBT,  John  Boyd,  died Los  Annates.  Cal. 

*  UsTiCK,  Dr.  Harlan  Page,  died ". Boise  City,  Ida. 


Bakbb,  James  Scott  (Ret.) 18  West  St.  Battle  Creek,  Mich. 

Bishop,  Robert  Hamilton  (Cattleman) Mankato,  Kan. 

*  Martin.  Edwin  Campbell,  died  1916 New  York,  N. Y. 

MooBB,  Rev.  David  Ross 

*  Shibab,  James  Oliver,  died 

*  Stanton,  Robert  Brewster,  died  1922 New  Canaan,  Conn. 

Zibolbb,  Dr.  James  Patterson Mount  Joy,  Lancaster  Co.  Pa. 


Ankbnbt,  Horace  (Farmer) R.  F.  D.  No.  7,  Xenia,  O. 

*  Bishop,  Sylvester  Lyons,  died  1900 Oxford,  O. 

*  Earnhabt,  Moses  Branson,  died  1918 Columbus,  O. 

*  GowDT,  Rev.  (jreorge  Edwin,  died  1919 Lebanon,  O. 


CoppocK,  Francis  Marion  (Law.) 1350  Locust  St.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Huohbb,  Harry  Webster  (Banker) 

c/o  Fifth,  Third  Nat.  Bank,  Cincinnati,  O. 

*  MoAiiPiN,  William  Barkelow,  died  1880 C^cinnati,  O. 


Bbown,  Thomas  Gordon  (Joum.) 235  No.  6th  St.  Coshocton,  O. 

*  Dickson,  Parker,  died  1919 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Galloway,  John  Smith,  died  1873 Columbus,  O. 

Ibvin,  Horace  Arthur  (Mfr.) 17  E.  3rd  St.  Dayton,  O, 

*  Jbffertb,  James  Oscar,  died  1892 Dayton,  O. 

Watt,  Rev.  John  Caruthers 


*  Baker,  John  Taylor,  died  1874 Greensburg,  111. 

Campbell,  Harry  H.  (Mfr.) 522  So.  5th  St.  Ironton,  O. 

HxNRT,  Rev.  Harry  Houston Bangor,  Pa. 

*  Morrison,  Rev.  Robert,  died  1922 New  Orleans,  La. 

Sntder,  Balfour 54-13th  Ave.  Colimibus,  O. 


Clatpool,  Newton  (Ret.) Old  Colony  Trust  Co.  Boston,  Mass. 

Galigher,  Joseph  Ellis  (Eng.) .  .Galigher  Mach.  Co.  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah 
McLaren,  John  Piatt  (Farmer) Glendale,  Hamilton  Co.  O. 

1836-39  23 



*  Bailey,  Alexander  Hamilton,  died  1874 R<Mne,  N.Y. 

*  CoNQBR,  Dr.  David,  died  1873 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  HuoHSON,  Frederick,  died  1906 FisUrill,  N.Y. 

*  KsLLOaG,  Rev.  Robert  Ransom,  died  1866 Milfora,  Pa. 


*  DoD,  Rev.  William  Armstrong,  died  1872 Princeton,  N.J. 

*  Evans,  Rev.  James  Samuel,  oued  1885 Setauket,  N.Y. 

*  Huntington,  Daniel,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Van  Nostband,  Abiathar  Rhoada,  died  1865 Mound  City.  lU. 


*  Bakbb,  William  Edgar,  died  1846 New  Yoric,  N.Y. 

*  HowABD,  Elias  Harold,  died Eureka,  Cal. 

*  VsBBRTCK,  Cornelius,  died  183- New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Watson,  Rev.  Alfred  Augustin,  died  1005 Wilmington,  N.C. 


*  CoxB,  Rev.  Arthur  Cleveland,  died  1896 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  GoiiDSMiTH,  Rev.  Benjamin  Moore,  died  1885 Bellona,  N.Y. 

*  Griswold,  George  (Catlin),  died  18^ Dresden.  Germany. 

*  MiLNOB,  Charles  Edward,  died  1877 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Pattbbson,  Rev.  Stephen,  died  1853 Vicksburg,  Miss. 

*  Van  Nostband,  Prof.  Jacob,  died  1879 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  CoxB,  Rev.  Samuel  Hanson,  died  1895 Utioa,  N.Y. 

*  Crameb,  William  Edward,  died  1905 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Lathbop,  Mills  Ely,  died  1891 Boonton,  N.J. 

*  Ltman,  Rev.  Dwight  Edwards,  died  1893 Govanstown,  Md. 

*  Sbblbt,  Rev.  Raymond  Hoyt,  died  1885 Haverhill,  Mass. 

*  Stead,  Rev.  Benjamin  Franklin,  died  1879 Astoria,  N.Y. 

*  TowNSEND,  Emory,  died  1878 Lakeport,  Cal. 

24  COLUMBIA  1886-40 




♦  HiLLTSB,  GUcs  Mumford,  died  1871 New  York,  N. Y. 

♦  HoBABT,  Rev.  John  Henry,  died  1889 Fishkill,  N.Y. 

♦  Jay,  John,  died  18»4 New  York.  N.Y. 

♦  McVicKAB,  Rev.  Henry,  died  1847 New  York.  N.Y. 

♦  Wabd,  Henry  Jr.,  died  1840 New  York,  N.Y. 

♦  Waters,  George  Gilfert,  died  1875 New  York.  N.Y. 

♦  Weed,  Harvey  Augustus,  died  1872 New  York,  N.Y. 



*  Aldis.  Rev.  Charles,  died  1878 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Blatchford,  Hon.  Samuel,  died  1893 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Chittenden,  Nathaniel  William,  died  1885 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Fessendbn,  Henry  Partridge,  died  1867 Orange,  N.J. 

*  Halset,  Anthony,  died  1879 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Lboqett,  William  Henry,  died  1882 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  MaoMxtllbn,  John,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  TucKBB,  Rev.  John  Ireland,  died  1895 Troy,  N.Y. 

*  Vandbbbii/t,  John,  Jr.,  died  1877 Flatbush,  N.Y. 

*  Whitlock,  Samuel  H.,  died  1856 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  KissAM,  Benjamin  Tredwell,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  RoMAiNB,  Benjamin,  Jr.,  died  1841 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Stbono,  George  Templeton,  died  lS75 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ward,  Francis  Marion,  died  1847 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Wabd,  Henry  HaU,  died  1872 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Bbown,  James  C.  Roosevelt,  died  1864 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  CoBNBLL,  George  James,  died  1867 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Fowler,  James  Walker,  died  1904 Newburgh,  N.Y. 

*  HuQHSON,  Frederick,  died  1906 Fishkill,  N.Y. 

*  Lord,  Daniel  DeForest,  died  1894 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Walsh,  James  William,  died  1872 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  BoTSB,  Gerard  Smith,  died  1841 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Clark,  James  Farley,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Jones,  Alfred  George,  died  1868 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Lewis,  John,  died 

*  Ltman.  Rev.  D wight  Edwards,  died  1893 Govanstown,  Md. 

*  Rogers,  Rev.  Ebenezer  Piatt,  died  1881 Montclair,  N.J. 

1881-88  COLUMBIA  25 


*  Pattbebon,  Hon.  Edward,  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 


Rahbaut,  Thomas  Daniel  (Law.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Smith.  Dr.  Job  Lewis,  Jr.,  died  1884 New  York,  N.Y. 


Gbeene,  Edward  Rowland  (Law.) 15  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Abeel,  George  Howard,  died  1915 New  York,  N.Y, 

Hyde,  Albert  Fillmore Morristown,  N.J. 

*  Manibrre,  Alfred  Lee,  died  1911 New  York,  N.Y. 

Weed,  Walter  Harvey  (Min.  Geol.) P.  O.  Box  B.  Tuckahoe,  N.Y. 


*  CusHBiAN,  Joseph  Wood,  died  1917 New  York,  NY. 

Fitch,  Josiah  Huntington 2459  Devoe  Ter.  Bronx,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sullivan,  George  Hammond  (Law.) 49  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Bishop,  William  Collins,  died  1887 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  CoNGAR,  Horace  Newton,  Jr.,  died  1898 Newark,  N.J. 

*  Cbowell,  Charles  ^urton,  died  1902 Cedar  Rapids,  la. 

Leonard,  Jesse  Hoyt  (R.  Est.) 1  Leonard  PI.  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Merrill,  Frederick  James  Hamilton,  died  1916 Lob  Angeles,  Cal. 


Chambers,  Hilary  Ranald 35  W.  71st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

CoNANT,  Henry  Dunning  (Smelting) Hubbell,  Mich. 

*  GuERNSET,  Joseph  Resmolds,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Knox,  Dc  Witt,  died  1898 New  York.  N.Y. 

*  Lee,  Robert  Perine,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 

Patterson,  Edward  Liddon  (Law.) 15  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Peck,  Staunton  Bloodgood  (Vice-Pres.) o/o  Link  Belt  Co.  Phila.,  Pa. 

Porter,  H.  Hobart  (Eng.) 52  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  GoDDARD,  Charles  Franc,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

Lawton,  WiUard  Hubbard  (Acct.)  ....  230  Windermere  Ave.  Wasme,  Pa. 

LuQXTER,  Prof.  Lea  Mcllvaine Mt.  Kisco,  N.Y. 

Lusk,  Prof.  Graham. 27  E.  72nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Rutherford,  Lewis  Hopkins,  died  1906 Mapimi,  Durango,  Mex. 

Schieffblin,  William  Jay  (Chemist) 5  E.  66th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Staunton,  John  Armitage,  Jr.  (Priest) Sagada,  P.I. 


*  Bratenahl,  Dr.  Gustav  Weber,  died  1895 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ely,  Heniy  Bidwell,  died  1911 Redlands,  Cal. 

26  COLUMBU  1888>92 

EwiNO,  Hampton  Denman  (Law.) ...  35  Belmont  Tefraoe,  Yonkera,  N.Y. 

Fairchild,  Jarvia  Rose  (Pub.) 100  Washington  Sq.  New  York,  N.Y. 

RsAMBR.  Lawrence  Crawford  (Joum.)  . .  .44  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Robinson,  Seth  Banister  (Law.) 42  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  SiiiL,  Prof.  Henry  Augustus,  died Ithaca,  N.Y. 

TuTTLB,  Dr.  George  Marvine 4017  Maryland  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 


Bright,  Edward,  Jr Sandwich,  Mass. 

DoNNBLL,  Gustavus  Trask  (Fin.) 621  W.  112th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ely,  Dr.  Leonard  Wheeler 

Stanford  University  Hospital,  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Johnson,  Remsen  (Law.) 193  Montague  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

LuQUEB,  Thatcher  Taylor  Payne  (Cons.  Eng.) Bedford  Hills,  N.Y. 

Montgomery,  Rev.  Archibald  Eglinton.  .FinW  Ave.  Basking  Ridge,  N.J. 
Montgomery,  John  Seymour  (Law.) ....  15  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Peiton,  Henry  Colden  (Arch.) 151  W.  42nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

ScHROBDBR,  James  Langdon  (Arch.) .  .280  Madison,  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Thacher,  Thomas  Worcester  (Shoes) 86  Lincoln  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Bradley,  Stephen  Rowe  (Mfg.) Nyack,  N.Y. 

*  Gould,  Edward  Ludlow,  died  1903 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Hewlett,  James  Monroe 345  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hicks,  George  Jewett,  died  1891 New  Brighton,  N.Y. 

Shipman,  Rt.  Rev.  Herbert 439  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

WooDiN,  William  Hartman  (Mfg.) 166  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 


Blossom,  Francis  (C.  Eng.) 62  William  St.  New  York,  N  Y. 

Langthorn,  Jacob  Stinman.  Sr.  (C.  Eng.),  2  W.  46th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lee,  Samuel  Van  Wyck  (Law.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Metcalfe,  George  Washington  (Eng.)  ...  55  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 
Neebbr,  John  Gaspard 801-7tn  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

♦  Putnam,  John  Farr,  died  1893 Salt  Lake  City,  Utah 

♦  Southard,  George  Carroll,  died  1903 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Taylor,  Dwight  Wilcox  (Mfg.) 101  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Abhworth,  Rev.  Robert  Archibald 

Baptist  Church  of  the  Redeemer,  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Cowing.  Rufus  Billings,  Jr.  (Law.) 64  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hewlett,  Arthiir  Thomas  (Decorating) Rook  Hall,  Lawrence,  N.Y. 

McKiNLAY,  James  Buell  (Fm.) 74  Broadway,  New  Yoric,  N.Y. 

Pierce,  Frederick  Emery  (Cons.  Eng.). .  .119  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

♦  Robertson,  Benjamin  Joseph,  Jr.,  died        - New  York  N.Y. 

♦  ScHiBiTELiN,  Samuel  Bradhurst,  Jr.  1889 New  York,  N.Y. 

Sill,  Rev.  James  Burgess Rutherfordton,  N.C. 

Smith,  Rev.  Everett  Pepperell 

St.  Mary's  Rectory  Aquidneck,  Newport,  R.I. 

•  Van  Inqsn,  Dudley  Arthur,  died  1917 Spring  Valley,  N.Y. 

1893-97  COLUMBU  27 


Applbgatb,  Robert  Carey 180  South  St.  Morristown,  N.J. 

Bbookfisld,  Henry  Morgan  (Ret.) 132  E.  78th  St,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  DoNNBix,  William  Ballou,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

Faulknbb,  Lt.  Col.  Albert  Urmy.  .c/o  Adjt.  Gen.  U.  S.  A.,  Wash.,  D.C. 

*  Flaoo,  Mortimer  Kennedy,  died  1908 New  York,  N.Y. 

Taintob,  Starr  (Mfg.) 220  Fairfield  Ave.  Stamford,  Conn. 

*  Taintob,  William  Noyes,  died  1898 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Tbeat,  Sidney  HubbeU,  died  1903 New  York,  N.Y. 

Whyland,  Wilfiam  PhiUp 455  Ft.  Washington  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Zabbibkie,  Dr.  Fred  Templetdn,  died  1905 New  York,  N.Y. 


Gracb,  Joseph  Peter Great  Neck,  L.I. 

*  Hewlett,  Charles  Russell,  died  1913 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hildbbth,  Philip  Redington  Mudge,  died  1898 New  York,  N.Y. 

Enapp,  Rev.  SheiHiierd 8  Institute  Road,  Worcester,  Mass. 

Locke,  Campbell  (Law.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  McCalmont,  James  Donald,  died  1912 Franklin,  Pa. 

Reed,  Horatio  Roop  (Banking) 21  Hillside  Ave.  Exiglewood,  N.J. 

Shebman,  Gerald  fltsgerald  (Mining) 910  E.  Ave.  Douglas.  Aris. 

Sill,  Rev.  Frederick  Herbert Kmt  Seho<d^  Kent,  Conn. 

Smith,  Clarence  Bishop  (Law.) Washmgton,  Conn. 

Smith,  Wilson  Fitch  (C.  Eng.) 9  W.  68  St.  NewYork.  N.Y. 

Tompkins,  John  Ahny,  2nd 20  W.  43rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


BatiIs,  Thomas  Towar  (Fin.) 115  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Capen,  Frederick  Mortimer  (Law.) 100  W.  80th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cbowell,  Wilham  Beers 1044  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Palmbb,  George  Quintard  (Banker) IE.  73rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pabish,  Edward  Codman  (Law.) 27  E.  79th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Shipman,  Raym(Aid  Gold,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

Slatback,  William  Abbott 

Stxtbgis,  Edward  Barney  (Min.  Eng.) C!happaqua,  N.Y. 

Stubqis,  Lyman  Barney  (Edit.) Chappaqua,  N.Y. 

Sittton,  Frank  (Cons.  Eng.) Babylon,  L.I. 


Cabtbb,  Gale  Hogeboom 1  Lexington  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ch^ABK,  Allan  Jay  (Metallurgist) Lead,  S.D. 

Feabinq,  Joseph  Lea  (Paper) Ill  W.  Washington  St.  Chicago,  HI. 

Hats,  WiUiam  Henry  (Fin.) 71  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  McLanb,  Paul,  died  1897 Laredo,  Tex. 


Abmstbad,  Henry  Howell  (Min.  Eng.),  Engineers  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bates,' Putnam  Asbury  (Cons.  Eng.) Convent,  N.J. 

Clabk,  Charles  Martin 713  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Knox,  Newton  Booth 

Mining  &  MetaUurncal  Club,  3  London  Wall  Bldg.  London,  Eng. 
Palmbb,  Francis  Fletcher  O^in.) 40  Wall  St.  New  York.  N^. 

COLUMBIA  1897-1902 

PsRKiNB,  Seymour 45  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

pREBSPBicH,  Rednald  William  (Banker) Rye,  N.Y. 

Putnam,  Albert  William  (Law.) Highland  Rd.  Rye,  N.Y. 


Bbldem,  William  Allen  (Fin.) 66  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

fDWARDS,  Allen  Fulton  (Ry.) Ill  Seminole  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 
EABiNQ,  William  Henry Union  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hudson,  Darwin  Shaw  (C.  Eng.)..£.  Fulton  Ave.  Hempstead,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

LoNaACBK,  Orleans,  Jr.  (Mining) Box  271,  Idaho  Springs,  Col. 

Peck,  Thomas  Bloodgood  (Fin.) 

Union  Club,  5th  Ave.  &  61st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Striker,  George  Henry 

Stmmbs,  William  Bittle.  Jr.  (Law.) 55  Liberty  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Williams,  John  Townsend,  Jr.  (Eng.).  .10(X)  Times  Bldg.,  St.  Louis,  Mo. 


Carpenter,  Henry  Cannon  (Eng.) . .  .465  West  End  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Henderson,  Henry  Howison  (C.  Eng.) 332  N.  4th  St.  Steubenville,  O. 

Pier,  Garrett  Chatfield  (Curator) 118  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

ScHROBDBR,  Henry  (E.  Eng.) 87  Maple  Ave.  Flushing,  L.I.  N.Y. 

*  Van  Wagenbn,  Hubert,  Jr.,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 


BoTEBEN,  Hjalmar  Hjorth  (Law.) 49  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Brown,  Cazton  (Mfr.) 45  Lenox  Rd.  Summit,  N.J. 

*  BuLLARD,  Frederic  Lewis,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 

CowpERTHWAiT,  Frederic  Nichols 768  Springfield  Ave.  Summit,  N.J. 

CuRRAN,  Ross  Ambler Burlingame,  Cal. 

Edwards,  James  Alexander  (Law.) 32  Liberty  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Grace,  William  Russell,  Jr Old  Westbury,  N.Y. 

*  Hennb,  Christopher,  died  1906 i .  New  York,  N.Y. 

Howe,  Joseph  Farkhurst  (Law.) 2  Rector  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Knapp,  James  Rintoul  (Law.) 131  E.  66th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Lepfbrts,  Franklin  Baker,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

MouLTON,  Robert  Hurt  (Writer),  Room  "L,"  Board  of  Trade,  Chicago,  111. 

Nelson,  Francis  Augustus  (Arch.) 15  W.  38th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Raymond,  Dr.  Edward  Holman,  Jr 405  E.  67th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

White,  Thomas  Gilbert  (Artist) 

c/o  Amer.  Expt.  Co.  11  Rue  Scribe,  Paris,  France 


Bruce,  Edward  Bright  (Mer.)    80  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cornell,  Russell  Todd  (Min.  Eng.) 60  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Grace,  Walter  Henry 144  Leadenhall  St.  London  E.  C.  Eng. 

*  PiCHBR,  Oliver  Sheppard,  died Joplin,  Mo. 

Smith,  Charles  Ho3rt  (Ins.) 115  S.  Hamilton  St.  Poughkeepsie,  N.Y. 


Armstbad,  Daniel  Macpherson c/o  Ingersol-Rand  Co.  Butte,  Mont. 

Brown,  Stanley  (Eng.) 90-6th  St.  Garden  City,  L.I.  N.Y. 

1902-06  COLUMBU  M 

■  I  III  ^■^^■^^■^— — — — — — i  I  I  I  ■■■■■■  ■  I  ^»^— ^^— ^il^— — ^1^— ^^^l^P^^— ^^^M^^—l ^ 

Carter,  Jarvis  Pomeroy  (Law.) ....  1134  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

CoLiB,  Dr.  Edward  Martin,  Jr 126  W.  69th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Cowing,  Percy  Foote  (Chem.) 103  Maiden  Lane,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Falconkr,  Bruce  McLean  (Law.) 40  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Johnson,  Homer  Sturtevant  (Mfg.) . . .  1400  Iroquois  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

*  KELL.T,  John  Jerome,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

McClurb,  Arthur  Jones 61  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Powers,  Walter  Hay  ward  (E.  Eng.) 70  E.  45  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Strebeigh,  Robert  I-^fferts 43  E.  61  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Natural  History  Museum,  Balboa  Park,  San  Diego,  Cal. 
..     _  YoULn.Y. 


Abbott,  Clinton  Gilbert  (Museum  Director) 

Natural  History  Museimi, 

Bates,  John  Grenville  (Fin.) 10^  Broadwur,  New 

BoTESBN,  Algernon  (Aviator) Royal  Aero  Club,  London,  Eng. 

*  Coffin,  Ralston  Roberts,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

CoLiE,  Dayton  (Arch.) 377  Vose  Ave.  So.  Orange,  N  J. 

CoRNELi.,  Irwin  Hewlett  (Lead) 60  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Earle,  Victor  Montague  (R.  EistJ) 658  N.  Broadway,  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Hendrickson,  Charles  Le  Roy  (Fin.) .  . .  .2nd  St.  Garden  Cit3r,  L.I.  N.Y. 
Landers,  William  Herbert  (Mining) . , ..4  West  43rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
LEFFBRT8,  Barent  (Fin.) 

c/o  White,  Weld  &  Co.  14  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

LocKwooD,  Andrew  Fletcher  (Fruit  Farmer) Route  1,  Turner,  Ore. 

MofrN,  Lechanch6  (Fin.) 

c/o  John  Bumham  &  Co.  41  S.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 
Murphy,  J.  Leo  (C.  Eng.) .  .22  Avenue  de  la  Bourdonnaise,  Paris,  France 


BovET,  John  Masters  (Law.) 32  Liberty  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

BuRNHAM,  Ralph  French  (Oil) 

602  Junior  Orpheum  Bldg.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 
Eakin.  Alexander  (Ins.) 3  So.  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Stow,  Sherman  Hollister,  died  1915 Santa  Barbara,  CaL 

Taylor,  Nelson  Salathiel  Mills  (Lumber) 

1231  Delaware  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Tyler,  Ernest  Franklin  (Decorator) 131  E.  66th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Van  Wagbnbn,  Edward  (Farmer) R.  F.  D.  2,  Kingston,  N.Y. 

VON  Bernuth,  Rudolph  Ludwig  (I^aw.) 

c/o  Gould  &  Wilkie,  2  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Young,  Charles  Oliver,  Jr.  (Actor) Port  Jervis,  N.Y. 


Cornell,  Milton  Longacre  (Mfr.) 601  W.  26th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Crane,  Theodore  (Arch.) IE.  61st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Fitzgerald,  Frank  Thomas  (Law.) 

Corporation  Counsel's  Office,  New  York,  N.Y. 
Peck,  Howard  Morrell  (Arch.) IE.  39th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Prall,  John  Goldsmith,  died  1907 Elmhurst,  L.I.  N.Y. 

Wallowbr.  Frank  Carmany  (Min.  Eng.) Webb  City,  Mo. 

Warrin,  Richard  Halstead  (Arch.) .  .78  Columbia  Hghts.  Brooklyn,  N.Y, 

so  COLUMBIA  1906-09 


Cartbh.  Douglas  Skclton  (Eng.) 4  W.  43rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Evans,  Alfred  Winter,  died  in  service,  1917 New  Zealand 

*  Gbacb,  Cecil  Stanley,  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 

Heckkb,  John  McKeon  (R.  Est.) Hartsdale,  N.Y. 

Landers,  Marsden  H 923  Greene  Ave.  Brookljm,  N.Y. 

Mbrritt,  John  Israel  (M.  Eng.) 17  Battery  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stinson,  Joseph  Whitla.  c/o  J.  W.  Stinson,  668  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

VAN  SiCLEN,  Matthew  (Min.  Eng.) Cosmos  Club,  Washington.  D.C. 

WiLLARD,  Paul  Day  (Eng.) Detroit,  Minn. 


Atwatsr,  Huntington  Choats  (C.  Eng.) 

9  Livingston  Ave.  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

Condon,  Martin  Joseph,  Jr P.O.  Box  1116,  Memphis,  Tenn. 

Dorr,  Oliver  Keese  (Mfr.) Tuinicu  Sugar  Co.  Tuinicu,  Cuba 

McClure,  Walter  Cecil  (Fin.) 

c/o  McClure,  Jones  Sc  Reed,  11/5  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 
Marsh,  Robert,  Jr.  (Eng.) 

o/o  W.  E.  Bennett,  120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pbrrinb,  Harold 112  Malvern  Ave.  Middletown,  O. 

Rollins,  Adolph  Christie  (Fin.) 764  Carroll  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Starbuck,  William  David  Lent  (M.  Eng.),  4  W.  43rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Woodward,  Orator  Francis  (Capitalist) Leroy,  N.Y. 


Berqmann,  Rudolph  Charles  (Sales.) 

35  Mt.  Morris  Park  W.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Graham,  Horace  Rejmolds Rancaqua,  Chih,  S. A. 

Leffbrts,  MarshaU  Clifford,  Jr.  (Mfg.)  .  .34  E.  66th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Palmer,  Harold  (Banker) 12  Walworth  Ave.  Hartsdale,  N.Y. 

Shiras,  George  Bartram  (Sales.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Watson,  Everett  Vail  (Agr.) P.  O.  Beacon.  Fishkill,  N.Y. 

WiNSLOw,  William  Sprague  (Chem.  Eng.^ 

House  f&,  Riverside  Club  Group,  So.  Penn's  Grove,  N.J. 


Farrington.  Thayer  Boswell  (Eng.) 775  E.  Broad  St.  Columbus.  O. 

KiMBBL.  William  Anthony  (Decorator),  534  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Knapp,  Harold  Owen  (Eng.) 1701  Howard  Ave.  Pottsville,  Pa. 

Locke,  Preston  Erie 

American  Smelting  &  Refining  Co.  120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

McCouN,  Frederic  Hewlett  (Law.) 39  W.  84th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Mead,  Charles  Berry  (Int.  Decorator) ..  261  W.  89th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Millard,  Barton  (Mer.) Omaha  Grain  Exchange,  Omaha,  Neb. 

MucKLow,  Wilfred  Barber 2869  Grand  Concourse,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Rhodes.  Lovell Forest  Hill,  Asheville,  N.C. 

Sanders.  Benton  (Controller) 

o/o  Howard  R.  Ware  Corpn.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 
StOAN,  Harold  Stevenson  (Mfr.) . .  127  So.  Mountain  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 
Tatlob,  Dr.  Harold  Williams Mountain  Road,  Englewood,  N.Jl 

1910-14  COLUMBU  31 

■  I  ■.■■■l»  ■■■■!  ■■■II.I.IIM  I  ^— ^  I    ■      ■■     I    ^ 


Baboock,  Theodore  Stoddard  (C.  Eng.) Pelham  Manor,  N.Y. 

CooPBR,  Dr.  Frederick  Sturgis 405  E.  Gambler  St.  Mt.  Vernon,  O. 

Duncan,  McKee  (Eng.) 998  Prospect  Ave.  Pelham  Manor,  N.Y. 

Haines,  Franklin  Mifflin  (R.  Est.),  Ardaley  Ave.  Ardsley-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 
Johnston,  Clarence  Howard,  Jr.  (Arch.) .  .11  Crocus  mil,  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Klepetko,  Ernest  (Min.  Eng.)  314  Verona  Ave.  Newark  N.J. 

RocKwooD,  Nathaniel  Otis  (Law.) 43  Cedar  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stephenson.  Ray  Williams  (Banker) 59  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Tallant,  John  Drury 

c/o  Guggenheim  Bros.  Casilla  674,  La  Pas,  Bolivia,  S.A. 
Watft,  Weymer  HinkleyCR.  Est.) 2  W.  45th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Eddison,  William  Barton  (M.  Eng.) Ardsley-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 

Gatch.  Nelson  Bumes  (Tools) 6  E.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y, 

*  Kbubmmeb,  Adolph  Wilhelm,  died 

Natlor,  Henry  Rodley  (Mfg.) Hotel  Clark,  Derby,  Conn. 

Newton,  Edmund  (Min.  Eng.) Arkville,  Delaware  Co.  N.Y. 

Phillips,  Edward  Somerville  Jaffray,  Jr.  (Arch.) 

•  No.  4  The  Bimd,  Shanghai,  China 

Powers,  Lansing  Woodruff  (Elec.) Cayuga  St.  Rve,  N.Y. 

Ransom.  Rastus  Seneca,  Jr.  (Min.  Eng.) .  176  N.  Laurel  St.  Hazelton.  Pa. 

Riley,  Wells  Littlefield  (M.  Eng.) 125  W.  92nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Taylor,  Stevenson  Pierce  (M.  Eng.) ...  123  W.  85th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Babcock,  Henry  Stoddard  (Mgr) •  •  1064  Esplanade,  Pelham  Manor,  N.Y. 

Bullwinkel,  Edward  John  (Fin.) 43  Exchange  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Donnelly,  Alfred  Eugene  (R.  Est.) 2.34  S.  Beach  St.  Dajrtona,  Fla. 

Kemp,  James  Taylor  (Met.) Port  Colbome,  Ontario,  Can. 

Riley,  Dr.  Henry  Alsop 171  E.  7l8t  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Root,  William  Raymond 1326  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wriqht,  Rowland  Gregory 

c/o  Stevenson  Corp.  120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 


Ball,  David  Spencer  (Chem.),  244th  St.  and  Tibbett  Ave.  Rivcrdale,  N.Y. 
Campbell,  William  Montgomery  (Chem.) 

8430-122nd  St.  Richmond  Hill,  N.Y. 

Gahagan,  Andrew  Jesse Grace  y  Cia,  Santiago,  Chili,  S.A. 

Haines.  Dallas  Way  (Banker) 66  Harrison  St.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

RiGGS,  Roland  Rogers  (Law.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Roos,  William  Fredrich 801  Hudson  St.  Hoboken,  N.J. 

Titus,  Randolph  Page  (Fin.) c/o  Liberty  Trust  Co.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Watson,  Thomas  Henderson,  Jr.  (Law.) 14  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  CoLQUHOUN,  Capt.  William  Wallace,  died  in  service,  1915. 

Dickinson,  Herbert  Codwise  (Mgr.) 11  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Doyle,  William  Leonard  Himt  (Sales  Eng.) 

425  Webster  Ave.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

82  COLUMBIA  1914-17 

FosTBB,  Daniel  Pritohard 400  Meadowbrook  Lane,  So.  Orange,  N.J. 

Johnson.  James  Wendell  (M.  Eng.) 146  W.  7th  St.  Oswego,  N.Y. 

Krt7G,  Charles  Steinway  (Sales  Mgr.) 

64  Mackey  Ave.  Pt.  Washington,  L.I.  N.Y. 
McNuLTT,  Donald  Stuart  (Adv.) 

c/o  Calkins  &  Holden,  250  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Macdonald,  Francis  (Eng.) Great  Neck,  L.I.  N.Y. 

Miller,  Harold  James  (Fin.) 5455  Delmar  Blvd.  St.  Louie,  Mo. 

Riley,  Morgan  Thomas  (Statistician) 21  W.  8th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smyth,  Henry  Godfrey  (Banking) 614  W.  147th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Taylor,  Leonard  Graeme 614  Milwaukee  St.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Tracby,  John  (Arch.) 20  Willett  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

West,  William  Laurence  (Sales) .  .849  St.  Nicholas  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Wood,  William  Halsey 47  Barrow  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Alvord,  Donald  Barnum  (R.  Est.) Clearwater,  Fla. 

Brady,  Francis  Loyd  (Adv.) 9  E.  22nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Braislin,  William  Donald,  died  1918 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Church,  John  Root 1305  Mistletoe  Ave.  Fort  Worth,  Tex. 

CiiARK,  Edward  Burcham  (Transp.^. . .  :450  Clinton  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Drullard,  Alfred  Bennett  (Fin.) 380  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Graham,  Sterling  Edward  (Steel) 10810  Deering  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Johnston,  William  Sherman  (Chem.  Eng.) 

542  W.  112th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Kemp,  Philip  Kittredge  (Curate) 

St.  Mark's  Church,  Travis  Park,  San  Antonio,  Tex. 

Norton,  Alwin  Wood 301  Edgemere  Ave.  Far  Rookaway,  N.Y. 

Wood,  Alexander  Hemsley  (Sales.) 47  Barrow  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Atwood,  Kimball  Chase,  Jr.  (Law.) . .  .316  W.  108th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Brown,  Addison 45  W.  89th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Fairchild,  Hoxie  Neale 622  W.  14l8t  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Gillbtt,  William  Van  Kirk  (Pub.)  .  .Prospect  Ave.  Pelham  Manor,  N.Y. 
Hamilton,  Arthur  Gould 177  E.  64th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hanlon,  Joseph  Thomas,  died  in  service  1918. 

Luck,  Courtlandt 52  Broadway.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Randall,  Bradley 1385  Park  Lane,  Pelham  Manor,  N.Y. 

VoLLMBR,  David  Wilbert  (Mfg.) Croton-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 


BiCKEL,  Reddick  Homer  (Arch.) 1776  Broadway,  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Denison,  Archibald  Campbell  (R.  Est.) ....  1912  Ave.  H,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Dbvinb,  Tom  (Sales.) 542  W.  112th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Earle,  Edward  Mead  (Ed.) 21  Claremont  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ely,  George  William,  2nd  (R.  Est.) 15  E.  47th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Goodhue,  Charles  Prentice 157  E.  34  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ker,  David,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Langthorn,  Jacob  Stinman.  Jr.  (Acct.)  ...  35  Garden  PI.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Lee,  Homer  Riddle  (Broker) 551  West  End  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Monroe,  Henry  Clay  (Sales  Mgr.) . .  .440  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

1917-22 COLUMBIA 88 

*  Sbllbbs,  Lee  West,  died  in  aervioe,  1919. 
TON  BsBNTTTH,  AntoD  Frederick  (Law.) 

162  Seventh  Ave.  Whitestone,  L.I.  N.T. 
Walkbr,  Augustus  Willson 243  So.  Clinton  St.  £.  Orange,  N  J. 


DoNMBiiL.  Richard  Robinson  (Mfr.). .  .317  W.  107th  St.  New  York,  N.T. 

Kalt,  Harold  Leslie  (Lumber) 82  Clifford  Ave.  Pelham,  N.Y. 

Lang,  Carl  Cowperthwaite  Augustus  (Chem.) 

414  Grand  Ave.  Leonia,  N  J. 

*  McCrxert,  Sydney  Francis,  died  1918 

ScHMXi.zKii,  James  Henry,  Jr 6  E.  66th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Austin,  John  Alexander,  Jr 3  N.  Bellevue  Blvd.  Memphis,  Tenn. 

DowNKS,  Dorranoe  Albert Clason  Point,  N.Y. 

Eenbiian,  John  Atkinson 169  W.  92nd  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

FuBMAN,  Robert  Van  Guysling 207  State  St.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Haines,  Rowland  Bowne  (Sales.).. 627  Cathedral  Pkwy,  New  York,  N.Y. 

O'Bbibn-Moork,  Ainsworth 6-B,  Graduate  College,  Princeton,  N.J. 

Randam,,  John  Herman,  Jr.  (Ed.) 19  E.  126th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


AoEB,  Lieut.  Snowden  (Army) Univ.  of  Arisona,  Tucson,  Axis. 

Fox,  James  MoCutchen  (C.  Eng.) 642  W.  112th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Giles,  John  Warren 32  Carleton  St.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

Hawkbs,  John  Ballard 416  W.  117th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lang,  William  Christian  (Fin.) 31  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Morris,  Alan  CliflFord 614  W.  113th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stbphan,  Paul  Brooke  (Timekeeper) 

8121  Henning  St.  Fox  Chase,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
VoLLMERS,  Henry  Edward,  Jr. 480  Hudson  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Bagster-Collins,  Robert  Densil  (Pub.) 

16  Paternoster  Row,  London,  E.  C.  4,  Eng. 

Clark,  Edward  Thomson  (Mfg.) Goshen,  N.Y. 

Nbvin,  Elliott  James 537  W.  123rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

SosA,  JosB  Antonio Box  440,  Panama  City,  Rep.  of  Panama 

SosA,  Martin  Felipe  (Law.) Panama,  Repubho  of  Panama 


Bagstbr-Colltns,  Ashlyn  Hilary Montrose,  N.Y. 

Braoshaw,  John  Hammond,  Jr 27  High  St.  Orange,  N.J. 

EwiNG,  James  Dunlap 36  Belmont  Ter.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Grebnb,  William  Sherman,  Jr 39  N.  Bumet  St.  E.  Oranffe,  N.J. 

Habighorst,  Ernest  Henry. .  .4947  Chichester  Ave.  Richmond  Hm,  N.Y. 

Lee,  Leander  Riddle  (R.  Est.) 661  West  End  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Murray,  Barton  William 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Platt,  Washington  (Chem.  Eng.) 52  E.  41st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ros,  Salvador 601  West  End  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

34  COLUMBIA  1922-26 

Stabkb,  Hamilton  Jackson Oscawana-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 

Stumpp.  George  Otto  (Seeds) 181  Prospect  St.  E.  Orange.  N  J. 

Watson,  Lester  Richard 664  W.  149th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


BuBNS.  Reginald  Rich 351  W.  86th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Campbbll,  Joseph  Ignatius 138  Church  St.  Freeport,  L.I.  N.Y. 

JxiTBET,  George  Kenneth Mt.  Kisoo,  N.Y. 

McLaughlin,  Edward  Gregory 1115  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Metbr,  Edwin  Aloysius 2552  University  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

MuBPHY,  John  Stephen,  Jr 231  Nyac  Ave.  Felham,  N.Y. 

Tbot,  William  Wylie  (Hortioulturist) 

267  Mayflower  Ave.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 


Baldwin,  Marshall  W 520  W.  114th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Cairns,  George  White 252  W.  86th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Johnston,  William  James,  Jr 131  Riverside  Drive,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Marshall,  Wilbur  Haveen 601  W.  113  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Sparrow,  Albert  William,  Jr 29  N.  Parsons  Ave.  Flushing,  N.Y. 

Walker,  William  Carruthers 306  W.  106th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Whitblock,  Otto  von  Stockhausen 32  W.  73rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Campbell,  Edward  Morgan 138  Church  St.  Freeport,  LJ.  N.Y. 

DoNNBLL,  Arthur  Woodman 317  W.  107th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Gblbach,  Kurt  Louis Harper  Cottage,  Convent,  N.J. 

Habiqhorst,  Curtis  Baker 4947  Chichester  Ave.  Richmond  Hill,  N.Y. 

Lang,  Jerome 1505  St.  Nicholas  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Marshall,  Richard  H 1993  Bedford  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Nelson,  Francis  Kinlock,  Jr 501  W.  111th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Post,  Arden  Carey Stroudsburg,  Pa. 

Seward,  Kimber 35  Whitson  St.  Forest  Hills,  L.I.  N.Y. 

Thompson,  Lafayette  Fresco,  Jr. . .  .6837  Kingsbury  Blvd.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

1830-89  85 



*  Looms,  Prof.  Elias.  died  1889 New  Haven,  Ck>im. 

*  Palmer,  Rev.  Ray,  died  1887 Newark,  N  J. 


*  Clat,  Cassius  Marcellus,  died  1903 White  Hall,  Ky. 


*  Bacot,  Dr.  Henry  Harramond,  died  1882 Society  Hill,  S.C. 

*  Baog.  Dr.  Moees  Mears.  died  1900 Utioa,  N.Y. 

*  CI.ABKB.  Rev.  Walter,  died  1871 Buffalo.  N.Y. 

*  Cos.  Frederick  AugustuB.  died  1870 Yonkers.  N.Y. 

*  GiLBBBT.  George  Yates,  died  1888 Gilbertaville,  N.Y. 

*  Goodrich,  Rev.  Chauncey,  died  1868 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Sparks,  William  Alexander,  died  1849 Venice,  Italy 

*  Wilbur.  Seth  Tryon,  died  1838 New  York.  N.Y. 


*  Bartlktt,  Dr.  John  Knowlton,  died  1889 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Claxton.  Rev.  Robert  Bethell,  died  1882 West  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  FueiiiNa,  William  Stuart,  died  1896 Columbia,  Tenn. 

*  Ltndb,  Charles  James,  died  1841 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Ltndb,  William  Pitt,  died  1885 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  McChain,  Rev.  James,  died  1869 Abingdon,  Va. 

*  Pbck,  Whitman,  died  1894 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Peck,  William  Ball,  died  1850. .  .Keokuk,  la.  Name  changed  to  Telford 

*  RiBBiRO,  Carlos  Fernando,  died  1889 Alcantara,  Branl 

*  Stoddard,  David  Tappan,  died  1857 Oroomia,  Persia 

*  Talcott,  Thomas  Grosvenor,  died  1870 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Telford.  William  F.,  died  1850 Keokiik,  la. 

*  Thompson,  Rev.  Joseph  Parrish,  died  1879 Berlin,  Grermany 

*  Varnum,  Joseph  Bradley,  died  1874 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Walker,  Joseph  Knox,  died  1863 Memphis,  Tenn. 


*  Cutler,  Rev.  Rufus  Putnam,  died  1877 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  GwTNNB,  Abraham  Evan,  died  1855 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Hubbard,  Richard  Dudley,  died  1884 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Ltndb,  Watts  Sherman,  died  1841 Homer,  N.Y. 

^.Macdonough,  Augustus  Rodney,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Merwin,  Rev.  Samuel  John  Muls,  died  1888 Wilton,  Conn. 

86  YALE  183&-43 

^^^■^■— ^^^— ^^^^~      ^^^— ^^^~~~  ^^-^^^^"^"~"  ■ 

*  N0BBI8,  Rev.  William  Herbert,  died  1880 Philadelphia.  Pa. 

*  Putnam,  James  Osborne,  died  1903 Buffalo.  N.Y. 

*  Shsbwood.  John  D.,  died  1891 Englewood,  N.J. 

*  Smith.  Rev.  Levi  Ward,  died  1863 Germantown,  Pa. 

*  Stills.  Charles  Janeway.  died  1899 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Tabbox.  Increase  Niles.  died  1888 West  Newton.  Mass. 

*  Whttnet.  Prof.  Josiah  Dwight,  died  1896 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Williams,  William  Perkins,  died  1841 New  London,  Conn. 


*  Chauvbnbt,  Prof.  William,  died  1870 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  FbwSmith,  Prof.  Joseph,  died  1888 Newark,  N.J. 

*  F18K,  Stuart  Wilkins,  died  1862 Natchea,  Miss. 

*  March,  Rev.  Daniel,  died  1909 Wobum,  Mass. 

*  Perkins,  John,  died  1885 Sweet  Springs,  W.  Va. 

*  Pbrkinb.  William,  died  1854 Tensas  Parish,  La. 

*  Richards,  George,  died  1870 Bridgeport,  Conn. 

*  Shobmaker,  Lazarus  Denison,  died  1893 Wilkes-Barre,  Pa. 


*  Bubhnbll,  Jackson  Jones,  died  1873 Beloit,  Wis. 

*  DE  SA  PoMPBio  Ascenco,  died  1879 Alcantara,  Brasil 

*  Eldbidgb,  Rev.  Asariah,  died  1888 Yarmouthport,  Mass. 

*  Emebson,  Prof.  Joseph,  died  1900 Beloit,  Wis. 

*  EusTis,  Rev.  William  Tappan,  died  1888 Springfield,  Mass. 

*  Oillbtt,  August  Canfiela,  died  1856 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Helfenstein,  Charles  Philip,  died  1900 Shamokin,  Pa. 

*  Leabned.  William  Law,  died  1904 Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Mitchell,  Donald  Grant,  died  1908 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  NoBTHBOP,  Birdsey  Grant,  died  1898 Clinton,  Conn. 

*  Yabnall,  Rev.  Thomas  Coffin,  died Philadelphia,  Pa. 


*  Benton,  Rev.  Joseph  Augustine,  died  1892 Oakland,  Cal. 

*  Bbown,  Joseph  Venner,  died  1893 Conneaut,  O. 

*  Clapp,  Rev.  Alexander  Himtington.  died  1899 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Gbeadt.  Rev.  William  Postell,  died  1882 Tuccoa  City,  Ga. 

*  Halbet,  Jacob  Stephen,  died  1853 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Hennen,  William  Davison,  died  1883 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  HiESTEB,  Isaac  Ellmaker,  died  1871 Lancaster,  Pa. 

*  HuoGiNS,  Rev.  William  Sidney,  died  1862 Kalamazoo,  Mich. 

*  Labned,  Sylvester,  died  1893 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  MacWhobter,  Rev.  Alexander,  died  1880 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  MuLFOBD,  Samuel  Buel,  died  1863 Marysville,  Cal. 

*  Pebkins,  Jacob,  died  1859 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Petebs,  Hon.  John  Andrew,  died  1904 Bangor,  Me. 

*  Wakefield,  Rev.  Leander  Elmer,  died  1866 Monticello,  Minn. 

*  Welch,  Henry  Kirke  White,  died  1870 .Hartford,  Conn. 


*  AiKMAN,  Rev.  Robert,  died  1900 Madison,  N.J. 

*  Bbandegee,  Rev.  John  Jacob,  died  1864 Utica,  N.Y. 

1843-46  TALE  37 

*  Ely,  David  Judson,  died  1905 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Ely,  Isaac  Mills,  died  1880 Chenango  Forks.  N.Y. 

*  Goodrich,  Rev.  William  Henry,  died  1874 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Hall,  Rev.  Gordon,  died  1879 Northampton,  Mass. 

*  Huntington,  John  Myers,  died  1864 Chicago,  111. 

*  Keabbey,  Anthony  Quinton,  died  1895 Newark,  N.J. 

*  Kellooo,  Sanf ord  Brown,  died  1893 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  KiNGSLEY,  William  Lathrop,  died  1896 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  NouBSB,  John  Frederic,  died  1854 Boston,  Mass. 

*  RoBB,  John  Hunter,  died  1864 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Shobtbr,  Eli  Sims,  died  1879 Eufala,  Ala. 

*  Skinnbb,  John  Warburton,  died  1889 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Weeks,  Dr.  Henry  Astor,  died  1891 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  BuEL,  Dr.  Henry  Wadham,  died  1893 Litchfield,  Conn. 

*  Camp,  Rev.  Charles  Whittlesey,  died  1902 Sierra  Madre,  Cal. 

*  CoiT,  Rev.  John  Townsend,  died  1863 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Cunningham,  James  Linton,  died  1847 Fayetteville,  Ga. 

*  DooLiTTLB,  Oswin  Hart,  died  1851 North  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Dulles,  John  Welsh,  died  1887 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Duncan,  Henry  Postlethwaite,  died  1879 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  FiBK,  Robert  Farris,  died  1863 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Lyndb,  Charles  Rollin,  died  1894 Princeton,  N.J. 

*  McLbod,  Rev.  John,  died  1901 Eastbourne,  Eng. 

Maison,  Rev.  Charles  Augustus 3818  Chestnut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Smith,  Dr.  Howard,  died  1892 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Smith,  William,  died  1850 Sacramento,  Cal. 

*  White,  Hon.  Jonathan,  died Brockton,  Mass. 

*  Wilson,  Archealaus,  died  1862 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Bigelow,  William  Augustus,  died  1846 Staten  Island,  N.Y. 

*  Brickell,  James  NoaiUe,  died  1877 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Chester,  Charles  Thomas,  died  1880 Englewood,  N.J. 

*  Conner,  Lemuel  Parker,  died  1891 Convent,  La. 

*  Conner,  William  Gustine,  died  1863 Natchez,  Miss. 

*  Davis,  Rev.  Thomas  Kirby,  died Wooster,  O. 

*  Ely,  Jonathan  Sturges,  died  1898 New  York.  N.Y. 

*  Gould,  James  Gardner,  died  1854 Augusta,  Ga. 

*  Harding,  Rev.  John  Wheeler,  died  1896 Longmeadow,  Mass. 

*  Hyde,  Alvan  Pinney,  died  1894 Hartford,  Coon. 

*  Ives,  Francis,  died  1895 Bridgeport,  Conn. 

*  Kennedy,  Thomas,  died  1849 Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Metcalfe,  Dr.  Orrick,  died  1898 Natchea,  Miss. 

*  Olmstead,  Edward,  died  1898 Wilton,  Conn. 

*  Rankin,  Robert,  died  1859 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Taylor,  Richard,  died  1879 New  Orleans,  La. 


*  Capron,  William  Banfield,  died  1876 Mftnft  Madura,  Ind. 

*  Carroll,  Samuel  Sterling,  died  1908 Baltimore,  Md. 

38  TALE  184^49 

*  CocHBAN.  Robert,  died  1880 White  Plains.  N.Y. 

*  DwiGHTfJamea  McLaren  Bre^,  died  1897 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Eakin.  William  Spencer,  died  1880 Groton,  Conn. 

*  Gat.  Ziba.  died  1902 North  Chehnsford.  Mass. 

*  Harrison,  Henry  Baldwin,  died  1901 New  Haven.  Conn. 

*  Hill,  Rev.  George  Edwards,  died  1915 Indianapolis,  Ind. 

*  Jackson,  Jefferson  Franklin,  died  1862 Montgomery,  Ala. 

*  Johnson,  Rev.  Edwin,  died  1883 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Kbllogo,  Stephen  Wright,  died  1904 Waterbury,  Conn. 

*  KiNGSBXTRT,  Hon.  Frederick  John,  died  1910 Waterbury,  Conn. 

*  Linton,  Stephen  Duncan,  died  1867 Natches,  Miss. 

*  Phinnbt,  Elihu,  died  1892 Cooperstown.  N.Y. 

*  Rbid.  Jared,  died  1886 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Stbblb,  Henry  Thornton,  died  1890 Chicago,  HI. 

*  Talcott,  John  Butler,  died  1905 New  Britain,  Conn. 

*  Trask,  Charles  Hooper,  died  1905 New  York,  N.Y. 



*  Bacon,  Benjamin  Wisner,  died  1848 New  Haven.  Conn. 

*  Blake,  Charles  Thompson,  died  1897 Berkeley,  Cal. 

*  Bracb,  Henry  (Martyn),  died  1901 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  GuNTON,  William,  died  1854 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Hodges,  Francis  Louis,  died  1853 Geneva.  N.Y. 

*  Htdb,  Rev.  Nathaniel  Alden,  died  1901 Ludlow,  Vt. 

*  Mills,  Alfred,  died  1913 Morristown,  N.J. 

*  Munn,  John,  died  1860 Springfield,  Mass. 

*  Nichols,  Charles  Augustus,  died  1877 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Plant,  Alfred,  died  1907 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  RoBBiNS,  George  Appleton,  died  1895 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Sanford,  Charles  Frederick,  died  1881 New  York,  N.Y. 

Smith,  John  Donnell 505  Park  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 

*  WiLDMAN,  Hon.  Horatio,  died  1909 Sandusky,  O. 


*  Abbe,  Rev.  Frederick  Randolph,  died  1889 Dorchester,  Mass. 

*  Aitchison,  William,  died  1850 Shanghai,  China 

*  Blake,  Hon.  Henry  Taylor,  died  1922 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Calhoun,  Hon.  David  Samuel,  died  1912 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  CoNDiT,  Charles,  died  1877 Brooklyn.  N.Y. 

*  Emerson,  Samuel,  died  1908 Charlottesville,  Va. 

*  HiLLARD,  Elias  Brewster,  died  1895 Farmington,  Conn. 

*  CipPiNCOTT,  Edward,  died Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Mesick,  Richard  Smith,  died  1893 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

.♦  Newton,  Isaac  Sprague,  died  1889 Norwich,  N.Y 

*  Plimpton,  Franklyn  Lafayette,  died  1849 Sturbridge,  Mass. 

*  Shipman,  Hon.  Nathaniel,  died  1906 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Tyler,  Edwin,  died  1868 Michigan  Bluffs,  Cal. 


*  Atlbb,  John  Light,  died  1885 Lancaster,  Pa. 

*  Bourne,  Rev.  Shearjashub,  died  1900 New  York,  N.Y. 

[.  N.Y. 

...Hrownviue.  N.Y. 
...Sturbridc«,  Man^ 

Cf^umWi  O. 

. . .  .Cb«abiie»  Coon, 

Evuuton,  m. 

.Santa  Barbars.  Cal, 
..Diarbeldr,  Turkey 

...New  York.  N.Y. 
York,  Pi 

Bacok,  TUv.  Leonwd  Woolsey,  died  1907 Ajsonet, 

Bentlee.  Edward  Warren,  died  1888 EUenville.  N.Y. 

Bliss,  Eobert,  died  1905 New  York.  N.Y. 

Cbabe,  HsDiy.  died  1904 Calui.  Me. 

Chbuvehb.  Dr.  Henry  Martvn,  died  1920 Coliimbia,  Mo. 

CoNDiT,  Albert  Pieraon,  died  1901 West  Orsnae.  NJ. 

Decbkbt.  Henry  Martyn  {Law),  died  1918 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Fahhhau,  William  Thompson,  died  1893 New  York,  N.Y. 

Fbost,  GeorKC  Lombard,  died  1879 Dodjeville,  Wis. 

Hendrick,  Leonard  Addison,  died  1920 Lakewood,  N  J. 

"iward  Miles,  died  1891 New  Haven.  Conn. 

d  19Z0 Uli<«,  N.Y. 


Baeh.  Rev.  Charles  Alfred,  died  1863 Norristoau,  lo. 

Bedinoeti,  Kev.  Everett  Wade,  died  1916 Anchorage,  Ky. 

Beuan,  Henry  DeWitl,  died  1891 Sparta,  Gi 

CCBtlB.  George  Edward,  died 

Dab  A,  William  Buck,  died  1910 New  York,  N,1 

DOWB7E,  Timothy  Campbell,  died  1875 Delsvan,  Wi.. 

EvAMB,  Prof.  Evan  Wilhelm.  died  1874 Ithaea,  N.Y. 

Huit,  Dr.  Byion,  diedl8»4.... Philadelphja,  Pa. 

McCau,  Bev.  aalmon,  died  1SS9 East  Haddam.  Coi.... 

MiBSHAi-i.,  Robert  Morris,  died —- Wsshington,  Ky. 

Morse,  Bennett  Warner,  ctied  1910 UnadHla.  N.Y. 

PoTHiN.  Rev.  Thomas  StouihtOQ.  died  1898 Hartlord,  " — 

40  YALE  1852-64 


BiOBLOW,  David  Skinner,  died  1905 Westchester,  Conn. 

Chapin,  Lebeus  Cornelius,  died  1885 Kalamasoo,  Mich. 

Crapo,  Hon.  William  Wallace  (Law.)  81  Hawthorne  St.  New  Bedford,  Mass. 

Day,  Robert  EUjah,  died  1894 Hartford,  Conn. 

DwiOHT,  Dr.  Henry  Edwin,  died  1908 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

DwiGHT,  Rev.  James  Harrison,  died  1872 Englewood,  N.J. 

Oilman,  Daniel  Coit,  died  1908 Baltimore,  Md. 

Gould,  Rev.  Archibald  Falconer,  died  1863 St.  Augustine,  Fla. 

Houghton,  Edward,  died  1910 Lancaster,  Mass. 

Lyon,  Marcus,  died  1899 Ithaca,  N.Y. 

McNbil,  Henry  Watson,  died  1862 Seneca  Falls,  N.Y. 

Mabmadukb,  Vincent,  died  1904 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Rbdwood,  William  Henry,  died  1878 Mobile,  Ala. 

Rowland,  William  Leonard,  died  1900 Rockford,  111. 

Safford,  Rev.  George  Blagaen,  died  1895 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Sanford,  Henry  Sejrmour,  died  1901 New  Milford,  Conn. 

Sill,  George  Griswold,  died  1907 Hartford,  Conn. 

Stanley,  William,  died  1893 Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

Storrs,  Dr.  Melancthon,  died  1900 Hartford,  Conn. 

Wilcox,  George  Augustus  (Law.  Ret.) Oakledge,  Madison,  Conn. 


*  Babr,  Benjamin  Franklin,  died  1875 Lancaster,  Pa. 

*  Baldwin,  George  William,  died  1915 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Bartlett,  Rev.  William  Frederick  Vincent,  died  1903. .  .Lexington,  Ky. 

*  Bennett,  Henry  Silliman,  died  1915 Petersham,  Mass. 

*  Billings,  Edward  Coke,  died  1893 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Clark,  Rev.  Edson  Lyman,  died  1912 Dalton,  Mass. 

*  Cobb,  Rev.  Oliver  Ellsworth,  died  1891 Tarrytown,  N.Y. 

*  Dickson,  Prof.  Edward  Robbinson,  died Mobile,  Ala. 

*  Empson,  Daniel  Reily,  died  1857 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Gilbert,  Rev.  William  Thacher,  died  1904 New  Milford,  Conn. 

*  Gleason,  Rev.  William  Henry,  died  1892 Hudson,  N.Y. 

*  GoDDARD,  Delano  Alexander,  died  1882 .Boston,  Mass. 

*  Grout,  Alfred,  died  1866 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Hamilton,  James,  died  1861 Memphis,  Tenn. 

*  Nicholas,  Thomas  Prather,  died  1870 Louisville,  Ky. 

*  Seymour,  Hon.  Edward  Woodruff,  died  1892 Litchfield,  (Zlonn. 

Shiras,  Hon.  George,  Jr.  (Law.) Ormond,  Fla. 

*  Smalley,  George  Washburn,  died London,  Eng. 

*  SwiNNEY,  Rev.  James  Oswald,  died  1899 Glasgow,  Mo. 

*  TarRox,  Luther  Goulding,  died  1878 Nashville,  Tenn. 

*  Tobby,  Salathiel  Harrison,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  TowNSBND,  Charles,  died  1877 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Twining,  Rev.  Kinsley,  died  1901 Morristown,  N.J. 

*  Walden,  Edward,  died  1854 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Whiton,  James  Morris,  died  1920 New  York,  ^.Y. 


*  Alexander,  Brig.  Gen.  Charles  Tripler,  died  1918. . .  .Washington,  D.C. 

*  Barrett,  Dr.  Charles  Henry,  died  1869 Detroit,  Mich. 

1854-56  YALE  41 

*  Blackman,  Samuel  Curtis,  died  1864 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Bbown.  Rev.  Horatio  Woodward,  died  1921 Wooster.  O. 

*  Cutler,  Carroll,  died  1894 ' Hudson,  O. 

*  Do  BoiB,  Edward  Cornelius,  died  1903 Lima.  Peru 

*  DuPEE,  Charles  Analdo,  died  1902 Chicago,  111. 

*  DwiGHT,  Prof.  William  Buck,  died  1906 Poughkeepsie,  N.Y. 

*  Fenn,  Rev.  William  Henry,  died  1916 Portland,  Me. 

*  Harris.  Jacob  Brown,  died  1875 Boston,  Mass. 

*  HoRTON,  Henry,  died  1866 Syracuse,  N.Y. 

*  Keesb,  Richard  Lawrence,  died  1854 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Lee,  Luther  Maxwell,  died  1869 Meadville.  Miss. 

*  Melot,  William  Augustus,  died  1905 Washington,  D.C. 

*  NoRRis,  William  Henry,  died  1919 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Pardee,  Charles  Hesekiah,  died  1906 Pensacoia,  Fla. 

*  Perry,  Edward  Aylsworth,  died  1889 Pensacoia.  Fla. 

*  Plunkett,  William  Robinson,  died  1903 Pittsfield,  Mass. 

*  Potter,  Leander  Hubbell,  died  1879 Galesburg,  HI. 

*  PuRNELL,  Charles  Thomas,  died  1866 McNutt,  Miss. 

*  RiTCH,  Thomas  Gardiner,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Sanders,  Dr.  John  Chapin,  died  1906 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Shackelford,  Rev.  John  Cockerille,  died  1918 Miami,  Mo. 

*  Smith,  Nathaniel,  died  1877 Woodbury,  Conn. 

*  Taylor,  Robert  Eveleigh,  died  1896 Poughkeepsie,  N.Y. 

*  Walker,  Samuel,  died  1881 Tallahassee,  Fla. 


*  Alexander,  General  William  DeWitt,  died  1913 Honolulu,  Hawaii 

*  Avery,  William  Ledyard,  died  1898 Cincinnati.  O. 

*  Bishop,  Addin  Lewis,  died  1863 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Causey,  William  Frederic,  died  1902 Milford,  Del. 

*  Christie,  Cornelius,  died  1908 Leonia,  N.J. 

*  CoBB.  Rev.  Henry  Nitchie.  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  EwiNG,  Martin  Baum,  died  1909 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Fitch.  Nathan  Thomas,  died Chicago,  111. 

*  Oilman,  William  C,  died  1922 Norwich  Town,  Conn. 

*  Howard,  Rev.  Hiram  Lowell,  died  1901 Worcester,  Mass. 

*  Lathrop,  Francis  Cumming,  died  1915, Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Miller,  Alfred  Boliver,  died  1913 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Padelford,  George  Taft  Parthenope,  died  1861 Savannah,  Ga. 

*  Palmer,  Rev.  Charles  Ray,  died  1914 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Piatt,  John  Henry,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Pratt,  George,  died  1908 Monrovia,  Cal. 

*  Stuart,  George,  died  1863 Sherman,  Conn. 

*  Taylor,  Rev.  William  Howell,  died  1914 Summerville,  S.C. 

*  Woodbbidge,  Rev.  William  Reed,  died  1911 Gilbertsville,  N.Y. 

*  WooDWABD,  Stanley  (Trott),  died  1906 Wilkes-Barre,  Pa. 

*  Wyman,  William  Cutler,  died  1912 Boston,  Mass. 


*  Brown,  Hon.  Henry  Billings,  died  1913 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Brown,  John  Mason,  died  1890 Louisville,  Ky. 

*  BuLKBLBY,  Charles  Edwin,  died  1864. Hartford,  Conn. 

*  CoNDiT,  Stephen,  died  1898 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

42  YALE  1856-68 

*  Du  Bois,  Rev.  Hasbrouck,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Dunham,  Greor^  Gary,  died  1903 Middletown,  Conn. 

*  FiNiiAT,  Luke  William,  died  1908.". Memphis,  Tenn. 

*  Gat,  Julius,  died  1918 Farmington,  Gonn. 

*  Harris,  Rev.  William  James,  died  1917 Nashua,  N.H. 

*  HoDGB,  Dr.  Frank,  died  1909 Hudson,  O. 

*  KiNZER,  Roland,  died  1866 Lancaster,  Pa. 

*  MoNTEiTH,  John,  died  1918 South  Orange,  N.J. 

*  MooRB,  Eugene  Pope,  died  1904 Louisville,  Ky. 

*  MOREHBAD,  John,  died  1873 Frankfort,  Ky. 

*  Morse,  Sidney  Edwards,  died  1908 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Richardson,  David  Plunket,  died  1904 Angelica,  N.Y. 

*  St.  John,  George  Buckingbam,  died  1902 Norwalk,  Conn. 

*  Shaw,  Donald  Douglas,  died  1859 Hamden,  N.Y. 

*  Sticknbt,  John  Bi&ngton,  died  1882 St.  Augustine,  Fla. 


*  Adams,  Whittlesey,  died  1916   Warren,  O. 

Beard,  Rev.  Augustus  Field 175  East  Ave.  Norwalk,  Conn. 

*  Burnet,  Jacob  Staats,  died  1910 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Christman,  Joseph  Alonzo,  died  1888 Evansburg,  Ky. 

*  Church,  Frederick  Nathaniel,  died  1859 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Db  Forest,  Rev.  Henry  Swift,  died  1896 Talladega,  Ala. 

DoAR,  Dr.  Stephen  Decatur Morrison  St.  McClellanville,  S.G. 

*.  DosTBR,  Gen.  William  Emil,  died  1919 Bethlehem,  Pa. 

*  Douglass,  Rev.  Solomon  Johnson,  died  1921 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Dye,  Rev.  Charles  Brookway,  died  1907 Springfield,  Mass. 

*  Evans,  Edward  John,  died  1880 York,  Pa. 

*  Forrest,  Rev.  Douglas  French,  died  1902 Ashland,  Va. 

*  Fuller,  Edward  Thurston,  died  1859 Huntington,  N.Y. 

*  Galt,  Azariah  Thomas,  died  1922 Chicago,  111. 

*  HiCKOx,  Volney,  died,  1898 Springfield,  111. 

*  Hodge,  Lyman  Davis,  died  1899 Mt.  Vernon,  Wash. 

*  Huntington,  Rev.  Henry  Strong,  died  1920 Milton,  Mass. 

*  Janin,  Edward,  died  1891 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Lyles,  Dennis  Bruce,  died  1874 Pascataway,  Md. 

*  Merwin,  Almon  Baxter,  died  1907 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Nolen,  George  Augustus,  died  1875 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Porter,  David  Gustavus,  died  1905 Waterbury,  Conn. 

*  Sandys,  Edwin  Francis,  died  1875 Pittsfield,  Mass. 

*  Scoville,  Rev.  Samuel,  died  1902 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Seely,  Henry  Maurice,  died  1894 Honesdale,  Pa. 

*  Seibold,  John  Schultes,  died  1922 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Seymour,  Rev.  Storrs  Ozias,  died  1918 Litchfield,  Conn. 

*  Smith,  WUder,  died  1891 Rockford.  111. 

*  Trowbridge,  G^n.  Luther  Stephen,  died  1912 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Tyler,  Prof.  Moses  Coit,  died  1900 Ithaca,  N.Y. 

*  Wells,  Nathan  Dana,  died  1902 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Wheeler,  Prof.  Arthur  Martin,  died  1918 New  Haven,  Conn. 


*  Anderson,  Volney  Stamps,  died  1894 Rocky  Bar,  Ida. 

*  Bealb  Robert  Marshall,  died  1866 Washington,  D.C. 

*,  Orlando,  died  isei Fnmktort,  Ky. 

JT.  George  Bibb,  diMl  1863 Fnokfoit,  Ky. 

,  John  MawQ,  died  1906 ,  Fnyetle,  Al*. 

More.  EiawsoQ  Carry,  died  1902 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Hewitt,  Frederic  Chujl™,  died  IMS -j 

JoHiB.  AuBufltuB  Turner,  tiied  IB09 Brool 

MacDoweu.,  WiUiam  Allen,  died  1907 Uni. 

More.  EIbwsod  Carry,  died  1902 

Neide,  Gen,  Horaee,  riied  1615 

NoBL,s.  Rev.  Frederick  Alphonsa,  died  — 

Oqdejj,  Dewces,  died  1863 

Pennt.  Dr.  Benjamin  Frantlin,  died  187 
Peatt,  Elect UB  Abiinh,  died  1810 

..FhiluielphiB,  Ft 
-    eat  Glen,  Md. 
™  York,  N.Y. 


ing,  died  1896 GlendBle.  O. 

■nough.  ilied  1919 WilkeB-Bi 

aaydn  Kelloig.  died  1913 0»k  Park,  1 

Hon.  WilliEia  Henry,  died  1911 ...Altmar,  N. 

IFF,  Chartea  Hombtower.  died  1919 Utcbfield,  Cor 


-       York,  N.Y. 


..NewHaren.  Com 
....New  York,  N.l 
....Newburah,  N.l 
....New  York,  N' 

.  .  UnLi 

Helena.  Mi.... 

'.■,'.■  .".'.Bethlehem,  Pa! 

Philadelphia,  Fa. 


Chcstertown,  M  . 

Lutherville.  Md. 


New  York,  N.Y. 

Loa  Anietes,  Cal, 

New  York,  N.Y. 

Colkaeville.  Pa. 

. . .  Mlniteuiolia,  Minn. 
. . .  CanandtiEua,  N.Y. 

4A YALE 1860-61 


*  Arnold,  George  Wftterman,  died  1862 Centreville,  R.I. 

*  Barnes,  Dr.  Edwin  Randolph,  died  1922 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Barnes,  Rev.  Henry  Elbert,  died  1910 Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Beach,  Dr.  Ferdinand,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Beers,  Dr.  George  Lewis,  died  1896 Topeka,  Kan. 

*  Bradlet,  William  Edward,  died  1905 Frankfort,  Ky. 

BuNCE,  Charles  Henry  (C.  Eng.) 51  Oxford  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Catlin,  George  Lynde,  died  1896 Paterson,  N.J. 

*  Champion,  Henry,  died  1867 Mankato,  Minn. 

*  CoLTON,  Dr.  Frederic  Henry,  died  1912 Brookljrn,  N.Y. 

*  Davis,  Hon.  Lowndes  Henry,  died  1920 Huntsville,  Ala. 

Dunham,  Rev.  Samuel 36  North  St.  Binghamton,  N.Y. 

*  Furbish,  Rev.  Edward  Brown,  died  1918 Bath,  N.Y. 

*  Griffin,  Rev.  George  Hermon,  died  1894 Springfield,  Mass. 

*  HiGGiNS,  Rev.  Lucius  Hopkins,  died  1916 West  Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Johnston,  Rev.  William  Curtis,  died  1862 Greensburg,  Ky. 

*  Keese,  Sidmon  Thome,  died  1880 Jersey  City,  N.J. 

*  KiNGSBURT,  Rev.  Oliver  Addison,  died  1914 Memphis,  Tenn. 

*  Leach,  Orlando,  died  1918 Avon,  Mass. 

*  Pennington,  William,  died  1912 Paterson,  N.J. 

*  Schneider,  James  Henry,  died  1864 Bridgewater,  Mass. 

*  SiGLAR,  Henry  Ward,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

Warren,  Samuel  Reed 18  Grant  PI.  Washington,  D.C. 


*  Barton,  Rev.  John  Wait,  died  1866 Stratford,  Conn. 

*  BoNNEY,  George  Bernard,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Bradley,  Franklin  Seymour,  died  1908 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Brown,  Hubert  Sanf ord,  died  1917 Paris,  France 

*  Clark,  William  Bardwell,  died  1864 Granby,  Mass. 

*  CoNVERS,  Ebenezer  Buckingham,  died  1905 Englewood,  N.J. 

*  De  Forest,  Moulton,  died Wetmore,  Kan. 

*  Delp,  George,  died  1909 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Durfeb,  Henry  Rees,  died  1916 Palm3rra,  N.Y. 

*  Eaves,  David  William,  died  1917 Lewiston,  Ida. 

*  Eddy,  Rev.  Clarence,  died  1891 South  Denver,  Colo. 

*  Flint,  Joseph  Nelson,  died  1907 San  Raphael,  Cal. 

*  GooDALL,  George  Brett,  died  1894 Berkeley,  Cal. 

*  Hitchcock,  Samuel  Whittemore,  died  1891 Nice,  France 

*  Hyde,  Prof.  James  Nevins,  died  1910 Chicago,  111. 

*  Johnson,  Henry  Horton,  died  1892 • New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Jones,  Frederick,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Kinney,  John  Coddington,  died  1891 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Kitchell,  Harvey  Sheldon,  died  1891 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Merchant,  Henry  Smith,  died  1867 Nassau,  N.Y. 

*  Merwin,  Rev.  Nathan  Tibbals,  died  1920 Milford,  Conn. 

*  Peck,  Prof.  Tracy,  died  1921 New  Havten,  Conn. 

*  Post,  Henry  McClure,  died St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Pratt,  James  Pepper,  died  1864 Logansport,  Ind. 

*  Robinson,  Charles,  died  1869 BeaiUfort,  S.C. 

*  ScHMucKBR,  Dr.  Francis  Ritter,  died  1902 Reading,  Pa. 

p,  Re«,  Theodare  Stephen  (Ret. 

50  Cantral  Park  W.  New  Yolk.  N.Y. 

..-,,..,........  .ChicAgo,  III. 

Lewirton.  P«. 

[uafield  8t.  New  H&ven.  Coaa. 
New  York,  N.Y. 

Portland,  Ore. 

D  St.  Morriitown,  N.J, 
"  Udhkeepue.  N.Y. 

. . . .  Hi 

iMtfoid,  Conn 

uk.  N.J. 

ISSi Hiekory,  N.C. 


New  Haven,  Conn. 


1,  Rev.  Egbert  Byron,  died  1891 Bockville,  C 

JCE,  Gen.  Erastui,  died  1908 BTOokline,  Mwa. 

J!T,  Charlee  CarroU,  died  1887..  M™  H.™,,.  i^nnn 

•  Bloom,  Hiirv»' HiiTTi      "    ' 

^rot.  Edward  __. 

.n.  Rev.  Homce,  died  IBIS BrooUin. 

^^^^s,  John  Mushall.  died  IBBB Jeney  Ci 

•  FowLlB,  Homce  WebeUr.  died  J888 New  Yor., 

•FttAMCiB,  Rev.  Cyrua  We«t.  died Haitlord,  Conn, 

•  GtABOOW,  Cot.  Edward  Brodie,  died Worcester,  Maae. 

"  "  KOBBDBi,  Rev.  Howard,  died  I8J8 Amherst,  Mb». 

•HOT,  Dwight,  died  18S7 Rookvilie,  Conn 

mill,.  Jamec  Buchanan  (Rat.) R.  F.  D.  f2,  Torrance,  Cal 

B,  Uriah  Nelson,  died  18*5 Guilford,  Conn 

'-  Hyde,  died  IBll MadiKin,  Conn 

_,  _..  CWtea  atuart 251  Langdon  St.  Madiaon.  Wii. 

~  n«>ifl,  Walter  Herbert,  died  1883 Guilford,  Conn. 

•  SmlNBB,  Rev.  Charlei  Edward,  died  1902 Hioaklyn,  N.Y 

;k.  Jofcn  Hyd 

46  YALE  186a-e6 

*  TuTTLE,  Moses  Hubbard,  died  1910 Hoquiam,  Wash. 

*  Ware,  Edmund  Asa,  died  1885 Atlanta,  Ga. 

*  Waterman,  Rev.  Henry  Barzillai,  died  1903 Oak  Park,  111. 

Whitshbad,  Rt.  Rev.  Cortlandt 4868  Ellsworth,  Ave.  Pittsburgh  Pa. 


*  AusTiK,  William  Morris,  died  1868 Camp  Concordia,  Tex. 

Bell,  Edward  Wells  (Farmer) . .  .R.  F.  D.  #3,  Box  7,  East  Hampton,  Conn. 

*  Benjamin,  Rev.  George  Whitefield,  died  1893 Middletown,  Conn. 

*  Booth,  Charles  Edward,  died  1870 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Cortelyod,  Dr.  Peter  Rouse,  died  1902 Marietta,  Ga. 

*  Crane,  Timothy  Farrar,  died  1866 Southbridge,  Mass. 

Darling,  Samuel  Carter 32  Riverview  Rd.  Brighton,  Mass. 

*  Dibble,  Dr.  Orson  Gregory,  died  1915.  .  .Pompey,  Onondaga  Co.,  N.Y. 
Gibson,  Dr.  Charles  D.  T Hartsdale,  N.Y. 

*  Gibson,  Edmund  Trowbridge  Hastings,  died  1921 Belgrade,  Me. 

*  Gregory,  Rev.  Lewis,  died  1911    Lincoln,  Neb. 

Griffing,  Hon.  Timothy  Miller  (Law.) ....  40  Main  St.  Riverhead,  N.Y. 

*  Hitchcock,  George  Nicholas,  died  1907 San  Diego,  Cid. 

*  HoLDEN,  Daniel  Judson,  died  1903 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hooker,  Thomas,  died  1922 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Lapham,  Hon.  David  Gilbert,  died  1914 Canandaigua,  N.Y. 

Lewis,  Dr.  George  Frederic Box  902,  Stanford  University,  Cal. 

*  Lyman,  David  Brainerd,  died  1914 Chicago,  111. 

*  PiERSON,  Stephen  Condit,  died  1918 Meriden,  Conn. 

*  RocKWOOD,  Prof.  Charles  Greene,  Jr.,  died  1913 Princeton,  N.J. 

Satterthwaitb,  Dr.  Thomas  Edward. 7  E.  80th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

*  Semple,  Edward  Humphrey,  died  1916 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Sterling,  John  William,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Still^.  Dr.  Henry  Mandeville,  died 

Westcott,  Clarence  Lincoln  (Law.) . .  243  West  75th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Whittelsey,  Rev.  Charles  Mills,  died  1917 Upper  Montclair,  N.J. 

*  Williams,  Rev.  Edward  Moore,  died  1921 Northfield,  Minn. 

*  Wynkoop,  Dr.  Gerardus  Hilles,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Anthony,  Charles  Douglas,  died  1865 Gouverneur,  N.Y. 

*  Barrows,  Dr.  Arthur  Arnold,  died  1908 Hackensaok,  N.J. 

*  Bissell,  Josiah  Hooker,  died  1901 Chicago,  111. 

*  Brown,  Rev.  Thomas  Jefferson,  died  1904 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  BuLKLEY,  Tuzar,  died  1867 Catskill,  N.Y. 

Chittenden,  Simeon  Baldwin  (Law.) 2  Rector  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Churchill,  Henry,  died  1917 Miami,  Fla. 

Converse,  Everett  Howard  (Ret.) ...  .112  Milwaukee  Ave.  Bethel,  Conn. 

*  Ewell,  Rev.  John  Louis,  died  1910 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Forsyth,  William  Lee,  died  1877 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  Gilbert,  Lyman  De  Hu£F,  died  1914 Harrisburg,  Pa. 

Gregory,  Dr.  James  Glynn 5  West  Ave.  Norwalk,  Conn. 

'*'  KiTTREDGE,  Francis  William,  died  1913 Boston,  Mass. 

Lbland,  Hon.  Cyrus  Austin  (Law.) 

215  So.  Washington  St.  Eldorado,  Kan. 
Leonard,  Dr.  Charles  Henry 11  Beacon  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  McCbbary,  Henry  Clay,  died  1869 Sacramento,  Cal. 

1866-67  YALE  47 

*  McLban,  Rev.  Allan,  died  1882 Litchfield,  Conn. 

*  Man,  Edward  AugiiBtus  Sarmiento,  died  1917 Jersey  City,  N.J. 

Merbill,  Payson 925  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Newbold,  Michael  Taylor,  died  1890 Jersey  City,  N.J. 

*  Norton,  James  Sagar,  died  1896 Chicago,  111. 

*  Shrbve,  Stacy  Biddle,  died  1897 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Prof.  Charles  Henry 461  S.  Goodman  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Walter  Buchanan,  died  1875 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Stocking,  William  (Statistician)  .  .  .214  East  Grand  Blvd.  Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Taintor,  Hon.  Henry  Ellsworth,  died  1904 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Witter,  William  Clitus,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 

Wood,  John  Brandegee 837  S.  Westlake  St.  Loe  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  Wright,  Edward  Marshall,  died  1911-.  , Kansas  City,  Mo. 


*  Abbott,  Lewis  Lowe,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Anderson,  Alexander  Dwight,  died  1901 Washington,  D.C. 

Bennett,  Edward  Brown 67  Collins  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Bennett,  William  Henry,  died  1908 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  BowEN,  Rev.  Marcellus,  died  1916 Constantinople,  Turkey 

*  Case,  Albertson,  died  1915 Southold,  N.Y. 

*  Caswell,  Edward  Alexis,  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Chapman,  Dr.  Sherman  Hartwell,  died  1903 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Chatfield,  Charles  Converse,  died  1876 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Cole,  HamUton,  died  1889 New  York,  N.Y. 

Collin,  Charles  Ave^  (Law.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Cornwall,  James  Hewlett,  died  1910 Patterson,  N.Y. 

CowLES,  James  L 2420A  Grove  Ave.  Richmond,  Va. 

*  Creevbt,  John  Kennedy,  died  1921 New  York,  N.Y. 

Dodge,  Frederic  Nevins  (Govt.) 608  E.  28th  St.  Paterson.  N.J. 

*  Garretson,  Rev.  Ferdinand  Van  Derveer,  died  1919 .  .  Franconia,  N.H. 

*  GoRiiLY,  Edward  Curtiss,  died  1880 London,  Eng. 

Graves,  Rev.  James  Taylor  (Ret.) ....  5707  Blackstone  Ave.  Chicago,  III. 

*  Hall,  John  Manning,  died  1905 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Heisler,  Charles  Cornelius,  died  1907 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Heisler,  Egbert  Dushane,  died  1872 Newark,  Del. 

HiNCKs,  Edward  Young  (Ret.)  ...  58  Washington  Ave.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  JuDSON,  Frederick  Newton,  died  1919 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Lampman,  Rev.  Lewis,  died  1918 Coxsackie,  N.Y. 

Lewis,  Leslie 6605  Dorchester  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

*  MacKinlat,  Thomas  E.,  died  1919 Chicago,  III. 

*  PiERSoN,  Rev.  Isaac,  died  1919 Wellesley  Hills,  Mass. 

Post,  Dr.  Abner 16  Newbury  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Sackett,  Darius  Parmalee,  died New  Hartford,  N.Y. 

*  St.  John,  Dr.  Samuel  Benedict,  died  1909 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Smyth,  Richard  Edward,  died  1868 Guilford,  Conn. 

Thompson,  Frederick  Stanley . .  New  Haven  Hospital,  New  Hav^,  Conn. 

*  Whitnet,  Rev.  Henry  Otis,  died  1870 Elko,  Nev. 


*  Allen,  Cornelius  Lansing,  died  1912 Matteawan,  N.Y. 

*  Allen,  Hon.  James  Monroe,  died San  Francisco.  Cal. 

*  Alltn.  Dr.  Thomas,  died  1882 Hartford,  Conn. 

48  YALE  1867-68 

*  Baldwin,  Frank  L.,  died  1917 Massillon,  O. 

*  Bkecher,  Eugene  Francis,  died  1917 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  BiGLER,  Casper  Shrom,  died  1905 Harrisburg,  Pa. 

*  Bbainerd,  George  Cotton,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Bruce,  Wallace,  died  1914 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  BuTTBRFiELD,  Edwin  Stone,  died  1897 South  Montrose,  Pa. 

*  Cannon,  Charles  Kinsey,  died  1909 Hoboken,  N.J. 

*  Cartwrioht,  Hon.  Jacob  Andrew,  died  1909 Nashville,  Tenn. 

*  Chittenden,  Henry  Abel,  died  1900 Berkeley,  Cal. 

*  Clarke,  Elbert  Willett,  died  1882 Painesville.  O. 

CoMBTOCK,  Strong  (Ed.,  Ret.) Wilton,  Conn. 

*  Day,  Rev.  Theodore  Lansing,  died  1885 Saxonville,  Mass. 

Deforest,  Hon.  Robert  Elliot . . . .' 164  State  St.  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

DoDD,  Rev.  Ira  Seymour  (Ret.) Spuyten  Duyvil,  N.Y. 

*  Flanders,  James  Greeley,  died  1920 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Gamble,  James  Matthew,  died  1888 Williamsport,  Pa. 

*  Greenwood,  Thomas,  died  1894 New  York,  N.Y. 

Harding,  Wilder  Bennett  (Ret.) ...  .34  Thomdyke  St.  Springfield,  Mass. 

*  Hartshorn,  Rev.  Joseph  William,  died  1921 New  I«iven,  Conn^ 

HuLST,  Nelson  Powell  (Ret.) 300  Knapp  St.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Jennings,  Charles  Buckeley  (Ed.) . .  .54  Vauzhall  St.  New  London,  Conn. 
Kbeleb,  Samuel  (Law.) Main  St.  Ridgefield,  Conn. 

*  Landis,  Henry  Gardner,  died  1886 Columbus,  O. 

Marks,  Constant  Roberts  (Law.) 1205  Douglass  St.  Sioux  City,  la. 

*  Mabr,  George  Henry,  died Kenosha,  Wis. 

*  Sheldon,  George  Preston,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Show  ALTER,  Hon.  John  William,  died  1898 Chicago,  111. 

*  Skeels,  Frank  Lewis,  died  1891 Coldwater,  Mich. 

Trump,  Frank  (Foundry) 231  N.  Main  St.  Jersey  Shore,  Pa. 

*  Wilson,  Francis  Henry,  died  1910 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Beckwith,  Rev.  Isbon  Thaddeus  (Ed.) Hartford,  Conn. 

*  BoARDMAN,  Herbert,  died  1875 Trumansburg,  N.Y. 

*  Bowman,  John  Wemple,  died  1871 Johnstown,  N.Y. 

Bradford,  Hon.  Edward  Green Federal  Bldg.  Wilmington,  Del. 

*  Chapman,  Timothy  Pitkin,  died  1875 Bridgeport,  Conn. 

*  Cooper,  Horace  Stevens,  died  1907 Nashville,  Tenn. 

Cramer,  Frank 1306  Ritchie  Court,  Chicago,  111. 

*  Deforest,  Rev.  John  Kinne  Hyde,  died  1911 Sendai,  Japan 

DE  Kay,  Charles  Augustus  (Writer) 413  W.  23rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y 

*  DuRANT,  Rev.  William,  died  1914 Wellesley,  Mass. 

*  EsTY,  Albert  Henry,  died  1910 Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Evans,  Barton  Darlington,  died Harrisburg,  Pa. 

*  Ferry,  William  Henry,  died  1900 Lakeside,  Cal. 

*  Greene,  Joseph  Warren,  died  1917 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Hall,  Ira  Cole,  died  1908 Interlaken,  N.Y. 

*  Holmes,  Francis  Hunt,  died  1881 Williamsburg,  Mass. 

Hume,  Rev.  Robert  Allen  (Missionary) Ahmednagar,  India 

*  Lawrence,  Rev.  Edward  Alexander,  died  1893 Poughkeepsie,  N.Y. 

*  Lewis,  George  Henry,  died  1913 Des  Moines,  la. 

*  MacGregor,  Rev.  Donald,  died  1910 Troy,  N.Y. 

*  Mead,  Edwaxd  Spencer,  died  1894 New  York,  N.Y. 

Mkldlebun'.  Vt. 

,-  ^^ .  -. .  -/,  .  -- , . ^ BomerviUfl,  NJ. 

Portl»nd,  Ore. 

We«  Cheater,  P». 

.2137  LbRov  H.  WublD^on.  D.C. 

...,..-.  ^  ^Colondo  Spnngi,  Colo^ 

Burlin«ton.  Vt. 

LI .-...-..-.. ,  ^Bridaeport,  Coon. 


Dftnbuty,  Conn. 

New  York,  N.Y. 

Ave,  Torreedale,  Phiiadelpha,  P%. 
.  .306  N.  CsyusB  »t.  tlhscs.  N.Y. 


I9B Milwaukee,  Wta. 


73  Madison  Are.  New  York.  N.Y. 

- Side  View,  Ky. 

188 PhiUdelphia,  Pa. 

Chadron.  Neh 

.  tM  York  8q.  New  Haven.  Coi.  . 
914 Louiaville,  Ky. 

New  York.  N,Y. 

15  Dey  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Rocheat^r.  N.Y, 

Winyah  Ave.  New  RoohellB,  N.Y. 

Brooklyn,  N.Y 


AtlanU,  Gi 

MO  Aayluro  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Poaghkeepaie.  N.Y. 

City  A  Midland  Bk.  London  -- 
1907 New  Haven,  v-onn. 

Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Concord.  Cftl. 

Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

leiS New  York,  N.Y, 

Chelsea,  London,  Ecg. 

47  Warwick  Ave.  Stratford,  Conn 

40  Riveiside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

FluBhing.  N.Y. 

.47  Lindale  Rd.  Stamford,  Conn. 
.  .217  Walnut  St,  Montdair,  N.J. 

1 Waahington,  D.C. 

New  York,  N.Y. 

....2  Rector  St.  New  York,  N.Y, 
New  York,  N.Y. 

60  YALE  1870-72 

Heald,  Charles  Mercer^ 455  S.  College  Ave.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

*  Jenkins,  George  Walker,  died  1922 Morristown,  N.J. 

Jewett,  Prof.  Frank  Fanning  (Ed.) .  .  .73  South  Professor  St.  Oberlin,  O. 

*  Keep,  Frederick  Augustus,  died  1892 Pasadena,  Cal. 

LiNDSLEY,  Philip  (Joum.  Ret.) 658  E.  163d  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

LooAN,  Algernon  Sidney 247  So.  18th  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Martin,  Henry  Elisha,  died  1898 Stevens  Point,  Wis. 

MoBROW,  Dr.  Samuel  Roseburgh 1  Sprague  PI.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Nicholson,  Hon.  John  Reed  (Law.),  420  Du  Pont  Bldg.  Wilmington,  Del. 
Phelps.  Carrington  (Law.,  Farmer) No.  Colebrook,  Conn. 

*  Player,  Thomas  Trezevant,  died  1896 Pueblo,  Colo. 

*  Riley,  Henry  Augustus,  died  1892 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Robs,  John  Alexander,  died  1901 Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Russell,  James  Matson  (Ret.) 262  Mt.  Airy  Ave.  Paris,  Ky. 

Sands,  James  Henry  (Farmer) Stanfordville,  N.Y. 

ScAiFE,  Lauriston  Livingston  (Law.) 19  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Syme,  Frederick  James,  died  1919 Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 

*  Trumbull,  Perry,  died  1902 Chicago.  III. 

*  Tyler,  Prof.  Morris  Franklin,  died  1907 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  WoRDiN,  Dr.  Nathaniel  Eugene,  died  1915 Bridgeport,  Conn. 


*  Board,  Charles  Howell,  died  1871 Edenville,  N.Y. 

Bradbtreet.  Albert  Porter  (Law.) Thomaston.  Conn. 

*  CooNLBY,  Dr.  Edgar  David,  died  1916 Port  Richmond,  N.Y. 

*  Curtis,  Albert  Wakefield,  died  1907 Spencer,  Mass. 

*  Dudley.  Charles  Benjamin,  died  1909 Altoona,  Pa. 

Janvier,  Allen  Egbert  (Ret.) 

Presbyterian  Home,  47th  St.  and  City  Line,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Pope,  Rev.  Howard  Walter 153  Institute  PI.  Chicago,  111. 

*  RiGGB,  Rev.  Warner  Bradley,  died  1905 Austin.  Tex. 

Sherman,  Prof.  Lucius  Adelno 1234  J  St.  Lincoln,  Neb. 

*  Townsend,  William,  died  1919 Utica,  N.Y. 


Beldino.  Edgar  Frost  (Ret.) Box  273,  Fairhaven,  Mass. 

*  Bbtts,  Alsop  Lockwood,  died  1869 Stamford,  Conn. 

*  Boucher,  Nelson  Francis,  died  1910 Bismarck,  N.D. 

*  Brown,  Frank  Thurston,  died  1909 Norwich,  Conn. 

Brown,  John  Knox  (Law.) 241  San  Jose  Ave.  Los  Cjatos,  Cal. 

*  Clapp,  Rev.  Howard  Saxtone,  died  1898 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Curry,  Dr.  Albert  Marshall,  died  1909 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Dubois,  Frederic  William,  died  1870 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  French,  Charles,  died  1869 New  Haven,  Conn. 

Hall,  Willard  Preble  (Judge) 2540  Forest  Ave.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

*  Holt,  Dr.  Benjamin  L.,  died  1921 Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

*  Kendrick,  Greene,  died  1913 West  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Kendrick,  John,  died  1895 Bridgeport,  Conn. 

*  Martin,  Rev.  George  Edward,  died  1920 Auburndale,  Mass. 

*  O'Brien,  Robert  Wetmore,  died  1870 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Robinson,  Rev.  Willard  Haskell 6530  Lafayette  PI.  Chicago,  HI. 

1872-74  YALE  61 

Root,  Frank  Douglas  (Joum.) 55  Pineapi^e  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Samdfobd,  William  Fiake,  died  1907 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

ScmuL,  Francis 21  E.  62nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Sherwood,  Charles,  died  1904 Bridgeport,  Conn. 

*  Smith,  Frank  Sullivan,  died  1920 

Stearns,  Prof.  Charles  Cununings 146  E.  10th  St.  Claremont,  Cal. 

ToTMAM,  Dr.  Dayid  Maydole 2204  James  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Wescott,  Hon.  John  Wesley 3rd  and  Market  Sts.  Camden,  N.J. 

*  Whitb,  Clement  Brooke,  died  1881 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  WiUiCOX,  David  (Johnson  Halsted),  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Beebb,  Prof.  William,  died  1917 New  Haven,  Conn. 

BiGEiiOW,  Charles  Emerson  (Pub.  Util.) 

Box  500,  City  Hall  Sta.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Browning,  Prof.  William  Webb,  died  1900 Brooklvn,  N.Y. 

*  BncKiNQHAif ,  Ebeneser  Hartwell,  died  1877 Omaha,  Neb. 

*  CowuES,  Edward  Sheffield  died  1883 Farmington,  Conn. 

Denslow,  Rev.  Herbert  McKensie  (Ed.)  .  .2  Chelsea  Sq.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  EiiDER,  Samuel  James,  died  1918 Boston,  Mass. 

GoDDARD,  Rev.  John  Calvin Salisbury,  Conn. 

Hale,  Frank  Thurston  (Aud.) 712  Main  St.  Houston,  Tex. 

*  Johnes,  Edward  Rodolph,  died  1903 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Lewis,  Eugene  Howard,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

McIntire,  Hon.  Albert  Washington 514  18th  St.  Denver,  Colo. 

Macomb,  Brig.  Gen.  Montgomery  Meiss 

1271  New  Hampshire  Ave.  Washington,  D.C. 
MouNTJOT,  Plato  (Examiner) . .  .Department  of  Justice,  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Retnolds,  Andrew  James,  died  1910 Ouray,  Colo. 

*  Sanford,  Dr.  Isaac  Reed,  died  1892 West  Cornwall,  Conn. 

Shaw,  John  Ekin  (R.  Est.) 1931  Frick  Bldg.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  Smith,  Robert  Hallam,  died  1876 .Jacksonville,  Fla. 

*  Stewart,  Seth  Thayer,  died  1913 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Strong,  Hon.  Henry  A.,  died  1917 Cohoes,  N.Y. 

*  Sutherland,  Dr.  Douglass  Rudd,  died  1896 Morris,  Minn. 

*  Wald,  Gustavus  Henry,  died  1902 Cincinnati,  O. 

Webster,  Hon.  Frederick  Charles Missoula,  Mont. 

Winters,  James  M.  (Law.) 2031  N.  Talbot  St.  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

Wright,  Hamilton  Mercer  (Judge)  .  .  .Point  Lookout,  Arenac  Co.,  Mich. 


Bbadstrbbt,  Dr.  Edward  Thomas 170  Colony  St.  Meriden,  Conn. 

Butler,  John  Ammi  (Ret.) 149  Prospect  Ave.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Coffin,  William  Anderson  (Artist) 58  W.  67th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

(lOBDON,  William  Lucien Colerain  Pike,  Mount  Airy,  O. 

*  Ives,  Charlw,  died  1883 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  MacDonald,  John  Vinatti,  died  1901 Rochester,  Pa. 

*  Spauldino,  Rev.  Wayland,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

8tone,  George  Woodward  (Law.) 120  Hosea  Ave.  Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Swallow,  Dr.  Edward  Emerson,  died  1887 Waltham,  Mass. 

Tennbt,  Levi  Sanderson  (Law.) 66  Plymouth  St.  Montclair,  N.J. 

*  Vandbrburgb,  Henry  Sutherland,  died 

62  YALE  1874-91 

*  Whittbmorb,  Arthur  Dexter,  died  1915 XJtica,  N.Y. 

Wilcox.  Ansley  (Law.) 641  Delaware  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Zachbb,  Edmund  (Law.) 121  Church  St.  Neir  Haven,  Ck>nn. 


*  Fabrington,  Dr.  Edward  Sherman,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Franklin.  Hervey  Richards,  died  1906 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Gallup,  Aea  Oran,  died  1918 Oneida,  N.Y. 

Hartbr,  Eugene  Wendell  (Ed.) 121  Marlborough  Rd.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Platt,  Harrison  Gray  (Law.) 211  E.  65th  St.  Portland,  Ore. 

Stbinbr,  Bernard  Christian  (Lib.) . . .  1308  No.  Eutaw  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 
Stevens,  Henry  Ebenezer,  Jr.  (Ret.) Huntington,  L.I.  N.Y. 


Bradnkr,  Rev.  Lester Saunderstown,  R.I. 

Ensign,  Joseph  Ralph  (Mfg.) Simsbury,  Conn. 

Kent,  Prof.  Charles  Foster Mt.  Carmel,  Conn. 

Little,  Rev.  Arthur  Mitchell 41  3rd  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

Platt,  Robert  Treat  (Law.) Platt  Bldg.  Portland,  Ore. 

Pond,  Samuel  Newman  (Pat.  Law.) .  .  10855  So.  Hoyne  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Reed,  Rev.  Harry  Lathrop  (Prof.) 134  North  St.  Auburn,  N.Y. 

ScHBViLL,  Prof.  Ferdinand   Chicago  University,  Chicago,  111. 

Smith,  Herbert  Augustine  (Forest  Serv.) .  .1528  "P"  St.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Williams,  Howard  Hunter,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 


Bedell,  Prof.  Frederick Cornell  University,  Ithaca,  N.Y. 

Bishop,  Herbert  Morton 1805|  N.  Bronson  Ave.  Los  Angles,  Cal. 

Brooks,  Dr.  Frank  Terry 276  Millbank  Ave.  Greenwich,  Conn. 

Crane,  R.  D.  (Govt.) Bellmore,  L.I.  N.Y. 

Crehorb,  Prof.  Albert  Cushing,  Nela  Research  Laboratory,  Cleveland,  O. 

Fowler,  Prof.  Hen^  Thatcher Brown  University,  Providence,  K.I. 

Griswold,  Marvin  Elihu  (Mfg.) 255  W.  10th  St.  Erie,  Pa. 

JosLiN,  Dr.  Elliot  Proctor 81  Bay  State  Rd.  Boston,  Mass. 

LuBK,  Dr.  William  Chittenden 47  E.  34th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Morse,  Prof.  Sidney  Nelson 214  Main  St.  Easthampton,  Mass. 

MuNGER,  Harry  Loomis  (Law.) .  .814  Dajrton  Sav.  &  Tr.  Bldg.  Dayton,  O. 

Robinson,  Frederick  William  (Clerk) Shrewsbury,  N.J. 

White,  William  (Law.) 1211  Chestnut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


*  Arnot,  Matthias  Charles,  died  1891 Elmira,  N.Y. 

Brown,  Rev.  Francis  Theodore.  . .  .St.  Andrew's  Rectory,  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

EsTiLL,  Joe  Gamer  (Ed.) Lakeville,  Conn. 

Gruener,  Prof.  Hippolyte 2089  Cornell  Road,  Cleveland,  O. 

*  Hyde,  Francis  de  Lacy,  died  1910 Plainfield,  N.J. 

Perrin,  William  Andrew  (Lumber) 1100  Seneca  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Plummer,  John  Franklin  (Mfg.) Ardsley-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 

Robinson,  Allan  (Gold) 624  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ryder,  Erastus  Dean  (Ranching) Route  6,  Phoenix,  Aria. 

Sacket,  Francis  Williams  (R.  Est.) Broadway,  Cape  Vincent,  N.Y. 

1891-94  YALE  68 

III  ■ 

*  Thatcher,  William  Nevin,  died  1891 Pueblo,  Colo. 

TwoMBLT,  Rev.  Clifford  Gray 115  North  Duke  St.  Lancaster,  Pa. 

White,  Henry  Crofut  (Trust  Officer) 

Com  Exch.  Bk.  WiUiam  and  Beayer  Sts.  New  York,  N.Y. 
WiLiiiAiis,  Dr.  Henry  Lane Hampshire  Arms,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Ballibt,  Andrew  Jackson  (LawJ Railway  Exchange,  Seattle,  Wash. 

HASKixii,  William  Stockbridge  (L&w.) . . Woolworth  Bldi^.  New  York,  N.Y. 

HoTT,  Willard  Evans  (College  Treas.) Williarostown,  Mass. 

Knowi^s,  (jeorge  Gray  (Ret.) 60  Vanderbilt  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Luce,  Rev.  Henry  Winters  (Eki.) Peking  University,  Peking,  China 

Manson,  Daniel  Edgar  (Elec.) 292  Cunton  Rd.  Brookline;  Mass. 

*  Marwhat^l,  Elliott,  died  1914 Montclair,  N.J. 

Mabvin,  Hon.  L.  P.  Waldo  (Judge) ...  15  Walbridge  Rd.  Hartford,  Conn. 

*  RocKBFEiiLBB;  William  Goodsell,  died  1922 New  York,  N.Y. 

Tucker,  Frederick  Deming  (Fin.) Security  Bldg.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

WheeiiER,  James  Everett  (Law.) ....  82  Edgehill  Rd.  New  Haven,  Conn. 


Allek,  Lafon  (Judge) Glen  view,  Ky. 

Beebb,  Geargie  Palmer 34  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Bbiogs,  (George)  Justus,  died Providence,  R.I, 

Eddt,  Charles  Brown  (Law.) 765  W.  8th  St.  Plainfield,  N.J. 

Gatchbl,  Francis  Edwin  (Mer.) Pewee  Valley,  Ky. 

Hodge,  Benjamin  (Oranges) Box  383,  Redlands,  Cu. 

Holbbook,  Richard  Thayer  (Ed.) Univ.  of  California,  Berkeley,  Cal. 

LoBD,  Arthur  Power 62  Odar  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

StJTPHEN,  Dr.  Carlyle  Edgar 31  Roseville  Ave.  Newark,  NJ^. 

Thobison,  Herbert  Gordon 50  Church  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Tyler,  Rev.  Corydon  Ciirtiss 

207  E.  Graver's  Lane,  Chestnut  Hill,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Wabnock,  John  Dorrance  (Ed.) The  Hill  School,  Pottstown,  Pa. 

Whbelock,  Webster  (Librarian) 434  Laurel  Ave.  St.  Paui,  Minn. 

Wilcox,  Walter  Dwight  (Author) 1526  N.  H.  Ave.  Washington,  D.C. 

Williams,  Edward  Mason  (Paint) . .  10916  Magnolia  Drive,  Cleveland,  O. 


Buck,  Albert  Henry  (Ins.) 129  E.  Redwood  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Cooke,  Joseph  Piatt,  died  1918 Honolulu,  H.I. 

CuBTiB,  Clinton  James  (Transp.) . .  .3065  E.  Ocean  Ave.  Long  Beach,  Cal. 

Holmes,  Ralph  Winthrop  (Fin.) 56  Munro  PI.  Winsted,  CJonn. 

Jones,  Lawrence  B.  (Law.)  . .  .1102  Miners  Bank  Bldg.  Wilkes-Barre,  Pa. 
MosMAN,  Oliver  Clayton  (Law.) 3615  Holmes  St.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

*  O'Dat,  Daniel,  died  1916 Rye,  N.Y. 

*  Ryan,  Albert  Thorpe,  died  1910 Wallace,  Ida. 

Sallmon,  William  Henry  (Rancher) Chula  Vista,  San  Diego  Co.,  Cal. 

*  Smith,  Dr.  Letchworth,  died  1909 Louisville,  Ky. 

Thomas,  Edward  Russell Sunset  Ave.  Palm  Beach,  Fla. 

Todd,  William  (Banker) 44  Pine  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Van  Sltck,  George  Finch 1186  Summit  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

WooDBUFF,  William  Wallace,  Jr.  (Mer.) 

1630  W.  (Cumberland  Ave.  Knoxville.  Tenn. 

54  YALE  1896-97 


Adams,  Daniel  Crouse  (Fin.) 71  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Carson,  William  (Banking) 94  S.  Paint  St.  Chillicothe,  O. 

*  Cook,  Clifford  Semple,  dfied  1903    Sharon,  Pa. 

Debevoise,  Thomas  McElrath  (Law.) 62  Cedar  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Draper,  Dr.  James  Avery 1015  Washington  St.  Wilmington,  Del. 

*  Jacobus,  George,  died  1919 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Ketser,  William,  Jr 307  Keyser  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 

KiNQSLBT,  Charles  (Pub.) The  Old  Palace,  Richmond,  Surrey,  Eng. 

Ladd.  Dr.  Louis  William 1880  E.  73rd  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

MacGrbgor,  John,  Jr.  (Law.) 12546  Cedar  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Thomas,  Rev.  George  Herbert 

St.  Paul's  Church,  Dorchester  Ave.  A  50th  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Thomas,  Hermann  (Telephone) 195  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Thomson,  William  De  Forest Rome,  Italy 


Alvord,  Samuel  Morgan  (Ed.) 39  Hopkins  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Bacon,  Leonard  Beaumont  (Law.) 

15  Rochester  Savings  Bank  BlcU;.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

BALiiANTiNE,  James  A.  (Law.) 70  27th  Ave.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Berdan,  Prof.  John  Mullin 71  Edgehill  Rd.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Brastow,  Lewis  Ladd  (Sales  Mgr.) 19  Strong  Court,  Plainville,  Conn. 

Brookfield,  James  Hanford 41  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

BuiST,  Dr.  (jeorge  Lamb 3  Hancock  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Clark,  Thomas  Benton  (Sales  Eng.) 804  Cedar  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Clark,  Hon.  Walter  Haven  (Judge) . .  60  Washington  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Cochran,  Alexander  Smith 820  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Dodge,  Guy  Phelps 808  West  End  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Douglass,  John  H.  (Law.) 16  Vande venter  PI.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Drown,  Willard  Newell  (Law.) . .  106  Montgomery  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

FiTZHUQH,  Carroll  Hamilton 807  Ridge  Ave.  N.S.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Griggs,  Maitland  (Fuller)  (Law.) 154  E.  70th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

HoLLiSTER,  Greorge  Clay  (Fin.) 8  Tanglewylde  Ave.  Bronxville,  N.Y. 

*  HoLLiSTER,  Dr.  John  C,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Loomis,  Horace  Arthur,  died  1908 Rochester,  N.Y. 

Perkins,  Prof.  Henry  Augustus 55  Forest  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Sawyer,  James  Demson 30  Church  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Smith,  Nathaniel  Waite  (Law.)... 716  Turks  Head  Bldg.  Providence,  R.I. 
Starkweather,  William  Judd,  Jr. .  2096  Harvard  Blvd.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Stewart,  Douglas 920  Lynndale  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Thompson,  Arthur  Ripley  (Ins.) 

1083  Farmington  Ave.  W.  Hartford,  Conn. 

TwoMBLT,  Howland  (Law.) 84  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Van  Beuren,  Michael  Murray  (Ret.) . .  .Sunnyfields  Farm,  Newpjort,  R.I. 

Vennum,  Thomas  Gaylord  (Law.) Watseka,  111. 

Wade,  Frank  Edward  (Mfg.) 689  N.  Clinton  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 


*  Babcock,  Samuel  Denison,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Bailet.  Philip  Horton  (Paper) c/o  Bird  &  Son,  Walpole,  Mass. 

*  Barnes,  Theodore  Moore,  Jr.,  died  1897 New  York,  N.Y. 

1897-98  YALE  66 

Bass,  Lyman  Metcalfe  (Law.) 1330  Marine  Trust  Bldg.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Bell,  Arthur  WcUingtori  (Ret.) 807  Ridge  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

BoABDMAN.  Francis  (Eng.) Grand  Central  Terminal,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Brookfield,  Frank  (Law.) 555  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Campbell,  Henry  Godwin,  Jr 11  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Clark.  Prof.  Charles  Upson Yale  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Drake,  Dr.  Georee  Silas,  Jr 3800  Lindell  Blvd.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Drapes,  Arthur  Joy American  Trust  Co.  Charlotte,  N.C. 

Garrison,  Elisha  Ely  (Eng.) Greenwich,  Conn. 

Gerard,  Sumner 68  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Goodwin,  Walter  Lippincott  (R.  Est.) 783  Main  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Heffelfingeb,  Charles  Edwin  (R.  Est.) 

17  E.  24th  St.  Minneapolis.  Minn. 

JuDD,  Albert  Francis  (Law.) 622  Judd  St.  Honolulu,  H.I. 

JuDD,  Dr.  James  Robert 163  Beretania  St.  Honolulu,  H.I. 

*  Eeator,  Dr.  Harry  Mayham,  died  1917 Roxbury,  N.Y. 

Eekt,  Albert  Emmett  (Banking) 81  Westland  Ave.  Boston,  Mass. 

Kerr,  Albert  Boardman  (Law.) 49  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

KiTCHEL,  Cornelius  Porter  (Law.) 43  Cedar  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lapham,  Henry  George  (Banker) 50  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

liEDYARD,  Henry  (Law.) Union  Trust  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

*  MacBbids,  Thomas,  died  1919 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Murphy,  Dr.  Fred  Towsley 2248  Penobscot  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Parke,  Rev.  Hervey  Coke 50  Main  St.  Amherst,  Mass. 

*  Patterson,  Stewart,  died  1915 Medford,  Ore. 

RussEL,  Theodore  Frederic  (Ret.) 302  Mahantongo  St.  Pottsville,  Pa. 

*  Sawyer,  James  Putnam,  died  1914 Rutland,  Vt. 

*  Simpson,  James  Hervey,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

Smyth,  Nathan  Ayer  (Law.) 7  Day  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Thompson,  Benjamin  Franklin  Carver,  died  1899 Chicago,  111. 

Tttus,  John  Butler  (Steel) 538  S.  Main  St.  Middletown,  O. 

Wheelwright,  Dr.  Joseph  Storer,  2nd..  .62  E.  55th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Wilson,  Worrall  (Fin.) 816  Second  Ave.  Seattle,  Wash. 


Baldwin,  Arthur  Douglas  (Law.) . .  .9534  Lake  Shore  Blvd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Bassett,  Prof.  Samuel  Eliot 295  So.  Prospect  St.  Burlington,  Vt. 

Bbbck,  Ehner  Ellsworth  (Fin.) 50  Vanderbilt  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Brooks,  James  Coflinberry  (Law.) Marshall  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Butler,  Henry  Emerson  (Banker) 15  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Byers,  Dallas  Cannon,  died  1909 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Cadwaladeb,  Major  Bertram  Llewellyn 

c/o  Adjutant  Greneral,  Washington,  D.C. 

Cboshy,  Rajrmond  Moreau  (Artist) Yarmouthport,  Mass. 

Fitch,  Ashbel  Parmelee  (Law.) 67  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Garrison,  Robert  Thompson,  died  1920 Jensen,  Fla. 

Gay,  Robert  Harvey  (Law.) 52  WaU  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Goodwin,  Charles  Archibald  (Law.) .  .84  Scarborough  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Hay,  Adelbert  Stone,  died  1901 Washington,  D.C. 

Hume,  Robert  S.  (Law.),  1235  Massachusette  Ave.  N.W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Jackson,  Stuart  Wells  (Ins.) 110  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Kino,  Edwin  Burruss  (Ed.) Stusrvesant  School,  Warrenton,  Va. 

*  Ledyabd,  Augustus  Canfield,  died  1899 Detroit,  Mich. 

66  YALE  1898-99 

*  Ltman,  Paul  Henry,  died  1896 La  Grange,  111. 

McGraw,  Dr.  Theodore  Alexander 8162  Jefferson  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

McLauchlan,  Jay  Chandler  (Steel) 

700  Western  Reserve  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 
Pbbkins,  Dr.  Edward  Carter  (Missionary) 

Water  of  Life  Hospital,  Kinldang,  China 

RoDGERS,  James  Otis  (Ins.) 333  Pelhamdale  Ave.  Pelham,  N.Y. 

ScBANTON,  Jewett  H.  (Adv.) .  .o/o  J.  B.  Williams  Co.,  Glastonbury,  Conn. 
Strebtbb,  Dr.  Edward  Clark 280  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Swift,  Isaac  Newton,  died  1898 Ypsilanti,  Mich. 

TwrrcHBLL,  Dr.  David  Cushman 25  N.  Main  St.  Liberty,  N.Y. 

Ttlbr,  Victor  Morris  (Wire) 760  Prospect  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Van  Bburbn,  Dr.  Frederick  T.,  Jr 812  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Walsh,  John  Wilson  (Fin.) 190  E.  Chestnut  St.  Chicago,  HI. 

Wblch,  Pierce  Noble  (Mfg.) 251  E.  Rock  Blvd.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

WicKES,  Fors3^h  (Law.) 60  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Williams,  Arthur  Collins,  died  1917 Farmington,  Conn. 

Williams,  Lewis  Mason 601  Canal  Rd.  CWeland,  O. 

Williamson,  Frederic  Ely  (R.R.) 232  State  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

WooLSET,  John  Munro  (Law.) 131  E.  66th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Bartlett,  Charles  Griswold  (Mfg.) . .  .625  Orange  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Boise.  Edward  Baldwin  (Law.) 150  E.  72nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bowles,  Henry  Thornton  (Fruit) Charlottesville,  Va. 

*  Brayton,  Charles  A.,  died  1922 Cleveland,  O. 

Buckingham,  S(covill)  McLean  (Farmer) Watertown,  Conn. 

Clark,  John  Kirkland  (Law.) 61  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Conner,  Charles  Horace,  Jr Apawamis  Club,  Rye,  N.Y. 

Conner,  William  Boudinot,  Union  Oil  Co.  120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 
Day,  Dwight  Huntington  (Foreign  Miss.),  156  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Dewey,  Harry  Manford  (Broker) 5  Walbridge  St.  Allston,  Mass. 

Dodge,  Clarence  Phelps  (Pub.) Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 

Evans,  Berne  Holbrook 510  N.  2nd  St.  Harrisburg,  Pa. 

Evans,  John  Lewis  (Law.) .  .701  Commercial  Trust  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Goodyear,  Anson  (jonger  (Lumber) 160  Bryant  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

GoRHAM,  Frederick  Augustus,  Jr.  (Acct.) 

411  Houseman  Bldg.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 
Griswold,  William  Edward  Schenck  (Law.) 

26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hewitt,  Thomas  Denison  (Law.) 43  CTedar  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Kernan,  George  Angelo  (Law.) Devereux  Block,  UticaLN.Y. 

Knight,  Samuel  Preston  (Banking) 109  W.  8th  St.  Aberdeen,  Wash. 

Lawrence,  Thomas  Fisher  (Ins.) 5387  Pershing  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Lewis,  E(verson)  Howard  (Law.,  R.  Est.),  208  Brattle  Rd.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

LooMis,  Robert  Payson  (Mer.) 789  St.  Marks  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Morgan,  Herbert  Morean  (Adv.) 202  S.  State  St.  Chicago,  111. 

O'Fallon,  Howard  Lawrence  (Contr.) . .  .4543  Berlin  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Palmer,  Dr.  Joseph  Coolidge 124  Highland  Ave.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Parks,  Francis  Robert  (Ins.) 581  Boylston  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Parmelee,  Edward  Si>encer Rivercrest,  Astoria,  N.Y. 

Powers,  Charles  Alonzo  ^Contr.) 1980  Ford  Drive,  Cleveland,  O. 

Smith,  Greorge  Henry  (Eklit.) 88  Tuscan  Rd.  Maplewood,  N.J. 

Spbncb,  Thomas  Henry  (Law.) 107  Prospect  Ave.  Milwaukee  Wis. 

1899-1901  YALE  67 

Stewabt,  William  Kerfoot W.  K.  Stewart  Co.  Louisyille,  Ky. 

SwBET,  Carroll  Fuller  (Banker) Kent  Hills,  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Wallace,  Harry  Brookings 4976  Pershini?  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Weab,  Joseph  Walker  (Banker) Chestnut  Hill,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Wellman,  Guy  (Law.) 26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 


Adams,  Frederick  Baldwin  (Fin.) 25  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Brook,  John  Penn  (Mfff.) Bethlehem  Steel  Co.,  Lebanon.  Pa. 

Bbonson,  Esekiel  Stoddard New  Haven,  Conn. 

Brooks,  Charles  Stephen  (Writer) 1598  E.  115th  St.  Cleveland.  O. 

Camp,  Stuart  Brown  (Hdw.) Station  A.  Winsted,  Conn. 

Clabkb,  William  Rockwell  (Banker),  Ritt-Carlton  Hotel,  New  York,  N.Y. 
Dkapeb,  Clare  Hill  (Mfr.)    Adin  St.  Hopedale,  Mass. 

*  Ellebbb,  Chris.  P.,  died  1917 , St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Ellswobth,  Henry  Edwards  (Mfg.) Simsbury,  Conn. 

Francis,  David  Rowland,  Jr.  (Fin.) 214  N.  4th  St.  St.  Louis.  Mo. 

Greene,  Edward  Belden  (Banker) 10831  Magnolia  Dr.  Cleveland,  O. 

Habtwell,  Dr.  John  Bryant.  .1121  N.  Tejon  St.  Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 
Hill,  Edward  Buffum  (Shipbuilding) .  1318  Prospect  Ave.  Bethlehem,  Pa. 

Hopkins,  John  Morgan  (Farmer) Keswick,  Va. 

Hdbbell,  George  Wolcott,  Jr.  (Law.) 

259  E.  Putnam  Ave.  Greenwich,  Conn. 

Johnson,  Bascom  (Law.) 7  Clinton  St.  Pleasantville,  N.Y. 

^hnson,  Owen  McMahon  (Author) Ingleside,  Stockbrid^,  Mass. 

Kittle,  Alien  Irving  (Law.) 14  Montgomery  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Kdmlek,  Preston  (Law.) University  Club,  Chicago,  111. 

McBride,  Malcolm  Lee  (Mer.) 1250  W.  6th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

McCoRMicK,  Joseph  Medill U.S.  Senate,  Washington,  D.C. 

McCoBMicx,  Robert  Hall,  Jr.  (Law.). .  1950  McCormick  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 

Newcombe,  Albert  (Paper) International  Falls,  Minn. 

Oglebat,  Crispin  (Mfr.) Hanna  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Park,  Dr.  Edwards  Albert 127  Ridge  Rd.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

RocKBFELLEB,  Percv  Avcry  (Fin.) Lake  Ave.  Greenwich,  Conn. 

Russell,  Robert  (Writer),  New  Britcun  Daily  Herald,  New  Britain,  Conn. 

SCHWEPPB,  Richard  Jewett  (R.  Est.;  Oil) 

„  610  So.  Gramercy  PI.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Seymoub,  William  Edward  (Farmer) Box  524,  Middletown,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Dean  David  Stanley 53  Edgehill  Rd.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Swan,  Dean  Thomas  Walter Yale  Law  School,  New  Haven,  Conn. 

TwiTCHELL,  Reuben  Carter  (Mfg.) 93  Forest  St.  New  Britain,  Conn. 

Vandkr  Vekb,  Dr.  Albert,  Jr 158  E.  74th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Vooeler,  Dr.  William  Jerome 403  Palisade  Ave.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Williams,  William  Biddle,  died  1908 Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Allen,  Arthur  Dwight  (Mfr.) Glenview,  Ky. 

Allen,  Charles  Willis  (Mfg.) Belknap  Hardware  Co.  Louisville,  Ky. 

Blossom,  Dudley  Stuart  (Arts) 1900  E.  87th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Bbown,  Edwin  Hewitt  (Mfg.) Lake  Park,  Grosse  Pointe,  Mich. 

BtrcKiNGHAM,  Charles  Benedict Watertown,  Conn. 

Bters,  Eben  McBurney 235  Water  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Cambbon,  Alexander,  Jr.  (Iron) 15  Dey  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


68  YALE  1901-02 

^■^^^^^^^^■^^^^~—  ■     ■     ■  ^^^^— '     ■  ■  ™^-^^^  ■  ^^-^^^^^^^^       I  I  ■    ■     ■    ■  ^^^^^  ■  .  I  I    I    p     I  111  111     »      I     ■  ■       11    ■  ■  I  ■  W  IIM^^^^B^^M^— 

Cablisle,  James  Mandeville  (Fin.) 1647  30th  St.  Washington,  D.C. 

Clark,  George  Maxwell 26  Pierrepont  St.  BrooSyn,  N.Y. 

CoxE,  Alfred  Conkling,  Jr.  (Law.) 211  E.  6l8t  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

CuRTiss,  Henry  Stilea  (Fin.) 2322  Delamere  Dr.  Cleveland,  O. 

Eellb,  John  Shepard  (Ins.) Ross  Valley,  Marin  Co.  Cal. 

*  Fulton,  I^wis  Edwards,  died  1917 Waterbury,  Conn. 

Griffiths,  Arthur  Llewellyn  (Author) Bangor,  Me. 

HoRD,  John  Huntington  (Fin.) 1929  E.  75th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

HoYSRADT,  Warren  J.  (Fin.) 14  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

JuDD,  Rev.  Henry  Pratt 574  So.  King  St.  Honolulu,  H.I. 

KiNQSLEY,  Ranulph  (Fin.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Mason,  Frederick  Griswold 144  Buckingham  St.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

Merriman,  Dr.  Merritt  Heminway 42  W.  7l8t  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Mills,  James  Layng  (Arch.) Katonah,  Westchester  Co.  N.Y. 

Moody,  Rev.  Paul  D wight Middlebury  Coll.  Middlebury,  Vt. 

Nbvins,  Russell  Hubbard  (Ed.) St.  George's  School,  Newport,  R.I. 

Newport,  Reece  Marshall  (R.  Est.) . .  598  Endicott  Bldg.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Patterson,  Joseph  Medill 3  Banks  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Potter,  Clarkson  (Fin.) 14  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Reynolds,  George  Vogdes  (Law.) 4239  Lindell  Blvd.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Spier,  Lester  Morgan 213  Glen  St.  Glens  Falls,  N.Y. 

Stickney,  William  Arthur  (Fin.) 412  Olive  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Thomas,  Arthur  Abbot  (Law.) . .  .404  Turk's  Head  Bldg.  Providence,  R.I. 
Thomas,  Leonard  Moorehead  (Music) 

206  W.  Washington  Sq.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Twichell,  Burton  Parker  (Ed.) 406  Prospect  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Twining,  Kinsley  (Law.) 70  E.  56th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wattles,  William  Prime  (Eng.) . .  .301  Hathaway  Lane,  Wynnewood,  Pa. 

WeaH,  James  Hutchinson 503  Locust  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

WooLSEY,  Convers  Buckingham  (Agr.) 

7  Breeze  Hill  Plantation,  Aiken,  S.C. 
WooLSEY,  Theodore  Salisbury,  Jr.  (Forester) 

242  Prospect  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 


Abbott,  Gardner  (Law.) 1200  Williamson  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

*  Baer,  Charles  Seiser,  died  1906 Lancaster,  Pa. 

Beckwith,  Laurance  Baldwin  (Fin.) 514  Madison  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 

*  Burrall,  John  Booth,  died  1920 

Carpenter,  George  Boone The  Foothills,  Medf ord.  Ore. 

Chittenden,  Simeon  Baldwin,  Jr.  (Newspaper  Reptr.) 

730  N.  St.  John  Ave.  Highland  Park,  111. 
Day,  William  Edwards  (Fin.) 1640  N.  Meridian  St.  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

*  Eastman,  Frank  Manson,  died  1913 Parma,  Ida. 

Easton,  Edward,  Jr.  (Law.) 74  Chapel  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Fox,  Lytleton  (Law.) 136  E.  72nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Garnsey,  William  Smith,  Jr.  (Sugar) 

The  Great  Western  Sugar  Co.  Greeley,  Colo. 

Garvan,  John  Stephen 30  Woodland  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Goodwin,  James  Lester  (Mfg.) 880  Asylum  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Gould,  Charles  (Mfg.) 50  Vanderbilt  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Granbery,  Edwin  Carleton  (Banker) 56  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

1902-03  TALE  6» 

GuiiBNSET,  Raymond  Gano  (Law.).  75  S.  Hamilton  St.  Poujihkeepsie,  N.Y. 

HxATON,  Laurent 120  Woodland  Rd.  Aubt|rndale,  Maas. 

Hewett,  (George)  Ainslie  (Artist) 9  Spring  Dr.  Louisville,  Ky. 

James,  D.  L 1032  W.  55th  St.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Jbftbbson,  Floyd  Welman  (Cotton) 60  Worth  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Johnston,  Lesbe  Morgan 235  Water  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

liANCASTER,  Merritt  Proctor University  Club,  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Low,  Ethelbert  Ide  (Law.) 38  E.  64th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Mkad,  Henry  Sargent  (Paper) Callahan  Bank  Bldg.  Dayton,  O. 

Mbteb,  Charles  Conrad Taylor  Bldg.  Louisville,  Ky. 

Mobison,  Binnie  (Fin.) 44  Melrose  PI.  Montclair,  N.J. 

NiviNS,  Frank  Wells  (Banking) 68  Montague  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

NoBTON,  Robert  Castle  (Mfg.) 1212  Hanna  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

*  PiCKANDS,  Jay  Morse,  died  1913 Cleveland,  O. 

PoTTEB,  Roderick  (R.  Est.) «i 656  Ellicott  Sq.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

RiCHABDsoN,  Milo  Bamum,  Jr Lime  Rock,  Conn. 

Smith,  Keith  (Ranching) Linwqod,  Utah 

Stubges,  Rush  (Law.) 110  Benevolent  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Tatlob,  Rev.  Alan  McLean 22  Whitney  Park,  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Weab,  Arthur  Yancey,  died  in  service,  1918. 

WiLUNo,  Mark  Skinner  (Law.) 53  W.  Jackson  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 


*  Blount,  William  Alexander,  Jr.,  died  1918. 

BoGUE,  Samuel  Russell  (Sales  Mgr.) .  . .  642  Securities  Bldg.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Clabk,  Harold  Terry  (Law.) 1201  Leader-News  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

(Element,  Allen  Thomas  (Broker) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

CocHHAN,  Gifford  Alexander 57  E.  52nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

(^NANT,  George  Kimball 1301  N.  6th  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Dhapbb,  Trusten  Polk  (Steel) 1357  5th  Ave.  Youngstown.  O. 

Elmwobth,  Bradford  (Broker) 535  5th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Evans,  John  Kuhn  (Govt.) 25  E.  64th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pabnum,  Peter  E(ltinff)  (Ins.) 122  E.  82nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Fdi/ton,  William  Shirley  (Mfr.) 170  Hillside  Ave.  Waterbury.  Conn. 

(iOODWiN,  Francis  Spencer  (R.  Est.)  .  .  103  Woodland  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 
Gbamniss,  Robert  Ajidrews,  Jr.  (R.  Est.) 

340  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Gbekn,  C(harle8)  Douglass  (Fin.) 5  Nassau  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Hamlin,  Chauncey  Jerome  (Ed.) 1014  Delaware  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Hazabd,  Rowland  (Banking) Peace  Dale,  R.I. 

HiwiTT,  Brower  (Wire) 240  Edwards  St.  New  Haver,  C^onn. 

Kibtland,  Lucian  Swift *. . . .  Poland,  O. 

Leonabd,  George  Everston  (Law.) 135  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lewis,  Dudley  Fayne Princeton,  Mass. 

McCobmick,  Robert  Rutherford 7  S.  Dearborn  St.  Chicago,  111. 

MooBE,  Rev.  Frank  Wood  (Ed.) 14  Nelson  St.  Auburn,  N.Y. 

MuNsoN,  Walter  Starbuck 1016  Brinckerhoff  Ave.  Utica,  N.Y. 

Ootbt,  Erling  Cornelius  (Mfr.) 61  Cooke  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Plummeb,  Howard  Albert  (Fin.) 60  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

PoTTBB,  Henry  (Fin^- 611  Locust  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Retnolds,  James  William,  died  1911 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Robinson,  J(ohn)  Randolph  (Mfg.) 31  Nassau  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

60 YALE  1908-04 

Stauffbr,  Randolph  (Law.) 521  Court  St.  Reading,  Pa. 

*  SxJiiMVAN,  Walter,  died  1906 New  Orleans,  La. 

Thomas,  Joseph  Brown  (Eng.) 132  E.  19th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

TowNSBND,  Edward  Perry  (Banker) 247  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Vandbr  Poel,  Samuel  Oakley  (Ins.) ....  123  E.  72nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Van  Dyke,  Douglass  (Law.) 477  Kenilworth  PI.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Waddbll,  Carroll  Johnson  (Fin.) 

Drexel  &  Co.  5th  and  Chestnut  Sts.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Washington,  George  Augustine  (Law.) . .  15  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Whitcomb.  Edwin  Reynolds  (Farmer) Whitefish  Bay  P.O.  Wis. 

White,  Howard  Sage  (Mfr.) 46  Kellogg  St.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

Willis,  Orion  James  (Sales.) 14  N.  Kingshighway,  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Wing,  Wilson  Gordon  (Fin.) 37  Gushing  St.  Providence,  R.I. 


Adams,  Charles  Edward 342  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Allen,  Arthur  Williams  (Ins.) 209  Pearl  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Anderson,  Christopher  Magee,  died  1916 

*  Arnold,  Hastings,  died Willimantic,  Conn. 

*  Baldwin,  Frederick  Chambers,  died  1905 New  York,  N.Y. 

Beyer,  Charles  Edward  (Books) 367  Elm  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Blount,  Fernando  Moreno  (Exptr.) . .  .111  W.  La  Rua  St.  Pensacola,  Fla. 

Boies,  David  (Coal) 600  Clay  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

Brady,  James  Cox  (Fin.) 80  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bybrs,  John  Frederic 235  Water  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Chapin,  Carl  Mattison  (Edit.) 35  Fairview  St.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

Curtis,  Colman 671  Lafayette  St.  BufFido,  N.Y. 

Damon,  Maurice  Sherman  (Adv.) Loudonville,  Albany  Co.,  N.Y. 

Damon,  William  Francis  (Rancher) Box  53,  Chandler,  Ariz. 

*  FisK,  Augustus  Richey,  died  1917 

FiSK,  Charles  WUbur 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hartwell,  Everett  Smith  (Fin.) 77  Keene  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Holmes,  Joseph  Home 705  Devonshire  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  JoNBS,  Oliver  Livingston,  Jr.,  died  1918 

Kelly,  Asa  Rathbone 

Lane,  George  Thompson  (Broker) 27  Pine  St.  New  Yorkf,  N.Y. 

Lewis,  Alfred  Himtington Cahill  Bldg.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

McCain,  Charles  Simonton  (Fin.) Bankers  Tr.  Co.  Little  Rock,  Ark. 

Mitchell,  William  Ledyard  (Mfg.) 

7  Berkshire  PI.  Grosse  Pointe  Farm,  Mich. 

MoHLMAN,  George  Albert  (Sales.) 30  Church  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Moorhead,  John  Alston 1014  Lincoln  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Northrop,  Edwin  Canfield  (Fin.) 51  Church  St.  Waterburyt  Conn. 

Olmsted,  Alexander  H 23  Rue  de  la  Paix,  Paris,  France 

Olmsted,  John  (Mfg.) 122  Windsor  Ave.  Bufifalo,  N.Y. 

Parks,  (George)  Elton  (Law.) 80  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Scott,  Basil    559  West  171st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Studwbll,  George  Stuart.  Jr.  (Ins.)  ..342  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Tyler,  Leonard  Sanf ord  (Mfg.) 34  Edgehill  Rd.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Williams,  James  Harvey  (Mfg.) 150  Hamilton  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Wilson,  Justice  (Law.)  .  .Park  Dr.  &  River  Rd.  Copland  Hghts.  Toledo,  O. 

WiNSLOW,  Bumside  (Fin.) 145  Cold  Spring  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Winston,  Garrard  Bigelow  (Law.) 229  Lake  Shore  Dr.  Chicago,  HI. 

190M)6  YALE  61 


Akustbono,  Horace  White  (President) 

Reid,  Murdoch  &  Co.  Chicago,  III. 

Baxteb,  Hamilton Southern  Railway,  Washin^n,  D.C. 

Bbntlet,  John  Eldridge McMinnville,  Tenn. 

Bloomeb,  James  Ralph  (Mining) 50  Vanderbilt  Aye.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Brooks,  Edward  Little  (Ret.) 229  Springfield  Pike,  Wyoming,  O. 

Bbown,  McCleane  (Iron  &  Steel) Sewickley,  Pa. 

*  Brufp,  Harold,  died  1911 New  York,  N.Y. 

Champion,  William  Julius  (Paper) 20  Fern  St.  Aubumdale,  Mass. 

CoLiE,  Runyon  (Law.) 109  Prospect  St.  £.  Orange,  N^. 

Dat,  Frederick  Himtington  (Fin.) 

709  Fletcher  Tr.  Bldg.  Indianapolis,  Ind. 
DE  LA  Vbbgne,  Chester  Rhodes 

The  Ranchman's  Club,  Calgary,  Alberta,  Canada 

DoDGB,  Henry  Groff  (Law.) 839  Guardian  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Edwabds,  George  Holmes  (Silverware) . .  276  Park  Ave.  Bridgeport,  Conn. 
Ellswobth,  John  Stoughton  (Charities) . .  103  E.  86th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Fallows,  Charles  Samuel  (Law.) Three  Oaks,  Saratoga,  Cal. 

Hanson,  Willis  Tracy,  Jr.  (Banker) 20  Union  Ave.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Hare,  Morin  Scott  (Mining) 116  E.  63rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Heminoway,  Roy  Willet  (Canrier) Ill  South  St.  Auburn,  N.Y. 

Howabd,  Morton  Albertson 258  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hughes,  Berrien 1200  Grant  Ave.  Denver,  Colo. 

JxTDD,  Charles  Sheldon  (Forester) 2425  Manoa  Ave.  Honolulu,  H.I. 

Kennedy,  John  Russell  (Medicines) 12  S.  6th  St.  Reading,  Pa. 

KiBKHAJf ,  Edward Holliston,  Mass. 

Lathbop,  John  Hiram  (Law.)  .  .304  1st  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 
La  Vake,  Dr.  Rae  Thornton .  . .  2225  Girard  Ave.  So.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Little,  Edward  Stephen  (Fin.)  .  .  .  729  National  City  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Meieb,  Duncan  Ivers  (Wire) 6457  CecU  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Reid,  Archibald  (Iron) 60  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

RiCHABDBON,  Gardner  (Foreign  Relief  Work) Woodstock,  Conn. 

RiCKcoBDS,  Francis  Stanley  (Law.)  ...  69  W.  Washington  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Robebts,  John  Taylor 36  Pearl  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Spalding,  Edward  Eldridge  (Broker) 61  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stillman,  Walter  Negley  (Fin.) 60  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sweet,  Itev.  Sidney  Edward 1281  Franklin  Ave.  Columbus,  O. 

*Thomas,  Ralph  HiU,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 

Whitehouse,  Sheldon  (Diplomat) State  Dept.  Washington,  D.C. 

WisHABD,  Dwight  Milton  (Mortgages) 

2614  Tremont  Ave.  So.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Addoms,  Captain  Mortimer  Clark,  Jr 73  E.  56th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Alobich,  Richard  Steere  (Law.) Turks  Head  Bldg.  Providence,  R.I. 

Andbews,  Austin  Warrington  (Rubber) .  .41  E.  42nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bbooks,  Chester  Kingsley 10600  Quincv  Ave.  S.E.  Cleveland,  O. 

Dabt,  Joseph,  Jr 15  Oakwood  Ave.  Dayton,  O. 

DousMAN,  Louis  de  Vierville  (Ins.) 21  Broadway,  Billings,  Mont. 

Downing,  Frank  Collins  (Paper) 

New  England  Natl.  Bank,  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

62  YALE  1906-07 

DusTiN,  Edward  Farnaworth  (Adv.) 

412  Farmington  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Ferry,  Rev.  Horace  Farwell 424  E.  Michigan  St.  Marquette,  Mich. 

Field,  Samuel,  Jr 817  Berkeley  Ave.  Trenton,  N.J. 

FiTZPATRiCK,  Benjamin  (Mer.) Box  2213,  Atlanta,  Ga. 

Flanders,  Roger  Yale  (Fin.) 161  Prospect  Ave.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Flinn,  a.  Rex  (Mfg.) Bowman  Bldg.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Fulton,  Irving  Kent  (Farming) Wayside  Farm,  Salisbury,  Conn. 

Goodwin,  Howard  (Ins.) 158  N.  Beacon  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Greene,  A.  Crawford  (Law.) Balfour  Bldg.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

GuRLET,  Rev.  Melville  Brooks ....  39  W.  Chelton  Ave.  Germantown,  Pa. 

Harris,  William  Hugh  (Fin.) 10  S.  Calvert  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Heckscher,  Gustav  Maurice  (R.  Est.) . .  .50  E.  42nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
HOTT,  Lydig 167  E.  74th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Johnson,  William  Kurtz,  died  1909 Washington,  D.C. 

KocHERSPEROER,  Edmund  Stanley  (Rubber) 

31  Orchard  St.  Belmont,  Mass. 

McClintock,  Wilson  Shaw  (Oil) 6425  5th  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

MooRE,  Barrington  (Forestry) 925  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Newberry,  John  Strong. .  .Mass.  Inst,  of  Technolo^,  Cambridge,  Mass. 

O'Brien,  Frank  (Ed.) Adams  Hall,  Andover,  Mass. 

Ralston,  Henry  Gould  (R.  Est.) Lawyers  Bldg.  Miami,  Fla. 

Rowland,  Rufus  Story  (Broker) 444  Stelle  Ave.  Plainfield,   N.J. 

*  Shevlin,  Thomas  Leonard,  died  1916 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Smith,  Bruce  Donald 112  State  Ave.  Atlantic  City,  N.J. 

Stevenson,  John  Archibald  (Banker) 52  Cedar  St.  Chicago,  III. 

Struby,  George  Berger 1600  Ogden  St.  Denver,  Colo. 

TwiCHELL,  Rev.  Joseph  Hooker 123  Church  St.  N.  Adams,  Mass. 

Weeks,  Kenneth  Ellmgham 445  Washington  Ave.  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

Whitcomb,  Henry  Franklin,  Jr.  (Fin.) .  .  265  Martin  St.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

White,  Edwin  (Bonds) 767  Goodrich  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

White,  Philip  Trumbull 

Cleveland,  Cincinnati  &  St.  Louis,  R.R.  Mattoon,  111. 

WicKwiRE,  Jere  Raymond  (Artist) 125  E.  72nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wolfe,  Russell  (Law.) 100  S.  Broad  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Baqo,  Dr.  Edward  Parsons,  Jr Hampton  Knolls,  Holyoke,  Mass. 

Boardman,  Philip  Waldron 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bristol,  Ernest  Milford  (Imptr.) .  .11  Whitson  St.  Forest  Hills,  L.I.  N.Y. 

Brown,  Alexander  Gushing  (Mfg.) 1625  Hazel  Dr.  Cleveland,  O. 

Carter,  Winthrop  Lakey  (Paper) 28  Concord  St.  Nashua,  N.H. 

Chase,  Ralph  Waldo  (Agr.) Powder  Hill  Rd.  Middlefield,  Conn. 

CovEY,  Leland  Church  (Fin.) 212  W.  22nd  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Crane,  Joseph  Graham Riverside,  Conn. 

Cunningham,  James  (Ins.) 124  E.  55th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

CuRTiss,  Charles  Gould  (R.  Est.) Saturn  Club,  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Daniels,  Forrest  Leonard,  died  1908 Saranac  Lake,  N.Y. 

Dean,  Franklin  Augustus,  Jr. . . .  524  Weissinger-Gaulbert,  Louisville,  Ky. 

Driggs,  Theodore  Ives  (Mfg.) 139  Prospect  St.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

Francis,  Tarlton  Turner  (Broker) 214  N.  4th  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Goodwin,  Philip  Lippincott  (Arch.) 11  W.  54th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Halcomb,  Charles  Herbert,  Jr c/o  Proctor  &  Gamble,  Cincinnati,  O. 

1907-08  YALB  63 

Habt,  Edward  Henry  (Law.) 15  Nassau  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Hartwell,  Mortimer  Hall  (R.  Est.) P.O.  Box  266,  Portland,  Ore. 

Hill,  Charles 55  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

HowBERT,  William  Irving  (Banking) 

28  W.  Monument  St.  Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 

Knox,  Hugh  Smith Strafford.  Pa. 

McCoRMicK,  Chauncey  Brooks 137  S.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 

McKmiqht,  Sumner  Thomas  (Banking) 

2200  Park  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Maddox,  Rufus  Sherrell  (Forestry),  1711  Beechwood  Ave.  Nashville,  Tenn. 

*  Mather,  Amasa  Stone,  died  1920 Cleveland,  O. 

Mitchell,  James  Lynn  (Banking).  ..Capital  Natl.  Bank,  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Olds,  Irving  Sands  (Law.) 14  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Oliver,  Charles  (Iron) 1516  Termon  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Phipps,  Howard 787  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Revell,  Fleming  Hewett,  Jr.  (Pub.) 158  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

RooiiB,  Howard  Le  Chevalier  (R.  Est.) 

177  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sheffield,  Henry  E.  (Law.) 13003  Lake  Shore  Blvd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Sloane,  Malcolm  Douglas 12  E.  62nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stimson,  Henry  Bartlett  (Law.) 14  Mendota  Ave.  Rye,  N.Y. 

Sullivan,  William  George 1545  N.  Meridian  St.  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

Thomas,  Gaylord  (Food  broker) 112  Market  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Tracy,  Ernest  Bell  (Banker) 370  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

VmcENT,  Arthur  Hill  (Lumber) 115  Davis  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Wheeler,  Cortlandt  Stuyvesant 273  Genesee  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 


Alvord,  Danforth  Fletcher  (Mfg.) 92  Hinsdale  Ave.  Winsted,  Conn. 

Andrews,  William  McClure 

c/o  Lake  Erie  Limestone  Co.  Youn^own,  O. 

Baxewell,  Donald  Campbell  (Mfg.) Centennial  Ave.  Sewickley.  Pa. 

Baldwin,  Samuel  Alexander  (Ranching) 

Haleakala  Ranch  Co.  Makawao,  Maui,  H.I. 

*  Baldwin,  Simeon,  died 

Bahrt,  James  Corbett  (Contr.) 95  North  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Beroer,  George  Reis  Bart  (Law.) . .  5453  Albermarle  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Bradley,  Jonathan  Sawyer  (Law.) 157  Central  Ave.  Dover,  N.H. 

Clement,  Waldo  Park,  Jr 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Collins,  Philip  Hamilton  (Fin.) 

1208  Union  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 
♦Conner,  Richard  Lord  Jones,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Dahl,  George  (Prof.) 1112  Yale  Sta.,  New  Haven,  Conn. 

De  Witt,  William  Andrew  (Fin.) 2247  Piedmont  Ave.  Berkeley,  Cal. 

Dudley,  Prescott 50  Vanderbilt  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Field,  John  Elliott  (Clerk) 255  Wakelee  Ave.  Ansonia,  Conn. 

Gammell,  William,  Jr.  (Cotton) 50  So.  Main  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Greene,  Donald  (R.  Est.) 18  E.  48th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Griswold,  Dwight  Torrey,  died  1908 Erie,  Pa. 

Hemingway,  Louis  Lee  (Trust  Ofl&cer) .  .151  Everit  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Holliday,  Samuel  Newton  (Adv.) 550  W.  57th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Housum,  Charles  Robert  (Playwright)  .  .2269  Coventry  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

64  YALE  1908-09 

"^"*'^'         ■'■■  ■■  "■■  "■■  ■  ■ '■  ■  iii.-i— I-  I,. I  .        Ill,  ,„^ 

Jones,  Clarence  Drummond 2nd  and  Utah  Sts.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Leete,  Rev.  William  Rockwell 

Amer.  Board  Mission,  Fenchow,  Shansi,  China 
Luther,  Charles  Fisher  (Sales) 18  Whitelawn  Ave.  Milton,  Mass. 

*  MoHLMAN,  Albert  John,  died  1918 Brielle,  N.J. 

MooRB,  Paul  (Fin.) Hollow  Hill  Farm,  Convent,  N.J. 

Murphy,  Frederic  Timothy 89  Regent  St.  London,  England 

Ordwat,  Samuel  Oilman  (Law.) 623  Portland  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Overall,  Sidney  Rollins  (Law.) 712  Belt  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

PiGOTT,  John  Thomas  (Law.) 2700  M  St.  Sacramento  Cal. 

Porter,  Dr.  Donald  Wallace 58  Wall  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Rbiqeluth,  Ray  John  (Contr.) 179  Maple  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Seymour,  Prof.  Charles 162  Prospect  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Sheldon,  Archie  McDaniels 609  Rush  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Stewart,  Donald  Barton  (Mer.) 44  Leonard  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Thacher,  Thomas  Anthony  (Law.),  244  California  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 
Tussey,  Moore  Caldwell  (Pub.) 

Henry  Holt  &  Co.  19  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Webb,  Henry  Walter,  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 

Whitehill,  Arthur  Murray  (Fin.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 


Bacon,  Leonard  (Ed.) 2241  Piedmont  Ave.  Berkeley,  Cal. 

Beers,  Henry  Augustin,  Jr Gwyncroft  Farm,  N.  Wales,  Pa. 

Beggs,  Lawrence  Dilworth 113  S.  3rd  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Bellamy,  Frederick  Wilder  (Law.) 260  Henry  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Blodoet,  Francis  Malbone  (Fin.) . .  .65  Patterson  Ave.  Greenwich,  Conn. 

Cole,  Harry  Frederick  (Sales.) 57  High  St.  Newburyport,  Mass. 

Converse,  Paul  Howard  McGregor  (Fin.) 

116  Cutler  Bldg.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Crane,  Jefferson  Patterson Oakwood  Village,  Dayton,  O. 

CuRTiss,  Geoffrey 652  Elk  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Donnelly,  Wilham  M.  (Law.) 1702  Ford  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Driscoll,  Arthur  Gotzian  (Fin.) 312  Summit  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Dykman,  Jackson  Annan  (Law.) 177  Montague  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y, 

Eastman,  Thomas  Collyer  (Banker) 71  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Eddy,  Elford  Welles  (Fm.) Newington,  Conn. 

Gates,  Dr.  Frederick  Lamont.  .1370  Roosevelt  Ave.  Pelham  Manor,  N.Y. 

Godchaux,  Leon,  Jr.  (Clothing) 5  Everett  PI.  New  Orleans,  La. 

Hannah,  Miles  Carrington Riouwstraat,  105  's  Gravenhage,  Holland 

Howard,  Charles  Wadsworth  (Mfg.) Box  1087,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Kbator,  Samuel  Jerman,  Jr.  (Adv.) .  .  683  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

KiTCHEL,  Allan  Farrand Soimd  Beach,  Conn. 

LiOHTNER,  Drake  (Mfg.) 107  Virginia  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Little,  John  Joseph 14  N.  Kingshighway,  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Loomis,  Alfred  Lee  (Law.) 32  Liberty  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

McCall,  Sydney  Clement  (R.  Est.) 112  E.  74th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Menoel,  Charles  Christopher,  Jr 1325  Third  St.  Louisville,  Ky. 

Murray,  Francis  Wisner,  Jr.  (Banking) Goshen,  N.Y. 

Olmsted,  Francis  Howard  (Steel  &  Iron) 

2906  Singer  Bldg.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Peirce,  Reginald  Carman  MacKnight. .  150  E.  72nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

1909-10 YALB 66 

Phslan,  Sidney  Maroellus,  Jr.  (Paper).  .5429  Enright  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 
Retnolds,  Donald  Louis  (Banker) 

Toledo  Sav.  Bank  A  Tr.  Co.  Toledo,  O. 

*  Sheppard,  Eustace  Morrow,  died  1920 New  York,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Huntington  (R.  Est.) 622  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Spitzbr,  Roland  Adelbert,  died 

&roKB8,  Horace  Winston  (Adv.) 19  W.  44th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Tatt,  WilHam  Howard,  2nd  (Banker) ...  103  E.  86th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Tbudbau,  Dr.  Francis  Berger Saranac  Lake,  N.Y. 

WAiiKSB,  Dr.  Melvin  Harvey,  Jr 76  Bartlett  Ave.  Pittsfield,  Mass. 

Wabdwell,  Joseph  Bradford 196  Elm  St.  Stamford,  Conn. 

Watbous,  Francis  Melsar  (Oil) University  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Webb,  William  Seward,  Jr.  (R.  Est.) 681  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Whitehoubb,  Norman  Ogden Ridgewood,  Mt.  Kisco,  N.Y. 


Bakeb,  Howard  CJlifton  (Mfr.) 350  Olney  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Babkes,  Thomas  Sloane  (Mer.) 428  Flanders  St.  Portland,  Ore. 

Bliss,  Byron  George  (Realty) 201  Lathrop  Bldg.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Bbbtb,  Harold  Brewster 276  Garfield  PI.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Clement,  Robert,  died  1921 Rutland  Vt. 

Clow,  Kent  Sarver 534  S.  Franklin  St.  Chicago,  111. 

CBispBLii,  Reuben  Bernard  (Law.) 49  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Dennis,  Kilbourn  Smith  (Ins.) 1144  S.  3rd  St.  Louisville,  Ky. 

Dbew,  Frederick  Morris,  Jr.  (Acct.) 2  Mott  St.  Ansonia,  Conn. 

Elt,  David  Jay  (Law.) 62  Cedar  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

EwEN,  John  Meiggs,  Jr.  (Law.) 50  Vanderbilt  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Etbe,  Wilson  Lear 3546  Balsam  Ave.  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

Fkbgusson,  Arthur  Robertson o/o  Yale  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Field,  Georse  Baldwin 95  South  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

FoBD,  John  Willard  (Law.) 1621  Fifth  Ave.  Youngstown,  O. 

FouTS,  Edwin  Louis Parker  St.  Jacksonville,  Fla. 

Glover,  Charles  Carroll,  Jr.  (Banker) 

737  15th  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 
Gbeelet,  Carlos  Stockwell  (Mgr.) 

256  Montgomery  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Gbutith,  Millen Ross.CaL 

Hall,  Lyle  Gillis  (Mfr.) Ridgway,  Pa. 

Hat,  Wellington  Burt  (Exptr.  A  Imptr.) 

8  Cottesmore  Grardens,  W.  8,  London,  Eng. 

Heabd,  Drayton  (Law.) 222  Chestnut  Rd.  Edgeworth,  Sewickley,  Pa. 

HiNB,  Lyman  Northrop  (Cotton  Oil) 65  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lowe,  George  Hale,  Jr.  (Mfg.) 72  Lincoln  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

McRee,  James  Fergus 925  Summit  Ave.  Seattle,  Wash. 

Machbtte,  James  Harold  (Mfr.) Brunswick,  Me. 

MoBSB,  Erwin  Albert Box  181,  Alexandria,  Va. 

Nelson,  Frank  Thayer  (Law.) 1502  Ford  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Phelps,  Richardson  (Ins.) . .  .c/o  Phelps-Eastman  Co.  Minneapolis.  Minn. 

Price,  Charles  Baird  (Hdw.) 6  Ormsby  PI.  Louisville,  Ky. 

RiCHABDSON,  (j^rge  (Adams)  (Deputy  Trustee) 

11  Scott  St.  Lake  Forest,  111. 
Roberts,  Edward  Constant  (Ins.). .  .1110  Prospect  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 
Roberts,  Edward  Llewelyn  (Lumber) . . .P.  O.  Box  1395,  Amarillo,  Texas 

66  YALE  1910-11 

Roberts,  Philip  (Law.) 323  Washington  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

RooME,  Reginald  (Law.) 219  Milbank  Ave.  Greenwich,  Conn. 

ScuDDER,  Dr.  Frank  Dyckman 24  Oxford  St.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Sewall,  Arthur  (Farming) Whiskeag  Rd.  Bath,  Me. 

Seymour,  Edward  Palmer  (Adv.) 21  Monroe  PI.  Larchmont,  N.Y. 

Swords,  Albert  Day  (Ins.) 22  Madison  Ave,  Morristown',  N.J. 

Urquhart,  John  Edwin,  Jr.  (Coke) 

The  Kentucky  Solvay  Coke  Co.  Ashland,  Ky. 

Wacker,  Frederick  Glade  (Mfg.) 326  W.  Madison  St.  Chicago,  lU. 

Woodford,  Walter  Emerson,  Jr.  (Sales.) .  .2  W.  47th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Abbott,  Cary  (Banking) First  National  Bank,  Cheyenne,  Wyo. 

Bacon,  Benjamin  Selden  (Mfr.) 244  Edwards  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Baker,  David  Sherman  (Mfr.) Greenwich,  Conn. 

Banks,  James  Lenox,  Jr 116  E.  63rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Burgess,  Rev.  George 170  Springfield  St.  Chicopee,  Mass. 

*  Coleman,  Ralph  Elliott,  died  1910 Saranac  Lake,  N.Y. 

Crandall,  Francis  William  (Fin.) 3813  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Dana,  James  Dwight  (Law.) 42  Church  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Darr,  George  Webster 1208  W.  1st  St.  Oil  City,  Pa. 

Deminq,  Robert  Champion  (Ed.) .  . .  .245  Bradley  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Dempset,  John  Bourne  (Law.) 1201  Leader-News  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Evans,  Rowland  (Ins.) 

c/o  Piatt  Yimgman  &  Co.  400  Wahiut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
ExTON,  Frederick 

U.S.  Rubber  Exp.  Co.  25  Boulevard  Emile,  Bockstad,  Brussels,  Belgium 

FoLSOM,  Henry  Lloyd  (Mer.) Llewellyn  Park,  W.  Orange,  N.J. 

GiLLis,  Ansel  Whiting 4013  Berenice  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Grant,  Havens  (Law.) 

Stetson,  Jennings  &  Russell,  15  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hall,  Richard  Ware  (Fin.) 313  S.  51st  Ave.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Harrah,  Capt.  Edward  (U.  S.  A.) 

c/o  Adjutant  General,  Washington,  D.C. 
Hartwbll,  Arthur  Mowry  (Grain) 

2123  Plesant  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Hincks,  Carroll  (Law.) Ill  W.  Main  St.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

Holcombe,  John  Marshall,  Jr.  (Ins.) Farmington,  Conn. 

Hotchkiss,  Edward  Gillette  (Fin.)... 4392  Maryland  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Hubbard,  Allen  Skinner  (Law.) 678  Ely  Ave.  Pelham  Manor,  N.Y. 

Jbffert,  Reuben,  Jr.  (Law.) 626  (jurney  Bldg.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

KiNQ,  Richard  Ransom  (Ins.) 670  Main  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Kittrbdqe,  Francis  William  (Fin.) 10  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Larremore,  Prof.  Thomas  Armitage .  1464  Eleanore  St.  New  Orleans,  La. 

Lb  Blanc,  Kenneth 1503  Valence  St.  New  Orleans,  La. 

LoMBARDi,  Cornelius  Ennis  (Joum.) 3525  Hall  St.  Dallas,  Tex. 

Low,  Abbott  Augustus  (Timber) Horse  Shoe,  N.Y. 

LucHARS,  Robert  Barrie,  315  Upper  Mountain  Ave.  Upper  Montclair,  N.J. 

Morrill,  Edward  Thomas  (Fin.) 57  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Morris,  Effingham  Buckley,  Jr.  (Law.) .  .  225  S.  8th  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Murfey,  Alfred  Armstrong.. .  .2264  St.  James  Pkwy.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 
Pigott,  Major  William  Trigg,  Jr.  • 

c/o  Ad  utant  General,  Washington.  D.C 

1911-12  TALB  67 

■  »■■—    II  ^t^,^^  ■      I  ■■■■  ■■■■         ,^,^^m^  ^^^^^^i^^^^^^^^.^— ^— ^^^^^^il— ^^^ 

RuMSET.  Joseph  Francke  (Mfg.) .  .1009  W.  IQth  St.  Oklahoma  City,  Okla. 

Sakgent,  Richard  Collier  (MfgJ) 326  Willow  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Shapleigh,  Alexander  Weasel  (Hdw.),  4376  Westminster  PI.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

SouLB,  Leslie  (Factory  Mgr.) 77  Village  Ave.  Dedham.  Mass. 

Taylor,  CJeorge  Hamlet  (Sales.) 706  East  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Tbrbt,  John  Taylor,  Jr.  (Banker) 37  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

♦  WATEbs,  James  Webster,  died  in  service,  1918. 

WooLLET,  Edgar  Montillion N.  Broadway,  Saratoga  Springs,  N.Y. 

1912    . 

Booth,  Edward  Townsend  (Journ.) 930  Central  Ave.  Plainfield,  N.J. 

Caldwell,  John  Hugus  (Fin.) U.  S.  Trust  Co.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Campbell,  Jasper  Adams,  Jr.  (Fin.) .  .50  Central  Park  W.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Clark,  Willis  Kellogg  (Banker) 552  Montgomery  Dr.  Portland,  Ore. 

Day,  Frederic  Lansing  (Playwright),  321  Chestnut  St.  W.  Newton,  Mass. 
Dickinson,  Jacob  McGavock,  Jr.  (Law.) .  112  W.  Adams  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Flago,  William  Francis  (Fin.) 50  Vanderbilt  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Phancis,  Sidney  Rowland  (Fin.) 214  N.  4th  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

GiFTORD,  Stanley  Easton  (Law.) Boumedale,  Mass. 

Glover,  Samuel  (Sales  Mgr.) Fairfield,  Conn. 

(xOODHART,  Arthur  Lehman  (Ed.) 

Corpus  Christi  College,  Cambridge,  England 
Harris,  Stanley  Gale  (Fin.) .  .  Harris  Trust  &  Savmgs  Bank,  Chicago,  111. 

Hart,  Mervin  Stanley  (Sales.) 1  Nutgrove  St.  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

Hartley,  Cavour 38(X)  E.  Sujjerior  St.  Duluth,  Minn. 

HosKiNs,  Arthur  Corbitt  (Adv.)   412  Union  Blvd.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Keelbr,  Ralph  (Mfr.) 502  Liberty  Bank  Bldg.  Savannah,  Ga. 

Kino,  Efiram  MacFarlane Woodstock,  Vt. 

Knight,  Francis  McMaster  (Fin.) 638  Hinman  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

LeBoutillier,  Martin  (Law.) 374  Monte  Vista  St.  Phoenix,  Aris. 

Lines,  Harold  Stevens  (Adv.) 48  Berkeley  Ave.  Newark,  N.J. 

Lines,  William  Samuel,  Jr 210  S.  Main  St.  W.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Mead,  Edwin  Henry 57  Ralston  Ave.  So.  Orange,  N.J. 

Mead,  George  Gordon  (Fruit) .  .• TivoU,  N.Y. 

♦  Morgan,  Denison,  died  1918 Portsmouth,  N.H. 

MuLLiNS,  Frederic  Parsons  (Sales.) 205  Lincoln  Ave.  Salem,  O. 

Murphy,  Vincent  Bernard  (Fin.) .  .  .541  University  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Orthwein,  Percy  James  (Adv.) 5125  Lindell  Blvd.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Partridge,  Theodore  Dwight  (Banker) ....  19  5th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Perry,  Henry  Eldridge 815  5th  St.  Terre  Haute,  Ind. 

Perry,  Henry  TenEyck  (Ed.) 68  Wall  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Peters,  Thomas  McClure  (Ranching) 6  E.  69th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Phillips,  Richard  Henry  (Law.) 42  Highland  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Price,  Andrew 1815  10th  Ave.  N.  Seattle,  Wash. 

RowE,  Stanley  Melville  (Mfr.),  3444  Berry  Ave.  Hyde  Park,  Cincinnati,  O. 

Smith,  Siminer  (Farmer) Lincoln,  Mass. 

Thomasson,  Eugene  Morgan Riverview,  No.  Chattanooga,  Tenn. 

ToMLiNsoN,  Daniel  Grant  (Law.) 15  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Tubes,  Chapin  Filkins  (Agr.) Calistoga.  Cal. 

Tweedy,  Temple  Haydn  (Sales.),  8624  123rd  St.  Richmond  Hill,  Ll.  N.Y. 

TwoMBLY,  Edward  Bancroft  (Law.) 23  Femwood  Rd.  Summit,  N.J. 

WiNTERBOTHAM,  John  RusscU  (Mfr.) ....  8  So.  Dearborn  St.  CJhicago,  IlL 

68  YALE  1913-14 

•      1913 

Abbot,  Robertson  (Ins.)  .  . .  208  Wiight-Callender  Bldg.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

AcHELis,  Johnfritz 38  E.  25th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Alford,  William  John,  Jr.  (Mfr.)  . . .  .404  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Allen,  Douglass  Marshall  (Adv.) 

3312  Menlo  Ave.  E.  Walnut  Hills,  Cincinnati,  O. 

Baksr,  Charles  Wentworth,  Jr 519  Maxwell  Ave.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Bartlbtt,  Albert  L.,  Jr.  (Farm  Loans). . .  .Bartlett  Bros.  St.  Joseph,  Mo. 
Beard,  Alexander  Humphrey  (Acct.) . .  .200  W.  59th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
BoNNELL,  Charles  Arms 

c/o  Mrs.  A.  H.  Rice,  1414  Fifth  Ave.  Yoimgstown,  O. 

Brown,  Joseph  Epes,  Jr.  (Ed.) 90  Bayard  Lane,  Princeton,  N.J. 

Campbell,  Arthur  Bradley Metropolitan  Club,  Washington,  D.C. 

Campbell,  William  Lyman  (R.R.) 15  Vernon  PI.  Stamford,  Conn. 

Clifford,  Berthoud  (Sales.) 4415  W.  Pine  Blvd.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Cooper,  James  Fenimore,  Jr.,  died  in  service,  1918. 

CoRDiER,  Auguste  Julien  (Mfr.) 30  E.  55th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cramer,  Ambrose  Coghill  (Arch.) . .  .1114  Monadnock  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 

CRAWFORDjAlbert  Beecher 97  Canner  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

CuMMiNG,  Howard  Theodore  (Mfg.) . .  69  Mt.  Hope  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Driscoll,  Robert  (Law.) 212  W.  22na  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Eddt,  Stanley  Robbins  (Fin.) Lincoln  St.  New  Britain,  Conn. 

Frost,  Russell,  Jr.  (Purchas.  Agt.)  ...  .52  West  Ave.  So.  Norwalk,  Conn. 
Gleason,  Charles  Billings  (Banker) . .  .2534  Derbyshire  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Gordon,  John  Hamlin  (Mfg.) 71  Orange  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Hamilton,  Carl  William  (Executive) . . .  .270  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

HoTT,  Oliver  Corse  (Leather) Noroton  HiU,  Stamford,  Conn. 

Hunter,  John  Stafford  (Sales.) 6317  Kentucky  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Krech,  Shepard 393  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Lane,  Mortimer  Bliss  (Edit.) 3935  Livingston  St.  Washington,  D.C. 

Lillibridoe,  Harrison  (Law.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y, 

Lord,  Edward  Crary  (Agr.) Sterling  Junction,  Mass. 

Newson,  Horace  Dor&ey 

Diplomatic  Bureau,  Dept.  of  State,  Washington,  D.C. 

Patterson,  Jefferson  (Govt.) 129  W.  Ist  St.  Dayton,  O. 

Peters,  Bryan  Forman  (Farmer) R.  F.  D.  #12,  Westport,  Conn. 

RusHMORE,  Murray  (Imptr.  &  Exptr.) ....  120  W.  8th  St.  Plainfield,  N.J. 
Tytus,  William  (Griffith)  Ewing  (Sales  Mgr.) 

N.  Park  View  Ave.  Columbus,  O. 

Wainwright,  Stuyyesant,  Jr 56  E.  65th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Walker,  Joseph  Richmond 108  Upland  Rd.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Warren,  Henry  Pitt,  Jr.  (Fin.) 

c/o  Dillon,  Read  <k  Co.  31  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Whipple,  Frank  Augustus  (Tobacco) N.  Main  St.  Suffield,  Conn. 

WooLVBRTON,  William  Henderson  (Transp.) 

263  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Babcock,  Perrin  Lathrop  (Acct.) 309  McBride  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Bakewell,  Benjamin  Page  (Steel) 13  Thorn  St.  Sewickley,  Pa. 

Banning,  Joseph  Brent,  Jr 945  Westlake  Ave.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Babtlett,  Edward  Lewis  (Sales.) 10  Central  Row,  Hartford,  Conn. 

1914-16  YALE  09 

Beebk,  Dwight  Sawyer  (Banker) Dana  PI.  Englewood,  N.J. 

Bishop,  Julian  Tomunson  (Broker) Greenwich,  Conn. 

Blackbubn,  Frederick  George  (Steel),  205  Lexington  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 
C^LAPP,  Kenneth  Herbert  (President) 

Standard  Match  CJorp.  277  Broadway,  New  York.  N.Y. 

Clabk,  Edward  Ford  (Steel) 1424  Fifth  Ave.  Youngstown,  O. 

Cobb,  Willard  Howard  (Fin.) 

National  Surety  Co.  31  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Cornish,  Percy  Gillette,  Jr 408  N.  11th  St.  Albuquerque,  N.M. 

DoDOB,  Stuart  Phelps  (Edit.) The  Gasette,  Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 

Evans,  Rev.  Allen,  Jr Morton,  Delaware  CJo.  Pa. 

FoBD,  Csrrus  Clark  (Sales  Mgr.) 

c/o  Ford-McCaslin  Co.  Williamson  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Hbmingwat,  Donald  Hart 86  Linden  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Hoffman,  John  Lewis,  died  1012 Radnor,  Pa. 

HoiiDBN,  Wallace  Dale  (Rubber) 1790  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

HousBB,  Stephen  Douglas  Barlow  ^klit.) 

6470  Ellenwood  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

HowABD,  Dr.  James  Wainwright 107  E.  39th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Jackson,  Gerard  Livingston 162  W.  78th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

King,  Rufus  Frederick 139  Lexington  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

LocKwooD,  Herbert  Humphrey 11124  Eudid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

LoBD,  George  de  Forest 383  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

McGovERN,  Coleman  Benedict  (Fin.) ...  123  E.  63rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
McHbnbt,  James  Howard  (Supervisor) 

Mercantile  Trust  A  Deposit  Co.  Baltimore,  Md. 
Mabks,  Laurence  Mandeville  (Banking) . .  .89  Willow  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Mabting,  Henry  Adam  (Law.) 1215  Williamson  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Nbwbbbbt,  Barnes  (Correspondent) 

623  Hospital  Trust  Bldg.  Providence,  R.I. 

Nbwbbbbt,  Phelps 1224  Ford  Bldg.  Detroit.  Mich. 

NoTBS,  Newbold  (Joum.) 1614  S.  St.  Washington,  D.C. 

Phblps,  Carter  (Paper) Farmington,  Conn. 

Reed,  Nathaniel  Clark  (Sales.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Root,  Paul  Crawford  (Sales  Mgr.)  ....  5636  Locust  St.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

*  Russell.  William  Patton,  died  m  service,  1921. 
Saitndbbs,  Arnold  Converse,  Jr.  (Coal) 

2432  Kenilworth  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 
Schieffelin,  William  Jay,  Jr.  (Drug.) . .  170  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sbmleb,  Ralph  Borgfeldt  (Mer.) 119  E.  16th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Spencbb,  Egbert  Hughes  (Sales.) 109  Wade  St.  Highland  Park,  111. 

TiMPBBiiET,  Fred  George 

Bankers  Equity,  Inc.,  52  Vanderbilt  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

ToLiiBS,  King  (Law.) 1215  Williamson  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Tower,  Geoffrey  (Horses) Waterville,  Oneida  Co.  N.Y* 

Whitehill,  Albert  Edwin 264  Grand  St.  Newburgh,  N.Y. 


Alkeb,  Carroll  Booth  (Fin.) 129  E.  69th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bakbb,  Norman  Dean  (Woolens) 350  Olney  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Babbell,  John  Whitbeck,  died  1916 Lake  Forest,  111. 

Babtlett.  Valentine  Crouse  (Mfg.) 230  W.  Huron  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Bissell,  CJlarence  Alexander 31  Temple  Ave.  Winthrop,  Mass. 

Brooks,  Winthrop  Holley  (Mer.) 346  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

70  YALE  1916-16 

Brown,  Harvey  Huntington,  Jr.  (Mgr.)  . .  2727  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Brown,  Lamed  Fridley  (Law.) 904  Jennings  St.  Sioux  City,  la. 

Burns,  Walter  John,  Jr.  (Agr.) 

Wenham  PI.  Great  Wenham,  Suffolk.  Eng. 
Byrnes,  Clifford  Hamilton  (Law) . .  .P.  O.  Box.  216,  No.  Cohasset,  Mass. 

Castle,  Karrick  Moulton 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cox,  Raymond  Edwin 50  Vanderbilt  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

DoGGETT,  John  Locke,  Jr.  (Law.) 

Ineleside  Ave.  and  Richmond  St.  Jackonsville,  Fla. 

Easton,  Jason  Clark  (Sales.) 1305  Cass  St.  La  Crosse,  Wis. 

EooLESTON,  Laurance  Adams   .c/o  David  P.  Bell  Co.  Minneapolis,  Minn 
Flynn,  Streeter  Blanton  (Law.) . .  .439  W.  16th  St.  Oklahoma  City,  Okla. 

♦  Gamble,  Robert  Howard,  died  in  service,  1918. 

GiBB,  John  Richmond  (Sales.) Glen  Cove,  L.I.  N.Y. 

Haight,  Gilbert  Pierce  (Law.) 702  Haight  Bldg.  Seattle,  Wash. 

Harrison,  Charles  Abbott  (Granite) 

409  Edgecombe  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Harstrom,  Carl  Eric 26  Prospect  Ave.  Norwalk,  Conn. 

Hatch,  Horace  McKinlay  (Fin.) 1  E.  51st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Herman,  John  CruU  (Cigars) 2243  N.  2nd  St.  Harrisburg,  Pa. 

Hunter,  Robert  (Fin.),  23  E.  Benezet  St.  Chestnut  Hill,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Jerome,  Edward  Columbus  (Law.) 

211  N.  Edgeworth  St,  Greensboro,  N.C. 

Marache,  Herbert  William  (Fin.) 59  Livingston  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Morse,  Anthony  (Motors) 706  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  MosELEY,  James  Alexander,  Jr.,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Offutt,  Casper  Yost  (Law.) 145  N.  34th  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Pope,  David  Marquis 1203  N.  State  St.  Chicago,  111. 

RiGBY,  Henry  Black  (Candy) 240  W.  Park  Ave.  Mansfield,  O. 

RoBB,  John  Donald 

c/o  P.R.  Robb,  4513  Washburn  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Smith,  Abiel  Leonard  (Edit.) 326  West  End  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Charles  Cloves  (Law.) 362  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stackpole,  Edward  James,  Jr.  (Printing),  2410  N.  2nd  St.  Harrisburg,  Pa. 

Stimson,  Charles  Ewing  (Fin.) 1014  S.  Madison  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Thaw,  William  (Promoter) 316  4th  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Williams,  Frederick  Foster 2  E.  Biddle  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

WiLMER,  Richard  Hooker  (Law.) .  .1815  24th  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 


Atterbuby,  Kirby  (Sales  Mgr.) 4  Brooks  Ave.  Holyoke,  Mass. 

Boardman,  Allen  Hitchcock  (Mfg.) 452^  Willow  St.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

BowDEN,  William  McEchron  (Mgr.) 

The  Laurentide  Co.  Grand  Mere,  Que.  Can. 

Buck,  Howard  Swazey  (Ed.) 242  York  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Clark,  Philip  Jerome  (Ins.) 1205  Union  Central  Bldg.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Dovenmuehle,  George  Henry  (Shoes) .  .  .  .616  Arlington  PI.  Chicago,  111. 
Eastman,  Dr.  Nicholson  Joseph.  .  .  .4535  Central  Ave.  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

Eddy,  Charles  Parker  (Journ.) 92  Atwood  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Emerson,  Edward  Waldo  (Oil) 64  E.  86th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Enright,  Thomas  William,  died  1918 Amesbury,  Mass. 

1916-17  YALE  71 

Fagan,  Charles  Aloysius,  Jr.  (Law.) 

736  N.  Highland  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Gabdner,  William  Hamilton  (Broker) 205  Ellicott  Sq.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Goodhue,  Charles  Prentice 157  E.  34th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

GooDLETT,  John  Garth 10  W.  Concord  Ave.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Gurnet,  William  Henry  (R.  Est.) 171  Park  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Hapoood,  Thomas  Emerson 52  Niles  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Hebly,  Laurance  Sturdivant  (Fin.) 321  W.  8th  St.  Plainfield,  N.J. 

*  Hopkins,  John  Llowe,  died  1915 Saranao  Lake,  N.Y. 

Jewett,  Robert  James  (Banking) 313  Summer  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Kallmak,  William  Loomis  (Oil) 

The  Texas  Co.  17  Battery  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Kerb,  James  (Coal) Potts  Run  Coal  Co.  Clearfield,  Pa. 

Lee,  Robert  Edward  (Law.) 294  Garfield  PI.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Lewis,  Charles  Thomas,  Jr.  (Law.) 828  Nicholas  Bldg.  Toledo,  O. 

LiTTLEFiBLD,  Calvin  Goodrich  (Adv.) 

Crowell  Pub.  Co.  1320  Monadnock  Bldg.  Chicago  111. 
Lloyd,  Laurance  Magee  (President) 

E.  A.  Cassidy  Co.  23  W.  43rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

McCoNNELL,  Hugh  (Mfg.) 345  Elm  St.  Northampton,  Mass. 

McLane,  Allan,  Jr.  (Transp.) 

London  Joint  City  and  Midland  Bank,  London,  Eng. 

McLennan,  John  Harbison  (Arch.) 1506  3rd  Ave.  Louisville,  Ky. 

Manierre,  Cyrus  Edson 231  E.  Superior  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Miller,  Sidney  Trowbridge  (Law.) .  .2148  Penobscot  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 
Osgood,  James  Whitman  (Law.) 

2725  Connecticut  Ave.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Paul,  Dean  Castleman 25   W  43rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Penney,  Norman  (Eng.) 54  Hodge  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Perry,  Hoyt  Ogden  (Lumber) Southport,  Conn. 

Phbnix,  Paul  Stetson  (Ry.) 1  Thomas  St.  Portland,  Me. 

PoLHAMUS,  Russell  Harrison R.R.  8,  Fort  Wayne,  Ind. 

*  RicKETTs,  Langdon  Laws,  died  in  service,  1918. 

*  Rose,  Philip  Livingston,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Russell.  Dr.  Ernest  Frederick P.  O.  Box  175,  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

Smith,  John  William 15  W.  Federal  St.  Youngstown,  O. 

Sutherland,  Capt.  Richard  Kerens,,  .c/o  Adj.  General,  Washington,  D.C. 

Symington,  James  Mansfield 114  E.  64th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Trevor,  George  Schieffelin 103  E.  86th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Walsh,  Lauriston  (Law.) 44  E.  Ist  St.  Coming,  N.Y. 

Washburn,  Ira  Hedges  (Adv.) 14  First  St.  Haverstraw,  N.Y. 

Welch,  Brian  Kennicott  (R.  Est.) 

1210  Washington  Bldg.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

White,  Dr.  Richard  Joseph St.  Lukes  Hospital,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Willard,  Daniel,  Jr.  (Law.) 27  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Williams,  Lawrence  George 25  Inwood  PI.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Wood,  Howard  Ogden,  Jr.  (Fin.) . . .  P.  O.  Box  560,  Cedarhurst,  L.I.  N.Y. 


Bartlett,  Eldward  Randolph  (Ice) 1  Bartlett  St.  Maiden,  Mass. 

*  Bennett,  Louis,  Jr.,  died  in  service,  1918. 

BoTD,  Edward  Dye 35  Claremont  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Byrne,  Robert  Horatio  (R.  Est.) 18  E.  41st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

7i  YALE  1917-18 

Charlton,  Thomas  Jackson,  Jr. .  .  220  Oglethorpe  Ave.  E.  Savannah,  Ga. 

Clark,  Walter  Boone  (Mfg.) 420  Franklin  Ave.  Salem,  O. 

Clawson,  Hamilton  Phelps  (Fin.) 1109  Delaware  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Coxa,  Campbell  Roberts  (Agr.) Troutbeck  Farm,  Pawling,  N.Y. 

Ely,  William  Newbold,  Jr.  (Banking) .  .  .  Chestnut  Hill,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Estill,  Charles  William  (Grocer) 4308  Live  Oak  St.  Dallas,  Tex. 

*  Fuller,  Roswell  Hayes,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Gaines,  Francis  S.  (Law.) 115  N.  32nd  Ave.  Omaha,  Neb. 

GiFFORD,  Isaac  Collier  (Banking) 

Bankers  Trust  Co.  10  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Goss,  William  Middlebrook 229  Columbia  Blvd.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

Grant,  Frederic  James S.  A.  Weller  Potteries,  Zanesville,  O. 

Hardin,  Louis  Samuel  (Law.) 11  So.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Hopkins,  Clark  (Ed.) 299  Lawrence  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

HuTCHiNS,  Waldo,  Jr.  (Law.) 544  Main  St.  Geneva,  N.Y. 

LiNDSLBT,  Henry  Dickinson,  Jr.  (Sales.) .  .Munger  Auto  Co.  Dallas,  Texas 

*  Offutt,  Jarvis  Jenness,  died  in  service,  1918. 

O'Neill,  Frank  Sheridan 210  W.  90th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Overton,  John  Williams,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Paepckb,  Walter  Paul  (Lumber) 111  W.  Washington  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Scott,  Hugh  (Belting) 

c/o  Bsrmes  Belting  Co.  2109  Locust  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 
Shepard,  Charles  Clarke,  Jr 5225  Blaokstone  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

*  Spencer,  Dumaresq,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Stewart,  Robert  Henry,  Jr 3707  Gaston  Ave.  Dallas,  Texas 

Stillman,  George  Holzer 2115  E.  Superior  St.  Duluth,  Minn. 

TiLTON,  Edgar,  Jr. 

Standard-Tilton  Milling  Co.  Pierce  Bldg.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Treadwat,  Heaton  Ives  (Hotel) Red  Lion  Inn,  Stockbridge,  Mass. 

Underbill,  Hermon  Leonard  (Banking) Owego,  Tioga  Co.,  N.Y. 

Walker,  David  Nathaniel,  Jr.  (Adv.) .  .271  2nd  Ave.  West  Haven,  Ccmn. 
Walker,  Samuel  Johnson,  Jr.  (Eng.) ....  Ahwaknee  Rd.  Lake  Forest,  111. 

Watson,  Harold  (Wire) 136  Dwight  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Weeter,  John  Lloyd 344  So.  11th  East  St.  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah 

Westermann,  Clayton  Jacob  (Law.) 7211  Meade  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Weyerhaeuser,  fxederick  King  (Lumber) 

c/o  Weyerhaeuser  A  Co.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Whipple,  Merle  Williams 274  Laurel  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Wilson,  Harold  Reed  (Adv.) 1627  Locust  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

York,  Holcomb 500  Prospect  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 


Adams,  Austin  Lockwood  (Iron) 301  Hillside  Ave.  Naugatuck,  Conn. 

Backus,  Clinton  Davis  (Law.) 520  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y 

Barnhart,  Willard,  II  (Mfr.) 435  Cherry  St.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Barry,  Philip  Jerome  Quinn 

Yale  Club.  50  VanderbUt  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Bourne,  James  Russell  (Dairy) ....  Orchard  Hill  Farm,  Rhinebeck,  N.Y. 

Braden,  James  Madison 440  W.  Maiden  St.  Washington,  Pa. 

Brittain,  Alfred,  Jr.  (Steel) 1011  Grove  St.  Evanston,  111. 

Brown,  Charles  William,  Jr.  (Sales.) 48  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

BucHOLZ,  Frederick  Herman  (Steel) 310  S.  55th  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

19ia-19  YALE  73 

CoLMAM,  Joseph  Hizon  (LawO 

630  First  National  Soo  BIdg.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

CoNNEKS,  William  James.  Jr.  (Edit.) 260  Main  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Davis,  Ekiwin  Weyerhaeuser  (Wood) Cloquet,  Minn. 

DuNcoMBE,  Herbert  Sydney,  Jr.  (Law.) .  .59  W.  54th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Fabrab,  John  Chipman  (Edit.) 116  E.  81st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Gahfibld,  Newell  (Eng.) W.  Mentor,  Ohio 

Gablington,  Maurice  I)rake  (Produce) Dallas,  Texas 

GiLGBR,  William  Carroll  (Glass) 33  W.  Main  St.  Norwalk.  O. 

*  Gribb,  Henry  Norman,  died  in  service,  1917. 

Hats,  Robert  Helton  (Law.) Boone  Ave.  Winchester,  Ky. 

Helmuth,  William  Tod,  3rd 616  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Keelsr,  George  Ellsworth .  .  227  College  Ave.  S.  E.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 
KoNDOLP,  Harold  Himtington  (Acct.) 40  W.  59th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  MacNaughton,  Leslie  Malcolm,  died  in  service,  1918. 

McClurb,  Nathan  Dixon  (Sales.) Malone,  N.Y. 

McCoRD,  William  Bennett  (Law) 1309  Hoge  Bldg.  Seattle,  Wash. 

Martin,  Ferrier  Taylor  (Imptr.) 72  E.  80th  St.  New  York,  NY. 

MiTCHBLL,  Sidney  Alexander  (Elec.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Myles,  Beverly  Russell 127  E.  51st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Nagel,  Joseph  Darwin,  Jr.  (Fruit) Winter  Haven,  Fla. 

Price,  Allan- Murray  (Sales.) 329  Adelphi  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Robinson,  Thomas  Armstrong 1432  Beech  wood  Blvd.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Sage,  Donald  Henrjr 302  Quaker  Rd.  Sewickley,  Pa. 

Saltards,  Ely  (Grain) 505  Board  of  Trade,  Duluth,  Minn. 

Schmidt,  Hans,  Jr.  (Tanner) 100  Perry  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

ScuDDEB,  Ev&rts  Seelye 144  Commonwealth  Ave.  Boston,  Mass. 

Simmons,  Grant  Gilbert  (Mfg.) 469  Durkee  Ave.  Kenosha,  Wis. 

SoLLET,  Dr.  Frederick  Westcott 114  E.  60th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

SosA,  Martin  Felipe  (Law.) Panama,  Republic  of  Panama 

Stebse,  Heaton  Strurtevant  (Sales.) Mamaroneck,  N.Y. 

Stewart,  Charles  Jacob  (R.  Est.) 5650  Swiss  Ave.  Dallas.  Texas 

Thompson,  Robert  Davis,  Jr.  (Banking) . .  120  E.  82nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Towi^END,  Paul  Henson 1325  Ford  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Underwood,  Pierson 1745  Hinman  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

Walker,  Joseph  Timothy,  Jr.  (Banking) 

c/o  Merrill  ()ldham  Co.  35  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Archbald,  Joseph  Albright,  Jr.  (Sales.) .  .250  W.  Utica  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

AuGTJR,  Newell  Avery  (Mer.) 46  Cedar  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Baldwin,  Sherman  (Law.) 25  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Benet,  Stephen  Vincent  (Writer) 35  W.  45th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bergnbr,  (Ilharles  William  (Mer.) Narberth,  Pa. 

Borders,  Melville  Washington  (Law.) 

1031  Scarritt  Bldg.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

*  Brodib,  Clarence  Alexander,  died  in  service,  1918. 

*  Campbell,  Allan  Barnette,  died  1921 New  York,  N.Y. 

Campbell,  Donald  Malcolm,  II 960  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Carter,  John  Franklin,  Jr. 

c/o  Farmers  Loan  &  Trust  Co.  41  Boulevard  Haussman,  Paris,  France 
Conway,  Daniel  Emmett,  Jr Sycaway  Villa,  Troy,  N.Y 

74  YALE  191^20 

Dann,  Radcliffe 70  Hodge  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

DoNWORTH,  Robert  Baker  (Eng.) 1220  7th  Ave.  W.  Seattle,  Wash. 

Eastman,  JuliaD  Walter  (Tobacco) 

Yale  Club,  50  VanderbUt  Ave.  New  York.  N.Y. 

EwiNQ,  Thomas,  Jr.  (Mfg.) 45  E.  65th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

FiNKENSTAEDT,  Kimball  L.  (Steel) 517  Yale  Ave.  Youngstown,  O. 

FiTTS,  Charles  Norman  (Journ.),  12  Bedford  Terrace,  Northampton,  Mass. 

Foster,  Cannon  Parke  (Banking) 409  Crittenden  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 

Gage,  Raymond  HiUiard,  Jr.  (Fin.) Evans  Ave.  Haddonfield,  N.J. 

GiLMORE,  David  Meade  (Law.) 50  Thorn  St.  Sewickley,  Pa. 

Gurnet,  Charles  Locke,  Jr.  (Broker) 312  Summer  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Hallowell,  Henry  Richardson ....  29  N.  Water  St.  New  Bedford,  Mass. 
Hanwat,  William  Augustus  (Statistician),  47  E.  57th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Heely,  Allan  Vanderoef  (D.G.) 321  W.  8th  St.  Plamfield.  N.J. 

Ingham,  James  Richmond  (Sales) 1088  Delaware  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

LoEB,  Louis  Melville.  .  .  .Yale  Club,  50  Vanderbilt  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Morgan,  John  Buckley 

c/o  H.  M.  Hume  &  Co,  60  Broadway,  New  York.  N.Y. 

Morgan,  Morgan  Guion  (Fin.) 60  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

O'Connor,  Gerald  William  (Law.) 10  Broad  St.  Waterford,  N.Y. 

Park,  Howard  Gray  (Fin.) Box  194,  Burlingame,  Cal. 

Peticolas,  James  Masterson  (Sales. ) 62  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Porter,  William  Quincy  (Musician).  .266  Bradley  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Rbigeluth,  Donald  Ellison 348  Central  Park  W.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Richards,  Guy  Huntington  (Adv.) 850  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Root,  Ralph  Randall 1803  Ambler  Blvd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Smith,  Raymond  Winthrop  (Mfg.) 

433  Edgewood  Ave.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Sollet,  Theodore  Houston  (Law.) 114  W.  60th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Stackpole,  Albert  Hummel  (Journ.) ....  2640  N.  2nd  St.  Harrisburg,  Pa. 

Stanton,  Louis  Lee  (Fin.) 30  W.  49th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sw ANTON,  Edward  Robert  (Law.) 575  East  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Wilson,  Lawrence  Everett  (Banking) ...  .7  So.  Dearborn  St.  Chicago,  111. 


Andrews,  John  William 424  St.  Ronan  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Bradlet,  Charles  Edward,  Jr 71  Saunders  St.  Lawrence,  Mass. 

Chase,  Rodney  (Mfr.) 42  Church  St.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

Childs,  Harvey,  III  (Fin.) 521  Roslyn  PI.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

CiiOSSON,  Alfred  Burton 112  West  St.  Cincinnati,  O. 

G^iRDNER,  Gibson  (Mfr.) 74  Lincoln  Parkway,  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Gordon,  Cadmus  Zaccheus,  Jr 24  Walnut  St.  Brookville,  Pa. 

Gould,  Frank  Miller  (R.R.) 501  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y 

Hamline,  John  Henrv 190  E.  Chestnut  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Hoggson,  MacLean  (Fin.) Greenwich,  Conn. 

Houghtaling,  David  Harrison Sharon,  Conn. 

Hyde,  Henry  Godfrey  (Banking) 370  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y 

Kelley,  Russell  Phelps  (Mfg.) 1550  N.  State  St.  Chicago.  Hi. 

Kent,  Samuel  Sherrill 159  College  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Luce,  Henry  Robinson  (Edit.) 180  Glenwood  Ave.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

Meekins,  William  Charles 212  W.  Main  St.  Elizabeth  Citar,  N.C. 

Newell,  Ashbel  Barney,  Jr.  (Lithographer) ....  522  Devon  PI.  Toledo,  O. 

1920-22  TALB  76 

Patch.  Charles,  Jr 159  College  St.  Buffalo.  N.Y. 

Phabis.  Charles  Sheldon  (Sales) 1750  W.  Genesee  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Pbbnticb,  Pierrepont  Isham  (Reporter) So.  Broadway,  Nyack.  N.Y. 

Shsvlin.  Crosby  Hall  (Lumber) 615  Congress  St.  Bend,  Ore. 

Stxjbbs,  Frank  Bernard 

Rockefeller  Foundation,  61  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

SuDLER,  Culbrcath  (Edit.) 79  Cedar  St.  Chicago,  111. 

SwEBNEY.  Gerald  Francis  (Oil) 18  Bank  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Whitney,  William  Dwight 227  Church  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Wilder,  Rev.  Amos  Niven Whitney  Ave.  Mt.  Carmel.  Conn. 

WiLOEB.  Thornton  Niven  (Ed.) Davis  House,  Lawrenceville,  N.J. 

WtLUAMB,  Staunton 990  Prospect  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 


Babker,  GeorM  Myron  (Banking)  . . .  143  Coleman  St.  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

Blum,  Robert  Edward  (Mer.) 422  Fulton  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Bryden,  Philip 633  Jefferson  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

0>NQi>ON,  Robert  (Law.) 3300  London  Rd.  Duluth,  Minn. 

(>>OK.  Everett  Richardson  (R.  Est.) 115  Dempster  St.  Evanston,  111. 

Curtis,  John  Guernsey 145  Prospect  Ave.  Highland  Park,  111. 

Davison.  Oscar  Fulton,  Jr 307  Central  Ave.  Dayton,  O. 

Debevoibi?,  Eli  Whitney 9  Parmley  PI.  Summit,  N.J. 

*  DwiGHT,  John  Wilbur,  Jr.,  died  1920 

Grieb,  Benjamin  Curtis Sherbrooke  Rd.  Scarsdale,  N.Y. 

Hale,  Edwin  Victor,  Jr 1952  E.  75th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

HuTCHiNS,  Robert  Maynard Presidents  House,  Berea,  Ky. 

Keck,  Tom  (Films) ; East  Hampton,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

KiSKADDBN,  John  McCaulcy Tiffin,  O. 

LuNT,  Storer  Boardman 135  Brackett  St.  Portland,  Me. 

O'Brien,  (John)  Philip 136  Pearl  St.  Holyoke,  Mass. 

Payson,  Charles  Shipman 71  Bowdoin  St.  Portland,  Me. 

RrrcHBY,  Norton  Verplanck 448  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Robertson,  John  Taver,  Jr 682  High  St.  Fall  River,  Mass. 

Robertson,  Thomas  James  (Banking) 1001  Laurel  St.  Columbia,  S.C. 

Scott,  Sidney Delaware  City,  Del. 

Shbvlin,  Edwin  Leonard  (Lumber) 184  N.  20th  St.  Portland,  Ore. 

Watson,  B.  Frank  (Law.) 1901  B.  St.  Lincoln,  Nebraska 

Williams,  Henry  Lane,  Jr Hampshire  Arms,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

WooLSON,  Eric  Amaso 40  Pleasant  St.  Sprmgfield,  Vt. 


Anderson,  Wendell  William 67  Highland  Rd.  Rye,  N.Y. 

Bankson,  John  Palmer,  Jr 34  W.  Montgomery  Ave.  Ardmore,  Pa. 

Beard,  Jeremiah  Robinson,  Jr 31  E.  72nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Benjamin,  William  Wallace 449  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

BoALT,  Ralph  Goodrich 33  Summit  St.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

BowEN,  Cljrmer  Sprague The  Bossert  Hotel,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Butler,  Patrick Pengilly,  Minn. 

Cbubb,  Thomas  Caldecot Llewellyn  Park,  W.  Orange,  N.J. 

Cook,  Francis  Howell Sag  Harbor,  N.Y. 

CJbosby,  Albert  Hastings  (Miller)..  2104  Stevens  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
GuTORD.  John  Archer 7  S.  Brighton  Ave.  Chelsea.  N.J. 

76  YALE  1922-23 

Grovbb,  James  Allen 5061  Lindell  Blvd.  St.  Loxiis,  Mo. 

QnBBNBKT,  Nathaniel  Taylor,  Jr Round  Hill  Rd.  Greenwich,  Conn. 

HiLLES,  Frederick  Whiley  (Ed.) Speonk,  L.I.,  N. Y. 

HoLDSN,  Hale,  Jr 1316  Astor  St.  Chicago,  111. 

HoLDEN,  William  Wilson 198  Lincoln  PI.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Hume,  Cyril New  Mill ord.  Conn. 

KnbblanDj  Yale,  Jr 107  E.  38th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

LiORD,  WiUiam  Galey '. Tarrytown,  N.Y. 

Marvin,  Edwin  Waldo 16  Walbridge  Rd.  Hartford,  Conn. 

May,  William  Peyton 640  Pembroke  Ave.  Norfolk,  Va. 

Palms,  Charles  Louis,  Jr 1714  Ford  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Platt,  Leonard  S 600  Webster  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

Smith,  Adrian  Warren  (Coal) 135  Oakland  PI.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Frederick  Merwin,  Jr 64  N.  Main  St.  So.  Hadley  Falls,  Mass. 

Smith,  Yates  Gorham 1106  Seminole  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

SoLLBT,  Robert  Folger 114  E.  60th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stronq,  Henry  Barnard Concord  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

TowNSBND,  Frederic  de  Peyster,  Jr Cooperstown,  N.Y. 

Webb,  Charles  Sherrill Greenport,  L.I. 

WooLLBT,  Roger  Mirick 901  Lexington  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Ashfobth,  Henry  Adams 52  E.  68th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Battle,  Beader  Lawrence  (Fin.) Ill  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Becket,  George  Campbell 350  Springdale  Ave.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

Clifford,  PaiU  Ferris 325  Clifton  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

CoRwiN,  Orrin  Monroe,  Jr. 

4541  E.  Lake  Harriet  Blvd.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Donahoe,  Walter  Angels 824  36th  Ave.  N.  Seattle,  Wash. 

Emerson,  Edward 623  N.  Perry  St.  Titusville.  Pa. 

Fullerton,  James  Gordon,  Jr 1920  La  SaUe  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Green,  Thomas  Dudley 152  W.  57th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Harris,  Bruce  Bumham 603  W.  Church  St.  Champaign,  HI. 

Hendrick,  James  Pomeroy 139  E.  40th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hester,  Charles  Baker 207  Washington  Pk.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Holland,  John  Edmund,  Jr 1224  Astor  St.  Chicago,  111. 

HuBBELL,  Robert  Clifford 14  Chapin  Pkway.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Htde,  Louis  K.,  Jr , Plainfield,  N.J. 

Kimberlt,  Harry  Harper,  Jr.. First  National  Bank,  Hampton,  Va. 

Kino,  Gilbert  L 410  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Kiphxtth,  Robert  John  Herman  ^d.) 

Yale  Gymnasium,  Elm  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Madlkner,  Albert  Fred,  Jr.  (Banking) 4  W.  Burton  PI.  Chicago,  111. 

Mitchell,  Clarence  Buckingham 1550  N.  State  Pkway.  Chicago,  111. 

♦  Packer,  David  Phipps,  died  1922 New  York,  N.Y. 

RoDOBRS,  Bennett Woodland  Rd.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Ruckqaber,  Louis  Albert 793  Carroll  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Russell,  Robert  Blake Box  175,  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

Trowbridge,  Comeil  Miller,  Jr 124  Mayflower  Ave.  Lake  Forest,  lU. 

VON  ScHRADER,  Dana  Greene Bridgeton,  St.  Louis  Co.,  Mo. 

Wade,  Festus  John,  Jr 721  Locust  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Whitaker,  John  Martin 316  W.  79th  St.  New  York^.Y. 

WiLBT,  Lawrence  Whittemore 1019-36  Ave.  N.  Seattle,  Wash. 

1924  YALE  77 


Abchbau),  Thomas  Webster 635  Ouincy  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

Babtlbtt,  Calvin  Page 19  Middle  St.  Portsmouth,  N.H. 

Beckxbs.  William  Kurt 1066  Whitney  Ave.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

BiNNB.  Sidney  Whittier W.  Woodland  Rd.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Brackbtt,  Thomas  Shryer 3603  14th  St.  N.W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Btbnb,  Geoffrey  Hobart Essex  Co.  Country  Club,  W.  Orange,  N.J. 

Cabpbnter,  Leonard  Griswold 314  Clifton  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Chbsb,  David  Walter 5427  Forbes  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

CoBwiN,  Frank  Dallas. .  .4541  E.  Lake  Harriet  Blvd.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Cbhoiins,  Martin  Lalor,  Jr Menlo  Park,  Cal. 

Crosbt,  Franklin  Muszy,  Jr 2120  Park  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Elliott,  George  Armstrong,  Jr. ...  1  Red  Oak  Rd.  Wilmington,  Delaware 

Haines,  Thomas  Frederick  Davies "Gwsrsaney",  Lenox,  Mass. 

Kbllbt,  Phelps 1550  N.  State  Pkway.  Chicago,  111. 

Lapham,  Byron  Jerome 6  Sherman  Ave.  Glens  Falls,  N.Y. 

Law,  Stuart  Crawford 1207  Main  St.  Menominee,  Mich. 

McCAiiiiUM,  Revell 58  Paradise  Rd.  Northampton.  Mass. 

McCbea,  Charles  Clarke Woodmere,  Long  Island,  N.Y. 

McLanb,  Richard  Tillery 4  N.  Kingshighway,  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Millabd,  Willard  Barrows,  Jr 123  N.  39th  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

PiLLSBURT,  Philip  Winston 100  E.  22nd  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

.  PoMXBOT.  Robert  Watson,  Jr -. Eggertsville,  N.Y. 

Ryan,  Allan  Aloysius,  Jr 30  E.  38th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ttleb,  Morris 760  Prospect  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

7a  1826-39 



*  Ward,  Rev.  James  Wilson,  died  1873 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  BsECHER,  Rev.  Henry  Ward,  died  1887 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


*  Hitchcock,  Rev.  Roswell  Dwight,  died  1887 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Wells,  William  Harvey,  died  1885. Chicago,  HI. 


*  Barbour,  Lucian,  died  1880 Indianapolis,  Ind. 

*  Bliss,  Rev.  Edwin  Elisha,  died  1892 Constantinople,  Turkey 

*  LiVERMORE,  Rev.  Aaron  Russell,  died  1892 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Lord,  Rev.  Nathan  Lynds,  died  1897 Rochester,  Ind. 

*  Montgomery,  Rev.  Alexander,  died  1859.. Beloit,  Wis. 

*  Morris,  George  Bliss,  died  1872 Springfield,  Mass. 

*  Peckham,  Rev.  Joseph,  died  1884 IQngston,  Mass. 

*  Reed,  Dr.  William  Barrett,  died  1846 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  Rice,  Rev.  Daniel,  died  1889 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Rockwell,  Rev.  Joel  Edson,  died  1882 Stapleton,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Curtis  Benjamin  Minor,  died  1877 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  Williams,  Prof.  Henry  Warren,  died  1877 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 


*  Emerson,  Charles,  died  1845 Pittsford,  N.Y. 

*  Griswold,  Whiting,  died  1874 Greenfield,  Mass. 

*  McKinstrt,  Rev.  John  Alexander,  died  1889 Painesville,  O. 

*  March,  Rev.  Daniel,  died  1909 Woburn,  Mass. 

*  Marshall,  Jonathan  Bryant,  died  1861 Milford,  Conn. 

*  Maynard,  Hon.  Horace,  died  1882 Knoxville,  Tenn. 

*  Phelps,  Rev.  Austin,  died  1890 Andover,  Mass. 

*  Smith,  Charles  Fuller,  died  1863 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Thayer,  James  Smith,  died  1881 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Washburn,  Dr.  Charles  Ellery,  died  1865 Fredonia,  N.Y. 


*  Bancroft,  Rev.  James  Henry,  died  1844 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Clapp,  Rev.  Dexter,  died  1868 Salem,  Mass. 

*  Gillett,  Edward  Bates,  died  1899 Westfield,  Mass. 

*  Goldthwait,  William  Colton,  died  1882 Longmeadow,  Mass. 

1839-44  AMHERST  79 

*  Hewitt,  Rev.  Augustine  FrandB,  died  1897 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  HuNTiNOTON,  Rt.  Rev.  Frederick  Dan,  died  1904 Syracuse,  N.Y. 

*  HuTGEUMBON,  Rev.  Horaoe,  died  1846 Burlington,  la. 

*  Pbeston,  James  Willard,  died  1892 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Pbice,  Samuel  Harrison,  died  1884 Lewisburg,  W.  Va. 

*  Shspabdbon,  Rev.  Daniel,  died  1899 Granville,  O. 

*  Spaulding,  Samuel  Thompson,  died  1877 Northampton,  Mass. 

*  Storks,  Rev.  Richard  Salter,  died  1900 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Sumner,  George,  Jr.,  died  1852 Detroit,  Mich. 


*  Abnell,  David  Reeve,  died  1852 Nashville,  Tenn. 

*  Cbockett,  George  Kimball,  died  1879 Springfield,  Mass. 

*  Delano,  Charles,  died  1883 Northampton,  Mass. 

*  Jewett,  Rev.  Greorge  Baker,  died  1886 Salem,  Mass. 

*  Spoftobd,  Henry  Martin,  died  1880 New  Orleans,  La. 


*  Bomb,  Ephraim  Ward,  died  1891 Springfield,  Mass. 

*  CoBURN,  Edwin,  died  1867 Chicago,  111. 

*  Dbubt,  Leander  Muzzy,  died  1898 Canandaigua,  N.Y. 

*  Rowland,  Rev.  William  Ware,  died  1892 Oodoville,  Ceylon 

*  Hutchinson,  Dr.  Prosper  Kimball,  died  1872 Rice  City,  R.I. 

*  Newlin,  Rev.  Ellis  James,  died  1885 Perth  Amboy,  N.J. 

*  WmppLB,  Rev.  William  Ward,  died  1889 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Withinoton,  William  Sherburne,  died  1841 Medway,  Mass. 


*  Abusbt,  Rev.  Lauren,  died  1904 Council  Grove,  Kan. 

*  Dablinq,  Rev.  Henry,  died  1891 Clinton,  N.Y. 

*  FisKE,  Rev.  Daniel  Taggart,  died  1903 Newburyport,  Mass. 

*  Hatwabd,  Charles  Capen,  died  1886 Boston,  Mass. 

*  HuifPHRET,  Hennr  Martyn,  died  1841 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  Smith,  Vincent  Henry,  died  1868 Columbus,  Pa. 

♦Wilson,  Andrew,  died  1878 Montgomery,  N.Y. 


*  Cook,  Roswell  Dickinson,  died  1842 Hadley,  Mass. 

*  HuMPHBET,  Rev.  Zephaniah  Moore,  died  1881 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Linnell,  Nathan  Seabury,  died  1843 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  ToBBET,  Rev.  David,  died  1894 Cazenovia,  N.Y. 

*  Wilson,  Rev.  Thaddeus,  died  1904 Spring  Lake,  N.J. 


*  Adams,  Rev.  George  Moulton,  died  1906 Aubumdale,  Mass. 

*  Alden,  Rev.  Edmund  Kimball,  died  1896 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Dickinson,  Rev.  Richard  Salter  Storrs,  died  1856. . .  .Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  DuDLBT,  Rev.  John  Langdon,  died  1894 Lake  Mills,  Wis. 

*  Hammond,  Charles,  died  1878 Monson,  Mass. 

*  Hunttino,  Rev.  Samuel,  died  1878 East  Hampton,  N.Y. 

*  Kimball,  David  Mather,  died  1857 Kingston,  N.Y. 

80  AMHERST  1844-50 

*  LiNNBLL,  Dr.  Jonathan  Edwards,  died  1899 Norwich,  Conn. 

*  Stons,  Henry  Dwight,  died  1869 Worcester,  Mass. 

*  Wbioht,  Russell  Medad,  died  1904 Castleton,  Vt. 


*  Branbcobibe,  Charles  Henry,  died  1901 Denver,  Colo. 

*  Brioham,  Jerome  Ripley,  died  1897 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Hitchcock,  Prof.  Edward,  died  1864 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  Leabned,  Samuel  Julius,  died  1892 Lake  Forest,  111. 

*  Mabch,  Prof.  Francis  Andrew,  died  1911 Easton,  Pa. 

*  Morse,  Rev.  Jason,  died  1861 Brimfield,  Mass. 

*  Nbwhall,  Rev.  George  Harrison,  died  1853 Walpole,  Mass. 

*  Packard,  Rev.  Abel  Kingman,  died  1903 Santiago,  Cal. 

*  Sanford,  Baalis,  died  1875 Boston,  Mass. 

'*'  Stockbridge,  Henry  Smith,  died  1895 Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Wtman,  Henry  Nehemiah,  died 


*  Brooke,  Edwin  Atlee,  died Bradford,  Pa. 

*  Field,  Rev.  Levi  Alpheus,  died  1859 Marlborough,  Mass. 

*  HowiiAND,  William,  died  1880 Lynn,  Mass. 

*  HmfPHRBT,  Leonard,  died  1850 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  Plimpton,  Kev.  Salem  Marsh,  died  1866 Chelsea,  Vt. 

*  Storrb,  Rev.  Henry  Martyn,  died  1894 Orange,  N.J. 

*  Woodman,  Dr.  George  Sullivan,  died  1906 Cambridge,  Mass. 


*  Billings,  Rev.  Richard  Salter,  died  1888 Ridgebury,  Conn. 

*  Brouohton,  Rev.  Nathaniel  Hoop>er,  died  1866.. East  Bridgewater,  Mass. 

*  Fleming,  Louis  Isidore,  died  1888 Jacksonville,  Fla. 

*  Stowb,  Rev.  Timothy,  died  1866 New  Bedford,  Mass. 


*  Dickinson,  Rev.  William  Cowper,  died  1899 Evanston,  111. 

*  FiSKE,  Rev.  Samuel,  died  1864 Madison,  Conn. 

*  Homes,  Francis,  died  1907 Hancock,  N.H. 

*  James,  Daniel  Willis,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Miller,  Prof.  Samuel  Fisher,  died  1870 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  Spencer,  John  Laurens,  died  1851 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  Taylor,  Horace  Willard,  died  1898 Kenosha,  Wis. 


*  Emerson,  John  Milton,  died  1869 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  French,  Theodore  Francis,  died  1885 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  Harrington,  Thomas  Ballard,  died  1861 Westchester,  N.Y. 

*  Hitchcock,  Prof.  Ekiward,  died  1911 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  WoODBRiDQE,  Johu,  died  1900 Chicago,  111. 


'"  Dickinson,  Williatn  Austin,  died  1895 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  Gould,  Rev.  George  Henry,  died  1899 >WQ7<;^8t^i  Mass. 

1850-55  AMHERST  81 

*  Hardy,  Hon.  Jacob,  died  1915 Kauai,  Hawaii 

*  HowiiAND,  George,  died  1892 Chicago,  111. 

*  Shattuck,  Elijan  Carter,  died  1899 Berlin,  Mass. 

*  Thompson,  John  Howland,  died  1891 Chicago,  111. 


*  Chapin,  Rev.  Lucius  Delison,  died  1892 Chicago,  111. 

*  CuBTis,  Joseph  SeaVer,  died  1878 Green  Bay,  Wis. 

*  Darling,  Edward  Parry,  died  1889 WUkes-Barre,  Pa. 

*  FowLEB,  Charles  Chauncey,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Lton,  Walter  Huntington,  died  1853 Brookfield,  Mass. 

*  Richards,  Dr.  James  Austin,  died  1859 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Sanford,  John  Eliot,  died  1907 Taunton,  Mass. 

*  Smith,  Bentley  Howard,  died  1909 Readins,  Pa. 

*  Stebbinb,  Rev.  Milan  Cyrus,  died  1889 Cornwall,  Vt. 

*  WrrniNOTON,  Nathan  Noyes,  died  1914 Newburyport,  Mass. 


*  BuROESS,  Dr.  Ebeneser  George,  died  1877 Dedham,  Mass. 

*  Chapin,  Rev.  Franklin  Perry,  oied  1909 Campello,  Mass. 

*  Cheavbnb,  Dr.  Henry  Mart^,  died  1920 Columbia,  Mo. 

*  Goodrich,  Hon.  William  Wmton,  died  1906 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Hannaford,  David  Osheal,  died  1861 Suffolk,  Va. 

*  Harrington,  Brainerd  Timothy,  died  1901 Westchester,  N.Y. 

*  Root,  Henry  Dwi^ht,  died  1855 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Train,  Gorham,  died  1900 Boston,  Mass. 


*  BoLTWOOD,  Henry  Leonidas,  died  1906 Evanston,  111. 

*  Breed,  Dr.  Bowman  Bigelow,  died  1873 Lynn,  Mass. 

*  Crowell,  Prof.  Edward  Payson,  died  1911 Amherst,  Mass. 

♦Goodrich,  Rev.  Greorge  Dickinson,  died  1870 East  Windsor,  Conn. 

*  Greene,  Rev.  John  Morton,  died  1919 Boston,  Mass. 

Hamilton,  Rev.  John  Alexander  (Ret.) 

84  Raymond  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 
*Storr8,  Prof.  Richard  Salter,  died  1884 Longmeadow,  Mass. 


*  Emmons,  Rev.  Henry  Vaughan,  died  1912 Northboro,  Mass. 

*  Fowler,  William  Worthington,  died  1871 Durham,  Conn. 

*  Pease,  Rev.  Edmund  Morris,  died  1906 Claremont,  Cal. 

*  Pettibone,  Ira  Welch,  died  1917 Chicago,  111. 

*  Savillb,  Dr.  Henry  Martyn,  died  1881 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Rev.  Horace  Payson,  died  1877 Tuscumbia,  Ala. 

*  Undbrhill,  Rev.  John  Winn,  died  1862 North  Amherst,  Mass. 


*  Boardman,  Rev.  Joseph,  died  1913 Plymouth,  N.H. 

*  Brown,  Samuel  Edward,  died  1891 Hempstead,  N.Y. 

Buck,  Rev.  Charles  Wentworth  (Ret.) 

47  Trowbridge  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

82  AMHERST  1865-59 

*  Choatb,  RufuB,  Jr..  died  1866 Dorchester,  Mass. 

*  Dbnison,  George,  died  1896 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Derby,  Dr.  Basket,  died  1914 Mattapan,  Mass. 

*  Dickinson,  Rev.  William  Eastman,  died  1905 Amherst,  Mass. 

FisKE,  Rev.  Asa  Severance 722  Chirokee  St.  New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Graves,  John  Long,  died  1915 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Kels^t,  Henry  Sylvester,  died  1913 Chicago,  111. 


*  Babton,  Rev.  Walter,  died  1896 Hyde  Park,  Mass. 

*  Copeland,  George  Warren,  died  1892 Maiden,  Mass. 

*  Gat,  Edward,  died  1920 Maiden,  Mass. 

*  Graves,  Thaddeus,  died  1912 Hatfield,  Mass. 

*  Hitchcock,  Prof.  Charles  Henry,  died  1919 Honolulu,  H.I. 

*  Rice,  Stillman,  died  1916 Gloucester,  Mass. 

*  Stiles,  Franklin  Osgood,  died  1857 Middletown,  Mass. 

*  Thompson,  Rev.  Amherst  Lord,  died  1860 Oroomiah,  Persia 

*  Wabd,  William  Hayes,  died South  Berwick,  Me. 

*  Wilder.  William  Franklin,  died  1917 Washington^  D.C. 


*  Abbe,  William  Alanson,  died  1892 New  Bedford,  Mass. 

BiCKNELL,  Thomas  Williams  (Author).. .  207  Doyle  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Brackett,  Rev.  Gilbert  Robbins,  died  1902 Charleston,  S.C. 

*  Breed,  Daniel  Henry,  died  1855 Lynn,  Mass. 

*  Burt,  Francis,  died  1863 Westhampton,  Mass. 

*  Crawford,  Rev.  William,  died  1919 Clinton,  Wis. 

*  Frisbie,  Rev.  Alvah  Lillie,  died  1917 Des  Moines,  la. 

*  Kimball,  Rev.  Joseph,  died  1921 Haverhill,  Mass. 

*  Lane,  Rev.  James  Pillsbury,  died  1889 Hyde  Park,  Mass. 

*  Northrop,  Rev.  Henry  Davenport,  died  1909 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

.*  Palmer,  James  Henry,  died  1886 Jacksonville,  111. 

*  Pepper,  Rev.  George  Dana  Boardman,  died  1913 Waterville,  Me. 

*  Pratt,  Rev.  Theodore  Constantine,  died  1914 Candia,  N.H. 

Stevens,  Rev.  Henry  Augustus 4  Harvard  Pl.  Brighton,  Mass. 


*  Bishop,  Rev.  George  Sayles,  died  1914 East  Orange,  N.J. 

Clarke,  Rev.  Joseph  Bourne  (Ret.) ..  1114  St.  John's  PI.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Delano,  Henry  Giles,  died  1859 Sunderland,  Mass. 

*  Fuller,  Dr.  Ilorace  Smith,  died  1910 Hartford,  Conn. 

Grosvenor,  Greorge  Sumner  (Ret.) Hotel  de  Russie,  Geneva,  Swits. 

*  Hutchinson,  Henry  Elijah,  died  1914 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Jones,  Augustiis  Turner,  died  1909 Brockton,  Mass. 

*  Priest,  Sylvanus  Chickering,  died  1858 Lancaster,  Mass. 

*  Rowland,  Rev.  Lyman  Sibley,  died  1904 Lee,  Mass. 


*  Barrows,  Rev.  William  Henry,  died  1902 Vernon  Centre,  Conn. 

*  Beattie,  David,  died  1892 Englewood,  N.J. 

*  Claplin,  James  Fitsgerald,  died  1891 Chicago,  lU. 

1859-63  AMHERST  83 

*  Fbknch,  Jamee  Paulus,  died  1867 Rahway,  N  J. 

*  GoDDABD,  William  Henry,  died  1908 Sioux  Falls.  StD. 

*  Lewis,  Thomas  Augustus,  died  1865 Ware,  Mass. 

Mabct,  Dr.  Alexander Riverton,  N.J. 

*  PicBCE,  Edward  Willard,  died  1871 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Wabd,  John  Lord  Hayes,  died  1859 Abington,  Mass. 


*  Babrowb,  Rev.  John  Otis,  died  1918 Norwichtown,  Conn. 

Dickinson,  Rev.  Cornelius  Evarts 326  4th  St.  Marietta,  O. 

*  HoLiiBS,  Rev.  Heniy  Martyn,  died  1907 Provincetown,  Mass. 

LiTTL£,  Rev.  George  Obadiah  (Prof.) 

1363  Columbia  Rd.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  LrFTLB,  Rev.  Joseph  Brewster,  died  1910 Indianapolis,  Ind. 

*  Pettibonb,  Benjamin  Welch,  died  1907 Winchester,  Conn. 

*  Shepabd^  Edward  Olcott,  died  1903 Newburjrport,  Mass. 

*  TowBR,  Rev.  Francis  Emory,  died  1916 Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Wabd,  Rev.  Jamee  Wilson,  Jr.,  died  1875 Schuylkill  Haven,  Pa. 

*  Williams,  Rev.  Horace  Robbins,  died  1906 Terre  Haute,  Ind. 


*  AvEBT,  Prof.  John,  died  1887 Brunswick,  Me. 

CousTocx,  Edward  (Lumber) 202  So.  George  St.  Rome,  N.Y. 

*  Cbawford,  Rev.  Sidney,  died  1922 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Hardt,  Asa  S.  (Ret.) 222  Oakley  PI.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

*  Lewis,  Rev.  James,  died  1899 Joliet,  111. 

*  Paine,  Charles  Gooddell  Goddard,  died  1892 Chicago,  111. 

*  Sandpord,  Elliot,  died  1897 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Waite,  Prof.  George  White,  died  1908 Tallapoosa,  Ga. 

*  Warner,  Aaron  Edwards,  died  1884 Boston,  Mass. 


*  Allen,  Washington  Irving,  died  1918 Newton,  N.J. 

Fairbanks,  Rev.  Francis  Joel  (Ret.) So.  Royalston,  Mass. 

*  Harrington.  Samuel,  died  1899 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Lewis,  Dr.  Zachariah  Edwards,  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  McGlathsry,  Rev.  William,  died  1911 Norristown,  Pa. 

*  Maynabd,  Edward,  died  1868 Turk's  Idand,  West  Indies 

*  Reed,  George  Milton,  died  1911 « Boston,  Mass. 

*  Shepard,  Dr.  Luther  Dimmick.  died  1911 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Stone,  Timothy  Porter,  died  1864 Lafayette,  Ind. 

*  TousoN,  Truman,  died  1866 Amherst,  Mass. 


*  Barton,  Homer  Rollin,  died  1863 Granby,  Mass. 

*  Billings,  Dr.  Charles  Morris,  died  1906 Nashua,  la. 

*  Brioham,  Don  Ferdinand,  died  1888 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Harris,  Austin,  died  1899 East  Machias,  Me. 

*  HowLAND,  Walter  Morton,  died  1911 Amherst,  Mass. 

McManus,  Parker  Whittlesey  (Ret.). .2380  Telegraph  Rd.  Davenport,  la. 

*  MoNTBLius,  William  Piper,  died  1865 Mifflinburg,  Pa. 

84 AMHERST 1863-67 

RoBBiNB,  Edward  Combe  (Tools) . .  .364  Gray  Ave.  Webster  Groves,  Mo. 

*  Stanton,  Rev.  George  Francis,  died  1916 Boston,  Mass. 

Titus,  Joseph  Augustus  (Law.) 476  Main  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

*  Wells,  B«v.  George  Huntington,  died  1897 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  WiLDBR,  Joseph  Eels,  died  1864 Waltnam,  Mass. 


*  Bond,  Nelson  Freeman,  died  1899 Fitchburg,  Mass. 

Crane,  Whiting  Sanford  (Ret.) 436  Hendrie  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Harbinqton,  Nathan,  diied  1890 Toledo,  O. 

*  Howell,  Luther  Clark,  died  1866 Hayneville,  Ala. 

*  Irwin,  David  Allison,  died  1901 Orchard  Lake,  Mich. 

*  Park,  Dr.  Ebeneser  Burgess,  died  1914 Chanute,  Kan. 

*  Pratt,  Rev.  C^eorge  Harlow,  died  1914 Sutton,  Mass. 

*  Stonb,  William  Pierce,  died  1862 Amesbury,  Mass. 

Storrs,  Henry  Edward  (Law.) 308  W.  Ist  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  Towns,  Rev.  Edward  South  worth,  died  1893 Anacoetia,  D.C. 

*  Whiting,  William  Hammond,  died  1874 St.  Albans,  Vt. 


*  Abbott,  Asa  George,  died  1870 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Barker,  James  Lawrence  (Ret.) Cabrillo  Blvd.  Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

Bishop,  James  Lord  (Law) 2  Rector  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Clapp,  Alfred  Dwight,  died  1863 Deerfield,  Mass. 

*  CooLBT,  Dr.  Orrin,  died  1877 Chicago,  111. 

Emerson,  Prof.  Benjamin  Kendall.. 21  Northampton  Rd.  Amherst,  Mass. 

*  Gray,  Gleorge  Dickman,  died  1921 Piedmont,  Cal. 

*  March,  Dr.  Daniel,  Jr.,  died  1897 Winchester,  Mass. 

*  Rockwell,  Dr.  Francis  Warren,  died  1889 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Sawyer,  Riev.  Joseph  Henry,  died  1919 Easthampton,  Mass. 

*  Saylor,  Francis  Hoffman,  died  1906 Philadeli)hia,  Pa. 

Thresher,  Prof.  Almon  Underwood 1078  Almond  St.  Riverside,  Cal. 


*  Blake,  Maurice  Benaiah.  died  1886 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Brayton,  Rev.  Greorge,  died  1873 Newark,  N.J. 

*  CooLEY,  Noah  Saxton,  died  1920 Windsor  Locks^  Conn. 

Cowan  Rev.  Peres  Dickinson 33  Mountain  Ave.  Summit,  N.J. 

Dike  Samuel  Johnson  (Ret.) 316  E.  68th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Fairbanks  Joseph  Whitcomb,  died  1903 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  French,  Dr.  John,  died  1879 Kansas  City,  Mo. 

'"  Gaoe,  Nehemiah  Hutchinson,  died  1866 Hudson,  N.H. 

*  Harris,  George,  died  1922 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  LippiTT,  Hon.  Andrew  Clark,  died New  London,  0>nn. 

*  Neill,  Prof.  Heman  Humphrey,  died  1904 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  NoYES,  Rev.  Stephen  Dutton,  died  1894 Kingston,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Rev.  Thomas  Snell,  died  1900 Easthampton,  Mass. 

*  Williams,  Hickley  Wright,  died  1864 Goshen,  Mass. 


*  Brayton,  Dr.  Edmund  Cullen,  died  1875 Whitestown,  N.Y. 

Burgess,  Prof.  John  William  (Law.) . . .  Rhode  Island  Ave.  Newport,  R.I. 

1867-71  AMHERST  85 

*  BxrBNsiTS,  Francis  Ellsworth,  died  1912 Putnam,  Conn. 

*  BxmNHAii,  Rev.  Michael,  died  1905 Denver,  Colo. 

*  Clark,  Jeffersob,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  FucHTKBB,  Rev.  GecNTge  Frederick,  died  1905 Ipswich,  Mass. 

Mabch,  Rev.  Frederic  William  (Missionary) . . .  Amer.  Press,  Beirut,  Syria 

*  Park,  Rev.  Charles  Ware,  died  1895 Pittsfield,  Mass. 

PxcKHAM,  Prof.  William  Clark Adelphi  College,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Stokbs,  James  Fraser,  died  1891 Knoxville,  Tenn. 

Whtts  Rev.  William  Preecott. . . .  923  Witherspoon  Bklg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Ball,  William  Creighton  (Edit.) 1138  S.  5th  St.  Terre  Haute,  Ind. 

*  Bbooks,  Dr.  Charles  Grosvenor,  died  1885 East  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Buchanan,  Abner  Thomas,  died  1920 Chicago,  IlL 

*  Cornish,  Aaron  Spooner,  died  1902 Boston,  Mass. 

Hamilton,  Rev.  Henry  Harrison 

31  Bumside  Ave.  West  Somerville,  Mass. 
RocKwxLL,  Hon.  Francis  W.  (Ret.) ...  75  Appleton  Ave.  Pittsfield.  Mass. 
Williams,  Rev.  John  Healy 628  Alvacado  St.  Redlanos,  Cal. 

*  Wood,  Isaac  Willard,  died  1889 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

YoK.  Lucien  Gurney  (Ret.) 160  Hazel  Ave.  Highland  Park,  HI. 


*  Donald,  Rev.  Elijah  Winchester,  died  1904 Ipswich,  Mass. 

*  Goodman,  Richard,  died  1911 Lenox,  Mass. 

HoBBiB,  William  Roscoe  (Paper) Battenville  (Greenwich),  N.Y. 

Larked,  Stephen  Holmes  (Clerical).. 215  Lafayette  Ave.  Swarthmore,  Pa. 
Lewis,  Francis  Draper  (Law.) 934  Land  Title  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Matthews,  Henry  Martyn,  died  1917 Chicago,  HI. 

*  Pratt,  Charles  Ransom,  died  1907 .  .t Elmira,  N.Y. 

*  Richardson,  Prof.  Henry  Bullard,  died  1896 Amherst,  Mass. 

EicHARDSoN,  John  KendaU  (Ret.) 

141  Washington  St.  Wellesley  Hills,  Mass. 

*  Stokes,  William  Campbell,  died  1869 Lebanon,  Tenn. 

*  Tennbt,  Rev.  Albert  Francis,  died  1918 Pelham  Manor,  N.Y. 


*  Choatb,  Rev.  Washington,  died  1918 Essex,  Mass. 

*  Dane,  Myron  Benjamin,  died  1870 East  Whately,  Mass. 

Dixon,  Brandt  Van  Blarcom  (Coll.  Pres.) 

1654  Joseph  St.  New  Orleans,  La. 
Graves,  Samuel  Lawrence "The  Columbia,"  Leominster,  Mass. 

*  Lyon,  Appleton  Park,  died  1901 Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 

*  March,  Charles  Augustus,  died  1922 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Miller,  Albert  Barries,  died  1871 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Wtman,  Dr.  Walter,  died  1911 Washington,  D.C. 


*  Blanchard,  Rev.  Joseph  N.,  died  1912 Madison,  N.J. 

•Bliss,  Edwin  Munsell,  died  1921 Washington,  D.C. 

Bbownbll,  Charles  Henry  (Banker) .Peru,  Ind. 

Bbownbll,  William  Crary  (Author) 597  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

_..,  N.Y. 

.  .Piedjnont,  CaL 

-. .  .PaHdem,  Cal, 

18S4 Chicago,  111. 

.115  So.  KeneinetOD  Avo.  La  GranjEe.  111. 

r,  died  IBIS . . 





BvBuiT,  Clareabe  Augiutiu  (Law.) SGI  Prospect  Ave.  Wlnnetka,  lU. 

•Church,  George  ETeretl,  died  1913 Providence.  R.I. 

•  Fmkch,  Bolon  Tenney,  (iied  1808 Loi  Aneelcs.  Cat. 

HAife  Dr.  Gordon  Robert IM  Clinton  St,  BroofcljTi.  N.Y. 

HOLBBOOE,  Ret.  David  Loirerett 409  E.  Sullivan  St.  Ripon.  Wis. 

McELHiNNEt,  Hon.  JohnW.  (Judge). 7762  Henderson  Ave.  Clayton,  Mo. 

FuNE,  Dr.  Albert  George 382  No.  Euolid  Ave.  Pasadena,  Gal. 

Painx,  Lyman  May  tLsw.) 4221  Langley  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

•  SiKBERT,  Charles  Alberl,  died  1916 Chicago,  111, 

•  Spadldino,  Timothy  Or^dley.  died  1617 Northampton ,  Man. 

•  TaoupsoH.  Rev.  Albert  Henry,  died  1910 Raymond,  N.H. 


*Bbuilet,  Rev.  Leverett,  died  1902 Philadelphia.  Pa. 

•  DuioN,  Francia  William,  died  191G Honolulu,  E.I. 

•  Davib,  Rev.  WiUiani  Vail  Wilson,  died  1910 Pittefield.  Man. 

H«Li.,  Prof.  Lyman  Beecher  (Ret.) Havarford,  Pa. 

Eaiwakd,  Jsmea  (Iaw.) Misaouli  LincolD  Trust  Co.  St.  Louia,  Mo. 

Beaf,  Arnold  (Law.) 1628  Waahington  Blvd.  Chioagp,  111. 

HoBBii.  Dr.  John  RemingtOD North  Adams,  Mass. 

•  HOTT,  James  Humphrey,  died  1917 Cleveland,  O. 

•  NoBHis,  Rev.  Kingsley  FUvel,  died  1922 Little  Valley.  N.Y. 

Pahboms,  John leifl  La  Vereda  St.  Berkeley,  Cal. 

WiLLiAUB,  Elijah  Hawley  (R.  Est.,  Law.J. 402  E.  College  St.  Aurora,  Mo. 

9,  Prof,  Tall 

Dow,  Dr.  Frank  Fow 

is  Univ.,  New  York,  N.Y. 

1875-78  AMHERST  87 


Bbooks,  Dr.  Stephen  Driver 602  S.  Carondelet  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

BuFFiTM,  Prof.  Charles  Albert 210  Main  St.  Easthampton,  Mass. 

*  Elt,  Rev.  William  Brewster,  died  1880 Reading.  Mass. 

Hamlin,  Prof.  Alfred  D.  F Columbia  Univ.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Rbbvss,  Rev.  Thomas  Alonzo,  died  1907 Rockaway,  N.J. 

SooYiLLB,  Rev.  Frank  Churchill Greenwich,  N.Y. 

Skseub,  Rev.  Arthur  Fessenden 225  Monroe  PI.  Monrovia,  Cal. 

*  Tead,  Rev.  Edward  Sampson,  died  1919 Atlantic,  Mass. 


*  Batbman,  Prof.  Clifford  Rush,  died  1883 New  York JN.Y. 

Beechxb,  Herbert  Foote  (Mariner) .  .822  Queen  Axme  Ave.  Seattle,  Wash. 

*  BowMSR,  Rev.  Frank,  died  1904 Westfield,  Mass. 

BoTDEN,  Arthur  Clarke  (Ed.) 68  Summer  St.  Bridgewater,  Mass. 

Clark,  Rev.  Robert  Bruce 1656  University  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Clabk,  Dr.  William  Brewster,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Kimball,  Frank  Famum,  died  1896 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Paulun,  Henry 

*  Smith,  Edward  Robinson,  died  1921 New  York,  N.Y. 

Stbrandt,  Rev.  William  Henry 122  Main  St.  Brockport,  N.Y. 

Washbukn,  William  Ives  (Law.) 149  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Williams,  William  H.  (Lumber) 34  Ehnwood  PI.  Geneva,  N.Y. 


Armsteono,  Collin  (Adv.) Metropolitan  Tower,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Blaej:,  Lucien  Ira,  died  1916 Denver,  Colo. 

Eddy,  Thomas  James 315  Cabot  St.  Beverly,  Mass. 

*  Geat,  Joseph  Converse,  died  1919 Boston,  Mass. 

Pratt.  William  Orrin  (Ed.) 70  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sai/tee,  Prof.  Sumner  (Music) 135  Main  St.  Williamstown,  Mass. 

*  Sanpoed,  Dr.  Abbott,  died  1893 Everett,  Mass. 

♦Smith,  Benjamin  EH,  died  1913 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  ToBBT,  Rev.  Rufus  B.,  died  1920 Middleboro,  Mass. 

webdbn,  William  Orme  (Ret.) 3653  Jackdaw  St.  San  Diego,  Cal. 


Babbotp,  Frank  Lusk  (Ed.) 149  Lincoln  Place,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Bliss,  Rev.  William  Dwight  Porter. .  1858  Holland  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

•Cbitoendbn,  William  Bacon,  died  1900 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Hitchcock,  Dr.  Edward,  Jr.  (Charities)..  .32  State  House,  Boston,  Mass. 

Udd,  William  Mead  (Fin.) P.  O.  Box  738,  Portland,  Ore. 

MossMAN,  Walter  Bemis  (Mer.) 140  Tremont  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Plummer,  Henry  Irving,  died  1874 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

♦Sanders,  Dr.  Orren  Bumham,  died  1913 Boston,  Mass. 

^PER,  Rev.  William  Washburn 196  Trenton  St.  E.  Boston,  Mass. 

Wbllman,  Arthur  Holbrook  (Law.) 150  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

WmTNBT,  Henry  Martyn  (Transp.) 915  Piikoi  St.  Honolulu,  Hawaii 

♦Williams,  Prof.  George  Himtmgton,  died  1894 Baltimore,  Md. 

WRIGHT,  Charles  Handd  (Rubber) Tallmadge,  O. 

88  AMHERST  1879-83 


*  Cabson,  Rev.  Frank  Martin,  died  1919 Greenwich,  Conn. 

Chapin,  George  Mooar  (Adv.) . .  .57  Mutual  Life  Bldg.,  Jacksonville,  Fla. 

FoLOBR,  Henry  Clay  (Oil) 26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

GooLD,  Charles  Burton  (Ed.) Albany  Academy,  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Gordon,  Henry  Evarts,  died  1909 Iowa  City,  la. 

Kellt,  Arthur  Willard  (Edit.) 91  Central  St.  Aubumdale  66,  Mass. 

Pratt,  Charles  Millard  (Ret.) 26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sargbnt,  William  Arthur  (Ret.) 1669  Beacon  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Thurston,  Hiram  E.  (Bank.) Box  1443,  Providence,  R.I. 


Aldbn,  Edmund  Kimball  (Ed.) 1323  Dorchester  Rd.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

BiSBEB,  Joseph  Bartlett  (Ret.) 801  Spring  St.  Mich.  City,  Ind. 

Bliss,  Dr.  Frederick  Jones American  College,  Beirut,  Syria 

GiLLETT,  Prof.  Arthur  Lincoln 16  Marshall  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Howard,  Prof.  Charles  Samuel,  died  1916 No.  Berkeley,  Cal. 

Lane,  Rev.  Charles  Stoddard 1631  Boulevard,  West  Hartford,  Conn. 

MiLLiKBN,  Arthur  Norris  (Ret.) 199  Washington  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Packard,  Frank  Edwards  (Ins.) 16  E.  Chestnut  St.  Campello,  Mass. 

Stbbbins,  Frank  Edward  (Pat.  Law.) . .  131  Indiana  Ave.  Washington,  D.C. 
Warrbn,  Prof.  Frederick  Morris . . .  177  Yale  Station,  New  Haven,  Conn. 


Crittenden,  Walter  Hayden  (Law.) ....  305  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 
FiSKE,  Dr.  George  Foster 25  E.  Washington  St.  Chicago,  111. 

*  Hilton,  George  Porter,  died  1909 Albanv,  N.Y. 

*  Hitchcock,  Bradford  Washburn,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

Kemp,  Prof.  James  Furman 640  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ladd,  Charles  Elliott,  died  1920 Cortland,  Ore. 

*  Rand,  Edward  Gillett,  died  1888 Melbourne,  Austrsdia 

Smart,  Rev.  Isaac  Chipman 71  So.  Willard  St.  Burlington,  Vt. 

*  Thurston,  Thatcher  Thayer,  died  1911 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Wackerhagen,  Philip  Mayer,  died  1915 Racine,  Wis. 


Bancroft,  Frederic  (Historian)...  .Metropolitan  Club,  Washington,  D.C. 
Blatchford,  Paul  (Sec.) 333  No.  Euclid  Ave.  Oak  Park,  111. 

*  Bliss,  Rev.  Howard  S.,  died  1920 Saranac  Lake,  N.Y. 

*  Greene,  Rev.  Frederick  William,  died  1920 Middletown,  Conn. 

Mills,  Rev.  Charles  Smith 490  West  End  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Perrt,  Joseph  Hartshorn  (Ed.) 276  Highland  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

Williams,  John  Camp Miller  Rd.  Morristown,  N.J. 


BoTDBN,  Wallace  Clarke  (Ed.) 64  Oakwood  Rd.  Newtonville,  Mass. 

*  Claplin,  William,  died  1902 Lombard,  III. 

*  Clapp,  Rev.  Walter  Clayton,  died  1915 Danville,  Pa. 

Field,  Walter  Taylor  (Edit.,  Writer) 2301  Prairie  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Hamilton,  Charles  Woodman  (Paper).  .291  Prospect  Ave.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Marsh,  Frank  BaUard,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

188^-87  AMHERST  89 

—  -    -  ■     _ -^ 

Rab,  Dr.  Alexander 117  Henry  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Rhkss,  Free.  (Benjamin)  Rush Rochester  Univ.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Sprout,  William  Bradford 24  Milk  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Wauosb,  Prof.  Williaton 281  Edwards  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 


Alvobd,  Alfred  Ely  (R.  Est.) 81  Union  St.  Newton  Centre,  Mass. 

*  Applbton,  Samuel  Edwards,  died  1911 Maybeury,  W.  Va. 

Child,  Charles  Jesse  (Mer.) Richmond,  Mo. 

*  Clabk,  Prof.  William  Bullock,  died  1917 Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Dickinson,  Edward,  died  1898 Amherst,  Mass. 

*  FisKB,  Arthur  Severance,  died  1891 New  Haven,  Conn. 

Gaednbb,  Dr.  William Grundy  Center,  Iowa 

Goodwin,  Rev.  Frank  Judson Litchfield,  Conn. 

♦KiNWET,  Hon.  W.  P.  (Judge),  died  1922 Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 

Wbeden,  Rev.  Charles  Foster 110  Glen  Ave.  Newton  Center,  Mass. 

Wheelbb,  Willard  Hayden 439  Washington  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Ames,  Sir  Herbert  Brown  (M.  P.) .  .League  of  Nations,  Greneva,  Switserland 

*  Bkst,  James  B.,  died  1922 Everett,  Wash. 

CuTLEB,  Sanf  ord  Lyman  (Ed.)  ...  103  W.  Tremont  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Gabdnek,  Prof.  George  Enos,  died  1907 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Gladden,  Frederick  Cohoon,  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Glbason,  Dr.  W.  Stanton,  died  1919 Newburgh,  N.Y. 

Lamb,  William  George 85  No.  Main  St.  So.  Hadley  Falls,  Mass. 

Pbbntice,  Ezra  Parmalee  (Law.) 5  W.  53rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  TucKEB,  Edwin  Benjamin,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Waitb,  Henry  Morrison,  died  1885 Ravenna,  O. 


"  Clabk,  Alfred  Hastings,  died  1887 Northampton,  Mass. 

CoATBs,  Hallam  Freer 1037  Arch  Ave.  Alliance,  O. 

Delababbb,  Prof.  Edmund  Burke 9  Arlington  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Fallows,  Edward  Huntington  (Law.)  .  52  Vanderbilt  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Fbbnch,  Charles  Brown  (Ins.) 123  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lindsay,  George  Walter  (Mer.) 78  Reed  St.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Mabblb,  Charles  Francis  (Mfr.) 4  Marble  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

*  Smith,  Theodore,  died  1912 Trinidad,  Colo. 

Tbbadway,  Hon.  Allen  Towner  (M.  C.) .  .Red  Lion  Inn,  Stockbridge,  Mass. 

*  Wood,  Ira  Couch,  died  1915 Chicago,  111. 

Wood,  Dr.  Walter  Childs  (Farmer) Ponus  St.  New  Canaan,  Conn. 


Alvord,  Andrew  Porter  (Mer.) 12  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bliss,  WUUam  Tyler  (Journ.) . . .  .c/o  The  N.  Y.  World,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Chapin,  Wallace  Torry Duval  High  School,  Jacksonville,  Fla. 

♦Hunt,  John  Savage,  died  1911 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  KiDDBB,  William  Magee,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 

MHiLs,  Frank  Smith Shoreacres  Farm,  Province  Lake,  N.H, 

Pbatt,  Frederic  B.  (Ed.) 229  Clinton  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y, 

90  AMHERST  1887-91 

Smith,  Dr.  Bryant  (Farmer) Darby,  Montana 

*  Thompson,  Frederick  Miner,  died  1887 Brattleboro,  Vt. 

WiLLABD,  Thomas  Clifton  (Law.)...  175  Claremont  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Wood,  Howard  Ogden  (Law.) 63  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Allen,  Addison  (Law.) 404  Palisade  Ave.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Austin,  Harmon 206  Waverly  St.  Warren,  O. 

Bliss,  Dr.  Charles  Lincoln 1363  Columbus  Rd.  Washington,  D.C. 

Bbewbter,  William  Lewis  (Law.) 1025  Gasco  Bldg.  Portland,  Ore. 

CooMBB,  Ptof.  Zelotes  Wood 32  Richards  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

Hastings,  Dr.  Robert  Worthington 45  Kilsyth  Rd.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Huntington,  Prof.  Ellery  Channing Broad  St.  Hamilton,  N.Y. 

*  Htdb,  George  Merriam,  died  1899 New  York,  N.Y. 

Little,  Rev.  Dr.  Arthur  Mitchell 41  Third  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

Miller,  John  Hamilton  (Treas.) 10  W.  Commerce  St.  Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Prentice,  Pierrepont  Isham,  died  1890 Duluth,  Minn. 

Sessions,  Robert  H.  (Coal) 608  Paxton  Block,  Omaha,  Neb. 

Skeelb,  Prof.  Walter  Fisher  (Music) .  136  East  Ave.  55,  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 


Allen,  Glenn  Sevienne 616  W.  Main  St.  Kalamazoo,  Mich. 

*  Burr,  Charles  Wolcott,  died  1902 Boston,  Mass. 

Chancellor,  Prof.  William  Estabrook  (Writer) 

1560  Worthington  St.  Columbus,  O. 
French,  Stuart  Whitney  (Copper) .  .Hotel  Vista  del  Arroyo,  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Hitchcock,  Dr.  John  Sawyer  (Farmer) ProflBt,  Va. 

James,  Arthur  Curtiss 99  John  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wadhams,  Ralph  Holbertson  (Law.) 

802  Miners  Bank  Bldg.  Wilkes-Barre,  Pa. 

Wilson,  Howard  (Fin.) 17  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

WooDBRiDGE,  Prof.  Frederick  J.E. 

Columbia  University,  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Corning,  Henry  Royce,  died  1892 Cleveland,  O. 

Delabarre,  Dr.  Frank  Alexander 520  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

DuFFBT,  Edwin  (Law^ 69  Main  St.  Cortland,  N.Y. 

Gates,  Rev.  Herbert  Wright 

Congregational  Ed.  Society,  14  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  JoTNBR,  Dr.  George  Bertram,  died  1897 Chicago,  111. 

Kellt,  Rev.  Edward  Parker 91  Central  St.  Auburndale,  Mass. 

Ktburq,  George  Wilson  (Mach.) 70  Randolph  St.  Springfield,  Mass. 

*  McGlashan,  Archibald  A.,  died  1920 New  York,  N.Y. 

Taft,  George  Chapin  (Ins.) 294  Macon  St.  Brookljm,  N.Y. 

Whitman,  Hon.  Charles  Sesnnour  (Law.) .  54  E.  83rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Williams,  Stalham  Leon  (Aud.) 1026  Elmwood  Ave.  Wilmette,  111. 


Blatchford,  Edward  Williams  (Y.M.C.A.) 

c/o  Paul  Blatchford,  333  N.  Euclid  Ave.  Oak  Park,  HL 
BuRRiLL,  Rev.  Arthur  Sumner Wellealey,  Mass. 

1891-96 AMHERST 91 

*  Clabk,  Allen  Lincoln,  died  1918 Omaha,  Nebr. 

CowLBs,  Rev.  Alton  H 766  Elm  wood  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Gane,  Henry  Stewart  (Rancher) R.  D.  #1,  Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

Hammond,  Howard  Dexter  (Law.) 287  Ryerson  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Ltall.  Herbert  James  (Law.) 31  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

NoRTHBUP,  Edwin  Fitch  (Mfr.) Princeton,  N.J. 

Rbbves,  Prof.  Jesse  Siddall 1945  Cambridge  Rd.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

Walkbb,  Albert  Hiram  (Law.) 51  E.  50th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

*  Wai^keb,  Frederick  Bryant,  died  1921 Brattleboro,  Vt. 


C^HABD,  James  Alfred  (Mer.) 54  Melrose  PI.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Ck>x,  Erskine  Hazard  (Ret.) 56  Lafavette  St.  Randolph,  Mass. 

DiNOLBT,  Bret  Harte 11  Highland  Ave.  Auburn,  Me. 

*  GooDBLL,  Robert  Wood,  died  1897 Houghton,  Mich. 

*  (zOODELL,  Rufus  Talmage,  died  1921 Pasadena,  Cal. 

HiLDBBTH,  Charles  Elbridge  (Trustee) ...  4  Beeching  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

HiLDRBTH,  Walter  Henry Room  251,  State  House,  Boston,  Mass. 

LouNSBBBT,  George  Hoyt  (Sales) 500  S.  Clinton  St.  Chicago,  IlL 

NoRTHRUP,  Prof.  Elliott  Judd Tulane  University,  New  Orleans,  La. 

WiLusTON,  Robert  Lyman  (Mfr.) ...  23  Round  Hill,  Northampton,  Mass. 


*  BiGELow,  Dr.  Horace,  died  1901 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Gane«  Frederick  Matner,  died  1911 Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

Hamilton,  George  Langford  (Farmer) Jamestown,  R.I. 

HoDODON,  Clarence  Robert  (Fin.) 11  High  St.  Spencer,  Mass. 

Pkatt,  George  Dupont  (Ed.) (jlen  Cove,  L.  I.,  N.Y. 

Raub,  Prof.  William  Longstreth 675  N.  Academy  St.  Galesburg,  HI. 

Reed,  Rev.  Lewis  Thurston 455  E.  18th  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Talcott,  William  Ariel,  Jr.,  died  1898 Watch  Hill,  R.L 

*  Wood,  Clarence  David,  died  1901 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Backus,  Grosvenor  Hyde  (Law.) 175  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bbown,  Warren  Day  (Ret.) University  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Chase,  William  Bunton  (Joum.) 

N.  Y.  Times  Annex,  43rd  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Etans,  Rev.  Edward  Russell 22  Underwood  St.  Pawtucket,  R.I. 

Hates,  Harold  Fayette  (Fin.) 301  Meigs  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Howe,  Dr.  Walter  Clarke 303  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

KiDDBB,  Pancoast  (Ins.). 100  State  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Notes,  Henry  Taylor  (Buttons) c/o  Art  in  Buttons,  Rochester,  N.Y. 

SroNE,  Harlan  Fiake  (Law.) Columbia  Univ.,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wood,  Willis  Delano  OBanking) 119  E.  71st  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 


AsMSTBONO,  Landgren 360  W.  Onondaga  St.  Ss^raouse,  N.Y. 

Babnes,  Aubrey  T7  (Mfr.) 1701  National  Ave.  Rockford,  HI. 

BiLDKN,  Frank  Milton  (Paper) Plandome,  Nassau  Co.,  N.Y. 

Fbinch,  Rev.  Howard  Dean 1621  Victoria  Dr.  Loe  Angeles,  Cal. 

92 AMHERST 1895-99 

Haybm,  Rev.  Sherman  Willard 

35  Winona  St.  Charlotte  Sta.,  Rochester,  N.Y. 
MuNDT,  Edward  Kendall  (And.) 

c/o  Standard  Oil  Co.  of  N.  Y.,  26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 
Post,  Augustus. .  .Aero  Club  of  America,  HE.  38th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pratt,  Herbert  Lee  (OU) 1027  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Seelts,  Dr.  Walter  Clark 390  Main  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

TxBBBTTB,  Albert  Murray 35  Cedar  Park,  Melrose,  Mass. 

WiixisTON,  Harry  Stoddard  (Mfg.).. 35  Round  Hill,  Northampton,  Mass. 


Babkkb,  Harry  Learned Box  1028,  El  Centro,  Cal. 

Chase,  Aurin  Moody  (Mfg.) 736  Ackerman  Ave.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Gates,  Merrill  Edwards,  Jr.  (Law.) University  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Habknbss,  Frank  Edgerton  (Law.) .  1414  Monadnock  Block,  Chicago,  111. 
Kimball,  William  Eugene  (Broker) 6  Nassau  St-.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Milne,  William  Edwards,  died  1913 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Montague,  Albert  Ira,  died  1914 Simderland,  Mass. 

Moulson,  George  De  Witt  (Cotton) 

N.  Y.  Cotton  Exchange,  60  Beaver  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Pratt,  John  Teele  (Banker) 7  E.  eist  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  WiTHERBT,  Edwin  Chaplin,  died  1919 Solvay,  N.Y. 


Backus,  Rev.  Alexander  Hamilton 

Morgans,  Harjfs  &  Co.,  14  Place  Venddme,  Paris;  France 

*  Blake,  Edmund  Mortimer,  died  1921 Brookline,  Mass. 

Butler,  Rev.  George  Manley 5  Chestnut  St.  Dedham,  Mass. 

Emerson,  Dr.  (Benjamin)  Kendall 56  William  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

Gates,  Rev.  Carl  Martel 196  Washington  St.  Wellesley  Hills,  Mass. 

Gates,  Rev.  William  Bishop 206  Laurens  St.  Olean,  N.Y. 

Jackson,  Jerome  Paul  (Arch.) 2309  First  Ave.  S.,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

McEvot,  Thomas  Jefferson  (Edit.) 6  Third  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Maxwell,  John  Rogers,  Jr.  (Ret.) Villa  Nova,  Pa. 

Richmond,  Gerald  Martin  (Fin.) . .  .532  Grosvenor  Bldg.  Providence,  R.I. 


*  Allan,  Frederick  Mansfield,  died  1903 Montclair,  N.J. 

BissELL,  John  Clark  (Auto.) 2269  Fulton  St.  Toledo,  O. 

*  Blatchford,  Eliphalet  Huntington,  died  1905 Winnetka,  III. 

Blossom,  Frederick  Augustus 364  Haledon  Ave.  Paterson,  N.J. 

Clews,  Henry  (Art.) 145  E.  19th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

DwiGHT,  Harry  Griswold  (Writer) Cosmos  Club,  Washinston,  D.C. 

Kimball,  Dr.  Charles  Denny 20  Irving  PI.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

Ltall,  Earl  Harvey  (Arch.) 41  Prospect  St.  Summit,  N.J. 

Ottbrson,  Arthur  Leader 1333  Evergreen  Ave.  Plainfield,  N.J. , 

Thomas,  Dr.  Harold  Edgel 1045  Judson  Ave.  Evanston,  lU. 


De  Wrrp,  Charles  Irwin  (Electric) 

15  Upper  Mountain  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 
Emerson,  Edward  Hopkins  (Min.  Eng.) Mountain  Lakes,  N. J. 

1899-1903  AMHERST  93 

HuTCHiNB,  Dr.  Henry  Talbot. . .  .520  Commonwealth  Ave.  Boston,  Mass. 

Kellooo,  Dr.  Henry  Kirke  White 5  Mott  Ave.  Norwalk,  Conn. 

Locke,  Edward  Garfield  (Agr.) 71  Main  St.  Waterville,  N.Y. 

Miles,  Rufus  E.  (EdJ 477  W.  7th  St.  Columbus,  O. 

Miller,  Dr.  Robert  Talbdtt Duxbury,  Mass. 

*  Taft,  Arthur  Reed,  died  1904 Barrington,  N.S. 


Brown,  Donald  Winchester  (R.  Est.) 79  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Butler,  Charles  Edward Randolph  Bridge,  Chicago,  111. 

Cbannell,  Ralph  Monroe 

Eastman,  George  Phelps  (Marble) 57  Chestnut  Ave.  Rutland,  Vt. 

GoDDABO,  Prof.  Harold  Clarke 3  Whittier  Place,  Swarthmore,  Pa. 

Grant,  Robert  Lyman 26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Kimball,  Dr.  Cleaveland  Cady HE.  48th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pratt,  Harold  I.  (Fin.) 26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

RoBu^soN,  Henry  Kellogg  (Mer.) . . .  6054  McPherson  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 


Bishop,  Maitland  Lathrop 10  Garfield  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

CuRTBNius,  Alfred  Edward Kalamasoo,  Mich. 

DoDOE,  Rev.  Rowland  Backus Wailuku,  Maui,  Hawaii 

Farrell,  Maurice  L.  (Banker) 

c/o  F.  S.  Smithers  &  Co.,  19  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Godfrey,  John  Lawrence,  died  1900 Northampton,  Mass. 

Grant,  Louis  Newton  (Bricks) Greenwich,  Conn. 

McIlvaine,  George  Herbert 399  S.  Catalina  St.  Pasi^ena,  Cal. 

Morse,  Charles  Lewis  (Banker) 5  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Phillips,  John  Frank  (Law.) Irvington-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 

RusHMORE,  William  RUey 429  Park  Ave.  Plainfield.  N  J. 

Vanderbilt,  John  Leonard  (Exptr.  Sc  Imptr.)  i 

86  WaU  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Blossom,  Harold  Hill  (Arch.) 488  Washington  St.  Dedham,  Mass. 

Chard,  Standish  (Law.) 2  Rector  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ells,  Arthur  Fairbanks  (Law.) 137  Tower  Rd.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

GiESE,  Henry  William  (D.  G.) 140  Tremont  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

KxLLooo,  Ansell  Marshall  (Fruit) Guayabal,  Santa  Clara,  Cuba 

Maxwell,  Henry  Lascelles 25  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Matnard,  Robert  Washburn  (D.  G.) ....  140  Tremont  St.  Boston,  Mass. 
Nblson,  James  Augustus  (Ret.) 

437  S.  Orange  Grove  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 
Sautter,  Edward  Frederick  (Confectionery) 

1421  Locust  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Van  Siclbn,  Matthew  (Min.  Eng.) Cosmos  Club,  Washington,  D.C. 


Atwood,  Albert  William  (Writer) 272  Nassau  St.  Princeton,  N.J. 

*  Bill,  Robert  Walter.  Jr.,  died  1908 New  York.  N.Y. 

Dabbt,  Arthur  B.  (Ins.) 45  John  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

94  AMHERST  1903-07 


Hateb,  Joseph  Wanton  (Pub.) 

Crowell  Pub.  Co.,  381  Fourth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lake,  D.  Harry  (Fin.) 106  W.  69th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Longman,  Edward  George  (Films) 327  Sterling  PL  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Rhodes,  Marcus  Arnold  (Mfr.) 43  Cedar  St.  Taunton,  Mass. 

Stearns,  Foster  (Waterman)  (Govt.) ....  140  Tremont  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Tead,  Donald  Graves  (Lumber) 2316  Woolsey  St.  Berkeley,  Cal. 

Tead,  Stanley  Hovey  (Cotton) . .  .115  Springfield  Ave.  Chestnut  Hill,  Pa. 


Babtlbtt,  Donald  Lord  (Mfg.) 212  Lincoln  St.  New  Britain,  Conn. 

Bishop,  Merrill  (Law.) . . .  c/o  Jas.  L  Bishop,  1 E.  39th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Dow,  Fayette  Brown  (Law.) Munsey  Bldg.  Washington,  D.C. 

Dow,  Dr.  Leland  Brown 429  Park  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

GooLD,  Rev.  Edgar  Hunt St.  Augustine  School,  Raleigh,  N.C. 

HiLDBETH,  Dr.  Robert  Dudley 19  Holland  Ave.  Westfield,  Mass. 

HowABD,  Henry  Remington  (Law.)  .486  Rockingham  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Pbatt,  Alvord  (Mfr.) 307  Euclid  Ave.  Ehnh-a,  N.Y. 

Putnam,  Hobart  Hayes  (Pipe) 152  Wellington  Rd.  Garden  City,  L.I. 

RiCHABDSON,  Henry  Stephen  (Vocational) Collins  Rd.  Waban,  Mass. 

RuPLET,  Howard  Reeve 176  Chestnut  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 


Baldwin,  Rev.  Fritz  Walter,  Jr 381  Clinton  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Chandler,  Willis  Derwin,  died  1911 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  CooQESHALL,  Harold  Frederic,  died  1919 Hollywood,  Cal. 

Ellis,  George  William  (Woolen  Mfg.) 32  Green  St.  Monson,  Mass. 

FuBss,  Claude  Moore  (Ed.) 183  Main  St.  Andover,  Mass. 

HussET,  Elisha  Frank  (Bldg.) . .  .2521  Pillsbury  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Rathbun,  William  Tompkins  (Sales) 119  Rynda  Rd.  So.  Orange,  N.J. 

Richardson,  George  Warren 719  23rd  St.  Rock  Isliuid,  lU. 

VAN  Etten,  Rev.  Edwin  Jan 311  Shady  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Wing,  Richard  Deland  (Mfg.) 229  Quincy  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Blatchford,  Nathaniel  Hopkins,  Jr.  (Mach.) 

844  Auburn  Rd.  Hubbard  Woods,  111. 

Brewster,  Kingman  (Law.) 121  Dartmouth  Ter.  Springfield,  Mass. 

Davenport,  WiUiam  Rufus  (Broker) 43  Highland  Rd.  Rye,  N.Y. 

Dblabarrb,  Everett  Merrill  (Printing) 

119  J  Berkeley  Ave.  Bloomfield,  N.J. 

Dewar,  James  Innes  (R.  R.) 1420  Grove  St.  Evanston,  lU. 

Draper,  Ernest  Gallaudet 375  Washin^on  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Fox,  Dr.  George  Henry 89  Mam  St.  Binghamton,  N.Y. 

Harris,  George,  Jr.  (Musician) 102  N.  Plum  St.  Richmond,  Va. 

VAN  Etten,  Dr.  Royal  Cornelius 117  E.  66th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Webster,  William  Harvey Homer,  N.Y. 


Barton,  Bruce  (Adv.) 25  W.  45th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Chapin,  Warren  Storrs  (Adv.) 350  Farmington  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 

1907-10  AMHERST  96 

Dennis,  Dr.  Edward  Parker 221  W.  9th  St.  Erie,  Pa. 

Meter,  Otto  Cleveland  (Mer.)  ....  Drivesend,  Academy  Dist.,  Erie,  Pa. 

Nash,  Carl  Blossom  (Ins.) 124  Ckwper  St.  Peoria,  111. 

Rand,  Prof.  Albert  Eklward 134  Lloyd  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Stilus,  Harry  Herbert  (Mfr.) ....  c/o  Jackson  Corset  Co.,  Jackson,  Mich. 
Walbbidob,  Merrell  Packard  (Dnigs) 

5251  Westminster  PI.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 
Webb,  Paul  (Law.) 

Ailing,  Webb  A  Morehouse,  42  Church  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 
Wilson,  Claude  Thomas  (C.  Eng.) 

159  Beach  134th  St.  Belle  Harbor,  L.  I.,  N.Y. 


Abbott,  Donald  Beardsley  (Shoes) 98  Lake  St.  Auburn,  Me. 

Bibdsall,  Wilfred  Thomas  (Eng.)  .  .44  N.  Fullerton  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Bonnet,  Holbrook  (Ed.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ellis,  Dwight  Warren Monson,  Mass. 

CioODELL,  Frank  Rufus  (Rubber) 

c/o  Congoleum  Co.,  Lytton  Bldg.,  Chicago,  111. 
Hamlin,  Marston  Lovell  (CJhem.).105  Momingside  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Jones,  Hildebum  (Rubber) Park  PL  CirclevUle,  O. 

Nilbs,  Charles  W.,  Jr.  (Rubber) 142  Duane  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Read,  Fayette  Francis  (Mfg.) 7  Laurel  St.  Holyoke,  Mass. 

Washburn,  William  Ives,  Jr.  (Pub.). .  .353  Foiirth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


BiGELOW,  Mason  Huntington  (Law.) 2  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Chapin,  Robert  Crins  (Mfg.  Jewelry). . .  150  Meeting  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

CJlarke,  Rev.  Merrill  Fowler 128  Henry  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Emeeson,  Greorge  Stone  (Knives) Walnut  St.  Walden,  N.Y. 

*  Hall,  (Jordon  Robert,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Lane,  Rev.  Stoddard 69  Larch  Ave.  Bogota,  N.J. 

McVauqh,  Keith  Fry  (Fin.) .  18  Franklin  Court,  Garden  Ci^,  L.  I.,  N.Y* 

Nash,  Percival  Dole  (Pub.) 30  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Pbatt,  Theodore  (Oil) 26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ratnbr,  Charles  Babbidge  (Cotton) 8  Enfield  Rd.  Austin,  Texas 

Rose,  Arthur 316  Clinton  PI.  River  Forest,  111. 

Smtth,  Harold  Lyman  (Chem.) 95  Foster  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Wrioht,  William  Henry  (Writer) .  .115  Wilbraham  Rd.  Springfield,  Mass. 


Amos,  Lindsay  Cline  (Fin.) R.  1400,  26  Broadway,  New  York.  N.Y. 

Babton,  Charles  William Casper  Daily  Tribune,  Casper,  Wyo. 

BisBEB,  Joseph  Bartlett,  Jr.  (Mgr.) . .  .801  Spring  St.  Michigan  City,  Ind. 

Blatchford,  John  (M.  Eng.) 711  Superior  St.  Oak  Park,  III. 

Clabk,  Evans  (Economist) 46  Kmg  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Dibble,  Edmund  Drinan  Barry,  died  1908 St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Hall,  Bartow  Harwood 14  Henderson  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Jbwbtt,  Dr.  Charles  Harvey Clifton  Springs,  New  York 

Ladd,  Dr.  William  Sargent 

254th  St.  &  Independence  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Morrison,  Stueu*t  Ten  Broeck  (Law.) .  9  Virginia  Ave.  Poughkeepsie,  N.Y. 

96  AMHERST  1910-13 

Sboop,  Max  (Law.) 

c/o  Sullivan  A  Cromwell,  49  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Raymond  Fiske  (Treasurer) 1  Forrester  PL  Bayonne,  N.J. 

WusT,  William  Taylor,  Jr 49  Berwyn  St.  Orange,  N.J. 


BoBB,  Victor  Charles  Vaughan Calumet,  Mich. 

Brown,  Selden  King  (Farmer) Scottsville,  N.Y. 

Chapin,  Chester  Fialier  (Adv.) 118  Smith  St.  Greensboro,  N.C. 

Connor,  Wayne  Everett  (Farming) . .  .Ronnoc  Grove,  New  Smyrna,  Fla. 
Crtitxndbn,  Edmund  Kearsley ....  1098  N.  Chester  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Davenport,  Everett  Banfield 63  Winthrop  St.  Taunton,  Mass. 

Lbb,  Dr.  Lyndon  E 509  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Marsh,  Edward  Henry  (Eng.) 30  Willow  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Pratt,  Morris,  died  1910 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Princb,  Stanley  Hodgdon  (Supt.) .  .c/o  Samson  Elec.  Co.,  Canton,  Mass. 

Ratnbr,  Major  Harold  Marvin 206  Lindon  Ave.  Glen  Ridge,  N.J. 

Roberts,  Harold  Carrier  (Plumbing) 169  Pleasant  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 

Roberts,  Laurence  Winston  (Jobber) 112  Proctor  Blvd.  Utica,  N.Y. 

ScHOENTHALER,  Warren  Simpson  (Sales) 

Air  Reduction  Sales  Co.  342  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Seeltb,  Laurens  Hickok  (Ed.) American  College,  Beirut,  Syria 

Walbridob,  Arthur  Hess  (Eng.) 107  So.  Fitzhugh  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Wilson,  Leonard  Hodges  (Music) Broad  St.  Globe,  Arizona 

ZwBTQARTT,  Henry  Jacob  (Fin.) 36  Pearl  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 


Barton,  Frederick  Bushnell  (Sec.) 835  W.  Market  St.  Akron,  Ohio 

Brouqhton,  John  Nicholson  (Adv.) 

70  Southbourne  Rd.  Jamaica  Plain,  Boston,  Mass. 

Crandall,  Harold  W.  (Ins.) 39  S.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 

JoNNEB,  Dr.  Lloyd S.  Court  St.  Circleville,  O. 

Miller,  Spencer,  Jr.  (Ed.) 217  Turrell  Ave.  So.  Orange,  N.J. 

Olds,  Leland 4750  Broadway,  Chicago,  111. 

Rathbun,  Benjamin 212  Madison  Ave.  Watkins,  N.Y. 

Tbao,  Ordway  (Pub.,  Ed.) 

66  Groton  St.  Forest  Hills  Gardens,  L.  I.,  N.Y. 
Wbitbman,  Harold  Bartlett  (E.  Eng.) 

1519  Hamilton  Bank  Bldg.  Chattanooga.  Tenn. 


♦  AvBRiLL,  Otis,  died  1917 

Babbott,  Dr.  Frank  Lusk,  Jr Northport,  N.Y. 

CoATBS,  John  Locke  (Sales) 520  S.  Serrano  Ave.  Los  Angeles,  CaL 

Cross,  Raymond  Witherspoon 232  Seneca  Pkwy.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Elt,  Dwight  (Caryl)  (Rubber) 337  W.  5th  St.  Erie,  Pa. 

EsTABROOK,  Benjamin  Wilde  (Cigar  Importer) 

256  Washington  St.  Boston,  Mass. 
Greene,  Rev.  Theodore  Ainsworth 

Brick  Presbyterian  Church,  412  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Ladd,  Charles  Thornton  (Limiber) ....  1609  Yeon  Bldg.  Portland,  Oregon 

1913-16 AMHERST 97 

LrrTLXjoHN,  Hugh  Warwick  (Dairy  Farmer) 

Hillsdale,  Columbia  Co.  N.Y. 
MoBBis,  Albert  Millard  (Secy,  to  President) 

Phelps  Dodge  Corp.  99  John  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Olds,  (^orge  Daniel,  Jr.  (Sales) 8607  Colonial  Rd.  Brooklyn.  N.Y. 

SwANTON,  Hobart  Pond 469  Seventh  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Urquhart,  Sgt.  Douglas,  died  in  service,  1918. 

WiLDBB,  Harry  Converse  (Treas.) 23  Prospect  St.  Malone,  N.Y. 


AvBBiLL,  Norman  Whitehouse  (Drft.) .  .309  N.  33rd  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

BuTLiB,  Earle  Dudley  (Fin.) 160  High  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

Gbeske,  Walter  Farrar — Ainsworth  Manse,  JafFrey.  N.H. 

Lttincwtoni:,  Colin  (Fin.) 850  Hancock  St.  Portland,  Ore. 

MiLLEB,  Tilf ord  Wentworth  (Acct.) . .  .  484  Hawthorne  St.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 
Mills,  Charles  Morris  (Industrial  Counsellor) 

490  West  End  Ave.  New  York.  N.Y. 

OuTWATBB,  John  Ogden 36  New  Broad  St.  London  E.  C.  England 

Setmoub,  Marlor  Boardraan  (Ins.) 

712  Union  Trust  Bldg.  Rochester,  N.Y. 
YouKa,  Roswell  Philip  (D.  G.) 140  Tremont  St.  Boston.  Mass. 


AoABD,  Walter  Rasrmond  (Ed.) Amherst  Ck>llege,  Amherst,  Mass. 

Cadt,  Arnold  (Banking)    .  .Internatl.  Banking  Corpn.,  Yokohama,  Japan 

Cadt,  Fenimore  (Lumber) 924  Front  St.  Coeur  d'Alene,  Idaho 

Cbaig,  James  Wallace  (Fin.) 69  Mt.  Vernon  St.  Boston  9,  Mass. 

Cboss,  J(ohn)  Theodore  (Law.) 6  Avery  PI.  Utica,  N.Y. 

CuTLEB,  David  Sanford  (Sales) 

Nashua  G.  &  C.  Paper  Co.  Middletown,  Ohio 
Dat,  Chester  Sessions,  2d  (Gas) 

162  McLean  Ave.  Highland  Park,  Detroit,  Mich. 

Gaus,  John  Meniman  (Ed.) Amherst,  Mass. 

Kahm ,  Walker  Willis  (Fin.) Parkside  Ave.  Burlingame,  Cal. 

Prato,  Richardson  (Oil) 26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

RALffTON,  Arthur  Edward 409  W.  15th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Rebd,  Kenneth  Samuel 514  Vista  Ave.  Portland,  Ore. 

Robinson,  Richard  Alexander,  3d  (Sales  Mgr) 

611  W.  Main  St.  Louisville,  Ky. 

Tead,  Phillips  (Actor) 136  West  44  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

W«BSTBB,  Eh".  LesUe  Tillotson 11  Adams  St.  Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 


*  AsHLBT,  Thomas  Williams,  died  in  service,  1918. 

AviBETr,  William  Gbodwin  (Tea) 6  N.  Wabash  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Balmos,  Harry  Leroy  (Sales) 20  Vera  PI.  Montclah*,  N.J. 

BixLEB,  Julius  Seelye Exeter,  N.H. 

Brown,  Charles  Henry  (Mfr.) 54  W.  Lake  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Cadt,  Lowell 674  Academy  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

pouoLAB,  Lewis  Williams  (Mining) Jerome.  Arizona 

*  GiLLETT,  Robert  Swift,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Kamm,  Philip  Schuyler  (Theatrical) 1493  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

98  AMHERST  1916-19 

Lane,  Rev.  George  Homer 16  Union  St.  Milford,  N.H. 

Rbdfibld,  Humphrey  Fuller  (Transp.) 

317  Bronxville  Rd.  Bronxville,  N.Y. 
RiDXR,  Stuart  Williams  (Flour)  822  Flour  Exchange,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

♦  Tow.  William  Howard,  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 

Wekdbn,  Charles  Foster,  Jr..^ 110  Glen  Ave.  Newton  Center,  Maes. 

Whetstone,  Lambert  Frye  (Ed.) St.  Paul's  School,  Ck>ncord,  N.H. 


Craig,  David  Rankin,  Jr.  (Ed.) 69  Mt.  Vernon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Frakeb,  Walter  Porter  (Grain) Greenwood  Inn,  Evanston,  111. 

Lbmcke,  Norman  Rohde  (Plumbing) . .  .14  Van  Nest  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lestrade,  Paul  Crandall  (Treas.) 24  S.  Angell  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Lewis,  Cyril  Blackmore  (Met.  Eng.) . .  139  Canfield  St.  W.  Detroit,  Mich. 
Nblligan,  Dr.  Thomas  Hayes 

Lenox  Hill  Hospital,  112  E.  77th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Pbttee,  Herbert  Bachellor  (Retail  Food) 

380  Westminster  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Raushenbush,  Hilmar 4  Portsmouth  Ter.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

ScHMiD,  Herbert  William  (Banking). .  .550  W.  190th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Stark,  Whitney  Williams  (Eng.) Auldfarm,  Perkins  Hill,  Akron,  O. 


Behis,  Raymond  GuUford 156  Babcock  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Cross,  Gorham  Lamont  (Pub.) 340  Genesee  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 

Ellinwood,  Ralph  Everett c/o  Arizona  Daily  Star,  Tuscon,  Ariz. 

Evans,  James  Baxter  (Law.) 953  Bryden  Rd.  Columbus,  O. 

Laod,  Henry  Andrews o/o  Ladd  &  Tilton  Bank,  Portland,  Ore. 

Mbiklejohn,  James  Stuart 86  Brook  St.  Pawtucket,  R.I. 

Morehouse,  Andrew  Richmond  (Ed.) Oakwoods,  Wilkes  Co.  N.C. 

Morehouse,  Edward  Ward Univ.  of  Wisconsin,  Madison,  Wis. 

Rogers,  William  Garland  (Ed.) 11  Myrtle  St.  Springfield,  Mass. 

Saunders,  Allan  Frederic  (Ed.) 

Wharton  School  of  Finance,  Univ.  of  Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Sharp,  Malcom  Pitman  (Law.) 659  Mendota  Ct.  Madison,  Wis. 

Traver,  Clarence  Hoffman  (Sales) . . .  c/o  Parker  Pen  Co.  Janesville,  Wis. 

Warren,  James  Carey  (Sales) 45  W.  49th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Young,  Rev.  Clifford  John 457  Maple  Ave.  Ehnira,  N.Y. 


Blatchford,  Charles  Lord 333  N.  Euclid  Ave.  Oak  Park,  111. 

Bracken,  James  Wright  (Broker) 403  W.  Pleasant  St.  Corry,  Pa. 

Clarke,  Richard  Warner  (Banker) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Field,  Walter  Donald,  died  1918 

Forbes,  Allyn  Bailey  (Ed.) .*  . .  .Deerfield,  Mass. 

Forbes,  Wilbur  Emmons  (Sales) 11  Webster  St.  Taunton,  Mass. 

Gibson,  John  Graham,  2nd  (Mgr.) 260  Genesee  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 

Lb  Brun,  Pierre  Napoleon  (Ed.) 8  Moimtain  Ave.  Montdair,  N.J. 

RiisFLBR,  Winfield  WilUam..  .B.  Mitre  562,  Buenos  Aires,  Argentine,  S.A. 
Sheldon,  Merriam  Ward  (Sales) 

Harris  Trust  &  Savings  Bank,  Chicago,  111. 
Sheldon,  Roy  Van  Auken 156  S.  Grove  St.  Webster  Grove,  Mo. 

1919-22  AMHERST  99 

Snbllinq,  Stuart  Peers 92  Fisher  Ave.  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

Stabkbt,  Rodney  Fielding 

c/o  Price,  Waterhouse  &  Co.  66  Pine  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Vbbmilya,  Howard  Park  (Purchas.  Agt.) 

Jewett  Tea  Co.  5  N.  Wabash  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 


Atrbs,  Stanley  Wightman  (Sales) 4  Erwin  Pk.  Montdair,  N.J. 

Buss,  Daniel  (Ed.) American  University,  Beirut,  Syria 

Clat,  John  Harris Paris,  Ky. 

CowLiDS,  William  Mimson  (Steel) 6  Orchard  St.  Amherst,  Mass. 

CkaIq,  Kenneth  (Mfg.) 69  Mt.  Vernon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Davidson,  Frank  Forest,  Jr.  (Clerk) 

59  Woodland  Rd.  Aubumdale,  Mass. 

GsEEKB,  Frederick  Standish Ainsworth  Manse,  Jaffrey,  N.H. 

Haskell,  George  Dwight  (Ed.) Ohio  State  University,  Columbus,  O. 

Mbiklbjohn,  John  Ronald  (Ed.) 86  Brook  St.  Pawtucket,  R.I. 

Mobsman,  Alexander  Hyde 312  Tappan  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Olsbn,  Norman  (Sales) 910  Hanna  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Ons,  Deloe  Sacket  (Ed.) Cape  "V^mcent,  N.Y. 

Parker,  Raebum  Hughes  (Sales) 16  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Raubhenbush,  Paul  Arthur 4  Portsmouth  Ter.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


Baker,  Leslie  Stuart  (Sales  Mgr.) 377  State  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Cody,  Edward  Morrill  (Joum.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

French,  Justin  Dimick 425  Middle  St.  Portsmouth,  N.H. 

French,  Stuart  Ross 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Norman,  John  Amos 467  E.  23rd  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Stanford,  Alfred  Boiler  (Ins.) 51  Maiden  Lane,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stanley,  Joseph  (Ry.) 2124  Steams  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Waxter,  Thomas  Jacob  Sheyork . . .  1920  Mt.  Royal  Ter.  Baltimore,  Md. 
WooDBRiDGE,  Frederick  James 39  Claremont  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y". 


Bennett,  Charles  Merchant 6545  Second  Blvd.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Cochrane,  Cornelius  Parsons 171  Harvard  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Davidbon,  Allen 59  Woodland  Rd.  Auburndale,  Mass. 

Everett,  Samuel  Henry North  Attleboro,  Mass. 

Hewitt,  William  Wilson  (Sales) 211  Lincoln  Rd.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

KoHN,  George  Fleisher Box  177,  Merion,  Pa. 

Lemcke,  Theodore  Otto  (Ed.) 14  Van  Nest  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Meiklejohn,  Norman  Johnstone  (Sales) ...  86  Brook  St.  Pawtucket,  R.I. 

Phinney,  Allison  Waldo  (Clerk) Little  Harbor  Rd.  Portsmouth,  N.H. 

Plumbr,  Leon(idas)  Nice 992  Beacon  St.  Newton  Center,  Mass. 

Raushenbush,  Carl  Stephen 4  Portsmouth  Ter.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Scott,  George  Cross 1530  Beacon  St.  Waban,  Mass. 

Simons,  Gilbert  Page Orangeburg,  N.Y. 

Statlbr,  Frederick  Curtenius  (Clerk) 

445  W.  Main  St.  Kalamazoo,  Mich. 

WiLLLiMS,  Robert  Yoe 160  Haael  Ave.  Highland  Park,  111. 

Wing,  Thomdyke  Deland 193  Quincy  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

100  AMHERST  1923-26 


Bolton-Smith,  Carlilc 761  Washington  St.  Memphis,  Tenn. 

BuBH,  Lawrence  Austin 27  S.  Maple  Ave.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

Clapp,  Ralph  Sheldon South  Deerfield,  Mass. 

Conrad,  Philip  William 75  Cross  St.  Keene,  N.H. 

Fbrquson,  Harry  Stanley 512  Third  Ave.  Asbury  Park,  N.J. 

Gibbon,  Walter  Campbell,  Jr.  (Bank  Clerk).. 258  Genesee  St.  Utioa,  N.Y. 

GiLLSTT,  Frederick  Webster 16  Marshall  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Gbkxnx,  William  Ainsworth Ainsworth  Manse,  JafFrey,  N.H. 

RooBBS,  Herbert  Wilson 723  7th  St.  S.E.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Swift,  Herbert  Roland 49  Park  PI.  New  Britain,  Conn. 

Taylor,  Alfred  Harris,  Jr 138  W.  65th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Bailot,  Wilson  Shaw 1037  Hulton  Rd.  Oakmont,  Pa. 

Child,  Sargent  Burrage 42  W.  93rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cutler,  Addison  Thayer 103  W.  Tremont  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

DiBR,  Robert  Alfred 5237  Wessahicken  Ave.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Douglas,  James 1001  D  Ave.  Douglas,  Arix. 

Hagub,  Eliott  Baldwin 399  Alexander  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

HowARTH,  Donald  Gridley 

c/o  Whitehead-Standart  Co.  Birmingham,  Mich. 

McClintock,  James  Douglas 66  North  St.  Beacon,  N.Y. 

PiBRSON,  George  Mervin Main  St.  Lawrenceville,  N.J. 

Shambauqb,  George  Elmer,  Jr 6626  University  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Stlvbster,  Albert  Lenthall,  Jr. Hanover,  Mass. 

Taylor,  John  Henry 156  6th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

WoODBRiDQB,  John  Owcn "Cliff  Hill,"  Montrose,  N.Y. 


BixLBR,  James  Wilton,  Jr 12  Centre  St.  Exeter,  N.H. 

DAViBONjPerry  Allen Texas  City,  Tex. 

FiNCKB,  William  Mann,  Jr Pawling,  N.Y. 

Flint,  Edward  Whitney Lincoln,  Mass. 

GoRRBLL,  Warren,  Jr 6757  Kimbark  Ave.  Chicago,  Hi. 

HowLAND,  Willard  Francis Conway,  Mass. 

Lawrxncb,  Donald  Dix 1380  Ogden  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

LouNSBBRY,  George  Hoyt.  Jr 426  Aldine  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Mbiklbjohn,  Maxwell  Johnstone 86  Brook  St.  Pawtucket,  R.I. 

Pratt,  Edward  Harris 28  Pine  St.  Wellesley  Hills,  Mass. 

Pratt,  Sherman Doson's  Lane,  Glen  Cove,  N.Y. 

Van  Db  Water,  John  Burtis 249  Broadway,  Flushing,  N.Y. 

Van  Duynb,  Winthrop  Mitchell 14  Lincoln  St.  Ulen  Ridge,  N.J. 

VON  Auw,  Ivan Creston  Rd.  Wellesley,  Mass. 

1837-41  101 



*  Dallam,  James  William,  died  1847 Matagorda,  Tex. 

*  Fish,  Erasmus  Darwin,  died  1846 Thornton,  N.H. 

*  NoTBS,  Edwin,  died  1888 Waterville,  Me. 

*  Pkck,  George  Washington,  died  1859 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Redinq,  Rev.  Charles  William,  died  1899 Beverly  Farms,  Mass. 


*  Ames,  William  Shaw,  died  1840 Providence,  R.I. 

*  BowEBS,  Rev.  Charles  Manning,  died  1907 Clinton,  Mass 

*  Braolbt,  Prof.  Charles  Smith,  died  1888 Providence,  R.I. 

*  CoLBXTBN,  Rev.  Alfred,  died  1892 Worcester,  Mass. 

*  HowABD,  Esra  Williams,  died  1869 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Jenckes,  Thomas  Allen,  died  1875 Cumberland,  R.I. 

*  LoTHBOP,  George  Van  Ness,  died  1897 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  MoBTON,  Hon.  Marcus,  died  1891 Andover,  Mass. 

*  WmTAKEB,  Henry  Clay,  died  1887 Baltimore,  Md. 


*  Gloveb,  Samuel,  Jr.,  died  1842 '. Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  HoppiN,  Francis  Edwin,  died  1868 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Packabd,  George  Washington,  died  1842 Providence,  R.I. 

♦PoTTEB,  Lt.  Col.  James  Brown  Mason,  died  1900 Kingston,  R.I. 

*  Samson,  Rev.  George  Whitefield,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Wilson,  Dr.  William  Thomas,  died  1852 Baltimore,  Md. 


*  CuBTis,  Rev.  James  Burrill,  died  1895 Folkestone,  England 

*  Dodge,  Rev.  Ebenezer,  died  1890 Hamilton,  N.Y. 

*  Lincoln,  Rev.  Heman,  died  1887 Newton  Centre,  Mass. 

*  Morton,  Nathaniel,  died  1856 Taunton.  Mass. 

*  Patnb,  Abraham,  died  1886 Providence,  R.I. 


*  Brooks,  Rev.  Kendall,  died  1898 Alma,  Mich. 

*  Coffin.  Frederick  William  died  1884 Edgartown,  Mass. 

*  Frieze,  Prof.  Henry  Simmons,  died  1889 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

•Hall,  Rev.  Richard  Clarence,  died  1897 Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Shbpardson,  Rev.  Daniel,  died  1899 Granville,  O. 

*  Wilson,  Rev.  Frftnklin,  died  1896 Baltimore,  Md. 

102  BRUNONIAN  1861-67 


*  Bates,  Samuel  Penniman,  died  1902 Meadville,  Pa. 

*  Staplxb,  Hamilton  Barclay,  died  1891 Worcester,  Mass. 

*  Williams,  Asa  Messer,  died  1859 Northampton,  Mass. 


*  Brooks,  Prof.  Samuel,  died  1911 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  MooBE,  Nathan  Wheaton,  died  1913 Point  Arena,  Cal. 

*  Perry,  Elijah  died  1889 Rolla,  Mo. 


*  Bradford,  Dr.  Frank  Standish,  died  1900 Morristown,  N.J. 

*  Bright,  Osborn  Edward,  died  1892 New  York.  N.Y. 

*  Caswell,  Dr.  Edward  Thompson,  died  1887 Providence,  R.I. 

*  McAllister,  Rev.  Francis  Marion,  died  1895 Elizabeth,  N.J. 


*  Allen,  Henry  Augustus,  died  1891 Hardin,  111. 

*  Braman,  Rev.  Benjamin,  died  1889 Norton,  Mass. 

*  Chenbt,  Frank  Woodbridge,  died  1909 So.  Manchester,  Conn. 

*  Curtis,  George  WilUam,  died  1892 W.  New  Brighton,  N.Y. 

*  Davis,  Benjamin  Franklin,  died 

*  HiLLMAN,  Walter,  died  1894 Clinton,  Miss. 

*  Slater,  Horatio  Nelson,  died  1899 Magnolia,  Mass. 

*  Vernon,  John  Winthrop,  died  1902 .Providence,  R.I. 

*  Vernon,  Thomas,  died  1887 Providence,  R.I. 


*  Abbot,  Nathan  Millei;  Wheaton,  died  1853 Warren,  R.I. 

*  Andrews,  David  Allen,  died  1893 Washington,  D.C. 

CHAPHf,  William  Waterman 80  Benefit  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  HoppiN,  Dr.  Cortland,  died  1876 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Long,  Joseph  Darwin,  died  1917 Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  Morgan,  Morris  Barker,  died  1874 New  Oneans,  La. 

*  Paine,  George  Burgess,  died  1858 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Plumb,  Rev.  Albert  Hale,  died  1907 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Williams,  Henry  Dudley,  died  1907 Brookline,  Mass. 


*  Alden,  Brig.  Gen.  Charles  Henry,  died  1906 Washington,  D.C. 

*  CuTTS,  James  Madison,  died  1903 Washington,  D.C. 

*  EwiNQ,  Thomas,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  GoFF,  Charles  Bradford,  died  1898 Providence,  R.I. 


*  Bbitton.  Alexander  Thompson  died  1899 Washington  D.C. 

*  Childs,  Charles  Hen^,  Jr.,  died  1885 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Eastman,  Samuel  Coffin,  died  1917 Concord,  N.H. 

*  Gladding,  Charles  William,  died  1854 Providence,  R.I. 

Goodwin,  Rev.  Daniel East  Greenwich,  R.I. 


1857-63  BRUNONIAN  103 

*  Hapqood,  Charles  H.,  died  1917 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Smith,  Benjamin  Hale,  died  1880 Gloucester,  Mass. 

*  WooDBUBT,  Rev.  Augustus,  died  1895 Concord,  N.H. 


*  Chapman,  Robert  Boyle,  died  1894 Providence.  R.I. 

*  CoLBT,  Charles  Lewis,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Faxon,  Albert  Eugene,  died  1899 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Habris,  Samuel  Turner,  died  1901 Norwood,  O. 

*  MowBT,  William  Augustus,  died  1917 ^Z^®  Park,  Mass. 

*  Fatten,  Joseph  Hurmut,  died  1874 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Rbad,  Hon.  John  Meredith,  died  1896 Paris,  France 


*  JxTosoN,  Dr.  Adoniram  Brown,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  JuDSON,  Elnathan,  died  1897 Worcester,  Mass. 

Keen,  Dr.  William  Williams. 1520  Spruce  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  P91NIEB,  Samuel  Thane,  died  1909 Spartanburg.  S.C. 

*  PoRTSB,  Dr.  George  Loring,  died  1919 Bridgeport,  Conn. 

*  Potter,  Rev.  Walter  McDuffie,  died  1866 Cranston,  R.I. 

*  Pbatt,  Joseph  Porter,  died  1863 Lawrence,  Mass. 


BicKNELL,  Thomas  Williams  (Author) . .  .207  Doyle  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Duncan,  Rev.  Samuel  Whdte,  died  1898 Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Gordon,  Rev.  Adoniram  Judson,  died  1895 Boston,  Mass. 

Pond,  Francis  Metcalf 266  Hope  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  PoRTEB,  Henry  Kirke,  died  1921 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  Rice,  Howard  Malcolm,  died  1915 Providence,  R.I. 


*  Babkeb,  Prof.  Isaac  Bowen,  died, 1875 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Caswell,  Adm.  Thomas  Thompson,  died  1913 Annapolis,  Md. 

*  Chambbblain,  Edward  Dyer,  died  1858 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Deown,  Albert  Newell,  died  1910 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Stevens,  Rev.  Edward  Oliver,  died  1910 Moulmein,  Burma 

Tbull,  Dr.  Washington  Benson 18  W.  Cedar  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Brown,  Thomas  Frederic  (Ret.) Daytona,  Fla. 

*  Colby,  Rev.  Henry  Francis,  died  1915 Dayton,  Ohio 

*  Mbllbn,  Joshua,  died  1890 Wayland,  Mass. 

*  Reminoton,  James  Henry,  died  1899 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Thurston,  John  Deshon,  died  1909 Providence,  R.I. 


*  Bradley,  Joseph  Manton,  died  1879 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Brayton,  Gen.  Charles  Ray,  died  1910 Providence,  R.I. 

*  DwioHT,  Gamaliel  Lyman,  died  1875 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Greene,  William  Albert,  died  1861 Frostburg,  Md. 

104  BRUNONIAN  1864-70 


AxTELL,  Prof.  Seth  Jones,  died  1902 Kalamazoo,  Mich. 

*  Hammond,  Dr.  Henry  Louis,  died  1910 Killingly,  Conn. 

*  Lazell,  Charles  Thurber,  died  1880 Saxton's  River,  Vt. 

*  Miner,  Henry  Bradley,  died  1917 Boston,  Mass. 

*  WiLLARD,  Horace  Mann,  died  1907 Wollaston,  Mass. 


*  Brown,  SSephaniah,  died  1911 Providence,  R.I. 

Demino,  Rev.  Miner  Rudd Tremont  Temple,  Boston,  Mass. 

*  JuDSON,  Rev.  Edward,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Perce,  Warren  Richmond,  died  1914 E.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Spink,  Hon.  Joseph  Edwin,  died  1910 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Williams,  William  Henry,  died  1901 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Witter,  WiUiam  CUtus,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 


BuLLARD,  Dr.  Herbert  Cutler Frost  Lane,  Lawrence,  L.I. 

*  MusTiN,  Dr.  John  Burton,  died  1871 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

PiDQE,  Rev.  John  Bartholomew  Gough .  2027  Wallace  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Porter,  Rev.  Emery  Huntington,  died  1920 Newport,  R.I. 

*  Thurston,  Rev.  Charles  Abraham  Gardner,  died  1907..  .Chelsea,  Mass. 

*  Warren,  Prof.  Laban  Edwards,  died  1906 Littleton,  Mass. 


*  Arnold,  Albert  AUin,  died  1882 Cranston,  R,I. 

*  CoooESHALL,  Rcv.  Frecbom,  died  1876 .' Oxford,  England 

*  Cole,  Daniel,  died  1869 Walpole,  Mass. 

*  Duncan,  George  Willis,  died  1884 Haverhill,  Mass. 

DuRFEE,  Edgar  Greene  (Ret.) 29  Keene  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  GoPF,  Francis  Shubael,  died  1907 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Osgood,  Edward  Louis,  died  1911 Boston,  Mass. 


*  Bennett,  Dr.  William  Henry,  died  1919 Atlantic  City,  N.J. 

Bliss,  Francis  Edward  (Ret.),  21  Holland  Park,  London,  W.  11,  England 

*  Lyon,  Rev.  William  Henry,  died  1915 Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Mason,  Eugene  Waterman,  died  1918 Providence,  R.I. 

Poland,  Prof.  William  Carey 53  Lloyd  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Smith,  Iram  Nelson,  died  1915 Los  Angeles,  Cal. 


*  Baker,  Osgood  Carney,  died  1867 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Freeborn,  Frank  Wilton,  died  1919 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  HuLiNQ,  Ray  Greene,  died  1915 Marshfield,  Mass. 

*  Hutchinson  John  Skinner,  died  1919 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Morgan,  Rev.  Dura  Pratt,  died  1892 New  London,  N.H. 


*  Burgess,  Rev.  Thomas,  died  1898 Matteawan,  N.Y. 

*  Ely,  Joseph  Cady,  died  1897 ,. Providence,  R.I. 

1870-76  BRUNONIAN  106 

English,  Prof.  John  Mahan 21  Institution  Ave.  Newton,  Mass. 

*  Greene,  Henry  Franklin,  died  1867 Providence,  R.I. 

Morrow,  Dr.  Samuel  Roseburgh 1  Sprague  PI.  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Williams,  Prof.  Alonzo,  died  1901 Providence.  R.I. 


*  Bowers,  Arthur  Forster,  died  1905 New  York,  N.Y. 

Brown,  Rice  Arnold  (Ret.) 157  W.  76th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  MusTiN,  William  Finn,  died  1878 Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Barnbtt,  Rev.  Francis  Walter  (Ret.) Newtown,  C!k>nn. 

*  Bennett,  Rev.  Albert  Arnold,  diea  1909 Yokohama,  Japan 

CsANB,  Joshua  Eddy  (LibJ Public  Library,  Taimton,  Mass. 

Dean,  Arthur  Denorvan  (Law.) 327  Washington  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

*  Gould.  Rev.  Edwin  Walter,  died  1886 Cornwall,  England 

Mason,  Rev.  John  Henry Montserrat  Rd.  Beverly,  Mass. 

*  Seaman,  Charles  John,  died Cleveland,  O. 


Burgess,  Rt.  Rev.  Frederick Garden  City,  L.I.,  N.Y. 


Anderson,  Rev.  Thomas  Davis.  1211  N.  Tijon  St.  Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 
Babcock,  Rev.  Edward  Wilcox 142  Eighth  St.  Troy,  N.Y. 

*  Case,  Prof.  Philip  Henry,  died  1892 Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

*  HoTT,  James  Humphrey,  died  1917 Cleveland,  Ohio 

*  HuRD,  William  Lambert,  died  1915 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  Leach,  James  Edward,  died  1908 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Mathewson,  Dr.  Charles  Brenton,  died .Plainfield,  N.J. 

Penniman,  Prof.  Henry  Mixter Berea  College,  Berea,  Ky. 

*  Whitman,  Prof.  Frank  Perkins,  died  1919 Cleveland,  Ohio 


Baker,  Benjamin Ivy  Depot,  Va. 

*  Baker,  David  Sherman,  died  1906 Providence,  R.I. 

BossoN,  Albert  Davis  (Law) 27  Hereford  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Field,  Dr.  Charles  Elmer  (Ret.) 12  Garden  Rd.  Brockton,  Mass. 

Greene,  William  Chace  (Mfr.) 4  Barnes  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Talbot,  Rev.  Charles  Remington,  died  1892 Wrentham,  Mass. 

*  ToLMAN,  Rev.  Robert  Francis,  died  1892 South  Gardner.  Mass. 

Wheeler,  Benjamin  Ide  (Pres.) . .  University  of  California,  Berkeley,  Cal. 


Aldrich,  Henry  Leprelatef  (Cotton) ...  .P.  O.  Box  1134,  Providence,  R.I. 

CIhapin,  Dr.  Charles  Value 84  Keene  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Collins,  Clarkson  Abel  (Law.) 150  Nassau  St.  New  York,.  N.Y. 

CoMSTOCK,  Richard  Borden  (Law.)..  .76  Humboldt  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Greene,  Percival  Bailey,  died  1876 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Hazard,  Rowland  Gibson,  died  1918 Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

*  Lincoln,  Allan  Heman,  died  1873 Newton  Centre,  Mass. 

106  BRUNONIAN  1876-82 

Parkhurst,  Hon.  Judge  Christopher  Francis  (Ret.) 

35  Humboldt  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Steble,  Benjamin  Wheeler,  died  1891 Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 

*  WiLBUB,  Roswell  Everett,  died  1876 Somerset,  Mass. 


Aldrich,  Charles  Talbot  (Cotton) P.  O.  Box  1134,  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Ballou,  Walter  Irving,  died  1903 Woonsocket,  R.I. 

Capbon,  Dr.  Franklin  Pierce 118  Angell  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Hall,  WiUiam  Clifton,  died  1874 Westerly.  R.I. 

*  Puck,  Walter  Asa,  died  1901 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Sheffield,  Hon.  William  Paine,  died  1919 Newport,  R.L 


Collins,  Abel  Chalkley  (Law.)  —  454  Main  St.  Great  Barrington,  Mass. 
Cross,  John  Alexander  (Banking) 

1501  Turk's  Head  Bldg.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Harris,  Frank,  died  1908 Boston,  Mass. 

HoTT,  Elton ^ Provo,  Utah 

King,  Ralph  Thrall  (R.  Est.) 2648  Prospect  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

*  Pendleton,  Rev.  Charles  Henry,  died  1920 Youngstown,  O. 

WiNSLOW,  Isaac  Oscar  (Ed.) 50  Elton  St.  Providence,  R.I. 


BuFFUM,  William  Potter  (Ret.) 28  Greenough  PI.  Newport,  R.I. 

Greene,  Edward  Pike. 25  Parade  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Harkness,  Prof.  Albert  Granger 7  Cooke  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Malcolm,  George  Ide,  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 

TiLLiNQHAST,  Wiluam  Richmond  (Law.) .  .  15  Westminster  St.  Prov.,  R.I. 


*  Bennett,  Edmund  Neville,  died  1881 Taunton,  Mass. 

Chafee,  Zeehariah  (Foundry) 5  Cooke  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Clarke,  Prescott  Orloflf  (Arch.). .  .219  Blackstone  Blvd.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  GooDBPEED,  Prof.  George  Stephen,  died  1905 Chicago,  III. 

Keen,  Herbert  Ide  (M.  Eng.) 9  Rue  Bayard,  Paris,  France 

Kinney,  Harry  Wintroad R.  610  Traction  Bldg.  Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Slade,  David  Foster,  died  1914 Fall  River,  Mass. 

Smith,  Hon.  Samuel  Watson.  Jr.  (Law.)..  1805  Madison  Rd.  Cincinnati,  O. 


Baker,  Hon,  William  Cotter..  .564  I.  W.  Helman  Bldg.  Jyos  Angeles,  Cal. 

Barker,  Benjamin,  Jr 320  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Gladding  John  Russell  (Chem.  &  Drugs) 

30  Stimson  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Hazard,  Frederick  Rowland,  died  1917 * Solvay,  N.Y. 

*  Ladd,  Prof.  William  Coffin,  died  1908 Bryn  Mawr,  Pa. 

*  Taft,  Edward  Williams,  died  1882 Pawtucket,  R.I. 


BoGERT,  William  Benezet  (Farmer) Keswick,  Va. 

Borden,  Simeon  (Court  Clerk) TauntQiit  Maes. 

1882-87 BRUWONIAN 107 

Gbbems,  John  StimBOii Eastman  Kodak  Co.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

HovBT,  Rev.  Georse  Rice 23  E.  26th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  MsBBiLL,  Winfield  Georae,  died  1898 Lawrence,  Maaa. 

*  PoMEHOT,  Dr.  William  Henry,  died  1914 Springfield.  Maaa. 

*  Swain,  Edward  Allen,  died  1917 Pomfret  Center,  Conn. 


Babkeb,  Abram 164  W.  Slst  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Dbxtbb,  Lewis  (Cotton) 1889  Ehn  St.  Manchester,  N.H. 

♦Dteb,  Elisha,  Jr.,  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Greene,  Samuel  Stuart,  died  1894 Providence,  R.I. 

LxoNABD,  Charles  Melvine 181  Easez  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


*  BuBR,  Rev.  Everett  Doughty,  died  1907 Roxbury,  Mass. 

*  Fabnswobth,  Claude  Joseph,  died  1912 Providence,  R.I. 

*  HowABD,  Albert  Harris,  died  1917 London,  England 

*  Kino,  Charles  Gregory,  Jr.,  died  1911 Cleveland,  O. 

*  VosB,  Josiah  Howe,  died  1908 Newton  Highlands,  Mass. 

White,  Allan  Temple Winchendon,  Mass. 


Alkxander,  Harry  Olin  (Fin.) 53  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Bbown,  John  Nicholas,  died  1900 New  York,  N.Y. 

(^LABKE,  Elam  Lewis  (Law.) 703  N.  Sheridan  Rd.  Waukegan,  111. 

Dat,  Dr.  Frank  Leslie 72  Waterman  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

DixTBB,  Charles  Owen  (Agent) ...  116  Orchard  St.  New  Bedford,  Mass. 

Mauban,  Frank  (R.  Est.) 1811  Walnut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Richmond,  Knight  Cheney  (Eng.) 41  Cooke  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Tapt,  Orray 34  E.  Islay  St.  Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

Warben,  Andrew  McCorrie 34  George  St.  Providence,  R.I. 


Bea-ptib,  William  Henry  (Contr.) 784  High  St.  Fall  River,  Mass. 

*  Bbown,  Harold,  died  1900 Providence,  R.I. 

Dblababbb.  Prof.  Edmund  Burke 9  Arlington  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Kbllbt,  Solon  Chester  (Ret.) 854  Main  St.  Stamford,  Conn. 

Ladd,  I.  Gifford  (Broker) 35  W.  64th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  NicHOLAi,  John  Edward,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 

PoTTEB,  Prof.  Albert  Knight 212  Waterman  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

PoTTEB,  Ralph  Qoddard  (Ins.) 83  N.  Walnut  St.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 


BtTBDicK,  Henry  Livingston. . .  .39  Massachusetts  Ave.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  CJoLBT,  Gardner,  died  1917 Trenton,  N.J. 

Dbxtbb,  Greorge  (Jwen  (Cotton) 11  Allen  St.  Newburyport,  Mass. 

Smith,  Joseph  Cooke 

c/o  Brown  Shipley  &  Co.  123  Pall  Mall,  London,  England 

Walkxb,  Hon.  Joseph  (Law.) 120  Boylston  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

WHiTB,  Frank  Denison Rutland.  Vt. 

108  BRUNONIAN  1888-93 


*  Blake,  Eli  Whitney,  Jr.,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 

Brown,  Hon.  George  Samson  (Law.) 737  Humboldt  St.  Reno,  Nev. 

Bbownell,  Francis  Herbert  (Smelting  &  Refining) 

Room  3414,  120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 
Cooke,  Charles  Doughty  (Mfg.) 

3111  Singer  Bldg.  149  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Gordon,  Ernest  (Author) New  Hampton,  N.H. 

House,  Morris  William  (Mer.) 14  Euclid  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Taft,  Robert  R.  (Ene.) P.  O.  Box  1003,  Providence,  R.I. 

WooLLEY,  Erving  Yale  (Fin.) 44  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Colby,  Louis  St.  Clair  (Fin.) 2211  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Porter,  George  (Farmer) Highland  Farm,  Alstead,  N.H. 

Rathbun,  Eklward  Harris  (Mfr.) 539  Harris  Ave.  Woonsocket,  R.I. 

Rice,  Herbert  Ambrose  (Law.) Hospital  Tr.  Bldg.  Providence,  R.I. 

Warren,  George  Eddy  (Coal) 148  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Bloomfield,  Rev.  (jieorge  John 15  Oak  Ave.  Riverside,  R.I. 

Brown,  Hon.  Thomas  Edwin,  Jr.  (Law.)  .  55  Liberty  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Ely,  William  Grosvenor  (Constr.  Eng.) 

114  Lenox  Rd.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Grant,  Dr.  Harry  Linwood 10  Weybosset  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

HovEY,  Frederick  Howard  (Sales) 31  Brunswick  Rd.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Porter,  James  Benton  (Elec.  Eng.) ....  1527  Spruce  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  White,  Elliot  Farnsworth,  died  1896 Summit,  N.J. 


Colby,  Arthur  Hutchins  (Coal) 27  Weybosset  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Edwards,  Seeber,  died  1914 Providence,  R.I. 

Hinckley,  Frank  Leonard  (Law.) 151  Thayer  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Knowles,  Charles  Edward  (Clerk) 447  Amity  St.  Flushing,  N.Y. 

Mendenhall,  Abram  Cyrus Spaulding  &  Co.  Chicago,  111. 

Thomas,  Rev.  Leo  Boone Old  Connecticut  Path,  Saxonville,  Mass. 

Walker,  George  (Trustee) 96  Montvale  Rd.  Newton  Ontre,  Mass. 


Brown,  Theodore  Shotwell  (Acct.) 504  W.  4th  St.  Coflfeyville,  Kansas 

LiNDSBY,  Dr.  John  Hathaway 384  Grove  St.  Fall  River,  Mass. 

MuNOER,  Prof.  Edmund  Bingham  (Music) 

846  W.  State  St.  Jacksonville,  111. 
PiRCE,  James  Aldrich  (Law.)  .  . .  1503  Turk's  Head  Bldg.  Providence,  R.I. 

Smith,  Dr.  William  Henry 8  Marlborough  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Taft,  Harrison  Southwick  (Constr.  Eng.) 

136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Chacs,  Arnold  Buffum,  Jr.  (Ret.) 

1310  Turk's  Head  Bldg.  Providence,  R.I. 
CuSHMAN,  Robert  (Law.) 209  Washington  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

1893-97  BRUNONIAN  109 

Dextkb,  Rev.  Smith  Owen 17  Elm  St.  Concord,  Mass. 

GoFF,  Robert  Remington  (Ed.) 27  Princeton  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  NxEDHAM,  Harry  Beach,  died  1915 New  York,  N.Y. 

RiCHABDS,  Herbert  Augustus,  Jr.  (Ins.) 

75  Maiden  Lane,  New  York,  N.Y. 
Shabpe,  Lucian 

c/o  Morgan^Harjes  &  Co., . 31  Boulevard  Haussmann,  Paris,  France 
Webks,  Edward  Henry  (Banker) 64  Irving  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Williams,  Frederick  Crosby,  died  1894 Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 


Field,  Harold  Crins  (Fin.) 2  Stimson  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  HiNCKLST,  William  Pitt,  died  1894 Providence,  R.I. 

Nash,  Edgar  Smiley  (Sales) 166  Greenwood  Ave.  Wyncote,  Pa. 

RiCHABDSON,  Willard  Samuel 26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Shabpb,  Henry  Dexter  (Mfg.) 76  Prospect  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Staplzs,  Francis  Hamilton.  .Natl.  Metropolitan  Bank,  Washington,  D.C. 
SuMNEB,  Howard  E.  (Fruit) 360  Salisbury  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

*  Taft,  Foster  Williams,  died  1900 Schenectady.  N.Y. 


Cadt,  Prof.  Walter  Guyton 49  High  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

Cooper,  Henry  Elliott  (Banker) 37  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Duncan,  Samuel  White  (Ins.) 74  Parkman  St.  BrookUne,  Mass. 

McDonald.  Dr.  William,  Jr Marion,  Mass. 

Packabd,  AJpheus  Appleton  (Ed.) 807  Euclid  Ave.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Sharp,  Prof.  Dallas  Lore Mullein  Hill,  Hingham,  Mass. 

*  Sumner,  Roy  Walter,  died  1901 Worcester,  Mass. 

Whitman,  Hobart  Augustus 17  Sagamore  Rd.  Worcester,  Mass. 


Andrbws,  Guy  Ashton  (Law) Sebring,  Florida 

Chacb,  Malcolm  Greene Hyannis,  Mass. 

Denisoi^,  Leon  Hayes  (R.  Est.) 200  Rialto  Bldg.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

HiNCKLET,  George  Clarke  (Yarns) 37  Msuining  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

HoTT,  Dr.  Daniel  Mansfield 

The  Tracy,  86th  &  Chestnut  Sts.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Jones,  William  Augustine  (Imptr.) 40  Central  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

liANo,  Dr.  Herbert  Bowman 1  Woodbridge  St.  So.  Hadley,  Mass. 

Stone,  Allison  (Mgr.) 242  Cypress  St.  Providence,  R.I. 


Baoster-Collinb,  Prof.  Elijah  William Montrose,  N.Y. 

CoLBT,  Everett 738  Broad  St.  Newark,  N.J. 

Dashiell,  Lefferts  Mason  (Ed.) 26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  McClave,  Archibald,  died  1900 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  MoxoM,  Dr.  Philip  Wilfred  Travers,  died  1917 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Owen,  Charles  Dexter,  Jr.  (Cotton) 

830  Hospital  Trust  Bldg.  Providence,  R.I. 

RiCHABDS,  Francis  Bullard  (Alkali) 103  E.  86th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

HocutFELLBB,  John  Davison,  Jr.  (Capitalist) 

26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

110 BRUNONIAN 1S98-1902 


Abnold,  Frederick  William,  Jr.  (Law.) 

159  Waterman  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Babbows,  Dr.  Albert  Arminston^ 39  Mamiiiig  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Bbadley,  Charles,  Jr.,  died  1910 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Cady,  William  Hamlin  (Chem.) 127  Power  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

CoBNBTT,  Oardner  (Gauges) 15  Park  Row,  New  York,  N. Y. 

MooBE,  Lt.  Col.  Jairus  Alpheus  (Ret.),  c/o  War  Dept.  Washington,  D.C. 

Steebb,  Thomas  Ellwood 298  Governor  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Taft,  Franklin  Keith  (Mer.) 354  Fourth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Whiting,  Borden  Durfee  (Law.) Essex  Bldg.  Newark,  N.J. 


Atwateb,  Dr.  David  Hastings 350  GlenwDod  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

BiGELOW,  Warren  (Law.) 27  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Campbell,  James  Winthrop 

c/o  Jordan  A  WiUiams,  149  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

FosTEB,  Harry  Cady  (Cotton) 625  Jefferson  Ave.  Brooklyn  N.Y. 

Habtwell,  Joseph  Charles  (Mgr.) ...  16  Freeman  Pkwy.  Providence,  R.I. 

Heath,  Ralph  Everett  (Sales) 233  S.  Windsor  Blvd.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Hill,  Daniel  Augustine  (Adv.) 403  Olive  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Hill,  Ewing,  Jr.  (Adv.) Merchants-Laclede  Bldg.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Hunt,  Irving  Owen  (Farmer) Wyoming,  Pa. 

Sage,  John  Davis  (Ins.) 2544  Observatory  Ave.  Cincinnati,  O. 


Blackibton,  Andrew  Hooton  (Law.).. .  .c/o  G.  P.  Blackiston,  Canton,  O. 
BucKLiN,  Harris  Howard  (Mfg.) 

1101  Turk's  Head  Bldg.  Providence,  R.I. 

Cole,  Joseph  Stearns  (Acct.) 14  Franklin  St.  Morristown,  N.J. 

CooPEB,  George  Saunders 25  Rhodes  Ave.  Edgewood,  R.I. 

Rowland Lpaniel  (Farmer) Davison  St.  E.  Greenwich,  R.I. 

Manoam,  William  D.  (Mining) 227  Washington  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Mason,  Dr.  Howard  Harris 156  E.  74th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Slocum,  Dr.  Arthur  Langford 161  East  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


Gbebne,  Bartlett  (Tires) 201  Ridge  Rd.  Rutherford,  N.J. 

Gboss,  Edward  Tudor  (R.  Est.) ....  170  Westminster  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Habt,  Henry  Clay  (Law.) 100  Lloyd  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

HoTT,  Charles  Sherman  (Arch.) 37  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Steebe,  Robert  Wing  (D.  G.) 84  Waterman  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Thubston,  Frederick  Harris  (Cafeteria).  ..327  Robert  St.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

TiNOUE,  William  James,  Jr Rye,  N.Y. 

Weyman,  Arthur  Crawford 25  Regent  Ave.  Newtonville,  Mass. 


Babstow,  John  Palmer  (Mfr.) 124  Morris  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

BuBOESs,  Rev.  Thomas 281  4th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cbaig,  Frederick  Phillips  (R.  Est.) West  Rd.  Short  Hills.  N.J. 

CusHMAN,  Albert  Henry  (MfgO 1911  Ave.  L.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

1902^6  BRUNONIAN  111 

GOLDSBOBOUOH,  Henderson  Weir 62  Mill  Plain  Rd.  Fairfield,  Conn. 

Hood,  Francis  George  (Chemicals) 1842  Liberty  St.  Marinette.  Wis. 

Lincoln,  Kirke  Porter  (Sales  Mgr.) . .  .6140  Pembroke  PI.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 
LiTTLXFiELD,  Hon.  Jamcs  Bancroft  (Law.) 

211  Bowen  St.  Providence,  R.I. 
Metcalf,  Henry  Knight  (Ins.) . .  .Woodlawn  Ave.  Welleeley  Hills,  Mass. 


Aldbich,  Robert  (Painter) Wickford,  R.I. 

Bakbb,  Harvey  Almy  (Law.) 262  Bowen  St.  Providence.  R.I. 

BovBT,  Wakeman  (Sales.) 7600  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland.  O. 

Cadt,  John  Hutchins  (Arch.) 127  Power  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Cobb,  Harry  Moees  (Lumber) 1311  N.  Cataline  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Hall,  George  Batoheller  (Canner) 627  Colman  Bldg.  Seattle,  Wash. 

Philups,  Walter  Enoe  (Ret.) Cataumet.  Mass. 

Rtjplet,  Howard  Reeve  (Telephones) .  . .  176  Chestnut  St.  Albany.  N.Y. 

Sattxblbe,  William  Benjamin Lees  Ranch,  Bronquist,  Colorado 

Walwobth,  George  Roberts 27  Walnut  Pi.  Lynn,  Mass 


Benjamin,  Edward  Merrill  (Otton  Goods) 

Hotel  Lucerne,  201  W.  79th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Booth,  (Oliver)  Hilliard  (Playwright) Brevard,  N.C. 

Booth,  Thomas  Sidney  (Mfr.) 4709  Grand  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 

BovBT,  John  M.  (Law.) 317  W.  93rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Db  Wolf,  Dr.  Harold 132  High  St.  Bristol,  R.I. 

Hunt,  Stephen  Foster  (Sales  Mgr.) 36  R.  I.  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Mason,  Ralph  Edward 146  Elmgrove  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Mbtcalp.  Houghton  (Paper) 78  Grotto  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 


Arnold,  Rev.  Harold  Greene 54  Kenneth  St.  W.  Roxbury,  Mass. 

Bullocb:,  George  Burroughs  (Cotton) 70  Kilby  St.  Boston.  Mass. 

Foulder,  James  Roy  (M.  Eng.) 129  Waverly  PI.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

GuERNSBT,  Louis  Gudersleevc  (Law.) 

1021  Washington  Bldg.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

HoTT,  Colgate,  Jr.  (Fin.) 14  WaU  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wells,  Herbert  Comstock  (Banker) Kingston,  R.I. 


Ames,  Stephen  Brownell  (Ins.) Griggs  Ave.  Milton,  Mass. 

Bases,  Benjamin  Charles  (Arch.) Ivy  Station,  Va. 

Brown,  Alysworth  (Law.) 48  E.  Manning  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

BuBOESS,  Dr.  Alexander  Manlius 454  Angell  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Chase,  Dr.  Peter  Pineo 224  Thayer  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Cobb,  Alfred  Preston  (Truck  Grower) Vero.  Fla. 

CooPEB,  Gerald  Arthur  (Mfr.) R.  F.  D.  #4,  Attleboro,  Mass. 

GuEBNSET,  Homer  Wilson  (R.  Est.) 236  Main  St.  Poughkeepsie.  N.Y. 

Merceb,  (Charles  Douglass  (Sales  Mgr.) 

Beaver  A  GlenmitcheU  Rds.  Glen  Osborne,  Pa. 

Owen,  Evan  Bucklin  (Mfr.) Scofieldtown  Rd.  Stamford,  Conn. 

Pbck,  Edwin  Roberts  (Thread) 41  Union  Sq.  New  York.  N.Y. 

112  BRUNONIAN  1907-10 


Austin,  Dr.  Richard  Sisson 

Cincinnati  General  Hospital,  Cincinnati,  Ohio 
Branch,  Claude  Rayroond  (Law.) ...  16  Westminster  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

CHAFBBtProf.  Zechariah.  Jr Harvard  Law  School,  Cambridge,  Mass. 

Clark,  Homer  Metcalf  (A-dv.) Plandome,  L.I. 

Eddy,  Lloyd  Chaniplin  (Ed.) Riverside,  R.I. 

Fowler,  Charles,  Jr.  (Coal) 2603  Ave.  O.  Galveston,  Texas 


Benjamin,  Judson  Everett 12  Union  Ave.  Mamaroneck,  N.Y. 

Bitting,  William  Charles,  Jr.  (Bonds) 310  N.  8th  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Bullock,  Earle  Carpenter  (Sales.) 28  Pitman  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Chapin,  Howard  Millar  (Lib.) 83  Brown  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Cobb,  Haven  Alton  (Mining) 1535  Palonia  St.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Collins,  Clarkson  Abel,  Jr.  (Adv.) . . .  .561  Tremont  Ave.  Westfield,  N.J. 
Greene,  Christopher  Albert  (Fruit) . . .  Redlands  Orchard,  Ivy  Depot,  Va. 
LaBeaumb,  Edmond  Irving  (Adv.) . .  .2007  Bayard  Ave.  Wilmington,  Del. 

LiTTLBFiELD,  Henry  Willis  (Mfg.) 159  College  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Marston,  Hunter  S.  (Banker) 

c/o  Blair  A  Co.  Inc.  24  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ormsbee,  Rev.  Roland  Cuthbert' 30  Davis  Ave.  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

Sammis,  Norman  Lewis  (M.  Eng.) 97  Lorraine  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Vernon,  Joseph  Angier  (Eng.) Walcott  Ave.  Newport,  R.I. 


BuDLONo,  Fred  Reed  (Supt.) Anthony,  R.I. 

BuFPUM,  Dr.  William  Potter,  Jr 224  Thayer  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Chapbe,  Henry  Sharpe  (Mfr.) .  .  c/o  Adjt.  Gen.  U.S.A.,  Washington,  D.C. 
CocROFT,  Major  Reginald  Bifield 

c/o  The  Adjt.  Gen.  U.S.A.  Washington,  D.C. 
GooDSPEEO,  Prof.  Thomas  Harper 

University  of  California,  Berkeley,  Cal. 

Harkness,  Albert  (Arch.) 6  Cooke  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

LiTTLEFiELD,  Ivory  (Law.) 10  Cushing  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Mercer,  James  Matthias 35  Benevolent  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Poland,  Albert  Harkness  (Fin.) 

330  Hospital  Trust  Bldg.  Providence,  R.I. 

Smith,  Harry  Frederic,  Jr.  (Mgr.) 431  Hillside  PI.  So.  Orange,  N.J. 

Wells,  John  Hazard  (Fin.) 92  William  St.  Providence,  R.I. 


Abbrcrombie,  Daniel  Webster,  Jr.  (Bonds) 

9  E.  46th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Barus,  Maxwell  (Law.) 5  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Collins,  Eliot  Loomis,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

Kent,  Capt.  William  Hardy  (U.S.A.) Harvard,  Mass. 

Mason,  Dr.  Edward  Halton,  Jr. 

Royal  Victoria  Hospital,  Montreal,  P.  O.  Can. 

Mercer,  Keith 13  The  Travancourt,  Cedar  Ave.  Montreal.  Can. 

Raquet,  Carl  R.  (Steel) 1652  Edison  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

1910-14  BRUNONIAN  113 

Tabeb,  Howard  Alfred  (Ed.) The  Hotchkias  School,  Lakeville,  Conn. 

ToBiN,  Donald  Malcohn  (Pub.) Middlebury,  Vt. 

Walker,  Laurence  Sidney  (Mer.) 119  E.  39th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Baker,  David  Shermui  (Mf r.) Greenwich,  Conn. 

Barker,  Harold  Oakley 903  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Doty,  Charles  Harold 

Doty,  Frank  Willard,  Jr 

Haqerman,  B.  H»rwood  (Fin.) 201  Lathrop  BIdg.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Marston,  Edgar  Jean 24  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

SissoN,  Charles  Peck  (Law.) 15  Westminster  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

SusoN,  Russell  Eyre  (Sales.) 458  Hope  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Smith,  Brenton  Greene  (Steel) 1292  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Andrbws,  Ryland  Benjamin  (Oil) 

6  Stradastavropolis,  Bukarest,  Roumania 
Burgess,  George  Sargent  (Sales.)... 45  Everett  St.  Newton  Centre,  Mass. 
Chacb,  Henry  Richmond,  Jr.  (Sales.)  ....  129  Brown  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Clark,  Walter  Irving  (Oil) 1013  S.  Seaman  St.  Eastland.  Tex. 

Collins,  Sheldon  Chalkley  (Mfr.)  454  Main  St.  Great  Barrington,  Mass. 
Elms,  James  Cornelius,  Jr.  (Credit  Mgr.) 

178  Harrison  St.  East  Orange,  N.J. 
Lanodon,  Greorge  Woodward  Jr.  (Mfr.)    16  Johnson  St.  Haverhill,  Mass. 

MuiiFOBD,  Nicholas  Van  Slyck 50  Himiboldt  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Pbndlbton,  Wyman  (Mfg.) 244  Irving  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Wallace,  Albert  Haines  (Mer.) 361  S.  HiU  St.  Los  Angeles.  Cal. 

Wilson,  Richard  Bartley  (Law.) . . .  174  Lauderdale  Ave,  Youngstown,  O. 
Zalle*,  Rhodes  Walter  (Ins.) 631  S.  Hill  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 


*  BunruM,  Marmaduke  Cope,  died  1913 ,  Newport,  R.I. 

Crum,  Ralph  Brinckerhoflf  (Ed.) 47  Carroll  St.  Poughkeepeie,  N.Y. 

*  Hull,  Norman  Bigelow,  died  1918 Denver,  Colo. 

Lanodon,  Duncan  (Cotton) 50  8.  Main  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Metcalf,  George  Tucker  (Adv.) 217  Angell  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

RousB,  John  Evans The  Standard  Oil  Co.  Plant  3,  Casper,  Wyo. 

Tarer,  Norman  Stephen  (Clerk) 50  8.  Main  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Walton,  Edward  Strawn,  Jr.  (Sales.) 21  Halleck  St.  Youngstown,  O. 

Wilson,  James  Taylor  (Restaurant) 

34th  St.  &  Powelton  Ave.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Brahan,  Hunnewell  (Farmer) 1483  Beacon  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Fisher,  William  Norman 124  Prospect  St.  Gloucester,  Mass. 

Hazard,  Frederick  Rowland,  Jr.  (Acct.)  . .  61  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lord,  Dt.  Robert  Mendon 100  Brown  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

MacDowbll,  Elmer  George  (Sales.) 

c/o  Aluminum  Co.  of  America,  2400  Oliver  Bldg.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 
Mbtgalf,  John  Tucker  (Mfg.) 266  Linden  St.  Winnetka,  111. 

114  BRUNONIAN  1914>18 

Poland,  Rei^nald 53  Lloyd  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

RooERS,  Morgan  Witter  (Mfr.) 84  Medway  St.  Providence,  R,I. 

Sawin,  Melvin  Eugene 

Reynolds  Fiak  &  Co.  15  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Smith,  Raymond  Leonard  (Const.  Ehg.) . .  .9  Maple  St.  Maplewood,  N.J. 
Walkkb,  Earl  Hammond  (Mer.) 350  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Abbott,  John  Blair  (Law.) 5449  Maple  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

CJlsoo,  Charles  Myron 1723  Juanita  Ave.  Youngstown,  O. 

Cbum,  Raymond  (Mgr.) New  Hackensack  Dutchess  Co.  N.Y. 

Dike,  Donald  (Ed.) 66  Starrett  Ave.  Athol,  Mass. 

DoNNAN,  Willis  Day  ((3k)vt.) 100  Cornelia  Ave.  Mill  Valley,  Cal. 

Greene,  Joseph  Irving  (Adv.) 7  Tompkins  Ave.  Beacon,  N.Y. 

Knowles,  Carroll  Wilson Mamaroneck,  N.Y. 

*  McLaughlin,  Rowland  Hazard,  died  in  service,  1918.  i 

MacLeod,  Colin  Gordon  (Tools) 146  Medway  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Sheffield,  William  Paine,  Jr.  (Lawj 223  Thames  St.  Newport,  R.I. 

SwEENT,  Louis  Morenci  (Eng.) .  30  Hammersley  Ave.  Poughkeepeie,  N.Y. 
Wilson,  Harold  Leslie 228  Madison  Ave.  Youngstown,  O. 


Clark,  William  James 671  Summer  St.  Newark,  N.J. 

Dresser,  Dr.  Richard 91  Grotto  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

KiNNET,  Charles  Russell 117  Centre  St.  Dorchester,  Mass. 

Metcalf,  Paul  Barney  (Eng.) 112  Benevolent  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Rowland,  Walter  Edward 

Russell,  Paul  Lewis  QpB.) Box  175,  White  Plains.  N.Y. 

ScHOONMAKEB,  Earlo  Winslow  (Chem.)..  .273  Grafton  Ave.  Newark.  N.J. 


Carpenter,  Gilbert  Congdon,  Jr.  (Clerk) 

233  Medway  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Dillon,  Asahel  Stults  (Oil) 411  Broadway,  Youngstown,  Ohio 

Hamilton,  Robert  Warren  (Mfg.) 7  Eddy  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Homer,  Arthur  Bartlett  (Eng.) University  Club,  Bethlehem,  Pa. 

Kbllet,  Solon  Chester,  Jr.  (Sales.) ...  55  Glenbrook  Rd.  Stamford,  Conn. 

Sheahan,  Harvey  (Mgr.) Wickford,  R.I. 

ToBELMAN,  Gustave  Henry.  Jr.  (Steel)..  .52  Stanley  Rd.  So.  Orange,  N.J. 
Ward,  Raymond  Belcher  (Builder) 

45  Lincoln  Ave.  New  Brunswick,  N.J. 
Williamson,  (xeorge  Albro  (Wire) 639  Clifton  Ave.  Newark,  N.J, 


Allsopp,  Howard  Horace  (Autos) 53  Stanley  Rd.  Sb.  Orange,  N.J. 

Ames,  Robert  Johnson  (Auto) 16  Pleasant  St.  Cortland,  N.Y. 

Beaxtvaib,  Octave  Peterson  (Wool) 7  Ringgold  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Chafee,  John  Sharpe  (Mfg.) 5  Cooke  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Edwards,  Charles  Gumey  (Law.) ...  15  Westminster  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Lanodon,  Chauncey  Taft  (Files) 86  Upton  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Lanphsr,  Henry  Coe  (Sales.) University  Club,  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

1918-22  BRUNONIAN  116 

MacLbod,  Kenneth  Brodie  (Tools) . .  .37  Arlington  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 
S188ON,  Dr.  William  Ejrre .458  Hope  St.  Providence,  R.I. 


Abbott,  Preston  Ober  (Sales.) 5449  Maple  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Bbown,  Philip  Foster  (Transp.) 507  Belle  Ave.  San  Rafael.  Cal. 

Bbowio:,  Alan  Stewart.  .56  Ilawrenoe  Rd.  Chestnut  Hill,  (Boston),  Mass. 

Cook,  Everett  Richardson  (R.  Est.) 115  Dempster  St.  Evanston,  111. 

Dennis,  C!hester  Iral  (Fin.) Jenny  Lind,  Cal. 

*  Eddt,  Guyton  Saxon  died Barringtou,  R.I. 

Edwabds,  William  Henry,  2nd  (Law.) 

212  Waterman  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Hastinos,  Herbert  Richard  (Broker) 60  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

HuGOiNS,  Charles  Henry,  Jr.  (TextUe  Expert) 

106  Hillside  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Lanphkb,  Edgar  Jewett  (Law.) 43  Wildwood  Ter.  Glen  Ridge,  N.J. 

McPeck,  Howard  Ripley  (Brok^) Main  St.  Marion,  Mass. 

Prosser,  James  Charles  (Trucking) 8505  Decker  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Sheffield,  Samuel  Sanf coxl  (Sales.) . .  3046  Woodbum  Ave.  Cincinnati,  O. 
Siim^,  Samuel  Watson,  III 1805  Madison  Rd.  Cincinnati,  O. 


Albright,  John  Wilmot  (Telephone) 4  Maple  Ter.  Rahway,  N.J. 

Abhstbong,  Elmer  George  (Eng.) 15  Westfield  Ave.  Rahway,  N.J. 

*  Bebriman,  Lieut.  George  William  West,  died  in  service   1918. 

Bitting,  Kenneth  Hills  (Fin.) 408  Olive  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Bbadt,  Paul  Theodore,  Jr.  (Acct.) 1041  Palisade  Ave.  Palisade,  N.J. 

Brooks.  Alfred  Colvin  (R.  Est.) 15  Westfield  Ave.  Rahway,  N.J. 

Burse,  Walter  Morrill 42  Central  St.  Pittsfield,  Me. 

DB  ViTALis,  Mario  Walter  (Ed.) Chatham,  N.J. 

EsPET,  Harold  Richard  (Ins.) 139  Church  St.  Saratoga  Springs,  N.Y. 

FuLi^B,  Delbert  Orrison  (Banking) Liberty,  Me. 

Fulton,  Marshall  Naime 712  High  St.  Keokuk,  la. 

Hilton,  Seavems  Winthrop  (Int.  Decorator) 

Rocky  Neck,  Gloucester,  Mass. 

Macfablank,  Robert  Stetson  (Law.) College  Club,  Seattle,  Wash. 

Williams,  Marshall  Sears  Perry,  Jr Cohasset,  Mass. 


Colby,  Allan  Bretterg  (Sales  Eng.) 47  George  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

CoLUNS,  Frederick  Setn  (Iron) 454  Main  St.  Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

DoBEB,  John  Robert  (Machines) 103  2nd  Ave.  Newark,  N.J. 

Edson,  Nathan  Willis,  2nd  (Agent) . . .  132  Aspen  Rd.  Swampscott,  Mass. 

GwTNNE,  Abram  Evan  (Fin.) 16  E.  69th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Phelps,  Edward  Judson 379  Union  St.  Rockland,  Mass. 

WooDBUFF,  Earl  Wright  (Interior  Decorator) 

1690  Franklin  Ave.  Columbus,  O. 


Bbown,  Ralph  Sawyer 38  Kilby  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

(Trandlkb,  Warren  Temple 5247  Waterman  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

116  BRUNONIAN  1922-26 

Chick,  Louis  Spaulding 319  Huntiocton  Ave.  Boeton,  Mass. 

Du  Bois,  Jesse  Elting  (Adv.) Orchard  Heights,  New  Palts,  N.Y. 

Gale,  Ellsworth 30  Brown  St.  Pawtucket,  R.I. 

Gbeenb,  William  Chace,  Jr 4  Barnes  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Holt,  Walter  Stanley 5  Benevolent  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Lanodon,  Henry  Gordon  Taft  (Cotton) 

186  Upton  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Newhabd,  Chapin  Slater  (Fin.) 36  Amherst  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

SiKES,  Allen  Belknap Suffield,  Conn. 

Smith,  Gordon  Drew 30  Snowden  PI.  Glen  Ridge,  N.J. 

Whitcomb,  Lawrence 17  Strathmore  Rd.  Brookline,  Mass. 


Adams,  Robert  Parker 186  Commonwealth  Ave.  Boeton,  Mass. 

Faulkner,  Homer  Ramsdell,  1874  Commonwealth  Ave.  Brookline,  Mass. 

GooDALL,  Aaron  Roberts  (Clerk) 2905  Vernon  PI.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Gross,  Frank  Lesster  (Brokerage) 1744  Clay  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hays,  Alden  Farrelly Jefferson  City,  Mo. 

JosLTN,  Ehner  Roy 77  Bank  St.  Lebanon,  N.H. 

Lanpher,  Lawrence 43  Wildwood  Ter.  Glen  Ridg^N.J. 

Magfarlane,  Walter  Kilgore,  Jr 1610  13th  Ave.  So.  Seattle,  Wash. 

RuBBL,  Donald  Clarke Brightwaters,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Savage,  William  Douglas 39  St.  Paul's  PI.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Barrett,  James  Henry 75  Hamilton  Ave.  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

Barrt,  Hilton  St.  John 79  Williamson  Ave.  Bloomfield,  N.J. 

Burton,  Raymond  Holbrook  (Ins.) 47  Waterman  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Hosp,  Edward  Andrew 267  Clinton  Ave.  Newark,  N.J. 

Maurice,  Raymond  Harold 70  W.  85th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Partridge,  Richard  Volney  Wilson 64  Amory  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Reichmann,  William  Dent Kenilworth,  HI. 

Smith,  Gordon  Harding 32  Kilsyth  Rd.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Smith,  Ralph  Christie 1949  Madison  Rd.  Cincinnati.  O. 

Woods,  Robert  Medill 716  Broad  St.  Sewickley,  Pa. 

Yerkes.  Charles  William 59  Gregory  Ave.  W.  Orange,  N.J. 


Bowers,  Fredson  Thayer Ill  Brownell  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

HuLSHART,  Edward  Pitman Allentown,  N.J. 

Probert,  Aylwin 29  Oakdale  Ave.  Berkeley,  Cal. 

Rice,  Martin  Burnham 446  Palmer  St.  W.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Richmond,  John  Whitney 8  Olive  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

RoNET,  James  Waterman 6811  Pershing  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Sayward,  Parkman Cochituate  Rd.  Wayland,  Mass. 

Smith,  Edwin  Allen,  Jr 389  Clifton  Ave.  Newark,  N.J. 

Smith,  Gordon  Alexander 311  Eighth  Ave.  Asbury  Park,  N.J. 

Tatlor,  Thomas  William 12  Glenland  Rd.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Wetherbee,  Harold  Berkeley ....  392  Main  St.  Concord  Junction,  Mass. 

1837-40  117 



*  Bacon,  Dr.  John,  died  1881 Boston,  Mam. 

*  Davis,  Dr.  William  Augustus,  died  1898 Winchester,  Va. 

♦Eugrns,  Dr.  John  Fenwick,  died  1844 Charleston,  S.C. 

*  Halb.  Horatio  (Emmons),  died  1896 CUnton,  Ont.  Can. 

♦Hatward,  Charles,  died  1838 Boston,  Mass. 

*HiLDBSTH,  Samuel  Tenney,  died  1839 Gloucester,  Mass. 

*  Wheblbb,  Charles  Steams,  died  1843 Lincoln,  Mass. 

*  WiLLiAifs,  Henry,  died  1901 Boston,  Mass, 


*CooLn)GK,  Rev.  James  Ivers  Trecothick,  died  1913. .  .Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  EusTis,  Henry  Lawrence,  died  1885 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Halb,  Prof.  Nathan,  died  1871 Boston,  Mass.* 

*  Kino,  Rufus,  died  1891 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  LippiTT,  George  Warren,  died  1891 Vienna,  Austria 

*  LowBLL,  James  Russell,  died  1891 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  ScATBS,  Charles  Woodman,  died  1873 Dover,  N.H. 


♦Adams,  John  Clark,  died  1874 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Dawbs,  Rev.  Thomas,  died  1904 Brewster,  Mass. 

*EuoT,  Samuel,  died  1898 Boston,  Mass, 

♦Evans,  Prof.  Ellicott,  died  1891 Clinton,  N.Y. 

*  Guild,  Samuel  Eliot,  died  1862 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Hale,  Rev.  EdwMti  Everett,  died  1909 Roxbury,  Mass. 

*  Kino,  James  Gore,  died  1867 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Longfellow,  Rev.  Samuel,  died  1892 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  LoRiNO,  Caleb  William,  died  1897 Prides  Crossing,  Mass. 

*  Washburn,  Alexander  Calvin,  died  1905 Norwood,  Mass. 


*  Ckafts,  William  Augustus,  died  1906 Roxbury,  Mass. 

*  Hbath,  Dr.  John  Francis,  died  1862 Petersburg,  Va. 

*  Hbnck,  John  Bezuamin,  died  1903 Montecito,  Cal. 

*  Kino,  Archibald  Gracie,  died  1897 Weehawken,  N.J. 

*  Pbirson,  Dr.  Edward  Brooks,  died  1874 Salem,  Mass. 

*  RussBLL,  William  Goodwin,  died  1896 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Shaw,  Rev.  Joseph  Coolidge,  died  1851 Boston,  Mass. 

*Whitb,  Rev.  William  Ome,  died  1910 Brookhne,  Mass. 

118  HARVARD  1841-46 


*  Blodoxtt,  James,  died  1877 Lezm^n,  Mass. 

*  CiiARKs,  Prof.  Edward  Hammond,  died  1877 Cambndge,  Mass. 

*  Donaldson,  Samuel  Camillus,  died  1898. Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Hablow,  Dr.  Edwin  Augustus  Warren,  died  1902 Wollaston,  Mass. 

*  Hoffman,  Wickham,  died  1900 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Parker,  Francis  Edward,  died  1886 Boston,  Mass. 

*  RoTCH,  Francis  Morgan,  died  18d3 Morris,  N.Y. 

*  Sbdqwick,  Charles,  Jr.,  died  1841 Lenox,  Mass. 

*  Simmons,  Charles  Francis,  died  1862 Concord,  Mass. 


*  Davis,  William  Thomas,  died  1907 Plymouth,  Mass. 

*  Haybn,  Horace  Appleton,  died  1843 Portsmouth^  N.H. 

*  Herbert,  Bushrod  Washmgton,  died  1888 Mt.  Vernon,  Va. 

*  Jaqubs,  Prof.  David  Randolph,  died  1905 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Johnson,  Rev.  Samuel,  died  1882 North  Andover,  Mass. 

*  La  Bsaume,  Chauvet  Edmund,  died  1858 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Merrill,  James  Cushing,  died  1869 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Phillips,  Stephen  Henry,  died  1897 Salem,  Mass. 

*  Swan,  Prof.  Richard  Wenman,  died  1889 Grinnell,  la. 


*  Cobb,  Moses  Gill,  died  1903 San  Francisco,  Cal 

*  Emert,  John  Abbot,  died  1842 Springfield,  Mass 

*  Frothingham,  Octavius  Brooks,  died  1895 Boston,  Mass 

*  Lowell,  Hon.  John,  died  1897 Chestnut  Hill,  Mass. 

*  Russell,  Hon.  Thomas  Hastings,  died  1912 Boston,  Mas^. 

*  Sbdqwick,  Henr^  Dwight,  died  1903 Southbridge,  Mass 

*  Ware,  Henry,  died  1885 Cambridge,  Mass 

*  Webb,  Seth,  died  1862 Scituate,  Mass 


*  Clarke.  James  Gordon,  died  1906 Nice,  France 

*  Hale,  George  Silsbee,  died  1897 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Hartwell,  Shattock,  died  1899 Littleton,  Mass. 

*  Johnson,  Henry  Augustin,  died  1909 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Parkman,  George  Francis,  died  1908 - Boston,  Mass. 

*  Perrt,  Horatio  Justus,  died  1891 Madrid,  Spain 

*  Sears,  Philip  Howes,  died  1898 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Snow,  Charles  Henry  Boylston,  died  1875 Fitchburg,  Mass. 

*  Whitcomb,  Charles  Adams,  died  1851 San  Francisco,  Cal. 


*  Emerson,  George  Samuel,  died  1848 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Force,  Gen.  Manning  Ferguson,  died  1899 Soldiers'  Home,  O. 

*  Glover,  Charles  Hen^.  died  1885 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Greenwood,  Francis  William,  died  1847 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Porter,  Peter  Augustus,  died  1864 Niagara  Falls,  N.Y. 

*  Prinole,  Edward  J.,  died  1899 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Reynolds,  Dr.  John  Phillips,  died  1909 Boston,  Mass. 

*  SouLB,  Dr.  Nicholas  Emery,  died  1919 Exeter,  N.H. 

1846-50  HARVARD  119 


*  Buss,  William  David,  died  1886 Petaluma,  Cal. 

*  Faulkkeb,  Francis  Augustus,  died  1879 Keene,  N.H. 

*  Lams,  Prof.  George  Martin,  died  1897 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Rodman,  Thomas  R.,  died  1906 New  Bedford,  Mass. 

*  Ropes,  Rev.  William  Ladd,  died  1912 Andover,  Mass. 

*  Souls,  Augustus  Lord,  died  1887 Boston,  Mass. 


*  Bliss,  Col.  Alexander,  died  1896 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Edoab'von,  John  Marshall,  died  1847 Shirley,  Mass. 

*  Felton,  John  Brooks,  died  1877 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Habding,  Chester,  died  1875 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Hbnshaw,  Andrew  Isbell,  died  1850 Clarke  Co.  Ala. 

*  Lea,  James  McCIyment,  died  1895 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

♦Lowe,  Rev.  Charles,  died  1874 Exeter,  N.H. 

*  MuNBOB,  Charles  William,  died  1901 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Phillips,  George  William,  died  1898 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Sayaob,  James  Woodruff,  died  1890 Omaha,  Neb. 

*  TipPANY,  Rev.  Fruicis,  died  1908 Cambridge,  Mass. 


*  Ames,  Nathan,  died  1865 Saugus,  Mass. 

*  Chase,  Prof.  Thomas,  died  1892 Haverford  College,  Pa. 

*  Clarke,  Thomas  Curtis,  died  1901 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Davenport,  Edwin,  died  1895 Chelsea,  Mass. 

*  Hale,  Alexander,  died  1850 Boston,  Mass. 

*  HoLMAN,  Henrv^  Whitcomb,  died  1853 Boston,  Mass. 

*  LoRiNQ,  Gen.  Charles  Greely,  died  1902 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Sakger,  Simon  Greenleaf,  died  1913 Orange,  N.J. 

*  Stebbins,  Rev.  Horatio,  died  1902 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Tiffany,  George  Peabody,  died  1886 Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Young,  Ephraim  Wood,  died  1892 Prairie  du  Sac,  Wis. 


*  Choate,  Cluu'les  Francis,  died  1911 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Emerson,  Francis  Buckminster,  died  1867 Boston,  Mass. 

*  FoLLEN,  Charles  Christopher,  died  1872 Boston.  Mass. 

*  Grat,  George,  died  1850 Sanquoit,  N.Y. 

*  HowLAND,  Francis,  died  1895 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  KiRKLAND,  John  Lothrop,  died  1860 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Lothrop,  Thornton  Kirkland,  died  1913 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Oliver,  Prof.  James  Edward,  died  1895 Ithaca,  N.Y. 

*  Pierce,  James,  died  1853 Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Rhett,  Robert  Barnwell,  died  1905 Huntsville,  Ala. 

*  Smith,  Samuel  Abbott,  died  1865 Arlington,  Mass. 

*  Stuart,  Rev.  Julius  Walker,  died  1856 Beaufort,  S.C. 

*  Whipple,  Augustus  Warren,  died  1852 Northborough,  Mass. 


*  Care,  Joseph  Prevost.  died  1906 Windsor,  Can. 

*  Carter,  James  Coolidge,  died  1892 New  York,  N.Y. 

120  HARVARD  1850-63 

*  Fuller,  Robert  Barnwell,  died  1896 Beaufort,  S.C. 

*  Hale,  Charles,  died  1882 Roxbury,  Mass. 

*  Herset,  Henry  Edson,  died  1863 Hingham,  Mass. 

*  HoBBS,  George  Miller,  died  1912 RoxDurjr,  Mass. 

*  King,  John,  died  1912 Austin,  Tex. 

*  KiRKMAN,  Samuel,  died  1903 Florence,  Ala. 

*  Noble,  John,  died  1909 Boston,  Ma«s. 

*  Thayer,  William  Sydney,  died  1864 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Wabb,  Loammi  Goodenow,  died  1891 .'Burlington,  Vt. 

*  WiLLLAMB,  Benjamin  Paj^son,  died  1856 Roxbury,  Mass. 

*  Williams,  Frederic  Dickinson,  died  1916 Boston,  Mass. 


*  Allbn,  Prof.  William  Francis,  died  1889 Madison,  Wis. 

*  Bradford,  Rev.  Greorge,  died  1859 Duxbury,  Mass. 

*  Bradley,  William  Czar,  died  1908 Brattlebord,  Vt. 

'*'  Chaill^,  Dr.  Stanford  Emerson,  died  1911 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  DxTNBAB,  Prof.  Charles  Franklin,  died  1900 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Gray,  Joseph  Howard,  died  1898 Eliaabeth,  N.J. 

*  Hall,  Rev.  Edward  Henrv,  died  1912 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Lanqdell,  Prof.  Christopher  Columbus,  died  1906 . . .  Cambridge.  Mass. 

*  Mead,  John  Noyes,  died  1850 Brattleboro,  Vt. 

*  Shattuck,  George  Otis,  died  1897 Boston,  Mass. 

*  WiNSOR,  Dr.  Frederick,  died  1889 Winchester,  Mass. 


*  Choate,  Hon.  Joseph  Hodges,  died  1917 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Choatb,  Hon.  William  Gardner,  died Wallingford,  Conn. 

*  CooLiDQE,  Hon.  Horace  Hopkins,  died Boston,  Mass. 

*  Curtis,  Thomas  James,  died Tunbridge  Wells,  England 

*  McKiM,  William  Duncan,  died  1863 Baltimore,  Md. 

*  NoRRis,  George  Walter,  died  1857 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Thayer,  Prof.  James  Bradley,  died  1902 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Thorndike,  Samuel  Lothrop,  died  1911 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Ware,  Darwin  Erastus,  died  1897 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Ware,  Prof.  William  Robert,  died  1915 Milton,  Mass. 

*  Waring,  William  Henry,  died  1890 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Williamson,  William  Cross,  died  1903 Boston,  Mass. 


*  Ammidown,  Edward  Holmes,  died  1909 Seattle,  Wash. 

*  Cutler,  Prof.  Elbridge  Jefferson,  died  1870 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  DuTTON,  Rev.  Ormond  Horace,  died  1868 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  DwiGHT,  Wilder,  died  1862 Boston,  Mass. 

Eliot,  Charles  William  (Ret.  Univ.  Pres.) 

17  Fresh  Pond  Pkwy.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Guild,  Rev.  Edward  Chipman,  died  1899 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Hill,  Prof.  Adams  Sherman,  died Boston,  Mass. 

*  HowLAND,  Edward,  died  1890 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Johnson,  Charles  Everett,  died  1910 Denver,  Colo. 

*  Kendall,  Joshua,  died Cambridge,  Mass. 

1863-^7  HARVARD  121 

Ltman,  Arthur  Theodore  (Mfg.) P.  O.  1717,  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Shaw,  Samuel  Savage,  died  1915 Boston,  Mass. 


*  Bailbt,  Rev.  Benjamin.  HoUoway,  died  1919 Jamaica  Plain,  Mass. 

*  Bancboft,  John  Chandler,  died  1901 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Blioht,  Atherton,  died  1909 Newport,  R.I. 

*  FoBBiJSH,  Edward  William,  died  1880. Boston,  Mass. 

*  FxTBN£ss,  Horace  Howard,  died  1912 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

♦Hall,  Richard  Fitch,  died  1911 Troy,  N.Y. 

*  Lowell,  Charles  Russell,  died  1864 Boston,  Mass. 

*  PoTTEB,  Rev.  William  James,  died  1893 New  Bedford,  Mass. 

PxTTNAM,  George 49  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Thobndikb.  Dr.  William,  died  1887 Milwaukee.  Wis. 

*  Wadlbioh,  Rev.  Albra,  died  1873 Germantown.  Pa. 

Webstsb,  Dr.  Joseph  Rowe 87  Hancock  St.  No.  Lexington,  Mass. 


*  Bablow,  Gen.  Francis  Channing,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Blake,  Samuel  Parkman,  died  1904 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Bbooks,  Rev.  Phillips,  died  1893 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Chase,  Charles  Augustus,  died  1911 Worcester.  Mass. 

*  Clapp,  Channing,  died  1904 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Dalton,  Dr.  Edward  Barry,  died  1872 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  HiGQiNSON,  Henry  Lee,  died  1919 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Ltman,  Benjamin  Smith,  died  1920 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Mitchell,  Hon.  James  Tyndale,  died  1915 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  MoBTON.  Edwin,  died  1900 Morges,  Canton  Vaud,  Switzerland 

*  Sanbobn,  fYanklin  Benjamin,  died Concord,  Mass. 

Sawyeb,  Oreorge  Carleton 94  Brattle  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  TiLESTON,  John  Boies,  died  1898 Mattapan,  Mass. 


*  Adams,  Charles  Francis,  died  1915 .Boston,  Mass. 

*  Bancboft,  George,  died  1921 Agen,  France 

*  Bubbags,  William  Wirt,  died  1901 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Emebson,  Thomas,  died  1903 Woburn,  Mass. 

*  Fulleb,  Hon.  William  Eddy,  died Taimton,  Mass. 

*  Gabdnbb,  John  Edward,  died  1899 Exeter,  N.H. 

*  Habbod.  Benjamin  Morgan,  died New  Orleans,  La. 

*  HoLYOKB,  George  Osgood,  died  1907 W.  New  Brighton,  N.Y. 

*  KiNNicuTT,  Thomas,  died  1882 Worcester,  Mass. 

*  Pebkins,  Stephen  George,  died  1862 Boston,  Mass. 

♦Smith,  Prof.  Jeremiah,  died  1921 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Weld,  Richard  Harding,  died  1908 Boston,  Mass. 

*  WiLDEB,  Hon.  Daniel  Webster,  died Hiawatha,  Kan. 


♦Blaeb,  Stanton,  died  1889 Brookline,  Mass. 

Bbooks,  Shepherd 92  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

♦Dybb,  Esra,  died  1887 Swissvale,  Pa. 

122 HARVARD 1867-62 

*  Hale,  Joseph  Augustine,  died  1867 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Haven,  Franklin,  died  1908 Boston,  Mass. 

*  HiGGiNsoN,  James  Jackson,  died  1911 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Lincoln,  Solomon,  died  1907 Boston,  Mass. 

*  May,  Rev.  Joseph,  died  1918 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Perkins,  James  Amory,  died  1863 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Ropes,  John  Codman,  died  1899 Boston,  Mass. 

*  SowDON,  Arthur  John  Clark,  died Boston,  Mass. 

*  Wells,  Samuel,  died  1903 Boston,  Mass. 


*  Burt,  Dr.  John  Otis,  died  1894 Syracuse,  N.Y. 

*  CiLLBT,  Prof.  Jonathan  Longfellow,  died  1903 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Davis,  James  Clarke,  died  1905 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Frost,  Henry  Walker,  died  1891 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Hall,  James  Stevenson,  died  1917 Trov,  N.Y. 

*  Haven,  Dr.  Alfred  Houston,  died  1895 Portsmouth,  N.H. 

*  Milton,  William  Frederick,  died  1905 Pittsfield,  Mass. 

*  MuRDocK,  Steth  Miller,  died Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  PoBTBR,  Rev.  Edward  GriflBin,  died  1900 Lexington,  Mass. 

*  Shoret,  Frank  Howard,  died  1862 Dedham,  Mass. 

*  ToppAN,  Robert  Noxon,  died  1901 Cambridge,  Mass. 


Morse,  John  Torrey 16  Fairfield  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Weld,  Gen.  Stephen  Minot,  died  1920 Boston,  Mass. 


*  Brashear,  Herman  Francis,  died  1916 Wooster,  O. 

*  BuLLARD,  John  Lincoln,  died  1899 Short  Hills,  N.J. 

*  Emmons,  Samuel  Franklin,  died Washington,  D.C. 

*  Farrar,  Henry  Weld,  died  1881 Chicago,  111. 

*  Gholson,  William  Yates,  died  1862 Cincinnati  O. 

*  Hallowell,  Norwood  Penrose,  died  1914 West  Medford,  Mass. 

Holmes,  Hon.  Oliver  Wendell.  .  .U.  S.  Supreme  Court,  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Lamb,  Charles  Duncan,  died  1871 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Lawrence,  Dr.  Frank  William,  died  1903 Longwood,  Mass. 

*  Leavitt,  Thomas  Joseph,  died  1863 Woburn,  Mass. 

*  LoRiNQ,  Dr.  Edward  Greely,  died  1888 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Robeson,  Thomas  Rodman,  died  1863 Jamaica  Plain,  Mass. 

*  Vanderpoel,  James  McBride,  died  1860 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Amory,  Arthur,  died  1911 Boston,  Mass. 

*  BoYDEN,  Charles,  died  1881 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Curtis,  Dr.  Thomas  Buckminster,  died  1881 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Gardner,  Francis  Lowell,  died  1861 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Grafton,  James  Ingersoll,  died  1865 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Grinnell,  Rev.  Charles  Edward,  died  1916 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Hazeltine,  Mayo  Williamson,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Jeffries,  Henry  Upham,  died  1920 t .  .Hakone,  China 

*  Keiqhler,  John  Checkley,  died         • Baltimore,  Md. 

•  K«E,  Williun  Hemy,  d 

■  LiBDUiwi.  Jobo  With«iBpoon,  d 

•  MuoN,  Herbert  Cawpliu 
•MixnjN,  EenjwiimCSoB^ 

•  FjLTiWH.  Gilbert  RubmH,  died  1891 Wstt .  . 

•  Poma,  Dr.  Charles  BurnhMD,  di«]  190B Butan,  ^ 

•  CIdinct,  Dt.  Henry  Parker,  died  1B00 Dedhun.  1. 

'  HiAD,  iohn,  died  -^— Cunbridfe,  ^ 

•  RoPM,  Henry,  died  1863 BMton,  ^ 


•Akobt,  CharlM  Waller,  died  1B13 - 

.....      „     „  .  rt,  ditrfiaiO 

•  Fmnch,  John  Dftvia  WilliamB,  died  1000 

•Gb«»hot70h,  William,  died  1902 

Guv,  Edwud  StuTgiB 13S  Mvlborouih  S 

HioGiNftON.  Francis  Lee  (Ret.) 271  Bsacan  f 

"■■'"■  "12  BuwoaE 

'M*»OM,  Dr.  AmosLftwron  ..      ..  .... 

PiABCi.  Jamec  Lewis  (Ins.) 411  Commeree  BIdg.  I 

W.BBiN,  Dr.  John  Collins. 58  Beacon  * 


■  BiLLOwa,  Rev.  Ruwell  Nevin.,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

:t,  Prof.  John,  died  — Middletown,  Conn, 

Rev.  Frank  Leonard,  died  1SS3 Lenoir,  N.C. 

ui.  Richard,  died  1915 West  Roibury.  Man. 

VELL,  Dr.  Edward  Ruwell,  died  1914 Cambridge,  Mau. 

I,  Constant  Freeman,  died  1S67 Cambridie,  Man. 

I.  Dr.  Richard  Hemr,  died  1007 Now  York,  N.Y. 

,N,  John  Alvarei,  died  1902 East  Orange.  N.J. 

C8,  James  Neville,  died  1863 Circleville.  O. 

«IET,  Richard  Jones,  died  1S73 Weet  Chester,  Pa. 

r.  Peter  Butler,  died  IB22. New  York.  N.Y. 

'  Proicms.  Robert  Shaw,  died  1873 Boston,  Mass. 

•RiiD,  Charles  Coolidse,  died  1018 Boston,  Mass. 

RoBKBOM,  William  Rotoh 15  rue  Van  Eyck,  Bnusele,  Relgium 

•  SrooTncK,  Arthur  George,  died  191S New  York,  N.Y. 

■  WiLLET,  William  Fhiliips,  died  iS01 Boeton,  Masa. 


■BiHCBOFT.  Robert  Hale,  died  191S Boston,  Masg, 

""    -- IT,  George,  died  18T7 Piiiladelphia.  Pa. 

124  HARVARD  1866-81 

*  Chadwick,  Dr.  James  Rand,  died  1905 Boston,  Mass. 

CuBTis,  Horatio  Greenough  (Ret.) . . .  179  Marlborough  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Dorr,  Walter  Henry,  died  1880 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Greenouoh,  Alfred,  died  1884 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Holmes,  Jabez  Silas,  died  1884 Jamaica  Plain,  Mass. 

*  HuNNEWELL,  Walter,  died Boston,  Mass. 

*  Mifflin,  George  Harrison,  died  1921 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Newell,  Robert  Ralston,  died  1883 • Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Rand,  Rev.  Charles  Arthur,  died  1884 Haverhill,  Mass. 

*  Tucker,  (William)  Lawrence,  died Boston,  Mass. 

*  Williams,  Henry  Bigelow,  died Boston,  Mass. 


Caret,  Arthur  Astor  (Soc.  Worker) .  .  Fellowship  House,  Waltham,  Mass. 

*  Evans,  Glendower,  died  1886 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Hale,  Rev.  Edward,  died  1918 ., . . .  .Chestnut  Hill,  Mass. 

*  Heard,  John,  Jr.,  died  1895 Boston,  Mass. 

Mercer,  Henry  Chapman Doylestown,  Pa. 

*  Perkins,  Edward  Clifford,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 

Taubsiq,  Prof.  Francis  William 2  Scott  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

TowNSBND,  John  Joseph  (Law.) Union  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Chapin,  Henry  Bainbridge,  died  1910 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Gilbert,  Samuel  Cotton,  died  1885 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Guild,  Henry  EUot,  died  l!887 Roslindale,  Mass. 

Hale,  Arthur  (Transp.) Munsey  Bldg.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  March,  Charles  Dudley,  died  1887 Staatsburg-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 

*  Opdtkb,  Leonard  Eckstein,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Pellew,  (William)  George,  died  1892 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  QuiNCY,  Hon.  Josiah,  died Boston,  Mass. 

*  Rhett,  Walter  Horton,  died  1893 Atlanta,  Ga. 

*  Roosevelt,  Hon.  Theodore,  died  1919 Oyster  Bay,  N.Y. 

TowNSEND,  Howard  (Law.) 15  E.  86th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Washburn,  Charles  (jrenfill  (Mfr.) 28  Union  St.  Worcester,  Mase. 

Welling,  Richard  Ward  Greene  (Law.) 2  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Adams,  Joseph  Henry  (Law.) 62  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Berrt,  Walter  Van  Rensselaer Colorado  Bldg.  Washington,  I>.C. 

BuRDETT,  George  Albert  (Music)  .21  Gray  Cliff  Rd.  Newton  Centre,  Mass. 

CooLiDOE,  Charles  Allerton  (Arch.) 122  Ames  Bldg.  Boston,  Mass. 

EvARTS,  Rev.  Prescott 1  Garden  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

Hawkins,  Eugene  Dexter  (Law.) 20  Exchange  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Jameson,  Arthur  Orcutt,  died  1881 East  Med  way,  Mass. 

*  Lane,  Gardiner  Martin,  died  1914 Boston,  Mass. 

*  LuDLow,  James  Bettner,  died  1921 Ludlow-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 

*  Mitchell,  Dr.  John  Kearsley,  died  1917 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Morgan,  Prof.  Morris  Hicky,  died  1910 .Cambridge,  Mass. 

Reynolds,  Dr.  Edward 321  Dartmouth  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Sprague,  Carleton,  dded Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Sturgis,  Richard  Clipston  (Arch.) 120  Boylston  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Suteb,  Rev.  John  Wallace 24  Chestnut  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

1882-M  HARVARD  125 


Bau)win,  Charles  Adolph Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 

Bradley,  Richards  Meny  (R.  Est.) 60  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  BuLLABD^  John  Eliot,  died  1896 Sydney,  Australia 

*  CoDUAN,  Rt.  Rev.  Robert,  died  1915 Portland,  Me. 

Dickey,  Charles  Denston  (Banker) 59  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Gabdnkb,  Joseph  Peabody,  died  1886 Boston,  Mass. 

*  GoDDABD,  Frederic  Norton,  died  1905 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Manning,  William  Hobbs,  died  1889 Cambridge,  Mass. 

Paine,  Robert  Treat,  2d  (Fin.) 60  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Sedgwick,  Henry  Dwight 120  E.  22nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Stetson,  Eliot  Dawes,  died  1920 New  Bedford,  Mass. 

Stone,  Frederic  Mather 706  Sears  Bldg.  Boston,  Mass. 

Storeb,  John  Hnmphrevs  (Trustee) 10  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  TowNSBND,  Stephen  Van  Rensselaer,  died  1901 New  York,  N.Y. 

TucKEBMAN,  Gustavii^  (Civic  Sec.) 911  Locust  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Wabing,  Guy  (Ret.) Bradler  Rd.  Milton  36,  Mass. 

Wabnbb,  Henry  Eldrid^e  (Law.) 84  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Washbubn,  Rev.  Phihp  Moen,  died  1898 Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 

*  Webb,  John  Sidney,  died  1919 Washington,  D.C. 

Wendell,  Evert  Jansen  (Ret.) 15  W.  38th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wisteb,  Owen  (Author).. . .  1004  West  End  Trust  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


BiNNEY,  Horace c/o  Morgan,  Harjes  A  Co.  Paris,  France 

Bbackett,  Dr.  Jeffrey  Richardson  (Ret.) 

220  Marlborough  St.  Boston,  Mass. 
Burraoe,  George  Dixwell 84  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Cabot,  Edward  Twisleton,  died  1893 Brookline,  Mass. 

Cabot,  Henry  Bromfield 60  State  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

*  CIbapman,  Henry  Grafton,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

Coolidge,  Joseph  Randolph,  Jr.  (Arch.) 89  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Crapo,  Henry  Howland  (Law.). .  .81  Hawthorne  St.  New  Bedford,  Mass. 
Endicott,  William  Crowninshield  (Law.) . .  .71  Ames  Bldg.  Boston,  Mass. 

Hale,  Prof.  EJdward  Everett Union  College,  Schenectady,  N.Y* 

Lee,  Joseph  (Soc.  Worker) 101  Tremont  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Lowell,  George  Emerson,  died  18S4 Chestnut  Hill,  Mass. 

Ltman,  Arthur 60  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Nichols,  Frederick 2  Joy  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Wabren.  Edward  Perry Old  Gorham  Kd.  Westbrook,  Me. 


BoNSAL,  Leigh  (Law.) 103  Elmwood  Rd.  Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Butleb,  Dr.  Allan  Macy,  died  1888 Scarsdale,  N.Y. 

Chapman,  John  Jay 60  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Clabk,  Dr.  Franklin  Haven,  died  1916 Detroit,  Mich. 

Coolidge,  John  Gardner  (Ret.) 130  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Coolidge,  Thomas  Jefferson,  died  1912 Boston,  Mass. 

Crockeb,  Rev.  William  Tufts 263  Lexington  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cubtis,  Allen 33  Exchange  Bldg.  Boston,  Mass. 

£liot,  Rev.  Samuel  Atkins 25  Reservoir  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

Gardnbb,  William  Amory  (Ed.) Groton,  Mass. 

126  HARVARD  1884-^6 

Guild,  Charles  Eliot 27  Kilby  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

McCagg,  Louis  Butler  (Law.) 18  E.  84th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mandell,  Henry  Fauntleroy,  died Paterson,  N.J. 

*  MiNTURN,  Robert  Shaw,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

MxjMFORD,  William  Woolsey 2  Rector  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Osborne,  Thomas  Mott  (Penologist) 99  South  St.  Auburn,  N.Y. 

*  Plummer  Thomas  Rodman,  died  1918 Dartmouth,  Mass. 

*  Sexton,  Lawrence  Eugene,  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 

Sturois,  Dr.  William  Codman 

Church  Mission  House,  281  4th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Warren,  Fiske  (Mfg.) Eildonshiel  St.  Harvard,  Mass. 

Wteth,  Stuart 1817  Walnut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


*  Baldwin,  William  Henry  Jr.,  died  1905 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Bradford,  Dr.  Martin  Luther,  Jr.,  died  1888 Dorchester,  Mass. 

*  Cowdin,  Winthrop,  died  1922 Mt.  Kisco,  N.Y. 

CoxB,  Henry  Brinton,  Jr 1103  Franklin  Bk.  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Delano,  Frederic  Adrian  (Cons.  Eng.) 

1128  16th  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Draper,  Dr.  William  Kinnicutt 121  E.  36th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Dunham,  Dr.  Theodore 48  E.  63rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  FiSK,  James  Lyman,  died  1893 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Gardiner,  Prof.  John  Hayes,  died Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  HoMANS,  William  Parmelee,  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  HoTT,  Alfred  William,  died  1911 New  York,  N.Y. 

Johnson,  Arthur  Stoddard  (Trustee) 

253  Commonwealth  Ave.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Noble,  John  Hawks,  died  1904 Cambridge,  Mass. 

Paulding,  James  Kirke 1269  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  SiMPKiNS,  John,  died  1898 Yarmouthport,  Mass. 

Storer,  Dr.  Malcolm 302  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Storrow,  James  Jackson 44  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Taylor,  Frederick  Spaulding Somerset  Club,  Boston,  Mass. 

Thayer,  Ernest  Lawrence 89  Mt.  Vernon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Trask,  William  Ropes  (Law.) 40  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Abbot,  Henry  Ward  (Artist) Old  Colony  Trust  Co.  Boston,  Mass. 

Allen,  William  Lothrop 62  Franklin  St.  Chestnut  Hill,  Mass. 

Austin,  Francis  Boylston 102  North  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Barnes,  William  Sanford,  died  1910 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Bradley,  John  Dorr  (R.  Est.) 247  Monadnock  Block,  Chicago,  IlL 

Codman,  Edmund  Dwight 27  Kilby  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Frost,  Frank  Ravenel  (Law.) 3  Water  St.  Charleston,  S.C. 

Frothinoham,  Rev.  Paul  Revere Arlington  St.  Church,  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Gardner,  Hon.  Augustus  Peabody,  died  1918 . .  Camp  Wheeler,  Georna 

*  Lincoln,  Lowell,  Jr.,  died  1906 New  York,  NiV. 

*  Longfellow,  Richard  King,  died  1914 Boston,  Mass. 

Mason,  Alan  (aregory  (Bookseller) 17  Appleton  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  MiNOT,  Charles  Henry,  Jr.,  died  1887 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Pabkbr,  Francis  Stanley,  died  1916 Boston,  Mass. 

1886-^9 HARVARD 127 

*  Peabodt,  George  Lee,  died Boston,  Mass. 

Sedgwick,  Rev.  Theodore 103  E.  2l8t  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Weston,  Robert  Dickson  (Law.)..  .7  Fayerweather  St.  Cambridge.  Mass. 
WiNTHBOP,  Grenville  Lindall  (Ret.) Groton  PI.  Lenox,  Mass. 


Bartol,  Dr.  John  Washburn 1  Chestnut  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Bbenglb,  Henry  Gaw  (Banker) 416  Chestnut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Buck,  Henry  Augustus  (Secy.) 66  W.  4(Hh  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Cahebon,  James  McCormick Harrisburg,  Pa. 

CooLiDGB,  Prof.  Archibald  Gary 

Harvard  College  Library,  Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  CJooLiDGE,  Dr.  Frederic  ShurtlefiF,  died  1916 Pittsfield,  Mass. 

*  Cox,  Benjamin  Francis,  died  1894 Boston,  Mass. 

DE  Gebbdorff,  Carl  August 52  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Endicott,  William,  Jr 115  Devonshire  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  FiSKB,  Robert  Francis,  died  1901 Milton,  Mass. 

Fletcher,  Prof.  Jefferson  Butler Columbia  Univ.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Heckschbr,  Maurice,  died  1905 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Hebron,  William  Collins First  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Kbtes,  Henry  Wilder  (U.  S.  Senator) North  Haverhill,  N.H. 

Russell,  James  Savage  (Farmer) Milton,  Mass. 


Adams,  Charles  Francis,  2nd  (Trustee) '.  .84  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Allen,  William  Syl-^ester  (Law.) 491  Main  St.  Greenfield,  Mass. 

Anderson,  Hon.  Larz  (Dipl.)  .2118  Massachusetts  Ave.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Browne,  Thomas  Quincy,  Jr.,  died  1914 Morristown,  N.J. 

Butler,  Arthur  Pierce  (Ed.) Morristown  School,  Morristown,  N.J. 

Choate,  Charles  Francis,  Jr.  (Law.) 30  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

CoDMAN,  Stephen  Russell  Hurd 31  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Cbockeb,  Kendall  Fox 55  Garnett  St.  Fitchburg,  Mass. 

DANifeLS,  William  Peck  (Sales) Ill  Devonshire  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

DE  Gebsdorff,  George  Bruno  (Arch.). .  .  .103  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hale,  Herbert  Dudley,  died  1908 New  York,  N.Y. 

Hallowell,  James  Mott  (Law.)  .  .  87  Reservoir  Ave.  Chestnut  Hill,  Mass. 

*  Holden,  Albert  Fai^child,^  died  1913 Cleveland,  O. 

Honors,  Lockwood 68  Cedar  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Lent,  George  H.  (Capitalist) 603  Market  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Plummer,  Henry  Merrihew  (Ret.) R.  F.  D.  #4,  New  Bedford,  Mass. 

PuBDON,  John  Rogers 16  Walnut  St.  Marblehead,  Mass. 

Reynolds,  John  Earle  (Banker) The  Terrace,  Meadville,  Pa. 

Sedgwick,  John  Hunter c/o  State  Street  Trust  Co.  Boston  9,  Mass. 

Snow,  Daniel  Kimball 53  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

SpAmiDiNG,  William  Stuart  (Trustee) 60  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Thayer,  Ezra  Ripley,  died  1915 Boston,  Mass. 

*  WmsLOW,  Nathan  Howard,  died  1901 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Woodman,  Francis  Call  (Ed.) Harvard  Club,  Boston,  Mass. 


Balch,  John  (Telephone) 50  Oliver  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Burr,  Allston Chestnut  Hill,  Mass. 

*  Codman,  Philip,  died  1896 Brookline,  Mass. 

128  HARVARD  1889-91 

Davis,  John  Tilden,  Jr 47  Portland  PI.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Gray,  Gerald  Hull  (Law.) IE.  Slst  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Hathaway,  Thomas  Schuyler 385  County  St.  New  Bedford,  Mass. 

Kb  YES,  George  Thomas  (Mfr.) East  Pepperell,  Mass. 

*  Mackay,  Walter  Wise,  died  1896 Englewood,  N.J. 

Mairs,  George  Hope  (Mining) 

Union  Club,  1  E.  Slst  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Marvin,  James  Meehan Cambridge,  Mass. 

Meeker,  Henry  Eugene  (Coal) 143  Liberty  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Perkins,  Robert  Forbes. .  .Owl's  Nest  Farm,  Framingham  Centre,  Mass. 

Sears,  Joseph  Hamblen 36  W.  32nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Storrow,  Edward  Cabot 63  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Tailer,  Thomas  Suffem 21  W.  61st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Weld,  Bernard  Coffin  (Mer.) 131  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Wetmore,  Charles  Delevan 16  E.  47th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Barr,  James  Cummings  (R.  R.  Sup.) 84  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

BiGELOW,  Ernest  Abraham 120  E.  66th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Blagden,  George  (Banker) 51  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Chalpant,  Henry  (Mfr.) 915  Ridge  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Crehore,  Charles  Lemuel 155  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Dame,  Winthrop  Herrick,  died  1895 Boston,  Mass. 

Fairbank,  Kellogg  (Law.) 112  W.  Adams  St.  Chicago,  III. 

Fessenden,  Russell  Green  (Banker) 60  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  HuNNEWELL,  Hollis  Horstio,  died  1922 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Hutchinson,  Dr.  James  Pemberton,  died  1921 ...... .Philadelphia,  Pa. 

LocKwooD,  Hamilton  de  Forest 70  Kilby  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  McCoy,  James  Chester,  died  1907 Orange,  N.J. 

*  Matthews,  Constant  Southworth,  died  1893 Boston,  Mass. 

MuMPORD,  Norman  Winthrop Milburn,  N.J. 

Myer,  Rev.  Walden. Concord,  N.H. 

Post,  Waldron  Kintzing  (Law.) Bayport,  N.Y. 

Slocum,  Thomas  Williams  (Mer.) 11  Thomas  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Tyson,  Russell  (R.  Est.) 247  Monadnock  Blk.  Chicago,  111. 

Wheeler,  Charles 203  N.  American  Bldg.  Philadelphm,  Pa. 


Atkinson,  Robert  Whitman  (Musician) Heath  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Bishop,  Heber  Reginald  (Farming) Skippack,  Montgomery  Co.  Pa. 

Bishop,  James  Cunningham 33  Pine  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Blanchard,  John  Adams  (Law.) 926  Boylston  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Brooks,  Lawrence Groton,  Mass. 

Burnett,  John  Torrey  (Mfr.) 437  D  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Clark,  Robert  Jones  (R.  Est.) 60  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Corning,  Henry  Wick  (Mfg.) 6402  Cedar  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Crosby,  Stephen  Van  Rensselaer 60  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Cumnock,  Arthur  James 9  E.  74th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Emerson,  Ralph  Lincoln,  died  1899 Milton,  Mass. 

GoLDTHWAiTE,  Gcorge  Tarleton Univ.  Club  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lamb,  (jleorge  Nichols  (Mer.) 330  Magnolia  Ave.  Piedmont,  Cal. 

*  LoNQSTRETH,  Joseph,  died Kenora,  W.  Va. 

1691  M  HARVARD  129 

LowKLL,  James  Arnold  (Law.) 38  Equitable  Bldg.  Boston,  Mass. 

Luce,  Matthew >  283  Summer  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Mabimeb,  John  Watldns  (Realty) 133  Mason  St.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Nichols,  Arthur  Boylston  (Sales.) 6  Garden  Ter.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

Pabker,  Samuel  Dunn ReadvilTe,  Mass. 

Pekkins,  Thomas  Nelson  (Law.) 00  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Randol,  William  Merwin  (Ret.) ....  Broadmoor  Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 
Shaw,  Quincy  Adams 11  Exeter  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Wendell,  Jacob,  Jr.,  died  1911 New  York,  N.Y. 

WiLUAMB,  Moses,  Jr 62  Cunard  Bldg.  Boston,  Mass. 


Cabpentbr,  Samuel  Emlen Ridgefield,  (Ik>nn. 

*  Cheney,  Charles  Paine,  died  1907 Boston,  Mass. 

Cummin,  Dr.  John  White 9  Massachusetts  Ave.  Boston,  Mass. 

Dttanb,  William  North  (Ret.) Monteoito,  Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

Htams,  Chapman  Henry  (Banker) 

403  Canal-Commercial  Bldg.  New  Orleans,  La. 

JcmES,  Dr.  Daniel  Fiske 195  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Mackat,  James  Mears 70  Scott  St.  Chicago,  ill. 

PowEBs,  John  Craig  (Banker) 700  East  Ave.  Rochester.  N.Y. 

Rantoul,  Neal 50  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Saltonstall,  Robert  (Trustee) Readville,  Mass. 

Spauldino,  John  Taylor  (Trustee) 50  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Thompson,  Lewis  Sabin,  died  1909 Boston,  Mass. 

Wadbwobth,  Oliver  Fairfield  (Fin.). .  104  Third  Ave.  N.,  Great  Falls,  Mont. 


.*  Bartlett.  Edwin  Bartlett,  died  1918 West  Manchester,  Mass. 

Blaodbn,  Dexter  (Broker) Ill  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Blake,  Francis  Stanton Les  Rochers,  Cap  Martin,  A.  M.  France 

Blake,  George  Baty 29  Colchester  St.  BrookUne,  Mass. 

Bbown.  Philip  Turner 43  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  BuBGBSS,  George  Ebeneser,  died  1902 Prouts  Neck,  Me. 

*  Chew,  Samuel,  died  1919 Germantown,  Pa. 

CuMMiNos,  Charles  Kimball  (Arch.) 8  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Davis,  Samuel  C 220  Security  Bldg.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Earle,  Daniel  Osbom  (Sales.) 17  Bates  St.  Cambridge.  Mass. 

Falk,  Clarence  Rudolph  (Steel) 419  Terrace  Ave.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

FisK,  Otis  Daniell  (Mfg.) 131  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Fbothinqham,  Louis  Adams  (Law.,  M.  C). .  .Elm  St.  No.  Easton,  Mass. 
Livingston,  Edward 17  E.  74th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Magoun,  George  Butler,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 

Manchester,  Percival  (Farmer) Winter  Haven,  Florida 

Parker,  John  Harleston  (Arch.) 177  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

RoBB,  Nathaniel  Thaver  (Mach.) 123  Pall  Mall,  London,  England 

Trafford,  Bernard  Walton Milton,  Mass. 

*  Vail,  David  Righter,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

Wilder,  James  Austin  (Boy  Scouts) Honolulu,  Hawaii 


Bacon,  Louis  (Banker) Ill  Devonshire  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Beals,  Russell  Bowditoh Christ  Church,  New  Zealand 

130  HARVARD  1894-96 

Bishop,  Francis  Cunningham 15  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Breckenridqe,  John  Cabell  (Law.) IE.  51st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

DupEB,  William  Arthur  (Wool) 262  Summer  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Gardner,  Philip  (Mer.) 53  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

GiiiDDEN,  Josepn  Warren  (Coal) 174  Marlboro  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Heckscher,  Ledyard • Box  56,  Radnor,  Pa. 

Kellogg,  George  Caspar  (Coal) ...  68  Cumberland  Ave.  Plattsbura,  N.Y. 

Lawrence,  Townsend  (Fin.) 45  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lee,  George  Cabot,  Jr 44  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Lowell,  James  Burnett  (Bn^er) 39  Broadwav,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Powers,  Walter  Webster 112  Powers  Bldg.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Saltonstall,  Hon.  Endicott  Peabody  (Law.) 

245  Chestnut  Hill  Rd.  Chestnut  Hill,  Mass. 

*  Thompson,  James  Madison,  died  1920 Baltimore,  Md. 

Waters,  Bertram  Gordon  (Ins.) 70  Kilby  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Wbtmorb,  Albert  Lansing  (Art.) Warren,  Pa. 


Briogs,  Walter  Motherwell  (Copper) Pleasanton,  Cal. 

Cassatt,  Robert  Kelso Rosemount,  Pa. 

*  CuMMiNOs,  Francis  Hathaway,  died  1897 Boston,  Mass. 

Emmons,  Robert  W.  2nd  (Banking) 91  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Fairbank,  Wallace  (Banker) Cold  Spring  Harbor,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Grew,  Randolph  Clark 27  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Hatward,  Nathan c/o  The  Bell  Tele.  Co.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Johnston,  Morris  Leidy 1636  Prairie  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Lawton,  Sydney  Allen  (Fin.) Stamford,  Conn. 

Mann,  Samuel  ,Vemon,  Jr.  (Fin.) 7  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Moss,  Robert  Townsend  Woodward 24  rue  Caumartin,  Paris,  France 

MuRCHiE,  Guy  (Law.) 21  Commonwealth  Ave.  Boston,  Mass. 

Richardson,  Heniy  H.  (R.  Est.) Cottage  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Shaw,  Robert  Gomd,  2nd 777  Dedham  St.  Newton  Centre,  Mass. 

Stackpole,  Joseph  Lewis  (Law.) 84  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Whiteside,  Alexander  (Law.) 30  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Whenn,  Robert  Duffield  (Fin.) 39  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 


Blaoden,  Linzee  (Fin.) 120  Broadway.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Brewer,  Arthur  Harris Guadalajara,  Mexico 

Brewer,  Charles 50  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  CowDiN,  Eliot  Channing,  died Mt.  Kisco,  N.Y. 

Fairchild,  John  Cummings  (Fin.) 53  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Fbnnessy,  Edward  Henry  (Mer.) 772  Broad  St.  Meriden,  Conn. 

Hamlen,  Paul  Mascarene  (R.  Est.) 60  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Heckscher,  Stevens  (Law.) Strafford,  Chester  Co.  Pa. 

Morris,  Dave  Hennen  (R.  R.) 19  E.  70th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Rogers.  William  Bowditch Dedham,  Mass. 

Townsend,  Ralph  Milbourne 1301  Walnut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Williams,  Ralpn  Blake  (Trustee) 55  Kilby  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

WoRDEN,  John  Lorimer 10  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

1897-99  HARVARD  131 


Bliss,  Cornelius  Newton,  Jr.  (Mer.) 117  Duane  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Burnett,  Joseph,  died  1909 Boston,  Mass. 

Fenno,  Edward  Nicoll,  Jr 450  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Godfrey,  Henry  Fletcher  (Banker) 807  6th  Ave.  New  York.  N.Y. 

*  HoLLiSTER.  Stanley,  died  1898 Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

Howe,  Henry  Wainwright 24  Thomas  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Mbamw  Alfred  P.,  Jr.  (C.  Eng.) 1107  I  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Palmer,  Honore 849  N.  Michigan  Ave.  Chicago,  HI. 

RicKETSON,  John  Howland 936  Ridge  St.  N.S.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  RuMRiLL,  Chester  Chapin,  died Boston,  Mass. 

*  ScHURa,  Herbert,  died  1900 New  York,  N.Y. 

Stevenson,  Robert  Hooper,  Jr.  (Wool) 116  Federal  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Street.  Arthur  Frederic 23  So.  WilUam  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Walsh,  Edward  De  Witt,  died  1917 Roslyn,  N.Y. 

Wrightinqton,  Edgar  N.  (Gas  Co.) .24  West  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Adams,  Henry  2nd  (Fin.) 84  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

BoTJv^,  Greorge  Winthrop 8  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Bull,  Charles  Caldwell 1440  U  St.  Washington.  D.C. 

BuROESs,  Edward  Guyer,  Jr.  (Orchardist) Medf ord.  Gre. 

Cabot,  Norman  Winslow 60  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Emmet,  Grenville  Temple  (Law.) 52  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Goodrich,  David  Marvin Mount  Kisoo,  N.Y. 

Harper,  Fletcher  (Farmer) Millbrook,  Dutchess  Co.  N.Y. 

Irvin,  Efi^gham  Townsend 272  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Eennbtt,  John  Durand  (Ret.) 1000  S.  Pasadena  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Palmer,  Potter,  Jr.  (R.  Est.) 721  Peoples  Gas  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 

*  Scull,  Guy  Hamilton,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

(von)  Utasst,  George  (Pub.) Cedarhurst,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Walker,  Alexander  Stewart 128  E.  37th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Wheeler,  Stuart  Wadsworth,  died  1898 Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Adams,  Arthur 135  Devonshire  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  AvERiLL,  James  George,  died  1904 Rochester,  N.Y. 

BoARDMAN,  Edwin  A.  (Fin.) 60  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Bbice,  John  Francis  (Inventor) 60  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Farley,  John  Wells  (Law.) 84  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Forbes,  Joseph  Dunderdale .39  E.  5l8t  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lawton,  James  Marsland  (Acct.) 90  N.  Church  St.  Tucson,  Aris. 

Litchfield,  Edward  Hubert  (Law.) 8  E.  65th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

McDuFFiB,  Charles  H.  (Fin.) P.  O.  Box  2934  Boston,  Mass. 

McKittricx,  Ralph  (D.  G.) 

c/o  Chas.  W.  Moore,  La  Salle  Bldg.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Mills,  Samuel  Frederic Metropohtan  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Phillips,  Dr.  John  Charles  (Naturalist) Wenham,  Mass. 

Richardson,  Frederic  Leopold  WiUiam  (Arch.) 

Charles  River  Village,  Mass. 
Thompson,  George  Washington IE.  Slat  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ware,  Leonard  Everett,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 

132  HARVARD  1900-03 


BiDDLB,  Nicholas 23  W.  26th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

BoABDMAN,  Richard  De  Blois 158  Beacon  St.  Boeton,  Mass. 

Brown,  Lewis  Blanchard 250  W.  64th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Burden,  William  Armstead  Moale,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

Btrd,  Francis  Otway Edlow,  Va. 

*  Childs,  Frederic  Robbins,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

Davis,  Dwight  Filley 16  Portland  PI.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Gltdden,  John  Montfichet,  Jr Newcastle,  Me. 

Hatch,  Cyril  Henty 52  W.  58th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

HiQOiNSON,  Francis  Lee,  Jr.  (Banker) 44  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Jat,  Augustus,  Jr Knickerbocker  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Porter,  Augustus  G.  (Broker) 127  Buffalo  Ave.  Niagara  Falls,  N.Y. 

Saltonstall,  John  Lee 60  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Ward,  Holcombe South  Orange,  N.J. 


Blythb,  Hugh  (Broker) The  Rookery.  Chicago,  111. 

Dalt,  Major  Charles  Dudley.  ..o/o  Adjt.  Gen.,  U.S.A.  Washington,  D.C. 
Davis,  Charles  Claflin  (Law.) 42  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Dudley,  William  Mayo,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Endicott,  Laurence,  died  1922 Portland,  Ore. 

Greene,  Warwick. .  c/o  J.  M.  Forbes  &  Co.  614  Sears  BIdg.  Boston,  Mass. 

Jones,  Hugh  McKittrick  (D.  G.) McKnight  Rd.  Clajrton,  Mo. 

Kendall,  Isaac  Wistar  (Banker) 126  E.  79th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

King,  Van  Rensselaer  Choate Radnor,  Pa. 

Perry,  Henry  Pierrepont 17  E.  55th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Shaw,  Munson  Gallaudet  (Mer.) 24  W.  55th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Talbot,  Olin  Duer,  died  1898 Brookline,  Mass. 

Vanderbilt,  William  K.,  Jr.  (R.R.).. Grand  Cen.  Term.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Wheeler,  Alexander  Hamilton 

c/o  Mrs.  C.  Wheeler,  Pembroke,  Bryn  Mawr,  Pa. 


Bradley,  Joseph  Gardner  (Coal) Dundon,  W.  Va. 

Brownell,  Morris  Rugbies  (Law.) 6  Fort  St.  Fairhaven,  Mass. 

Gbew,  Joseph  Clark  (Dipl.) 185  Marlborough  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Hollingsworth,  Amos  (Mfg.) 49  Federal  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Kendall,  Edward  Hale  (Transp.) Babylon,  L.I..  N.Y. 

Morris,  Caspar  Wistar 2052  Locust  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Platt,  Charles,  3rd,  died  1918 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Ware,  Storer  Preble 35  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

White,  Loomis  Lawrence 11  Pine  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Barton,  George  Sumner  (Mfr.) 65  Elm  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

BoARDMAN,  Gerald  Dorr  (R.  Eist.  Broker) Ames  Bldg.  Boston,  Mass. 

Brown,  Archibald  Manning Stony  Brook,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Burgess,  Herbert  Rodney  (Mfr.) 1906  E.  84th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Godfrey,  William  Simpson 248  The  Bourse,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Litchfield,  Bayard  Sands  (R.  Est.) 23  E.  8l8t  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

1903^7  HARVARD  133 

RoTCH,  Arthur  Grinnell 197  Commonwealth  Ave.  Boston,  Maae. 

Walleb,  Stewart 830  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Bailet.  Curtis  Patterson 622  Elm  St.  Portland,  Ore. 

Bell.  Edward  (Dipl.) Union  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bradley,  Charles  Burnet 18  James  St.  Newark,  N.J. 

Brown,  Lathrop  (Ret.) St.  James,  N.Y. 

DE  Ream,  Henry  Casimir,  2nd Cold  Spring,  N.Y. 

LoRiLLARD,  Pierre,  Jr Tuxedo,  N.Y. 

LowEBT,  Jenner  (Fin.) 326  Genesee  St.  Utioa,  N.Y. 

MuBDOCK,  Uriel  Atwood 

c/o  August  Belmont  dc  Co.  43  Exchange  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Peabodt,  Harold  (Trustee) 302  Berkeley  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Roosevelt,  Franklin  Delano  (Law.) Hyde  Park,  Dutchess  Co.  N.Y. 

*  SouTHBB.  Tristam  Burges,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

Winston,  Gustavus  Owen. 346  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


BioELOw,  Cleveland  (Law.) Cohasset,  Mass. 

Bradlet,  Walter  Hinckley  (Mfg.) 20  Brimmer  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

DB  Rham,  Frederic  Foster 24  5th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Egan,  Henry  Chandler o/o  Egan  Orchard  Co.  Medford,  Ore. 

Elkins,  William  Mclntire Ashbourne.  Pa. 

Harding,  Albert  Ellis,  Jr.  (Sales.) Ripley  Rd.  (Ik>has8et,  Mass. 

HiMCKLET,  Samuel  Neilson  (Broker) Cedarhurst,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

HovET,  Edward  Clarence,  Jr.  (Macn.) . .  254  Walnut  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 
HirMPHBBTS,  Richard  Duane 220  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mills,  Philip  Overton,  died  in  service. 

OvEsoN,  Raymond  Hansen  (Law.) Turnpike  Rd.  Southboro,  Mass. 

Prentice,  Bemon  Sheldon 115  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ttleb,  Greorge  Frederick Elkins  Park,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Williamson,  Greorge,  died  1914 London.  England 


Braolet,  James  Donald  Cameron  (Chemicals) Southboro,  Mass. 

Cabot,  Samuel,  Jr.  (Chem.) 241  Perkins  St.  Jamaica  Plain,  Mass. 

DouGHKBTT,  Thomas  Harvey,  Jr 230  W.  Rittenhouse  Sq.  Phila.,  Pa. 

Harbison,  William  Fraiier Oreland,  Pa. 

Hkckschbb,  Robert  V.  (Poet) . . .  1651  Portola  Drive,  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Hinckley,  Julian  (Writer) C^arhurst,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

HoLLiNGSwoBTH,  Valentine  (Paper) 141  Milk  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Kino,  Le  Roy Newport,  R.I. 

Nbwhall,  Daniel  Allerton  (Coal) Old  Gulph  Rd.  Narberth,  Pa. 

Preston,  Stuart  Duncan  (Asst.  Secy.). . .  1167  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Sloan,  Major  Thomas  Donaldson. .  Adjt.  Gen.,  U.S.A.  Washington,  D.C. 


*  Bradley,  Robert  Stowe,  Jr.,  died  1907 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Fanshawe,  E.  Leighton,  died  1905 San  Francisco.  Cal. 

Lanahan,  William  Wallace  (Banker) Timonium,  Md. 

134  HARVARD  1907--08 

LowERT,  Stewart  Samuel  (Fin.) 433  California  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Roosevelt,  James  Alfred,  died  in  service,  1919. 

SoRTWELL,  Daniel  Richard  (Trustee) 53  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

VooRHEEs,  Theodore  Coert  (Steel) EUdns  Park,  Pa. 

White,  John  Campbell  (Dipl.) 1624  Crescent  PI.  Washington.  D.C. 

White,  Richard  Stockton  (Ret.) Old  Gulph  Rd.  Narberth,  Pa. 


BoTER,.  PhiUp 25  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bradley,  Robert  Ballantine 18  James  St.  Newark,  N.J. 

Brown,  Charles  Stelle.  Jr 14  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Brown,  John  Whiteside  (Sales.). .  .914  Vernon  Ave.  Hubbard  Woods,  lU. 

*  Clark,  George  Newhall,  died  1906 Chestnut  Hill,  Pa. 

Dbbpard,  Clement  Lyndon,  Jr.  (Ins.)..  .  .49  W.  67th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ervin,  Spencer  (Law.) 1524  Chestnut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Howe,  George  (Arch.) 205  8.  Juniper  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Kbmblb,  Francis  WaUcer  (Banker) Radnor,  Pa. 

King,  Frederic  Rhinelander  (Arch.) 20  E.  84th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

LoRiLLARD,  Griswold Tuxedo,  N.Y. 

Newhall,  Morton  Lewis University  Club,  Detroit,  Mich. 

Of^ATiviA,  Jos6  Victor,  Jr.  (Broker) Union  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pell,  Clarence  Cecil  (Banker) Westbury,  N.Y. 

Wendell,  John  Wheelwright 200  Devonshire  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

White,  Lawrence  Grant  (Arch.) 101  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Whitney,  James  ScoUay Apponany  Rd.  Warwick,  R.I. 

1818-44  185 



*  Halb,  Rev.  Benjfunin,  died  1863 Newburyport,  Mass. 


*  DooLiTTLE,  James  Rood,  died  1897 Racine,  Wis. 


*  Spenceb,  Dr.  Thomas  Rush,  died  1872 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Platt,  Rev.  Charles  Henry,  died  1869 Binghamton,  N.Y. 

*  Whitino,  John  Nicholas,  died  1885 New  York.  N.Y. 


♦Ayrault,  Rev.  Walter,  died  1882 Geneva.  N.Y. 

*  Cotes,  Augustus  Brown,  died  1876 Chicago,  111. 


*  JoHNSOK,  William  Clarkson,  died  1893 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Platt,  Tiev.  George  Lewis,  died  1900 Great  Harrington,  Mass. 

*  Stewart,  Dr.  Morse,  died  1906 Detroit,  Mich. 


♦Bagg,  Egbert,  died  1885 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  BiABDSLBT,  Arthur  M.,  died  1905 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  CooKB,  Rev.  Joshua,  died  1908 Lewiston,  N.Y. 

*  Dox,  Edward  Rees,  died  1862 Bufifalo,  N.Y. 

*  Gabdineb,  Rev.  Frederick,  died  1889 Middletown,  Conn. 

*GiB80N,  Rev.  William  Thomas,  died  1896 Utica,  N.Y. 

*  McCoLLUM,  Isaiah  Horton,  died  1903 Duluth,  Minn. 


*  Billows,  Martin  Luther,  died  1887 Gwynedd,  Pa. 

*  DB  LANCKT^JBdward  Floyd,  died  1905 .Mamaroneck,  N.Y. 

*  FiTiHUGH,  William  Addison,  died  1874 Casenovia,  N.Y. 

*  Matson,  Rev.  Wilham  Agur.  died  1904 Richmond  Hill,  N.Y. 

*  Wadb,  Nicholas  King,  died  1899 Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 


*  CoopBR,  Paul  Fenimore,  died  1895 Albany.  N.Y. 

*  TuTTLB,  Charles  Albion,  died  1888 Oakland,  Cal. 

136  GENEVA  1846-62 


*  HoHTON.  Alexander,  died  1904 New  York.  N.Y. 

*  Rochester,  Rev.  Thomas  Fortescue,  died  1887 Buffalo.  N.Y. 

*  Skaatb,  Bartholomew,  died  1895 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Welles.  Dr.  Samuel  Russell,  died  1900 Waterloo,  N.Y. 


*  Ayerill,  James  Watson,  died  1878 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Coleman,  William,  died  1861 York.  Pa. 

*  Eldred,  Nicholas  Boon  Spink,  died  1878 Auburn.  N.Y. 

*  Griswold,  Dr.  Matthew,  died  1896 .' Benton,  Cal. 


*  HoRTON,  Henry  Beach,  died Oak  Park,  111. 

*  Lawrence.  Richard  Henry,  died  1906 Baltimore,  Md. 

*  ToRRBT,  Samuel  Holden,  died  1887 Geneva,  N.Y. 

*  Whittlesey,  Frederick  Augustus,  died  1905 Rochester.  N.Y. 


*  Bankhbad.  Col.  Henry  Carey,  died  1894 Bayonnc,  N.J. 

*  KiRBT,  Jacob  Brown,  died  1860 Brownville,  N.Y. 

*  Maples,  Rev.  Carlton  Peters,  died  1879 Pomeroy,  O. 

*  Parke,  Rev.  Robert  Nathan,  died  1907 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  Seward,  Clarence  Armstrong,  died  1897 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Dr.  George  Hand,  died  1892 South  Kensington,  Eng. 


*  Backus,  Dr.  A«el,  died  1902 .Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Chamberlain.  Frank,  died  1910 Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Clarke,  Edward  Payson,  died  1853 Franklin,  N.Y. 

*  Gallagher,  Greorge  James,  died  1889 Geneva,  N.Y. 

*  HoRTON,  George  Murray,  died  1859 Geneva,  N.Y. 

*  Salibburt.  Samuel  Wilder,  died  1901 Independence,  Mo. 

*  SiTTHERLAND,  John  Lansing,  died  1901 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Avert,  Edward  Henry,  died  1908 Auburn,  N.Y. 

*  Church.  Dr.  William  Henry,  died  1866 Belvidere.  N.Y. 

*  Watson,  Rev.  George  William,  died  1900 Iowa  City,  la. 

*  Welles,  Rt.  Rev.  Edward  Randolph,  died  1888 Milwaukee,  Wis. 


*  Db  Zenq,  Edward  Cutbush,  died  1911 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Peters,  Dr.  De  Witt  Clinton,  died  1876 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Webster,  Horace,  Jr.,  died  1865 Shanghai,  China 

*  Wheeler,  Prof.  Albert  SprouU,  died  1905 New  Haven,  Conn. 


*  Harison,  Richard  Morley,  died  1895 Flushing,  N.Y. 

*  Hawlby,  Dr.  Augustine  Boyer,  died  1878 Red  Wing,  Minn. 

1852-59 GENEVA 137 

*  Mebcsb,  Dr.  John  Lansing  Dox,  died  1898 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  SwABT,  John  Haigh,  died  1891 Philadelphia.  Pa. 


*  HozB,  Noah  Ashley,  died  1854 Penn  Van.  N.Y. 

*  Wilkinson,  William  Henry,  died  1902 Southwick,  Mass. 


*  Goodwin,  Frederick  Collins,  died Chicago,  111. 

*  MiKNEB,  Thomas  Wickham.  died  1909 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  NisBET,  William,  died  1854 Auburn,  N.Y. 

*  OoDBN,  Meredith  Ludlow,  died  1864 Waddington,  N.Y. 

*  Reminqton,  Charles  Rollin,  died  1913 Watertown,  N.Y. 


*  Bbabdslbt,  Charles  Henry,  died  1859 Elmira,  N.Y. 

*  BiBDSALL,  Samuel,  died  1890 Waterloo,  N.Y. 

*  Bowen,  Prof.  Charles  Ap- Arthur,  died  1866..  .St.  Catherines.  Ont.  Can. 

*  Jewett,  Prof.  Edward  Hartt.  died  1907 New  York.  N.Y. 

*  Knapp,  Thomas  Loomis,  died  1868 New  Berlin,  N.Y. 

*  Spalding,  Rev.  Erastus  Wooster.  died  1902 New  Decatur.  Ala. 

*  Stubges,  Wilson,  died  1857 Waverly,  N.Y. 


*  Abmstbong,  James,  died  1917 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hatbb.  Henry,  died  1859 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Hewitt,  Prof.  Charles  Nathaniel,  died  1910 Red  Wing,  Minn. 

*  LoBD,  George  Perry,  died  1917 Dundee,  N.Y. 

*  Seavbb,  Waiiam  HuU,  died  1866 New  York,  N.Y. 


FoLWELL,  Prof.  William  Watts.  . .  1020  Fifth  St.  S.E.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Pabkbb,  Hon.  Charles  Edward,  died  1909 Owego,  N.Y. 

*  Rogers,  Rev.  Alexander  Hamilton,  died  1917 Hamilton,  N.Y. 

*  TiNKHAM,  Dr.  James  Hervey,  died  1879 Owego,  N.Y. 


*  Caverno,  John  Sullivan,  died  1855 Lockport,  N.Y. 

*  Chase,  Rev.  George  Leonard,  died  1883 Faribault,  Minn. 

*  Gbove,  Wm.  Evans,  died  1918 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

*  PAPrEBSON,  Rev.  George  Herbert,  died  1908 Roxbury,  Mass. 

*  Pattebson,  Philo  Mark,  died  1882 Detroit.  Mich. 

Staunton,  Rev.  John  Armitage 14  Cottage  PI.  Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Van  Antwerp,  Rev.  William  Henry  died  1921 Chicago,  111. 


*  Lee,  George  Frederick,  died  1874 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  MoPFBpr,  Rev.  William  Henry,  died  1890 Newton,  N.J. 

*  Mobgan,  Horace  Hills,  died  1893 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Pbarsall,  Luther  Burr,  died  1896 Hooper's  Valley,  N.Y. 

*  Taylob,  Hugh  Woodruff,  died  1919 Stockton,  Cal. 

138  GENEVA  1859-65 

*  Vail,  Prof.  Chas.  Delamater,  died  1921 Geneva,  N.Y. 

*  Warnick,  John  Knill,  died  1916 « Amsterdam,  N.Y. 

*  Wheelbr,  John  Tyler,  died  1873 Concord,  N.H. 


*  Bainbridgb,  Mahlon,  died  1876 Greeley,  Colo, 

*  Caverno,  Daniel  Henry,  died  1867 Lockport,  N.Y. 

*  Hale,  Dr.  Josiah  Little,  died  1903 Brookune,  Mass. 

*  HuFP,  Augustus  Caesar,  died Hector,  N.Y. 

*  Miller,  Dr.  William  Gourlay,  died  1868 Lewiston,  N.Y. 

*  Whitnet,  George,  died  1899 Binghamton,  N.Y. 


*  Duff,  Rev.  Robert  Murray,  died  1915 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  FoLWELL,  Dr.  Mahlon  Bainbridge,  died  1895 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  HoDQKiNSON,  Edmund  Wellington,  died  1875 Portland,  Ore. 

*  Hough,  Alfred  Barton,  died  1893 Leadville,  Colo. 

*  Ogden,  Rev.  Charles  Talcott,  died  1911 Wiscasset,  Me. 


*Carson,  William  Orton,  died  1862 Geneva,  N.Y. 

*  Dunham,  Rev.  Francis  Sutherland,  died  1920 Albion,  N.Y. 

*  Ellis,  John  Palmer,  died  1904 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  FoLWELL,  Asa  Gray,  died  1903 Farmer,  N.Y. 

*  Macomb,  Dr.  Edward,  died  1873 New  York,  N.Y. 

Schuyler,  Charles  Brother 106  Bleeker  St.  Newark,  N.J. 

*  Woodward,  Benjamin  Weston,  died  1892 Brookljni,  N.Y. 

*  WooDWORTH,  William,  died  1869 Lodi.  N.Y. 


*  Allen,  Rev.  Henry  John  Whitehouse,  died  1901 Glen  Loch,  Pa. 

*  Anderson,  William  Henry  Harrison,  died  1911 Baltimore.  Md. 

*  Brewer,  Rt.  Rev.  Leigh  Richmond,  died  1916 Helena,  Mont. 

*  Brooks,  George  Gordon,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Conger,  Edward  Allis,  died  1906 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Smith,  Sutherland  Douglas,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Van  Schaack,  Cornelius,  died  1884 Chicago,  111. 


*  Delano,  Francis  Ralph,  died  1892 Niagara  Falls,  N.Y. 

Jacobus,  Charles  (Ret.) 132  Laflin  Ave.  W.  Waukesha,  Wis. 

*  LocKwooD,  Rev.  Henry  Roswell,  died  1905 S3rracuse,  N.Y. 

*  PiNCKNET,  Theodore  Hawks,  died  1865 Phelps,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  William  Penn,  died  1864 Phelps,  N.Y. 


*  CoiT,  James  Milnor,  died  1922 Munich,  Germany 

*  Davis,  Henry  Sprong,  died  1901 Stamford,  Conn. 

*  Drinker,  Robert  Morton,  died  1898 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Olin,  Rev.  Russell  Asa,  died  1892 Watertown,  N.Y. 

*  Wells,  Dr.  Charles  Leonard,  died  1898 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

186e>73 GENEVA 139 


Brioos,  George  (Ins.) 131  State  St.  Montpelier,  Vt. 

*  Chapman,  Thad.  Miner,  died  1922 Middlebury,  Vt. 

*  Ckx>LBAnaH,  Rev.  Frank  Clarence,  died  1921 Superior,  Wis. 

*  Ross,  Anthony  James  Blanchard,  died  1900 Essex,  N.Y. 


*  Bbidge,  Dr.  Horatio,  died Augusta,  Me. 

Foot,  Robert  Ebeneser 1449  Josephine  St.  Denver,  Colo. 

SocTHGATB,  Rev.  Edward  M 14  N.  Bouquet  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 


*  BosTwiCK,  Edward  Breck,  died Middletown,  Conn. 

*  Foot,  Thomas,  died  1872 Geneva,  N.Y. 

*  GoBDON,  John  Sawyer  Kimball,  died  1894 Woodside,  N.J. 

*  Van  VoABT,  Rev.  James,  died  1876 Johnstown,  N.Y. 


*  Allen,  Rev.  Charles  Nelson,  died  1880 Geneva,  N.Y. 

*  Cletsland,  Rev.  William  Joshua,  died  1910. .^ Edcondido,  Cal. 

*  Hale,  James  Tracy,  died  1877 New  York,  N.Y. 

*HuTTON,  Prof.  Hobart.died  1896 Norbeck.  Md. 

*  Stubdbvant,  Charles  Huston,  died  1891 Wilkes-Barre,  Pa. 

*  YocNGLOVB,  John  Morehead,  died  1896 Bowling  Green,  Ky. 


*  BtJBDicK,  Edward  Hamilton,  died  1906 Syracuse,  N.Y.  • 

Jackson,  Anson  Blake  (Law.)..  .812  New  York  Bldg.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Kellet,  Dr.  Armon  Frank,  died Bennett,  Colo. 

XoBTH.  Rev.  Walter 15  Bid#eUPkwy.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

bcHULTB,  Rev.  Bernard 345  W.  85th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

SiOTH,  Rev.  Charles  Henry 30  Inter  Park  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Wood,  Dr.  Halsey  Lathrop 210  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Babkeb,  Frederick  William  (Fin.) 241  Park  Ave.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

*  Case,  Dr.  Guy  Buttolph,  died  1904 CleveUnd,  O. 

*  CoxB,  Dr.  Ernest  Cleveland,  died  1882 Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Foot,  William,  died  1870 Geneva,  N.Y. 

*  Franklin,  Benjamin  Whiting,  died  1915 New  York,  N.Y. 

♦Hale,  George  Natt.  died  1885 Bellefonte,  Pa. 

*  Hdohes,  Rev.  William  Mortimer,  died  1916 Morristown,  N.J. 


*  Ids,  Hon.  Appleton  Jewett,  died  1908 Ck>lumbus,  O. 


♦Bellows,  George  Powis,  died  1891 Geneva,  N.Y. 

Bbaodon,  Rev.  Charles  Arthur  (Ret.) Grandview,  Wash. 

Cajmiensen,  Rev.  Dr.  Gustav  Arnold. 716  W.  179th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

140  GENEVA  1873-80 

*  C0M8TOCK,  Henry  Stiles,  died  1901 Reading,  Pa. 

*  CoNQEB,  William  Perez,  died  1887 Chicago,  111. 

*  Day,  George  Herbert,  died  1907 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  HuBBABD,  Frank  Coe,  died  1914 Columbus,  O. 


*  Gibson,  John  Graham,  died Utica,  N.Y. 

*  ToRBBY,  Dr.  Hiram  Augustus,  died  1902 Toronto,  Can. 


Bancroft,  Edward  Harold 109  Hobson  Ave.  Hot  Springs,  Ark. 

*  Barto,  Frederick  Dumont,  died  1905 Tacoma,  Wash. 

Clarke,  Richard  Torris 

*  Conger,  Chilion  Paul,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

Hampton,  Rev.  William  Henderson 814  S.  5th  St.  Ironton,  O. 

♦HuLSB,  Jonas  Turney,  died  1881 Circleville,  O. 

Jones.  Dr.  Howard 153  W.  Main  St.  Circleville,  O. 


CbxE,  Reginald  Cleveland  (Artist)..  .420  Bellevue  Ave.  N.  Seattle,  Wash. 

*  Rankinb,  William  Birch,  died  1905 Niagara  Falls,  N.Y. 


*  BowBS,  Harrison  Hancock,  died Omaha,  Neb. 


,  *  Ross,  Henry  Howard,  died  1882 Essex,  N.Y. 


*  CoNGEB,  George  Field,  died  1891 Olympia,  Wash. 

1828-44  141 



*  Dat,  Rev.  Henry  Noble,  died  1890 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Eblls,  Timothy  Dwight,  died  1876 Cleveland,  O. 


*  LooMis,  Prof.  Elias,  died  1889 New  Haven,  Conn. 


*  St.  John,  Prof.  Samuel,  died  1876 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Setmous,  Prof.  Nathan  Perkins,  died  1891 New  Haven,  Conn. 


*  NooNET,  James,  died  1895 Chester,  Mass. 


*  Lthan,  Darius,  died  1892 Washington,  D.C. 


*  Hkacock,  Rev.  Grosvenor  William,  died  1877 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Kent,  Charles,died  1888 Toledo.  O. 

*  Taylob,  Rev.  Horace  Sedgwick,  died  1871 Mandapasalie,  India 

*  Wright,  Rev.  Samuel,  died  1852. Toledo,  O. 


*  Babber,  Walter  Sessions,  died  1845 Harwinton,  Conn. 

*  Bristol,  George  Carmi,  died  1841 Farmington,  IlL 

*  Buckingham,  Jerome,  died  1902 Newark,  O. 

*  Patch,  Rev.  Rufus,  died  1891 Sumner,  Wash. 

*  Williams,  Dr.  Henry  Warren,  died  1893 Batavia,  111. 


*  Hudson,  Rev.  Charles  Frederic,  died  1867 Haddonfield,  N.J. 

*  Swiff,  Hon.  Henry  Adoniram,  died  1869 St.  Peter,  Minn. 


*  Leonabd,  Cuylar,  died  1859 Sandusky,  O. 

*  Nutting,  Rev.  Rufus,  died  1898 Carlinville,  111. 

*  St.  John,  Rufus  Hawley,  died  1847 Warsaw,  111. 

*  Sbeltb,  Rev.  Samuel  Taylor,  died  1902 Easthampton,  Mass. 


*  CoBDLET,  Rev.  Christopher  Minta,  died  1866 Lawrence,  Mass. 

*  Goodwin,  Homer,  died  1896 Sandusky,  O 

142  HUDSON  1845-52 


*  Curtis,  Rev.  Eleroy,  died  1886 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Sanders,  William  Davis,  died  1897 Jacksonville,  111. 


*  Burton,  Rev.  Nathan  Smyth,  died  1909 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  Harmon,  Dr.  Julian,  died  1903 Warren,  O. 

*  Kennedy,  Rev.  William  Sloan,  died  1861 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Scott,  Rev.  Joseph  Higley,  died  1879 Metropolis,  111. 

*  Taylor,  Rev.  Cornelius  Hector,  died  1875 Cincinnati,  O. 


*  Lord,  Rev.  Nathan  Lynde,  died  1868 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mannino,  Dr.  John,  died  1906 Youngstown,  O. 


*  Chester,  Rev.  Erastus,  died  1870 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Hulburd,  Hilard  Reese,  died  1880 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Read,  Matthew  Canfield.  died  1902 Hudson.  O. 

*  Sawyer,  Joel  Swain,  died  1876 Chatfield,  Minn. 

*  Sturqes,  Stephen  Buckingham,  died  1897 Brookljrn,  N.Y. 

*  Wilson,  Rev.  Levi  Bodley,  died  1900 Del  Norte,  Colo. 

*  Wilson,  Tunis  Van  Houten,  died  1849 Plymouth,  O. 


*  Kerr,  Rev.  James  Witherspoon,  died  1901 Brandon,  Miss. 

*  LooMis,  Rev.  Samuel,  died  1909 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Samson,  Almon,  died  1907 Benton  Harbor,  Mich. 


*  Barrows,  Prof.  Nathan,  died  1900 Winter  Park,  Fla. 

*  Benton,  Horace,  died  1910 Cleveland,  O. 

*  BissBLL,  Leavitt  Field,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Dempsey,  Rev.  William,  died  1864 Medina,  O. 

*  FooTE,  Lucius  Harwood,  died  1913 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Gates,  Lorenso,  died  1873 Gatesville,  Kan. 

*  Scudder,  Rev.  Esekiel  Carman,  died  1896 San  Antonio,  Tex. 

*  Scxtdder,  Rev.  J.  W.,  died  1910 Madras  Presidency,  India 


*  Austin,  William  Samuel,  died  1865 Memphis,  Tenn. 

*  Hunt,  George  Washington,  died  1888 Chicago,  111. 

*  Hunt,  Moms,  died  1858 Lawrence,  Kan. 

*  Oviatt,  VirgU  Louis,  died  1862 RichAeld,  O. 


*  Foster,  Horace  Bumham,  died  1909 Hudson,  O. 

*  Gregory,  Edwin  Smith,  died  1893 Hudson,  O. 

*  McCoNAUQHY,  Nathaniel,  died  1911 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Pierce,  Rev.  George  Barron,  died  1892 Pleasanton,  Mloh. 


1852-62 HUDSON 148 

*  Spbncbb,  Almon.  died  1896 Clinton,  S.C. 

*  Williams,  Russell  Mortimer,  died  1892 White  Cloud,  Kan. 


*  Bbooks,  David  Wheelock,  died  1899 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Lyon,  Rev.  Amsi  Babbitt,  died  1890 " Chadron,  Neb. 


*  Allison,  Hon.  William  Boyd,  died  1908 Dubuque,  la. 

*  Abhstbong,  Thomas  Henry,  died  1891 Albert  Lea,  Minn. 

*  Sandebs,  Dr.  John  Chapin,  died  1906 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Wilson,  Rev.  James,  died  1860 Ruggles.  O. 


*  NuTTiNQ,  Rev.  William  Jarvis  Gregg,  died  1879 St.  Clair,  Mo. 


*Chambbblain,  Rev.  Jacob,  died  1908.Coonoor,  Madras  Presidency,  India 


*  Hainbs,  Dr.  Elwood  Potts,  died  1877 Elyria,  O. 


*  Andbews,  William  Whiting,  died  1897 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Cabpbntbr,  Brig.  Gen.  Gilbert  Saltonstall,  died  1904  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Chbistt,  George  Harvey,  died Sewickley,  Pa. 

*Dat,  Henry  MUls,  died  1901 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hamilton,  Major  Frank  Brown,  died  1891 Fort  Adams,  R.I. 

*  HiGLET,  Brainard  Spencer,  died  1916 Younratown,  O. 

*  McLain,  Thomas  Jefferson,  died  1903 Warren,  O. 


Adams,  Edward  Francis  (Joum.) . . .  964  Ashbury  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Williamson,  Samuel  Cheney,  died  1883 Akron,  O. 


*  Babbows,  Prof.  Allen  Campbell,  died  1908 Columbus,  O. 

*  Clabk,  Horace  John,  died  1914 Cleveland,  O. 

DiMOCK,  David  Lycurgus 

*  Tbbbt,  Ira  Cole,  died Monroe,  La. 

*  Wattbbson,  Edward  Sayle,  died  1872 Warrensville,  O. 

*  Wbbbeb,  Edwin  Lester,  died  1880 Worthington,  Ind. 

*  Williams,  William  George,  died  1905 San  Francisco,  Cal. 


Clabk,  Charles  Enoch  (Farmer) Warrensburg,  Mo. 

Stuabt,  Edward  Whittlesey  (Law.) 24  Fir  St.  Akron,  O. 

*  Williams,  Charles  Tudor,  died  1914 Cleveland,  O. 

*  WoLcoTT,  Simon  Perkins,  died  1901 Kent,  O. 

144  HUDSON  1863-70 


*  DoDOE,  Emmet  Denio,  died  1882 Akron,  O. 

*  Elliott,  Rev.  John  Calvin,  died  1920 Troy,  N.Y. 

*  Habvby,  William  Henry,  died  1887 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Hutchinson,  Merrill  Nathaniel,  died  1896 Burlington,  Vt. 

*  Strong,  Sidney,  died  1885 Youngstown,  O. 

*  Wattbrson,  Henry  Robert,  died  1865 Warrensville,  O. 

*  Wright,  Reginald  Heber,  died  1902 Akron,  O. 


*  Eddy,  Samuel  Mansfield,  died  1891 Cleveland.  O. 

LXDD,  Prof.  George  Trumbull 204  Prospect  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

LeBoutillier,  Rev.  George  Thomas St.  Johnland,  Kinms  Park,  L.I. 

*  PoE,  Charles  Edgar,  died  1915 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Seymour,  Charles,  died  1913 Knozville,  Tenn. 

*  Williams,  Edward  Porter,  died  1903 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  Williams,  Rev.  Rich'ard  Lloyd,  died  1916 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 


*  Caruthers,  Elmore  Perry,  died  1876 Little  Rock,  Ark. 

*  Sackett,  Darius  Parmalee,  died New  Hartford,  N.Y. 

*  Shedd,  James  George,  died  1896 Danville,  111. 

*  Smith,  Harry  Elias,  died Kansas  City,  Kan. 


*  Harvey,  Henry  Allyn,  died  1881 Cleveland.  O. 

*  Osborne,  Ralph,  died  1882 Toledo,  O. 

*  Tallman,  Albert  Peter,  died  1904 Wheeling,  W.Va. 


*  CuRTiss,  Stiles  Henry,  died  1899 .Cleveland,  O. 

*  Ellsworth,  Elijah  Arthur,  died  1865 Hudson,  O. 

*  Harvey,  Edward  Hooker,  died  1907 Cleveland,  O. 

Merrick,  William  Russell  (Aud.) 251  Arlington  St.  Youngstown,  O. 

*  Oviatt,  James  Schuyler,  died  1890 Cleveland,  O. 


House,  Rev.  John  Henry  (Ed.) Amer.  Mission.  Salonica,  Greece 

*  Mack,  Andrew  Jackson,  died  1895 Mansfield,  O. 

*  Morrill,  Frank  Forrest,  died  1920 Newburyport,  Mass. 

*  Perkins,  Prof.  William  Rufus,  died  1895 Erie,  Pa. 

*  Wilson,  Rev.  Amzi,  died  1892 East  Springfield.  Pa. 


*  Hunker,  Andrew  Holland,  died  1917 Toledo,  O. 

*  Moore,  Dr.  James  White,  died 


*  Caruthers,  Charles  Clark,  died  1870 Tallmadge,  O. 

'  Coffey,  John  Charles,  died  1898 Cleveland,  O. 


1870-76 Hudson' i« 

*  Harbinqtok,  Charles  Frederick,  died  1871 Warren,  O. 

*  Haskell,  Plmy  Nelson,  died  1884 Chicago,  111.  ' 

*Pebkin8,  Thomas  Kinsman,  died  1887 Sharon,  Pa. 

*  Setmoub,  Prof.  Thomas  Day,  died  1907 New  Haven,  Conn. 

Suite,  Prof.  Charles  Josiah  (Ret.; R.  D.  1,  Box  242,  Geneva,  O. 

*  TowNSHSND,  James  Haughton,  died  1888 Stillwater,  Minn. 

*  Wick,  My^oii  Converse,  died  1910 Younf^town,  O. 

*  Young,  Frank  Ira,  died  1888 Toledo,  O. 


Baldwin,  William  Henry  (Ret.) 1416  2l8t  St.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Curtis,  Henry  Melville,  died  1916 Dublin,  O. 

*  Curtis,  William  Eleroy,  died  1911 Washington.  D.C. 

*  House,  Dr.  Charles  Francis,  died  1917 Painesville,  O. 

*  Jewett,  Jay  Hamilton,  died  1916 Harrisburg,  (Jre. 

*  Talliiam,  Charles  Huston,  died  1888 Bridgeport,  O. 

*  Truesdalb,  Charles  Robinson,  died Youngstown,  O. 

Wright,  Col.  George  Mitchell  (Ret.) TalCnadge.  O. 


*  Arms,  Warner,  died  1910 Youngstown,  O. 

BoNNBLL,  Martyn 2813  Edgehill  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

*  Hoyt,  James  Humphrey,  died  1917 Cleveland,  O. 


*  CuMiaNos,  Perley  Martin,  died 

Gates,  Charles  Alexander  (Treas.) 612  N.  Prospect  St.  Massillon,  O. 

*  Russell,  Charles  Mirick,  died  1920 Massillon,  O. 

SuTTH,  Hon.  James  Davis  (Judge) Burlington,  la. 

Stevens,  Rev.  William  Coit  (Ed.) .  .  .2731  Trooet  Ave.  Kansas  CHty,  Mo. 

*  Wilson,  William  McClure,  died  1898 Chicago,  lU. 


*  Brett,  William  Howard,  died  1918 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Cabby,  Ashbel,  died  1922 Salem,  O. 

Smtthe,  Rev.  George  Franklin 1861  E.  76th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 


*  Byles,  Matthew  Hale,  died  1899 Bradford,  Pa. 

*  Gushing,  William  E.,  died  1918 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Drown,  Herman  Beverly,  died  1907 Ellicottville.  N.Y. 

*  King,  Israel  Holly,  died  1896 Deming,  N.M. 

Maxwell,  John  S.  (Law.) 589  Summit  Ave.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Shumwat,  George  Walter,  died  1887 Glenville,  O. 


*  Coon,  George  Washington,  died  1901 Van  Wert,  O. 

*  Gibson,  William  Tyndall,  died  1920 Youngstown,  O. 

Perkins,  Jacob  Bishop  (Mfr.) 11120  Magnolia  Dr.  Cleveland,  O. 

Whiting,  Julius,  Jr.,  (Law.) 817  Walnut  Ave.  N.  Canton,  O. 

146  HUDSON  1877-84 


*  CoBNBLL,  George  Herbert,  died  1885 Youngstown,  O. 

Dburt,  Myron  Maynard Evanston,  111. 

*  Stinaff,  William  Clark,  died  1882 Collamer,  O. 

Wbioht,  Charles  Handel  (Tires) Tallmadge,  O. 


Dawson,  Dr.  Lewis  Reeves 122  Madrona  PI.  Seattle,  Wash. 

McLain,  Frank  David  (Edit.) 1518  S.  53rd  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


*  Ely,  Charles  Theodore,  died Elyria,  O. 

Fitch,  James  Gurdon  (Law.) Socorro,  N.M. 

*  Harbinoton,  Frank  Wales,  died  1893 Warren,  O. 

*  Palmbb,  Prof.  Arthur  Huboell,  died  1918 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Pabks,  Sheldon,  died  1919 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Taylor,  Hallet  Kilboum,  died  1912 Warren,  O. 


Kino,  Prof.  William  George Grant's  Pass,  Ore. 


*  Batss,  Henry  Clarence,  died  1921 Bellevue,  O. 

*  Campbell,  James  Dalgleish,  died  1885 Youngstown,  O. 

Gates,  Frederic  Hayes  (Adv.) 1915  E.  84th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

*  Shaw,  Charles  Allison,  died  1892 Canton,  O. 


Jones,  Frank  Herbert  (Law.) Bay  City.  Tex. 

*  WooDBBiDGB,  Robert  McCurdy,  died  1899 Aspen,  Colo. 


Ambler,  Ralph  Steele  (Law.) 631  Renkert  Bldg.  Canton,  O 

Babbeb,  Arthur  Wellesley Ulmer  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Day,  Charles  Francis  (Law.) Ravenna,  O. 

FosTEB,  Burton  Parks 409  Crittenden  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 

*  Howard,  Rev.  Burt  Estes,  died  1913 Berkeley,  Cal. 

LooMis,  Harry  Erastus  (Coal) 1503  Kirby  Bldg.  Clevelaiid,  O. 

Walker,  Arthur  Henry  (Linotype  Mach.) 

125  Ashley  Gardens,  London,  Eng. 
WETMoiiE,  Claude  (Author) 


Booth,  Charles  Herbert  (Ret.) 606  Wick  Ave.  Youngstown,  O. 

CoE,  Sage  (Mfg.) 

MooRB,  Samuel  Wallace '(Law.) .  .Southern  Railway  Co.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Patton,  JohnBeecher  (SalesO 

c/o  P.  K.  Wilson  &  Son,  130  5th  Ave  New  York,  N.Y. 
Schuyler,  Hamilton 

*  SwARTZ,  Dr.  Douglas  Arnold,  died  1913 South  Whitley,  Ind. 

1886-92 HUDSON 147 


*  Cbowl,  Albert  Mortimer  Harman,  died  1010 Lorain,  O. 

*  DxMiNa,  Frederick  Biselow.  died  1885 Cleveland,  O. 

Fours,  George  Edwin  (Ret.) 530  Greenleaf  Ave.  Wilmette,  111. 

*  Waits,  Henry  Morrison,  died  1885 Ravenna,  O. 


BuBTON,  William  Meriam  (Oil) 910  8.  Michigan  Ave.  Chica-go,  111. 

CoATBS,  Hallam  Freer 1037  Arch  St.  Alliance,  O. 

Day,  David  Barnes  (Law.) 1206  Market  Ave.  N.  Canton,  O. 

DswABT,  Rev.  William  Herbert 247  Berkeley  St.  Boston,  Mass.. 

Parks,  Horace  Ford  (Law.) R.  F.  D.  #3,  Willoughby,  O. 

*  Sandebs,  Esra  Chapin,  died  1892 Chicago,  111. 

SwABTZ,  Ulysses  Grant  (Oil) 329  Sheridan  Ave.  Whiting,  Ind. 


*  Baldwin,  Frank  Lemuel,  died  1917 Youngstown,  O. 

EwALD,  Daniel  Ephraim  (Clerk).. R.  101  Supreme  Court,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Ford,  George  Whitmarsh,  died Cleveland,  O. 


CowLBs,  Rev.  Alton  House  (Lecturer) . .  766  Elm  wood  Ave.  Bu£Falo,  N.Y. 

Crowl,  Samuel  Hiram  (Law.) 411  Hammond  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Robinson,  George  Henry  (Mfg.) 161  N.  Chestnut  St.  Ravenna,  O. 

ScHUTLKB,  William  Thaoher 

*  Thateb,  Dr.  Joseph  Masury,  died  1896 Cleveland,  O. 


Beabdslbi!,  Henry  Curtis  (Ret.) Perry.  O. 

Crowl,  Harry  Bert  (Oil) 2884  W.  Grand  Blvd.  Detroit,  Mich. 


(^LBT,  Bainbridge  (Law.) 32  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Parks,  Beaumont  (Oil) 910  S.  Michigan  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Whitman,  Hon.  Charles  Seymour 54  E.  83rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Hatden,  dlharles  Robertson .2673  Scarborough  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Honss,  Everett  Jay  (Mgr.) 

2971  Litchfield  Rd.  Shaker  Hgts.  CleveUnd,  O. 


*KKRBmBH,  William  Davis,  died  1904 Cleveland,  O. 

Sampskll,  Gail 91  Glenwood  Blvd.  Mansfield,  O. 

Sanders,  Franklyn  Brownell  (R.  Est.) 1910  E  87  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Surra,  Edward  Sell  (Chemist) 219  Market  St.  Warren.  O. 

Staob,  Charles  Willard  (Law.) 

2865  Winthrop  Rd.  Shaker  Hgts.  Cleveland,  O. 

148  HUDSON  1893-99 


Hill,  William  Meriden  (Law.) 224  Walnut  St.  E.  Liverpool,  O. 

Petrib,  Rev.  Edward  Clarence 27  Church  St.  Cooperstown,  N.Y. 

Sbtmoub,  Frederick  Horr 11  Finsbury  Sq.  London,  E.  C.  2,  Eng. 


BiBRCB,  George  William 8903  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

CoLLACOTT,  Harry  Richards  (R.  Est.) 412  S.  State  St.  Painesville,  O. 

*  JoNBS,  Dr.  Arthur  Willis,  died  1903 Bellevue,  O. 

McGowAN,  Roland  Thomson..  2713  Lancashire  Rd.  Cleveland  Heights.  O. 


Babbbr,  Edward  Parsons  (Exptr.  &  Imptr.) 

515  W.  110th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 
BBBCKENBinaB,  Benjamin  Terry  (R.R.) 

1269  Everett  Ave.  Louisville,  Ky. 
Lynch,  Prof.  Frank  Worthington 

Univ.  of  California  Hospital,  San  Francisco,  Cal. 
Oaklbt,  Harry  Beecher  (Secy.) 

Quaker  Oats.  11  Finsbury  Sq.  London,  E.  C,  Eng. 


BoLB,  Benjamin  Patterson  (Law.) Station  H,  Cleveland,  O. 

Colby,  Arthur  Warren  (Mer.) 120  S.  St.  Clair  St.  Painesville.  O. 

Laundon,  Mortimer  Hamlin 1855  Belmore  Rd.  E.  Cleveland,  O. 

Meade,  (jol.  William  Gale  (Ret.) . .  .7087  Franklin  Ave.  Los  Angeles.  (Dal. 
WiCKHAM,  Benjamin  Breckenridge  (Law.) 

1923  Rosemont  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 


Bishop,  Albert  Bert  (Mer.) 2068  W.  14th  St.  Cleveland.  O. 

Kimball,  Robert  Eugene  (Mfg.) 1893  E.  90th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

*  McGiFFBRT,  Joseph  Carleton,  died  1895 Ashtabula.  O. 

Owen,  Frank  Percival  (Banking) 29  E.  Grand  St.  Berea,  O. 

Sandbbs,  Hon.  Fielder  (Law.) 1720  E.  2l8t  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Wekham,  John  Knowles  (Glass) 6037  Main  St.  Kansas  C^ty,  Mo. 


McIntybe,  Milton  Donald  (Director) . .  1267  Lakeland  Ave.  (Cleveland,  O. 
MuBCH,  Maynsotl  Hale  (Fin.) 

1120  Forest  Rd.  Clifton  Park,  Cleveland.  O. 
Peck,  Joseph  Ray 42  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Seymour,  Robert  Henry,  died  1898 Elwood,  Ind. 


Emeby,  Jo  Tuttle  (Pub.) 70  Sherman  Ave.  Glen  Ridge.  N.J. 

FoBD,  Carl  Boughton  (Law.) 718  Williamson  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Jones,  Dr.  Nathaniel  Moore 1898  E.  73rd  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Meacham,  Roland  Thomas  (Fin.) 12972  Lake  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Smabt,  James  Harrow  (Ins.) WUloughby,  O. 

1899-^1906  HUDSON  149 

SQtnBB.  Mark  Peny  (Fin.) 1623  Dime  Bank  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mioh. 

*  Stubobs,  Hale,  died  1919 Mansfield,  O. 

WiCKHAM.  Romeyn  Dudley  (Law.) 237  Benedict  Ave.  Norwalk,  O. 


BoTTBNB,  John  Knowles  (Forester) R.  F.  D.  Buasards  Bay,  Mass. 

CoHSTOCK,  Dwight  (Ins.) 35  Linden  Ave.  Metuchen,  N.J. 

Drtdbn,  Dniry  Frederick  (Chem.) 128  W.  34th  St.  Bayonne,  N.J. 

*  EoBEBT,  Theodore  Baker,  died Buffalo,  N.Y. 

FoLsoM,  Arthur  Hanna  (Art  Dealer).. . .  104  W.  67th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hdtchins,  Francis  Sessions  (Law.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Eellt,  Greorge  Harrington  (Motor).. The  White  Motor  Co.  Cleveland,  O. 
KsAMEB,  Hon.  Samuel  Edmund. .  .2277  Chatfield  Dr.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 

Laub,  William  John  (Law.) 929  W.  Market  St.  Akron,  O. 

Smith,  Huntington  ((J.  Eng.) 1896  Idlewood  Ave.  E.  CHeveland,  O. 


Allen,  Karl  Campbell ; 

Batteb,  Edwin  Childs  (Fin.)... 3037  E.  Overlook  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 

Cole,  Thomas  James R.  F.  D.  #6,  Chardon,  O. 

FrrcH,  Ralph  Grosvenor 14018  Clifton  Blvd.  Lakewood,  O. 

*  Knfa,  Clfiford  Marshall,  died  1922 Cleveland,  O. 


Bowman,  Edgar  Stillman 224  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Embbson,  John  (Playwright) 130  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Weaver,  Roydon  Edward,  died  1919 Akron,  O. 


Eisenbbby,  Dr.  Arthur  Bradley 532  Rose  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Gahmel,  R<>bert  Edward  (Sec.  &  Treas.) .  1371  EucUd  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Metbb,  Albert  Wise 6  Keswick  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Wallace,  Fred  Sumpter  (R.  Est.) 441  Engineer  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 


Eheby,  Ralph  Stevens  (Sales.) 8811  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

McAbthub,  Arthur  Fraw  (Sales  Mgr.) 

12531  CJedar  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 

Mabch,  Forest  Oliver  (Banker) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pbenticb,  Noyes  Billings  (Purchas.  Agt.) 

3065  Scarborough  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 

*  Pboctor,  Ralph  Roscoe,  died  1911 Fremont,  O. 

Young,  James  Herbert  (R.  Est.) . .  2288  Bellfield  Ave.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 


Hubbell,  Frank  (Adv.) 648  Huron  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Milleb,  Dr.  Wilham  Theodore 1836  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Seaqbave,  Philip  Wallace  (R.  Est.) .  .817  Williamson  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 


Greenman,  Carleton  Marshall  (Auto.)  ^ 

524  N.  Broadway,  Oklahoma  City,  Okla. 
Gkund,  Henry  Lan^;  (Broker) 2324  Grandview  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

160  HUDSON  1906-12 

KoLLAB,  Dr.  Joseph  Blaine Emergency  Hospital,  Cleveland,  O. 

Lanq,  Francis  Allen  Horton  (Sales.) 

3515  Beechwood  Blvd.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

♦  Laubsobbb,  Gustav  George,  died  1918 Cleveland,  O. 

Mbtbb,  John  Houser 1722  Glenmont  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Qttatlb,  Herbert  Allen  (Law.  &  Ins.) . .  17812  Landseer  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 


CoBNBLL,  Arnold  Elliott  (Fin.) 485  Front  St.  Berea,  Cuyahoga  Co.  O. 

Lbb,  Arthur  Malachi,  Jr 

Radcutfb.  Everett  Edward 30  E.  42nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Babnbtt,  Harley  B.  (Lumber)  1237  Andrews  St.  Lakewood,  Cleveland.  O. 

Dbapbb,  Charles  Herbert 13051  Cedar  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

HBDUBT^eorge  Saville  (Sales.) 6402  Cedar  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Kbllt,  William  Willard 14106  Woodworth  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Mabch,  Harold  Wales  (Mgr.) Chagrin  Falls,  O. 


Baxtdbb,  George  Tsrrrell  (Law.) 809  Williamson  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

♦  Bbunnxb,  Ford  Whitman,  died  1921 Cleveland,  O. 

Elt,  Samuel  Prescott  (Broker) 1889  E.  84th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Embbt,  Fred  Hartwell  (Fin.) 3243  E.  Fairfax  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 

King,  Lucian  Loomis  (Adv.) 829  W.  Market  St.  Akron,  O. 

Lamb,  Judson  Paul  (Law.) 1803  E.  90th  St.  Cleveland.  O. 

Schafbr,  Alonzo  WUliam  (Mgr.) 22  Ebn  St.  Wellesley  Hills,  Mass. 

SiDLO,  Thomas  Lee  (Law.) . . .  .Union  National  Bank  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 
Stbwabt,  Paul  M.  (R.  Est.) 1814  E.  89th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 


Clabk,  Reuben  DeBlois  (Lunch  Business) .  .1954  £.  6th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 
Gbbbnwood,  Walter  Percival  (R.  Est.)  1883  Belmore  Rd.  E.  Cleveland,  O. 

Hawkins,  Harold  Smith  (Sales.) 1326  Hanna  Bldg.  CleveUnd.  O. 

NiBMO,  Lech  Thaddeus  (Law.) East  Aurora,  N.Y. 

Smabt,  Samuel  Kenneth 319  N.  Albany  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Wbavbb,  Paul  Herman  (Sales  Mgr.) . .  13509  Milan  Ave.  E.  Cleveland,  O. 
Whitb,  Earle  Euclair  (R.  Est.) 15401  Richmond  PI.  E.  Cleveland,  O. 


♦  Gainbs,  Harold  Edward,  died  1919 Cleveland,  O. 

Gbassblli,  Edward  (Ret.) 12401  Coit  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Halb,  Ralph  Plum  (Sales.) 123  W.  64th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pabtridgb,  Charles  Weston  (Mgr.) 

1102.  332  S.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago.  111. 

Robbbts,  Reuben  (Ins.) 1682  E.  82nd  St.  Cleveland.  O. 

WiLMOT,  Irving  Boynton  (R.R.) 875  S.  Emerson  St.  Denver.  Colo. 


DusTiN, 'Alfred  Alton  (Fin.) 15000  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Hubbbll,  James  Leslie 648  Huron  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

1912-17  HUDSON  161 

MacCalmont,  James  Earl  (Ed.) P.  O.  Box  150,  Sanderson,  Tex. 

PoMKBOT,  Cleve  Hale  (Credit  Mgr.) 1934  E.  Slst  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Wilson,  Parker  Fellows  (Steel) 1918  E.  73rd  St.  Cleveland.  O. 

WucHTBB,  George  Thomas  (Sales.) 

Goodyear  Tire  &  Rubber  Co.  7th  A  Central  Aves.  TTftt^aMn  City,  Mo. 


Batzs,  Stanlee  Theodore  (R.  Est.) 2029  E.  115th  St.  Cleveland,  O 

CoLBGROvic,  Ernest  Leighton  (Banker)..  17021  Kenyon  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

DxTNBAR,  Wallace  (jreorge 1603  Compton  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Sadleb,  Russell  Kenneth  (Sales.) 1140  Guardian  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Taqb,  Richard  Earl  (Sales.) 2476  Kenilworth  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 

Wadb,  Harry  Knox  (Bankmg) 1154  Lakeview  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 


AxEBS,  Albert  McKay  (Acct.) .  1495  Rydalmount  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 

BuBLL,  Raymond  Smith  (Sides.) 1634  Maple  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 

Frettbb,  Lester  Frank  (Ed.) Box  784,  R.  F.  D.  10,  Hollywood,  Cal. 

Gageb,  Adelbert  Foster  (Sales.) Heathcote  Inn,  Soarsdale,  N.Y. 

HopKiNSON,  Clifford  Warris  (Secy.) 1208  Granger  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Ebuq,  Frank  Joseph  (Iron) 2473  Overlook  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 

Patke,  Randolph  Rogers  (Adv.) 

c/o  Kansas  City  Journal,  Kansas  CTity,  Mo. 
Ukkbfbb,  Earl  Audubon 


Bbetlby,  Ray  Wynant 253  Broad  St.  Wadsworth,  O. 

Clabk,  Mills  Gomberg  (R.  Est.) Bulkley  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Hatchbb,  Harry  Tuthill.  .Hatcher  &  Lee,  33  W.  42nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hates,  Ralph  Alfonse  (Banking) 423  S.  Wiley  St.  Crestline,  O. 

MiLLBB,  Glenn  Gifford  (Law.) 1109  Center  St.  Ashland,  p. 

RoGEBS,  Howard  Henry  (Sales.) 

2945  Euclid  Blvd.  Cleveland  Heights,  O. 


Boone,  Lieut.  Howard  Alton 10th  Cavalry,  Ft.  Huachuca,  Arix. 

Jones,  Ralph  Wickham  (Law.) 2021  Cornell  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

MacKinnon,  Re^nald  M.  (Mgr.)..  .890  3rd  Ave.  Wisconsin  Rapids,  Wis. 

MiBKELL.  James  Bernard 2092  E.  19th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

PoBTBB,  Herbert  Wilber 11217  Bellflower  Rd.  N.  E.  Cleveland,  O. 

Shebman,  Harris  Gray,  Jr.  (Sales.) 

2708  Hanover  Circle,  Birmingham,  Ala. 

*  Spbagxtb,  Leonard  Ford,  died  1919 Cleveland,  O. 

Tatlob,  Clarence  Minor  (Electric) ....  1852  Charles  Rd.  E.  Cleveland,  O. 


Cabb,  Leslie  Cakes,  Jr.  (Banker) 354  E.  19th  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Climo,  (Seorge  Frederick,  Jr.  (Adv. Mgr.) 

2951  Attleboro  Rd.  Cleveland.  O. 

DxNAPLE,  Edward  Charles  (Sales  Mgr.) 839  E,  19  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Gaines,  Paul  Lorin  (Diamonds) 6189  Hamilton  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

162  HUDSON  1917-22 

Whitakbb,  Alfred  Andrew  (Sales  Mgr.)  P.  O.  Box  281  Sacramento'  Cal. 
Wise.  Dr.  Harry  Wright 18624  St.  Clair  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 


Geabt,  John  Donald  (Sales.) 1607  Lakefront  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Hahn.  Harry  Chamberlain  (Adv.  Mgr.) . . .  1839  E.  87th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 
PoBTBB,  D'Arcy  Hoodless  (Sales.) 

11217  Bellflower  Rd.  N.  E.  Cleveland,  O. 
Stbimplb,  Theodore  Laurence  (Mgr.)..  1892  Mannering  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 
Young,  Wallace  Clark  (Purchas.  Agt.) 1934  E.  84th  St.  Cleveland.  O. 


Babnet,  Dr.  Robert  Ethelbert 10322  Colonial  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Bbuce,  Leonard  Herrick  (Ins.) 2683  Leighton  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

HiooiNS,  Kenneth  Gilbert 2992  Monmouth  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

LoEBLEiN,  Trueman  Totten  (Sales  Mgr.).  .2830  Detroit  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

MisKELL,  Harold  John  (Publicity) 7511  Rutledge  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

MoTSE,  Dana  Knight  (Telephone) 4105  E.  93rd  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Odell,  Wheeler  Harold  (Interne) 6704  Clinton  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Palmeb,  Lloyd  Brewer  (Asst.  Credit  Mgr.) 

5704  Hawthorne  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 


Bendelabi,  George  Worthington. » c/o  The  Olivia,  Joplin,  Mo. 

Bbeckenbidge,  Ralph  Adams  (Mgr.),  1617  Columbus  Ave.  Sandusky,  O. 

Cbaio,  Victor  Irving  (Tools) The  Greenway  Apts.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Cbaig,  Walter  Parker  (Clerk) S021  Cornell  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Habvey,  Willis  Enoch  (Eng.) 220  W.  North  St.  Kenton.O. 

Johnson,  Lawrence  Redfield 4507  Franklin  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 


Bbandt,  Charles  Oennell 10219  Clifton  Blvd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Climo,  Harold  Payne  (Sales.) 3017  Essex  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

CowiN,  Lawrence  Raymond. .  ^ 228  Grant  St.  Franklin,  Pa. 

Hopkins,  Richard  Vernon 127  N.  High  St.  Chillicothe,  O. 

MiLLiGAN,  Fletcher  Frank  (Ins.) . .  1710  Coventry  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.  O. 

Newkibk,  James  Stuart  (Reporter) Ulmer  Bldg.  Cleveland.  O. 

Rich,  Horace  Weddell 12560  Cedar  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

WiLLABD,  Elliott  Sherill  (Coal) 14013  Detroit  St.  Lakewood,  O. 


Bbannan,  Robert  Otis 14821  Clifton  Blvd.  Lakewood,  O. 

Cleabt,  Ansel  Rutherford  (Adv.) Sarahsville,  O. 

Dboege,  William  Leonard Warrington  Rd.  Shaker  Hgts.  O. 

Hughes,  Earl  William 10118  Clifton  Blvd.  Lakewood,  O. 

McCASKETy  Rankin  Charles 11809  Lake  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Watson,  Herbert  Chandler 2247  Cummington  Rd.  Cleveland.  O. 

Welleb,  Horace  Look 75  West  Division  St.  Fond  du  Lac,  Wis. 

Wight,  Clifford  Rowe 17908  Clifton  Blvd.  Lakewood,  O. 

Wbight,  Robert  Boyce 2  Pinehurst  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

1923-26  HUDSON  163 


Bishop,  Albert  Bert,  Jr 2068  W.  14th  St.  Cleveland.  O. 

Cleabt,  George  Clifton  (Sales.) Sarahsville,  O. 

FoBD,  Seabury  Hurd Aurora,  O. 

Hatfield,  Burton  Lewis 370  N.  Main  St.  Marion,  O. 

House,  Everett  Benson... 2971  Litchfield  Rd.  Shaker  Hgts.  Cleveland,  O. 

Lawbence,  Frank  Duran,  Jr 1286  West  Blvd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Messneb.  Fred  Albert 421  S.  Walnut  St.  Bucyrus,  O. 


Davis,  Holland  William 12541  Lake  Ave.  Lakewood,  O. 

Gresinqbr,  Hamlin  Lewis 2285  S.  Overlook  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Klui^p,  Charles  Harry 1844  E.  89th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Mavis.  Russell  Hawthorne  (Sales.) . . .  1845  Grasmere  St.  E.  Cleveland,  O. 

Webster,  Eric  William  Gower 1912  E.  97th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Wick,  Donald  Dissette 2201  Cummington  Rd.  Cleveland.  O. 

WoRLET,  George  Edwin 123  E.  Chestnut  St.  Mt.  Vernon,  O. 


Alltn,  Arthur  Merrill,  Jr 1872  Rosalind  Ave.  E.  Cleveland,  O. 

HuBBELL,  Theodore  Booth 17205  Clifton  Blvd.  Lakewood,  O. 

Ibish,  Volney  Browne 13131  Euclid  Ave.  E.  CleveUnd,  O. 

Johnson,  Wesley  Wagner 1871  E.  97th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

McMahon.  Leigh  Taylor 1638  Hollywood  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Webster,  William  PhilUp 3223  Library  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Whitney,  James  Gwin 1232  W.  Clifton  Blvd.  Lakewood,  O. 

164  1834-43 



*  Smith,  Rev.  Henry  Boynton,  died  1877 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  CnTLBR,  John  Lewis,  died  1902 Quitman,  Ga. 

*  Field,  Rev.  George  Warren,  died  1900 Bangor,  Me. 

*  FiBKis,  Rev.  John  Orr,  died  1893 Bath.  Me. 


*  Palmer,  Dr.  Gideon  Stinson,  died  1891 Washington,  D.C. 


*  Fuller,  Benjamin  Apthorp  Gould,  died  1885 Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Goodwin,  Ichabod,  med  1869 Washington,  D.C. 


*  Kbllgog,  Rev.  Elijah,  died  1901 North  Harpswell,  Me. 

*  Upham,  Dr.  Albert  Gallatin,  died  1847 Boston,  Mass. 


*  Inqalls,  Henry,  died  1896 Wiscasset,  Me. 

*  Ladd,  Rev.  Francis  Dudley,  died  1862 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Maqottn,  Rev.  George  Frederic,  died  1896 Grinnell,  la. 

•     1842 

*  BoODT,  Henry  Hill,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Glark,  John  Craig,  died  1873 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Gardiner,  Rev.  Frederic,  died  1889 Middletown,  Conn. 

*  Hyde,  Rev.  William  Lyman,  died  1896 Jamestown,  N.Y. 

*  Page,  Dr.  Jesse  William,  died  1888 Bath,  Me. 

*  Trabk,  Samuel,  died  1897 Portland,  Me. 

*  Wells,  George  (Washington),  died  1893 Arlington,  Colo. 


*  Craig,  Rev.  Wheelock,  died  1868 New  Bedford,  Mass. 

*  Dane,  Joseph,  died  1884 Kennebunk,  Me. 

*  Goodwin,  William  Augustus,  died  1896 Portland,  Me. 

*  Little,  Rev.  Greorge  Barker,  died  1860 West  Newton^  Mass. 

*  Means,  Rev.  John  Oliver,  died  1883 Roxbury,  Mass. 

*  Patbon,  George,  died  1893 Chicago,  111. 

*  TiTCOMB,  Joseph,  died  1891 Kennebunk,  Me. 

1844-50  BOWDOm  166 


*  Bbaoburt,  Henry  Knight,  died  1875 HoUis.  Me. 

*  Cbaig,  Rev.  Henry  Kinsman,  died  1902 Falmouth,  Maas. 

*  Fabnham,  William  Henry,  died  1872 Selma,  Ala. 

*  FoLSOM,  Rev.  George  DeForest.  died  1895 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  PAUfSB,  Joehua  Sears,  died  1893 Portland,  Me. 

*  Swan,  Dr.  Charles  Edward,  died  1908 Calais,  Me. 

*  SwAZKT,  Rev.  Arthur,  died  1887 Chicago,  111. 

*  Tappan,  Winthrop,  died  1897 Bound  Brook.  N.J. 

*  Williams,  Horace,  died  1894 Clinton,  la. 


*  BuTLUR,  Moses  Morris,  died  1^79 Portland,  Me. 

*  Dbbbino,  James  Henry,  died  1899 San  FranoiBoo,  Cal. 

*  KiNosBUBT,  George  Henry,  died  1899 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Skeblb,  Rev.  John  Parker,  died  1881 East  Bloomfield,  N.Y 


*  Deans,  Frederick  Au^^ustus,  died  1867 San  Francisco,  CaL 

*  Hanscom,  James  William,  died  1847 Saco,  Me. 

*  Mebbill,  Rev.  Donatus,  died  1853 Bunker  Hill,  HI. 

*  Morse,  Moses  Leland,  died  1875 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Snow,  Rev.  Benjamin  Galen,  died  1880 Brewer,  Me. 

*  Talbot,  Thomas  Hammond,  died  1907 Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Watbbman,  John  Anderson,  died  1893 Gtorham,  Me. 


*  BooDT,  Alvin,  died  1858 Hudson,  Wis. 

*  JoBOAN,  Rev.  Ebenezer  Stevens,  died  1890 Brownfield,  Me. 

*  Means,  Rev.  George  Jarvis,  died  1879 Howells,  N.Y. 

*  Mebbill,  Dr.  Frank  Benjamin,  died  1899 AlfredjMe. 

*  Neil,  Henrv  Baker,  died  1912 Tie  Siding,  Wyo. 

*  Yose,  Frank,  died  1875 Denver,  Colo. 


*  Rich,  Rev.  Thomas  Hill,  died  1893 Lewiston,  Me. 

*  Sewall,  Rev.  Jotham  Bradbury,  died  1913 Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Stanton,  Prof.  Benjamin,  died  1874 Schenectady,  N.Y, 


*  Gbbenb,  Charles  Franklin  Henry,  died  1875 Athens,  Me. 

*  HooLE,  James  Lowe,  died  1901 Mobile,  Ala, 

*  Palheb.  Rev.  Edward  Stanton,  died  1908 Binghamton,  N.Y. 

*  Stanley,  John  Thomas,  died  1868 Chapel  Hill,  Tex. 


*  Bell,  WUliam  Nelson  Nailing,  died  1862 Dresden,  Teim. 

*  Buck,  Dr.  Samuel  Preble,  died  1903 West  Woolwich,  Me. 

*  Gabdneb,  Hon.  William  Sewall,  died  1888 Newton,  Mass. 

*  Sewall,  Prof.  John  Smith,  died  1911 Ban^r,  Me. 

*  Snell.  George  Harvey,  died  1858 Umty,  Me. 

166  BOWDOIN  1861-57 


*  Brown,  Philip  Henry,  died  1893 Portland,  Me. 

*  Marshall,  William  Martin  Luther,  died  1863 Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Owen,  William  Henry,  died  1903 Washin^n,  D.C. 

*  Tbbbets,  Gilbert  Carr,  died  1867 Lisbon,  Me. 

*  Ware,  Joseph  Ashur,  died  1874 Washington,  D.C. 


Chamberlain,  Gren.  Joshua  Lawrence,  died  1914 Brunswick,  Me. 

Cheslet.  Charles  (Usher),  died  1909 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Howard,  Joseph  Dana,  cfied  1872 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  May,  John  Walker,  died  1899 ., Auburn,  Me. 


*  Cttmminos,  Dr.  Ralph  Wardlaw,  died  1880 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Kidder,  Rev.  James  Holwell,  died  1911 Owego,  N.Y. 

*  McKben,  Dr.  Joseph,  Jr.,  died  1881 Topsham,  Me. 


*  Deanb,  John  Frederic,  died  1872 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Grbelbt,  Coimcil,  died  1916 Chicago,  111. 

*  SiMONDS,  John  Wesley,  died  1885 Vermillion,  8.D. 

*  Stetson,  John  Glidden,  died  1908 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Wilson,  Franklin  Augustus,  died  1911 Bangor,  Me. 


*  Gardner,  Samuel  Spring,  died  1899 Washington,  D.C. 

*  WiNGATB,  John,  died  1881 St.  Louis,  Mo. 


*  Ambrose,  Rev.  Thomas  Lyford,  died  1864 Ossipee,  N.H. 

*  Brown,  James  Olcott,  died  1864 Portland,  Me. 

*  Craio,  Virgil  Lafayette,  died  1915 Farmington,  Me. 

*  LoRiNG,  Prentiss,  died  1905 P<MrtliBuid,  Me. 

*  Moses,  Galen  Clapp,  died  1915 Bath,  Me. 


*  Brabtow,  Prof.  Lewis  Orsmond,  died New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Chamberlain,  Horace  Beriah,  died  1861 Bangor,  Me. 

*  Chapman,  Edward  Thurston,  died  1864 Umty,  Me. 

*  Cob,  Dr.  Thomas  Upham,  died  1920 Bangor,  Me. 

*  Howard,  Rev.  Henry  Ripley,  died  1895 Tullahoma,  Term. 

*  MosBB,  Dr.  Thomas  Freeman,  died  1917 Waltham,  Mass. 

*  Pond,  Benjamin  Wisner,  died  1921 Washington,  D.C. 

*  RoBBiNB,  Nathaniel  Augustus,  died  1913 Washington,  D.C 

*  Stanley,  Gustavus  Augustus,  died  1884 Pensacola,  Fla. 

Stbwart,  Rev.  Samuel  Barrett  (Ret.),  9  Stratford  Rd.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

*  Stockin,  Abner  Chase,  died  1901 Boston,  Mass. 

1868-64  BOWDOIN  167 


*  Cleayes,  Nathan,  died  1892 Portland,  Me. 

*  Deebinq,  Rufus  Washburn,  died  1898 Washington.  D.C. 

*  Phillips,  John  Wyman,  died  1903 Orrington,  Me. 

*  Sewall,  Rev.  Frank,  died  1916 Washington,  D.C. 


Anderson,  John  Duguid  (Ret.) Gray,  Me. 

*  Chamberlain,  Rev.  John  Calhoun,  died  1867 Castine,  Me. 

*  Jackson,  George  Newton,  died  1879 Chicago,  111. 

*  King,  Rev.  Henry  Melville,  died  1919 Providence,  R.I. 

*  King,  Samuel  Henry,  died  1861 Augusta,  Me. 

Ladd,  Rev.  Horatio  Oliver  (Ret.) 270  Clarendon  St.  Boston  17,  Mass. 

*  Sabine,  Francis  Wallingford,  died  1864 Bangor,  Me. 

*  Webster,  George,  died  1902 Bangor,  Me. 

♦Weeks,  John  William,  died  1892 Butler,  Pa. 


*  Appleton,  John  Francis,  died  1870 Bangor,  Me. 

*  Brown,  John  Marshall,  died  1907 Portland,  Me. 

*  Emery,  George  Barrett,  died  1898 Portland,  Me. 

*  Thompson,  Jacob  Hale,  died  1905 New  York,  N.Y. 

Webster,  Francis  Willard Priest  River,  Idaho 


*  Appleton,  Edward  Larke,  died  1868 Bangor,  Me. 

*  Fogg,  Dr.  Edmund  Eastman,  died  1887 Buxton  Centre,  Me. 

*  Hunt,  Dr.  Charles  Oliver,  died  1909 Portland,  Me. 

*  Rich,  John,  died  1863 Farmingdale,  Me. 

Starwood,  Edward  (Edit.) 76  High  St.  Brooklme,  Mass. 


*  Cochran,  Brig.  Gen.  Melville  Augustus,  died  1904. .  .Jacksonville,  Fla. 
»  Donnbll,  Wifliam  EUingwood,  died  1894 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hunt,  Dr.  Henry  Hastings,  died  1894 Portland.  Me. 

*  Mark,  (jeorge  Adams,  died  1887 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Starbiro,  Dr.  Isaac  Warren,  died  1907 Chelsea,  Mass. 


*  Bates,  Joseph  Clement,  died  1913 Alameda,  Cal. 

*  Wood,  Nathan  Henry,  died  1884 Windham,  Me. 


Appleton,  Frederick  Himt  (Ret.) 26  Fifth  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

*  Caswell,  Samuel  Shannon,  died  1870 Strafiford,  N.H. 

*  Emert,  Henry  Brown,  died  1880 Bangor,  Me. 

*  LiBBT,  Augustus  Frost,  died  1919 Summit,  N.J. 

*  LiBBT,  Charles  Freeman,  died  1916 Portland,  Me. 

*  LiBBT,  Frank  Willard,  died  1887 Portland,  Me. 

*  McKeen,  James,  died  1911 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*Maxwbll,  James  Henry,  died  1865 Saoo,  Me. 

168  BOWDOIN  1864-71 

Bobbins,  Charles  Augustus  (Ret.)  . .  68  S.  Arlington  Ave.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

*  White,  Thomas  Herbert,  died  1911 Bangor,  Me. 


*  Easton,  Rev.  David  Augustus,  died  1894 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Fuller,  Dr.  Charles,  died  1909 Somerville,  Mass. 

*  Gatchell,  Gen.  Prince  Albert,  died Cheyenne,  Wyo. 

*  Sariol,  Juan  Bautista,  died  1864 Havana,  Cuba 

Shepabd,  Thomas 505  Broadway,  Winter  Hill,  Somerville,  Mass. 

*  Smith,  Horatio  Fox,  died  1864 Gorham,  Me. 

1866    . 

*  Chapman,  Prof.  Henry  Leland,  died Brunswick,  Me. 

*  Gerrish,  Prof.  Frederic  Henry,  died  1920 Portland,  Me. 

HiNKLET,  Charles  King  (Ret.) Gorham,  Me. 

Kellt,  Rev.  George  William  (Ret.) .  .508  Washington  Ave.  Portland,  Me. 

*  Webster,  Dr.  Charles  Edwin,  died  1892 Portland,  Me. 

*  Wright,  Albert,  died  1888 Healdsburg,  Cal. 


Eaton,  Benjamin  Briarly 

*  Hubbard,  Greorge  Franklin,  died  1868 Winterport,  Me. 

*  Hutchinson,  Winfield  Scott,  died  1911 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Merriman,  Richard  Greenleaf,  died  1921 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Wilson,  Joseph  Colburn,  died  1890 Orono,  Me. 


*  Burns,  Dr.  Joseph  Scribner,  died  1913 Ashmont,  Mass. 

*  Chapman,  Charles  Jarvis,  died  1898 Portland,  Me. 

*  Foster,  Dr.  George  Winslow,  died  1904 Bangor,  %Ie. 

*  Hinkley,  John  Adams,  died  1915 Gorham,  Me. 

Mason,  John  Rogers 384  Hammond  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

*  Shepard,  Dr.  William  Francis,  died  1902 Bangor,  Me. 

Sturgis,  Dr.  John  Irving New  Gloucester,  Me. 


*  Dike,  James,  died  1886 Greensboro,  N.C. 

Eaton,  Thomas  Henry  (Copper) 259  W.  75th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Fogg,  Frederic  Augustine  (Ket.) 285  Summit  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Mobher,  George  Frank  (Ret.) 107  Howland  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Perley,  Willard  Humphrey,  died  1873 Detroit,  Mich. 


*  Barnard,  Henry  Darling,  died  1877 Bucksport,  Me. 

*  Brown.,  Frank  Mason,  died  1889 . . .  .* Cheppeta,  Colo. 

Page,  Caleb  A.  (Ed.) 53  Pleastot  St.  Methuen,  Mass. 

*  Sprigo,  Samuel,  died  1892 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Weston,  Dr.  Edward  Burbank,  died  1918 Chicago.  Dl. 


*  Bayley,  Rev.  Frank  Tappan,  died  1917 Denver,  Colo. 

Brown,  Col.  Edward  Thomas  (Ret.) Paris,  Oxford  County,  Me. 

1871-76  BOWDOIN  159 

Dennett,  Dr.  William  Sawyer 36  Gramercy  Park,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Garland,  Dr.  George  Minot 227  Newbury  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Pattbb,  William  Sullivan,  died  1911 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Pendelton,  Edward  Waldo  (Law.) 

Berry  Bros.  211  Leib  St.  Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Sandfobd,  William  Fiske,  died  1897 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Shepabd,  Charles  Lord,  <fied  1900 Boston,  Mass. 


Gboss,  Samuel  Lane  (Law.) 159  W.  76th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Harris,  Herbert,  died  1919 Chicago,  111. 

*  HiNCKs,  John  Lewis  Rich,  died  1886 Augusta,  Me. 

*  Ireland,  Frank  Pierce,  died  1902 Nebraska  City,  Neb. 

*  Spaulding,  Dr.  Frank  Wood,  died  1920 Clifton  Springs,  N.Y. 


*  Blake,  William  Augustine,  died  1875 Bangor,  Me. 

*  Deering,  Dr.  Benjamin  Tappan,  died Paris,  France 

*  Perlet,  Dr.  Harry  Otis,  {Col.)  died  1913 Washington,  D.C. 

Reed,  Dr.  William  Oilman 38  Hamilton  St.  Southbridge,  Mass. 

Robinson,  Dr.  Daniel  Arthur 142  Hammond  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

*  Robinson,  Prof.  Franklin  Clement,  died  1910 Brunswick,  Me. 

*  Waterhouse,  Frank  Shepard,  died  1905 Limerick,  Me. 

*  Whitney,  Frederick  E.,  died  1921 Oakland,  Cal. 

Wilson,  Rev.  Frederick  Arthur 34  Essex  St.  Andover,  Mass. 


Cole,  Rev.  Samuel  Valentine  (Pres.) Wheaton  College,  Norton,  Mass. 

*  Emery,  Hannibal  Hamlin,  died Portland,  Me. 

*  Kimball,  Charles  Frederick,  died  1909 Chicago,  111. 

*  Kimball,  Dr.  L(evi)  Houghton,  died  1914 Roxbury,  Mass. 

Simpson,  Hon.  Judge  Thomas  Charles. .  .97  High  St.  Newburyport,  Mass. 

*  White,  Henry  Gardiner,  died  1913 Providence,  R.I. 


*  Carter,  Seth  May,  died  1918 Auburn,  Me. 

*  McQuillan,  Greorge  Fulton,  died  1914 Portland,  Me. 

*  Fatten,  Horace  Reed,  died  1876 Portland,  Me. 

Pulsifer,  Dr.  Woodbury  (Lib.) . .  1627  Hobart  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Rice,  Dr.  William  Edgar,  died Bath,  Me. 

Rogers,  Rev.  Joseph  McKean Omena,  Mich. 

Sargent,  Prof.  Dudley  Allen 27  Everett  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

Stanwood,  Dr.  Robert  Given  (Ret.) 10  Maple  St.  Madison,  Me. 


*  Bates,  Prof.  Arlo,  died  1918 Boston,  Mass. 

Jameson,  Charles  Davis  (C.  Eng.),  c/o  Mrs.  Julia  A.  Jameson,  Bangor,  Me. 

*  Kimball,  Edward  Hazen,  died  1902 Bath,  Me. 

Payne.  Dr.  John  Howard 352  Commonwealth  Ave.  Boston,  Mass. 

Robinson,  Walter  Augustine  (Ed.) 36  Jason  St.  Arlington,  Mass. 

Sewall,  Joseph  Ellis  (Ret.) 1071  Washington  St.  Bath,  Me. 

*  Souther,  Williams,  died  1908 Crawford,  Neb. 

160  BOWDOIN  1877-83 


*  Blakb,  Edward  Harward,  died  1922 Bangor,  Me. 

Brown,  Nathan  Clifford 218  Middle  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Chapman,  John  Elip^az  (Trustee) 79  Federal  St.  Brunswick,  Me. 

HoLBBOOX,  Rev.  George  Arthur 2900  5th  Ave.  Troy,  N.Y. 

SANBORN^illett  Herbert  (Ed.) . .  .St.  Hilda's  Hall,  Charlestown,  W.  Va. 
WiGGiN,  Henry  Dwight  (Lumber) 89  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


FssBBNDBN,  Stephen  Deblois  (Dept.  Agr.) .  .89  Pinckney  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Garland,  Otis  Ward,  died  1877 Gloucester.  Mass. 

*  PxjBiNOTON,  George  CJolby,  died  1909 Farmington,  Me. 

Slbepbb,  Rev.  William  Washburn 196  Trenton  St.  E.  Boston,  Mass. 


Hastings,  Edward  Ellis  (Law.) Fryeburg,  Me. 

*  Stbarns,  Seward  Smith,  died  1899 Norway,  Me. 


Dane,  Walter  Lee  (Law.) Kennebunk,  Me. 

Emerson,  Dr.  Natnaniel  Waldo.  .295  Commonwealth  Ave.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Gilbert,  Roswell  Chase,  died  1887 Salmon  Falls,  N.H. 

*  GouLDiNQ,  Franklin,  died  1913 Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Martin,  William  Pierce Lexington,  Mass. 

PuRiNGTON,  Frank  Orrin  (Law.) 46  Pleasant  St.  Mechanic  Falls,  Me. 

RiLET,  Thomas  Harrison  (Banker) 46  Pleasant  St.  Bnmswiok,  Me. 


Chamberlain,  Harold  W.  (Elec.) . .  1925  Commonwealth  Ave.  Boston,  Mass. 

Cole,  Rev.  William  Isaac Wheaton  College,  Norton,  Mass. 

Cutler,  Rev.  Charles  Herrick 173  Moffat  Rd.  Waban,  Mass. 

Dike,  Dr.  John 112  W.  Emerson  St.  Melrose,  Mass. 

*  Gregg,  Artemus  Fisher,  died  1879 Buckfield,  Me. 

*  Hathawat,  Horace  Burleigh,  died  1888 Augusta,  Me. 

*  Hitchcock,  Dr.  Alfred,  died  1900 Farmington,  Me. 

*  Mbrrill,  Ferdinand  Byron,  died  1921 Yarmouthville,  Me. 

TowLB,  Hon.  William  Warren  (Law.) 10  Tremont  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


*  Jbwett,  Edward  Rountree,  died  1899 Chicago,  HI. 

Mason,  Wallace  Edward  (Ed.) 261  Main  St.  Keene,  N.H. 

Merrtman,  William  Curtis  (C.  Eng.)..  .610  W.  162d  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
MooDT,  Prof.  William  Albion 60  Federal  St.  Brunswick,  Me. 

*  SnNCHPiELD,  Charles  Eben,  died  1882 Patten,  Me. 


*  Gibson,  Dr.  Arthur  Collis,  died  1904 Bangor,  Me. 

HuTCHiNS,  Prof.  Charles  Clifford 59  Federal  St.  Brunswick,  Me. 

Packard,  Dr.  Edward  Albert 908  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Pearson,  William  Stacey,  died  1890 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

1883-89  BOWDOIN  161 

RnssKLL,  Arthur  Joseph  (Writer),  1717  Irving  Ave.  S.,  Minneapolia,  Minn. 

*  Sbwall,  Benson,  died  1887 Bangor,  Me. 

Stbtbon,  Charles  Henry  (£d.) 8th  Ave.  and  Bway.  Nashville,  Tenn. 


Child,  Sampson  Reed  (Xaw.) 

1106  Lumber  Ezch.  Bldg.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

PmNNBT,  Horace  Coleman  (R.  Est.) 626  West  146  St.  New  York,  N.Y, 

ToBBET,  Prof.  Charles  Cutler 191  Bishop  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

ToBBBT,  Joseph 191  Bishop  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Walkbb,  Sherman  W.  (Florist) 194  E.  33rd  St.  Portland,  Ore. 

Watebman,  John  Anderson  (Law.) Gorham,  Me. 

Watson,  William  Preston  (Printer) Kingfield,  Me. 


*  Dyeb,  Orlando,  died  1883 Topsham,  Me. 

Fbbmch,  Ralph  Spofiford  (Fin.) 2376  Soarff  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cat 

*  GooDENow,  Dr.  Daniel,  died  1917 Maynard,  Mass. 

NiALLEY,  William  Pope  (Coal) 309  State  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

*  PuBBiNQTON,  Marshall  H.,  died  1922 Portland,  Me. 

*  Tabr,  Charles  Henry,  died  1887 Brunswick,  Me. 

Thomas,  Eugene  (Ins.) Green  St.  Topsham,  Me. 


*  Davis,  Prof.  Charles  Albert,  died  1916 Washington,  D.C. 

Davis,  John  Herbert  (R.  Est.) Bangor  House,  Bangor,  Me. 

*  Dike,  Dr.  Thomas  Worcester,  died  1909 Newtonville,  Mass. 

*  TuTTLE,  Charles  Whitcomb,  died Colusa,  Cal. 


Goodwin,  Prof.  Charles  Jaques 18  E.  Church  St.  Bethlehem,  Pa. 

LnTLB,  Edward  Toppan  (Customs)  . .  .235  W.  135th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pabsons,  George  Winfield  (Ed.) 2  Cross  St.  Medford,  Mass. 

PwKiNs,  Arthur  WeUesley  (R.  Est.) P.  O.  Box  610,  Farmington,  Me. 

SiWALL,  Rev.  Oliver  Dana 14  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

ToBBET,  Elliot  Bouton  (Artist) 39  West  67  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Vabket,  Leander  Brooks 1127  Conmionwealth  Ave.  Allston,  Mass. 

Vebbill,  Charles  Henry  (Govt.) 12  E.  Melrose  St.  Chevy  Chase,  Md. 


Atbb,  Dr.  Thomas  Herbert 9  High  St.  Westboro,  Mass. 

*  Babbbtt,  Edgar  Stanley,  died  1888 Sumner,  Me. 

Babbows,  John  Stuart  (Journ.) 324  Washington  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Bbadford,  Dr.  William  Herbert 208  State  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Woodman,  Willard  Woodbury  (Ed.) 6  King  St.  Peabody,  Mass. 


Cabboll,  Bernard  Chauncy  (Telephone),  210  Port  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Hayes,  George  William,  died  1894 Lewiston,  Me. 

LiBBT,  Ferdinand  Joshua East  Douglas,  Mass. 

nOBiE,  William  Pitt  Feesenden  (Trustee) Gorham,  Me. 

162  BOWDOIN  1889-94 

Shibley,  Edward  Newton  (Lumber) 705  Laurel  St.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Watts,  Prof.  Oliver  Patterson 114  Spooner  St.  Madison,  Wis. 


*  Brigos,  Ernest  Everett,  died  1889 Auburn,  Me. 

CoNAjrr,  Dr.  Edgar  Frank 612  Metropolitan  Bldg.  Denver,  Colo. 

Dennett,  Frank  Emory  (Law.) 800  Trust  Co.  Bldg.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Gates,  Frank  McAll,  died  1890 Free  Town,  Africa 

Gbeeley,  Willian  Horace  (Pub.) 33  Ashton  Ave.  Newton  Ontre,  Mass. 

*  Moonf ,  John  Marshall  Washburn,  died  1892 New  York,  N.Y. 

Morse,  Frank  Purinton  (Ed.) 15  Victoria  St.  Revere,  Mass. 

Ridley,  Albert  Sidney  (Law.) 49  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Royal,  Herbert  Clarence 196  Main  St.  Auburn,  Me. 

Smith,  Prof.  Warren  Rufus 509  Fairoaks  Ave.  Oak  Park,  111. 

Spinney,  Hon.  Elvington  P.  (Judge) Main  St.  North  Berwick,  Me. 


Chapman,  Henry  Smith  (Edit.) .  .881  Commonwealth  Ave.  Boston.  Mass. 
Crobwell,  Thomas  Rich 1336  Valley  View  Rd.  Glendale,  Cal. 

*  Foss,  Warren  Leavitt,  died  1918 San  Jose,  Cal. 

Jarvis,  Henry  Whiting  (Law.) .785  Webster  St.  Needham,  Mass. 

Jordan,  Ivory  Chandler  (Law.) 

CJharleaton  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Charleston,  W.Va. 

*  McDonald,  Rev.  Alexander  P.,  died  1922 Bar  Harbor,  Me. 

MacDonald,  Rev.  Angus  Martin 37  Hancock  St.  Bar  Harbor,  Me. 

Mallett,  Wilbert  Grant  (Ed.) 14  High  St.  Farmington,  Me. 

MiNOTT,  Charles  Vincent,  Jr.  (Shipping) Phippsburg,  Me. 

*  Packard,  George  Harris,  died  1894 Boston,  Mass. 

Rounds,  John  Mordough Strong.  Me. 

Thompson,  Edward  Abner  (Ed.) 3  New  Heath  St.  Roxbury,  Mass. 


*  GuMMER,  Fred  Vincent,  died  1900 Brunswick,  Me. 

Kimball,  Harry  Woods  (Mgr.) 75  Brown  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  LiNscoTT,  Prof.  Henry  Farrar,  died  1902 Chapel  Hill,  N.C. 

Merriman,  James  David  (Law.) 261  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wathen,  Rev.  John  Moss 34  Providence  St.  Woonsocket,  R.I. 


Baldwin,  Dr.  Sanford  Oscar 28  High  St.  Framingham  Centre,  Mass. 

Emery,  Dr.  Harry  Smith 721  Stevens  Ave.  Portland,  Me. 

*  Hutchinson,  Albert  Savage,  died  1913 Boston.  Mass. 

Jones,  Albert  Marshall  (Pub.) 212  Summer  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Savage,  Charles  Hale,  died  1896 Auburn,  Me. 

Shaw,  Frederick  Milton 15  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Shaw,  Philip  Morton  (Broker) 15  WUUam  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Briggs,  Frank  Ellsworth,  died  1922 So.  Portland,  Me. 

Chapman,  Rev.  Trelawney  Clarendale,  Jr 41  Beal  St.  Norway,  Me. 

Currier,  Dr.  William  Eugene 87  Merriam  Ave.  Leominster,  Mass. 

1894-99 BOWDOIN 163 

DbMott,  Rev.  George  Colby 201  Stete  St.  Portland,  Me. 

LiBBT.  Rev.  Frederick  Joeeph 632  17th  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Ross,  Howard  Andrew  (Ed.) 7  Grove  St.  Exeter,  N.H. 

Sixes,  Emery  Howe  (Law.) 49  WaU  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

'      1896 

BAIK3BR,  Abner  Anderson  (Ed.) 73  Oakwood  Ave.  Long  Branch,  N.J. 

Kimball,  Dr.  Walter  Scott  Abbott. .  .532  Washington  Ave.  Portland,  Me. 

Knowlton,  Dr.  John  Greenleaf  Whittier 78  Front  St.  Exeter,  N.H. 

LoBD,  Dr.  Charles  Edward  Dimmock Ruth,  Nev. 

*  RioLBT,  Edward  Turner,  died  1899 Topsham.  Me. 

RoBKBTS,  Joseph  Banks  (Coal.) Box  642.  Ck»lorado  Springs,  C!)olo. 

Shaw.  Joseph  Thompson 15  William  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Small,  Fred  Ossian  (Law.) ...  .9  Union  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Springfield,  Mo. 
Small,  Harlan  Page  (Law.) 500  Main  St.  Springfield,  Mass. 


BuBNHAM,  James  Libby  (Edit.) 47  Thornton  Ave.  Saco.  Me. 

CoBURN,  Henry  Wheeler  (Supt.  of  Schools) Dixfield,  Me. 

Knight.  Charles  Arnold  (Law.) 216  Brunswick  Ave.  Gardiner,  Me. 

Lkighton,  Ralph  Webster  (Law.) 36  Melville  St.  Augusta,  Me. 

Ltford,  Earle  Howard  (Druggist) 33-36  Main  St.  Berlin,  N.H. 

Obdwat,  George  Theodore 1  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  PsAssoN,  Jeremiah  Evarts,  died  1893 Brunswick,  Me. 


Bbett,  Prof.  George  Monroe  (Ed.) 404  W.  116th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Davis,  Rev.  Earl  Clement 638  W.  Chestnut  St.  Lancaster,  Pa. 

Eastman,  Dr.  Clark  Barker Madison  Ave.  Dumont,  N.J. 

Elliott,  Daniel  Weston  (Decorator) 8  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Hagab,  Robert  Sidney  (Law.) 216  Miners  Bank,  Joplin,  Mo. 

LoBD,  Harry  Dimmock  (Sales.) 401  Maine  St.  Saco,  Me. 

ViNiNQ,  Eugene  Conrad  (Ed.) 26  Concord  Rd.  Billerica,  Mass. 

White,  William  Frye  (Law,  M.  C.) 35  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


*  Hunt,  Dr.  Arthur  Leroy,  died  1916 Washington,  D.C. 

Knight,  Harry  Clifford  (Telephone) . .  .389  Norton  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Moulton,  Dr.  Charles  Day 122  Park  Ave.  East  Orange,  N.J. 

Pbnnbll,  Dwight  Richard  (Fin.) 43  Kilby  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Pbbkins,  Elbridge  (jerry  (Mfg.) P.  O.  Box  692,  Amherst,  Mass. 

Sabqent,  Walter  Joseph  (Law.) 23  Somerset  St.  Brewer,  Me. 

Smith,  Rev.  Oliver  Dow 20  Woodbridge  St.  W.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Stanwood,  Edward,  Jr Atwood  St.  Wellesley,  Mass. 

White,  Alfred  Benson  (Law,  M.  C.) 85  Devonshire  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Cbam,  Archer  Parris  (Law.) 

*  Kahabl,  Edgar  Alonzo,  died  1916 New  Bedford,  Mass. 

Lbavitt,  Leon  Brooks  (Fin.) 25  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

164  BOWDOIN  1899-1904 

LiBBT,  Willard  True  (Paper) Berlin,  N.H. 

*  Philoon.  Byron  Strickland,  died  1900 Auburn,  Me. 

Smith,  Ralph  Gardner  (Law.) Main  St.  Hillsborough,  N.H. 

TopLiFF,  Samuel  (Law.) 35  No.  Dearborn  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Wkbbteb,  Hanson  Hart  (Edit.)  • 

"Half  Way"  Crownshield  Lane,  Marblehead  Farms,  Mass. 
Whito,  Wallace  H.,  Jr.  (Law  M.  C.) Elm  St.  Auburn.  Me. 


Chapbcan,  Robert  Franklin  (Grain) 330  Spring  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Edwards,  Robert  Seaver  ^Eng.) 36  Osborne  Rd.  Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Habbib,  Samuel  Pope,  died  1908 Portland,  Me. 

JoBDAN,  Ernest  Leon 163  Winter  St.  Auburn,  Me. 

McCabtt,  Harry  Clinton 25  W.  43rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pbabson,  Joseph  Cleaveland .  .  .  6406  Ridgewood  Ave.  Chevy  Chase,  Md. 
Wbbbbb,  James  Plaisted  (Ed.) 68  Front  St.  Exeter,  N.H. 


FuLLBB,  Dr.  Edwin  Motley 808  High  St.  Bath,  Me. 

Gbboson,  John,  Jr.  (Metallurgy) 225  S.  Spring  St.  La  Grange,  111. 

Gbiffiths,  Arthur  Llewellyn  (Author) Bangor,  Me. 

Millikbn,  Dr.  Harris  James 16  Central  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

*  QuiNN,  Dr.  Hugh  Francis,  died  1916 Bangor,  Me. 

Whttb,  John  Humphrey  (Supt.) 30  Drummond  St.  Auburn,  Me. 


Babkbb,  Ben.  (Ins.) 40  Exchange  St.  Portland,  Me. 

*  Hatbs,  Edmund,  died  1913 Farmington,  Me. 

Hunt,  Dr.  Harrison  Joseph 15  Grove  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

RoLFE,  Charles  Edgar,  2nd  (Adv.). .  .681  Forrest  Rd.  New  Haven,  Conn. 
Stakwood,  Dr.  Frederic  Arthur,  323  Washington  St.  Wellesley  Hills,  Mass. 

Stone,  Prof.  Ralph  Bushnell  (Ed.) West  La  Fayette,  Ind. 

Webb,  Dr.  Harold  Randall 22  Pleasant  St.  Arlington,  Mass. 


Bbbdt,  Carroll  Linwood  (M.  C.) 401  H.  O.  Bldg.  Washington,  D.C. 

CoNNEBS,  Charles  Patrick  (Law.) 43  Highland  Ave.  Bangor,  Me. 

DxTNLAP,  Edward  Augustus  (Machinist)  .  .11  Magnolia  St.  Beverly,  Mass. 

Gould,  Daniel  Israel  (Law.) Central  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

Habbis,  Philip  Talbot U.  S.  Forest  Service,  Okanogan,  Wash. 

Holt,  Albert  Perry  (Sales.) 80  West  St.  Braintree,  Mass. 

MuNBO,  Dr.  Daniel  Colin 332  Genesee  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 

RiLET,  Thomas  Harrison,  Jr.  (Joum.) ...  .48  Pleasant  St.  Bnmswiok,  Me. 

Robinson.  Clement  Franklin  (Law.) 85  Exchange  St.  Portland,  Me. 

White,  Thomas  Carter  (Ins.) 36  Frye  St.  Lewiston.  Me. 

1904  * 

Co  an.  William  Frederick  (Pub.) . .  .34  Erie  Ave  Newton  Highlands,  Mass. 

Cbam.  Prof.  Marshall  Perley 83  Federal  St.  Bnmswick.  Me. 

Emebson,  Rev.  Chester  Burge 30  Blaine  Ave.  Detroit.  Mich. 

Fbost.  John  William  (Law.) 109  Clark  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

1904-08  BOWDOIN  165 

Griffin,  Prof.  Howard  Cousens  (Ed.) 

Carnegie  Inst,  of  Technology,  Pittsburgh.  Pa. 
Hathawat,  Eugene  Pablo  Durant  (Credit  Mgr.) 

1807  Newton  St.  N.  W.  Washin^n,  D.C. 

Packabd,  Cyrus  Franklin  (Mfg.) 114  Pine  St.  Lewiston,  Me. 

PxjBiNOTON,  Greorge  Colby 283  Water  St.  Augusta,  Me. 

*  Sexton,  Walter  Howard,  died  1921 Tempe,  Arii. 


Brbtt,  John  Hall  (Banking) 

c/o  Int.  Banking  Corp.  60  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Finn,  James  Gregory  (Law.) 245  Ocean  Pkwy.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Foster,  Dr.  George  Adams 1125  43rd  St.  Sacramento,  Cal. 

Much,  Rupert  MacConnell  (8.S.  Trans.) . .  113  Walnut  St.  Alexandria,  Va. 
Philoon,  Major  Wallace  Copeland 

c/o  Adjutant  General,  U.S.A.  Washington,  D.C. 

Piper,  John  Thomas . Riley,  Me. 

RiLET,  John  Winchell  (InsO 44  Pleasant  St.  Brunswick,  Me. 

Sanborn,  W^ter  Martm  (Law.) 283  Water  St.  Augusta,  Me. 

Tucker,  Dr.  George  Everett 86  Federal  St.  Salem,  Mass. 

White,  Donald  Cameron  (Grain) 457  Main  St.  Lewiston,  Me. 


Bartlett,  James  Austin  (Ed.) 95  Cedar  St.  Maiden,  Mass. 

(Chapman,  Philip  F.  (Law.) 187  Middle  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Childb,  Harry  Leslie Standard  Box  Co.  Auburn,  Me. 

GuMBEL,  Lester  (Cotton) 2320  Prytania  St.  New  Orleans,  La. 

HoDOSON,  Robert  John,  Jr.  (D.G.) 610a  3rd  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Perry.  Elmer  (Law.) 97  Exchange  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Piper,  Fred  Edgecomb  Richards  (Ins.) 

Travelers  Insurance  Co.  Hartford,  Conn. 
Winchell,  John  Patten,  Jr.  (Acct.).  .25  Elmwood  Ave.  Maplewood,  N.J. 


Allen,  Neal  Woodside  (Mer.) 19  Oaigie  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Bower,  George  Allen  (Mfr.) 69  Western  Promenade,  Auburn,  Me. 

Chandler,  "Dt.  Harold  Beckles 15  Fountain  St.  W.  Newton,  Mass. 

Coons,  Rev.  LeRoy  Wilson 50  Columbia  Park,  Haverhill,  Mass. 

Hopewell,  Henry  Chase  (Mfg.) 315  Waverly  Ave.  Newton,  Mass. 

Johnson,  Romilly  (Musician) 109  Nahant  St.  Lynn,  Mass. 

Kimball,  Phillips  ^Paper) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Leydon,  John  William  (Ed.) . .  .4608  N.  Hutchinson  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Robinson,  Dwight  Stillwell  (Powder) 

c/o  E.  I.  Dupont  de  Nemours  A  Co.  Dupont,  Wash. 

Small,  Ralph  Millard 800  Locust  St.  Fall  River,  Mass. 

Spbake,  Wuliam  Eugene Room  1211,  25  W.  43rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Winchell,  Thomas  R.  (Lumber) 

Standard  Veneer  A  Plywood  Co.  Portland,  Me. 


Ceowlby,  William  Robert  (Pub.) 55  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

166 BOWDOIN  1908-11 

Ellis,  Haryey  Anderson  (Sales  Eng.) 

c/o  Chicago  Pneumatic  Tool  Co.  6  E.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Greqson,  Bowdoin  Nealley  (Arch.) 785  High  St.  Bath.  Me. 

McGraw,  Barnard  James 3  Penhallow  St.  Portsmouth,  N.H. 

*  MoRBisoN,  John  Franklin,  died  1907 Medford,  Mass. 

Morse,  Benjamin  Wyman  (S.S.) . .  .88  Commercial  Wharf,  Boston.  Mass. 

MuDGETT,  John  Eugene  Remick  (Fin.) Alger  Court,  Bronxville,  N.Y. 

Robinson,  Arthur  Lincoln  (Law.) 85  Exchange  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Sanborn,  Edward  Talbot  (Supt.) Port  Gamble,  Wash. 

Stanwood,  Dr.  Harold  William Ruinford,  Me. 

*  Thomas,  Frank  Howard,  died  1922 Brewer,  Me. 


Bower,  Claude  Oliver  (Mfr.) 37  Fern  St.  Auburn,  Me. 

FisK,  Anthony  H 21  Walnut  St.  Reading.  Mass. 

HiNKLET,  Harry  Farrer  (Sales.) 387  Washington  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Hughes,  Arthur  Wilder  (Mfg.) 57  Worth  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Johnson.  Edwin  William  (Ed.) 1584  North  Ave.  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

Merrill,  Raymond  Earle  (Lumber) 11  Main  St.  Conway,  N.H. 

Rich,  Irving  Lockhart  (Undertaker) 106  Exchange  St.  Portland.  Me. 

Thaxteb,  Roger  L.  (Grain) R.  F.  D.  West  Falmouth.  Me. 


Babbitt,  George  Hutchinson 67  N.  Pearl  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

BoTNTON,  Chester  Alden  (Lumber) North  Whitefield,  Me. 

.Chapman,  Harrison  Carter  (Canner) 10  Clifford  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Clifford,  John  David,  Jr.  (Law.) 138  Lisbon  St.  Lewiston,  Me. 

Larrabeb,  Fred  Henry  (Sales.) 17  Oakland  Ave.  Auburn,  Me. 

MacLaughun,  Harry  Buddington  (Trucks),  Hobby  St.  Pleasantville,  N.Y. 
MacMillan,  William  Duncan 87  S.  Main  St.  Middleboro,  Mass. 

*  MoRSS,  Philip  Brayton,  died  1918 Worcester,  Mass. 

MoRSS,  Robert  Dillingham  (Pub.) 

7  Queen  Sq.  Southampton  Row,  London,  W.  C.  Eng. 
NuLTY,  William  Bridgham  (Law.) 125  Dartmouth  St.  Portland,  Me. 

*  Robinson,  Warren  Eastman,  died  in  service,  1918 
Stephens,  Prof.  Winston  Bryant 

253rd  St.  and  Fieldston  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Warren,  Herbert  Everett  (Banker) 70  Federal  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Babbitt,  John  Henry  (Mer.) 67  N.  Pearl  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Caldwell,  Wilbur  Chamberlin  (Ins.) .  .92  Somerset  St.  Springfield,  Mass. 

Clifford,  William  Henry  (Law.) 460  Main  St.  Lewiston,  Me. 

Donnelly,  Frank  Thomas  (Tools) 3400  Iowa  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Gibson,  Algernon  Tuttle  (Warehouse) 

1965  Pacific  Ave.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Gibson,  Dr.  Arthur  Collis University  Club,  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Hastings,  Hugh  Warren  (Law.) Fryeburg,  Me. 

Kellogg,  Prof.  Chester  Elijah  (Ed.) Wolfville,  Nova  Scotia 

Parkman,  Lawrence  Pratt  (Paper) 

R.  F.  D.  H,  Falmouth  Foreside,  Portland,  Me. 
Pierce,  Stanley  Woodward  (Transp.) 34  John  St.  Ridgewood.  N.J. 

1911-16  BOWDOIN  167 

-I  ,  I  ■■! I • •     "* 

PuRiNGTON,  Frank  Humphrey  (Sales.) 50  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Robinson,  Dy.  Harrison  Leonard 142  Hammond  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

Weathbbill,  Edward  Hacker 55  Bristol  Rd.  W.  Somerville,  Mass. 

Whitb,  Harold  Sewell  (Farmer) Auburn,  Me. 

White,  Joseph  Curtis  (Law.) 52  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


AsHET,  Harold  Charles  Lewis  (Sprinklers) 

14  Whitman  Rd.  Worcester,  Mass. 
Bailet,  Charles  Olin,  Jr.  (Law.)  . .  Bailey-Glidden  Bldg.  Sioux  Falls,  S.D. 

GiLLiN,  James  McKinnon  (Law.) 119  Pine  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

Grant,  Dr.  Alton  Levicoimt,  Jr 133  Court  St.  Auburn,  Me. 

MoBSS,  Edward  Longworth  (Edit.) 15  Ashburton  PI.  Boston,  Mass. 

PuBiNOTON,  Ellison  SmuUen  (Radio  Eng.) 

Hammond  Radio  Research  Laboratory,  Cambridge,  Mass. 

Sullivan,  John  Joseph,  Jr.  (Paper) Hotel  Nonotuck,  Holyoke,  Mass. 

White,  (Heman)  Ashmead  (Bond  Sales) 169  Broadway,  Bangor,  Me. 


*  Bull,  Charles  Roy,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Childs,  John  Swasey  (Paper  Boxes) 78  Horten  St.  Lewiston,  Me. 

Hazelton,  Philip  Thobum 5504  14th  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Leavitt,  Verd  Russell 73  Pearl  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Philoon,  James  Everett  (Law.) 11  Turner  St.  Auburn,  Me. 

SiwALL,  Donald  Swanton  (Mfg.) 1127  Washington  St.  Bath,  Me. 

Smith,  Lawrence  Willey  (Sales.) 153  Maine  St.  Brunswick,  Me. 

TuTTLE,  Curtis  (Farmer) Colusa,  Cal. 

WicsQiN,  Frederic  Shaw  (Mfg.) Ashton,  R.I. 

WiNSLOw,  Dr.  Everett  Stevens 195  Main  St.  Waterville,  Me. 


Eaton,  George  Franklin  (Law.) 29  James  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

Mason,  Wallace  Edward,  Jr.  (R.  Est.) 251  Main  St.  Keene,  N.H. 

Pbatt,  Arthur  Llewellyn  (Rubber) "Haskell  Club,"  Washburn,  Wis. 

Thompson,  Earle  Spaulding  (Fin.) 136  West  44th  St.,  New  York  City 

TowLB,  Philip  Innes  (Ed.) 244  S.  Clinton  St.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

*  Ubquhabt,  Douglas,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Weathbbill,  Robert  Thomas  (Copper) .  .62  Norfolk  Rd.  Arlington,  Mass. 


Card,  Philip  Livingstone  (Ins.) 

601  Chamber  of  Commerce  Bldg.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 
DuNTON,  Robert  M.  (Ship  Chandler). .  .310  Monticello  Ave.  Norfolk,  Va. 

Lynch,  Dr.  Frederick  James 353  Commonwealth  Ave.  Boston,  Mass. 

MacWilliams,  George  Arthur 29  Madison  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

Ramsat,  Kenneth  Elmer  (Ins.) 61  Main  St.  Farmington,  Maine 

SiOTH,  Philip  Sydney  (Law.) Main  St.  Leicester,  Mass. 

Vebrill,  Harold  Everett  (Fin.) 46  Bramhall  St.  Portland,  Me. 

West,  Samuel  (Statistician) 303  Fountain  St.  New  Haven,  CJonn. 

168  BOWDOIN  1916-20 


Bamford,  Wellington  Arthur  (Storekeeper) Houlton,  Me. 

Haoerman,  Coy  Lawrence .Houlton,  Me. 

*  Haggett,  Amos  Bartlett,  Jr.,  died  1916 Bath,  Me. 

Little,  Edward  Robert  (Fin.) 171  Lowell  St.  Peabody,  Mass. 

Noble,  Lew  Maurice 1513  Flatiron  Bldg.  New  York,  N.Y. 

RoBiE,  John  Waterman  (Clerk) Grorham,  Me. 

Stxjabt,  Richard  Hills  (Sales.) 37  Dartmouth  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Weathbbill,  Prof.  Philip  Francis.. Univ.  of  Michigan,  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 
White,  Donald  Sherman 

American  Express  Co.  11  Rue  Scribe,  Paris,  France 
Woodman,  Willard  Paine  (Sales.) 

3  Bradford  Court,  Newton  Centre,  Mass. 


Bingham,  Charles  (Coal) .  .1115  Merchants  Bank  Bldg.  Indianapolis,  Ind. 
Brown,  Prof.  Sydney  AlacGillvary  (Ed.) Bethlehem,  Pa. 

*  Mabtell,  Judson  Gordon,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Ogle,  Gilbert  Eugene  (Coal) 143  Liberty  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pike,  Carleton  Maxwell  (Administrator) Lubec,  Me. 

*  RiCKARD,  Forbes,  Jr.,  died  in  service,  1918. 

True,  Daniel  Waterman  (Mer.) 113  Vaughan  St.  Portland,  Me. 

White,  Hal  Saunders U.  S.  Shipping  Board,  Bristol,  England 


AsHEY,  Roy  John  Warren 11  Loudon  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

Edwards,  John  Richard,  Jr.  (Oil) 620  Hope  St.  Brist-ol,  R.I. 

Gray,  Alfred  Shirley 16  Macallen  St.  Boston  27.  Mass. 

Leydon,  Harold  WUson 29  Linden  PI.  Brookline.  Mass. 

McIntosh,  James  Pepper  (Bond  Sales.) 

1620  Broadway,  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Morrison,  John  Mackey  (Clerk) 211  State  St.  Boise,  Ida. 

Stanley,  Everett  Luscomb  (D.  G.) 704  Grand  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Thomas,  John  White  (Sporting  goods) 391  Main  St.  Rockland,  Me. 

Woodman,  Karl  Ayer  (Sales.) 19  Kenyon  Court,  Utica,  N.Y. 

Young,  Herman  Arthur  (Asst.  Treas.) 179  Lynn  St.  Peabpdy,  Mass. 


Dunham,  Dr.  Rand  Augustus 211  Knox  St.  Rumford,  Me. 

Edwards,  Bateman 25  Broad  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

Ham,  Jacob  Barker  (Mer.) 449  Main  St.  Lewiston,  Me. 

Higgins,  Donald  Shackley  (Ins.) 41  Holyoke  St.  Brewer,  Me. 

McDonald,  Donald  (Sales.) 69  Atlantic  St.  Portland,  Me. 

*  Martin,  William  Frye,  died  in  service,  1918. 

Stephens,  Gaston  McFarland 379  Park  Ave.  Rutherford,  N.J. 

Thomas,  Charles  Edward 22  Tanner  St.  Portsmouth,  N.H. 

Whalen,  Frank  Edward  (Sales.) 58  Pearl  St.  Bath,  Me. 


Brown,  Robert  Edward 3  Fairmount  St.  Melrose,  Mass. 

Cleaves,  Robert  Earle,  Jr.  (Mer.) 25  Jackson  St.  Portland,  Me. 

1920-24  BOWDOm  169 

Daggett,  Holman  Barnes Strong,  Me. 

Emssson,  Roswell  Delmont  (Dairy) Island  Falls,  Me. 

Gordon,  Stanley  Meacham Grordon  PI.  Ilion,  N. Y. 

Houghton,  John  Reed,  2nd 838  Washington  St.  Bath,  Me. 

LovEJOT,  Charles  Waldo  Hub.) 49  Congress  St.  Rumford,  Me. 

McLellan,  John  Houghton,  Jr.  (Ins.) 962  Middle  St.  Bath,  Me. 

McWiLLiAMB,  Richard  Kenneth 29  Madison  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

MooRB,  Nahum  Park 27  Broad  St.  Bethel,  Me. 

Moses,  Oliver,  3rd  (Woolen) 1027  Washington  St.  Bath,  Me. 

Sewall,  Arthur,  2nd  (Mfg.) 963  Washington  St.  Bath,  Me. 

Stubgis,  William  Alfred  (Ins.) 20  Deering  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Sullivan,  John  Joseph,  Jr.  (Mfr.) 26  Shepard  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

YoEK,  Carroll  Everett  (Chem.) Dupont,  Wash. 


*  Fabnham,  Clarence  Verdell,  died  1918 

Heenby,  Leslie  Boulter  (Clerk) Central  St.  Kittery,  Me. 

KuBTz,  Stewart  Sylvanus,  Jr 119  12th  St.  N.  W.  Canton,  O. 

Leti>on,  Thomas  William  (Ed.) 1610  Bolton  St.  Baltimore.  Md. 

LovELL,  Philip  Robinson 36  Pleasant  St.  Brunswick,  Me. 

Rich,  Walter  John,  Jr 22  White  St.  Rockland,  Me. 

Wing,  Milton  Jewell Kingfield,  Me. 


Alexander,  William  Wilmot  (Ed.) Island  Falls,  Me. 

Clark,  Pierce  Usher 11  Farmington  Ave.  Plainville,  CJonn. 

Clifford,  Nathan,  Jr.  (Sales.) Shore  Road,  Cape  Elizabeth,  Me. 

Dbake,  George  Spencer Pleasant  St.  Clinton,  Me. 

Eldridge,  Millard  Alfred Bucksport,  Me. 

Emery,  Shepard  May 721  Stevens  Ave.  Portland,  Me. 

Flinn,  Waldo  Raj^ond Island  Falls,  Me. 

Ham,  Edward  Billings 3  Bath  St.  Brunswick,  Me. 

James,  Proctor  (Mfg.) 5  West  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Linn,  Arthur  Tsu  Kuang c/o  L.  C.  Arlington,  Peking,  CJhina 

LoTHROP,  Eaton  Shaw 95  Vincent  St.  So.  Portland,  Me. 

Merrill,  Lawrence  Freeman  (Canning) 94  Emery  St.  Portland,  Me. 


Hunt,  Emerson  Wilson 16  Churchill  Ter.  Newtonville,  Mass. 

Mallett,  Emery  Longfellow 14  High  St.  Farmington,  Me. 

Miller,  Norman  Franklin 36  Cottage  St.  Lewiston,  Me. 

Palmer,  Stephen 63  Lombart  St.  Newton,  Mass. 

Pollard,  Clair  Alonso Milo,  Me. 

Putnam,  WaUace  Joseph 25  Lime  St.  Newburyport,  Mass. 

Small,  Richard  Irving 88  Main  St.  Farmmgton,  Me. 

Smith,  Abiel  Manley 180  High  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Wilder,  Philip  Sawyer 64  Homer  St.  Newton  Centre,  Mass. 


Beals,  Ethan  Alfred 84  Marlboro  St.  Lowell,  Mass. 

Blaisdell,  Richard  Howell 129  Arlington  St.  Newton,  Mass. 

Blatchforp,  Lawrence 24  Mellen  St.  Portland,  Me. 

170  BOWDOIN  1924-26 

MacKinnon,  Donald  Wallace Topsham,  Me. 

Merrill,  Adelbert  Howard 805  Stevens  Ave.  Portland,  Me. 

Pike,  Alger  Wayland 2  Church  St.  Lubec,  Me. 

RouiLLARD,  Clarence  Dana Topsham,  Me, 

Sellman,  Frank  Harwood 112  Abbott  Rd.  Wellesley  Hills,  Mass. 

Small,  Joseph  Thomas 994  Washington  St.  Bath,  Me. 

Whalen,  Raymond  Reginald 68  Pearl  St.  Bath,, Me. 

Young,  Douglas  Winthrop 75  Coit  St.  New  London,  Conn. 


Barker.  Ellsworth  Edward Church  St.  New  Vineyard,  Me. 

BoswoRTH,  Frederick  Lyman 198  North  St.  Medford  Hillside,  Mass. 

Goodhue,  Albert  Burnham 99  Lovett  St.  Beverly,  Mass. 

Gulliver,  William  Henry,  Jr 47  West  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Hall,  Edward  Hamilton "Undercliffe,"  Camden,  Me. 

Leighton,  Henry  Leland  Chapman 36  Melville  St.  Augusta,  Me. 

LovELL,  Franklin  Winslow 45  Spring  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Mason,  Donald  Kimball South  Paris,  Me. 

Pike,  RadclifFe  Barnes 2  Church  St.  Lubec,  Me. 

Powers,  Kenneth  Glenwood Caribou,  Me. 

Smith,  Alden  Grover 509  Fair  Oaks  Ave.  Oak  Park,  111. 

Smith,  Harry  Francis New  Vineyard,  Me. 

Stalford,  John  Blythe 14  Kebo  St.  Bar  Harbor,  Me. 

Walker,  Vaughan  Aver Island  Falls,  Me. 

Welts,  Raymond  Ellsworth Caribou,  Me. 

1826-47  171 



*  Chasb,  Hon.  Salmon  Portland,  died  1873 Cincinnati,  O. 


*  Duncan,  William  Henry,  died  1883 Hanover,  N.H. 


*  Phipps,  Abner  Jones,  died  1886 Lewiston,  Me. 

*  Stevens,  Rt.  Rev.  William  Bacon,  died  1887 Philadelphia,  Pa. 


*  Clabkb,  Ranslure  Weld,  died  1899 Hornellsville,  N.Y. 


*  Caverlt,  Zachariah  Boody,  died  1862 Lowell,  Mass. 


*  Bartlbtt,  Henry  Snow,  died  1863 Lyndon,  Vt. 

*  Blanchard,  Amos  Adams,  died  1892 Buflfalo,  N.Y. 

*  Chase,  Rufus  Dudley,  died  1891 Orange,  Mass. 

♦Colby,  Robert  (Lake),  died  1904 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Harbis,  Broughton  Davis,  died  1891 Brattleboro.  Vt. 

*  NiLEs,  William  Watson,  died  1900 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Palukr,  George  Harrison,  died  1900 Acushnet,  Mass. 

*  Smith,  William  Henry  Leland,  died  1889 Dorchester,  Mass. 


*  Angell,  George  Thomdike,  died  1909 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Babstow,  Dr.  Josiah  Whitney,  died  1922 Flushing,  L.I.  N.Y. 

♦Cavis,  Joseph  Mills,  died  1892 Stockton,  Cal. 

*  Marshall,  Arthur  Ward,  died  1904 Metuchen,  N.J. 

*  Sargent,  Rev.  Roger  Moses,  died  1906 Wichita,  Kan. 

*  Smith,  Isaac  WilliAm,  died  1898 Manchester,  N.H. 

♦Weeks,  Asa,  died  1895 Washington,  D.C. 


*  Chase,  Dr.  Barton  Walker,  died  1898 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Cutler,  Rev.  Lyman,  died  1855 Newton,  Mass. 

♦DoRE,  John  Clark,  died  1900 Chicago,  111. 

♦Houston,  Rev.  Hiram,  died  1900 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Johnson,  Luther,  died  1862 Bradford,  Mass. 

172  DARTMOUTH  1847-53 

*  M0SB8,  Benjamin  Franklin,  died  1905 Atlanta,  Ga. 

*  Paxil,  John,  died  1903 Newport,  N.H. 

*  Sawybr,  R^v.  Artemus  Wyman,  died  1907 Wolfville,  N.S. 

*  Taylor,  Stephen  Gale,  died  1884 Brooklyn,  N.Y, 

*  Tennby,  George,  died  1880 Hartford,  Vt. 

*  Underhill,  George  Richard,  died  1855 Pensacola,  Fla. 


*  Adams,  Hon.  Austin,  died  1890 Dubuque,  la. 

*  Clarke,  Isaac  Lewis,  died  1863 Waukegan,  111. 

*  Cogswell,  William  Strong,  died  1848 Gilmanton,  N.H. 

*  Dean,  Benjamin  Willey,  died  1863 Grafton,  Vt. 

*  Hutchinson,  Rev.  Charles,  died  1903 New  Albany,  Ind. 

*  Miller,  Oliver,  died  1892 Annapol^,  Md. 

*  MussEY,  Rev.  Charles  Frederick,  died  1903 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  White,  Rev.  Pliny  Holton,  died  1869 Coventry,  Vt. 

*  WiGGiN,  Edwin  Ruthven,  died  1894 Boston,  Mass. 


*  Carr,  Robert  William,  died  1864 Hebron,  Me. 

*  Chapin,  Charles  Henry,  died  1899 v St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Cram,  DeWitt  Clinton,  died  1903 Dubuque,  la. 

*  Hill,  David  Clark,  died  1864 Farmington,  N.H. 

*  Richardson,  Dr.  William  Henry  Harrison,  died  1874 Corinth,  Vt. 

*  Swain,  William  Fellows,  died  1902 Houston,  Tex. 


*  Clarke,  Francis  Erasmus,  died  1900 Waukegan,  111. 

*  Grant,  WiUiam  Cutting,  died  1887 Chicago,  111. 

*  Hitchcock,  Charles,  died  1881 Chicago,  111. 

*  Hood,  Gilbert  Edwin,  died  1904 Lawrence,  Mass. 

*  Lord,  Nathan,  died  1885 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Putnam,  Prof.  Daniel,  died  1906 Ypsilanti,  Mich. 

*  QuiMBY,  Prof.  Elihu  Thayer,  died  1890 Hanover,  N.H. 

*  Rollins,  Edward  Ashton,  died  1885 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Ross,  Hon.  Jonathan,  died  1903 St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 

*  Shorey,  Daniel  Lewis,  died  1899 Chicago,  111. 

*  WiLLARD,  Charles  Wesley,  died  1880 Montpelier,  Vt. 


*  Fairbanks,  Lorenzo  Sayles,  died  1897 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Gardiner,  Rev.  George  Warren,  died  1895 New  London,  N.H. 

*  Johnson,  Osgood,  died  1857 Andover,  Mass. 

*  Ladd,  John  Johnson,  died  1889 Staunton,  Va. 

*  MowE,  James  Franklin,  died  1868 Belleville,  Fla. 

*  Ordway,  Daniel  Henry,  died  1854 Hampstead,  N.H. 

*  Whitman,  James,  died New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Crosby,  Dr.  Alpheus  Benning,  died  1877 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Farnbwobth,  Jonathan  Brewer,  died  1913 Windsor,  Vt. 

1863-67  DARTMOUTH  173 

*  HowABD,  William  Wallace,  died  1864 Woodstock,  Vt. 

*  Kendall,  John,  died  1861 Washington,  D.C. 

*  MoBBisoN,  Nathan  Jackson,  died  1907 Wichita,  Kan. 

*  Parker,  Prof.  Isaac  Augustus,  died  1912 Galesburg,  III. 

*  Perrin,  Henry  Martyn,  died  1896 St.  Johns,  Mich. 

*  Washburn,  John  Seth,  died  1880 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Wight,  John  Fletcher,  died  1908 Shelbyville,  Ky. 

*  YouNo,  Prof.  Charlee  Augustus,  died  1908 Hanover,  N.H. 


*  Allard,  John  Winslow,  died  1905 Milford,  Mass. 

*  Caverno,  Rev.  Charles,  died  1916 Lombard,  111. 

*  Charlton,  Edward  Aaro,  died  1896 Brodhead,  Wis. 

*  Collamore^  Dr.  George  Anthony,  died  1903 Toledo,  O. 

*  Hall,  Daniel,  died  1920 Dover,  N.H, 

*  Herrick,  William  Augustus,  died  1885 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Mathes,  Edwin  Nathaniel,  died  1863 Portsmouth,  N.H. 

*  Reed,  Jedidiah  Harris,  died  1899 Dorchester,  Mass. 

*  Smith,  John  Adams,  died  1853 Thetford,  Vt. 

*  TwoMBLT,  Horatio  Nelson,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  WooDwoRTH,  Prof.  Horatio  Bliss,  died  1906 Grand  Forks,  N.D. 


Bond,  Samuel  Robert  (Law.) 13  Iowa  Circle,  Washington,  D.C. 

*  CHASEjJEkiward  Henry,  died  1908 Wilkes-Barre,  Pa. 

*  Dow,  William  Dexter,  died  1902 Wilmington,  Del. 

*  Howe,  Richard,  died  1863 Shelburne,  N.H. 

*  Ladd,  William  Spencer,  died  1891 Lancaster,  N.H. 

*  Marston,  Samuel  Sherburne,  died  1857 Ossipee  Centre,  N.H. 

Preston,  Sylvester  S.  (Ret.) 4601  W.  18th  PI.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  Robinson,  FrankCUn)  Marvin,  died  1885 Dubuque,  la. 

*  Taylor,  Jacob  Edwin,  died  1868 Charleston,  III. 


*  Bartlett,  George  Washington,  died  1873 Greenfield,  Mass. 

*  Clarke,  Prof.  Ambrose  Wayland,  died  1871 Concord,  N.H. 

*  Coffin,  Abraham  Burbank,  died  1907 Winchester,  Mass. 

*  Cutchbon,  Sulhvan  M.,  died  1900 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Cutler,  Rev.  (John)  Calvin,  died  1907 Aubumdale,  Mass. 

*  Davis,  Mark,  died  1865 Townsend.  Mass. 

Dyer,  Aaro  (Ret.) 711  Upper  Second  St.  Evansville,  Ind. 

*  Ferris,  Rev.  Leonard  Zenas,  died  1910 Rumf ord,  R.I. 

*  Fuller,  Hon.  William  Eddy,  died  1911 Taimton,  Mass. 

*  Gaoe,  John  Cutter,  died  1913 Kansas  City,  Mo. 

*  Hinckley,  Lyman  Gillett,  died  1887 Chelsea,  Vt. 

*HowE,  Joseph  Wilkins,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Putnam,  Arthur  Alwyn,  died  1910 Uxbridge.  Mass. 

*  Thrasher,  Charles  Woodbury,  died  1901 Springfield,  Mo. 


*  Clark,  Dr.  John  Howe,  died  1913 Amherst,  N.H. 

*  Follettb^  Dr.  John  Atwood,  died  1914 East  Kingston,  N.H. 

174  DARTMOUTH  1867-60 

*  GooDHtJB,  Rev.  Henry  Anthony,  died  1917 Brattleboro,  Vt. 

*  Halb,  Hon.  John  Cushman,  died  1922 Clevelana,  O. 

*  Haselton,  Moses  Kittredge,  died  1863 Exeter,  N.H. 

*  HoRNB,  George  Edward,  died  1896.^ New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Marsh,  Ivory  White  Richardson,  died  1868 Newport,  R.I. 

*  Notes,  Hon.  Edward  Follansbee,  died  1890 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Pabker,  Ezra  Knight,  died  1920 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Richardson,  Hon.  James  Bailey,  died Boston,  Mass. 

*  Richmond,  Warren  Elias,  died  1862 Chicago,  111. 

Wright,  Rev.  William  Burnet  (Ret.) 69  Ashland  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 


*  Chadwick,  Harrison  Everett,  died  1911 Haverhill,  Msiss. 

*  Clarke,  John  Theodore,  died  1904 Southbridge,  Mass. 

*  Dascomb,  Rev.  Alfred  Brooks,  died  1894 Westminster,  Vt. 

*  Emery,  George  Washington,  died  1909 Marshfield,  Mass. 

*  Gibson,  Walter,  died  1898 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Gleason,  Samuel  Mills,  died Thetford  Centre,  Vt. 

*  Heath,  Willard  Spaiilding,  died  1861 Groton.  N.H. 

*  Hutchinson^  Heniy  Elijah,  died  1914 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Kimball,  William  Frederick  Durant,  died  1865 Kickapoo,  Tex. 

*  Shoret,  Frank  Howard,  died  1862 Dedham,  Mass. 

*  Thompson,  Charles  Oliver,  died  1885 Worcester,  Mass. 


*  Baker,  Fisher  Ames,  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Carleton,  Isaac  Newton,  died  1902 Bradford,  Mass. 

*  Carroll,  Charles  Whiting,  died  1862 Dedham,  Mass. 

*  Conner,  Dr.  Phineas  Sanborn,  died  1909 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  CowLBS,  Dr.  Edward,'  died  1919 Plymouth,  Mass. 

*  French,  Scott,  died  1863 Pittsfield,  N.H. 

*  Gaoe,  Alfred  Payson,  died  1903 Arlington,  Mass. 

*  Hosford,  Dr.  Charles,  died  1877 Fairhaven,  Mass. 

*  Moody,  Charles  Dummer,  died  1894 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

NiLBS,  William  (Ret.) 313  Rose  St.  La  Porte,  Ind. 

*  NoYBS,  Samuel  Aiken,  died  1900 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  RuGOLES,  Prof.  Edward  Rush,  died  1897 Hanover,  N.H. 

*  Sanderson,  Rev.  James  Augustus,  died  1889 Plymouth,  Mass. 


*  Bancroft,  Rev.  Cecil  Franklin  Patch,  died  1901 Andover,  Mass. 

*  Caldwell,  David  Augustine,  died  1886 New  Bedford,  Mass. 

*  Caverno,  Daniel  Henry,  died  1867 Lockport,  N.Y. 

*  Chase,  Frederic,  died  1890 Hanover,  N.H. 

*  Hayes,  John  William,  died  1902 Kenosha,  Wis. 

*  How,  Prof.  Lyman  Bartlett,  died  1893 Manchester,  N.H. 

*  Hudson,  Frederick  Van  Houten,  died  1903 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Middleton,  Ralph  Isard,  died  1914 Charleston,  S.C. 

Patterson.  Gen.  Joab  Nelson  (Ret.) ...  .35  Penacook  St.  Concord,  N.H. 

*  Pearsall,  Luther  Burr,  died  1896 Hoof>er's  Valley,  N.Y. 

*  Savage,  Edward  died Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Thompson,  Rev.  William  Augustus,  died  1875 Hartford,  Conn. 

1860-^  DARTMOUTH  175 

*  Westoats,  Earle  Webster,  died  1915 Manhattan,  Kan. 

*  Wheeler,  Charles,  died  1896 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Wilcox,  George,  died  1907 New  York.  N.Y. 


*  Dow,  Rev.  William  Wallace,  died  1912 Portsmouth,  N.H. 

Glbason,  Rev.  George  Leroy  (Farmer) High  St.  Topefield,  Mass. 

*  Kimball,  Nathaniel  Tenney,  died  1901 Bradford,  Mass. 

MooBE,  Henry  Kingsbury  (Law.) P.  O.  Drawer  L,  Tonopah,  Nev. 

*  Olnet,  John  Palmer,  died  1885 Wickford,  R.I. 

*  Phelps,  Edwin,  died  1894 San  Francisco,  Cal. 


*  Allen,  James  FrankKn,  died  1919 Rockville,  Md. 

*  Bailey,  William  Frederick,  died  1870 East  Jaffrey,  N.H. 

*  Boutellb,  Prof.  David  Emery,  died  1871 Tully,  N.Y. 

*  Cbane,  Amos  Waters,  died  1910 East  Toledo,  O. 

*  Hubbard,  Grosvenor  S.,  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 

Lake,  Arthur  S.  (R.  Est.) 5th  Ave.  Shenandoah,  la. 

McLbran,  Benjamin  (Eng ) 3935  "L"  St.  San  Diego,  Cal. 

*  Palmer,  Rev.  Charles  Myron,  died  1899 Sharon,  Vt. 

*  Potter,  Alvah  Kimball,  died  1910 East  Concord,  N.H. 

Sanborn,  John  Jay 

*  Stevens,  John  Sanborn,  died  1912 Peoria,  111. 

*  Taylor,  George  Harvey,  died  1881 Amsterdam,  N.Y. 


Abbott,  Dr.  Amos  Wilson 1717  Ist  Ave.  So.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Alexander,  Samuel  Judson,  died  1863 Concord,  N.H. 

Blake,  Barton  Fisk  (V.  Pres.  6c  Treas.) 

337  So,  Highland  Ave.  Merion,  Pa. 

*  Bradley,  David  Emery,  died  1902 Chicago,  111. 

Flagg,  William  Lapham 

*  Foster,  Dr.  Addison  Howard,  died  1906 Chicago,  111. 

*  Goodelle,  William  Prevost,  died  1918 Syracuse,  N.Y. 

*  Goodwillie,  Thomas,  died  1888 Vernon,  Vt. 

*  Johnson,  Jesse,  died  1918 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Pierce,  Dr.  Gardner  Carpenter,  died  1900 Ashland,  Mass. 

*  Rand,  Stephen,  died  1916 Washington.  D.C. 

*  Spencer,  Frank  Austin,  died  1911 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Westqate,  Hollis  Smith,  died  1898 Westgate,  Kan. 


*  Austin,  Daniel,  died  1863 Chicago,  111. 

*  Babtlett,  Samuel  Newton,  died  1864 Townsend,  Mass. 

*  Caldwell,  Dr,  Charles,  died  1921 Mansfield.  O. 

*  Charles,  Albert  Priest,  died  1889 Seymour,  Ind. 

*  Fitch,  Calvin  Webster,  died  1915 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

'Footer,  John  Luther,  died  1890 Lisbon,  N.H. 

GrasoN,  John  Tyler  (Ed.) High  St.  Clinton,  Mass. 

•Heibbl,  John  Henry,  died  1905 Cleveland,  O. 

176  DARTMOUTH  1864-68 

HiLDRETH,  Dr.  John  Lewis  (Ret.) 30  Symmes  Rd.  Winchester,  Mass. 

HoBBS,  Rear  Adm.  Ichabod  Goodwin Sunnyside  PI.  Newport,  R.I. 

*  Howe,  Elias  Wilkins,  died  1908 West  Medford,  Mass. 

*  Johnson,  Edward  Francis,  died  1896 Marlborough,  Mass. 

Kimball,  Charles  Webster Cor.  9th  &  Thomas  Sts.  Pomona,  Cal. 

*  Kimball,  Leonard  S.,  died  1861 Lowell,  Mass. 

*  Merrill,  Charles  Amos,  died  1907 Worcester,  Mass. 

*  Rows,  Dr.  George  Howard  Malcolm,  died  1916 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Webster,  Dr.  John  Ctdvin,  died  1915 Chicago,  111. 


*  Adams,  Charles  True,  died  1877 Newton,  Mass. 

*  BoDOE,  James  Henry,  died  1893 Newton  Centre,  Mass. 

*  Britton,  George  Washington,  died Newport,  N.H. 

*  Chase,  Walter  Wells,  died  1874 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Conner,  John  Sanborn,  died  1911 Cincinnati,  O. 

Cushman,  Rev.  Henry  Irving 26  Pitman  St.  Prpvidence,  R.I. 

*  Drake,  Frank  James,  died  1891 Manchester,  N.H. 

Kimball,  Richard  (Ret.) 723  N.  14th  St.  Waco,  Tex. 

*  MoDiCA,  Frank  Banvard,  died  1909 Chicago,  III. 

'  Wilcox,  Leonard,  died  1919 St.  Louis,  Mo. 


*  Abbott,  Joshua  Plummer,  died Antioch,  Cal. 

*  Abbott,  Lewis  Lowe,  died '. New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Chickering,  George  Edward,  died  1913 Lawrence,  Mass. 

*  HosFORD,  Schiller,  died  1912 Moline,  111. 

*  Kellet,  Edward  Augustus,  died  1872 Boston,  Mass. 

*  KiNGSLET,  Dr.  Eugene  Peck,  died  1914 Boise.  Idaho 

Merrill,  Chester  Wright,  (Ret.) .' 1415  Madison  Ave.  Columbus,  O. 

*  Neal,  Joseph  Perkins,  died  1871 Hanover,  N.H. 

*  0ns,  Waldemer,  died  1918 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Pierce,  John  Metcalf  (Ret.) 270  Union  St.  Rockland,  Mass. 

Spalding,  Dr.  James  Alfred 627  Congress  St.  Portland,  Me. 

*  Stackpole,  George  Dallas,  died  1902 Portland,  Ore. 

Whittemore,  Henry 47  Worcester  Lane,  Waltham,  Mass. 


*  Abbott,  Dr.  Alfred  Wells,  died  1921 Laconia,  N.H. 

Mather,  Frederic  Gregory  (Author) . .  164  Fairfield  Ave.  Stamford,  Conn. 

*  MosHER,  George  Abijah,  died  1913 • Amityville,  N.Y. 

*  Osgood,  Edward  Louis,  died  1911 Boston,  Mass. 

Skinner,  John  Augustus 

*  Thomas,  Alfred  Addison,  died Dayton,  O. 

*  Willard,  James  Richard,  died  1902 Chicago,  111. 

Wilson,  Albert  Gallatin 1418  W.  5th  St.  Dayton,  O. 

*  Wright,  Amos  Willets,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Anderson,  David  Allen,  died  1907 North  Adams,  Mass. 

*  Burbank,  Arthur  Marcus,  died  1899 Winchester,  N.H. 

1868-71  DARTMOUTH  177 

^^^— ^^^  ' '       ^^^^^^^^—    ■  11— ^p^»^^^^— ^  II 11  ■  ^^^^^^^^^■—  ■  ■  I      III     ■    »  ■  ■  ■  ■■■■■  ■—— ^— ^— ^^^^—^^»^^^^^^^»^^ 

*  Chandler,  Prof.  Charles  Henry,  died Smithville,  N.H. 

*  CocHBAN,  Frederic  Gove,  died  1901 Clayton,  Mo. 

Cook,  Asa  Brown  (Farmer;  R.  Est.) Petersburg,  Va. 

*  CuBTis,  Erskine  Chamberlin,  died  1883 St.  Louis.  Mo. 

*  Emebson,  Prof.  Charles  Franklin,  died  1922 Hanover.  N.H. 

*  Hale,  Charles  Goodwin,  died  1888 Chicago,  111. 

Hughes,  Rev.  James  Alexander  Dupee  (Ret.) 

14  Brookline  St.  Nashua,  N.H. 
Smith,  Dr.  Edwin  Everett Norwalk,  Conn. 


*  Braolet,  William  Johnson,  died  1875 Fryeburg,  Me. 

*  CiTBRiBB,  Edward  HaUam,  died  1874 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

D&AKE,  James  McEwen  (Pub.) .  .  881  Commcmwealth  Ave.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  FoLTz,  Dr.  Jacob  Ffancis,  died  1890 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Gbbby,  Dr.  Edwin  Peabody,  died  1911 Jamaica  Plain,  Mass. 

*  Griffin,  John  White,  died  1878 Leavenworth,  Kan. 

*  HiLAND,  Frank,  died  1879 Manchester,  N.H, 

♦HoDOMAN,  Edwin  Ruthven  Hill,  died  1909 Bozeman,  Mont. 

*  Jones,  Dr.  Frederic  William,  died New  Ipswich,  N.H. 

McNuTT,  Dr.  Hiram  Eugene 806  Idaho  St.  Huron,  S.D. 

*  Means,  James,  died  1895 Chicago,  111. 

*  Moore,  Dr.  James  White,  died 

*  Parker,  Joseph  Benjamin,  died  1905 Nashua,  N.H. 

•Phillips,  Sidney  Atwood,  died  1912 South  Framingham,  Mass. 

*  Pratt,  Henry  Foster,  died  1866 Winchester,  N.H. 

*  Wood,  Samuel  Edward,  died  1894 Kingston,  N.Y. 


BoLENius,  Dr.  Robert  Miller 48  S.  Queen  St.  Lancaster,  Pa. 

*  Brown,  Rev.  Francis,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Chenbt,  James  Wm.,  Sr.,  died  1917 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Colgate,  WiUiam  Hoyt,  died  1917 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Edqell,  George  Stephen,  died  1915 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hardy,  John  Henry,  died  1917 Arlington,  Mass. 

*  Plummeb,  Albert  Love,  died 

♦Smith,  (Eustice)  Ballard,  died  1900 New  York,  N.Y. 

Wilson,  Newton  H.  (Ret.) 508  Torrey  Bldg.  Duluth,  Minn. 

*  Worcester,  Franklin,  died  1916 Hollis,  N.H. 


Abbott,  Albert  Armstrong Union  &  Tremont  Sts.  Northfield,  Minn. 

*  Adams,  Melvin  Ohio,  died  1921 Boston,  Mass. 

*  CoNANT,  Charles  Henry,  died  1910 Lowell,  Mass. 

Davis,  Dr.  (^eorge  Eugene 1935  94th  Ave.  Oakland,  Cal. 

French,  William  Wesley  (Law.) 207  Washington  St.  Gloucester.  Mass. 

•Greenwood,  Frank  Eugene,  died  1905 Newport,  O. 

Herbert,  John  (Law.) 56  Dartmouth  St.  Somerville,  Mass. 

Hill,  Charles  E.  (Law.) 712  Keyser  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Martin,  Edwin  CampbeU,  died  1915 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mabtin,  Thomas  (Henry),  died  1899 Mclndoes,  Vt. 

*Ma8on,  James  Brackett,  died  1920 St.  Helena,  Cal. 

178  DARTMOUTH  1871-76 

*  Merrill,  Edward  Annis,  died  1914 Concord,  N.H. 

*  Osgood,  Albert  Augustus,  died  1915 Parsons,  Kan. 

*  Rbbd,  Dr.  Andrew  Fairfield,  died  1910 Arlington,  Mass. 


*  Evans.  William  Webster,  died  1912 Chicago,  HI. 

Farmer,  Lewis  Grieve  (Law.) 40  Court  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Fowler,  William  Plumer,  died  1918 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Gould,  Fred  Harvey,  died  1909 Concord,  N.H. 

*  Jarvis,  Dr.  William,  died  1910 Claremont,  N.H. 

Lake,  Albert  Emerson Murdock,  Neb. 

*  Savage,  James  Francis,  died  1920 Lowell,  Ma^. 

Silver,  Dr.  Henry  Mann Ill  E.  39th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Spaxtldino,  Alfred  Bsnron,  died  1881 Hillsborough  Bridge,  N.H. 

Welch,  Robert  William N.  Y.  Times,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Williams,  George  Fred  (Law.) 15  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


*  Baxter,  Albert  Franklin,  died  1914 Tilton,  N.H. 

BioELOW,  George  Dexter  (Law.) 

36  Pleasant  St.  Framingham  Ontre,  Mass. 
Bradlet,  Prof.  Charles  Frederick  (Ret.),  90  Mt.  Vernon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Bradley,  Frank  Albert,  died  1889 Chicago,  III. 

CTlark,  Isaiah  Raymond 54  Devonshire  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Dillingham,  Rev.  Pitt 178  Commonwealth  Ave.  Boston,  Mass. 

DuNLAP,  Rev.  George  Harlan Ashby ,  Mass. 

*  FiTTS,  George  Henry,  died  1909 Cohoes,  N.Y. 

Griffing,  Douglas  Carr 

*  Guthrie,  William,  died  1890 Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Thayer,  Frederick  Albert,  died  1883 Westboro,  Mass. 

Willoughby,  James  Henry  (Telephone) ...  28  Fuller  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 
WiswALL,  Rev.  Alexander Mendon  St.  Uxbridge,  Mass. 


Allen,  Fred  Lyman  (Sales.) 181  Court  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

*  Brackett,  Daniel,  died Wayland,  Mass. 

Brainerd,  Dr.  Hen^  Green 1661  Orange  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

♦Dickson,  Parker,  died  1919 Cincmhati,  O. 

*  Eaton,  Albert,  died  1908 North  Temescal,  Cal. 

*  Gates,  Charles  Otis,  died  1906 ^ Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Lee,  Greorge  William,  died  1884 Des  Moines,  la. 

*  Newton,  Rev.  Albert  Francis,  died  1917 Brookljrn,  N.Y. 

*  QuiMBY,  Dr.  Charles  Elihu,  died  1921 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Savage,  Charles  Wesley,  died  1890 Lowell,  Mass. 

*  Taylor,  Prof.  Arthur  Fairbanks,  died  1883 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Webster,  Hon.  Daniel  Frederick,  died  1896 Waterbury,  Conn. 


*  Crafts,  Frederick  Henry,  died  1913 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Emery,  Charles  Woodman,  died  1904 Canterbury,  N.H. 

*  EsTEY,  Alvin  Page,  died  1875 Manchester,  N.H. 

Hatch,  Dr.  Charles  Andrew 145  N.  20th  St.  Columbus,  O. 

1876-79 DARTMOUTH 179 

*  Hough,  Henry  Herbert,  died  1917 Dover,  N.H. 

*  Rigs,  Truman  Bishop  Ransom,  di^  1912 Holyoke,  Mass. 

RiCHABos,  Janris  (Rancher) 1655  Sherman  St.  Denver,  Col. 

Slaptbr,  Theodore  Shorey  (Artist) 67  Peach  St.  Walpole,  Mass. 

Smith,  Henry  Warren 16  First  St.  Troy,  N.Y. 

Stktbns,  Henry  Webster  (Law.) 73  Warren  St.  Concord,  N.H. 

*  WiGoiN.  Samuel  Bradley,  died  1889 New  York,  N.Y. 


Abbott,  Rev.  Justin  Edwards  @.D.) 120  Hobart  Ave.  Summit,  N.J. 

Babton,  Prof.  Herbert  Jewett  (£d.) 406  W.  Hill  St.  Champaign,  HI. 

Gate,  Rev.  Carter  Eastman 7  Kensington  Rd.  Edgewood,  R.I. 

Clabk,  Lot  Curran  ^.  Est.) 68  Poet  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Elt,  Ptof.  Richard  Theodore 205  Prospect  Ave  Madison,  Wis. 

Flint,  Thomas  (Ret.) Dimbarton  Rd.  Concord,  N.H. 

Fbost,  Walter  Clarence  (Fin.).  118  E.  Caramillo  St.  Colorado  Springs.  Col. 

Habdison,  fVank  Herbert  (Ins.) 54  Abbot  Rd.  Wellesley,  Mass. 

McCutchbon.  Frank  Moses  (Ed.) 6  Dexter  Row,  Charlestown.  Mass. 

PiPEB,  Dr.  Henry  Hildreth 411  High  St.  West  Medford,  Mass. 

Rtdbr,  Herbert  Daniel  (Law.) Bellows  Falb,  Vt. 

*  Thompson.  Samuel  Arthur,  died  1877 Nashua.  N.H. 

Tripp,  Greorge  Henry  (Lib.) , Public  Library,  Fairhaven,  Mass. 


*  Atkinson,  George  Elwjrnn,  died  1880 Hudson,  Mass. 

CooPEB,  Prof.  Charles  Hermance 322  Ramsey  St.  Mancato,  Minn. 

*  Day,  Charles  Lombard,  died  1879 Grinnell,  la. 

*  Fabnswobth,  Fred  Winslow,  died  1918 Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 

*  Hammond.  Dr.  Charles  Bartlett,  died Nashua,  N.H. 

*  Sanbobn,  Albert  Parker,  died  1876 .Lake  Village,  N.H. 

Saundebson,  Prof.  Greorge  William. ,  .4311  Brookljrn  Ave.  Seattle,  Wash. 
TtMPLi,  Dr.  William  Franklin 377  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Walker.  Herbert  Hart,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 


Andbews,  Addison  Fletcher  (Music) .  .Hotel  Bretton  Hall,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ck)HEN,  Lewis,  died  1915 New  York,  N.Y. 

Dewet,  Henry  Sweetser  (Law.) Pierce  Farm,  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Henbt,  James  Wheatoil,  died  1911 Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  Howe,  Charles  Henry  Webster,  died  1881 Hanover,  N.H. 

Maxson,  Dr.  Orrin  Prescott Stuart.  Fla. 

Newcomb,  Alvah  Stryker  (Law.) 176  Chestnut  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Nobcross,  Albert  Francis,  died  1893 Rockport,  Mass. 

*  Rat,  William  Henry,  died  1889 Chicago,  111. 

Sanbobn,  Edwin  Webster  (Law.) 375  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sawyer,  Alfred  Patten  (Law.) 45  Merrimack  St.  Lowell,  Mass. 

Stevens,  Charles  M.  (Law.) Over  Bank  of  Commerce,  Eugene,  Ore. 

Sully,  Wilberforce  (Ret.) 375  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Cohen,  Hon.  WiUiam  Nathan  (Law.) ...  .22  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Conant,  Ptof .  Levi  Leonard,  died  1916 Worcester,  Mass. 

180  DARTMOUTH  1879-83 

■I  I     ■      ■!■     I  - ■■    ■■■([■■■■— ^B^l^— ^^^— ^^^—M ^^1— — — ^»— ^■^■^■^^^^■^■^■■■^— ^^■^■^^^^^^^^■^— -^^^^ ^— ^^ 

*  CoNANT,  Osmjrn  Perkins,  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 

Derby,  Ladoit  (Ret.) 205  N.  4th  St.  Marshalltown,  la. 

Hough,  Hon.  Cnarles  Merrill  (Judge) P.  O.  Bldg.  New  York,  N.Y. 

KiLBUBN,  David Waits  River,  Vt. 

Proctor,  Thomas  William  (Law.) .  .  25  Pemberton  Square,  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Smith,  Joseph  Richardson,  died  1896 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Spalding,  Dr.  Alfred  M.,  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  WiLLABD,  Ashton  Rollins,  died  1918 Boston,  Mass. 


Haywood,  Frank  Morse 705  N.  Y.  Life  Bldg.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

*  Mitchell,  Prof.  George  Otis,  died  1913 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

MooBE,  Edwin  Gould Belmont,  N.H. 

Perry,  Samuel  S.  (Law.) 77  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Ripley,  Dr.  Frederick  Jerome 956  Belmont  St.  Brockton,  Mass. 

Smith,  William  I.  Clarke  (Ed.) St.  Luke's  School,  Wayne,  Pa. 

*  Spring,- Arthur  Langdon,  died  1918 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Spbino,  Dr.  Clarence  Walter,  died  1906 Fitchburg,  Mass. 


Aldbich,  George  T.  (Law.) 648  N.  Broadway,  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Cole,  Hulbert  Erastus,  died  1898 Taylor's  Falb,  Minn. 

Dewey,  Dr.  Charles  Gipson 44  Alban  St.  Dorchester  Centre,  Mass. 

*  Fabwell,  Myron  Leonard,  died  1879 Columbia,  N.C. 

*  Gbaham,  George  Washington,  died  1918 Memphis,  Tenn. 

Kimball,  Ephraim  Gardner  (Ed.) ....  Wallach  School,  Washington,  D.C. 
Lane,  Francis  Ransome  (Red  Cross) ....  136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Tbowbbidqe,  Dr.  Edward  Henry 28  Pleasant  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 


Babtlett.  Rev.  William  Alfred 1218  Little  Bldg.  Boston,  Mass. 

Chandleb,  Joseph  Gilmore  (Adv.) 10  Pleasant  St.  Concord,  N.H. 

Cook,  Rev.  Lyman  DeMerritt 115  Ten  Broeck  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  LuQUES,  Herbert  Llewellyn,  died  1922 Passaic,  N.J. 

Pease,  Frank  Alvin  (Law.) 297  Grove  St.  Fall  River,  Mass. 

Quimby,  William  Perry 319  S.  10th  St.  Philadelphia.  Pa. 

Rice,  Arthur  F.  (Coal) 24  Osbom  Ter.  Newark,  N.J. 

Smith,  Dr.  Herbert  Llewellyn 9  Auburn  St.  Nashua,  N.H. 

Strong,  Rev.  Wilham  Ellsworth 14  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Thompson,  Dr.  John  Franklin,  died  1922 Portland,  Me. 

*  Tirbell,  Arthur  Wells,  died  1891 West  Cummington,  Mass. 

Whiting,  William  Clark  (Lib.) 3  Lathrop  St.  Plymouth,  Mass. 


Balch,  Ernest  Berkeley. .  .c/o  J.  H.  Coit,  56  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Babstow,  Rev.  John Wethersfield,  Conn. 

Blake,  George  Frank  (Pianos) 120  Boybton  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Colson,  Prof.  James  Major,  died  1909 Dinwiddie,  Va. 

Cushman,  William  Edward   (Ed.) Hyannis,  Mass. 

Field,  Walter  Taylor  (Writer,  Edit.) 2301  Prairie  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Gates,  Rev.  Owen  Hamilton  (Librarian) .  .97  Avon  Hall,  Cambridge,  Mass. 
Hamilton,  Charles  W.  (Mfg.) 291  Prospect  Ave.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 


1883-87  DARTMOUTH  181 

I     McCbillis,  John  (Law.) 18  N.  Main  St.  Newport,  N.H. 

Maxwell,  Arthur  Aaron  (R.  R.)  . .  .267  St.  Ronan  St.  New  Haven.  Conn. 

Noes,  WiUiam  White  (Law.) 64  WaU  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Oakbb,  Dr.  Charles  Weston Williamsbridge,  N.Y. 

RoGBBs,  John  Williams Tyler,  Tex. 

Wbllb,  Travis  De  Shon  (Edit.) 119  W.  40th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Douglass,  Frank  Middleton,  died  1920 Philadelphia.  Pa. 

Eldredge,  Charles  H.  (Ins.) 175  W.  Jackson  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 

Eluot,  Rev.  Arthur  Montgomery Ramapo,  N.Y. 

Hill,  Josiah  French c/o  Lee,  Higginson  &  Co.  Boston,  Mass. 

HnratLET,  John  Hoxie 101  Tremont  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Hinckley,  Lewis  Elmer  Carleton,  died  1917 Reno,  Nevada 

*  Jenks,  Rev.  Arthur  Whipple,  died  1922 .' New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ladd,  Fletcher,  died  1903 Lancaster,  N.H.- 

NettiIeton,  Fred  Henry 442  S.  Ardmore  Ave.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  NuTT,  Hon.  Alfred  Edward,  died  1908 Tucson,  Aris. 

*8aboent,  William  Ervin,  died  1910 New  Bradford,  Mass. 


Bbigos,  Alton  Elliott  (Fruit) 9  Crescent  Ave.  Chelsea,  Mass. 

*(^elli8,  Frank  Otis,  died  1921 Newport,  N.H. 

Clabke,  Elam  Lewis  (Law.) 703  N.  Sheridan  Rd.  Waukegan,  111. 

Cragin,  WiUiam  Nelson  (Govt.) 4  Englewood  Ave.  Worcester,  Mass. 

*  GooDBNow,  Dr.  Daniel,  died  1917 Maynard,  Mass. 

washbubn,  Hon.  Nathan  (Judge) Middleboro,  Mass. 

WmppLB,  Prof.  Frank  Lewis 61  Maple  St.  Lynn,  Mass. 


Brown,  Robert  Oilman  (Min.  Eng.) 

Pinner's  Hall,  Austin  Friars,  London,  Eng. 

BuRNHAM,  Henry  Haynes  (Ed.) 48  Union  St.  Biddeford,  Me. 

Chase,  Arthur  Horace  (Lib.) U8  N.  Main  St.  Concord,  N.H. 

Jenks,  Chancellor  Livingston  (Law.) 1217  Ridge  Rd.  Evanston,  111. 

Johnson,  Frank  Vemer  (Law.) 2  Rector  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

OsBOBNE,  Walter  Franklin Eastern  Point  Rd.  East  Gloucester,  Mass. 

*  Richardson,  John  Lincoln,  died • 

Sampson,  Walter  (Ed.) 28  School  St.  Middleboro,  Mass. 

Smith,  Dr.  Henry  Onslow Hudson,  N.H. 

Stetson,  George  Ward  (Law.) 118  So.  Main  St.  Middleboro.  Mass. 

TocKBB,  John  Prentice 8  Irvington  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Babtlett,  Rev.  Samuel  Colcord Peace  Dale,  R.I. 

*  Bates,  Edward  Steams,  died  1887 Walpole,  N.H. 

Blaket,  John  Mawson  (Banking) 13  Abbott  St.  Nashua,  N.H. 

CuBHMAN,  Henry  Otis  (Law.) ;  .53  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

HowLAND,  Fred  Arthur  (Ins.) 120  State  St.  Montpelier,  Vt. 

Johnson,  Stanley  Edwards 149  E.  21st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Notes,  Edward  Proctor,  died  1899 Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Philups,  Herbert  Clyde,  died Richmond  Hill,  N.Y. 

182  DARTMOUTH  1887-91 

Pike,  Albert  Hilton Epping,  N.H. 

*  Smith,  Sidney  Mitchell,  died  1897 Claremont,  N.H. 

Wallace,  James  Burns  (Law.) Canaan,  N.H. 


Bttrnham,  Atherton  Smith Biddef ord.  Me. 

Gillette,  Benjamin  Barton  CMusic) 78  Pinckney  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Gleason,  Chauncey  (Farming) 418  E.  Broadway,  Haverhill,  Mass. 

Johnston,  Walter  A.  (Law.) 1414  Euclid  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Kellbt,  John  William,  died Portsmouth,  N.H. 

*  Reynolds,  Dr.  Henry  Herbert,  died Malone,  N.Y. 

Shobt,  Wallace  Clark  (R.  Est.) Whittelsey  St.  Malone,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Walker  Herbert,  died Littleton,  N.H. 

White,  Luther  Clark  (Lime) . .  , Windsor,  Vt. 


Blaib,  Henry  Patterson  (Law.) . . .  .801  Colorado  Bldg.  Washington,  D.C. 
Curtis,  Chester  Bickf  ord  (Personnel  Director) 

c/o  Scruggs,  Vandervoort,  Barney,  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  CusHMAN,  Charles  Parker,  died  1915 Osaka,  Japan 

Ellis,  Benjamin  Franklin 174  N.  Wabash  Ave.  Chicago.  111. 

FhAQQ,  James  Chester  (Agri.) Groton,  Mass. 

Hitchcock,  George  Hiram  (R.  Est.) 

711  Washington  Ave.  Washington  Court  House,  O. 

*  Newton,  William  Morrison,  died  1899 Charlestown,  Mass. 

Philbrick,  Frank  William  (Postmaster) Main  St.  Lancaster,  Mass. 

Thompson,  Josiah  Giiswold  Graves .• 

Wheat,  Alfred  Adams  (Law.) 135  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 


Botnton,  Dr.  Perry  Sanborn 134  W.  74th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Fassett,  James  H.  (Ed.) Chapel  Hill,  N.C. 

Hardt,  Charles  Augustus  (Grain) 34  Gray  St.  Arhngton,  Mass. 

Hilton,  Henry  Hoyt  (Pub.) 2301  Prairie  Ave.  Chicago,  HI. 

Montgomery,  Clarence  Elwood  (Piano  Tuner) Portsmouth,  N.H. 

NiTTT,  Howard  Evans 606  Greenleaf  Ave.  Glenooe,  111. 

'  Perkins,  Thomas  Allen  (Law.) Mills  Bldg.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Reynolds,  Hon.  James  Burton  (Banking) 

315  Munsey  Bldg.  Washington,  D.C. 

Safpord,  Dr.  Victor 15  Grosvenor  Rd.  Boston  30,  Mass. 

Shirley,  Edward  Newton  (Lumber) 705  Laurel  St.  Cincinnati,  O. 


Bailey,  Dr.  William  Thomas 20  Charlesgate  St.  W.  Boston.  Mass. 

Banfil,  Rev.  Frank  Milton Spring  St.  (jofifstown,  N.H. 

BuRBANK,  Eugene  Damon  (Pub.) 2301  Prairie  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Campbell,  Louis  Joseph Hanover,  N.H. 

Cobb,  Walter  D.  (Tel.) 49  Greenbrier  St.  Dorchester,  Mass. 

Cook,  James  Albert  (Edit.) 1483  Newton  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Heath,  Dr.  Albert  Cheney 339  Lowery  Bldg.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

1891-96  DARTMOUTH  188 

HoLTON,  Henry  Sylvester  (Mgr.) Park  Hotel,  Sault  Ste  Marie,  Mich. 

Laod,  Dean  William  Palmer 

Berkeley  Divinity  School,  Middletown.  Conn. 

Pboctor,  Dr.  John  Harvey 54  Nashua  St.  Milford.  N.H. 

Smith,  Charles  Manley  (Banker) Rutland,  Vt. 

Smith,  Daniel  Leon  (Law.) 15  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Thompson,  Lawrence,  died  1894 Shanghai,  China 


Bbown,  Forrest  (Ed.) 80  Market  St.  Amesbury,  Mass. 

Coon,  Dr.  George  Bailey State  Hospital,  Howard,  R.I. 

*  CJbowlbt,  John  Heniy,  died  1918 Washington,  D.C. 

*  HiLDRETH,  John  Lewis.  Jr.  died  1920 Bayonne,  N.J. 

Manbon,  Dr.  Charles  Albert 33  Prospect  St.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

Stsong,  Arthur  Mitchell 50  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


*  Allen,  Alger  Vincent,  died  1896 Roxbury,  Mass. 

Abnold,  Arthur  Daniel  (Ed.) 140  Ascension  St.  Passaic,  N.J. 

BouTELLK,  George  Williams  (Comptroller). .  .47 J  Cross  St.  Nashua,  N.H. 

Chandlsb,  Frederic  Nathan  (Law.) 148  Main  St.  Andover,  Mass. 

McKay,  Clarence  Wright  (Law.) 206  Rutgers  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*Peck,  Harry  Mayo,  died  1914 Glens  Falls,  N.Y. 

Runnels,  Frederic  Daniel  (Law.) 135  Main  St.  Nashua,  N.H. 


BuRNAP,  Robert  Lor^ 112  W.  Adams  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Colby,  Ira  Gordon  (Law.) 9  Sullivan  St.  Claremont,  N.H. 

CuBTis,  Alvah  Herman  Morrill 2444  Field  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Dupry,  George  Ernest  (Woolens) 5  Claremont  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

Ham,  Ernest  Guy  (Ed.) Brandon,  Vt. 

Habdy,  Prof.  Ashley  Kingsley 4  Clement  Rd.  Hanover,  N.H. 

Jinks,  Prof.  Paul  Rockwell 41  Mitchell  St.  Flushing,  N.Y. 

NoRRis,  Alfred  Edson  (Adv.  Mgr.) 9  Thomas  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Rollins,  Fitshugh  Smith 1818  Union  St.  Alameda,  Cal. 

Rollins,  Rev.  Walter  Huntington 287  4th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Sappord,  Edward  Hart,  died  1904 Kittery,  Me. 


Adams,  Edward  Francis 709  Pemberton  Bldg.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  CAMPBELii,  Robert  Argyll,  died  1897 Boulder,  Colo. 

PoLLABD,  Dr.  Charles  Whitney.^  .301  Happy  Hollow  Blvd.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Rayner,  Robert  Lyle 

Wight,  William  Addison R.  F.  D.  #1,  Derry,  N.H. 


Andrews,  Guy  Ashton Sebring,  Fla. 

*Cha8e,  Walter  Wells,  died .T^ 

gxiWY,  Walter  Fred Franklin,  N.H. 

Eaton,  Frederick  Benjamin  (Law) 51  Pelham  Rd.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Gay,  Dr.  William  Madison U.  S.  A.  Hospital  No.  60,  Oteen,  N.C. 

184  DARTMOUTH  1896-1900 

Ham,  Edward  Randolph  (Ed.) 6356  Ingleside  Ave.  Chicago.  111. 

McCuRDY,  Henry  Perkins 

NoRRis.  George  Gordon  (Fin.) 150  Gates  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Randall,  William  Joseph 16  Bassett  St.  Chelsea,  Mass. 

Richards,  Guy  Channing  (Law.) 256i  Essex  St.  Salem,  Mass. 

Weston,  Dr.  Charles  Albert 786  State  St.  Springfield,  Mass. 

Young,  Philip  (Banker) 50  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Balch,  William  Hoyt  (C.  Eng.) 46  Green  St.  Hudson,  Mass. 

Blunt,  Harry  Harmon  (Cotton) 110  Concord  St.  Nashua,  N.H. 

Chbslet,  Roscoe  H.  (Sales.) 11  Everett  St.  Cambridge,  Maes. 

CoNLON,  James  (Mgr.) 202  Elm  St.  Edgewood  Pk.  Swissvale  Sta.  Pa. 

Hardt,  Henry  Wheeler  (Law.) 123  Main  St.  Kingston,  Mass. 

Henderson,  Rev.  John  Rtissell Minnewoc,  Olga,  Fla. 

Holt,  Hermon,  Jr.  (Law.) 40  Court  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

James,  Ralph  Henry 

Mabbn,  Raymond  Earle  (Law.) 174  Monroe  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Malonet,  David  Joseph  (Law.) 73  Tremont  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Morrill,  Albert  Henry  (Law.) . .  .809  Provident  Bank  Bldg.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Shaituck,  Prof.  Harold  Bemis 122  W.  Beaver  Ave.  State  College,  Pa. 

Tabor,  Dr.  Edward  Orlando 149  Methuen  St.  Lowell,  Mass. 


*  Belknap,  Dr.  James  Lyman,  died  1911 Boston.  Mass. 

*  Chandler,  Carl  Henry,  died Boston,  Mass. 

Hatch,  Leslie  Adams 

*  McCall,  Charles  Nicholas,  died  1911 Randolph,  Vt. 

Middlbton,  William  Howard  (Comptroller) 

217  Cutler  Bldg.  Rochester,  N.Y. 
MouLTON,  Sherman  Roberts  (Judge) . .  178  S.  Proei>ect  St.  Burlington,  Vt. 

Patterson,  Allen  Bouton  (Orchardist) R.  D.  1,  Napa,  Cal. 

Swirr,  Prof.  Fletcher  Harper Univ.  of  Minnesota,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Abbott,  Alson  Morgan  (Broker) 51  Willow  Ave.  Plainfield,  N.J. 

BtstzETT,  Louis  Paul  (Ed.) -. . . .  .806  Riverside  Ave.  Evansville,  Ind. 

Cavanaugh,  Prof.  Francis  William . .  110  Parker  St.  Newton  Centre,  Mass. 

*  Collar.  Herbert  Coe,  died  1919 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Corey,  Guy  Edminston  (Law.) 464  Middle  St.  Portsmouth,  N.H. 

Greenwood,  Albert  Henry  (Eng.) . . .  588  Broadview  Ter.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Kirk,  Harold  Bruce 208  S.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Cakes,  Luther  Stevens  (C.  Eng.) 801  Globe  Bldg.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

RiSLET,  Charles  Ingraham  (Sales.) .  .54  Sunnyside  Ave.  Pleasantville,  N.Y. 

*  Wood,  John  Hutchinson,  died Pittsburgh,  Pa. 


Barton,  Prof.  Ralph  Martin 

BoTLE,  Charles  John  (Adv.) 95  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Conner,  Phineas  Sanborn,  Jr.,  died  1905 Cincinnati,  O. 

Moulton,  Horace  Freeman  (Telephone) 15  Dey  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

MuRRAT,  Lindley  Zachariah  (Law.) 220  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

190(M)4  DARTMOUTH  185 

SncKNBT,  Dr.  William 37  N.  Main  St.  Rutland,  Vt. 

ToNQ,  Dr.  George  WUliam 519  3rd  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Virgin,  Arthur  Russell  (Banker) 

Can.  Bank  of  Commerce.  N.  Hadley,  P.Q.  Can. 
Wentworth,  Joseph  (Law.) 30  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Barnard.  James  Arthur  (Sales.) 417  W.  118th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ceowbll,  Mortimer  Leggett  (Contr.) . .  1764  Lee  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.,  O. 

Haskell,  Frederick  White  (Adv.) 22  Auburn  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

Hathaway,  Harold  Preble  (Solicitor)  .  .  .  997  Park  Ave.  Woonsocket,  R.I. 

McInttre,  James  Bradford  (Steel) 3147  Cambridge  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

PiNGREB,  George  Elmer  (Elec.) 521  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Remsen,  Thomas  Richard  (Paper) Three  Rivers,  P.Q.  Can. 

SiBLET,  Harold  Thorndike  (Fin.) . .  1(X)9  Baltimore  Ave.  Kansas  City.  Mo. 
Ward,  Richard  (Mfg.) 190  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Adams,  Almon  Edgar  (Mgr.)  . .  615  1st  Natl.  Soo  Bldg.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Bradley,  Frederick  Oliver 426  N.  Alta  Vista  St.  Monrovia,  Cal. 

Brown,  Prof.  Julius  Arthiu* American  College,  Beirut,  Syria 

*  Easson,  James,  died  1920 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Fox,  Philip  (Astronomer) Dearborn  Observatory,  Evanston,  111. 

Hill,  Dr.  Laiu'ence  Richardson Soldiers  Home,  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Howard,  William,  Jr.  (Banking) 140  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Huntington,  Dr.  James  Lincoln 311  Marlborough  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Kennedy,  Mortimer  Bailey  (Fin.) 200  S.  Garfield  Ave.  Peoria,  111. 

Little,  William  Oliver  Baketel  (Qhem.) 

4  Walker  St.  W.  Roxbury,  Boston  32,  Mass. 

MACKINNON,  Allen  Parmalee 4  Grove  St.  Winchester,  Mass. 

Mandbl,  Eugene  David  (D.  G.) 1  No.  State  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Newman,  Sewall  Edwin  (R.  Est.) 9  Cliff  St.  Winchester,  Mass. 

Peckham,  Reuben 21  Park  Row,  New  York.  N.Y. 


Bradley,  David  Emery  (Fin.) .  .  .414  S.  Harvard  Blvd.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Cohen,  Arthur  Joseph  (Law.) 61  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Crowell,  John  (Ed.) 2600  Wabash  Ave.  Chicago.  111. 

Gage,  George  Harman 115E.  Haverhill  St.  Lawrence,  Mass. 

Hausmann,  Daniel  Andrew  (Dept.  Labor),  395  Hudson  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Murphy,  Sherman  Arnold  (Law.) 13  Woodlawn  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

PiERPONT,  Henry  Warner  (Oil) 5212  Webster  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Skinner,  Rev.  Azro  Karl 24  Beaver  St.  Keene,  N.H. 

Smith,  Albert  Edward  (Ins.) 

Security  Mutual  Life  Ins.  Co.  Binghamton,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Sherman  (Eng.) Edson,  Alberta,  Can. 

»WEN80N,  Omar  Stephen  (Granite) 14  Auburn  St.  Concord,  N.H. 

Webb,  Charles  Alfred  (Secy.) 1432  Ames  PI.  N.  E.  Washington,  p.C. 

Wentworth,  John  Paul  (Stoves) Hampton  Park,  Clayton,  Mo. 


Belknap,  John  (Min.  Eng.) Copley  Sq.  Hotel,  Boston,  Mass. 

186  DARTMOUTH  1904-07 

Gray,  Prof.  William  Rensselaer 9  N.  Park  St.  Hanover,  N.H. 

KiRKBR,  Jolfn  Henry  (Ins.) 15  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pelkby,  William  Charles  (City  Serv.) .  .242  President  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Perry,  Lewis  Irving  (Acct.) Ill  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Rock,  Mathew  (Mer.) 315  5th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Root,  Dr.  Raymond  Richmond 7  Pleasant  St.  Georgetown,  Mass. 

Russell,  Walter  Hall  (Timber) 194  N.  Court  St.  Port  Arthur,  Ont. 

Sabbn,  William  Morton  (Copi>er) Morenci,  Aria. 

Saylbs,  Arthur  Earle  (Mgr.) 315  Belmont  St.  WoUaston,  Mass. 


Dillon,  Walter  Sydney  (Boilers) 20  Myrtle  Ave.  Fitchburg,  Mass. 

Gaqe,  Daniel  N.  (Ins.) 25  Arnoldale  Rd.  W.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Gilbert,  Edgar  (Chem.) 12  Greenridge  Ave.  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

GiLMAN,  Joseph  Taylor 243  Otis  St.  W.  Newton,  Mass. 

Knibbs.  John  William,  Jr.  (Sales.) 250  11th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Martin,  Paris  (Law.) 2301  Regan  St.  Boise,  Ida. 

Merriam,  James  Robert  (Bonds) 6  Orchard  St.  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

Reed,  Horatio  Munroe  (Ins.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Reid,  George  Stickle 29  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Howard  Ernest 

c/o  Concrete- Steel  Co.  42  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 
Ward,  Harold  Edward R.  F.  D.  No.  1,  West  Kennebiink,  Me. 


*  CoBURN,  Harry  Warner,  Jr.,  died  1913 Montpelier,  Vt. 

Downey,  John  Eustis  (Ins.) Aetna  Fire  Ins.  Co.,  Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Kendall,  Henry  Sibley,  died  1904 Seattle,  Wash. 

Kingsbury,  John  Howard  (Missionary) 

Amer.  Bible  House,  Constantinople,  Turkey 

Russell,  Louis  Webster  (Sales.) 12047  Lake  Ave.  Lakewood,  O. 

Smith,  Watson  Birchard  (C.  Eng.) Larchmont,  N.Y. 

Waring,  Dwight  Stowe  (Cotton) 274  Lincoln  Ave.  Fall  River,  Mass. 

Whittbmore,  Harvey  Foss  (Florist),  47  Worcester  Lane,  Waltham,  Mass. 
Wood,  Harlan  W.  (Telephone) Ft.  Henry  Club,  Wheeling,  W.Va. 


Cotter,  Michael  Augustine 94  E.  Newton  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

CusHMAN,  Norman  L.  (Cotton) 7  Sheffield  Rd.  Winchester,  Mass. 

Dana,  Edward  Swan Hotel  Continental,  Cienfuegos,  Cuba 

Greenwood,  Ivan  Anderson  (R.  Est.) 

1769  Radnor  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.,  O. 
Grimes.  William  Augustus  (Auto.  Sales.),  293  Newbury  St.  Boston.  Mass. 

*  Hooper,  Henry  Judson,  died  1904 Exeter,  N.H. 

Jamison,  George  Harold  (Lumber) 128  First  Ave.  E.  Oelwein,  la. 

Kimball,  William  Rice  (Auto.) 2541  Van  Buren  Ave.  Ogden,  Utah 

LuBERGER,  Charles  Frederick  (Law.),  540  Knoll  wood  Dr.  Cedar  Rapids,  la. 

Pelren,  Harry  Joseph  (Sales.) 90  School  St.  Concord,  N.H. 

Reilly,  James  Crowley  (Law.) 137  Hovey  St.  Lowell,  Mass. 

Woodworth,  Charles  Parker  (Lumber) 131  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

190a-ll  DARTMOUTH  187 

1908  ^ 

Clabk,  John  Alexander  (Fin.) 5  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Fbothingham,  Donald  Y.  (Amer.  Express)  65  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hilton,  Howard  Hoyt  (Banking) 642  Hill  Ave.  Glen  EUyn,  IlL 

Lowe,  George  Blaine  (Hdw.) 2930  Coleridge  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.,  O. 

Marion,  Gardner  Sparhawk  (Lumber) Crescent  Rd.  Concord,  Mass. 

Melville,  Chester  Warren 1560  Beacon  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

RiCHABDSON,  Joseph  Leland  (Ins.).  331  Van  Nuys  Bldg.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

RiLBT,  Cornelius  Augustine  (R.  R.) 

RuGO,  Robert  Billings  (Fin.) Riverbank  Court,  Cambridge,  Mass. 

Shaw,  Dr.  Arthur  Bri|»8 820  Cherry  St.  Fall  River,  Mass. 

*Shiplet,  George  Elliott,  died  in  service  1918. 

*  Smith,  Forter  MacDougall,  died  1909 Northampton,  Mass. 

Snow,  Harold  Hanson  (Sales.) 16  Cleveland  Ave.  Braintree,  Mass. 


BiiLET,  Theodore  Mead  (Law.) . . .  Bailey-Glidden  Bldg.  Sioux  Falls,  S.D. 

Daniels,  Mitchell  T.  (Furniture) 505  N.  Vermilion  St.  Danville^Hl. 

FiBHEB,  Dr.  Hart  Ellis 72  W.  Adams  St.  Chicago,  111. 

FoLLANSBBE,  Merrill  M.  (Paper) 233  Laurel  Ave.  Highland  Pk.,  111. 

Rose,  Arthur River  Forest,  111. 

Ryan,  Charles  Diller  (Medicine) 511  W.  Carpenter  St.  Springfield,  111. 

SwENSON,  John  Arthur  (Granite) 11  Ridge  Rd.  Concord,  N.H. 

TiRBELL,  Herbert  Leroy  (Hotel) Main  St.  Plymouth,  N.H. 

Whitcomb,  Henry  Bassett  (Shoes) 17  South  St.  Camptello,  Mass. 

WiLUAMS,  Frank  Birtwistle  (Cotton) .  .  .  308  Locust  St.  Fall  River,  Mass. 


Barnet.  Floyd  Fairman  (Sales.) 2646  Calumet  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Downey,  Joseph  Elliott  (Ins.) ...  .44  Washington  Pk.  Newtonville.  Mass. 

Fat,  Charles  Jackson  (Ins.) 162  Walnut  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Frame,  James 2  Clinton  St.  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

Hedqbs,  Horace  Gabriel  (R.  Est.) 825  S.  17th  St.  Cedar  Rapids,  la. 

Hunter,  Harry  Holland  (Executive)  ....  1119  Judson  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

*  Knox,  Thomas  Start,  died  in  service  1918. 

*  McPherson,  John  Vanderveer,  died 

NicoL,  KUlian  Van  Renesalaer  (Grain)  .  .1119  Judson  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

Reed,  Henry  Ransf ord  (Ed.) S.  Sudbury,  Mass. 

Shattuck,  Edmund  James 432  Wall  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Smith,  Sheldon  Bainbridge  (Law/) 2  Woodrow  Court,  Troy,  N.Y. 

*  Thompson,  Lieut.  Raymond  Whiton,  died  in  service  1918. 
Woodcock,  Robert  Lindsay  (Mer.)  ...  80  S.  Washington  St.  Hinsdale,  111. 

•      1911 

BicKNELL,  Harry  Monroe  (Fin.) 105  S.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Btbnb,  Harry  Ryan 1020  E.  Broad  St.  Columbus,  O. 

*  Dallas,  Waif  ord  Lindsay,  died  1911 Chicago,  111. 

Greenwood,  Walter  P.  (R.  Est.) 1883  Belmore  Rd.  E.  Cleveland,  O. 

Hall,  Louis  Phillips,  Jr.  (Mgr.) 9  Place  Malesherbes,  Paris,  France 

Kbouqh,  Austin  Campbell  (Law.) 485  5th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Leach,  George  Thatcher  (Fin.) 237  S.  Oak  Park  Ave.  Oak  Park,  111. 

McGoNAGLB,  Joseph  Sargent  (Live  Stock) Hamilton,  Mont. 

188  DARTMOUTH  1911-14 

NoBRis,  Jolyi  Oscar  (Acct.) 30  E.  42nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ralstbn,  Brown  Van  Namee  (Adv.) 735  Seward  St.  Evanston,  lU. 

Rbillt,  Walter  Benedict  (Printing)  ....  119  Holyrood  Ave.  Lowell,  Mass. 
Turner,  Bryant  Rawson  (Trader) ...  30  Winchester  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Warren,  Charles  C.  Jr.  (Banking) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Waterhouse,  Harry  Freeman 29  Harriet  Ave.  Waverley,  Mass. 


Church.  Harold  Paty  (Sales.) 5035  Fulton  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Erwin,  James  Robinson  (Law.) 87  Linden  Ave.  Jersey  City,  N.J. 

FiTZ  Patrick,  James  King  (Sales.) 209  Ninth  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Graves,  Warren  Edwin  (Statistician) 

1748  Que  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Orr,  Caleb  Worley,  Jr.  (Broker) 621  Boone  St.  Piqua,  O. 

Randbrson,  John  E.  H.  (Contr.) 755  Madison  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Sturtevant,  Rollin  Hills  (Grain)  .  .  19  Board  of  Trade,  Kansas  City,  Mo. 
Swenson,  Guy  Andrew  (Granite) .  . .  .340  N.  State  St.  W.  Concord,  N.H. 
Trewin,  Harold  Rector  (Law.) 

906  American  Trust  Bldg.  Cedar  Rapids,  la. 
Whitman,  Richard  Parsons  (Mfg.) 20  Clifton  Ave.  Brockton,  Mass. 


Bennett,  Ray  Lloyd  (Mer.) Winfred,  S.D. 

McClart,  George  Brewer 371  Clinton  PI.  River  Forest,  111. 

McClart,  Harvey  Clark  (Banking) 

Central  States  Mtge.  Co.  St.  Joseph,  Mo. 
McClart,  Horace  Prescott,  Jr.  (Banking) 

Windsor  Sav.  Bank,  Windsor,  Vt. 

Millar,  Ronald  (Joum.) c/o  Rocky  Mountain  News,  Denver,  Colo. 

Nolan,  W^alter  Harvey Dorchester  Centre,  Mass. 

Orton,  Franklin  Cleveland  (Telephone) 210  Park  St.  Lincoln,  HI. 

Tuck,  Somerville  Pinkey,  Jr Dept.  of  State,  Washington,  D.C. 

Waterman,  Charles  Dana  (Law.) 1958  Walling  Court,  Davenport,  la. 


Batchelder,  Joseph  Henry  (Adv.) 212  Barker  Ave.  Peoria,  111. 

BoQGS,  George  Arthur  (Farming) Woodstock,  Ulster  Co.  N.Y. 

Davison,  Norman  Hewitt  (Fruit  Grower) 

261  E.  Queen  St.  Chambersburg,  Pa. 

Giles,  Edmund  Newman  (Brokerage) 1701  Hertel  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  GiLLis,  Arthur  Edwin,  died  1914 Manchester.  N.H. 

Hands,  William  Charles,  Jr.  (Imptr.)  ...  23  W.  Park  PI.  Rutherford,  N. J. 

Howell,  Spencer  Acklin  (Sales.) 1Q05  Parkwood  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 

KoELSCH,  Henry  August,  Jr.  (Banking) 

National  City  Bank  of  N.  Y.,  11  Waterloo  PI.  London  S.  W.  I.  England 

Llewellyn,  Frank  Albert  (Contr.) 24  State  St.  Glens  Falls,  N.  Y. 

PicKEN,  Marshall  Woolley  (Bond  Sales.) 

2588  Creston  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Sheldon,  Samuel  DeWitt  (R.  Est.) 

2415  Sheridan  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Tuck,  Alexander  John  Marshall  (Sales  Mgr.) 

370  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

1»14^17  DARTMOtTTH  18» 

Williams,  James  Russell « 1805  Grove  Ave^  Quincy,  HI. 

WuLPi,  James  Meinrad  (Garage) 237  S.  Euclid  Ave.  Oak  Park,  HL 


BuBNHAM,  Silas  Henry,  Jr.  (Mfg.) 1424  Caintd  Ave.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Child,  Fred  Sheffield  (Singer) 251  W.  70th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Fbothinqham,  Robert,  Jr. 

23  Neville  Court,  Abbey  Rd.  London,  N.  W.  8,  Eng. 

Fbothinoham,  Rov  Stuart  (Sales.) 229  Gordon  Ave.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

*  Hall,  Richard  Nelville,  died  in  service  1915. 

Heist,  John  Alden 617  N.  Pine  Ave.  Chicago,  UL 

LxoNABD,  Arthur  Holmes,  Jr.  (Mfr.). .  .39  Pine  St.  Wellesley  Hills,  Mass. 

Milmore,  Norville  LivinABton  (Grocer) 3  Mace  PI.  Lynn,  Mass. 

MuLLiN,  John  Meylert  (Refrigerators) ArUngton,  Vt. 

Rbctor,  Voyle  Dixon  (Creamery) 

The  Fairmount  Creamery  Co.  Omaha,  Neb. 

RoHBS,  Franklin  Herman 523  W.  141st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wangeb,  Walter  F 1  Duchess  St.  Portland  Place,  W.  I.  London.  Eng. 

WiNTEBS,  Nove  McCullough  (Ins.) 1807  Jersey  St.  Quincy,  III. 


Andbsws,  Fletcher  Reed 2542  Stratford  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.,  O. 

Bbown,  Augustus  Page 

c/o  Standard  Oil  Co.  of  N.  Y.  Hong  Kong,  China 

BuTLEB,  John  Ben.,  Jr.  (Law.) 27  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Dbubt,  Chester 44  Hawks  St.  Lowell,  Mass. 

Gibson,  Harold  Frederick  (Clerk) 147  Linden  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

GocaH,  William  Alfred  Reginald  (Broker),  313  Franklin  PI.  Plainfield,  N.J. 

McClabt,  Andrew  Bishop Windsor  Sav.  Bank,  Windsor,  Vt. 

Rectob,  Gearold  Vergil  (Sales  Mgr.) .  .Fairmont  Creamery,  Sioux  City,  la. 

Sullt,  Spencer  Edwards  (Oil) 375  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sully,  Wilberforce,  Jr.  (Law.) 375  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Allison.  George  Homer  (Oil),  c/o  Zeoh-Bames  Petrol.  Corpn.  Tulsa,  Okla. 

Browne,  Kingsbury  Guild  (Broker) 60  South  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

DuBKEE,  James  Taylor  (Oil) General  Petrol.  Corpn.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Gbayes,  Arnold  Landon  (Law.) 515  E.  16th  Ave.  Spokane,  Wash. 

How,  Burton  Lenox  (Sales.) 228  Hillside  Ave.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

Jinks.  Herbert  Chancellor  (R.  Est.) 1724  Isabella  St.  Evanston,  111. 

Leighton,  Frederic  William  (Correspondent) 

6211  Kimbark  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Lynch,  Ralph Pittsburgh  St.  Greensbure,  Pa. 

McCabtht,  Earl  Roach 2124  W.  5th  Ave.  Spokane,  Wash. 

Paine,  Robert  Gordon  (Ins.) 725  Linden  PI.  Cranford,  N.J. 

PsBSON,  James  Armand  (Adv.) 410  S.  Walnut  St.  Lansing,  Mich. 

Rbade,  Leonard  James  (Mfg.) 

71  King  Ave.  Highwood  Pk.  Weehawken,  N.J. 
Saladine.  John  Walter,  Jr.  (Elec.) . .  .73  Evergreen  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Tbppt,  Lionel  Victor 511  Parkside  Dr.  Peoria,  111. 

Thulbchcb,  Karl  Leavitt  (Elec.) 43  Thomdike  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

190  DARTMOUTH  1918-21 


AiSHTON,  Richard  Andrew  (Banking) 634  Hinman  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

Booth,  Edmund  Hendershot  (Ed.) Howe  Library,  Hanover,  N.H. 

CoLiE.  Frederic  Runyon  (Law.) 763  Broad  St.  Newark,  N.J. 

Fish,  Robert  (Adv.  Mgr.) 137  W.  110th  St.  Nfew  York,  N.Y. 

KiRKPATRicK,  Nathaniel  Willard,  Jr.  (R.  Est.) .  118  Spirea  St.  Dasrton,  O. 

Lee,  Lewis  Hughes  (Pub.) Rm.  3127,  61  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lb  Fevrb,  Jay  (Coal  &  Lumber) Chestnut  St.  New  Paltz,  N.Y. 

Proctor,  Thomas  White P.  O.  Box  977,  Portland,  Me. 

Reillt,  Peter  William  Jr.  (Purchas.  Agt.) .  ..137  Hovey  St.  Lowell,  Mass. 
Richmond,  Edward  Guernsey  (Pub.) 

Doubleday,  Page  &  Co.  Garden  City,  N.Y. 
Sntdsr,  Jay  Donald  (Lumber)  160  Clinton  Ave.  New  Brighton,  S.I.,  N.Y. 

Storrs,  John  Whitmore  (Sales.) Lordship  St.  Stratford,  Conn. 

Young,  Everett  Townsend  (Mfg.) 322  Nelson  Ave.  Peekskill,  N.Y. 


Atlsworth,  Walter  Sanger  (Ind.'Eng.),  643  Central  Ave.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

Closson,  Alfred  Burton 112  W.  4th  St.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Jeavons,  William  Norman  (Mgr.),  2505  Arlington  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.,  O. 
Jones,  Moses  Chase  (Journ.) . .  .Minneapolis  Journal,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Kohl,  Philip  Tracy Wayne,  Nebraska 

Lyon,  William  Owen  (Sales.) 1710  Center  St.  Little  Rock,  Ark. 

Newcomb,  Robert  Masten  (Adv.) 176  Chestnut  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

PiCKEN,  William  Henry,  Jr.  (Bond  Sales.) 

Apt.  7A,  800  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Proctor,  Robert 23  Hammond  St.  Chestnut  Hill.  Mass. 

RuML,  Wentzle,  Jr.  (Asst.  Cashier) 806  Fifth  Ave.  Cedar  Rapids,  la. 

Singleton,  Charles  McEntee  (Paper) . .  .3701  Pasco  St.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Sterling,  Norman  Earle  (Oil) 558  W.  161st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stokes,  John  Fraser  (Elec.  Research) .  .  .  .6  W.  77th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
White,  Paul  Gordon  (Sales.) 

c/o  Western  Union  Telegraph  Co.  Des  Moines,  la. 


♦Bartlbtt,  Gordon,  died  in  service  1918. 

Bender,  Daniel  William  (Artist) 74  Beverly  Rd.  Montclair,  N.J. 

DuRKEE,  William  Porter,  Jr. 

c/o  General  Petroleum  Corpn.  Rawlins,  Wyo. 

Gorton,  Adolphus  Worthington 7  Atlantic  Ave.  Pawtuxet,  R.I. 

Hamm,  Frederick  Barton 256  Kenilworth  Ave.  Kenilworth,  111. 

Hutchinson,  Charles  Raynor  (Bond  Sales.) 

14  Hopkins  Rd.  Arlington,  Mass. 

MiNNis,  James  Louis,  Jr 5284  Westminster  PI.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Rogers,  Donald  Austin  (Bldg.  Contr.),  1531  N.  17th  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
RouNSEViLLE,  Cyrus  Cole,  Jr.  (Agent) .  .264  French  St.  Fall  River,  Mfuw. 

Sunderland,  John  Edgerly 508  N.  38th  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Woods,  John  Heaton 17834  Lake  Ave.  Lakewood,  O. 

YuiLL,  Ralph  William  (Ed.) 1339  A  Ave.  E,  Cedar  Rapids,  la. 


Babsett,  Clarke  Davis  (Banker) 421  S.  Kline  St.  Aberdeen,  S.D. 


CLETEt-uni.  Thomu  Vne  (Rubber) 

Eo«,  WKneii  StUson 

Fhbhah,  Charln  Robert  (Shoes)    . 

Ivjih  MkldletoQ . . 

SnTH.  Eli  Cole  (Mer.).,. 
SiHUH.  Chmndlsr  Whiting 
TiUT,  William  Edwwd  . 

Ave.  S.  Miomnpoli..  Mini 


c/o  SshoaL  for  the  Desf.  4Sth  ft  Bedford  Avea.  Omsbn,  Neb. 

Bbibtoi..  Cluk  Bill 71  Rayrnood  Rd.  W.  Hutford.  Conn. 

CoLTON,  Harold  Joseph 27  Jewett  Pkwy.  BuSab,  N,Y, 

BiLTOH,  Thorndike SCM  Woodlawn  Ave.  Chieafo.  111. 

HoujKD,  Henry  OecDod.  Jr 108  HichloDd  Ave,  BuSala,  N.Y, 

Moody,  Janiee  Alfred 41  Roeetaud  St.  Cambridoe.  Man. 

NiCEOuwN,  Will  Faust 308  Cheetnut  St.  Philadelidiia.  Pa. 

Suioe.  Walter  Edgar  (Sales.) 44  Avon  St.  Cambridge.  Maea. 

SisALi,  Byron  Owens Norwallc  State  Hoep.,  NoraaUi,  Cal. 

SnwiBT,  Mead  (Store  Mgr.)    1882  W,  let  Ave.  Columbus,  O. 

Tier,  Francia  Vincent 104  Bellevue  Ave.  Brbtol.  Conn. 


BiuiwiH,  Sherman 380  Tappan  St.  Brooklioe,  Maw. 

Dcrrr,  Ralph  Edward 5  Claremont  St.  Worceeler,  Mam. 

Hdlt,  Kerchival  Rogen ,  .  120  Bloomlield  Ave.  Hartford. 

Jhtersoh.  Roland  Alfred 3230  WebeWr  St.  Omaha 

Ldsmiuist,  Almon  Guetavue ,90  Beard  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Lin™,  Edward  Bernard 224  S.  Main  St.  Aberdeen   "  n 

MiLii,  Mil»  Moe  (Oil) 1706  Col(a>  Ave  S.  MinneRpoLis, 

POLUBO.  Joaeph  Greeley 301  S.  Happy  Hollon  Rd.  Omaha 

PiOTT.  James  Middleton 22S  N.  Elmwood  Ave.  Oafc  Pa 

Rtm,  WiUiam  Andrew 32B  Fullerton  Pkwy,  Chicaj, 

SiwraisD,  Nohemiah  Oobome 8  N.  Pearl  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y, 

8t:Uiut,  James  Prescott 797  Washington  St.  Brookline,  Mi 

Stmioht,  Harold  Henry 210  S.  St.  Johoe  Ave,  HighUnd  Pk„  _ 

^"un,  Horace  Frederick,  Jr 000  Lafayette  Ave.  Budalo,  N.Y. 

•arlt.  IIL 

L-uHB,  remnenon- .  - i^oiuit,  Maee- 

».  Milton  Gardner  (Eatimatnr) . ,  .755  Richmond  Ave.  Buffalo.  N.Y. 

192  DARTMOUTH  1924-26 


Barlow,  John  William 6619  Kimbark  Ave.  Chicago,  IlL 

Boss,  Charles  Acors  Bams 17  Granite  St.  New  London,  Conn. 

Coffin,  Frank  Scales Lombard,  111. 

Cowley,  William  Harold 275  Prospect  PI.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Baton,  Frederic  North 175  8.  Mountain  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Hartbr,  Henry  Lawrence 121  Marlborough  Rd.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Hebqaabd,  William  Roger. . .  1924  Humboldt  Ave.  S.  Minneapolm,  Minn. 

Keyss,  Arthur  Hyde 4215  Grand  Ave.  Des  Moines,  la. 

Lyon,  Stanley  Hume 567  Walnut  St.  Newtonville,  Mass. 

Shane,  Ravmond  Thomas 557  Ridge  Ave.  Idaho  Falls,  Ida. 

^PAROO,  Edward  Charles  Jr.  (Clerk) . .  1285  Noble  Ave.  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

Thompson,  Lvman  Adron 1500  Estes  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Waqner,  Richard  Robison 5115  Cass  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Whitakbr,  Elroy  Howard 20  Spooner  St.  Madison,  Wis. 


Allen,  Ford  Workman 365  E.  16th  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Barker,  William  Griffith Ebensburg,  Pa. 

Brown,  Francis  Valentine 47  Livingston  Ave.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Carlisle,  Samuel  Stewart,  Jr 131  S.  38th  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

DoDD,  Charles  Ward 1419  Chicago  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

Edgerly,  Stuart 5110  Cmning  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Hanlon,  James  William 623  Sioux  Apts.  Sioux  City,  la. 

Hunt,  Arthur  Charles 5003  Live  Oak  St.  Dallas,  Tex. 

Miller,  Watterson Jefifersontown,  Ky . 

Patterson,  Murray  Wilder 73  N.  Oxford  St.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Per  Lee,  Jack  Harrington 1771  James  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Robinson,  Charles  Anthony 47  Mountain  Ave.  Maiden,  Mass. 

Smith,  George  Royce 3858  Cass  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Whitbeck,  John  McNair 9  Portsmouth  Ter.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

1845-51  193 



*  Clark,  Charles  Alexander,  died  1854 Freeport,  111. 

*Fi8H,  Edmund,  died  1904 Hillsboro,  111. 


*  Andboub,  George  Pomeroy,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  MiTCHSiiL,  James  Sheldon,  died  1848 Greenwich,  O. 

*  Smith,  Winfield,  died  1899 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Welch,  Adonijah  Strong,  died  1889 Ames,  la. 

*  Whittkmorb,  James  Olin,  died  1889 Ovid,  Mich. 


*  Hall,  Samuel  Shaler,  died  1865 East  Hampton,  Conn. 

*  Palmer,  Rev.  Theodoric  Romeyn,  died  1920 National  City,  Cal. 


*  Du  Bois,  Alfred,  died  1909 Nevada  City,  Cal. 

*  Duffield,  Divie  Bethune,  died  1891 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Duncan,  James  Arioeto,  died  1850 Kalamazoo,  Mich. 

*  Houghton,  Jacob,  died  1894 Detroit,  Mich? 

*  Marsh,  Dr.  Wells  Ransom,  died  1874 Chicago,  111. 


*  Andrews,  Dr.  Edmund,  died  1904 Chicago,  HI. 

*  DoNBLSON,  Rev.  Park  Shattuck,  died  1882 Lima,  O. 

*  Goodwin,  William  Justus,  died  1866 Fort  Lincoln,  Tex. 

*  HuTCHiNs,  John  Baxter,  died  1891 Ionia,  Mich. 

*  Johnson^  Dr.  Hosmer  Allen,  died  1891 Chicago,  111. 

*  KiNGSLET,  Calvin  Schloatt,  died  1900 Idaho  City,  Idaho 

*  Mat,  General  Dwight,  died  1880 Kalamazoo,  Mich. 

*  PiLCHBR,  Rev.  Elijah  Hohnes,  died  1887 Brookljrn,  N.Y. 

*  TiNDALL.  Rev.  George  Phillips,  died  1894 Sacramento,  Cal. 


*  FisKE,  Rev.  Lewis  Ransom,  died  1901 Albion,  Mich. 

*  TiNDALL,  James  White,  died  1849 Teoumseh,  Mich. 


*  Bancroft,  Rev.  Joseph  Webb,  died  1903 Hastings,  Mich. 

*  Cadt,  Chauncy  Marvin,  died  1889 Atlanta,  Ga. 

*  CooLBT,  Rev.  Elias,  died  1899 Marshall,  Mich. 

*  Kedzie,  Dr.  Robert  Clark,  died  1902 Lansing,  Mich. 

*  Stout,  Byron  Gray,  died  1896 Pontiao,  Mich. 

194  PENINSULAR  1862-68 


*  Bates,  James  Hale,  died  1901 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Baxter,  Witter  Johnston,  died  1889 Jonesville,  Mich. 

*  Bean,  Prof.  Sidney  Alfred,  died  1863 Waukesha,  Wis. 

*  Bean,  Walker  Lindsley,  died  1862 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Becker,  Charles  Walter,  died  1851 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  HiNMAN,  Hev.  Charles  Titus,  died  1854 Chicago,  111. 

*  Otis,  Alfred  Gideon,  died  1912 Atchison,  Kan. 

*  Tatt,  Rev.  Sylvenus  Adon,  died  1902 Alameda,  Cal. 

*  Taylor,  Dr.  Martyn,  died  1906 Sciotoville,  O. 

*  Trowbridge,  "Rev.  Tillman  Conklin,  died  1888 Aintab,  Turkey 


*  Becker,  John  Fillmore,  died  1855 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  Hart,  Benjamin  Elias,  died  1850 Lansing,  Mich. 

*  Hart,  Danforth  Alvin,  died  1853 Lapeer,  Mich. 

*  Hubbell,  Hon.  Jay  Abel,  died  1900 Hought<m,  Mich. 

*  TozER,  Charles  Warren,  died  1905 Michigan  Bluff,  Cal. 


*  Blackwood,  Arthur,  died  1858 North villcj  Mich. 

*  Chandler,  France,  died  1894 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Chandler,  William,  died  1868 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Evans,  Edward  Payson,  died  1916 Grermanv 

*  Strong,  Gen.  Henry,  died  1911 Chicago,  111. 

*  Wood,  Daniel  Leonard,  died  1903 Indianapolis,  Ind. 


*  Eldredge,  James  B(ruce),  died  1901 Mt.  Clemens,  Mich. 

*  Hewett,  Charles,  died  1894 Knightstown,  Ind. 

*  Martin,  Alexander,  died  1902 Columbia,  Mo. 

*  WiLLiTS,  Edwin,  died  1896 Washington,  D.C. 


*  Brooks,  Datus  Chase,  died  1901 West  New  Brighton,  N.Y. 

*  Clark,  Prof.  John  Emory,  died  1921 Springfield,  Mass. 

*  GiBBs,  Mason,  died  1886 Homer,  Mich. 

*  Reynolds,  Milton  William,  died  1890 Edmond,  Okla. 

*  Tyler,  Rev.  Moses  Coit,  died  1900 Ithaca,  N.Y. 


*  EsTABROOK,  Joseph,  died  1894 Olivet,  Mich. 

*  James,  Lewis  Whitney,  died  1910 Saratoga  Springs,  N.Y. 

*  Landon,  George  McQueen,  died  1912 Monroe,  Mich. 

*  Richards,  Prof.  John,  died  1917 Flint,  Mich. 

*  Sill,  Rev.  John  Mahelm  Berry,  died  1901 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Wight,  Edwin  Buckminster,  died  1912 Portland,  Ore. 


*  Graves,  John,  died  1902 Detroit,  Mich. 


*  HoRNBB,  Prof.  John  Wesley,  died  1874 Lawrenoe,  Kan. 

*  LiTTLEjOHN,  Rev.  Walcott  Hackley,  died Battle  Creek,  Mich. 

*  Miller,  CluLrles  Rollin.  died  1908 Adrian,  Mich. 

*  Moore,  Robert  Starr,  died  1902 ChilUcothe,  Mo. 

*  QuiNBT,  Hon.  William  Emory,  died  1908 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Stark,  Rev.  James  Worthington,  died  1909 Bloomfield.  la. 

*  Walker,  Edward  Cw^y,  died  1894 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Williams,  Fitch  Reed,  died  1904 Elk  Rapids,  Mich. 


*  Cart,  James  Richardson,  died  1906 Neligh,  Neb. 

*  CooLBT,  Hon.  Thomas  Mclntyre,  died  1898 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  Hankinson,  Charles  Bird,  died  1867 Woodstock,  Ont. 

Hathaway,  Rodney  Jay Bedford,  O. 

*  McGraw,  Edward  Walker,  died  1921 Oakland,  Cal. 

*  McGraw,  Dr.  Theodore  Andrews,  died  1921 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Martin,  Prof.  Solomon  Claiborne,  died  1906 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Ons,  Ephraim  Allen,  died  1913 Chicago,  111. 

*  Passonb,  Orrin,  died  1906 Saline,  Mich. 

*  Walker,  Charles  Irish,  died  1896 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Wilkinson,  Albert  Hamilton,  died  1911 Detroit,  Mich. 


Carkenbr,  Stuart  (Ret.) "The  Gregson  Hotel,"  Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

Dunning,  Silas  Wright  (Ret.) 420  Riverside  Drive,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Gould,  G^eorge  Henry,  died  1905 Palestine,  Tex. 

*  Green,  Sullivan  Dexter,  died  1889 Berlin  Falls,  N.H. 

*Zacharias,  Allen  William  Howard,  died  1862 Monroe,  Mich. 


*  Barnum,  William  Henry,  died  1915 Riverside,  HI. 

*  Beaver,  Prof.  Goodwin  Stoddard,  died  1866 Albion,  Mich. 

*  Blair,  Benjamin  Franklin,  died  1915 Glen  Ridge,  N.J. 

*  Curtis,  Prof.  Allen  Jeremiah,  died  1871 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  CuTCHBON,  Gen.  Byron  M.,  died  1908 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

*  Dbnison,  Charles  Halbert,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Jackson,  Edward  Seymour,  died  1910 Scranton,  Pa. 

Landon,  Dr.  Henry  Bishop  (Ret.) 410  N.  Grant  St.  Bay  City,  Mich. 

*  Merrill,  Henry  Dwight,  died  1906 Florence,  Cal. 

*  Nichols,  Erasmus  Darwin,  died  1860 Ann  Arbor.  Mich. 

*  PoOT,  Hoyt,  died  1912 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Post,  Dr.  James  Alexis,  died  1913 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Stocking,  CJharles  Henry,  died  1881 * Freeport,  111. 

*  Utlet,  Henry  Munson,  died  1917 Detroit,  Mich. 


*  Baker,  Riensi  Hiram,  died  1906 Adrian,  Mich. 

*  Burt,  Hiram  Austin,  died  1921 Bangor,  Me. 

*  Chandler,  Charles,  died  1905 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

*  Clark,  Edward  Gavion,  died  1915 Chicago,  111. 

Fay,  Prof.  Edward  Allen 3  Kendall  Green,  Washington,  D.C. 

196  PENINSULAR  1862-66 

*  FoiiLBTT,  Harmon  Dewey,  died  1885 Brainerd,  Minn. 

*  G00D8BLL,  James  Henry,  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hunt,  Dr.  Charles  Morse,  died  1865 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Sturoes,  David  Brainard,  died  1910 San  Bernardino,  Cal. 

*  IJHii,  Edwin  Fuller,  died  1901 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 


*  Ambrose,  James  Clement,  died  1917 

*  Farr,  Lincoln  Tibbals,  died  1904 Oakland,  Cal. 

*  Harroun,  Dr.  William  Smith,  died  1920 Santa  Fe,  N.M. 

*  Hendricks,  Frank,  died  1862 Ypsilanti,  Mich. 

*  Powers,  Stephen,  died  1904 Jacksonville,  Fla. 

*  Sherman,  Oeorge.  died  1877 * New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Slawson,  Edward  Reed,  died  1881 Bay  City,  Mich. 

*  Yost,  Casper  E.,  died  1920 Omaha,  Neb. 


*  Albss,  George  Sumner,  died  1898 OshkosH,  Wis. 

*  Barnhart,  Levant  William,  died  1898 Denver,  Colo. 

*  Hitchcock,  William  Douglas,  died  1915 Alpena,  Mich. 

*  KiDD,  James  Harvey,  died  1913 Ionia,  Mich. 

*  MooRE,  William  Channmg,  died  1866 Medina,  Mich. 

*  Rowley,  Henry  Kirk,  died  1915 Galveston,  Tex. 

*  Smith,  Henry  Daniel,  died  1909 Appleton,  Wis. 

*  Town,  John  Dempster,  died  1910 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

*  Wilkinson,  James  Milton,  died  1898 Marquette,  Mich. 


*  Austin,  Henry  Root,  died  1913 Monroe,  Mich. 

Campbell,  Prof.  Gabriel  (Ret.) 48  College  St.  Hanover,  N.H. 

DxTDLBT,  Hon.  Charles  Asnman  (Judge) ....  1026  9th  St.  Des  M<nnes,  la. 

*  GooDSELL,  Charles  Morgan,  died  1888 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Harmon,  George  William,  died  1914 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  McLean,  Samuel  Russell,  died  1865 GreenviQe,  Ky. 

*  Phillips,  Delos,  died  1887 Kalamsioo,  Mich. 

*  Smith,  Alfred  Nathan,  died  1863 Adrian,  Mich. 

*  Vincent,  Rev.  Samuel,  died  1910 Plymouth,  England 

*  Williams,  Charles  Gilmore,  died  1871 Chicago,  111. 


*  Becker,  Frederick  "V^alter,  died  1910 Chicago,  111. 

*  Darrow,  Prof.  Eleazer,  died  1872 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  Dickinson,  Oliver  Partridge,  died  1904 Chicago,  111. 

Grant,  Emory  Levi  (Lumber) 611  Durkee  Ave.  Kenosha,  Wis. 

Larmouth,  James  Thompson Jamestown,  N.Y. 

*  QuARLES,  Joseph  Very,  died  1911 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Rexford,  Edgar  (Ret.) Ill  N.  Huron  St.  Ypailanti,  Mich. 

Simmons,  Fred  Julian  (Grain) 600  Murphy  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Washburn,  Rev.  William  Wallace 37  Ferris  Ave.  Highland  Pk.,  Mich. 

*  White,  George  Snow,  died  1908 Jackson,  Mich. 

1867-72  PENINSULAR  197 


DbWitt,  Moses  Talleyrand,  died  J895 Chicaso,  111. 

Edwabds.  George  Fairchild,  died  1018 St.  Paid,  Minn. 

Williams,  Schuyler  Hodges,  died  1866 Owoeso,  Mich. 

Woodman,  George  Bliss,  died  1916 Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Chafin,  James  Hayden,  died  1873 Detroit,  Mich. 

DxTBKEB,  Henry  Rogers,  died  1916 Chicago,  111. 

Frbeman,  Prof.  John  Charles,  died  1911 Madison,  Wis. 

Jknni:,  Roeelle  Nichols,  died  1868 Keokuk,  la. 

LoBD,  Henry  WilHam,  Jr.,  died  1883 Detroit,  Mich. 

Ltman,  Francis  Henry  (Ret.) 432  Park  Ave.  Kenosha,  Wis. 

^  Pattsnoill.  Prof.  Albert  Henderson,  died  1906 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

QuABLBS,  Charles,  died  1908 Milwaukee,  Wis. 


CocKBR,  William  Johnson,  died  1901 Adrian,  Mich. 

Johns,  Hon.  William  Corwin,  died  1914 Decatur,  III. 

Tatlob,  Edwin  (Farmer) Eklwardsville,  Kan. 

^  Watebloo,  Stanley,  died  1913 Chicago,  111. 

Wells,  William  Henry,  died  1890 Philadelphia.  Pa. 


Campbell,  Oscar  James,  died  1920 Cleveland,  O. 

Dat,  Hon.  William  R.  (Judge) 1301  Clifton  St.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Feabon,  Robert  Newton,  died  1910 Ironton,  O. 

Fleming,  Edwin  (Writer) Buffalo  Club,  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Le  Fevbb,  Hon.  Owen  E.  (Judge),  died  1921 Denver,  Colo. 

Mai/fman,  John  Scott 1336  Sutherland  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  Noble,  Alfred,  died  1914 New  ^rk,  N.Y. 

Thateb,  Hon.  Rufus  Hildreth  (Judge) 332  State  St.  Albany,  N,Y. 

"  Tweedy,  James  Fisher,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 


Cbtttenden,  Frank  Arthur 741  N.  104  St.  Seattle,  Wash. 

*  Gilbebt,  Rev.  Frank  Brown,  died  1880 Marianna,  Fla. 

*  Holbbook,  Giles  John,  died  1903 Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 

HuTCHiNS,  Pres.  Hamr  Bums 508  Monroe  St.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  Montbose,  Henry  Watson,  died  1897 Galena,  111. 

Pidbick,  Isaac  Harwood  (Ret.) Pasadena,  Cal. 

*  Phillips,  Horace,  died  1917 Kewanee,  111. 

*  Phinney,  Rufus  Emerson,  died  1884 Monroe,  Mich. 

*  PiCABD,  Frederic  Julius,  died  1900 Columbus,  O. 

*  Wabden,  James  Avery  Satterlee,  died  1906 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Wilkinson,  Charles  Melvin,  died  1921 Detroit,  Mich. 


*  Beattt,  Charles  Tupper.  died  1910 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  Coolet,  Edg^  Arthur,  died  1914 Bay  City,  Mich. 

GiDDES,  Frederick  Lsrman  (Law.) 2116  Parkwood  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 

198  PENINSULAR  1872-77 

*  Hebdman,  Dr.  William  Janies,  died  1904 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

McGrath,  Rev.  Joseph  McDonald 223  W.  7th  St.  Cincinnati.  O. 

*  MiLNER,  Dr.  Samuel  George,  died  1907 Grand  Rapids.  Mich. 

Pendleton,  Edward  Waldo  (Law.) 

Berry  Bros.  211  Leib  St.  Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Rexford,  Dwight  Carver,  died  1920 Detroit,  Mich. 

Smith,  Barton  (Law.) 406  W.  Woodruflf  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 

*  Turner,  Charles  King,  died  1880 Kalamazoo,  Mich. 

*  VooRHEjB,  George  Philemon,  died  1912 Toledo,  O. 


*  Burt,  Horace  Greeley,  died  1913 Chicago,  111. 

*  Cocker,  Henry  Reed,  died Lawton,  Mich. 

*  Ferdon,  Edwin  Jacob,  died  1881 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Fleming,  Hon.  Rufus,  died  1920 Washington,  D.C. 

Galloway,  Elias  Durfee  (Lumber) Howell,  Mich. 

*  Keeler,  Charles  Butler,  died  1907 Spokane,  Wash. 

*  King,  Charles  Edward,  died  1913 Ypsilanti,  Mich. 

*  Fattengill,  Judson  Gregory,  died  1908 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  Pbblsy,  Dr.  Harry  Otis  (Col.),  died  1903 Washington,  D.C. 

Williams,  William  Brown  (Judge) 75  Main  St.  Lapeer,  Mich. 

*  Wilson,  Charles  Scotto,  died  1922 Florence,  Italy 


*  FiBKE,  Louis  Ross,  died  1895 Marine  City^  Mich. 

LuNOREN,  Charles  Marshall  (Gas) .  .Mission  Canyon,  Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

Matthews,  Don  Alonso  (Ret.) 2109  Fairview  Ave.  Spokane,  Wash. 

Rogers,  Hon.  Henry  Wade  (Judge) Federal  Bldg.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Wilbert  Wesley,  died  1915 Northfield,  Miss. 

*  Warner,  James  Dickinson,  died Detroit,  Mich. 


*  Clark,  Charles  Alexander,  died  1920 St.  Paul,  Minn. 

*  Eaton,  James  Clement,  died  1881 Tecumseh,  Mich. 

HuTCHiNS,  Eugene  Ralph  (Lumber) 2226  Pratt  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 

*  Laible,  Edwm  Forrest,  died  1915 Sandwich,  Ont.,  Can. 

*  Upham,  Horace  Alonzo  Jaques,  died  1919 Milwaukee,  Wis. 


Barry,  Edmund  Drinan  (Law.) .  .229  S.  Orange  Grove  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

*  Blair,  Charles  Austin,  died  1912 Lansing,  Mich. 

Brown,  Clarence  Shepard  (Ret.) 455  B  Ave.  Coronado,  Cal. 

Buell,  Frederick  Rice 2248  Westminster  Rd.  Cleveland  Hgts.,  O. 

*  FoRMAN,  Fred  Lee,  died  1903 Denver,  Colo. 

Ilsley,  James  Keeler  (Ret.) 575  Astor  St.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Reynolds,  John  Henry  (Law.) 346  Broadway,  Paterson,  N.J. 

*  Stevens,  Albert  Clark,  died  1919 East  Orange,  N.J. 

Van  Pelt,  Dr.  Charles  Lee  (Ret.) The  Belvedere,  Toledo,  O. 


Carpenter,  William  (Law.) 55  Peck  St.  Muskegon,  Mich. 

1877^2  PBNINSULAR  199 

*  Feroon,  Offden  Winner,  died  1881 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  Ferris,  WUliam  Barton,  died  1879 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Frederick,  Dr.  Carlton  Cassius,  died  1911 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Hunter,  Thomas  Martin 6th  Ave.  Sc  Cherokee  St.  Denver,  Colo. 

Latham,  Ortive  (Sales.) 

Lewis,  Milo  (Law.) Greenville,  Mich. 

*  Stact,  Hon.  James  Alonzo,  died  1881 Adrian,  Mich. 

Stearns,  Frederick  Kimball.  .  .Bellevue  Sc  Jefferson  Aves.  Detroit,  Mich. 
Stephenson,  Dr.  Abram  Mills Adrian,  Mich. 


Butts,  Prof.  William  Henry 919  Oakland  Ave.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  Johnson,  William  Claflin^  died  1919 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Mtrick,  Henry  Pierce,  died  1916 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Noble,  Thomas  Henry  (Ret.) Ballard  Farm,  Grosse  Isle,  Mich. 

Van  Pelt,  Evert c/o  Dj.  C.  L.  Van  Pelt,  The  Belvedere,  Toledo,  O. 


Bond,  Josiah  (Mining) Toluachi  Mine,  Alto,  Santa  Crua  Co.  Aria. 

*  Brown,  James  Padeiford,  died  1913 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Ganson,  C.  Van  Cleve  (Law.),  60  College  Ave.  N.  E.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

*  Mead,  Frank  Day,  died  1913 Escanaba,  Mich. 

NoRRis,  Mark  (Law.) 29  Prospect  St.  N.  E.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

TwEEDT,  John  Hubbard,  Jr 320  Wells  Bldg.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

White,  Enoch  Clark Lapeer,  Mich. 


Bancroft,  Richard  Bayard  (Druggist) 

214  Ouachita  Ave.  Hot  Springs,  Ark. 

*  Myrick,  Frederick  Clemens,  died  1881 Detroit,  Mich. 

Rbed,  Frank  Freemont  (Law.) 839  Peoples  Gas  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 

Washburn,  William  Dow  (Ret.) 1014  Sheridan  Rd.  Evanston,  111. 

WiLLARD,  John  Haven 2942  Indiana  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 


*  Bouohton,  Frank  Pardee,  died  1906 Battle  Creek,  Mich. 

*  Bowman,  Edward  Harvey,  died  1889 Chicago,  111. 

Daniels,  George  Brown  (Lumber) 

320  E.  Fulton  St.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Fox,  Duane  Edwin  (Law.) 1611  2l8t  St.  Washington,  D.C. 

Goodrich,  Charles  Watson  (Coffee) 

No.  11  Landera  Y  Cos  Jalapa,  Vera  Crua,  Mexico 
Graves,  Dr.  Schuyler  Colfax  (Ret.),  2151  N.  Garfield  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Mason,  Adloph  B.  (Perfumery) Box  184,  San  Diego,  Cal. 

foBBiNs,  Frank  Carle  (Mfr.) 2222  Delaware  Dr.  Cleveland,  O. 

*Terrt,  Frank  T,  died  1915 Milwaukee,  Wis. 


*  Graham,  William  Herbert,  died Kankakee,  111. 

*  Imlet,  Charles  Edward,  died  1891 Chicago.  111. 

200  PENINSULAR  1882-88 

McEwAN  William  Hunter  (Lumber) . .  .1302  University  St.  Seattle,  Wash. 
McLauohlin   Prof.  Andrew  Cunningham 

6609  Woodlawn  A^-e.  Chicago,  HI. 
Mabtin  William  Elmore  (Lumber) 611  S.  40th  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

*  TiNSMAN,  Charles  Watson,  died  1916. Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 


*  Brigham,  Willard  Irving  Tyler,  died  1904 Chicago,  111. 

CoMBTOCK,  John  Josiah  (Sales  Mgr.) . . .  .Reliance  Bldg.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

*  Gray,  Ralph,  died  1910 Cleveland,  O. 

Hinsdale,  Norman  Dwight  (Sales.) 2826  Derby  St.  Berkeley,  Cal. 

*  RoHR,  Reinhardt,  died  1921 Manitowoc,  Wis. 

Tinbman,  Homer  Ellsworth  (Law.) 

1360  First  National  Bank  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 


Ferguson.  Rev.  Charles  Edwin  (Law.) .  16  Gramercy  Pk.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Jeromb,  Thomas  Spencer,  died  1914 Capri,  Italy 

*  Savidgb,  William,  died  1916 Spring  Lake,  Mich. 

Williams,  Arthur  Henry  (Law.) 304  Morgan  Bldg.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 


CuTCHEON,  Franklin  W.  M.  (Law.) 37  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Grosvbnor,  Ebenezer  Oliver Paoli,  Ind. 

*  Hawlby,  Samuel  Frederick,  died  1902 Chicago,  111. 

Lee,  George  Waith  (Fruit  Grower) . . .  Three  Buttes  Ranch,  Omak,  Wash. 

Slocum,  James  Edward  (R.  Est.) 40  N.  Dearborn  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Wheelock,  Harry  B.  (Arch.) 64  W.  Randolph  St.  Chicago,  HI. 


Lewis,  Cyrus  Bentley  (Ret.) 2140  W.  20th  St.  Los  Angeles,  CaL 

MoEwAN,  Alexander  Eraser  (Mfr.) .  . .  1006  E.  Garfield  St.  Seattle,  Wash. 
Middleton,  Albert  Westbrook  (Lumber) . .  Ill  W.  3rd  St.  Aberdeen,  Wash. 
Montgomery,  Henry  Ernest  (Lumber) 264  Court  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 


Cutler,  Dwight 6447  Woodward  Ave.  Detroit,  MLich. 

Danforth,  William  Edgar 614  Mutual  Life  Bldg.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Latimer,  William  George  (Fin.) 1166  W.  Ferry  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Lewis,  Arthur  Lee  (Ore.) Hermosillo,  Sonora,  Mex. 

*  Mitchell,  Rev.  William,  died  1908 Jacksonville,  DL 

TowNSEND,  Larmon  George  (Lumber) Libby,  Mont. 

*  Van  Dbventer,  Thomas  Lenox,  died  1894 Knoxville,  Tenn. 


*  Carpenter,  Joseph  Eugene,  died  1922 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Clokey,  Dr.  Andrew  Allison,  died  1899 Louisville,  Ky. 

Crowl,  Samuel  Hiram  (Law.) 411  Hammond  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Derby,  John  Norman,  died  1920 Port  Chester,  N.Y. 

EwALD,  Daniel  Ephraim  (Clerk) ....  101  Supreme  Court,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

1888-92 PENINSULAR 201 

Hasvst,  Luther  Samuel  (Ins.).  P.  O.  Box  1340,  Obrapia  33,  Havana,  Cuba 
McCbbbby,  Hon.  Fenton  Reuben  (Farmer). .  .626  Beach  St.  Flint,  Mich. 

Mann,  Morgan  McMorries  (Law.) 16  Broad  St.  New  YoA,  N.Y. 

Wholbk,  Charles  Partridge  (Fin.) 208  Main  St.  Three  Rivers,  Mich. 

Williams,  Dr.  Herbert  Upham  (Prof.) 24  High  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 


BouRLAND,  Prof.  Benjamin  Parsons Adelbert  College,  Cleveland,  O. 

Day,  Robert  Henry  (Judge) 708  Wellman  St.  Maasillon,  O. 

*  Gamblb,  George  Telphord,  died  1913 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

HowABD,  Francis  George  (Lumber) 132  St.  Mary  St.  Bostoa,  Mass. 

Nichols,  John  Alden  (Steel) .  .12918  Forrest  Hill  Ave.  East  Cleveland,  O. 

♦Pabfet,  William  Wetaler,  died  1887 Golden,  Colo. 

Tallbt,  Dr.  James  Ely 218  S.  20th  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Thornham,  Jesse  Simeon Brownsville,  Tex. 

Young,  Henry  Martin  (Banker) .  .3811  St.  Charles  Ave.  New  Orleans,  La. 


Bates,  Dean  Henry  Moore 1921  Cambridge  Rd.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich- 

Gabrison,  Charles  Byron 

Gat,  Edwin  Francis  (Pub.) 1261  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Gbitpin,  Major  William  Wick  ware 

c/o  Adjt.  Gen.  U.S.A.  Washington,  D.C. 

Harbis,  William  Pickett  (C.  Eng.) 1761  Jefferson  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Mann,  Walter  Leeman  (Ins.) 110  WilHam  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

VAN  Deventbr,  Horace  (Law.) 945  Temple  Ave.  ICnoxville,  Tenn. 


^osBT,  James  Mosely  (Ins.) Kent  Hills  Rd.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Donaldson,  Robert  Stuart  (Ins.) 7  Ashland  PI.  Toledo,  O. 

Lamb,  Chaimcey  Robert  (Lumber) . .  2401  1st  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

McGraw,  (Thomas)  Arthur 8363  Jefferson  Ave.  E.  Detroit,  Mich. 

MuNN,  Loyal  Levi  (Mfg.) 611  W.  Stephenson  St.  Freeport,  111. 

Smith,  Rev.  Herbert  Scott 1859  Mmtwood  PI.  Washington,  D.C. 

Wilkinson,  Thomas  Lee  (Cons.  Eng.) . . .  407  Boston  Bldg.  Denver,  Colo. 


Carson,  Rev.  Lewis  Clinton.  .17  E.  Micheltorena  St.  Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

Darrow,  Eleaaar  (Contr.) 1207  Inglenook  PI.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Earp,  John  Kirkpatrick  (Lumber) 112  W.  1st  St.  Oil  City,  Pa. 

Ferris,  James  Edward 717  Perry-Payne  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Lamb,  Garett  Eugene  (Lumber) Wilson  Bldg.  Clinton,  la. 

McGraw,  Stanley  Dickinson^  (Fin.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

McMorban,  David  W 2323  MUitary  St.  Port  Huron,  Mich. 

mTER.  Frederic  Sherman  (Law.)  .  .  16390  S.  Park  Blvd.  Shaker  Hgts.  O. 

Rbw,  George  Campbell  (Mfg.) 4100  Fillmore  St.  Chicago,  111. 

'Rogers,  Ashley  Colt,  died  1897 Azusa,  Cal. 

bMiTH,  Dr.  Richard  Root 135  Madison  Ave.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Van  Dbventer,  Hugh  Flournoy P.  O.  Box  152,  Knoxville,  Tenn. 

WARDEN,  Dr.  Carl  Cleghorn 302  E.  Liberty  St.  Ann  Arbor.  Mich. 

202  PENINSULAR  1893-97 


*  ANDqcws,  William  Holmes,  died  1905 Greneva,  N.Y. 

George,  Ransom  Gardner  (Pub.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Graves,  Frank  Pliny,  died  1915 Chicago,  III. 

*  Harris,  Samuel  Smith,  died  1906 Detroit,  Mich. 

Holland,  Rev.  James  Steedman 61  Glen  St.  Glen  Cove,  N.Y. 

Holland,  Rev.  Thomas  Bond 139  St.  Johns  PI.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Howes,  George  Erasmus,  Jr. . .  New  York  Life  Insurance  Co.  Seattle,  Wash. 

*  LooMis,  John  Cooper,  died  1914 Tiffin,  O. 

Matteson,  Charles  Dickerman  (Fin.) .  .Capital  Bank  BIdg.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 
Quirk,.  Daniel  Lace,  Jr.  (Banker) 206  N.  Huron  St.  Ypsilanti,  Mich. 


Cadwell,  George  Jason  (Paper) .  .Am.  Writing  Paper  Co.  Holyoke,  Mass. 
Robinson,  Benjamin  Clapp  (Ret.),  314  Madison  Ave.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Ward,  William  Bullock  (Law.) 112  W.  Adams  St.  Chicago,  111. 

WiLKERSON,  Frederick  Doolittle  (Ret.) 

513  S  tambaugh  Bldg.  Youngstown,  O. 

*  WoRDBN,  Harry  Fralick,  died  1919 Chicago,  111. 


BouRLAND,  Norman  Trenholme  (Fin.)  ...  .41  S.  La  Salle  St,  Chicago,  111. 

BouRLAND,  Dr.  PhiUp  Daggett Lake  Linden,  Mich. 

Conrad,  Charles  Henry  (Mer.) 419  W.  Ohio  St.  Chicago,  HI. 

Graves,  McDowell  (Cons.  Eng.) 949  Atlantic  Aye.  Long  Beach,  Cal. 

*  LeFavour,  David,  died  1910 Detroit,  Mich. 

Perkins,  William  Hale  (Fin.) . . .  1248  Hope  St.  S.  E.  Grand  RajHds,  Mich. 

Smith,  Hal  Horace  (Law^ 1106  Seminole  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Stevens,  Robert  Clark  (Eng.) 660  Lincoln  Ave.  Erie,  Pa. 

White,  Stewart  Edward  (Author) Burlingame,  Cal. 


Barton,  Henry  Shepard  (Distillery) Owensboro,  Ky. 

GooDELL,  Horatio  Stuart  (Mer.) Houghton,  Mich. 

Nichols,  Harry  Gilbert Corunna,  Mich. 

*  Petrie,  Frank  Henry,  died  1921 Alma,  Mich. 

TiLLOTSON,  John  Beach 33  W.  42nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Van  De venter,  Christopher  (Cons.  Eng.) 

Union  League  Club,  Chicago,  111. 
Van  Dbventer,  Fayette  Flournoy ....  862  Temple  Ave.  Knoxville,  Tenn. 

*  Wessels,  Dr.  Francis  Henry,  died  1908 Winona,  Mich. 


BouRLAND,  Dr.  Robert  Collyer. .  .  ."Rich woods"  R.  R.  #9,  Rockford,  111. 

Field,  Freeman 412  Keith  and  Perry  Bldg.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Herdman,  Harry  Patterson  (Missionary) . . .  766  Market  St.  Zanesville,  O. 

HoLBRooK,  Prof.  Evans 719  E.  University  Ave.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

Phinney,  Charles  Johnson Monroe,  Mich. 

*  Smith,  Arthur  Maurice,  died  1908 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

Taggart,  Ralph  Cone  (Arch.) 14  Lyon  Ave.  Menands,  Albany,  N.Y. 

lBfta-1901 PENINSULAR m 


Grbbn,  Charles  CJoy  (Banker) 42  Marshall  St.  Battle  Creek,  Mich. 

Gboesbrck,  Clarence  Edward  (Elec.) 71  Broadway.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Harris,  Julian  Hartwell  (Law.) 771  Seminole  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

HiLDNBR,  Rev.  Ernest  Gotthold 15  College  Ave.  Houghton,  Mich. 

*  Shirts,  George  Curtis,  died.1906 Chicago,  111. 

*  Woodruff,  George  Augustus,  died  1915 Burley,  Idaho 

WoBDEN,  Eugene  Charles  (Edit.) 25  W.  43rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wbioht,  Orestes  Humphrey  (Farmer) . .  316  N.  Galena  Ave.  Freeport,  111. 


Bishop,  Roswell  Fairchild  (Orchardist) Hollister,  Cal. 

Heath,  Ferry  KimbaU  (Ins.) 315  Paris  Ave.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

JoNKS,  Eugene  Berkey  (Mfg.) .  .  .  245  Madison  Ave.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

*  Methbany,  Benjamin  Bradford,  died  1920 Seattle,  Wash. 

Sherman,  Geor^w  Edwards  (Trucks) c/o  Ford  Motor  Co.  Chicago,  111. 

Skinnbr,  Fred  Hart 298  Maple  St.  Battle  Creek,  Mich. 

Snow,  Muir  Burtenshaw  (MfrO 1077  Seybum  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Stonb,  Dr.  Willard  John.  .322  (jhamber  of  Commerce  Bldg.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Wessels,  Daniel  John  (Mer.) Winona,  Mich. 

Wright,  Charles  Augustus  (Copper) 

Calumet  State  Bank  Bldg.  Calumet,  Mich. 


Baxter,  Frederick  Lookwood The  Meadows,  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Ford,  Carl  Boughton  (Law.) 718  Williamson  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Georgb,  Austin,  Jr.  (Agent) 98  18th  Ave.  .Columbus,  O. 

Groesbbck,  Arthur  Burtis  (R.  Est.) .  .Rock  Island  House,  Rock  Island,  111. 

Hatch,  Frank  Arthiir  (Cranes) Montour  Falls,  NY. 

McKeighan,  Robert  Cutler  (Treaa.). .  .2673  E.  Boulevard,  Cleveland,  O. 

*  PiNGREB,  Hasen  Stuart,  Jr.^ed  1910 Detroit,  Mich. 

Stmonb,  James  Shirley  (Spices) . . .  .420  N.  Jefferson  Ave.  Saginaw,  Mich. 
WooDwoRTH,  Roy  Church  (Ins.) . .  1010  Waldheim  Bldg.  Kansas  City,  Mo 


Anderson,  Norman  Kendall  (Law.) 

1056  First  National  Bank  Bld^.  Chicago.  111. 

Eddt,  Schuyler  Beauclere  (Ins.) 67  Mulberry  St.  Springfield,  Mass. 

LocKwooD,  Closson  Lyman,  Jr.  (Lumber) 

44  Gay  Ave.  S.  E.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Metheant,  Richard  RoUiston,  Jr.  (R.  R.) 640  Crosby  St.  Akron,  O. 

Nichols,  Giles  Benton  (Farmer) Slocum,  Muskegon  County,  Mich. 

OsBORN,  Donald  Cornell  (Law.) 

1019  W.  Kalamasoo  Ave.  Kalamasoo,  Mich. 

SuDLow,  George  Egbert 832  23rd  St.  Rock  Island,  111. 

Taqgart,  James  Moses  (Eng.) 

10  Jefferson  St.  Port  Washington,  L.I.  N.Y. 
Whitcomb,  George  Granville  (Law.) . .  1745  Hartshorn  Rd.  E.  Cleveland,  O. 

Williams,  Harrison  Gaylord  (Ins.) 75  N.  Main  St.  Lapeer,  Mich. 

Williams,  William  Kirkwood  (Law.) .  .8056  St.  Paul  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

^4 PENINSULAR 1902-06 


BouDBMAN,  Donald  O^nst  (Ins.) . .  .150  8.  Burdiek  St.  Kalamasoo,  Mich. 

Gardbnsb,  Allen  Wynand 1517  Soott  Ave.  Lob  Angeles,  Cal. 

KsNNEDY,  Mortimer  Bailey  (Fin.) 200  S.  Garfield  Ave.  Peona,  111. 

*  Smith,  Clifford  Charles,  died  1899 Toledo,  O. 

*  Snow,  Neil  Worthington,  died  1914 , Detroit,  Mich. 

WoRDBN,  George  Adelbert  (M.  Eng.) ....  107  Bass  Ave.  Gloucester,  Mass. 


Barnbs,  Lambert  Edgar  (Sales.) 220  Huron  St.  Ypsilanti,  Mich. 

Dban,  Mason  L.  (Fuel) 5407  Mission  Dr.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Heckbb,  Christian  Henry  (Lumber) . . .  1763  Iroquois  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

HuTCHiNs,  Harry  Crocker  (Eng.) 1327  Pacific  St.  Brookljm,  N. Y. 

Klebnb,  Herman  C.  (Fin.) 1429  Hill  St.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

McMahon,  Donald  James  (Acct.) .  .c/o  Steams  Lumber  Co.  Odanah,  Wis. 
MoNTAauB,  Robert  Smith  (Sugar) 

505  N.  Michigan  Ave.  Saginaw  W.  S.  Mich. 

Ralston,  Harris  Phelps 728  Whitney  Bldg.  New  Orleans.  La. 

Robinson,  John  Sherman  (Law.) 614  Colman  Bldg.  Seattle,  Wash. 

Rousseau,  Ian  Jacques c/o  D.  J.  Wessels,  Winona,  Mich. 

Smith,  Laurence  Worthington  (Law.) 

Michigan  Trust  Co.  Bldg.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 


Gardeneb,  Major  Frederick  Arthur 

U.  S.  Marine  Corps,  Washington,  D.C. 

McCoy,  Gierald  (Lumber^ 312  Paris  Ave.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Pibbcb,  Matthew  Griswold  (Banking) 7236  Yates  Ave.  Chicago,  IlL 

*  Plummer,  Harry  Alonzo  Hawks,  died  1922 Benton  Harbor,  Mich. 

Stager,  John  Mickle  (Law.) 16  E.  3rd  St.  Sterling,  111. 

Wessels,  Dr.  Andrew  Benjamin 717  Trinken  Bldg.  San  Diego,  Cal. 


Galt,  Ralph  (Eng.) Fuller  Engineering  Co.  Allentownt  Pa. 

Gresham,  Frank  Spencer Cotton  Exchange  Bldg.  Galveston,  Texas 

KiDSTON,  Ross  Howland  (Mer.) 635  Postal  Tel.  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 

Owens,  Temple  Hubert Hamburg,  N.J. 

Sadleb,  Charles  Webb,  Jr.  (City  Mgr.)  2232  Colimibus  Ave.  Sandusky,  O. 

Sadleb,  George  Marsh  (Eng.) 1257  Ogden  Dr.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Wabb,  Walter  (Steel) 1663  Fulton  St.  Chicago,  111. 


Davis,  John  R 2256  Glenwood  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 

Fox,  Dr.  George  Henry 89  Main  St.  Binghamton,  N.Y. 

*  Georob,  Ralph  Wadhams,  died  1915 Ypsilanti,  Mich. 

Hendrie,  William  (Mfr.) 422  Hammond  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

HoDGEN,  Dr.  John  Thomson 720  Ashton   Bldg.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Pratt,  Joseph  M.  (Fin.) 109  S.  Waiola  Ave.  La  Grange,  HI. 

RocKWBLL,  Emoiy  S 124  N.  Lincoln  St.  Hinsdale,  HI. 

Russell,  Walter  Hall  (Lumber),  194  N.  Court  St.  Port  Arthur,  Ont.  Can. 
Salmon,  Maynard  Hubbard  (Elec.) 103  Rugby  Rd.  Ss^racuse,  N.Y. 

1906-09 PENIH8PLAR m 

*  Skow,  Frank  Edward,  Jr.  died  1906 Detroit,  Mich. 

Uhl,  Marshall  Mortimer  (Law.) 

134  Colleie  Ave.  N.  E.  Grand  Rainds,  Mich. 
VooBHsifl,  Paul  DariuB  (Ins.) 2020  Glenwood  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 


Allbn,  Herbert  Dunning;  (Tanner) 

603  Wells  Fargo  Bldg.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 
Babtlett,  Harry  Skinner  (Mfg.) 

17107  Je£ferson  Ave.  Grosse  Pointe,  Mich. 

BouGHTON,  Robert  Lee Prospect  Ave.  Doiu^  Manor,  L.I.  N.Y. 

CuBTis,  Claude  Clayton  (Mgr.) 147  Milk  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Hmton,  William  May  (Sales) 1879  Princeton  Dr.  Toledo,  O. 

Sadleb,  Ebenezer  Bradford 

Whipplb,  Chillies  John 7217  Oglesby  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Williams,  Oscar  Wisner  (Buyer) ...  107  Washington  Blvd.  Oak  Park,  111. 
WiMON,  Justice  (Law.) .  .Park  Dr.  &  River  Rd.  Copland  Hgts.  Toledo,  O. 


AiKENt  Thomas  Negley  (Refining) 447  Locust  St.  Edgewood,  Pa. 

*  Baxtbb,  Frederick  H.,  died  1917 Lima,  O. 

Clabk,  John  Jerome  (Mgr.) 

c/o  Burgess-Double  Envelope  Co.  32  S.  Clark  St.  Chicago.  111. 

*  DE  Nancredb,  Henry  Walstane,  died  1922 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

DucKETT,  Alfred  Clayton  (Ins.) . . .  1768  N.  Bronson  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Fox,  Frank  Boughton  (Law.) 1816  Land  Title  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Johnson,  Waldo  Macdonaki  (Sales  Mgr.) 

3210  Jefferson  Ave.  E.  Detroit,  Mich. 

LtJBBEBS,  John  Albert  (Mfr.) 320  Fifth  Ave.  CHnton,  la. 

Metheany,  John  Milton  (Fin.),  663  Paris  Ave.  S.  E.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 
Nichols,  Elliott  Slocum  (R.  Est.) .  .  .614  Hammond  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Palmeb,  Carl  Pelton 212  Hampton  Ave.  S.  E.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Post,  Hoyt,  Jr.  (R.  Est.) 1112  Garland  Bldg.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Shelly,  Charles  Sumner  (R.  Est.) 1860  Parkwood  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 

SWTH,  Karl  Beebe  Coiuiilandt  (R.  Est.)  . .  .Old  Smith  Road,  Tenafly,  N.J. 

^OBNBtJBGH,  Charles  Astor  (Mfg.) .428  Jackson  St.  Sandusky,  O. 

White,  Enoch  Thomas  (Mer.) Lapeer,  Mich. 

WiLUAHS,  Samuel  Raymond  (Law.) 

2214  1st  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 


Bailey,  Theodore  Mead  (Law.) . . .  Bailey-Glidden  Bldg.  Sioux  Falls,  S.D. 

Banta,  Thomas  Ambrose 358  S.  Division  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

BABNABDjLewis Signal  Mountain,  Tenn. 

Baxtbb,  Howard  Francis  (Laundry) 

.  -  747  Fountain  St.  N.  E.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Mills,  Francis  Charlton,  Jr 5320  St.  Claire  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

jATTENGiLL,  Victor  Romaiue  (Realtor),  618  Ottawa  St.  W.  Lansing,  Mich. 

Jtan,  Charles  Diller 511  W.  Carpenter  St.  Springfield,  HI. 

oTMONs,  John  Walter,  Jr.  (Mdse.) 1026  Genesee  St.  Sagniaw,  Mich. 

206  PENINSULAR  1910-13 


BowBN,  Edgar  Woodbiiry  (Seedman) 

c/o  D.  M.  Ferry  &  Co.  Detroit,  Mioh. 

BowBN,  Julian  Perry  (Treas.) c/o  D.  M.  Ferry  A  Co.  Detroit,  Mich. 

CoLOROVB,  Lawrence  Edwin  (Motors) . .  .2023  Taylor  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Fletcher,  Frank  Barron  (Laundry) 509  Chicago  St.  El  Paso.  Texas 

Geeb,  William  Arthur  (Law.) 1496  Seybum  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Humphrey,  Harold  Eastment  (Mfr.) .  .258  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Rathbun,  Earl  Henry  (Theatrical  Mgr.) 

704  (Sty  Bank  Bldg.  Battle  Creek,  Mich. 

Thompson,  William  DoUiville.' Jackson,  Mich. 

Van  Bbrobn,  Frederick  Schoelett  (M.  Eng.) 

412  9th  Ave.  S.  E.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
WiCKBS,  Arthur  Hamilton  (Sales.) ....  c/o  Wickes  Bros.,  Saginaw,  Mich. 


Beabse,  Theodore  Hallett  (Mfr.) .  .237  S.  Kensington  Ave.  La  Grange,  III. 

Gamble,  Hugh  S.  (Law.) Sioux  Falls,  S.D. 

Hall,  Louis  Phillips,  Jr 9  Place  Malesherbes,  Paris,  France 

TowNE,  George  Lewis  (R.  Est.) 527  41st  St.  Des  Moines,  la. 

Wanty,  Thomas  Cooley  (Furniture) 

406  Washington  St.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 
Whipple,  Walter  Gerould  (Sales.) .  . .  .4509  Oakenwald  Ave.  Chicago.  111. 
Wickes,  Harvey  Randall 81 G  Thompson  St.  Saginaw,  Mich. 


Allen,  Ralph  Merriman  (Farmer) R.  F.  D.  #3,  Jackson,  Mich. 

BowEN,  Charles  Clark,  2nd  (Ins.) . . .  1145  Woodward  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Christopheb,  Harold  Graves 431  Kelsey  Bldg.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Dean,  Charles  Alfred,  Jr 59  Willis  Ave.  W.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Ely,  William  Harvey  Johnson  (Law.) 256  Park  Ave.  Rutherford,  N.J. 

Fox,  Newton  Kennedy  (Law.) University  Club,  Washington,  D.C. 

Hayes,  John  Charlton  (Law.),  1750  Massachusetts  Ave.  Washin^on,  D.C. 

Lewis,  John  Barden  (Law.) 308  W.  Cass  St.  Greenville,  Mich. 

McElwain,  Clement  Stephen  (Adv.) 206  EUot  St.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Manpourt,  Augustus  Lester  (Mer.) .  . .  2243  Iroquois  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Mead,  R^ick  Day,  died  1915 Escanaba,  Mich. 

Riordan,  Francis  Leo  (R.  Est.) 903  N.  Main  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  Williams,  Lieut.  Charles  S.,  died  in  service  1918. 


DucKETT,  Wilham  Ward  (Books)  .  . .  1550  Woodward  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

*  FooTE,  Marshall  Warren,  died  in  service  1919. 

Mbad,  Theodore  Snow  (Fin.) 607  South  St.  Sault  Ste  Marie,  Mich. 

Officer,  Robert  Ambler  (Sugar),  Great  Western  Sugar  Co.  Denver,  Colo. 

Peck,  Fred  Taylor  (Mgr.) The  Battle  House.  Mobile,  Ala. 

QuAiNTANCB,  John  Milton  (Mgr.),  458  E.  Fulton  St.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Rebd,  Allen  Martin  (Law.) —  .  Riverside,  111. 

Thomson,  George  Campbell  (Fin.)  417  Washington  St.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Wickes,  Edwanl  Bailey 900  Owen  Ave.  Saginaw,  Mich. 

Wilson,  Howard  William  (Broker) 706  17th  St.  Denver,  Colo. 

1914-17 PENINSULAR 207 


DiEKEMA,  Willifl  Alcott  (Mgr.) .134  W.  12th  St.  Holland,  Mich. 

*  DucKBTT,  John  Hardin,  died  1917 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

Harvet,  Albert  Sargent 1314  S.  Jefferson  Ave.  Saginaw,  Mich. 

MacKinnon,  Donald  Theodore 788  Piedmont  Ave.  Atlanta,  Ga. 

Mills,  Carroll  Crawford 327  S.  Duluth  Ave.  Sioux  Falb,  8.D. 

Pattkngill,  Craig  Lemuel  (Aud.) 483  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Pontius,  Miller  Hall  (Banker) 365  Main  St.  Circleville,  O. 

Yo6p£B,  Richard  Holmes  (Auto  Ins.) 329  E.  Main  St.  Ionia,  Mich. 


Ely,  Leon  Abbett  (Farmer) 230  Meadow  Rd.  Rutherford.  N.J. 

Ghinnell,  Henry  Lawrence  (InsO 

45  CoUe|(e  Ave.  N.  E.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

*  Hall,  Richard  Nelville,  died  in  service  1915. 

HoBTON,  Thayer  (Ed.) Pomeroy,  O. 

*  McElwain,  John  Millard,  died  1917 Lansing,  Mich. 

*  Peck,  Samuel  Henry,  Jr.  died  1912 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

RoBBiNS,  Hunter  Savidge  (Motion  Pictures) 

215  Washington  St.  Grand  Haven,  Mich. 

*  Smith,  William  Alden,  Jr.,  died  1920 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

*  Towns,  Blanchard  Sears,  died  1912 Des  Moines.  la. 

WuBZBUBG,  Donald  Belknap  (Mfg.) .  .Robinson  Rd.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 


Bender,  Theodore  Knapp 221  Union  Ave.  S.  E.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

BowBN,  Paul  Murray  (Ins.) 5435  Woodward  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Eastman,  Ashley  Loton Hotel  Metropole,  Port  Huron,  Mich. 

*  GooDE,  Walton  Mills,  died  1913 Fort  Sheridan.  111. 

Handy.  Gilbert  Vemet  (Broker),  501  W.  Midland  Rd.  W.  Bay  City.  Mich. 

Keller,  Theodore  Prince,  (Coal) 1245  Jarvis  Ave.  Chicago.  111. 

McMuLUEN,  Don  Bartlett 2414  Pillsbury  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

McNamaba,  Thomas  Richard  (Ins.),  409  Normal  Ave.  Mt.  Pleasant,  Mich. 

Obr,  Howard  Alvin  (Canning) W.  Franklin  St.  Circleville,  O. 

Smith,  Harold  Lewis  (Fin.) Lancaster  Pike,  Villa  Nova,  Pa. 

Thomson,  Roderick  Buchanan  (Hotel). .  .418  Stimson  St.  Cadillac,  Mich. 


Adams,  Dr.  Theodore  Wright 1421  Hill  St.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

Barnes,  Harold  Osborne  ^tinting) 1620  Judson  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

Burrows,  Julian  Sage  (Oil) 1013  N.  Michigan  Ave.  Saginaw,  Mich. 

Carpenter,  RoUa  Louis  (Law.) .  .2214  Ist  Natl.  Bk.  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Fitzgerald,  Harold  Alvin  (Mgr.) Washington  Apts.  Pontiac,  Mich. 

Franzheim,  WiUiam  AUred  (Steel) ...  .404  S.  Front  St.  WheeUng,  W.  Va. 

Greene,  Harold  Raymond  (Ins.) 615  8th  St.  S.  Escanaba,  Mich. 

Hecker.  Edwin  Webster  (Banking)  .  .  Peoples  State  Bank.  Detroit,  Mich. 
Lewis,  Cyril  Blackmore  (Met.  Eng.) . .  139  Canfield  St.  W.  Detroit.  Mich. 
McMartin,  Thomas  Bowen  (Broker). .  .270  Martin  St.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 
MiDDLETON,  Edward  Anderson  (Lumber) 

1019  N.  Broadway,  Aberdeen,  Wash. 

208  PENINSULAR  1917>20 

Patbrson,  Hamilton  Hector  (R.  Est.) . .  .8127  Agnes  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

RoBBiNS,  John  Clapp 3296  Bradford  B4.  Cleveland  Heights,  O. 

Skinnbb,  Clarence  Oramel  (Shoes) 

115  N.  Washington  Ave.  Lansing,  Mich. 

Smith,  Delos  Grosvenor  (Law.) 9105-3rd  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Thompson,  Frank  Barton Anchorage,  Ky. 

*  TowNB,  Nathan  Clarence,  died  in  service  1918. 

Watson,  Seth  WilHam  (Baking) 405  Genesee  Ave.  Saginaw,  Mich. 

Webkes,  Robert  William  (Sales.) 1439  9th  St.  San  Diego,  Cal. 

Williams,  William  Wright  (M.  Eng.) 1296  Lenox  St.  Detroit,  Mich. 


Gamble,  James  William 416  Capitol  St.  Yankton,  S.D. 

HowB,  (Noble)  Hoyne  (Sales.) 638  N.  Eknwood  Ave.  Oak  Park,  IlL 

Ingham,  Hepburn 1044  19th  St.  Des  Moines,  la. 

LouTiT,  William  Robertson  (Fin.) 

333  Washington  St.  Grand  Haven,  Mich. 

Matteson,  Greorge  Roy 23  S.  Albans  St.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Montague,  Donald  Elliott c/o  R.  C.  Griffith  Co.  San  Pedro,  Cal. 

Norton,  James  Stephens  (Fruit  grower) Box  589,  Lakeland,  Fla. 

RoBBiNS,  Nathaniel,  Jr 191  W.  11th  St.  Holland,  Mich. 

Thompson,  James  Pitkin Anchorage,  Ky. 

Walters,  William 120  N.  Front  St.  Wheeling.  W.  Va. 

Warren,  Cyrus  James  (Lumber) 721  W.  Blvd.  Rapid  City,  S.D. 

Wilson,  John  Sanford 666  S.  Carondelet  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

WiNSLow,  Rollin  Robbins  (Law.) 

112  G.  R.  Sav.  Bldg.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 


Adams,  Thomas  Russel 1810  E.  63rd  St.  Cleveland,©. 

Barney,  Dr.  Robert  Ethelbert 10322  Colonial  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Beaver,  Charles  Richard  (Ins.) 

608  Merchants  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 
Clark,  Albert  Anderson  (Secy.) 

Columbia  Motor  Truck  Co.  Pontiac,  Mich. 

Decker,  Charles  Smith 610  W.  110th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Newcomb,  CjT^nius  Adelbert,  III R.  F.  D.  #3,  Pontiac,  Mich. 

*  Orr,  Robert  James,  died  1922 Denver,  Colo. 

Pontius,  Stuart  David  (Law.) 365  E.  Main  St.  Circleville,  O. 


Anderson,  Henry  Nefif  (Lumber) . . .  .405  N.  Broadway,  Aberdeen,  Wash. 

Blair,  James  (Broker) 27  College  Ave.  N.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Briogs,  George  Kennedy 1120  Beacon  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Bryan,  Charles  Mott  (Mgr.) c/o  Thos.  Cusack  Co.  Youngstown,  O. 

Burrows,  Lees  Joslyn 1013  N.  Michigan  Ave.  Saginaw,  Mich. 

Diekema,  Gerrit  John,  Jr.  (Fin.) 101  Nasby  Bldg.  Toledo,  O. 

Gardner,  Murray  Frank  (E.  Eng.).  .508  N.  Capitol  Ave.  Lansing,  Mich. 

Harvey,  WilHs  Enoch  (Eng.) 220  W.  North  St.  Kenton,  O. 

Hefpner,  Harry  Wefler  (Grain) 324  S.  Coiu^  St.  Circleville,  O. 

Landis,  David  Balfour 323  S.  5th  St.  Goshen,  Ind. 

McArthur,  Lawrence  Perry  (Automobile) .  . .  814  19th  St.  Greeley,  Colo. 



Phelps,  Robert  Walter  (  (Sales.) 8205  EucUd  Ave.  Cleveland.  O. 

ScHAraR,  Gilbert  Pierson  (Arch.) 561  W.  Market  St.  Lima.  O. 


Abbott.  William  Chauncey  (Leather) .  .313  E.  Lincoln  Ave.  Goshen,  Ind. 

BiGBLow,  Truman  Miller 565  State  St.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

DuNKELBERQ,  Ralph  Crockctt  (Oil),  2401  Fairfield  Ave.  Fort  Wayne,  Ind. 
HovEB,  James  Throckmorton  Vought . .  1227  E.  Colfax  Ave.  Denver,  Colo. 

Ingham,  William  Harvey 2834  Forest  Dr.  Des  Moines,  la. 

JoHNSTONB,  William  Harcourt 217  E.  Harris  St.  Cadillac,  Mich. 

Swift,  Le  Roy  Ernest 8311  JeflFerson  St.  E.  Detroit,  Mich. 


Adams,  Thomas  Hammond 1421  Hill  St.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

Cbosbt,  James  Moseley,  Jr.  (Ins.) Kent  Hills,  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

CusHiNQ,  Thomas  Folger 346  W.  5th  St.  Elyria.  O. 

gEBGusoN,  Thomas  Craig,  Jr.,  456  Morris  Ave.  S.  E.  Grand  Rapids.  Mich. 

Henbt,  Edwin  Barbour  (Acct.) 6900  Jefiferson  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Kellt,  WUlis  Martin 222  Howard  St.  Cadillac.  Mich. 

Landis,  John  Doerr  (Acct.) 5697  Oak  Grove,  Oakland,  Cal. 

u)UD,  Gordon Oscoda,  Mich. 

Lux,  Louis  Rasrmond  (Mgr.) 2010  Ontario  St.  Cleveland.  O. 

Sharp,  William  Graves  Clough 301  Washington  Ave.  Elyria,  O. 

Steketbu,  Frank  Wallder 249  James  Ave.  8.  E.  Grand  Rapids.  Mich. 

Stbketbe,  John 249  James  Ave.  S.  E.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Winters,  John  McAfee,  Jr 18  Stem  Bldg.  Quincy,  111. 


Gushing,  Carl  Folger 345  W.  5th  St.  Elvria,  O. 

Davis,  John  Laroc 2456  Glenwood  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 

McArthur,  Donald  Reed 814  19th  St.  Greeley,  Colo. 

MacTagoabt,  David,  Jr 2444  Military  St.  Port  Huron,  Mich. 

Moore,  Thomas  Beverly  (Ins.) 3607  Ingersoll  Ave.  Des  Moines,  la. 

Richards,  Willis  Culver 1847  Grove  Ave.  Quincy,  111. 

ScHEMM,  George  Ashley 409  S.  Fayette  St.  Saginaw,  Mich. 

Searlb,  John  Gideon 4611  Ravenswood  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Wai/ter,  John  Lorenao 1507  Hinman  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 


Bachmann,  Richard  Webster 912  Chicago  Blvd.  Detroit,  Mich. 

CoRNWELL,  Ernest  Sailing 615  Thompson  St.  Saginaw,  Mich. 

Ceosbt,  Moreau  Stephen Kent  Hills  Rd.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

HoLBROOK,  Bernard  David 719  E.  University  Ave.  Ann  Aibor,  Mich. 

QuAiNTANCB,  Chalmers  Harris.  .318  Washington  St.  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Rob,  Abner  Leech 1888  Ontario  PL  Washington,  D.C. 

ScHBMM,  Henry  Ripley Saginaw,  W.  S.  Mich. 

Slaughter,  Henry  Winston 1408  Ridge  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

Spber,  Paul  Dee 225  6th  Ave.  La  Grange,  111. 


FraM,  Thomas  Eliot 1325  S.  2nd  Ave.  Sioux  Falls,  S.D. 

Pick,  Albert  Taylor The  Battle  House.  Mobile,  Alabama 

210  1849-56 



*  Kbtsbr,  Rev.  Charles,  died  1877 Wakefield,  Mass. 


*  Brand,  George  Byron,  died  1871 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Freeman,  Rev.  Andrew  Longyear,  died  1902 Canandaigua,  N.Y. 

*  Hbdden,  Rev.  William  Dunlop,  died  1890 East  Orange.  N.J. 

*  Spencer,  James  Edmunds,  died  1880 Rochester,  N.Y. 


*  Carpenter,  Prof.  Stephen  Haskins,  died  1878 Madison,  Wis. 

*  Chace,  Rev.  George  Sheppard,  died  1871 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Savage,  James  Manning,  died  1864 Waynesborou^h.  Ga. 

*  ScHOFiELD,  Rev.  James  vanpelt,  died  1898 St.  Louis.  Mo. 

*  Smith,  Rev.  J(ohn)  Byington,  died  1911 Fayetteville,  N.Y. 

*  Taft,  Rev.  Sylvenus  Adon,  died  1902 Alameda.  Cal. 

*  Webster,  Simon  Perry,  died  1888: Lockport,  N.Y. 


*  Christopher,  James  Wallace,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  GooDSPEED,  Rev.  Edgar  Johnson,  died  1881 Columbia,  S.C. 

*  Sage,  Edwin  Oren,  died  1904 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Thomas,  Prof.  Jesse  Burgess,  died  1915 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


*  Bailey,  Hon.  Joseph  Mead,  died  1895 Freeport,  111. 

*  Fenn,  Robert  Hughes,  died  1913 Pittston.  Pa. 

*  Robinson,  Prof.  Norman,  died  1904 ; .  .Orlando,  Fla. 

*  Snowden,  Hoyes  Lloyd,  died  1903 Montreal,  Can. 


*  Brown,  Rev.  Milton  Adams,  died  1858 Palmyra,  N.Y. 

*  Ellis,  Sylvenus  Adon,  died  1896 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Fagon,  Rev.  William  Thomas,  died  1907 Amsterdam.  N.Y. 

*  Marble,  Manton  (Malone),  died  1917 Bedford,  N.Y. 

*  Strong,  Henry,  died  1911 Chicago,  111. 


*  Dewey,  Dr.  Bernard  Montgomery,  died Nashua.  la. 

Dyer,  Hon.  Azro  (Ret.J 711  Upper  Second  St.  Evansville,  Ind. 

*  Ferris,  Rev.  Leonard  Zenas,  died  1910 Rumford,  RJ. 

*  Joy,  Edmund  Lewis,  died  1892 Newark,  N.J. 

1856-63  ROCHESTER  211 

*  Mkbbiss,  William  Ludemay,  died  1854 Homer,  N.Y. 

*  MooRB,  William  Henry,  died  1862 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Hemy  Walworth,  died  1873 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Van  Duzbe,  Ira  Damon,  died  1909 Rozbury,  Mass. 


*  Sheldon,  Isaac  Esleeck,  died  1898 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Abbott,  Willard,  died  1907 Cleveland,  O. 

♦Bishop,  Rev.  Geiorge  Sayles,  died  1914 E.  Orange,  N.J. 

*  Cranb,  Rev.  Cephas  Bennett,  died  1917 Cambridjge,  Mass. 

Stoddabd,  William  Osbom  (Author) Central  Ave.  Madison,  N.J. 

*  Strong,  Msrron  Hopkins,  died  1886 Yonkers,  N.Y. 


*  CiiABKE,  John  Caldwell  Calhoun,  died  1916 Alton.  111. 

*  FoLsoM,  Oscar,  died  1875 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  GoDDABD,  William  Henry,  died  1906 Morgan  Park.  111. 

*  GRimTH,  Rev.  John  Herbert,  died  1895 .Owego,  N.Y. 

*  M^coMBER,  Hon.  Francis  Allen,  died  1893 Rochester,  N.Y. 

Rathbonb.  Arthur  Barker  (Ret.) Main  St.  Oakfield.  N.Y. 


*  Derr.  Franklin  Christopher,  died  1915 Danville,  Pa. 

*  MuNDT,  Esekiel  Wilson,  died  1916 Syracuse.  N.Y. 

*  Pbtbrs.  Dr.  Joseph  Augustus,  died  1886 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Sage,  Rev.  Adomram  Judson,  died  1902 Cincinnati,  O. 

*8hbppabd.  "Rev.  Theodore  Warren,  died  1892 , .  .Providence,  R.I. 

Smith,  Rev.  Charles  Ekiward Fredonia,  Chautauqua  Co.  N.Y. 


*  Comfort,  Rev.  Milton  Bookstaver,  died  1920 Lockport,  N.Y. 

*  Leonard,  Oliver  B.,  died Plainfield,  N.J. 

Mackwood.  Robert 76  Taylor  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Mason,  Alonso  Truman,  died  1872 Greenwich,  N.Y. 

*  MooRB,  Walter  Burritt,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Robinson,  Prof.  Otis  Hall,  died  1912 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Shaw,  Rev.  Augustus  Chesterman,  died  1919 Wellsboro,  Pa. 


*  Allin,  George  Albert,  died  1911 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

♦Clark,  Charles  Gould,  died  1887. Troy,  N.Y. 

•Johnson,  Prof.  Elias  Henry,  died  1906 Chester,  Pa. 

*  Leonard,  Rev.  William  James,  died  1920 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Pancost,  Edwin  Henry,  died  1865 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  West,  John  Henry,  died  1868 Williamsburg,  N.Y. 


*  Crosby,  Moreau  Stephen,  died  1893 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

212  ROCHESTER  1863-68 

*  Crouch,  Wesley,  died  1918 Rochester,  N.Y. 

GooDBPEBD,  Rev.  Thomas  Wakefield  (Author) 

5765  Blackstone  Ave.  Chicago,  III. 

*  Pierce,  Edward  Henry,  died  1904 Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Tryon,  John  Forbes,  died  1884 Dowagiao,  Mich. 

*  WiNQ,  David,  died  1897 Canandaigua.  N.Y. 


*  Backus,  Truman  Jay,  died  1908 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  BoBLET,  Henry  Clay,  died  1890 Bradford,  Pa. 

*  Bbookino,  John  Hurrell,  died  1867 Dundas,  Ont.,  Can. 

*  Davis,  George  Francis,  died  1919 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Dickinson,  William  Henry,  died  1883 Chester,  Pa. 

*  Gati<ord,  Leonard  Jarvis,  died  1889 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Hblunqs,  Rev.  William  Potts,  died  1911 Bufifalo.  N.Y. 

Ludlam,  George  P.  (Ret.) .640  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Potter,  Dr.  Milton  Grosvenor,  died  1878 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Taylor,  Albert  Judson,  died  1870 St.  Paul,  Minn. 


Bishop,  James  Lord 2  Rector  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  BiBSBiiL,  Joeiah  Hooker,  died  1901 Chicago,'  HL 

*  DooLiTTLE,  James  Reuben,  died  1889 Chicago,  111. 

*  Glass,  Charles  James,  died  1897 f Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Shbppard,  Joseph  Holcomb 

*  Wrenn,  Charles  Duffield,  died  1919 Middletown,  O. 


*  CoiT,  Rev.  Albert,  died  1920 Syracuse,  N.Y.    * 

*  Keeney,  James  Ftunklin,  died  1907 Chicago,  HL 

Parker,  Rev.  Alonzo  Ketcham  (Ret.) 

c/o  C.  A.  Ketcham,  45  Market  St.  Poughkeepsie,  N.Y. 

*  PiERSONS,  Dr.  Amandon  Manley,  died  1903 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Thomas,  Dr.  Oscar  Frederic,  died  1910 Lakeland,  Minn. 

Todd,  Rev.  Adam  Henry  (Ret.) 629  Pine  Ave.  Long  Beach,  Cal. 


*  Bissell,  Willard  Parker,  died  1878 Richmond,  Va. 

*  Cheney,  James  Edward,  Jr.  died  1886 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Hunt,  Edward  Taylor,  died  1891 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Satterleb,  Eugene  (Hudnut),  died  1910 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Stellb,  Rev.  William  Henry,  died  1903 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Strong,  Horace  Lapham,  died  1873 La  Grange,  N.Y. 


*  Capen,  Frank  Sumner,  died  1900 New  Palts,  N.Y. 

*  Cole,  Oncken  Willard,  died  1910 Brunswick,  Ga. 

Davis,  William  Henry 2911  Montana  Ave.  Westwood,  Cincinnati,  O. 

Huntington,  Frank  (Edit.) Dept.  of  Agri.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Miller,  Rev.  Henry  Thaddeus,  died  1904 Quincy,  III. 

*  Milne,  William  James,  died  1914 Albany,  N.Y. 

1868-75  ROCHESTER  813 

MoBBT,  Prof.  William  Carey 94  Oxford  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Tatlob,  Rev.  Dr.  James  Monroe,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  FowLEB,  Isaac  Dubois,  died Milwaukee,  Wis. 

*  Glass,  Edsar  Patterson,  died  1922 Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Kendall,  Ek>race  Fidelio P.  O.  Box  456,  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Rathond,  Alonzo  Clayton  (Law.) 731  Pin^ree  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Tatlob,  Zachary  Philo  (Law.) 64  Memam  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


♦BuBLL,  Byron  Winfield,  died  1875 Rochester.  N.Y. 

*  FowLEB,  Rev.  John  Kennedy,  died  1908 La  Crosse,  Wis. 

Gates,  Hon.  Merrill  Edwards 1309  R.  I.  Ave.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Kellogg,  Milo  Gifford,  died  1909 Chicago,  111. 

Tatlob,  Charles  Herbert  (Clerk) 26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Bishop,  Franklin  Backus,  died  1894 Rochester,  N.Y. 

Cafwell,  Rev.  Charles  Albert 3201  Osborne  Blvd.  Racine,  Wis. 

Embbson,  Henry  Pendexter  (Ret.) Middleton,  Mass. 

HuBBELL,  Hon.  Walter  Sage  (Law.) 1209  East  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  HxiLL,  Rev.  Robert  Bruce,  died  1914 Brookism,  N.Y. 


FosDicK,  Frank  Sheldon  (Ed.) 114  Crescent  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Fbench,  Solon  Tenney,  died  1908 Los  Angeles,  CaL 

HuDNUT,  James  Monroe  (Ins.) 32  Van  Buren  St.  Brookbm,  N.Y. 

*  HuDNUTT,  Rev.  Isaiah  Burroughs,  died  1913 Boai,  Ala. 

*  Stewabt,  Rev.  David  Fay,  died  1879 Hamilton,  Minn. 

*  Wabben,  Charles  Mortimer,  died  1879 Chicago,  111. 


*  Bakeb,  James  Edward,  died  1916 Oakland,  Cal. 

Ellison,  Frank  Thompson  (Realty) Brighton  Sta.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Hunt,  Ebenecer  Warren,  died  1913 Omaha,  Neb. 

NoBTON,  Prof.  A(8ahel)  Wellington 

Olds,  Prof.  George  Daniel  (Dean) 3  Orchard  St.  Amherst,  Mass. 

*  Pabsons,  Clifford  Walsworth,  died  1920 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Yeobian,  George  Francis,  died  1902 Rochester,  N.Y. 


Adams,  Rev.  John  Quincy  (Lib.) 98  North  St.  Auburn,  N.Y. 

*  Bishop,  L.  Jesse  P.,  died  1916. New  York,  N.Y. 

Dox,  Rev.  Rutger 30  Grant  Ave.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

*  LooMis,  Prof.  Eugene  Sanford,  died  1879 Potsdam,  N.Y 

Ratmond,  George  Herbert  (Telephone),  1738  Elmwood  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 
Whelan,  Ralph  (Law.) 539  Plymouth  Bldg.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Adams,  Hon.  Edward  LeGrand  (Consul) Elmira,  N.Y. 

214  ROCHESTER  1875-79 

Bbown,  Rev.  Thomas  Edwin ....  325  W.  Main  St.  Independence,  Kansas 

Campbell,  Rev.  John  P 1728  N.  Broadway,  Baltimore,  Md. 

Fassett^  Hon.  Jacob  Sloat  (Capitalist) 150  Lake  St.  Elmira,  N.Y. 

*  Freeman,  Prof.  Spencer  Hedden,  died  1886 Cleveland,  O. 

*  HiRSHFiELD,  Mtft-cus,  died  1907 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Milne,  John  Morgan,  died  1895 CJeneseo,  N.Y. 

Rowley,  Rev.  Francis  Harold 1569  Beacon  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Stearns,  Dr.  George  Raynolds,  died  1913 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  White,  Rev.  James  William,  died Sheboygan,  Wis. 


*  Adams,  Dr.  Charles  Wisner,  died  1899 Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Bellamy,  Francis  (Adv.) 244  Central  Park  W.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Davis,  Frank  Fillmore  (Law.) 35  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hunt,  Rev.  Horace  Holmes,  died  1897 Fairport,  N.Y. 

*  Sherman,  Dr.  Fletcher  Joshua,  died  1877 Lyons,  N.Y. 

*  Wamsley,  William  Hall,  died  1915 Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Wilcox,  Fred  Potter,  died  1912 Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 


*  Bishop,  Charles  White,  died  1882 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Brownell,  Dr.  William  Gideon,  died  1914 Caledonia,  N.Y. 

*  Campbell,  Rev.  Frederic,  died  1917 Beaver  Falls,  N.Y. 

Darrow,  Dr.  Charles  Erastus 216  East  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Gates,  Fred  Taylor 66  S.  Moimtain  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 

*  Hair,  Luther  Madison,  died  1899 Rochester,  N.Y. 

Harrison,  Henry  (Grain) 84  South  Ave.  Broc^)ort,  N.Y. 

Merle-Smith,  Rev.  Wilton 300  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Hon.  Walter  Locke Keene  Valley,  Essex  Co.  N.Y. 

*  Work,  Charles  Perley,  died  1908 Rochester,  N.Y. 


Chapin,  George  Mooar  (Journ.) . .  57  Mutual  Life  Bldg.  Jacksonville,  Fla. 
Davis,  Dr.  Giunan  Robinson 1636  Kanawba  St.  Charieston,  W.Va. 

*  Db  Bell,  Edward  Truman,  died  1882 Coventry,  N.Y. 

Harvey,  Rev.  Ransom  (Ed.) La  Grange,  Mo. 

MiNOT,  Morton  (Fin.) Lake  &  West  Aves.  Brockport,  N.Y. 

Taylor,  Electus  B.  L c/o  Ches.  &  Potomac  Tel.  Co.  Roanoke,  Va. 

*  Wilbur,  Charles  Smith,  died New  York,  N.Y. 


Abbott,  John  Beach  (Law.) 26  Wadsworth  St.  Geneseo,  N.Y. 

BowEN,  Lem  Warner  (SeedJg) c/o  D.  M.  Ferry  &  Co.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Brown,  Hon.  Selden  Stanley  (Co.  Surrogate) 

Surrogate's  Office,  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  HiRSHFiELD,  Moses,  died  1910 East  Orange,  N.J. 

*  Leisenrino,  Olin  D.,  died  1916 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Olin,  Hiram  Belmah,  died » 

Simpson,  William  Wayland  (Sales.) . .  133  S.  Fitzhugh  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

1880-85 ROCHESTER 216 


Bailbt,  Charles  Olin  (Law.) 309  N.  Duluth  Ave.  Sioux  Falb,  S.D* 

Blt,  Myron  TuthUl  (Law.) 817  Ina.  Bldg.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  GooDBicfl,  William  Poole,  died Warren,  N.H. 

Grioqs,  Edward  Stanley  (Orcharding) Prosser,  Wash. 

*Hui«T,  James  Monroe,  died  1914 ' Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Mabcy,  Lemuel  Barrows,  died  1895 Rochester,  N.Y, 


Babcock,  Dr.  Robert 102  Lancaster  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Dewey,  Thomas  Emmet,  died  1906 Topeka,  Kan. 

Dbakb,  Harry  Trevor  (R.  Est.) 648  Gilfillan  Block,  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Hates,  Hiram  Wallace  (Writer) 

409  The  Wyoming  Apts.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  IsBELL,  Herve,  died  1911 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Lb  8eur,  Dr.  John  Wesley 208  Main  St.  E.  Batavia,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Prof.  Charles  Wion(Ed.),  13  S.  Main  St.  Hollw,  Orleans  Co.  N.Y. 

*  Stevens,  Rev.  Sumner  Wynne,  died  1913 Wiliiamstown,  Mass. 


*  Adams,  Greorge  Byron,  died  1918 Geneseo,  N.Y. 

(Jlembnt,  Arthur  Galette  (Ed.) 403  Hamilton  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Hull,  John  Mclntyre  (Law.) 39  Erie  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  PuLVER,  Arthur  Wadsworth,  died  1904 Chicago,  111. 


Andrew,  Dr.  Fred  Delmar  (Ret.) Sodus,  N.Y. 

Gates,  Prof.  Lewis  Edwards 5  Elk  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

MuNN,  George  Ladd 611  Stephenson  St.  Freeport,  111. 

Peltz,  Hamflton  (Writer) . .  .c/o  The  New  York  Herald,  New  York,  N.Y. 

TooLEY,  Arthur  (Sales.) Main  St.  Brockport,  N.Y. 

Vary,  Calvin  Pardee  Hull  (Ret.) 14  Williams  St.  Newark.  N.Y. 

Wood,  C^yrus  J.  (Law.) 1328  N.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 


Decker,  George  Palmer  (Law.) 721  Powers  BIdg.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Fassett,  Henry  Lewis  (Produce) 51  W.  5th  St.  Oswego,  N.Y. 

HoDOHAN,  Thomas  Morey  (Pres.) 

The  Hazard  Teachers  Agency,  Old  Natl.  Bank  Bld^.  Spokane,  Wash. 
HxjNT,  Rev.  Emory  William Bucknell  Univ.  Lewisbiu'g,  Pa. 

*  Kinney,  Hon.  William  Palmer,  died  1922 Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 


*  Bailby,  Joseph  Mead,  Jr.  died  1891 Sioux  Falls,  S.D. 

Baker,  William  L.  (Banker) 503  E.  21st  St.  Sioux  Falls,  S.D. 

HuBBELL,  Rev.  WilUam  N 55  W.  12th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Maoombbr,  William,  died Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Wilson,  William  Henry  (Law.) 811  Westford  St.  Lowell,  Mast. 

216  ROCHESTER  1886-91 


Akblbt,  Lewis  E.  (Dean  of  EngOt  Univ.  of  South  Dakota,  Vermillion,  S.D. 
BoTNiiON,  Rev.  Charles  Homer  (Prof.) 3  Chelsea  Sq.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  HiBSHFiELD,  Harry,  died  1919 

Lewis,  James  Taylor  (Law.) 41  Prospect  Dr.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Mknzib,  Herbert  James  (Law.) 167  Seneoa  Pkwy,  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Scott,  Prof.  William  Amasa Univ.  of  Wisconsin,  Madison,  Wis. 

STOREBjDr.  Frank  Beecher  (Ret.) 1419  Gardenia  Ave.  Glendale,  Cal. 

TiFJT,  William  Carleton  (Ed.) 24  George  St.  Cohoee,  N.Y. 


*  Cbocksb,  Edwin  M.  died  1914 Byron,  N.Y. 

Dow,  George  Churchill  (Chairs) 415  Ashland  Ave.  BiSalo,  N.Y. 

HowK,  Dr.  Loron  Whitney 774  Main  St.  W.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Jamkson,  Henry  Allen  (Putnoe) 4809  Baltimore  Ave.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Mac  Vicar,  John  George  (Ed.) 20  Lloyd  Rd.  Montclair,  N.  J. 

Olcott,  Ralph  Thrall  (Pub.) 38  Mason  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

P^ASE,  Henry  (Broker) 31  Exchange  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


BoTNTON,  George  Edward  (Ed.) 304  E.  18th  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

EsNSBSBOBB,  Prof.  Millard  C Cornell  University,  Ithaca,  N.Y. 

Frail,  Elmer  George  (Ed.) 601  W.  7th  St.  Ene,  Pa. 

RoH,  Dr.  Carl  Frederick Tecumseh,  Neb. 

WiLLCox,  William  Russell  (Law.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 


Browk,  Roscoe  Conkling  Ensign  (Joum.) . .  164  Hicks  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Chace,  Benjamin  Brow  (Law.) 7  Argyle  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Lawrence,  Prof.  Henry  Edmimd 69  Dartmouth  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Macomber,  Francis  Selden  (Law.) 

27  Portsmouth  Terrace,  Rochester,  N.Y. 
Palmer,  Walter  Truman  (Ins.) 98  Honeyoye  St.  Shingle  House,  Pa. 


*  Db  Land,  Harlan  Page,  died  1903 De  Land,  Fla. 

Hunt,  Garrett  Bratt  (Executive) W.  214  3rd  Ave.  Spokane,  Wash. 

Kino,  Frederick  Alwin  (Ed.) Jamestown  College,  Jamestown,  N.D. 

Reed,  Herbert  Griffin  (Farmer) Rochester,  N.Y. 

Robinson,  Allan  (Law.) 624  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Andbews,  Henry  Victor  (Edit.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bbadstrbet,  Howard Old  State  House,  Hartford,  Conn. 

Clark,  Charles  Johnson  (Farmer) Fairport,  N.Y. 

Duncan,  Albert  Greene  (Cotton) P.  O.  Box  1895,  Boston,  Mass. 

GiLBEBT,  Clinton  Wallace  (Edit.) 3204  Klingle  Rd.  Washington,  D.C. 

HooKEB,  Elon  Huntington  (Mfg.) 26  Pine  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

MiDDLETON.  Prof.  Arthur  Renwick Purdue  Univ.  Lafayette,  Ind. 

Pebbin.  William  Andrew  (Lumber) 1100  Seneca  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Sawter,  Rev.  Louis  Joseph 1975  Post  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

1891^-97 ROCHESTER 217 


♦Abbll,  Fred  Husted,  died  1907 Rochester,  N.Y. 

BowzBMAN,  George  Franklin  (lib.) Public  Library,  Washington,  D.C. 

Db  Gboat,  Dr.  Herman  K 387  Lafayette  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

O'Hbbn,  Joseph  P.  (Ed.) Municipal  Bldg .  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Tayxor,  Dr.  John  Mortimer 5  Plasa  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Basbtow,  Rev.  Henry  Havden 101  Franklin  St.  Auburn,  N.Y. 

Fabel,  Frederick  Chas.,  c/o  The  American  Oak  Leather  Ck>.  Cincinnati,  O. 

HiLBB,  Henry  Edward  (Banking) Albion,  N.Y. 

NuTE,  Arthur  Cain  (Ed.) 1732  Overton  Park  E.  Memphis,  Tenn. 

Savage,  Prof.  Charles  Winfred 310  Reamer  PI.  Oberlin,  O. 

Spencer,  Nelson  Elwood  (Law.) 1010  Wilder  Bldg.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Tatlor,  Horace  Frederick  (Lumber)  .  .2101  Elm  wood  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 


Hooker,  Harry  Mix  (Contr.) 25  Pine  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Notes,  Henry  Taylor  (Button  Mfg.) Art  in  Buttons,  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Richardson,  Willard  funnel 26  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 


Allen,  Rev.  Frederick  "William 156  Tompkins  St.  Cortland,  N.Y. 

BissELL,  John  Clark  (Auto.) 2269  Fulton  St.  Toledo,  O. 

*  Farrand,  William  Fitch,  died  1897 Beaimiont,  Tex. 

*  Freeman,  Albert  Thomas,  died  1917 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Lewis,  Irving  Merritt,  died  1893 Akron,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Edward  Payson  (Ed.) State  Education  Dept.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Wheeler,  Dr.  Richard  Kimble 1614  MiUtary  St.  Port  Huron,  Mich. 


Buxton,  Thurlow  Weed  (Elec.) 823  E.  15th  St.  Brooklyn.  N.Y. 

*  Cardus,  Arthur  Lisle,  died 

Casey,  George  Henry  (Agr.) 77  C^linton  St.  Albion.  N.Y. 

Huntington,  Rev.  George  Briggs 

c/o  Baptist  Foreign  Missionaiy  Soo.  276  Fifth  Ave.  New  York.  N.Y. 
Olds,  Nathaniel  Shurtleff  (Marketmg  Mgr) 

123  Waverly  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Ward,  Albert  (Artist) 


Bishop,  Edwin  P.  (Contr.) 160  Fulton  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Blt,  Dr.  Pernr  Amidon Municipal  Hospital,  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Gray,  Prof.  Howard  Levi Brsm  Mawr,  Pa. 

HnwHFiELD,  Edward  (Sales  Mgr.) 158  W.  8l8t  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

HooMR,  Paul  (C.  Eng.) 238  Ninth  St.  Niagara  Falls,  N.Y. 

Mills,  Irving  Judson  (R.  Est.) 1  Frontenac  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Philups,  Raymond  George  (Apples) 136  Chili  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Steitz,  Carl  Nelson  (Ins.) 10  Sumner  Park.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

TiNNT,  Rev.  Charles  Buckley  (Missionary) 

29  Sanai  Cho,  Ushigome,  Tokyo,  Japan 

218  ROCHESTER  1898-1902 


Andsrbon,  Norman  Kendall  (Law.) 

1056  First  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 

Atwater,  Edward  Congdon  (Mfg.) 401  E.  Main  St.  Batavia,  N.Y. 

Brownlee,  Rasrmond  Bedell  (Ed.) Elm  St.  Woodmere,  L.I.  N.Y. 

Jessup,  John  Colgate,  Jr 55  Willard  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Pbrrin,  Dr.  William 80  East  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


Atwood,  Edward  Snow 587  S.  Logan  St.  Denver,  Colo. 

Gage,  Dr.  Otis  Amsden 115  Steuben  St.  Painted  Post,  N.Y. 

Simmons,  Arthur  Curtis  (Ed.),  Genesee  St.  Cor  Boulevard,  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  TuHOLSKi,  Paul  Alexander,  died  1900 New  York,  N.Y. 

Webt,  Herbert  Seeley  (Ed.) 53  Hancock  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Whitehead,  Thomas  Fayette  (Farmer) Rosser,  Man.,  Can. 


Cornell,  Rev.  Douglas  Hawley 243  Hasel  Ave.  Glencoe,  111. 

Field,  Rev.  Justin  Davis 336  Foxhall  Ave.  Kingston,  N.Y. 

Gilbert,  Edgar  Lathrop,  Jr 

Mandbville,  WilUam  Newman  (Ed.) 

4038  Linden  Hills  Blvd.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Notes,  Selden  Goodwin  (Exptr.  &  Imptr.) .  .2  Rector  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Shelp,  Leon  (Law.) Ill  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stuerwald,  Fred  (Mer.) Newark,  N.Y. 

Weld,  Lewis  Hart  (Ed.) U.  S.  Natl.  Museum,  Washington,  D.C. 

Whitman,  Homer  (Purchas.  Agt.) 1  Ericson  PI.  Niagara  Falls,  N.Y. 


De  Mallie,  James  Martin 

Glass,  Joseph  Jessup  (Law.) 102  Park  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

GoLDTHWAiT,  Howard  Mills 

Hooker,  Horace  Willard  (Mfg.) 25  Pine  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Johnson,  Oscar  Kenneth  (Edit.) 60  Richland  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Macon,  Charles  Frederic  (Teller) .711  Ave.  J,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

MouLSON,  Charles  Edward  (M.  Eng.) .  .76  Dartmouth  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


Bragdok,  Arthur  Delove  (Orchardist) Grandview,  Wash. 

Brown,  D.  Walter  (Sales.) 153  Vassar  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

DiLDiNE,  William  H 1058  Harvard  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Hates,  Prof.  Joseph  W..  .Crowell  Pub.  Co.  381  4th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Morris,  Harvey  Francis  (Adv.) Hickey-Freeman  Co.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Neiner,  Edward  Jacob  (Mfr.) 251  W.  19th  St.  Erie,  Pa. 

Perrin,  Charles  Norton  (Lumber) . .  .508  W.  Delavam  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 
Raines,  Eugene  (Law.) 146  Edgerton  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Renifp,  Harold  Wayne,  died Ben  Avon,  Pa. 

SWARTOUT,  Norman  Lee  (Playwright) ...  24  Blackburn  Rd.  Summit,  N.J. 
Tbnnt,  Lloyd  Stanley  (Fruit) Dept.  of  Agr.  Washington,  D.C. 

1903-07 ROCHESTER 219 


Babkeb,  Robert  Jay  (Elec.  Sup.) 194  Vaasar  St.  Rooheeter,  N.Y. 

Mason,  Clyde  Franklin  (Farmer) 72  Main  St.  WUliamson,  N.Y. 

Bias,  AKariah  Boody  (Ed.) 334  West  Ave.  Rocheeter,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Garret  (Pub.  Health) 516  Ravine  Rd.  Plainfield,  N.J. 

*  Snow,  Frank  Lamont,  died  1905 Rooheeter,  N.Y. 


Babkeb,  Orrin  (Law.) 130  Edgerton  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Chadwick,  Prof.  Georee  Halcott 42  Cornell  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Dow,  Leland  Brown  (Fin.) 429  Park  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Gove,  Samuel  Millman 118  Kingston  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

HowK,  Dr*  Horace  John 

Metropolitan  Life  Ins.  Co.  Sanatorium,  Mt.  McGregor,  N.Y. 
Peet,  Mortimer  Suae  (Lumber) Whiteeboro,  N.Y. 


Fat,  Jay  Wharton 29  Vick  Park,  Rochester,  N.Y. 

GiLBKBT,  Chester  Garfield  (Cons.  Eng.) 

3204  Klingle  Rd.  Washington,  D.C. 

Halbest,  Rev.  LeRoy 113  Humphrey  Ave.  Bayonne,  N.J. 

Helunqs.  Dana  Boardman 45  Erie  Co.  Bank  Bldg.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Jackson,  Harry  Cornish FcMrt  Plain,  N.Y. 

Page,  Howard  Charles  (Oil) Victoria,  Hong  Kong,  China 

Wbik,  Frederick  (Lumber) 2218  Morcum  Ave.  Los  Angles,  Cal. 

Wetmork,  Dwight  Seager  (Mgr.) Box  139,  Pittsford,  N.Y. 

Williams,  Burr  Fiske  (Ed.) 29  Ebndorf  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


Allen,  Dr.  Howard  Walrath  (Dentist) .  300  Cutler  Bldg.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

BowERMAN,  Edwin  Roy  (Contr.) 11  Oakland  Ave.  Eden  Park,  R.I. 

(^iGiE,  Chester  Frederic  (Sales.). .  .232  St.  James  St.  Montreal,  Canada 
Fisher,  Prof.  Edgar  Jacob  (Ed.),  Robert  College,  Constantinople,  Turkey 

Foster,  William  Rice  (Ed.) 440  S.  Goodman  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Hall,  Leigh  Butler  (Sales.) 105  Ferris  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Roades,  William  Cornelius,  died  1920 Rochester,  N.Y. 

St.  John,  Ancel  (Physicist) 1454  E.  14th  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Taylor,  Herbert  Raymond  (Printing) 

310  Kenwood  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


Bancroft,  Wilbur  Wilcox  (Mgr.) 131  S.  Euclid  Ave.  Oak  Park,  111. 

Barbs,  Prof.  Howard  Phillips Oregon  Agri.  College,  Corvallis,  Ore. 

Harmon,  Ralph  Elmer  (EdO Peddie  Institute,  Hightstown,  N.J. 

Jbmup,  Elon  Huntington  (Writer) 227  Waverly  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Palmer,  Carl  Griff  (K.  Est.) Ill  S.  Union  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Rbid,  Wallace  Robert  (Floors) 215  Robinson  St.  N.  Tonawanda,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Hugh  Alexander,  Jr.  (Optical  Goods) 

81  Westchester  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Walkinshaw,  Robert  John,  died  1908 North  Tonawanda,  N.Y. 

WiNSLOw,  John  (Marine  Eng.) 441  Seymour  St.  Vancouver,  Can. 

220 ROCHESTER 1908-11 


Akbrlt,  Harold  Edward  (Acct.) 6  Culver  Rd.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Babkbb,  Hiram  Leonard,  Jr.  (Clerk) . . .  130.  Edgerton  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Babss,  Dr.  Harold  de  Blois 32  N.  Washinston  St.  Ypsilanti,  Mich. 

Chapin,  Delwin  D.,  Jr Coudersport,  Pa. 

Habt,  Curtis  Dannals  (Purchas.  Agt.) 135  Cady  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Mabsh,  Charles  Darius  (Ed.) 29  E.  Main  St.  Port  Jervis,  N.Y. 

Prtob,  Dean  Todd  (Mer.) 690  Maplewood  Blvd.Rochester,  N.Y. 

Pryob,  Warrant  OUustrator),  12807  Speedway  Overlook,  E.  Cleveland,  O. 
Stmondb,  Archie  Wilcox  (Farmer) Southold,  N.Y. 


BowN,  Carlton  Fellows  (Law.) . .  .817  Union  Trust  Bldg.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

FowiiBB,  Raymond  James  (Mer.) 9  Daisy  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Habman,  Samuel  Park  (Mgr.) 22  Wihner  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

HoLCOMBB,  Alonzo  Barton R.  F.  D.  #2,  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Taylor,  Raymond  Averill  (Mfg.) 616  Amett  Blvd.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


Babbb,  Alden  Forrest  (Horticulturist) 

Dept.  of  Horticulture,  Univ.  of  British  Colmnbia.  Vancouver,  Canada 

♦  Batzlb,  Rev.  John  George,  died  1919 Laramie,  Wyo. 

Cbouch,  Milton  Edwin  (C.  Eng.) Box  67,  Nipigon,  Ontario,  Canada 

GoTT,  Francis  Hastings  (Arch.) 19  Richland  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Kbnyon,  Rev.  Randall  Alanson 

Temple  Baptist  Church,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Lb  Sbttb,  Dr.  Horace  Hutchins 310  E.  Main  St.  Batavia,  N.Y. 

Lewis,  Donald  McNaughton 22  E.  Main  St.  Avon,  N.Y. 

Lewis,  Raymond  Bassett  (Ins.) 238  Post  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

♦  SissoN,  Oliver  Dean,  died  1907 Caledonia,  N.Y. 

Taylob,  George  Hamlet  (Sales.) 706  East  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Vallancb.  WflUam  R.  (Law.) 829  20th  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 


DuGAN,  William  Edward,  Jr.  (Fruit) 840  Culver  Rd.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

♦  FosTBB,  John  Murray,  died  1922 Oming,  N.Y. 

Gray,  Leon  Crawford 670  Univ.  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Hall,  Walter  Bert  (Ed.) Sodus.  N.Y. 

Landbb,  Rajrmond  Alfred  (Mfg.) 347  Seneca  Pkwy.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Lbcbenibb,  Giles  Philip,  Jr.  (Ins.)  c/o  Aetna  Life  Ins.  Co.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Moody,  Frank  Hudson  (Ranching) Fallbrook,  CaL 

NxwHALL,  Frederick  Augustus  (Ed.) 66  Rialto  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Pabcb,  Yale  (R.  Est.) 41  Woodlawn  Ave.  Fairport.  N.Y. 

Pabxin,  Abraham  Jackson  (Organizer) Medina,  N.Y. 

Pbxcb,  Frederick  Williun  (Seedman) 

450  Hazelwood  Terrace,  Rochester,  N.Y. 
Rbmington,  Thomas  Howard  (Law.) . .  .911  Wilder  Bldg.  Rochester,  N.Y. 
Rbmikoton,  William  Brodie  (Sales  Mgr.) . .  Woodbridge,  So.  Hadley,  Mass. 

Stxwabt,  Rev.  Hugh  Wilson Trumansburg,  N.Y. 

Wabmbb,  Frederick  Leighton  (Mfr.) .  .92  Wellington  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 
WooLBBY,  Dr.  John  Homer 240  Stockton  St.  San  Francisco,  CaL 

1912-16 ROCHESTER 221 


BuBCH,  Frederick  William 

CoNKLiN,  William  Dumi  (Edit.) Danaville,  N.Y. 

Hakbis,  Dr,  Carl  Thorbum 24  Eaat  Ave.  Hilton,  N.Y. 

Kenton,  Harry  Norman  (Y.  M.  C.  A.). .  .461  Eaat  Ave.  Rooheeter,  N.Y. 

Long,  Dr.  Graydon 536  Genesee  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Mason,  Henry  Archibald  (Mgr.) 95  Colby  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

SwETLAND,  Benjamin  Brocious  (Lumber) Mills,  Pa. 

Waldron,  Capt.  Albert  Whitney. .  c/o  Adj.  Gen.  U.  S.  A.  Washington,  D.C. 


Bacon,  Howard  Elston  (M.  Eng.) 

1105  Tenth  Ave.  Moore,  Delaware  Cg.  Pa. 

Heaven,  Dr.  Paul  Webley 333  Park  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Caulkins,  Edward  Dana 

309  Homer  Bldg.  13  &  F  Sts.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

FouLDS,  Hamilton  JoUey  (Sales.) 1820  Culver  Rd.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

GcERiNOT,  Dr.  George  Washington .  .  758  West  Main  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Kennell,  Carlyle  Lamberton  (Ins.) 271  N.  Park  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Macdonald,  George  Alan  (Journ.) 67  Prince  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Pbice,  Ernest  Batson  (Govt.) 

Consular  Bureau,  Dept.  of  State  Washington,  D.C. 

Spinning,  James  Martin  (Ed.) 696  Genesee  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Stewart,  Milroy  Neil  (Research) York,  Livingston  Co.  N.Y. 

WoLGAST,  William  Carl  (Ed.) 66  Deerfield  Dr.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

WooDAMS,  William  Bert  (Coal) 783  South  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


Bishop,  Girald  Cyrus  (Cameras) 65  Prince  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Bly,  Halton  Davis  (Law.) 1015  Union  Tr.  Bldg.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Decker,  Lewis  Robertson  (Purchasing  Agent) 

143  Plymouth  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 
LeBoutillier,  Sidney  Pierre  (Examiner)  ...  13  5th  Ave.  Cedarhurst,  L.I. 

Le  Roy,  Howard  Sanderson  (Law.) 8  Jackson  PI.  Washington,  D.C. 

Lewis,  Dr.  Howard  Fowler 124  W.  High  Ter.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Penny,  Carl  Park  (Publicity) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

SwARTouT,  Harold  Slayton  (Clerk) 327  Parsells  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Wilkinson,  Dr.  MacNaughton 313  Monroe  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


Barry,  Robert  Francis  (Nurseryman) 

517  Exchange  Place  Bldg.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Decker,  Alfred  Mills  (Mfg.) Lake  St.  Brockport,  N.Y. 

Hamn,  Leland  Dwells 475  Oxford  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Long,  William  Edwin  (Yacht  Construction) 

178  Warwick  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Penrose,  Guy  Rowland  (Sales.) 351  N.  Firestone  Blvd.  Akron,  O. 

WoLTERs,  Charles  Frederick,  Jr.  (Exec),  250  S.  Broad  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Woodams,  Wilbur  George  (Kodaks) 783  South  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

222  ROCHESTER  1916-19 


Adsit,  Sidney  Chftrles  (Ins.) 115  Dove  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Chambsblin,  Martin  Townsend  (Oil) 

South  Livonia,  Livingston  Co.  N.Y. 

Gatton,' John  Avard Gowanda,  N.Y. 

Hawks,  Charles  H.  Jr.  (Nurseryman) 7  State  St.  Wauwatosa,  Wis. 

McNaib,  Hugh  Torbert  (Y.M.C.A.  Sec.) R.  F.  D.  Dansville,  N.Y. 

Memtlbt,  George  Leslie  (Exptr.) 722  Lrving  PL  Plainfield,  N.J. 

MiLiiER,  Arthur  Merkel  (Eng.) c/o  T.  E.  Corpn,  Kingsport,  Tenn. 

Patchbn,  Andrew  Robert  (Sales.) 286  Rosedale  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Prtor,  Willard 156  Gorsline  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Richmond,  Kenneth  Calvin  (Industrial  Eng.) 

1461  E.  135th  St.  Cleveland.  O. 
Williamson,  Herbert  Charles  (Supt.) . .  .655  Yadkin  St.  Kingsport,  Tenn. 


DuGAN,  Harold  Brownell Norton  Iron  Works,  Ashland,  Ky. 

MAT80N,lRandall  Willis 233  Oxford  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

MoBBOW,  Glenn  Cook  (Adv.) 1149  Lake  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Remington,  John  Warner  (Law) 46  Highland  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Saueb,  Milton  Adam  (Correspondent) ...  .65  Hickory  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Taylob,  Roscoe  LaughUn  (Adv.) 599  Monroe  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Williams,  Russell  Bates  (Sales.) 1330  Prospect  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Willis,  Greorge  Wilcox  (Chem.) 82  Lenox  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

WiTNKT,  Edwin  Herbert  (Eng.) 812  Mulberry  St.  Scranton,  Pa. 


Coleman,  Lloyd  Ring  (Adv.) ....  11  Pomander  Walk,  E.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

CowLBS,  Harold  Ellcry  (Ed.) 170  Raebum  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Lb  Roy,  Charles  Hayden  (D.  G.) 44  Mill  St.  Westwood,  N.J. 

McKelvby,  Fred  Elwood  (Sales) 264  Rutgers  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Mbinhabd,  Edward  John  (Clerk) 228  Birr  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Menzib,  Robert  J.  (Asst.  Secy.) 40  Church  St.  Caledonia,  N.Y. 

Ogdbn,  Edward  Mikels 217  Lancaster  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 


AvBBY,  Lvman  Charles 349  S.  Main  St.  Brockport,  N.Y. 

Chacb,  Bloes  Dutton  (Ins.) 7  Argyle  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Glen,  Judson  Barrett  (Law.) 321  Lake  View  Park,  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Gooding,  Spencer  Clubine College  St.  Brockport,  N.Y. 

Jackson,  Jamee  Arthur,  Jr.  (Farming) South  Livonia,  N.Y. 

McLean,  James  Gerald  (Banker) 48  Alliance  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

McNaib,  Charles  Wilson  (Nurseryman) :  Dansville,  N.Y. 

I'McNaib,  Samuel  Robinson,  died  in  service  1918. 

MiNOT,  George  Morton Lake  A  West  Aves.  Brockport,  N.Y. 

Newton,  George  Durfee 18  Wadsworth  St.  Geneseo,  N.Y. 

Raubbb,  Harold  Washington  (Mgr.) 27  Harper  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Taylob,  Frederick  Chase 655  Lafayette  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

1920-24 ROCHESTER 223 


Chambebs,  William  Benona 88  Livingstone  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Fralet,  Guy  Barstow,  died  in  service  1918. 

GosNiLL,  Herbert  Manning  (Eng.) 428  Grand  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Mason,  Donald  Bentley 758  Harvard  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Nabamobe,  Charles  Raymond  (Ed.) 449  Meigs  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Williamson,  John  Swan 175  9th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Zeeveld,  Laurence  Waleson 816  Garson  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


Bloomer,  (Reuben)  Holmes 394  Monroe  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

DuGAN,  Gerald  Colbum 840  Culver  Rd.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Kelloqq,  John  Francis.  Jr 112  Genesee  St.  Avon,  N.Y. 

McGhee,  Paul  Ansley  (Ed.) 363  Columbia  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Metcalf,  Walter  Augustus 178  Magee  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Rector,  Donald  Wilkin 12  Wadsworth  St.  Geneseo,  N.Y. 

Reed,  Hugh  Dewitt  (M.  Eng.) 114  Birr  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Rhees,  Morgan  John 440  University  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Williamson,  Donald  Dewey  (Pub.) Kingsport,  Tenn. 

*  Woi/TERS,  Douglas  Negus,  died  1920 Rochester,  N.Y. 


Cahill,  Harold  Vincent Geneseo,  N.Y. 

Cochrane,  Cornelius  Parsons 171  Harvard  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Gillies,  Brooks,  died  1920 Rochester,  N.Y. 

Harbison,  John  Tonneli 492  Genesee  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 

JoHANTQEN,  James  Franklin 2  Clinton  St.  Dansville,  N.Y. 

Kreao,  Karl  Adam 42  Alliance  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

KuHN,  C(ecil)  John 182  Pearl  St.  Rochester.  N.Y. 

Ltddon,  Paul  William 8  Lamberton  Park,  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Mason,  Charles  Thurston 758  Harvard  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Salmon,  Henry  (Ins.  Broker) 229  Chestnut  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Wegnbr,  Albert  William 20  W.  Church  St.  Fairport,  N.Y. 


Caldwell,  Vernon  Cxordon  (Sales.) 142  Parkdale  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Carhart,  (jeorge  Stephens 282  Alexander  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Dunn,  William  Harold Scottsville,  N.Y. 

Gates,  Alfred Honeoye  Falls,  N.Y. 

Menzie,  Robert  Dow  (Lumber) 92  Plymouth  Ave.  Rochester, *N.Y. 

Milliman,  Dain  William 56  Wadsworth  St.  Geneseo,' N.Y. 

MuRLiN,  John  Anderson East  Ave.  Brighton  Sta.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Peck,  E.  Stewart West  Bloomfield,  N.Y. 

Spemcer,  Howard  Clark 115  Strong  St.  Rochester.^N.Y. 

Steitz,  Howard 10  Sumner  Park,  Rochester,  N.Y. 

WooDAMS,  Milton  Ellis 783  South  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


Bblden,  Charles  Gilbert 1011  Genesee  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

BoYNTON,  Howard  Stanley 618  Himiphrey  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Cbouch,  Wentworth  Winfield 61  Beverly  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

224  ROCHESTER  1924-26 

Hedges,  (Clarence)  Elihu,  Jr 26  William  St.  Rochester,  N.y. 

Todd,  Conway  Libanus  (Drft.) 1050  University  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Warren,  Donald  Burton 51  Rutger  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Zeeveld,  William  Gordon 815  Garson  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 


CuRTiss,  Arthur  Parmele 27  Porter  Ave.  Batavia,  N.Y. 

Du  Bois,  Merrell  Matthews 31  East  Ave.  Newark,  N.Y. 

Gideonse,  Max 292  Plymouth  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Greene,  Richard  Leighton Westfall  Rd.  Brighton,  N.Y. 

Lynn,  Emmet  Edward 151  Kenwood  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

O'Brien,  Clarke  Williams Monroe  Ave.  Honeoye  Falls,  N.Y. 

Shuster,  John  Kittredge Harwood  Farms,  E.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

SuTTERBT,  Floyd  Henry 14  Lake  St.  Le  Roy,  N.Y. 

Tait,  Austin  Crittenden 561  Mount  Hope  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

1850-66  225 



*  BuGBSB,  Thomas  Francis,  died  1859 Montgomery,  Ala. 

*  Cttshman,  Rev.  George  Francis,  died  1890 Brooklsm,  N.Y. 

*  Gates,  William  Theodore,  died La  Grange,  Tex. 

*  MsBiwBTHBR,  Dr.  John  Samuel,  died  1879 Eutaw,  Ala. 


*  Glasselii,  John  Henry  Hobart,  died  1853 Mobile,  Ala. 

*  HsBNDON,  Robert  Edward,  died  1856 Greene  Co.  Ala. 

*  McDow,  Dr.  John  Ramsay,  died  1864 Fayette  Co.  Tex. 

*  Peck,  Roecoe,  died  1854 1'uscalooea,  Ala. 

*  Pharr,  Ephraim  Alexander,  died  1869 Camden,  Ala. 

*  Wtnnb,  William  Appling,  died  1869 Greensboro,  Ala. 


*  Chapman,  William  Smith,  died  1881 Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  Chilton,  Thomas  George,  died  1860 Montgomery,  Ala. 

*  CiiOPTON,  James  Osgoodf  Andrew,  died  1863 Tuskegee,  Ala. 

GuNTEB,  William  Adams 606  Clayton  St.  Montgomery,  Ala. 

*  Sharp,  Gen.  Jacob  Hunter,  died  1907 Penn,  Miss. 


*  Bishop,  John  Webster,  died  1900 Talladega,  Ala. 

*  Bradford,  Taul,  died  1883 Talladega,  Ala. 

*  Cochrane,  William  Tennel,  died  1860 Pickens  Co.  Ala. 

*  Curry,  Burwell  Jordan,  died Huntsville,  Ala. 

*  FisHEB,  Col.  Lorenzo  CIark«  died  1906 Galveston,  Tex. 

*  FrrzPATRicK,  James  Madison,  died  1852 Autauga  Co.  Ala. 

*  Winn,  Walter  Emmett,  died  1864 Demopolis,  Ala. 


*  Beard,  Rev.  Thomas  Jefferson,  died Birmingham,  Ala. 

*  Benson,  Dr.  William  Henry,  died  1888 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Clark,  Joseph  Pickens  (Farmer) Eutaw,  Ala. 

*  CoBBS,  Rev.  Richard  Hooker,  died  1920 Greensboro,  Ala. 

*  Hardie,  Joseph,  died Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  Mius,  William  Jemison,  died  1892 Birmingham,  Ala. 

*  Peck,  Henry  St.  John,  died  1853 Tuscaloosa,  Ala. 

*  Woodruff,  Daniel  Webster,  died  1893 Savannah,  Ga. 


*  Blaket,  James  Churchill,  died  1893 Tuskegee,  Ala. 

*  Bryan.  Charles  Joseph,  died  1903 Tuskegee,  Ala. 

226  ALABAMA  1866-69 

*  NoTT,  Dr.  James  Deas,  died  1863 MobUe,  Ala. 

*  Pbqxjm,  Samuel  Wilds,  died  1900 Safford,  Ala. 

*  SoMBBViLLE,  Hon.  Henderson  Middleton,  died  1915 . . .  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Winn,  Dr.  Henry  Jasper,  died Clarendon,  Tex. 


*  Bbtant,  Jacob,  died  1864 Clarke  Co.  Ala. 

*  Cabpbntbr,  Samuel  Thompson,  died  1864 Eutaw,  Ala. 

*  HuTTON,  Rev.  Cornelius  Marion,  died  1922 Fort  Worth,  Tex. 

*  NoTT,  Henry  Junius,  died  1862 Mobile,  Ala. 

*  Withers,  Williun  I>Wleriok,  died  1865 Tuscaloosa,  Ala. 


*  Battle,  Junius  Kincaid,  died  1860 Tuskegee,  Ala. 

*  Dawson,  Reginald  Heber,  died  1906 Selma,  Ala. 

*  Griffin,  Jolm  Randolph,  died  1873 Bellevue,  La. 

*  Mock,  Benjamin,  died  1890 Columbia,  S.C. 

*  Spiva,  Lemuel  Gaston,  died  1862 Selma,  Ala. 

*  Steblb,  John  James,  died Mobile,  Ala. 

*  Thornton,  Dr.  Joseph  Bacon,  died  1862 .• Eufaula,  Ala. 


*  Chilton,  William  Parish,  died  1892 Montgomery,  Ala. 

*  Harris,  Rt.  Rev.  Samuel  Smith,  died  1888 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  HooAN,  William  Inge,  died  1864 Tuscaloosa,  Ala. 

Morribbstt,  Francis  Strother  (Farmer) Newbem,  Ala. 

1851-55  227 



*  Clabke,  George  EUery,  died  1898 Falmouth,  Mass. 

*  Dunning,  Seth  Mooar,  died  1892 Chicago,  111. 

*  GooDALB,  Samuel  Bushnell,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mills,  James  Kellogg,  died  1874 Davenport,  la. 

*  MooAR,  Rev.  George,  died  1904 Oakland,  Cal. 

*  Newman,  Rev.  Charles,  died  1874 Lanesboro,  Mass. 

•TiMPLB,  Hon.  Jackson,  died  1902 Santa  Rosa,  Cal. 

*WiLLLAMS,  Samuel,  died  1881 San  Francisco,  Cal. 


•Batchblder,  Rev.  John  Stockman,  died  1884 Auburn,  Me. 

*  Dickinson,  John  Woodbridge,  died  1901 Newtonville,  Mass. 

*  Hazeltinb,  Rev.  Henry  Martyn,  died  1899 Jamestown,  N.Y. 

*  Lewis,  Hiram  LaMotte,  died  1900 Hancock,  Mass. 

*  Perry,  Prof.  Arthur  Latham,  died  1905 Williamstown,  Mass. 

♦Perry,  Charles,  died  1890 Robinson,  Colo. 


♦Bates,  Erastus  Newton,  died  1898 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Clarke,  James  Lawrence,  died  1863 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Gardner,  Rev.  Theodore  Adolphus,  died  1880 Faribault,  Minn. 

*  GiLSON,  Prof.  Charles  Franklin,  died  1881 Williamstown,  Mass. 

*  MiLLiQAN,  Prof.  Harvey  William,  died  1902 Jacksonville,  111. 

*  Walters,  Charles  Augustus,  died  1877 •. Williamstown,  Mass. 

*  Williamson,  Rev.  Dr.  Robert  Henry,  died  1884 Chillicothe,  Mo. 


*  Ames,  Dr.  George  Latham,  died  1869 Niles,  Mich. 

*  Bliss,  Rev.  Charles  Robinson,  died  1901 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Dewey,  James  Richard,  died  1917 Chicago,  111. 

*  Grout,  Rev.  Henry  Martyn,  died  1886 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Hudson,  Edward  Payson,  died  1880 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  KrpTREDGE,  Rev.  Abbott  Eliot,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  MxTRDOCE,  HoUis  Read,  died  1891 Stillwater,  Minn. 


*  Hairb,  Rev.  John  Pursel,  died  1914 Chicago,  111. 

*  Hitchcock,  Phineas  Warriner,  died  1881 Omaha,  Neb. 

*  Booker,  Dr.  Edward  Jerome,  died  1858 South  Hadley,  Mass. 

*  Jbmison,  Charles,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Miner,  Henry  Erwin,  died  1863 Manchester,  Vt. 

*  Nbttlbton,  William  Alfred,  died  1917 Stockbridge,  Mass. 

Snow,  Rev.  Cytus  Austin,  died  1878 Lampasas,  Tex. 

228  WILLIAMS  1856^1 


*  Lapham,  Oliver  Keese,  died  1904 Lansdowne,  Pa. 

*  Mitchell,  Robert  Jay,  died  1900 Sheldon,  N.D. 

*  Nbwcomb,  Prof.  George  Benton,  died  1895 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Rapalje,  Dr.  William  Van  Voorhis,  died  1872 Newtown,  N.Y. 

*  WHrmER,  Rev.  Charles,  died  1921 Lowell,  Mass. 


*  Chambeblain,  Valentine  Burt,  died  1893 New  Britain,  Conn. 

*  Db  Bsyoise,  Rev.  Gabriel  Havens,  died  1918 Walpole,  N.H. 

*  Goodrich;  Rev.  George  Dickinson,  died  1870.  . .  .East  Windsor,  Conn. 

*  Harding,  William  Greenough,  died  1908 Pittsfield,  Mass. 

*  Hooker,  Rev.  Elias  Cornelius,  died  1873. Stockbridge,  Mass. 

*  HtJTCHiNS,  Dr.  Alexander,  died  1906 Brookfyn,  N.Y. 

*  Stevens,  Hon.  Homer  Bemis,  died  1903 Westfield,  Mass. 

*  Wells,  Nathan  Dana,  died  1902 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


*  Ames,  Rev.  John  GriflSth,  died Washington,  D.C. 

Beckwith,  George  Henry  (Ret.) 

c/o  E.  Seymour,  45  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Dbwist,  Hon.  Justin,  died  1900 Springfield,  Mass. 

*  Graves,  Arthur  Brown,  died  1903 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Lee,  Benjamin  Franklin,  died  (bet.  1909-12) New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ltman,  Dr.  Henry  Munson,  died  1904 Chicago,  111. 

*  Parsons,  Benjamin  Franklin,  died  1907 HawkinsviUe,  Ga. 

*  Pelton,  William  Tilden.  died  1880 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  PpRTBR,  Rev.  Edward  QriflSn,  died  1900 Lexington,  Mass. 

*  Putnam,  Joseph  Robie,  died  1910 (Jhicago,  111. 


*  Antes,  Dr.  Robert  Hayes,  died Geneseo,  111. 

*  James,  Dr.  John  Wells,  died  1915 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Morgan,  Horace  Hills,  died  1893 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  RoTCE,  Clark  Esek  King,  died  1897 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Antes,  Dr.  Henry  Taylor,  died  1899 Geneseo,  111. 

*  Dimmick,  William  Francis,  died  1865 Falmouth,  Mass. 

Greenough,  James  Camithers  (Ret.  Ed.) . .  .30  Court  St.  Westfield,  Mass. 

*  Hooker,  Rev.  Edward  Trumbull,  died  1886 West  Salem,  Wis. 

Jenkins,  Dr.  Charles  Weston 39  Via  Romana,  Florence,  Italy 

*  JuDD,  David  Wright,  died  1888 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Newkirk,  Rev.  Shirlock  Andrews,  died  1863 Oswego,  N.Y. 

*  Otis,  John  Grant,  died  1916 Topeka,  Kan. 

*  Wright,  George  McElwain,  died  1870 San  Francisco,  CaU " 


*  Hastings,  Dr.  Benjamin  Franklin,  died  1901 Whitman,  Mass. 

*  Nichols,  Edward  Payson,  died  1917 Lexington,  Mass. 

1861-67  WILLIAMS  229 

*  Sandsbs,  George  Anthony,  died  1909 Springfield,  111. 

Stone,  Dr.  James  Farrar 1431  Mt.  Vernon  St.  Philadmphia,  Pa. 

*  TuppER,  James  Brainerd  Taylor,  died  1920 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Weight,  Ebenezer,  died  1900 Chicago,  111. 


*  Brigham,  Edward  Dexter,  1859 Saugus,  Mass. 

Denison,  Rev.  John  Henry Williamstown,  Mass. 

*  Fitch,  Horace  Benjamin,  died  1887 Auburn,  N.Y. 

*  Mather,  Benjamin  FranJcin,  died Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Mills,  Prof.  George  Franklin,  died  1914 Amiierst,  Mass. 

Mitchell,  Frederick  William  (Ret.) 

The  Savoy,  2804  14th  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 
Nason,  Rev.  Charles  Pickney  Holbrook,  3904  Walnut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Wells,  Samuel  Edgar,  died  1876 Chicago,  111. 


Atwood,  Edward  Stanley  (Ret.) Water  Witch  Club,  Highlands,  N.J. 

*  Baldwin,  Rev.  Charles  Hume,  died  1900 Des  Moines,  la. 

*  Mitchell,  Dr.  Joseph  Sidney,  died  1898 i Chicago,  111. 

Swift,  William  Heniy  (Ret.) . . . : 124  East  St.  Pittsfield,  Mass. 

*  Treat,  Dr.  Alfred  Otis,  died  1880 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Treat,  Rev.  Charles  Russell,  died  1899 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Bissell,  Charles  Rollin,  died  1861 Southampton,  Mass. 

*  Gardner,  Charles,  died  1913 Louisville,  Ky. 

♦Kingsbury,  Rev.  Charles  Augustus,  died  1893 Redwood,  CaJ. 


*  Benedict,  Samuel  Seward,  died  1906 Benedict.  Kan. 

*  Hawlet,  John  Woodbridge,  died  1881 Chicago,  111. 

*  Holwill,  George  Towner  Goodrich,  died  1888 Shanghai,  China 

*  Oakman,  Richard  Nickerson,  died  1907 Greenfield,  Mass. 

*  Spoor,  Ciharles  Talmadge  Fairchild,  died  1891 Coxsackie,  N.Y. 

♦Talcott,  William,  died  1893 Paterson,  N.J. 

Wtman,  Dr.  Edmond  Lewis Manchester  Centre,  Vt. 


*  BiGELow,  Prof.  John  Milton,  died  1913 Albany,  N.Y. 

*  KuNE,  Virgil  Polk,  died  1917 Cleveland,  O. 


Hall,  Rev.  G.  Stanley  (Ed.) 156  Woodland  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

*  Hand,  Rev.  Frederick  Augustus,  died  1880 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Harman,  Henry  Augustus,  died  1922 Rutland,  Vt. 

•Mabie,  Hamilton  Wright,  died  1916 Summit,  N.J. 

*  Stetson,  Francis  Lynde,  died  1920 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  West,  Charles  Sherwood,  died  1887 Plainfield,  N.J. 

230  WILLIAMS  1868-74 


*  Bbooks,  Walter  Denison,  died  1877 Boston,  Mass. 

Cook,  Francis  Edmiston  (Ed.) 6256  Westminster  PI.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Fell,  Issacher  Price  (Aud.) 13th  &  Douglas  Sts.  Omaha,  Neb. 

*  Hall,  Osee  Matson,  died  1914 Red  Wing,  Minn. 

*  La  Grange,  Washington,  died  1883 Albany,  N.Y. 

Lee,  Rev.  Hamilton 2314  Cedar  St.  Berkeley,  Cal. 

*  Rice,  Edward  Walter,  died  1902 Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 

Ross,  Jasper  Stansbury Oneida,  O. 

West,  John  Kingsbury,  (R.  Est.) Detroit,  Minn. 


Chapin,  Hon.  Alfred  Clark  (Ret.) 24  E.  56th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Cole,  Edward  Harman,  died  1915 Saginaw,  Mich. 

*  Whitehead,  Rev.  Joseph  Henry,  died  1920 Ridgewood,  N.J. 


*  Bailey,  Samuel  Stephens,  died  1887 Norwalk,  Conn. 

*  Brooks,  Thomas  Hope,  died  1919 Cleveland,  O. 

Johnson,  Rt.  Rev.  Joseph  Horsfall. . .  .415  S.  Grand  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

*  Keene,  Harry,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mtgatt,  Lemuel  Carrington,  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Parmelee,  Morton  Shattuck,  died  1897 Malone,  N.Y. 

Storm,  Azariah  Smith  (Ret.) 20  Maple  St.  Braintree,  Mass. 


Doty,  Charles  Winchester  (Glass  Mfg.) ....  103  Second  St.  Jeannette,  Pa. 

GiBBS,  Herbert  Russell  (Edit.) 4  Park  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Hooker,  Charles  Hall  (Banking) . .  19  Rockland  St.  Wellesley  Hills,  Mass. 

*  Wells,  John  Quincy,  died  1889  Riverside,  111. 


*  Anablb,  Frederick  Samuel,  died  1919 Boston,  Mass. 

*  French,  Solon  Tenney,  died  1908 Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Homer,  Joseph  Warren  (Trustee) 38  Webster  PI.  Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Tuttle,  William  Henry  Harrison,  died  1912 Arlington,  Mass. 

West,  Dr.  Frank  Eliot 172  Clinton  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Bond,  Arthur  Thomas  (Adv.) 20  Central  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Chamberlain,  Robert  Meech,  died  1917 Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Crocker,  Frederick  Williams,  died  1886 St.  Paul,  Minn. 

*  Emerson,  Dr.  George  died  1921 Winfield,  Kan. 

May,  Charles  (Law.) 5  E.  84th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wheeler,  Hon.  Charles  Barker  (Ret.) .  .305  Elmwood  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 
WiTTE,  Melchior  Conrad  Gerhard  (Ret.) Clinton,  Conn. 


*  Allen,  Dr.  Louis  Edmund,  died  1920 Arlington,  Mass. 

Barnhart,  John  Higgins  (Ret.) 119  E.  Broadway,  Logansport,  Ind. 

1874-81 WILLIAMS 231 

*  Campbell,  David,  died  192r. Pittsfield,  Mass. 

MoBRisoN,  Frank  W.  (Ins.) . . .  1247  N.  New  Jersey  St.  Indianapolis,  Ind. 


*  FiNNET,  Elmer  Edson,  died 

WoosTER,  Edward  Bicknell  (Ret) 1  Elk  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 


Arustbong,  Collin  (Adv.) Metropolitan  Tower,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Babker,  Dr.  Harry  Asahel.- 196  Main  St.  Burlington,  Vt. 

*  CoLLis,  Dr.  Roewell  Park,  died  1891 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Lane,  John  Peck,  died  1893 Pittsfield,  Mass. 

Raxkin,  Rev.  John  Joseph  (Farming; Clark's  Summit,  Pa. 


Adam,  William  Lawrence  (Banker) 24  North  St.  Pittsfield,  Mass. 

Dodge,  Samuel  Douglas  (Law.) Guardian  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

*  Gilbert,  Robert  Washburn,  died  1892 Gilbertsville,  N.Y. 

McLaren,  John  Piatt  (Farmer) Glendale,  Hamilton  Co.,  O. 

Perkins,  Jacob  Bishop  (Mfr.) 11120  Magnolia  Dr.  Cleveland,  O. 

WiTTB,  Henry  Parker  (Coal) 14  Altamont  Court,  Morristown,  N.J. 


*  Adriancb,  James  Ruthven,  died  1879 Poughkeepsie,  N.Y. 

*  Bates,  C^orge  Anthony,  died  1915 Springfield,  111. 

Brown,  William  Lewis 35  West  St.  Norwalk,  Conn. 

Mills,  Rev.  Carlton  Putnam 311  Mass.  Ave.  Lexington,  Mass. 

*  Russell,  Lansing,  died Cleveland,  O. 


Atwater,  Dr.  James  Billings 82  Broad  St.  Westfield,  Mass. 

Down,  Dr.  Charles  North 138  West  58th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Rankin,  Prof.  Walter  Mead 5  Evelyn  PI.  Princeton,  N.J. 

*  Setmoxtr,  Julius  Hubbell,  died  1922 Stamford,  Conn. 

*  Stevens,  Henry  William,  died  1891 New  York,  N.Y. 


Hempstead,  William  Gardner  (Farmer) R.  F.  D.  3,  Knox,  Ind. 

*  Laflin,  Arthur  King,  died  1908 Paris,  France 

Matz,  Hermann  Lewis  (Brick) 80  E.  Monroe  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Pbck,  Thomas  Dowse  (Cotton) Warrenton,  N.C. 

*  Warren,  Lansing,  died  1901 Milwaukee,  Wis. 


*  Babsett,  Rev.  Austin  Bradley,  died  1916 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Demond,  Charles  Mason,  died  1918 Miles  City,  Mont. 

*  King,  Henry  William,  Jr.,  died  1888 Oma[ha,  Neb. 

*  Vanderpobl,  Augustus  Hall,  died  1911 New  York.  N.Y. 

232  WILLIAMS  1882-87 

1882     • 

BuELL,  Alfred  Ely c/o  W.  W.  Seymour,  Tacoma,  Wash. 

*  Matz,  Rudolph,  died  1917 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Pebkins,  Joseph,  died  1914 Cleveland,  O. 

Seymour,  Edmund  (Fin.) 45  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Adriance,  Rev.  Harris  Ely Englewood,  N.J. 

BoTT,  Joseph  Warner  (Ret.) Shelburne,  Vt. 

Bratenahl,  The  Very  Rev.  George  Carl  Fitch 

3525  Woodley  Rd.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Crowell,  Edward  Roby,  died  1896 Chicago,  111. 

Day,  Charles  Francis  (Law.) Ravenna,  O. 

Holmes,  Rev.  Samuel  Van  Vranken 140  North  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Lansing,  Abram  Winne  (Musician) 240  N.  Mohawk  St.  Cohoes,  N.Y. 

Walker,  Arthur  Henry  (Linotype  Mach.) 

125  Ashley  Gardens,  London,  Eng. 


Colt,  James  Denison  (Law.) 53  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  Gardiner,  Leonard  Yeumans,  died  1890 Amsterdam,  N.Y. 

Hall,  Herbert  Oakey  (R.  Est.) 41  Union  Sq.  New  York,  N.Y. 

King,  Francis  (Motor  Trucks) 110  Orchard  St.  Alma,  Mich. 

Seymour,  William  Wolcott  (Banker) Tacoma  Bldg.  Tacoma,  Wash. 

*  Squier,  Frederick  Clifford,  died  1893 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Trowbridge,  Dr.  Grosvenor  Reuben,  died  1908 Buffalo,  N.Y. 


Down,  Arthur  Dudley  (R.  Est.) 10  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Garfield,  Harry  Augustus  (Pres.)^ 

Williams  College,  Williamstown,  Mass. 
Garfield,  Hon.  James  Rudolph  (Law.) 

1029  Natl.  City  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Man,  Edward  (Ret.  Law.) Cassodux,  North  Stonington,  Conn. 

Palmer,  Clinton 

*  Rockwell,  Donnell,  died  1915 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Warren,  Bentley  Wirt  (Law.) 30  Stbte  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


*  DoDD,  William  Silliman,  died  1918 Hampton,  Va. 

Joy,  Edmund  Steele  (Law.) 738  Broad  St.  Newark,  N.J. 

Lasell,  Josiah  Manning  (Mfg.) 83  Hill  St.  Whitinsville,  Mass. 

Taft,  Theodore  Munger  (Law.) 242  E.  15th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Tyno,  Stephen  Higginson  (R.  Est.) 41  Union  Sq.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Allen,  Joseph  Morgan  (Law.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Baldwin,  Charles  Marvin  (R.  Est.) 12  W.  10th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Cole,  Irving  Tomlinson,  died  1918 Seattle,  Wash. 

Lewis,  Loran  Lodowick,  Jr.  (Law.) 

202  Erie  Co.  Sav.  Bk.  Bldg.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

188a-93  WILLIAMS  233 


Austin,  Hon.  Henry  Warren  (Banker) 1022  Lake  St.  Oak  Pk.  111. 

*  Batbb,  Albert  Louis,  died  1888 Riverside,  111. 

Francis,  Lewis  Witherbee  (Mfr.) 2  Rector  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Rathbonb,  Albert  (Law.) 45  E.  78th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Tappan,  Walter  House  (Ret.) North  Hero,  Vt. 

*  Thateb,  Dr.  Joseph  Marsury,  died  1896 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Tyno,  Sewell  Tappan,  died  1913 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Van  Giebon,  David  Eugene,  died Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


♦Johnston,  David  Stuart,  died  1917 Lansingburgh,  N.Y. 

K188AM,  William  Adams  (Mining) 9  E.  76th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sabin,  Stewart  Barbour w 

*  Sanders,  Walter  Lee,  died  1888 Springfield,  111. 


Bennett,  Rev.  William  Russell 55  Park  PL  Morristown,  N.J. 

Colby,  Bainbridge  (Law.) 32  Nassau  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Denibon,  Rev.  John  Hopkins Box  393,  Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

*  Foster,  William  Lytle,  died  1917 Cincinnati,  Ohio 

Francis,  Arthur  Wheeler  (R.  Est.) 119  E.  56th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Jenkins,  MacGregor  (Pub.) .8  Arlington  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  McKenzib,  Charfes  Gray,  died  1889 New  York,  N.Y. 

Taft,  Rev.  Arthur  Nelson 10  Pelham  PI.  Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 

Whitman,  Hon.  Charles  Seymour 54  E.  83rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Choatb.  George 8  E.  63rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Graves,  Rufus  Riker University  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Holmes,  Dr.  Edwin Palisade  Ave.  Englewood,  N.J. 

ScHAFF,  Harrison  Hale  (Law.) 212  Summer  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


HoTALiNO,  Earl  Holbrook Baldwinsville,  N.Y. 

HoTT,  Willard  Evans  (Coll.  Treas.) Williamstown,  Mass. 

Ludlow,  Henry  Shattuck  (Pub.) 687  N.  Broadway,  Saratoga,  N.Y. 

Mears,  Dr.  Edward  Norris  Kirk 

RoQERsoN,  James  Charles  (Fin.) 15  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Towner,  Henry  Augustus  (Banking). . .  340  Prospect  Ave.  Highland  Pk.  111. 


Edwards,  William  Leonard  (Law.) 108  E.  38th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Garfield,  Abram  (Arch.) 9718  Lake  Shore  Blvd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Garheld,  Irvin  McDowell  (Law.) . . .  127  Marlborough  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Goddard,  Herbert  Atwater 210  W.  107th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Manning,  Robert  Adams  (Banker) 55  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Mills,  Franklin  Hubbell  (Law.) . . .  .901  Lexington  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Sutton,  Woodruff,  Jr.  (Eng.) 701  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

234  WILLIAMS  1894-1900 


HuTCHiNS,  Dr.  Charles  Pelton 209  Union  Bldg.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

*  Lee,  James  Gore  King,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  White,  Eugene  Richard,  died  1906 Buffalo,  N.Y. 


Allen,  Jerome  Ripley  (Arch.) 101  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bent,  Felton  (Iron) 2121  Wahiut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Brown,  James  Jay,  Jr.,  died  1896 Omana,  Neb. 

*  Patterson,  Stuart  Forbes,  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Rawle,  Francis  William,  died  1911 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Riley,  Henry  Drinker 437  Chestnut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

RuDD,  Rev.  Arthur  Belding Trinity  Rectory,  Ambler,  Pa. 

Sweet,  Elnathan  (Candy  Mfr.) 1333  E.  36th  St.  Portland,  Ore. 


CowEN,  Thomas  Bigelow  (Law.) 289  Ogden  Ave.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

DuRAND,  William  Charles  Waters  (Adv.) Pompton  Lakes,  N.J. 

Patterson,  Dr.  Henry  Stuart 130  E.  62nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Root,  Robert  Wells,  died  1910 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Thomas,  Charles  Brooks,  died  1902 Topeka,  Kan. 


Bates,  Henry  Comstock • 

Blake,  Cevedra  D.  (Iron) 1301  N.  6th  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

James,  Philip  Lyman  (Mer.) 164  E.  66th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Watson,  Edward  Ashley  (Fin.) 60  State  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Bradley,  William  Caar  (Fin.) 61  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Pennoyer,  Horace  Nathaniel,  died  1894 Portland,  Ore. 

Perry,  Dr.  Lewis  (Ed.) Phillips-Exeter  Acad.  Exeter,  N.H. 


Carpenter,  Fred  Herbert  (Lumber) 

121  Franklin  Ave.  W.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Hall,  Joseph  Ambrose,  died  1918 Brookline,  Mass. 

Howard,  Lewis  Edward  (Fin.) 209  S.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Johnston,  Harold  Eddy  (Iron) 546  Third  Ave.  North  Troy,  N.Y. 

Sherry,  Norman  Burt  (Mer.) 35  Myrtle  Ave.  Troy,  N.Y. 


Baldwin,  Dr.  Charles  Hume 282  Genesee  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 

Black,  Robert  Clifford  (Jeweler) 594  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Butler,  Dudley  (Ins.) 340  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cornell,  Rev.  Douglas  Hawley 243  Hazel  Ave.  Glencoe,  111. 

Dibble,  Condit  Woodhull  (Banking) 

901  Massachusetts  Ave.  North  Adams,  Mass. 
Green,  Griswold  (Iron  &  Steel) . .  192  Union  Ave.  Saratoga  Springs,  N.Y. 
Hopkins,  Albert  (Banker) 140  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

1900-05  WILLIAMS  236 

HuTCHiNB,  Francis  Sessions  (Law.J 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N. Y. 

JnnoNs,  Austin  Dickinson  (Arch.) 6  N.  Michigan  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Mtqatt,  Kenneth 66  Central  Park  W.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pattebson,  Arthur  Coxe  (Law.) 39  E.  83rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Seavek,  Robert  Chauncey 15  Congress  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

VosE,  Ckorge  Atherton  (Pianos) 36  Evans  Rd.  Brookline,  Mass. 

WiLUAiis,  Josiah  Randall,  Jr.  (Lumber) 

514  Commercial  Tr.  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Wilson,  John  P.  Jr.  (Law.) 1605  Marquette  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 


Bint,  Quincy  (Steel) 407  Delaware  Ave.  Bethlehem,  Pa. 

Bbubh,  Dunbar  Chaplin 192  Summit  Ave.  Summit,  N.J. 

Fitch,  Ralph  Grosvenor  (Mgr.) 14018  Clifton  Blvd.  Lakewood,  O. 

Jay,  John  Clarkson,  Jr.  (Ba^er) 64  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ltdeckeb.  Stanley Hessler  Rd.  CleveUmd,  O. 

Nason,  Albert  Warren 129  Dartmouth  Ter.  Springfield,  Mass. 


CJoLE,  Thomas  James R.  F.  D.  #6,  Chardon,  O. 

Little,  George  Thurston Wabash,  Ind. 

*  Pickabd,  Jesse,  died  1917 New  York,  N.Y. 


BiQELOW,  Thomas 2449  Colfax  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Bbadlet,  Joseph  Manton,  died  1916 Providence,  R.I. 

Hopkins.  Henry,  Jr.  (Law.) 60  Wall  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

LrrTLE,  Rev.  Robert  Rice 733  W.  Wayne  St.  Ft.  Wayne,  Ind. 

Satleb,  Arthur  Everett  (Bldr.) 647  Myrtle  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Sercomb,  Capt.  Albert  Adams,  died  in  service  1918. 

Skilton,  Stephen  Henry,  Jr 944  Beacon  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Smith,  G.  Kirkham  (Ins.) 747  Irwin  St.  San  Rafael,  Cal. 


Clarke,  Bertrand  Rockwell  (Mfg.) 45  E.  62nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hberhancb,  Prof.  Radcli£fe 114  Broadmead  St.  Princeton,  N.J. 

*  Johnston,  Rev.  Robert,  died Bethelehem,  Pa. 

Lewis,  Edmund  Vaughan  (Mer.) 

Lewis  &  Conger,  6th  Ave.  A  45th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

RoBBiNS,  Louis  Leland  (Adv.) 72  Highland  Ave.  Nyack,  N.Y. 

Saundbbs,  Edmund  James  (Ed.) .  .707  Nottingham  Rd.  Wilmington,  Del. 

Warnek,  Harold  Remsen c/o  Sprague,  Warner  &  Co.  Chicago,  111. 

Watson,  Richard  Gould  (Packer) 

58  W.  Smithfield  St.  London,  E.  C.  I.  Eng. 


Owes,  Edward  CJould  (Mfg.) 17  Exchange  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Delapield,  Tallmadge  Percival  (Imprtr.) King  St.  Chappaqua,  N.Y. 

Grand,  Gordon  (Law.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hantobd,  Dr.  John  Munn 55  E.  65th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

McCartt,  John  Joseph  (Ins.) 166  E.  3rd  St.  Coming,  N.Y. 

236  WILLIAMS  1905-10 

'  ■ 

RuNTON,  Charles,  Jr.  (Law.) 6516  Fountain  Ave.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

SEBdOMB,  Henry  Hiland  (Fruit) 832  Phillips  St.  South  Haven,  Mich. 


Babton,  Kimber  Lewis,  Jr.  (Shoes) 306  W.  8th  St.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

BixBY,  Henry  Dike Sand  Hill,  Huntington,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

CowPERTHWAiT,  Arthur  Newell  (Furniture) 

2222  Third  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Morgan,  Shepard  Ashman  (Banker) 132  E.  79th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

RoBBiNS,  Francis  LeBaron,  Jr.  (Law.) 2  W.  53rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Dr.  Floyd  Reeves 

c/o  M.  B.  Bryant  &  Co.,  Inc.  7  Maiden  Lane,  New  York,  N.Y. 


Benjamin,  Park,  Jr 270  W.  73rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

HoYNB,  Eugene  Maclay  (Broker) 6200  Kenmore  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Johnson,  Reginald  Davis  (Arch.) Lombardy  Rd.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Lapham,  John  Henry 250  Braham  Blvd.  San  Antonio,  Tex. 

McPherson,  Walter  Scott  (Transp.)  .  . .  .285  Congress  PI.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

RuDD,  Tracey  Allen  (Ins.) 10  Poet  Office  Sq.  Boston,  Mass. 

Smith,  Dr.  Ferdinand  Montgomery 138  E.  36th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Taylor,  Gilbert  P.  (Transp.) 50  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wheeler,  Thomas  Rochester  (Law.) 170  Anderson  PI.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 


Atwater,  Eliot  (Fin.J 79  Laurel  PI.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

Brady,  Richard  Meldrum  (Agr.) Rapidan,  Va. 

Gillett,  Ezra  Kendall  (Pub.) 999  Esplanade,  Pelham  Manor,  N.Y. 

Harman,  Richard  Jerome  (Ins.) ! .825  Park  Ave.  Wilmette,  111. 

Mygatt,  Gerald  (Author) 1  W.  54th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Reed,  Alexander  Gebhart  (Sales.) 305  Oakwood  Ave.  Dayton,  O. 

Slattery,  William  Ernest 628  Gumey  Bldg.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Williams,  Thorndike  Deland  (Lumber) 

514  Commercial  Tr.  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Wood,  Capt.  Stanley  Willis,  died  in  service  1916. 


Brown,  Clarence  Fayette  (Adv.)  .  .  Du  Pont  de  Nemours,  Wilmington,  Del. 

*  Hormel,  Charles  Bonnifield,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 

Kline,  Virgil  Polk,  Jr.  (Oil) 713  Petroleum  Bldg.  Tulsa,  Okla. 

Matz,  Carl  Dusenbury  (Law.) . .  .511  R.  A.  Long  Bldg.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Perkins,  Ralph  (Welfare  Director) 1878  E.  75th  St.  Cleveland.  O. 

Richards,  Marcus  Dimmitt  (Mfg.) . .  .932  Washington  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 

Wadsworth,  Charles  Desmond  (Ins.) 80  Centre  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

Wilcox,  Harold  Hinton  (Mfg.) 78  Bedford  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Ahlstrom,  Carl  Ferdinand,  Jr Westi>ort,  Conn. 

Bishop,  Frederick  Samuel  (Paper) Bardstown  Rd.  Louisville,  Ky. 

Doubleday,  Felix  Austin  Dotv  (Imptr.) 

Central  House,  Kingsway,  London,  W.  C.  2,  Eng. 

1910-14  WILLIAMS  287 

Dunning,  Clifford  Alexander  (Ins.) Glen  Cove,  N.Y. 

Kelley,  Arthur  Livingston,  Jr.  (M^g.)  . .  70  Stimaon  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

Lewis,  Wilfred  Vaughan Irvington-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 

Raloton,  Robert  W.  (R.  Est.) 322  N.  E.  Ist  St.  Miami,  Fla. 

Stevens,  Beatty  (Adv.) 49  Lexington  Ave.  Columbus,  O. 

Taylor,  Fred  Hurlburt  (Sales.) 86  Porter  PI.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Templeton,  Stuart  John  (Law.) 1605  Marquette  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 

Van  Sicklen,  John  (Sales.  Mgr.) 814  Calmar  Ave.  Oakland,  Cal. 


Gabfield,  James  (Law.) Williamstown,  Mass. 

GiLHOBE,  Robert  William  (Law.) ....  291  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Kimball,  Earle  Piggott,  died  1910 Clearwater,  Fla. 

Rideb,  Philip  Cree  (Fin^ 

Halsey,  Stuart  &  Co.  14  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
RiDEB,  Whitney  Jason  (Eng.) . . . .  Apartado  123  Bis,  Mexico  D.  F.,  Mexico 

*  Stewart,  William  Donnell,  died  1921 Garrison,  Md.. 

Van  Schaack,  Robert  Cornelius  (R.  Est.) 

210  Ist  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Denver,  Colo. 
Young,  Russell  Addison 21  Linden  PL  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 


GiFFOBD,  Benedict Faraway  Farms,  Hudson,  N.Y. 

*  Hemmikq,  Olyn  Daffan,  died  1921 Colorado  Springs,  Colo. 

Matz,  John  Dusenburv 85  S.  Washington  St.  Hinsdale,  111. 

Shons,  Charles  Howell  (Ed.) Washingtonville,  N.J. 

Valiant,  John  (Ins.) 1019  Hillside  Ave.  Plainfield,  N.J. 

Wallace,  Dr.  Kenneth  Buchanan 42  May  St.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

Williams,  Clarence  Stuart  Alexander  (Mfg.) 

27  Glenside  Rd.  So.  Orange.  N.J. 


Abbott,  Frank  Prouty  (Law.) 313  E.  Lincoln  Ave.  Goshen,  Ind. 

Blair,  Francis  Preston  (Road  Eng.)  .Metropolitan  Club,  Washington,  D.C. 

Dearborn,  Henry  (S.S.  Trans.) 39  Broadway.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Kelly,  Donald  Malcolm 1303  Columbus  Ave.  Sandusky,  O. 

Labell,  Josiah,  2nd  (Sales.) 141  Hill  St.  Whitinsville,  Mass. 

Lewis,  Loran  Lodowick,  3rd  (Ins.) 1025  Fidelity  Bldg.  Bufifalo,  N.Y. 

Lewis,  Richard  Vaughan,  Jr.  (Adv.) Sarven  Court,  Tarrytown,  N.Y. 

Merrill,  F.  Arnold  (Transp.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Mygatt,  Francis  Stetson  (Adv.) 65  Central  Pk.  W.  New  York,  N.Y. 

ViETOR,  Frederick  Albert  (Pianos),  Dartmouth  Rd.  Douglaston,  L.I.,  N.Y. 


Adriancb,  Edwin  Holmes  (Ed.) Palisade  Ave.  Englewood,  N.J. 

Adbiance,  Harris  Ely,  Jr 140  Grand  Ave.  Englewood,  N.J. 

AiNSLiE,  Rutherford  Oakes  (Pianos) 41  Ridge  Rd.  Waban,  Mass. 

(Chamberlain,  Rodman  Wright  (Sales.) 

93  Harrison  St.  New  Britain,  Conn. 

Garfield,  Mason  (Farmer) River  Road  Farm,  Concord,  Mass. 

Gillette,  John  Westfield,  Jr.  (Coal) 

Long  Acres,  Grosse  Pointe  Farms,  Mich. 

238  WILLIAMS  1914-18 

Hunter,  John  B 845  Ridge  Ave.  EvanBton,  III. 

Kelley,  George  Fuller c/o  Witham  Body  Co.,  Amesbury,  Mass. 

Lincoln,  Edward  Converse  (Banking) ...  92  Maple  St.  Springfield,  Mass. 

PusHEE,  George  Horton  (Mfg.) Cnurch  St.  Weston,  Mass. 

Rogers,  John  Stanton  (Adv.) 230  E.  61st  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Walker,  Richmond  (Mer.) 263  Summer  St.  Boston.  Mass. 

Wallace,  George  Newman 299  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Abbott.  John  Hascall  (Steel) 2232  E.  70th  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Crawford,  Douglas  Cumbrae Williams  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Day,  Wolflfram  Franklin  (Ins.) 120  Broadway.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Eblls,  Howard  Parmelee,  Jr.  (Products) .  .1110  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Garfield,  John  Newell  (Steel  Wire) West  Mentor.  Lake  Co.  O. 

Garrett,  John  Wily,  2nd  (Fin.) 14  WaU  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Giloer,  Lewis  Chapman  (Optometrist) ....  167  W.  Main  St.  Norwalk,  O. 
Kimball,  Stuart  English  (Orcharding).. R.  F.  D.  No.  2,  Hood  River,  Ore. 
MacNameb,  Frank  Angelo,  Jr.  (Law.) . .  .690  Madison  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Michler,  Gordon  Himt  (Oil) 200  W.  68th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Slattery,  Thomas  August  (Sales.) Troy  Club,  Troy,  N.Y. 


dbWindt,  Delano  (Mfr.) 30  West  Ave.  Great  Barrington,  Mcuas. 

FiNLAY,  Greorge  Dick,  Jr.  (Exptr.  &  Imptr.) 

127  Gates  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Garfield,  James  Abram  (Law.) Mentor  Village,  Lake  Co.  O. 

GiLLEiT,  William  VanKirk  (Pub.)  .  . .  Prospect  Ave.  Pelham  Manor,  N.Y. 

King,  Henry  William  (Imptr.) 124  Arnold  St.  New  Brighton,  N.Y. 

Ladd,  John  Lippitt  (Pub.) 17  Vernon  St.  Norwood,  Mass. 

Smith,  Kenneth  G 917  Forest  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

WiLLARD,  GQorge  Gale 626  Kenwood  Pkwy.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


CooK,  Reginald  Aldrich  (Banking) .  .249  West  End  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Eells,  Samuel  (Products) 1920  E.  93rd  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Garfield,  Stanton Williamstown,  Mass. 

JOBSON,  Edward  Russell  (Sales.) Hinsdale,  111. 

Leeming,  John  Howland  (Eng.) 37  E.  76th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lewis,  Arthur  Vaughan  (Merc.) Irvington-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 

McKelvy,  Charles  Lockhart  (Sales.) 6901  5th  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Smith,  Irving,  Jr.  (Law.) 5  Page  Ter.  So.  Orange,  N.J. 

*  ViETOR,  Carl  WilUam,  died  1920 New  York,  N.Y. 


DwiGHT,  Henry  Williams  (Sales.) 13  Farwell  PI.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

Leeming,  Joseph  (Sales) 76  Hodge  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Matz,  Charles  Henderson  (D.  G.) 843  Ridge  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

Maytham,  Thomas  Edward  (Sales) 246  N.  Park  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Orr,  John  Henry,  Jr.  (Sales.) 11  Hawthorn  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

Redfield,  Edward  Griswold  (Ins.) 5  Brownes  Ter.  Englewood,  N.J. 

Sawyer,  David  Pascal  (Mfg.) 1860  E.  63rd  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

19ia-23 WILLIAMS 239 

Ttno.  SeweU  Tappan  (Law.) 9  E.  76th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Van  Schaack,  John  Jay  (Broker) 888  Asylum  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Wilson,  Edward  Webster,  Jr.  (Steel) Roebling,  N.J. 


Baxtbk,  Donald  Kimberley  (Sales) 345  Volusia  Ave.  Dayton,  Q. 

Becket,  Robert  Manners 350  Springdale  Ave.  E.  Orange,  N.J. 

Campbell,  Parker  Thomas 2160  Scottwood  St.  Toledo,  O. 

DoDD,  John  Mingus 27  W.  73rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

HowLAND,  Frederick  Arthur  (Reporter)..  .9  River  St.  Hudson  Falls,  N.Y. 

Jones,  Frederick  Henry  (Fin.) 108  Broadway,  Youngstown,  O. 

Radley,  John  Joseph,  Jr.  (Fin.) Stamford,  Conn. 

Rochester,  De  Lancey,  Jr.  (Sales.) 802  Ellnott  Sq.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Thobne,  Gilbert  George,  Jr.  (Oil) c/o  The  Texas  Co.  Houston,  Tex. 

Webster,  Frederick  Butterfield,  2nd. .  .622  Atlantic  Ave.  Brooklyn.  N.Y. 
Whidden,  William  Bush  (Cotton  Mfg.) South  Dartmouth,  Mass. 


Cox,  William  Gordon New  Lebanon,  N.Y. 

Fbanzheim,  Harry  Conrad  (Steel) Highland  Pk.  Wheeling,  W. Va. 

HiLDEBRANDT,  Gcorge  Hausou 31  Harrison  St.  New  Britain,  Conn. 

Lasell,  John  Whitin 83  Hill  St.  Whitinsville,  Mass. 

Perry,  Arthur  Bliss  (Ed.) 5  Clement  Circle,  Cambridge,  Mass. 

Smith,  Cedric  Ellsworth 424  Grand  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Stites,  James  Walker  (Law).- c/o  Louisville  Tr.  Co.  Louisville,  Ky. 

Stone,  John  Boyd  (Banker) 155  Flora  Ave.  Peoria,  III. 

Van  Schaack,  Bulkeley  (Ins.) 888  Asylum  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 

West,  Frank  Eliot,  Jr.  (Selling) 172  Clinton  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Allison,  Stanton  Tice .  Williams  Club,  291  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bayly,  Russell  Henry 2000  Arapahoe  St.  Denver,  Colo. 

Connor,  Edward  Ewen UN.  Orchard  St.  New  Bedford,  Mass. 

Fabgo,  Edward  Albert,  Jr.  (Mfr.) 821  Forest  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

Fraeer,  Charles  Dickerman 45  Kent  Rd.  Duluth,  Minn. 

Fbancis,  Seaver  Page  (Paint) 119  E.  56th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

King,  Ralph  Tewksbury  (R.  Est.) 2648  Prospect  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Perry,  Rogers  (Banking) 240  St.  Ronan  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Smith,  Norman  Proctor  (Banking) .  .  .291  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Warren,  Bentley  Wirt,  Jr 185  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 


Becket,  Alan  Lamplough 350  Springdale  Ave.  East  Orange,  N.J. 

Garfield,  Edward  Williams  (Paint)  .9718  Lake  Shore  Blvd.  Cleveland,  O. 

King,  Woods  (Fin.) 2648  Prospect  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Simons,  Gilbert  Page Orangeburg,  N.Y. 

Smedley,  Sherwood  Perry Grace  Court,  Williamstown,  Mass. 


Chatman,  Joseph  Titcomb 20  Ocean  Ave.  Swampscott,  Mass. 

Cornwall,  John Short  Hills,  N.J. 

240  WILLIAMS  1923-25 

DowD,  Roger  Lamkin 1005  Centre  St.  Newton  Centre,  Mass. 

Holmes,  Edwin,  Jr.  (Ed.) Palisade  Ave.  Englewood,  N.J. 

HoYT,  Willard  Evans,  Jr Buckley  St.  Williamstown,  Mass. 

Laws,  James  Waltham,  Jr 230  Park  Ave.  Swarthmore,  Pa. 

Mackie,  John  Milton 128  E.  39th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

MAiiLON,  Horace  Taft , 234  McGregor  Ave.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Skllwood,  Richard  Matthews,  Jr 1931  E.  2nd  St.  Duluth,  Minn. 

Stephenson,  William  Rufus 1931  E.  Ist  St.  Duluth,  Minn. 

Thomson,  Graham  Crawford 261  Central  Pk.  W.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Allen,  Timothy  Field,  Jr Lawrence  Pk.  Bronxville,  N.Y. 

Babnewall,  William  Hall Highland  Rd.  Rye,  N.Y. 

Bego,  George  Ogston,  Jr 1015  Seminole  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Carpenter,  Keith  (Grocery) 1130  Lake  Shore  Dr.  Chicago,  111. 

Dodge,  Linsley  Villars 300  W.  106th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Etheridge,  Hugh  Pierrepont 53  Washington  Sg.  Salem,  Mass. 

Kerr,  Lewis  Sayre,  Jr 1  W.  72nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Knight,  Henry  Potter  (Sales.) Haverford,  Pa. 

McKblvt,  John  Erastus 5901  Fifth  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Nbwhard,  Grove  Frederic,  Jr. 

36  Amherst  Ave.  University  City,  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

O'Brien,  Donal  Clare High  St.  Huntington,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Parkhill,  Wilson 197  Rutland  Rd.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Presspbich,  Reginald  William,  Jr ■ Highland  Rd.  Rye,  N.Y. 

SiNKLER,  Wharton,  II Lancaster  Ave.  Radnor,  Pa. 

Stephenson,  John  Alexander,  Jr 1931  E.  Ist  St.  Duluth,  Minn. 

Taylor,  Duncan  Cady 455  W.  7th  St.  Plainfield,  N.J. 


Adriancb,  Francis  Van  Vrankin Palisade  Ave.  Englewood,  N.J. 

Baxter,  John  Thomas,  Jr 4601  Fremont  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Cook,  Harold  Huntting 249  West  End  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Davis,  Lewis  Henry 89  Park  Ave.  Amityville,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Francis,  Lewis  Witherbee,  Jr 81  Remsen  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Freeman,  Chester  Burrows Westhampton  Beach,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

LuDEMAN,  Richard  Houston .Sayville,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Pbescott,  Edward  Purcell 3097  Fairmount  Blvd.  Cleveland,  O. 

18ia-68  241 



Webster,  Prof.  Horace,  died  1871 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Babton,  Prof.  John  Graeff,  died  1877 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  KniBAiJi,  Prof.  (Rodney)  Glentworth,  died  1900 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


*  Abel,  WiUiam  Henry,  died  1890 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Baldwin,  Simeon,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Bayles,  Rev.  Lewis  Condict,  died  1864 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Chtjech,  Elihu  Dwight,  died  1908 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Fernandez,  Luis  (Dr.),  died New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Lee,  Benjamin  Franklin,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

Mason,  Rev.  Francis  Asbury  (Ret.) 

c/o  Methodist  Book  Concern,  160  6th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mason,  Prof.  James  Weir,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Post,  Rev.  Henry  Albertson,  died  1861 Warrensburg,  N.Y. 

*  Searle,  Dr.  Dayton  Wycofif,  died  1899 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Pratt,  Charles  Henry,  died  1912 Forest  Grove,  Ore. 

*  Rising,  Rev.  Franklin  Samuel,  died  1868 Virginia  City,  Nev. 

*  Sturqis,  Russell,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Van  Buren,  James  Lyman,  died  1866 New  York,  N.Y. 

Wheeler,  Everett  Pepperrell  (Law.) ...  160  E.  72nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Abbe,  Prof.  Cleveland,  died  1916 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Bloomfield,  Smith,  died"  1874 Alexan<ma,  Minn. 

*  Fannino,  David  Green,  died  1901 Flushing,  N.Y. 

*  Hawes,  Dr.  George  Elias,  died  1880 Montclair,  N.J. 

*  Kitchbl,  Charles  Henry,  died  1892 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Roberts,  Rev.  John  Sinclair,  died  1900 Morris  Plains,  N.Y. 

Werner,  Prof.  Adolph..College  of  the  City  of  New  York,  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Blaxblt,  Matthew  James,  died  1858 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hallock,  Dr.  William  Kingsland,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

242  MANHATTAN  1858>64 

*  Ketchum,  Alexander  Phoenix,  died  1905 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  PtJLLMAN,  J(ohn)  Wesley,  died  1912 Wyncote,  Pa. 

*  Sands,  Walter  Seabury,  died  1885 Parkereburg,  W.Va. 

*  Sloan,  Henry  King,  died  1861 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Appelton,  Rev.  John  Perrin,  died  1904 East  Orange,  N.J. 

*  Ireland,  Oscar  Brown,  died  1914 Springfield,  Maes. 

*  Martin,  Dr.  B(enjamin)  ECllis),  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Seaman,  James  Alfred,  died  1917 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Woodruff,  Dr.  Lockwood  De  Forrest,  died  1876 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Balch,  Rev.  Charles  Leland,  died  1872 Janesville,  Wis. 

*  DwiGHT,  Rev,  Melatiah  Everett,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ellsworth,  William,  died  1903 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  HoBART,  Frederick  died  1919 Flushing,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

*  Keith,  Charles  Clarence  Tracy,  died  1864 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Knox,  Charles  McLean,  died  1894 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Robert,  Frederick,  died  1912 Saratoga,  N.Y. 

*  Tbemain,  Gen.  Henry  Edwin,  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 

White,  Henry  Kirke  (Law.) 503  S.  11th  St.  St.  Joseph,  Mo. 

*  Young,  Albert,  died  1895 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Young,  Edward  Francis,  died  1863 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Barnum,  Joseph  Benson Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Hyde,  Edwin  Francis  (Banker) 36  W.  58th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Kimball,  William  Cargill,  died  1890 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mitchell,  Rowland  Greene,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Pullman,  James  Henry,  died  1866 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Slade,  Frederick  Jarvis,  died  1891 Trenton,  N.J. 


*  Roberts,  Prof.  Charles,  died  1907 Pasadena,  Cal. 

*  Smith,  Alfred  Dodge,  died  1913 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Trippb,  James  Matthews,  died  1872 Orange,  N.J. 


*  Crosby,  Henry  Ashton,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

DwiGHT,  John  Elihu  (Soda  Mfg.) .  .33  Mt.  Morris  Pk.  W.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ellsworth,  Washington  White,  died  1912 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Grinnell,  Henry  Walton Punta  Rasa,  Fla. 

*  Morse,  Gilbert  Livingstone,  died  1891 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  O'Connor,  Charles  Henry,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

Owen,  Edward  Livingston 71  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Slauson,  William  James 

*  Sturgis,  Appleton,  died  1900 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Bull,  William  Lanman,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 

1864-68 MANHATTAN 243 

*  Dbmabbbt,  George  Francis,  died  1917 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Dodge,  Frederic  Nevins  (Govt.) 608  E.  28th  St.  Paterson,  N.J. 

*  Gbeenwood,  Richard  Booth,  died Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Habtt,  Clinton  Jones,  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hudson,  Dr.  Erasmus  Darwin,  died  1887 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Matbb,  George  Frederick,  died Seattle,  Wash. 

*  Pattbbson,  Albert  Mansfield,  died  1896 Geneva,  N.Y. 

*  Patterson,  Seely  Benedict,  died  1916 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  SwEETSER,  Samuel,  died  1902 East  Orange,  N.J. 


*  Crosby,  John  Player,  died  1876 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Oilman,  Daniel  Trimble,  died  1911 Sioux  City,  la. 

*  Greenwood,  William,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hawes,  Dr.  John  Bromham,  died  1914 Montclair,  N.J. 

Hitchcock,  Dr.  Urban  Gillespie 163  Academy  St.  Poughkeepsie,  N.Y. 

*  Jbncks,  Francis  Mankin,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Kennedy,  Archibald  Duncan,  died  1866 Vail's  Mills,  N.Y. 

*  Knapp,  John  Augustus,  died  1920 New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

*  Lane,  William  Henry,  died  1911 Flushing,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Murray,  William  Maitland 18  S.  11th  Ave.  MtTVemon,  N.Y. 

*Sturgi8,  Edward,  died  1864 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Tracy,  Charles  Edward,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 

Van  Arsdalb,  William  Henry  (Mining  Eng.) 

Hotel  Windemere,  Chicago,  lU. 


EuRicH,  Ernst  Ferdinand 144  Union  St.  Montclair,  N.J. 

*  KissAM,  Dr.  William  Aymar,  died  1877 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Knowlton,  Danf ord  Henry,  died  1894 New  York,  N.Y. 

♦Newton,  Hfenry,  died  1877 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Soutter,  Charles  Broughton,  died  1917 Cedar  Rapids,  la. 

*  Werner,  Ernest  (Broker),  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 


Chapman,  Henry  Fowler 260  Convent  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hiscox,  Rev.  Charles  Edward,  died  1901 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

•Howell,  John  Hubbard,  died  1906 Grand  Narrows,  N.S. 

•Ketchum,  Daniel  Phoenix,  died  1877 New  York,  N.Y. 

Nutting,  Lucius  Henry  (Ret.) i ...  141  E.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Patterson,  Franklin  Bayard,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Seaman,  Samuel  Edmund,  died  1904 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Shepabd,  Lorenzo  Brigham,  died  1868 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  William  Allen,  died  1899 New  York,  N.Y. 

'Stephens,  George,  died  1882 Dubuque,  la. 

Talmadge,  Henry  P.  (Banker) 714  Belvidere  Ave.  Plainfield,  N.J. 



*  BoswoRTH,  Joseph  Solace,  died  1901 New  York,  N.Y. 

BowKBR,  Richard  Rogers 62  W.  45th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Chambers,  Rev.  Theodore  Freylinghuysen,  died  1916.. New  York,  N.Y. 

244  MANHATTAN  1868>73 

*  Dblafibld,  Albert,  died Greenport,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

*  Hamlin,  Frederick  Hinman,  died  1884 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Knowlton,  Miner  Rockwell,  died  1922 Bridgeport,  Conn. 

*  McMabter,  Robert  Bach,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ramkin,  Dr.  Francis  Huntington,  died  1896 Newport,  R.I. 

*  WiLLiAMB,  Henry  Johnson,  died  1865 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  WooDFOBD,  Franklin  Emerson,  died  1905 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Bakeb,  George  Augustus,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

HiBCOX,  Rev.  Edwin  T.  CRet.) 83  W.  Cypress  St.  Phoenix,  An*. 

*  Olcott,  Neilson,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 

Patterson.  Henry  Turner  (Ret.) Point  Loma,  Cal. 

*  Pbttub,  Dr.  James  Thomas,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Shepabd,  Edward  Morse,  died  1911 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Van  Schaick,  Stephen  Wilson,  died  1920 New  York,  N.Y. 

Wilds,  Howard  Payson  (Law.) 1  W.  54th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wing,  Frank  Luman  (Pianos) . . .  .9th  Ave.  and  13th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  McAdam,  Graham,  died  1917 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mills,  Abbott  Lawrence,  died  1916 Chicago,  HI. 

*  MooRB,  John  Sidman,  died  1869 New  York,  N.Y. 

Nettleton,  Charles  Hine  (Gas) Drawer  "E-2,"  Derby,  Conn. 


*  Anderson,  Dr.  Frank,  died  1921 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Edwards,  Wheeler  de  Forest,  died 

Fulton,  William  Edwards  (Ret.) 150  Hillside  Ave.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

*  McAndrew,  Shirley,  died  1890 Tarragona,  Spain 

*  Sherman,  Roger  Minott,  died  1905 Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Herbert  Edgar,  died  1904 Middletown,  Conn. 

*  Young,  Daniel  Kissam,  died  1911 Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Douglas,  William  Harris  (Exptr.) 73  Pearl  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Faulkner,  Edward  Daniels 35  E.  17th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lawton,  Newbury  Davenport New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

*  RusTON,  Rev.  William  Otis  (Prof.),  died  1922 Dubuque,  la. 

*  Woodward,  James  Lawrence,  died  1886 Bergen  Point,  N.J. 


*  Church,  William  Sylvester,  died  1915 Germany 

CoLiB,  Edward  Martm  (Law.) 109  Prospect  St.  East  Orange.  N.J. 

*  Hamlin,  Walter  Ashley,  died  1889 New  York,  N.Y. 

Hart,  Coleridge  Allen  (Law.) .• 35  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Jones,  Lynds  Eugene,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Miller,  Henry  (Clifford,  died  1915 New  York,  N.Y. 

Olcott,  Eben  Erskine  (S.S.  Trans.).  Desbrosses  St.  Pier,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Redington,  Henry  Williams,  died 

Wray,  Edward  Marshall 726  W.  Clinton  St.  Elmira,  N.Y. 

1874-78  MANHATTAN  246 


Dix,  Warren  Rogers  (Law.) 1046  E.  Jersey  St.  Elisabeth.  N.J. 

DowD,  Heman  (Banker) 37  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  DwiGHT,  Henry  Butler,  died  1898 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Jenkins,  William  Porter,  died Larchmont,  N.Y. 

LiviNQSTON,  Hon.  George  (Valves).. Broad  Branch  Rd.  Washington,  D.C. 
Man,  Hen^  Hubbell  (Law.) 66  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  SwEEZT,  Richard  Leland,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

Tiffany.  Dexter  Oliver 234  Central  Pk.  W.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Bamr,  Charles  Mihior,  died  1895 New  York,  N.Y. 

Henotbn,  George  David  (Broker) 22  W.  82nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

.  Jeremiah,  Greorge  (Ins.) 80  Maiden  Lane,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Labbemorb,  Wilbur,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

McAndbxw,  Aeneas  (Eng.  Ret.) Ojai,  Cal. 

McNabt,  Spencer  Gill 480  Lexington  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  MxssiTEB^eorge  Nichols,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Newton,  Harrie  Gates,  died  1910 Coronado,  Cal. 

Spenceb,  Nelson  Stanley  (Law.) 27  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


DwiGHT,  Edmund  (Ina.) 120  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

I>wiGHT,  Rev.  Fraiiklin  Butler  (Ret.) 87  Library  PI.  Princeton,  N.J. 

Hendebson,  Edward  Cairns  (Law.) 52  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Henbt,  Charles  Israel  (Mer.) 116  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hopper,  Dr.  John  Ward,  died  1890 Hackensack,  N.J. 

Olcott,  Hon.  Jacob  Van  Vechten  (Law.) 

31  W.  72d  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Philip,  Albert  (Julien),  died  1900 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Smith,  James  MacGregor  (Law.) 32  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Rev.  George  Blood,  died  1911 Berkeley,  Cal. 


DowD,  Joseph  (Com.  Mer.) 78  Franklin  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Dbummond,  Isaac  Wyman 436  W.  22nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Eaqlb,  Clarence  Henry  (Printer) Port  Washington,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Gilbebt,  Frank  Henry 64  Leonard  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Huber,  Emil  Andrew,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

Hunteb,  Rev.  David  Moore 395  Columbia  St.  Adams,  Mass. 

Lawbence,  Newbold  Trotter  (R.  Est.). .  .84  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Shepabd,  Charles  Seymour  (Controller) .  .  124  E.  15th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Wilson,  Rev.  Charles  Howard,  died  1897 New  York,  N.Y. 


Campbell,  William  John  (Law.) 543  W.  141st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cohen,  Eugene  Yancey  (Ret.) 

c/o  Arthur  F.  DuCret  &  Co.  41  Park  Row,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Devlin,  Dr.  Robert  John,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hawes,  Dr.  Arthur  Franklin,  died  1893 Montclair,  N.J. 

*  Smith,  William  Wickham,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 

246  MANHATTAN  1879-84 


Chambbbs,  John  Freylinghuysen 176  Broadway,  New  York,  N. Y. 

*  MuLFOBD,  William  Ad&m  Frederick  Pentz,  died  1888.  .New  York,  N.Y. 
Patterson,  Charles  Howard  (Charities) 

825  Baronne  St.  New  Orleans,  La. 
PowEBS,  Frederick  Alden  (Customs) ..  60  Northern  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Weeks,  Hon.  Bartow  Siunter.  died  1922 New  York,  N.Y. 


DouBLEDAT,  Edwin  Snow  (Acct.)  .  342  Forest  Park  Ave.  Springfield,  Mass. 

Hill,  William  Charles  (Adv.) Linden,  N.J. 

Keim,  George  Henry  (Ret.) 1109  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Rice,  Edwin  Thomas  (Law.) 69  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Stuabt.  Lincoln  Alexander,  died New  York,  N.Y.  . 

TucKEB,  Frank  (Banker) 346  Fourth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Vabs,  Alfred  Edward  (Candles) 131  Quincy  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Bbown,  Edgar  K.  (Law.) 51  E.  42nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Clapp,  Rev.  Walter  Clayton,  died  1915 Danville,  Pa. 

Cowl,  Maurice  (Priest) 8046  West  Chester  Pike,  Upper  Darby,  Pa. 

Giles,  Rev.  William  Warren 32  Carleton  St.  East  Orange,  N.J. 

LocKwooD,  Dr.  George  Roe 18  E.  52nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mabtin,  Rev.  Daniel  Hofman,  died  1920 New  York,  N.Y. 

Olcott,  William  Morrow  Knox  (Law.) . .  170  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y.. 

*  RicHABDSON,  Dr.  Charles  Henry,  died  1917 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Abeel,  George  Howard,  died  1915 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Habland,  Henry,  died  1905 London,  England 

Man,  Edward  (Ret.) North  Stonington,  Conn. 

Rachau,  WilUam  Howard  (Fin.) 170  W.  74th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  SiNCLAiB,  James  Drummond,  died  1888 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Tuttle,  George  William,  died  1881 New  York,  N.Y. 


Bbown,  Ronald  K.  (Law.). 320  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cauldwell,  Leslie  Giffen  (Artist) 4  bis  Cite  du  Rietiro,  Paris,  France 

Fitch,  Josiah  Huntington  (C.  Eng.) . .  .2459  Devoe  Ter.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Hyde,  John  Ellsworth  (Yacht  Supplies) 

Highland  Ave.  Northport,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Lane,  John  Albert  (Law.) 320  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

MoTT,  Prof.  Lewis  Freeman 172  W.  79th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pttbdt,  Theodore  Martindale  (Mer.) Short  Hills,  N.J. 

*  Shaleb,  Ira  Alexander,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 

SiDMAN,  Edgar  Nelson  (R.  Est.) 640  West  End  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  TucKEB,  Edwin  Benjamin,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 


Batles,  Francis  Seguine  (Ins.) Ridgedale  Ave.  Florham  Park,  N.J. 

1884-88  MANHATTAN  247 

Bourne,  Edgar  Ketchum  (Arch.) 276  E.  199th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bbown,  Dr.  Ralph  David  Parsons 847  E.  17th  Ave.  Denver,  Colo. 

CHA1IBEB3,  Hilary  Ranald 36  W.  7l8t  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  HiLDRETH,  Russell  Wadsworth,  died  1896 New  York,  N.Y. 

Lane,  James  Warren  (Mfr.  A  Mer.) St.  James,  N.Y. 

Lane,  Ralph Mountain  Lakes,  N.J. 

Newell,  Edward  Jackson  (Ins.  Broker).. 31  Liberty  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
♦Reed,  William  Heniy,  died  1904 Nev  York.  N.Y. 

*  Slatback,  Edward  Fields,  died  1917 Glen  Ridge,  N.J. 

Smith,  Theodore  Eugene  (Banker) 174  S.  Main  St.  Akron,  O. 

VosBUBGH,  Myndert  Allison 


Debevoise,  George  Edward  (Mfg.) 101  E.  74th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Deckeb,  William  Frederick Greenwich,  Conn. 

*  HiLDRETH,  Percy  Steams,  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 

Kiddle,  Alfred  Watts 116  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

McCrebkt,  Dr.  Forbes  Robert 123  E.  40th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Nelson,  Edmund  Young,  died  1921 Piermont,  N.Y. 

Savin,  William  Morgan  (Fin.) 62  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Charles  Wilson,  died  1900 Dallas,  Tex. 

*  Smith,  Judson  Newman,  died  1899 Saranac  Lake,  N.Y. 


*  Cox,  Jennings  Stockton,  died  1913 Havana,  Cuba 

Dean,  Prof.  Bashford  (Curator  Met.  Mus.)..  .Riverdale-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 
Donnell,  Harry  Ellingwood  (Arch.)..  .317  W.  107th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Perkins,  Dr.  Edward  White 210  W.  131st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Petbasch,  Carl  Schura 27  Cedar  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Poor,  Prof.  Chfwles  Lane Dering  Harbor,  N.Y. 

Reamer,  Lawrence  Crawford  (Joum.) . .  .44  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Thomas,  William  Clark,  died  1909 Clinton,  Mass. 

Wendt,  Frederick  William  (Silk  Mfg.) . .  131  E.  23rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Zereqa  di  Zebeoa,  Dr.  Louis  Augustus.  114  E.  64th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Brown,  Louis,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

Griffith,  Harry  Burroughs 

Johns,  William  Hingston  (Adv.) 381  4th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Requa,  Robert  Russell 246  King  St.  Port  Chester,  N.Y. 

Thornall,  Clarence  Eugene  (Law.) 60  Church  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wootton,  Dr.  Herbert  Wright 319  Lexington  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Wright,  Theodore  Anthony,  died  1889 New  York,  N.Y. 

Young,  S.  Marsh  (Eng.) 140  W.  57th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Bell,  Rev.  Dr.  John  Henry 297  Hughes  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Macdonald,  Dr.  John  Mahon,  died Belleville,  N.J. 

MCller,  Reuben  (Banking) 2324  University  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Parmlt,  Prof.  Charles  Howard,  died  1917 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Perham,  Frederic  ElUott,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

248  MANHATTAN  1888-93 

Plybr,  George  Gregg  (Ins.) 210  S.  4th  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Telford,  William  Lander  (Clerk) Bogert  PI.  Westwood,  N.J. 


*  Currier.  Edwin  Bradley,  died  1907 New  York,  N.Y. 

CxjRRT,  John  Pinkerton  (Mfg.) Riverside,  Conn. 

DBVLiNi  Samuel  Barr  (Mfg.  Chem.) 156  W.  13th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

MORSS,  Prof.  Livingston  Burrill 

CoUege  aty  of  New  York,  New  York.  N.Y. 

*  Pltbb,  Charles  Herbert,  died  1904 New  York,  N.Y. 

Poor,  Frank  Ballon  (R.  Est.) 2533  28th  Ave.  W.  Seattle,  Wash. 

Smith,  Arthur  (Law.) 176  E.  64th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Thornb,  William  Lincoln,  died  1900 Yonkers,  N.Y. 


DoREMUB,  Arthur  Lispenard  (Mfr.) 30  Church  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Fish,  Gilbert  Austin,  died  1887 New  York,  N.Y. 

Risk,  T.  Francis 296  Hawthorne  Ave.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Rogers,  Clarence  De  Witt  (Law.) 17  Pryer  Lane,  Larchmont,  N.Y. 

*  Sladb,  Prescott,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

Small,  Eugene  Walter 30  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Bailey,  Edward  Clifford,  died  1907 Pasadena,  Cal. 

*  DoDD,  Charles  Goodhue,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 

Ford,  Sherman  Willard  (Acct.) Madison,  N.J. 

Hackbtt,  James  Keteltas  (Actor-Mgr.) .  .  68  W.  7l8t  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

HuLBURD,  David  Wendell  (Law.) 715  Otis  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

LippiNCOTT,  Harold  Edward  (Law.) 175  W.  58th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Man,  Arthur  (R.  Est.) 66  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Morrison,  Dr.  Wilham  Howe 310  W.  93rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Russell,  Dr.  Worthington  Seaton  (Prof.) Woodbury  Falls,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Henry  Atterbury   (Arch.  Eng.)..  .874  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smtth,  Francis  (Law.) 40  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Van  Vleck,  Edgar  Wakeman Mt.  Kemble  Ave.  Morristown,  N.J. 


Chapman,  Dr.  Robert  Fendall 121  W.  120th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Crapt,  Warren  Moore  (Telephone) 195  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Earle,  Thornton  (Law.) 38  Park  Row,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Greene,  Marshall  Winslow,  died  1922 Summit,  N.J. 

McIntyre,  John  Gardiner  (Realtor) ....  874  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

McIntyre,  Wilbur  (Farmer) Roxbury,  Conn. 

SiGEL,  Franz  (Law.) 897  Crotona  Pk.  N.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Trimble,  Roswell  Delmage  (Cons.  Eng.)    . 

900  W.  Franklin  St.  Richmond,  Va. 


DuER,  Edward  Rush 27  E.  77th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Glidden,  Walter  Seward  (Law.) 13  Center  St.  Bath,  Me. 

Locke,  Campbell  (Law.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

1893-98  MANHATTAN  249 

"  "  ■  I         .   I   ■  ■  ■  ■  ^     ■   ■  .1      ■  ■      ■       ■      I  ■  ■■■■■■■         I  , 

Mbars,  Edward  Carpentier  (Ins.) 325  Cornell  Rd.  Portland,  Oregon 

Pope,  John  Russell 627  5th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Robert,  Raymond  Abel  (Sales.) 

R.  &  G.  Corset  Co.  890  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Thompson,  Robert  William  (Law.) 119  Essex  St.  Hackensack,  N.J. 

Treat,  Edwin  Cuyler  (Pub.) 45  E.  17th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Tucker,  Pita-Henry  Faye  (Arch.) 8  W.  40th  St.  New  Yo^k,  N.Y. 

*  Waqnbb.  Edward  Conrad,  died  1913 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Burnett,  Dr.  Henry  Winans,  died  1917 Providence,  R.I. 

DoDD,  Louis  Frederic  (Law.) 30  Church  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

DuRAND,  William  Charles  Waters  (Adv.) Pompton  Lakes,  N.J. 

*  Geter,  Dr.  Harold  Carl,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

Kilmer,  Dr.  Theron  Wendell 165  W.  85th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

SiMONsoN,  George  Henry  (Sales.) 51  Rochelle  PI.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 


Allmuth,  Frank  Aloise  (Govt.) 

1328  Vermont  Ave.  N.W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Anderson,  Arthur  Carter  (Govt.) Cliff  Drive,  Santa  Cruz,  Cal. 

Curtis,  Harry  Joseph  (Law.) Woodmere,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Krowl,  Harry  Gates. .  College  of  the  City  of  New  York,  New  York,  N.Y. 

LippiNcoTT,  Arthur  Horton 925  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

MacAdam,  Dr.  Edward  Wallace..  .2264  University  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  MoTT,  Joshua  Mors,  died  1894 New  York,  N.Y. 


Allmuth,  Alfred 555  W.  173rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Beals,  Henry  Warren  (Adv.) 1724  Avenue  H,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Coffin,  Francis  Sherwood,  died  1905 New  York,  N.Y. 

Curtis,  Thomas  Adrian  (Ed.) 120  Central  Pk.  S.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Rowland,  Dr.  Charles  Francis 25  W.  95th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sills,  John  Stanley Dixfield,  Maine 

Smith,  Robert  Whitehill,  Jr.  (Mgr.) 2242  Grove  St.  Chicago,  111. 


BiLLo,  Otto  (Fin.) 158  Ashland  Ave.  Bloomfield,  N.J. 

Breitwiesbb,  Hubert  Frederic  (Mtge.)  .203  Montague  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 
Brineb,  Charles  Henry  (D.  G.).66  Brookfield  Rd.  Upper  Montclair,  N.J. 
Briner,  Emil  Amandus  (Cons.Eng.).  .78  S.  Clinton  St.  East  Orange,  N.J. 

Coleman,  William  Andrew 859  Lexington  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Harris,  Tudor  (Writer) Studio  Arcaile,  Bronxville,  N.Y. 

Jblunghaus,  Dr.  Charles  Frederic 471  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Mbrritt,  Charles  Fowler  (Bldr.) 700  W.  178th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Orcutt,  Cevedra  Blake  (Towel  Cabinets) ...  107  22nd  St.  Elmhurst,  N.Y. 
Whiteside,  Donald  G.,  College  of  the  City  of  New  York,  New  York,  N.Y. 


BiGELow,  Warren  (Law.) 27  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hammond,  William  Knapp,  Jr.  (Law.)  .238  W.  106th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

260  MANHATTAN  1898-1903 

*  Hanson,  Arthur  Taber,  died  1917 Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 

Mabsh,  Charles  Van  Rensselaer  (Banking) 

3513  Newland  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 


Bailey,  Francis  Dean 

DBAKEibiELD,  Bernard  Ferdinand,  Jr. ...  50  Murray  St.  New  York,  N . Y. 

Faxtlkneb,  Harry  Richard 74  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Mason,  Joseph  Warren  Teets  (Joum.) 

35  Ft.  Washington  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Royal  Earle  (Sales  Mgr.) 6  Lenox  PI.  Maplewood,  N.J. 

Trimmer,  Theodore  Samij^l  (Coal) ...  12  Wallace  Ave.  Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 
Whiteside,  George  Walter  (Law.) 27  WilUam  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Brbitwieser,  Theodore  John  (Law.) 32  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Briner,  Dr.  Oscar  William,  died Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 

Class,  Dr.  FrankHn  Morris 24  W.  45th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Davidson,  Arthur  Muller 

■     Sanipakt  Products  Co.  18  E.  38  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Dressler,  William  B.  (Law.) •. . . 

FiNKENAUR,  William  Milne  (Marine  Arch.) 

229  Wardwell  Ave.  West  Brighton,  N.Y. 

Kennedy,  Rev.  Daniel  Rolfe,  Jr Lock-box  67,  Sumeld,  Conn. 

Knickerbocker,  Edwin  Van  Berghen.  .34  St.  Nicholas  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Taylor,  Arthur  Noble,  died  1905 New  York,  N.Y. 

Woodruff,  Prof.  Lorande  Loss Yale  University,  New  Haven,  Conn. 


Bateson,  Richard  Humphreys  (Com.  Mer.) 

78  Franklin  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Bloomfield,  Howard  Weston  (Ceramic  Eng.) 

Amboy  Ave.  Metuchen,  N.J. 

Burnett,  Eugene  Rodney  (Fin.) 306  Jay  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Hbneb,  Louis  George  (Mach.) 75  Fremont  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Merrill,  Dr.  George  Adams 816  Ocean  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

RicKABY,  Hamilton  Charles  (Law.) 62  Cedar  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smith,  G(eorge)  Waldo,  Jr -. Bayside,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Squier,  Harold  Newton  (Gas) P.  O.  237,  Scranton,  Pa. 


Bates,  William  Stephen 

Coleman,  Thomas  Scallen 859  Lexington  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Edwards,  Charles  (Wordier  (R.  Est.) 156  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ernst,  Frederick  Julius 284  E.  199th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smillie,  Sheldon  (Sales  Eng.) 

737  Ridgevue  Ave.  Bellevue,  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 
Warren,  George  Earle  (Banker) 31  W.  12th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Davis,  Dr.  Thomas  George 

1903-10  MANHATTAN  261 

Graham,  George  Warren 100  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Kabsch,  Oswald  John  (Cigars) 11  Burling  Slip,  New  York,  N.Y. 

MoRBiLL,  Charles  Virgin 430  W.  119th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sphague,  Talbot  Wood  (Law.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

SwEEZT,  Larremore  Van  Velsor  (Arch.)..  ,529  E.  22nd  St.  Brookljm,  N.Y. 
Tucker,  Russell  Stuart  (Banker)  ....  109  Ludlow  Ave.  Spring  Lake,  N.J. 


Babtlbtt,  Edward  Everett,  Jr.  (Fin.) .  .320  W.  86th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Breitwieser,  William  Philip  (Ins.) 71  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Clahkson,  Julian  Girard 

Deuel,  Chester  Merritt  (Ry.) Brownville,  N.Y. 

Kkickerbocker,  Reginald  Canning Hartsdale,  N.Y. 

Knickerbocker,  Prof.  William  Edwin,  400  Convent  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Miller,  Heber  Jacob  Cannon 2040  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wise,  Frank  Lounsbury 236  W.  lOlst  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Curry,  Major  John  Francis. .  .c/o  Adjt.  Gren.  U.  S.  A.  Washington,  D.C. 
Fielding,  Warren  Chennells  (LawO . .  .636  W.  172nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
LiEBERT,  Frederick  Washington  (Fin.) 

673  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

McCready,  Dr.  Robert  Lyness,  Jr 312  W.  87th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Pride,  George  Huddleston 360  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Kammxrer,  Paul  Thomas,  Jr.  (Law.)  . .  51  Chambers  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Klein,  John  Edward 329  Craig  St.  W.  Montreal,  P.Q.  Can. 

MacLean,  Donald  Charles 113  Kenilworth  PL  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Miner,  Clarence  Eugene  (Ed.) . . .  921  St.  Nicholas  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Spears,  Joseph  Aloysius  (Ed.) 2069  Arthur  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

SuHR,  Frederic  John  (Art  Director) Titus  Ave^  Bayside,  L.I.,  N.Y. 


Hearn,  John  Francis 206  E.  32nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  McAllister,  John  Nugent,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 

Maxim,  Frederick  Louis  (Adv.) 621  W.  185th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Mullen,  Francis  Aloysius 420  E.  84th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


De  LrcA,  George  Benjamin  (Law.) 919  E.  214th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

I>owNiNG,  Willard  Robinson Lawn  Ave.  Stamford,  Conn. 

Jellinghaus,  Carl  Ludwig  (R.R.).  .2374  University  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y 

MacLean,  Waldo  Bross  (Adv.) 2  E.  23rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

MoNBLL,  George  Roy  (Forestry) Gale  St.  Canaan,  Vt. 

Ray,  Martin  Hasset  (Pub.) 35  Mclntyre  St.  Bronxville,  N.Y. 


AxDKBsoN,  Charles  Everett 

252  MANHATTAN  1910-15 

Bauer,  William  Frederick  (Ed.) 21  Grove  PI.  East  Orange,  N.J. 

Howell,  Arthur  Kemp  (Mfg.  Agent) 

5048  Waterman  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

McCready,  Donald  Manson 312  W.  87th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Morris,  Frederick  Ryerson 71  E.  92nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Armstrong,  Wilson 326  W.  28th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Fernschild,  William  Henry  (Ed.)..  .222  North  Ave.  New  Kochelle,  N.Y. 
Kapp,  Edwin  Mayer  (Pencils) 

c/o  F.  R,  Morris,  2560  Grand  Concourse.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Merrtman,  Alfred  Palmer,  died  1913 New  York,  N.Y. 


Brown,  James  Winthrop  (Eng.) Millington,  N.J. 

Fielding,  Franklin  Roderick  (Sales.) 

Box  401,  N.  Y.  Athletic  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 
Gaffney,  Capt.  Harry  Joseph 

c/o  Adj.  Gen.  U.  S.  A.,  Washington,  D.C. 

Gahaoan,  Andrew  Jesse Grace  y  Cia,  Santiago,  Chili,  S.A. 

R  AGO  IE,  Eugene  Carr,  Jr.  (Cashier) 

c/o  Blyth  dc  Bonner,  43  Exchange  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Thomas,  Edward  Clark  Oertel  (Law.). .  .453  W.  155th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  ToussAiNT,  Arthur  Frederic  Cleveland,  died  in  service  1918. 


Cotter,  Francis  James  (Missionary)  .2040  Seventh  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
DiEUAiDB,  Dr.  Francis  Raymond 

Johns  Hopkins  Hospital,  Baltimore,  Md. 

Penny,  Carl  Patk  (Pub.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stitt,  Edward  Walmsley,  Jr.  (Law.) 20  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Walsh,  Harold  Vandervoort  (Ed.) 602  S.  Broadway,  Yonkers,  N.Y. 


CosTELLO,  Harold  Lester  (Ed.) 37  E.  Quincy  St.  No.  Adams,  Mass. 

Crandall,  Paul  Harroun  (Acct.) Box  275,  Pocatello,  Idaho 

Fischer,  Greorge  Lincoln  (Fin.) 31  Edisonia  Ter.  W.  Orange,  N.J. 

Haff,  Richard  Monroe 87  N.  Broadway,  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Klenke,  Francis  Meyer,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 

Levis,  Marshall  Morgan  (Ins.) 114  Sansome  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

McNeile,  Hector  James  (Med.) 68  Patchen  Ave.  Brookljoi,  N.Y. 

Miller,  Harold  James 5455  Delmar  Blvd.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Perdue,  Charles  William 361  S.  Los  Robles  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 


AcKERMAN,  Herbert  Rossiter 467  W.  143rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Bristol,  Edward  Sherman 6126  Ross  St.  Philadelphia,  Fa. 

Carter,  Arthur  Augustus  Daniels  (Cartoonist) 

467  W.  143rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cox,  Dr.  Harold  Cintra 343  Nassau  Blvd.  Garden  City,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Denblow,  ^of.  Roy  Richard Smith  College,  Northampton,  Mass. 

1916-16 MANHATTAN 263 

Harvey,  Maitland  Althine  (Ed.) 1037  Ogden  Ave.  New  York.  N.Y. 

McFabland,  Donald  Chamberlain  (Farmer). Warwick,  N.Y. 

VandbVort,  Stuart  Leo 467  W.  143rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Walsh,  Harry  John  (Edit.)..  .8502  Fort  Hamilton  Pkwy.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


♦  Alltn,  Francis  Lewis,  2nd,  died  in  service  1918. 

BcTTBBwoBTH,  Horace,  Jr.  (Music) 374  De  Witt  Ave.  Belleville,  N.J. 

CiTSACK,  James  Raymond  (Law.) 611  Putnam  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

GuiNNBsa,  Ralph  Benjamin 586  E.  35th  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

254  1828>69 



*  Whedon,  Rev.  Daniel  Denison,-  died  1885 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Merrill,  Rev.  John  Wesley,  died  1900 Concord,  N.H. 


*  Griffin,  John  Philander,  died  1890 Syracuse,  N.Y. 


*  Roe,  William,  died Walcott,  Wayne  Co.  N.Y. 

*  Round,  Rev.  John  Emory,  died  1892 Baltimore,  Md. 


*  McVoY,  Alexander  Diego,  died  1905 Minden,  La. 

*  Powers,  Orville  Watson,  died  1912 Boston,  Mass. 


*  Brooks,  Rev.  Charles  W(esley),  died  1916 Sandy  Creek,  N.Y. 

*  Chapin,  Rev.  Dr.  Solomon,  died  1881 Connersville,  Ind. 

*  Comfort,  Prof.  George  Fisk,  died  1910 Syracuse,  N.Y. 

*  Ela,  Rev.  David  Hough,  died  1907 Hudson,  Mass. 

*  Johnston,- Algernon  Knox,  died  1909 Prince  Bay,  N.Y. 

*  Roe,  Rev.  Andrew,  died Marcellus,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  John  Wheaton,  died  1863 Warren,  R.I. 


*  CopELAND,  Rev.  Anson  Tuller,  died  1897 Girard,  Pa. 

*  Ellis,  Joseph  Whitcomb,  died  1898 Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Ercanbrack,  Thomas  Russell,  died  1901 Anamoea,  la. 

*  Garatt,  James  Nelson,  died  1864 Plymouth,  N.Y. 

*  Hill,  Rev.  Area,  died  1891 Simsbury,  Conn. 

*  MuNSELL.  Edward  Bruce,  died  1904 Paris,  111. 

*  RoMER,  William,  died  1913 White  Plains,  N.Y. 

*  Shepard,  Rev.  Hiram  Pliny,  died  1905 Forestville,  N.Y. 

Staats,  Rev.  Heimr  Taylor 447  N.  Raymond  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

*  Tracy,  George  Hussey,  died  1867 Mobile,  Ala. 

*  Whitney,  Rev.  George  Henry,  died  1913 Plainfield,  N.J. 


Allison,  Prof.  David  (Ret.) 4  Tower  Ter.  Halifax.  N.S. 

*  Boothbt,  Asa,  died  1913 Westbrodc,  Me. 

1859-63  MIDDLETOWN  266 

*  BucKNAU,  Robert  Pagan,  died  1865 Bangor,  Me. 

Davis,  Stephen  Brooks  (Law.) 192  College  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

*  FuLLEB,  Rev.  S4>encer  Riland,  died  1870 Watertown,  N.Y. 

*  Gdtn,  Wesley  Curtis,  died  1915 Delaware,  O. 

*  Jackson,  Rev.  Samuel,  died  1914 Melrose  Highlands,  Mass. 

*  Sanbobn,  Prof.  John,  died  1902 Fayette,  la. 

♦Surra,  Francis  Asburv,  died Elisabethtown,  Essex  Co.  N.Y. 

Squire,  Hon.  Watson  Carvosso  (Ret.)..  558  Empire  Bldg.  Seattle,  Wash. 

*  Tabbell,  Horace  Sumner,  died  1904 Providence,  R.I. 

*  White,  Benjamin  Horton,  died  1904 Clarendon,  Tex. 


*  Cabet,  Dr.  Elias  Riggs,  died  1905 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  C!labke,  Rev.  CJeorge,  died  1921 Ocean  Grove,  N.J. 

*  Gale,  Rev.  Sylvanus  Gale,  died  1915 San  Jose,  Cal. 

*  Skxton,  ]^v.  Hiram  Charles,  died  1899 Columbus,  O. 

*  Stiles,  Sainuel  Martin,  died  1904 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Stowebs,  Rev.  Charles  Nelson,  died  1896 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Stbono,  Dr.  Sylvester  Emory,  died  1913 Saratoga  Springs,  N.Y. 

*  Williams,  Prof.  John  Gollicar,  died  1914 Holland  Patent,  N.Y. 


*  Allen,  Alfred  Louis,  died 

*  Babnhabt,  Rev.  John  Wesley,  died  1897 Tarrytown,  N.Y. 

*  CJhadwick,  Rev.  Gustavus  Benson,  died  19(X) Union,  Me. 

*  Johnston,  WUbur  Fisk,  died  1882 Clifton,  N.Y. 

*  Rittenhousb,  Rev.  Aaron,  died  1906 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Sntdeb,  Rev.  Charles  Ridgway,  died  1895 Newark,  N.J. 

*  Spbingeh,  Prof.  Francis  Asburv,  died 

*  WiLDEB,  Rev.  Nathan  Willis,  died  1917 Watertown,  Conn. 


Andbus,  Hon.  John  Emory 165  Hudson  Ter.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Bennett,  Rev.  Henry  Ward 147  John  St.  Ilion,  N.Y. 

*  Comfort,  William  Francis,  died  1888 Chemung,  N.Y. 

*  Ethridge,  Samuel  Stephen,  died  1900 Des  Moines,  la. 

*  Johnson,  Dr.  Henry,  died  1880 New  Bedford,  Mass. 

*  Landis,  Enos  Young,  died  1910 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Lathbop,  Charles  Henry,  died  1862 Portland,  Me. 

Narbaway,  John  Wesley 62  Pearson  Ave.  Toronto,  Can. 


Cabswell,  Robert  (Pub.) 1534  King  St.  W.  Toronto,  Can. 

*  Chubch,  James  Augustus,  died  1859 Arrington,  Me. 

*  Febnald,  Rev.  Oliver  Haley,  died  1903 Dexter,  Me. 

*  Johnson,  Rev.  Charles  Thurston,  died  1893 Winthrop,  Mass. 

*  Johnston,  Melville  Morton,  died  1892 Clifton,  N.Y. 

*  MooBE,  Rev.  James  Robinson,  died  1879 Nicholville,  N.Y. 

*  Pullman,  Rev.  Joseph,  died  1902 Stamford,  Conn. 

*  Smith,  Rev.  Isaac  Eidward,  died  1910 Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 

*  Tofham,  Joseph  Lybrand,  died 

*  Watkins,  Rev.  Wilbur  Fisk,  died Westport,  N.Y. 

256  MIDDLETOWN  1864-^8 


*  Chase,  Rev.  Benjamin  Whittemore,  died  1882 Scaford,  Del. 

Church,  Charles  W.  (Ina.) 17  Ridgewood  St.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

*  Merrill,  Charles  Ainos,  died  1907 Worcester,  Mass. 

*  Reed,  Rev.  John  Joseph,  died  1911 Brewster,  N.Y. 

Thompson,  Rev.  George  Lewis 975  E.  9th  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Whbdon,  Rev.  John  Swinburne,  died  1892 Ridgefield,  Conn. 


*  Beach,  Rev.  Theodore  Charles,  died  1909 Newcastle,  Pa. 

*  Beale,  Howard  Chandler,  died  1863 Hudson,  Me. 

*  Chapin,  Albert  William,, died  1914 Worcester,  Mass. 

*  Groves,  Andrew  Jackson,  died  1871 Langhome,  Pa. 

Groves,  James  Henry  (Govt.) 908  Adams  St.  Wilmington,  Del. 

Hammond,  Rev.  Albert  Overton  (Ed.) 

406  Church  St.  Hackettstown,  N.J. 

*  Holden,  Benjamin  Franklin,  died  1899 Napa,  Cal. 

*  Kristeller,  Siegfried,  died  1883 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Nbwhall,  Israel  Augustus,  died  1918 Lynn,  Mass. 

*  Robinson,  Dr.  William,  died Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Smith,  Rev.  Sidney  Ketcham,  died  1921 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Whitaker,  Rev.  Nicholas  Tillinghast  (Ret.) 

209  Sumner  St.  Newton  Centre  59,  Mass. 

*  Wilder,  Rev.  Charles  Wesley,  died  1901 South  Walpole,  Mass. 


*  Jackson,  John  Wickliffe,  died  1899 Wilmington,  Del. 

*  Leahy,  James,  died  1865 Middletown,  Conn. 

*  Parkman,  Eli  Weston,  died  1864 Charleston,  Me. 

*  Round,  George  Carr,  died  1918 ' Manassas,  Va. 

*  Stevens,  Herbert  Joel,  died  1903 Wellesley,  Mass. 

*  Wilson,  Dr.  Alban  John,  died Lindenwald,  N.J. 

*  Yager,  Rev.  Granville,  died  1915 Braintree,  Mass. 


*  BiQELOW,  Albert  Miron,  died  1918 Wrentham,  Mass. 

*  Clark,  Jefferson,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

Cunningham,  Rev.  Edward  (Ret.) 640  E.  4th  St.  Brooklsm,  N.Y. 

*  Elliott,  Melville  Cox,  died  1871 Corinna,  Me. 

*  Lauder,  Dr.  Robert,  died  1913 Bridgeport,  Conn. 

*  Sanford,  Dr.  Wilbur  Fisk,  died  1917 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Stover,  Joseph  William,  died  1905 Winthrop,  Mass. 

*  Weeks,  Augustus  Whitney,  died  1892 Lowell,  Mass. 

*  Wilson,  Adams  Brock,  died  1869 Littleton,  N.H. 


*  Andrus,  Hamlin  James,  died  1896 Yonkera,  N.Y. 

Beale,  Franklin  Howard  (Mer.) 10  Green  St.  Augusta,  Me. 

*  Dusinberre,  Rev.  George  Blauvelt,  died  1915 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Flint,  Rev.  Henry  Warren,  died 

*  Hammond,  Dr.  George  Hollis,  died  1904 Freeport,  N.Y. 

Prince,  Prof.  Morris  Watson  (Ret.) 30  Mooreland  Ave.  Carlisle,  Pa. 

1868-72  MroDLETOWN  257 

*  Robins,  Rev.  Joaeph  Emerson,  died  1912 Peterboro,  N.H. 

*  Russell,  Hod.  Julius  William,  died  1900 BurlinKton,  Vt. 

*  Washbubn,  Henry  Lucius,  died  1901 New  York,  N.Y. 


Cadt,  George  Foster  (Ret.) 4  Trinity  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Ckafts,  Rev.  Wilbur  Fisk 

206  Pennsylvania  Ave.  S.  E.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Davis,  Edson  Warburton,  died  1903 Torringford,  Conn. 

*  Feabon,  Robert  Newton,  died  1910 •. .  Ironton,  O. 

*  HoLDEN,  Samuel  Emery,  died  1900 Napa,  Cal. 

*  Jepsojn,  Prof.  Albert  Gdlett,  died  1900 Lebanon,  IlL 

*  Jebnegan,  Dr.  Holmes  Mayhew,  died  1914 Boston,  Mass. 

*  MiLLBB,  Rev.  David  Eugene,  died Concord,  N.H. 

Noon,  Rev.  Alfred  (Ret.) 24  Henry  St.  Everett,  Mass. 

*  RiCHABDS,  Rev.  Jonathan  Edwards,  died  1893 Mt.  Clemens,  Mich. 

*  Ttleb,  Albert  Aurelius,  died  1908 Holyoke,  Mass. 

*  Woodward,  Rev.  Harvey,  died  1902 Northboro,  Mass. 


*  Babbett,  Frank  Edward,  died  1867 Middletown,  Conn. 

*  Edqebton,  Charles  Sherman,  died  1913 Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Emebson,  Rev.  John  Hessie,  died.  1922 Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Gallagher,  Rev.  Charles  Wesley,  died  1916 Lutherville,  Md. 

HuTCHiNs,  Harry  Burns  (PresO 

University  of  Michigan,  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  Johnston,  William  Armour,  died  1920 Prince  Bay,  N.Y. 

Mains,  Rev.  George  Prestoif 611  N.  Front  St.  Harrisburg,  Pa. 

*  Mebbill,  Edward  Annis,  died  1914 Concord,  N.H. 

*  Roe,  Hon.  Alfred  Seelye,  died  1917 Worcester,  Mass. 

*  Thomas,  Joseph  B.,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Wilson,  Dr.  Charles  Merrill,  died  1922 Gouverneur,  N.Y. 


*  Alpobd,  Daniel  Stillman,  died  1904 Lawrence,  Kan. 

*  Biedsey,  Eldon  Benjamin,  died  1917 Middletown,  Conn. 

*  Brooks,  Byron  Alden,  died  1911 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Crapts,  Albert  B.,  died  1918 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Cratts,  Frederick  Henry,  died  1913 Rochester,  N.Y. 

DuNMOBE,  Watson  Thomas  (Law.) 501  Rutjger  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Genunq,  Charles  Amri,  died  1898 Richmond  Hill,  N.Y. 

*  Hancock,  Theodore,  died Syracuse,  N.Y. 

*  Lore,  Isaiah  WUliam,  died  1891 New  York.  N.Y. 

Ransom,  Edward  Amasa New  York  Press  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Sawteb,  French  Albert,  died  1901 Napa,  Cal. 

*  Whitcheb,  William  F.,  died  1918 Woodsville,  N.H. 


Baker,  Delos  Richard 1161  S.  High  St.  Columbus,  O. 

*  Beale,  Rev.  Joseph  Henry,  died  1913 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Beede,  James  Madison,  died  1881 Orange,  N.J. 

268  MroDLETOWN  1872-76 

*  Kent,  Silas  William,  died  1913 Casenovia,  N.Y. 

Phillips,  Rev.  Watson  Lyman 263  Coram  Ave.  Shelton,  Conn. 

*  Round,  Robert  James,  died  1910 Elmira,  N.Y. 

Shay,  Allen  Rosencranse Newton,  N.J. 

*  Young,  Charles  Wesley,  died  1902 Missoula,  Mont. 


CosTON,  Herbert  Hull  (Court  Clerk) Court  House,  Scranton,  Pa. 

EusTis,  Hon.  William  Henry Corn  Exchange,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  FooTB,  Osmund  Cleander  Baker,  died  1870 Middletown,  Conn. 

Habt,  Coleridge  Allen  (Law.) 35  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

McLaughlin,  Rev.  Geo.  Asbury..  .867  N.  Edgmont  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  Mitchell,  Prof.  Hinckley  Gilbert,  died  1920 Tufts  College,  Mass. 

*  Palmbb,  Wilbur  Merton,  died  1917 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Redhead,  Edwin  Richard  (Paper) 301  S.  4th  St.  Fulton.  N.Y. 

*  Shonk,  George  Washington,  died  1900 Plymouth,  Pa. 

Weeks,  Lyman  Horace  (Historian) 65  N.  192nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Brown,  Millard  Filhnore,  died  1915 Buflfalo.  N.Y. 

*  Emerson.  George  Russell,  died  1912 Watertown,  Mass. 

EusTis,  Hon.  John  Edward  (Law.)..  1986  Sedgwick  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Gamman,  Alfred  May,  died  1917 Tulsa,  Okla. 

*  Kellogg,  Rev.  George  Newell,  died  1909 Morrisville,  Vt. 

Palmer,  Archie  Emerson  (Ed.) 500  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Roe,  George  Mortimer,  died  1916 ^^  Beach,  Cal. 

*  Sanford,  Rev.  Byram  Green,  died  1919 Coming,  N.Y. 

*  Shepherd,  Rev.  Joseph  Battell,  died  1919.! Portland,  Me. 

*  Tallmadge,  Albert  Marion,  died  1906 Bridgeport,  Conn. 

Taylor,  Rev.  Bushrod  Shedden Mooers,  Clinton  Co.  N.Y. 


*  Church,  Rev.  Morris  De  Veau,  died  1918 Somerville,  Mass. 

Eddy,  Ashton  Chauncey  (R.  Est.) ...  66  Towne  St.  Attleboro  Falls,  Mass. 

*  Griffin,  Franklin  Harris,  died  1911 Flushing,  N.Y. 

Heermans,  Hany  Clay 728  Main  St.  Olympia,  Wash. 

*  Kellogg,  William  Channing,  died  1917 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Raymond,  Wilbur  Samuel,  died  1914 Denver,  Colo. 

*  Skeel,  Clarence  Morgan,  died  1880 Denver,  Colo. 

Skbel,  Dr.  Franklin  Deuel Bedford  Hills,  N.Y. 

Waldo,  Prof.  Clarence  Abiathar 435  W.  119th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Waterbury,  Cyrus  Everett,  died  1884 Bridgeport,  Conn. 


Andrew,  Rev.  Joseph  Fithian 707  E.  23rd  St,  Paterson,  N.J. 

Barton,  Herbert  Jewett  (Ed.) 406  West  Hill  St.  Champaign,  111. 

Blakeman,  Rev.  Wilbert  Celestus 292  Clinton  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Cats,  Rev.  Carter  E 7  Kensington  Rd.  Edgewood  Sta.  R.I. 

Cox,  Rev.  William  Weston  (Ret.) Round  Lake,  Saratoga  Co.  N.Y. 

*  Garrison,  Stephen  Olin,  died  1900 Vineland,  N.J. 

*  Lyon,  Charles  Adelbert,  died  1892 Binghamton,  N.Y. 

1876-80  MIDDLETOWN  269 

*  Rks8,  Warren  Jarrott,  died  1902 Louisville,  Ky. 

Sh£bwood,  Rev.  Frank  Roaevelt  (Ret.) 

272  W.  Lawrence  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 
Tatlob,  Levi  Le  Forest  Hayden  (R.  Est.) 

38  Highland  Ave.  Haverhill,  Mass. 

*  Whitnet,  Dr.  John  William,  died  1908 Homer,  N.Y. 


*  BowLBB,  Rev.  John  Atwood,  died  1911 Walpole,  Mass. 

*  Corr,  Rev.  Olin  Burr,  died New  Haven,  Conn. 

CoLTEB,  Joseph  (Com.  Mer.) 72  Leonard  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

CooKMAN,  (jreorge  Grimstone  (Law.) 

335  W.  School  Lane,  Giermantown,  Pa. 

C^BANE,  William  Howe  (Mining) Amer.  Lithia  &  Chem.  Co.  Pala.  Cal. 

Gebabd,  Elwood  Stokes  (Customs) . .  .208  Carmita  Ave.  Rutherford,  N.J. 
GoBWBT,  William  Dudley  (Ed.) 457  State  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Raymond,  George  Powers,  died  1915 Ocean  Park,  Cal. 

*  Tbanteb,  Watson  Worcester,  died  1911 Covington,  Ky. 


Bbown,  John  Nicholl  (Music  Pub.) Riverton,  Conn. 

DiLKs,  James  Boucher  (Supervisor) Beverly,  N.J. 

*  Fbbbt,  Edward  S.,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Jambs,  George  Watson,  died  1911 Wilkes-Barre,  Pa. 

La.  Bab,  Lorenso  Giles  (Clerk) 411  Je£ferson  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

*  Leonabd,  William  Day,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 

PoMEBOT,  Rev.  Frank  Theodore 63  Elm  St.  Saxonville,  Mass. 

ScoFiBLD,  Rev.  William  Esra Sayville,  N.Y. 

Stebbins,  Frank  E.  (Patent  Law.) . .  .131  Indiana  Ave.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Stjcklbt,  Robert  Bowne,  died Rhinebeck,  N.Y. 

*  Walswobth,  Cornell  Martin,  died Cleveland,  O. 


BowKB,  Lahman  Forrest  (Mfg.) 740  Rush  St.  Chicago,  111. 

*  Bbown,  S^ldon  Lester,  died Wellesley  Hills,  Mass. 

*  Bbttiobb,  Alfred  Ck>okman,  died  1921 Atlanta,  Ga. 

CooKMAN.  Rev.  Frank  Simpson 34  W.  63rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Eddt,  Bayard  Taylor,  died  1880 Gouvemeur,  N.Y. 

*  Hann,  Augustus  Philip,  died  1887 Washington,  N.J. 

HoAO,  Rev.  Elbert  Clay E.  Norwich,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Mann,  Albert  (Scientist) "The  Mendota,"  Washington.  DC. 

Miner,  Dr.  Warien  Augustus 21  Spring  St.  Ossining,  N.Y. 

Newcomb,  Hon.  Edward  C.  (Judge) .  .  .  .302  Harrison  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

*  Nbwhall,  Howard  Mudge,  died  1908 Lynn,  Mass. 

Van  Dusbn,  Rev.  Wilmot  Woodruff 1209  N.  5th  St.  Boise,  Idaho 


*  Bbamhall,  Charles  Olin,  died 

Chapin,  Charles  Sumner Normal  School,  Montclair,  N.J. 

*  Cbawtobd,  Rev.  Robert  Stephenson,  died  1910 Hunter,  N.Y. 

*  Fbeeman,  Arthur  Midwinter,  died  1888 Morristown,  N.J. 

Habbis,  Abram  Winegardner  (Ed.) 150  5th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

260 MroPLETOWN 1880-86 

*  Jones,  Dr.  Charles  N.  Dixon,  died  1920 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Jones,  Rev.  Henry  (John)  Dixon,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Olmbtbad,  Rev.  Edwin  Bailey,  died Knoxville,  Tenn. 

Ybager,  Rev.  James  Martin  (Govt.) 101  Shaw  Ave.  Lewiston,  Pa. 


*  Blair,  Samuel  Ford,  died  1881 Bath,  Me. 

Jackson,  Frederick  A.  (Ins.) 346  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Jones,  William  Adelbert  (Mfg.) 97  Glenwood  Ave.  East  Orange,  N.J. 

*  Scott,  John  Bell,  died  1898 Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Chase,  Albert  Hunt  (Hdw.) 129  Main  St.  Norwich,  Conn. 

CooKMAN,  Rev.  William. Wilberforce. . .  .638  N.  I^ouise  St.  Glendale,  Cal. 

Gabriel,  Charles  Van  Loon  (Law.) 30  Clinton  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Gerard,  Joseph  (Ed.) Hynes,  Cal. 

Hallenbeck,  Valentine  (Ret.  Edit.) R.  F.  D.  6,  Amsterdam,  N.Y. 

*  Hurst,  John  La  Monte,  died  1919 

*  Pearsall,  Dr.  William  Smith,  died  1915 Brimfield,  Mass. 

Petit,  Douglas  Eugene  (Fin.) 407  Oak  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Taylor,  Isaac  B.  A.  (City  Clerk) 26  Crescent  H.  Middletown,  N.Y. 

Vandbb  Voort,  Cornelius  Felch  (Ret.).  ..211  Monroe  St.  Bidgewood,  N.J. 


Bower,  Aaron  V(incent)  (Law.) Connell  Bldg.  Scranton,  Pa. 

Carson,  George  Prentice  (Univ.  Dean)  .336  N.  Boulevard,  De  Land,  Fla. 

Coffin,  Charles  Edmund  (Acct.) 83  Seymour  Ave.  Newark,  N.J. 

McCarthy,  John  (Paper) 526  Greenwood  Blvd.  Evanston,  111. 

NiEDRiNGHAUS,  Thomas  Key .79  Vanderenter  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

O'Neill,  Addison  D.  (Mills  &  Elev.) 449  Scotland  St.  Orange,  N.J. 

Petty,  Prof.  Robert  Davison  (Law.),  890  West  End  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Roe,  Charles  Marinus,  died  1920 Connellsville,  Pa. 

Smith,  Augustus  Ledyard  (Mfg.) 66  Marshall  St.  Brookline,  Mass. 

*  Wood,  WilUam  Wallis,  died  1891 Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Barnhart,  William  Henry  (R.  Est.) Prudential  Bldg.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Ela,  Dr.  Paul  Francis 89  Main  St.  East  Douglas,  Mass. 

*  Haydbn,  Herbert  Brigham,  died  1917 Boulder,  Colo. 

*  Johnson,  Lorenzo  Nickerson,  died  1897 Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

La  Monte,  George  Mason  (Mfr.) Bound  Brook,  N.J. 

LocKwooD,  Lester  Burchard Norton  Hot^l,  Detroit,  Mich. 

Oldham,  David  James  T.  (Ret.) 

144  Johnson  Ave.  Tottenville,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Rob,  Cary  Andrew  (Mer.) 67  Locust  St.  Lockport,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Franklin  Taylor  (Mfr.) Milwaukee  Club,  Milwaukee,  Wis. 


Bassett,  Rev.  Edward  D Main  St.  Ridgefield,  Conn. 

Curtice,  Rev.  Saul  Ober 71  Washington  St.  Hempstead,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Denison,  Howard  Percy  (Patent  Law.) 

741  Onon.  Co.  Sav.  Bk.  Bldg.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 


b  Christiim,  died  1898 

Noaios,  Rev.  Robert  Fmnklyn  (Rey 

e/a  A.  W.  Norton,  301  gdoemen  Are.  Fu  Roduwsy,  N.Y. 

RicBiBDS,  Clinton  John  (Ed.) 38  N.  Elm  Si.  NorthunptOD,  Mue. 

Tboupsoh,  Rev.  De  Witt  Burton .120  Cometock  PI.  SyrsFiue,  N.Y. 


lVon,  Ci  ■'.■-"," .Mid  ClniiBdoQ  Rd."B™ldy^.i 

*MiEHH  ,  I88S DemBrat,  N... 

'Scon.  Oref brook,  Pb. 

Smihak  114  Liberty  St.  New  Yotk,  N.Y, 

Surra.  F  ) 2S  Diman  PL  Providence,  R.l. 

afiLLWEi  as.  En«.).143  liberty  Bt.  New  York,  N.Y. 

'  Stbodt  died  1916 Nuhiu.  N.H. 

•  WiBDE  d  mie Ooeiui  Grove,  N.J, 

■WooBT]  i  191B Rome,  N.Y. 


IMS  ( , . . 

Chrrry  St.  Coliiinbia.  Fb. 

■nEHiWitlism  Lewis  (Law) 1025  Gasco  Bldg.  Portland. 

™b,  Harry  BrenefnBli  (InB.)  "*'°  ^i— _.  =■-  .--i — >-i- 

Cobb.  Prof.  Herbert  Ediar Lei 

■ ,  Henry  Bucklw,  died  1892 

B,  Rev.  Rufiie  ThBtcher,  died 

CooNB,  Henry  Buck  Iw.  died  1892 _. 

"sv.  Rufiie  ThBtchei-,  died Bptingfield,  Maw. 

R«v.  John 812  20th  St.  N.  W.  WMhingtoii,  D.C. 

Shib™,  Prof.  BenJBmin  Franklin  (Ret.) . ,  .4  Church  St.  Greenwich,  N.Y. 
SioTB.  Odetl  Seymour  (8.  S.  Trsne.) 

IS31  leth  St.  N.  W.  WBehincton.  D.C. 
TiiLOK.  Prof.  S(amuel)  N(ewton) Goucher  Colli  -   "•" ■"-" 

Bbuheb,  Dr.  William  Evans 1314  Guardian  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

"— ""■ ■""- Cleveland,  O. 

ookiyn,  N.Y. 

GtTBB,  Roland  Wilkine  (Ed-l. 428  E.  149th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

"       "     -ErickHob       •  ■— ■    "      ■'        - " 

:HnB«T,  Dr.  Howard  Hornbcck 

1634  Connecticut  Ave.  Washington,  D.C. 

BON,  ThnmaH  Arthur  CEd.) 235  Brooklyn  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

,  Arthur  Wilaon  (Ed.) Princeton  Ave.  Chicago,  III. 

1,  Dr.  Frederiok  WilUam 315  Jefferson  Ave.  Soranton,  Pa. 

,  WiUiam  Barnard  CEd.) 479  Manachueetta  Ave.  Boeton,  MasB. 


Clabu,  William  Lawrence  (Ry.) .  .  231  14th  St.  N.  W.  Washineton,  D.C. 
,  >.  n.uj_dipJi893 Buffalo,  N," 

J,  Bernard  Marcus,  d 

roN.  Dr.  WiUiam  Bradford,  died  1908.  . 
BOM,  Dr.  Orville  Edson.  .  

loln  (Mfg.) 4S  Alpine  St.  Bridgeport,  Onn. 

262  MIDDLETOWN  1889-93 

*  Rollins,  Frank,  died  1920 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Stiles,  Prof.  Charles  Wardell 

U.  S.  Public  Health  Service,  cor.  25th  &  E  Sts.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Tinker,  Rev.  Charles  Perley 204  Highfield  Lane,  Nutley,  N.J. 

Warriker,  Willard  Ives  (Lighting) 14  Ist  Ave.  Bayshore,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

WiNANs,  Rev.  Walter  Wesley 132  Chestnut  Ave.  Waterbury,  Conn. 


Bell,  Rev.  Richard  Ellsworth 150  5th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  CooNS,  Gideon  Wales,  died  1892 Catskill,  N.Y. 

Fuller,  Hon.  Frederic  Ernest  (Law.) Haller  Bldg.  Seattle,  Wash. 

MoNTQOMERT,  William  Andrew  (Stationer) 

1063  Thurman  St.  Portland,  Ore. 

Opdtkb,  Greorge  Howard  (Oil) Paola,  Kansas 

Peck,  George  Luther  (Law.) 158  S.  Main  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

Rob,  Willis  Fenton  (War  Dept.) 1888  Ontario  PI.  Washington,  D.C. 

Smith,  Rev.  Herbert  Scott 1859  Mintwood  PI.  Washington,  D.C. 

Thompson,  Wilson  Wallace  (Law.) 277  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Whitney,  Mellen  Augustus  (Mer.) 60  Fairfield  St.  Sprin^eld,  Mass. 

Wood,  John  Quinby  (Dipl.) c/o  Dept.  of  State,  Washington,  D.C. 


*  Abramb,  Cornelius,  died  1890 Lawrence,  N.Y. 

CouLSTON,  Charles  Woods  (Law.) Union  League,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Day,  Waters  Burrows  (Caterer) 899  Broad  St.  Newark,  N.J. 

*  Hancock,  Prof.  Albert  Elmer,  died  1915 Cjmwyd,  Pa. 

Hopkins,  Philip  Hallock 777  Putnam  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Lanqe,  Ludwig  August,  died  1917 Scranton,  Pa. 

LiTTELL,  Capt.  Frank  Bowers. U.  S.  Naval  Observatory,  Washington,  D.C. 

Noble,  Rev.  Eugene  Allen 247  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Slayback,  Henry  Bloodgood  (Broker) 417  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wagner,  John  Urban  (Ed.) 401  N.  Irving  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 


Barnhart,  Dr.  John  Hendley 

Botanical  Gardens,  Bronx  Pk.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  CooKMAN,  Alfred,  died  1898 Williamsport,  Pa. 

Davison,  George  Willetts  (Banker) Dublin  Rd.  Greenwich,  Conn. 

Harte,  Archibald  Clinton  (Y.M.C.A.) 

P.  O.  Box  294,  Jerusalem,  Palestine 
Henderson,  Bishop  Theodore  Sommer8..657  Virginia  Pk.  Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Pierce,  Jay  William,  died  1892 Corry,  Pa. 

Pullman,  John  Stephenson  (Law.) 886  Main  St.  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

Ralsten,  Fred  H.  (Adv.  and  Pub.) 117  N.  Dearborn  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Tamblyn,  Egbert  James 786  Broad  St.  Newark,  N.J. 

Wood,  Henry  Wisner,  Jr Chester,  N.Y. 


Andrus,  William  Loyal 137  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Faulkner,  Lt.-Col.  Albert  Urmy,  Adjt.  Gen.,  U.  S.  A.  Washington,  D.C. 
Hall,  Dr.  Fred  Smith  (Sage  Found.) ...  130  E.  22nd.  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Johnston,  Albert  Wheeler  (Mining) Ill  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y, 

1893-97  MIDDLETOWN  263 

Leplbt,  Rev.  Martin  Oliver Bethel,  Conn. 

Squire,  Remington  (R.  Est.) 558  Empire  Bldg.  Seattle,  Wash. 


Colt,  Charles  Henry  (Sales.) 257  Franklin  Ave.  River  Forest,  111. 

Davis,  William  Butler  (Music) 394  High  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

Delano,  Charles  Wesley  (Ed.) 21  Richards  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

HoRB,  Frank  Miller  (Pub.) 60  Buckingham  St.  Springfield,  Mass. 

Johnson,  Wilbur  Clark  (Auto.) 1739  N.  Penn  St.  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

Snyder,  Edgar  Charles  (Law.) 735  35th  Ave.  Seattle,  Wash. 

Taylor,  William  Hill  (Commercial) . . .  .575  N.  Broadway,  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Thompson,  John  Angus  (Law.) 165  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

TiRRELL,  Henry  Archelaus  (Ed.) 297  Broadway,  Norwich,  Conn. 

Treat,  Edwin  Cuyler  (Pub.) 46  E.  17th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


BuNCE,  James  Hough  (Mer.) 81  High  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

Davis,  Stephen  Brooks,  Jr East  Las  Vegas,  N.M. 

*  Garfield,  Frank  Bradley,  died  1893 East  Templeton,  Mass. 

Garnieb,  Rev.  Horatio  Knight 

c/o  Adams,  505  W.  112th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Nepf,  Rev.  Warren  Roberts. .'. 213  Main  St.  Hackettstown,  N.J. 

*  Opdyke,  Samuel  Bowman,  died  1903 Easton,  Pa. 

Peck,  Rev.  William  Willett West  Upton,  Mass. 

Smith,  Ernest  Ketcham  (Ed.) Tsing  Hua  College,  Peking,  China 

Squire,  Shirley  (C.  Eng.) 557  Empire  Bldfg.  Seattle,  Wash. 


Bristol,  Rev.  Lucius  Moody  (Ed.) 234  Roux  St.  Gainesville,  Fla. 

Brown,  Francis  Cobb  (Law.) 104  Cambridge  PI.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

BuRQwiN,  Rev.  Williaiti  Harry 95  Richmond  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

DiLLEY,  Arthur  Urbane  (Mer.) 101  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Johnston,  Dxmbar  (Ins.) 43  Montgomery  St.  Jersey  City,  N.J. 

Lindsay,  Walter  Thomas  (Law.) 19  Belvidere  PI.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Morgan,  Glenn  Watson P.  O.  Box  508,  Seattle,  Wash. 

Pullman,  Dr.  James 155  Reid  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Sanfobd,  Gustavus  Ulysses,  died  1897 Tallmanville,  Pa. 

*  Smith,  Freeman  Harris,  died  1893 Middletown,  Conn. 

TiRRELL,  George  Leavitt 20  Rutland  Rd.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Bennett,  Rev.  Manning  Blackstone..27  Oxford  Rd.  New  Hartford,  N.Y. 
Davis,  Newland  Evan  (Ins.) . .  155  Moimt  Vernon  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

Pbuner,  Rev.  William  Barton West  St.  Litchfield,  Conn. 

Rockwell,  Charles  Landon  (Ins.).. .  .43  Danforth  Ave.  Jersey  City,  N.J. 
Roe,  Prof.  Frederick  William  (Ed.) . .  .Univ.  of  Wisconsin,  Madison,  Wis. 
Round,  Julian  Mills  (Ed.) 312  McKinley  Ave.  Endicott,  N.Y. 

*  Tamblyn,  Evan  Lenn,  died Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Thompson,  William  Alexander. . 131  Lorraine  Ave.  Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 

Warrdtbb,  Dr.  Winsor  Whipple Antioch,  111. 

Woolbton,  Paul  Livingston  (Actuary) . . .  1636  E.  8th  Ave.  Denver,  Colo. 

264  MIDDLETOWN  1898-1901 

—    '       ■       ^        ■      '  ■■  !■■■  I    ■  ■  11         ■         III  ■  ■■.  ■  I..  ■■■I  II  I  ■  1 1  ——^1  ■  ■  ■    ■■  I  I 


Benham,  Dr.  Francis  Roe 1112  E.  Genesee  St.  SyracuBe,  N.Y. 

Camp,  Mortimer  Hart  (Law.) 67  Russell  St.  New  Britain,  Conn. 

Davison,  Alfred  Tredwell  (Law.) 110  Pine  St.  Freeport,  N^Y. 

Frain,  Edmund  Wilson  (Ins.) 8207  Elberon  Ave.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

HuBBELL,  De  Witt  (Banking) 981  Madison  Ave.  Plainfield,  N.J. 

Jackson,  Eben  (Broker) 226  Washington  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

*  Jackson,  Fred  Chase,  died  1902 Columbus,  O. 

Jackson,  Robert  Fenwick  (Ed.) Pomfret,  Conn. 

Johnston,  Frederick  Atkins  (Dental  Supply) 

252  St.  Mark's  PI.  New  Brighton,  N.Y. 

*  Lewis,  Herbert  Abram,  died  1899 Utica,  N.Y. 

Montgomery,  Edward  Louis  (Ed.) .  .  .  Mount  Ida  School,  Newton,  Mass. 

*  Pepper,  George  Henry,  died  1895 Millville,  N.J. 

Robins,  Dean  George  Douglas Hill  School,  Pottstown,  Pa. 

YouNQ,  Prof.  Archer  Everett  (Oil)..  .6848  Aylesboro  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 
Young,  Arthur  E.  (Law.) 5848  Aylesboro  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 


Davis,  Prof.  Herbert  Spencer 

Bureau  of  Fisheries,  Dept.  of  Labor,  Washington,  D.C. 

Hill,  Perry  Childs 860  Glynn  Court,  Detroit.  Mich. 

O'Hanlon,  Joseph  Thomley 

c/o  Western  Pacific  R.R.  Mills  Bldg.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 
PiCKARD,  Ward  Wilson  (Treas.) 140  Cedar  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Pullman,  Joseph  Cooke,  died  1901 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Rockwell,  Charles  Francis  (Cutlery) 991  Broad  St.  Meriden,  Conn. 

Rogers,  Burton  Cephas  (Tel.  &  Elec.) .  . .  1085  Broad  St.  Meriden,  Conn. 

Sheldon,  Rev.  Warren  French 150  5th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

TowNSEND,  John  Milton  (Ed.) R.  F.  D.  1,  Whitman,  Mass. 

Weaver,  Courtney  Manjer  (Ins.)  .  .  208  Center  Ave.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 
Yale,  Oliver  Eliziu: 86  Joraleman  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Browne,  Prof.  Arthur  Wesley 957  E.  State  St.  Ithaca,  N.Y. 

Davis,  Ashton  Weymouth  (Chemist) . . .  Hobart  Bldg.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Eldredge,  Elliott  Minton  (D.  G.) 360  Clinton  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

I!ox,  Dr.  David  Austin Main  St.  Clinton,  Conn. 

Garrison,  Dr.  Philip  Eugene 

Bur.  of  Med.  &  Surgery,  Navy  Dept.  Washington,  D.C. 

Sanford,  John  Stanley  (Acct.) 2212  Santa  Clara  Ave.  Alameda,  Cal. 

TiBRELL,  Winthrop  (Ed.) 1099  Walnut  St.  Newton  Highlands,  Mass. 

Treat,  Prof.  Payson  Jackson 8  Dolores  St.  Stanford  University,  Cal. 

Wilson,  Walter  Browne 512  5th  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Anderson,  Walter  Morgan  (Law.) Park  Ave.  Greenwich,  Conn. 

Cline,  Rev.  Thomas  Sparks.  .224  Gowen  Ave.  Mt.  Airy,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Hann,  Rev.  Edwin  Forrest 309  S.  6th  St.  Camden,  N.J. 

Hill,  Walter  Nickerson  (Reclam.  Serv.) Denver,  Colo. 

Hirsghtbld,  Robert  Lavater  (Adv.) . . .  .478  E.  Main  St.  Meriden,  Conn. 

1901-06  MIDDLETOWN  266 

Ives,  aeveland  Archer  (Coal) 3300  Ist  Ave.  So.  Seattle,  Wash. 

Lanb,  Harry  Clifford 76  Broad  St.  Westfield,  Mass. 

Mbbedith,  Rev.  Benjamin  Franklin 718  State  St.  Weiser,  Ida. 

Merriam,  Robert  James 100  Colony  St.  Meriden,  Conn 

Sawteb,  Herbert  Holden  (Tanning) 320  Jefferson  St.  Napa,  Cal. 


Ck)OPEB,  Webb  Gardner  (Banking) 76  E.  Utica  St.  Oswego,  N.Y. 

Habtzbll,  Robert  Culver c/o  J.  C.  Hartzell,  Blue  Ash,  O. 

HoLDEN,  Robert  Smyth  (Banking) 414  Jefferson  St.  Napa,  Cal. 

MoNTGOMBRT,  Thomas  Henry  (Telephone) 

195  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Thompson,  James  Voorhees 58  £.  Washington  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Thompson,  Rev.  Samuel  Moore Glenside,  Pa. 

WiLLETB,  Dr.  David  Gifford,  died  1922 Mays  Landing,  N.J. 


Ames,  George  Thurston  (Sales.) Central  Ave.  St.  Albans,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Bristol,  Dr.  Leverett  Dale.  .Penn  Mutual  Life  Ins.  Co.  Philadelphia, Pa. 

Brown,  Walter  Creighton  (Fin.) 7  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Caldeb,  William  Patterson  (Banking) . . .  159  Woodland  St.  Bristol,  Conn. 

Crane,  Howard  Dickinson  (Ins.) Box  21,  Ridgewood,  N.J. 

Day,  Harry  Pierson  (Law.) 212  Grafton  Ave.  Newark,  N.J. 

DB  Mauriac,  Rev.  Henry  de  Wolf 117  Maple  St.  E.  Aurora,  N.Y. 

Espy,  Ridgway  Bowers  (Law.) 88  S.  Franklin  St.  Wilkes-Barre,  Pa. 

Norton,  Ralph  (Law.) 165  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Shonk,  Herbert  Bronson  (Oil) Scarsdale,  N.Y. 

Stutsman,  Frank  Van  Haag  (Ed.) Hackettstown,  N.J. 


Crameb,  Major  Myron  Cady.  ..c/o  Adj.  Gen.  U.  S.  A.  Washington,  D.C. 

Day,  Louis  DeVoursney  (Ins.) 790  Broad  St.  Newark,  N.J. 

Demarest,  Gerald  Birch Passaic,  N.J. 

Garrison,  Charles  Henry  (Ed.) Montclair  Academy,  Montclair,  N.J. 

McDonnell,  Dr.  Patrick  Joseph 440  Madison  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

Nethawat,  Charles  Weatherwax  (Ed.) 

2779  Glenmawr  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 
NoRTHAM,  Charles  Harvey,  Jr.  (Mer.) ...  38  Victoria  Rd.  Hartford,  Conn. 


Ames,  Dr.  James  Sidney Main  St.  Babylon,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Bishop,  Allen  Reynolds  (Fin.) Hamilton  Club,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Cornell,  Minn  Suydam  (Silverware) 90  Pearl  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

Oroslbt,  Abraham 121  Benedict  Ave.  So.  Ardmore,  Pa. 

Davis,  John  Mclntyre  (Mfr.) 259  Court  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

Fairchild,  Nathan  Hayes  (Acct.) 511  W.  113th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Garrison,  Dr.  Norman  Scott 155  Fair  St.  Paterson,  N.J. 

Hancock,  Stewart  Freeman  (Law.) 202  Summit  Ave.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Montgomery,  Hugh  Simpson  (Law.) 619  Piatt  Bldg.  Portland,  Ore. 

*  Plumb,  Edward  Randall,  died  1906 Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Vail,  Burr  de  Forest  (Ed.) 103  Douglas  Ave.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

266  MIDDLETOWN  1906-09 


Bribtol,  Raymond  Wolcott  (Arch.) .  . .  144  Montague  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Cobb,  Alfred  Preston  (Truck  Grower) Vero,  Fla. 

Cole,  Ralph  Martin  (Photo-Prints) 95  Liberty  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hancock,  Clarence  Eugene  (Law.) 1650  James  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Hanlon,  Arthur  James 

Liquid  Carbonic  Co.  3100  8.  Kedsie  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 
Johnston,  W(illiam)  Armour,  Jr.  (Industrial  £ng.) 

56  WaU  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Powell,  Henry  Boardman,  Jr.  (Hdw.) 514  S.  2nd  St.  Clearfield,  Pa. 

*  Streber,  Fernando  Ricardo,  died  19 16... Tegucigalpa,  Honduras,  C.  A. 

Wade,  Hollis  Bertram Hanover,  N.J. 

Waite,  Clifford  Le  Grande  (Ins.) 

37  Washington  Circle,  W.  Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Weeks,  Lester  Reuben,  died  1918 Syracuse,  N.Y. 


Beebe,  Joseph  Clair  (Organist  and  Director) 

14  Parkmore  St.  New  Britain,  Conn. 

Bower,  Russell  Forrest 1357  Montague  St.  Washington,  D.C. 

Chabiberlain,  Herbert  Clajrton 

Crane,  Dr.  Charles  George 27  Elisabeth  Ave.  Newark,  N.J. 

FoRMAN,  Rev.  Raymond  Lalor 550  West  End  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

McClelland,  Rev.  Clarence  Paul 

Drew  Seminary  for  Young  Women,  Carmel,  N.Y. 
Patten,  Rev.  Walter Chapel  Hill,  N.C. 

*  Unger,  Raymond  Dickinson,  died  1913 Newark,  N.J. 


Anderson,  Albert  Ansel  (Com  Prod.).. .  .17  Battery  Pl.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Curtice,  Leon  Hilliard  (Aud.) 23  Lincoln  St.  Norwood,  Mass. 

*  Curtice,  Raymond  Scofield,  died  1922 Wilmington,  Del. 

Day,  Dr.  John  Crane  (Dentist) 316  Mt.  Prospect  Ave.  Newark,  N.J. 

DuNMORB,  Russell  Goddier  (Law.). 30  Hartford  Ter.  New  Hartford,  N.Y. 

Gray,  Edward  Bivens  (Works  Mgr.) 116  E.  Main  St.  Troy,  Pa. 

Hampbon,  Arthur  C.  ((jrocer) 415  N.  Wayne  Ave.  Wayne,  Pa. 

Snyder,  Frank  Kerswill 412  Ocean  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

West,  Randolph  Dykeman  (Banking) 

399  N.  Maple  Ave.  East  Orange,  N.J. 


.Bailey,  Winthrqp  Carl  (Ins.) 114  Maplewood  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Bishop,  Gilbert  Haven  (Clerk) 1437i  Eighth  St.  Santa  Monica,  Cal. 

Cowan,  James  Franklin Wellesley  Hills,  Mass. 

Cunningham,  Logan  (C.  Eng.) South  WilUamsport,  Pa. 

Day,  Clarence  Mulford  (Mfg.) 1504  Greenwood  Ave.  Jackson,  Mich. 

Jackson,  William  Leigh  Pierce  (Banking) 

1115  Pacific  Ave.  Tacoma,  Wash. 
Kent,  Sidney  Edwin  (R.  Est.) 

1229  Massachusetts  Ave.  N.  W.  Washington.  D.C. 

*  Kipp,  Whitney,  died  1913 New  York,  N.Y. 

1909-13 MroPLETOWN 267 

MacLban,  Waldo  Broas  (Adv.) 2  E.  23rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Maxhi,  Frederic  Louia  (Adv.) 621  W.  185th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sloan,  Harold  Stevenson  (Mfg.)...  127  S.  Mountain  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 
Wilcox,  Roger  Tryon  (Sales.) 122  Elmer  St.  Westfield,  N.J. 


Adkins,  Charles  Lacey  (Acct.) 25  Linden  Ave.  Kenmore,  N.Y. 

Bower,  Harold  Morton  (Bonds) 

702  First  Wis.  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Milwaukee.  Wis. 
BwaroL,  Harlow  Butterfield  (Sales.)  .  .  2764  Creston  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

DuNMOBE,  William  Earl  (Mfr.) 1401  Francis  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 

Gibbons,  Willis  Alexander  (Chemist) . .  .561  W.  68th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hance,  Rev.  Edward  Raymond 266  Church  St.  Naugatuck,  Conn. 

Kent,  Silas  Stanley  (C.  Eng.) 19  Wyman  StTLowell,  Mass. 

McCathran,  Rodney  Rathbone 99  Beverly  Rd.  W.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Powell,  Samuel  (Hdw.) 514  8.  Second  St.  Clearfield,  Pa. 

Smith.  Frank  Seymour  (Law.) 410  5th  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Stockdale.  Rev.  Greorge  Maychin Spencerport,  N.Y. 

Wilson,  William  Carroll  (Fin.) 27  Parkway,  Montclair,  N.J. 

Wbight,  Alfred  Redfield  (Mfg.) Centerbrook,  Conn. 


Cornell,  Elwood  North  (Silverware) 340  E.  17th  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Davis,  Alexander  Keith  (Highways) . . .  .468  High  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 
Db  Bow,  Robert  Garrett  (Imptr.  and  Exptr.) .  92  27th  St.  Elmhurst.  L.I. 

Eldredqe,  Orris  Stanley  (D.  G.) 83  Gates  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Fbetz,  Rev.  Abraham  Lincoln 29  Spring  St.  Flemington,  N.J. 

Stilwell,  Winfred  Newton  (Law.) 

720  Real  Estate  Trust  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Thompson.  Ralph  Schofield 78  Robinwood  Ave.  Jamaica  Plam,  Mass. 

Woodrupf,  Allmg 89  Pike  St.  Seattle,  Wash. 


Bristol,  George  Treat  (Mfg.) 3  Central  Ave.  Newburdi,  N.Y. 

BuRNHAM,  Fred  Waters  (Lumber) 1902  Raspbury  St.  Erie,  Pa. 

Corr.  Carl  Scott  (Cotton) 25  Forest  Rd.  Madison.  N.J. 

Crewes,  Chester  Clarence 

Grim,  Charles  Emerson  (Exptr.) Berkley  Ave.  Bloomfield,  N.J. 

JACOBS,  Henry  Strobel  (Motion  Pictures) .  485  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lbibold,  Karl  Henry  Ludwig  (Ins.) Wayne  Ave.  White  Plains,  N.Y. 

Leonard,  Henry  Virginius  (Sales) 200  W.  78th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

McCloy,  Leonard  Ernest  (Sales.) 414  N.  Craig  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  Michael,  Virgil  Hartman,  diea Washington,  D.C. 

Paizeth,  Vincent  Joseph West  Bethlehem,  Pa. 

SconBLD,  Richard  Wetmore  (Sales.) 3  Lafayette  Ave.  Brooklyn.  N.Y. 

Vollmbr,  Edward  Couch 718  St.  Marks  Ave.  Brookljm,  N.Y. 

Wilcox,  Clement  Baldwin Green  Rest  Farm,  Great  Mills,  Md. 

WiNANs,  William  Miller,  Jr.  (R.  Est.) Park  Ridge,  N.J. 


Bruner,  Dr.  Abram  Breneman 1214  Guardian  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Bbuneb,  Henry  Mullison  (Law.) 445  Chestnut  St.  Cohimbia.  Pa. 

268  MIDDLETOWN  1913-16 

Dtke,  Harold  De  Yoe  (Ins.) 761  Harrison  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Jones,  Arthur  Ernest  (Acct.) 118  Highland  St.  Hyde  Park,  Mass. 

McLarren,  William  Dudley  (Mer.) 200  Curtin  St.  Osceola  Mills.  Pa. 

McNeill,  Kenneth  Fee  (M.  Eng.) Ill  Highland  Ave.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Murphy,  John  Desmond  (Paper) 

c/o  Uncas  Paper  Co.  1638  W.  Lake  St.  Chicago,  HI. 
Waldbn,  Charles  Ferris  (Imptr.) 1144  Bergen  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Wilcox,  Earl  Clayton,  died  1915 Jamaica,  N.Y. 

WiNANS,  George  Washington  (Law.) Darlington  Ave.  Ramsay,  N.J. 


Bishop,  Ralph  Chesney  (Motion  Pictures) 

Hamilton  Club,  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

ExTSTis,  Edwin  Markwick  (Mfg.) 118  High  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

Garton,  Russell  Irving  (Pub.) 34  De  Barry  PI.  Summit,  N  J. 

GopsiLL,  Thomas  Milbum  (Fm.) 41  Le  Roy  PI.  Red  Bank,  N.J. 

HoLDENjRobert  Porter  (Ins.) 1421  Arch  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Irving,  Harold  Lawrence 11  Sunset  Pk.  Upper  Montclair,  N.J. 

Morse,  Lawrence  Beatty  (R.  Est.) 162  Roeeville  Ave.  Newark,  N.J. 

MoRSELL,  Herndon  Tudor  (R.  Est.) 

6317  Connecticut  Ave.  Chevy  Chase,  Md. 

Peck,  Elliott  Marshall 184  E.  Rock  Rd.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

RowELL,  John  Irving  (Fin.) 25  Byers  Ave.  A]at>n,  O. 

Stevens,  William  Covert 

*  Sutherland,  Paul  R.,  died  1917 Flatbush,  N.Y. 

VAN  Benschotbn,  Homer  Whitney  (Treas.) 

c/o  Knoxville  Iron  Co.  Knoxville,  Tenn. 
Wheeler,  Alden  Dodge,  Jr.  (Eng.) . . .  .677  Keele  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


Brown,  Read  Hess  (Ins.) 4  Millard  Ave.  Bingham  ton,  N.Y. 

Carver,  Fred  Langhenry  (Author)  .947  S.  Alvarado  St.  Los  Axigeles,  Cal. 

Farnum,  Dr.  Waldo  Beattie 150  E.  160th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Herben,  Dr.  George  Foster West  Englewood,  N.J. 

Norton,  Alwin  Wood 301  Edgemere  Ave.  Par  Rodcawajr,  N.Y. 

Pitt,  Rev.  Louis  Wetherbee 60  Union  St.  Montclair,  N.J. 

ScHLAGER,  Charles Mansivolle  Doubs,  fS*ance 

Thompson,  James  Adams  (Law.) 40  Exchange  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

VosE,  Dr.  Samuel  Norton 483  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Wilcox,  Kenneth  Osborn  (Farmer) Great  Mills,  Md. 


Austin,  Robert  Vau^n  (Clerk) 92  Ontario  St.  Coming,  N.Y. 

Beeman,  George  Whitfield  (Sales  Ma^ 

469  Washington  Ave.  Astoria,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Brooks,  John  Lee  (D.  G.) R.  F.  D.  Windsor,  Conn. 

Bruner,  Alfred  Evans  (Acct.) 226  Ivy  St.  Atlanta,  Ga, 

Cole,  Chester  Graves  (Farm  Mgr.) Greeley,  la. 

Craig,  Dr.  George  Mansfield 148  Broad  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

Deetjen,  Waldemar  Luis  (Broker) 159  Park  St.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Edwards,  Wilbur  Nelson Box  164,  WantaghjL.I.,  N.Y. 

EusTis,  BJmer  Tice 200  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

1916-19 MroPLETOWN 269 

Flewkllino,  Ralph  Carlin  (Arch.)  .2945  Van  Buren  PI.  Loe  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  HiNGBLBT,  John  W.,  died  1916 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

MoBBis,  David  Valentine  (Fin.) 604  Guardian  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Slocum,  Frank  Alfred,  Jr 570  Seventh  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Thompsok,  William  Wallace 26  S.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Waldsn,  Donald  Morgan  (Sales.) 294  Jefferson  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


BoTD,  William  Rowland  (Adv.) 1101  Home  Ins.  Bld^.  Chicago,  lU. 

Hale,  James  (Foundryman) 36  Magnolia  Ter.  Spnngfield,  Mass. 

HopsoN,  Edwin  Nott,  Jr.  (Chem.  Eng.) 340  Park  Ave.  Paterson,  N.J. 

Lee,  Marshall  Grant  (Commercial  Eng.) 

1263  N.  Marengo  St.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Mabtin,  Leslie  (Tea) 430  Main  St.  Stamford,  Conn. 

Nixon,  WiUiam  G.  (Law.) 81  W.  Commerce  St.  Bridgeton,  N.J. 

Noble,  Francis  Osborn .247  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Shanklin,  William  Arnold,  Jr.  (Oil)  63  Mt.  Kemble  Ave.  Morristown,  N.J. 

Smith,  Charles  Stewart  (Ins.) 64  Hope  St.  Stamford,  Conn. 

WiGLET,  Norman  (Metallurgist) 994  Second  St.  Beaver,  Pa. 

Williams,  Weir  (Fin.) 259  Olney  St.  Providence,  R.I. 


BowEB,  Lahman  Van  Hennigar  (Bond  Sales) 

400  Guardian  Life  Bldg.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Bbadbubt,  Lester  Ray  (Mfg.) 46  Alpine  Ave.  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

Fenton,  William  David,  Jr University  Club,  Portland,  Ore. 

Habt,  Coleridge  Wells  (Mer.) 228  Ringgold  St.  Peekskill,  N.Y. 

Lehman,  Clifford  Bronson  (Ins.)...  196  WoodlawnTer.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

McCabtht,  William  Wood 626  Greenwood  Blvd.  Evanston,  111. 

Manchester,  Herbert  Lindsey 316  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

MuBPHT,  Desmond 336  Washington  St.  Norwich,  Conn. 

Nose,  Benedictus  EmU 442  Grand  St.  Jersey  City,  N.J. 

Ptpt,  Lester  Irving  (Ins.) 36  Lee  St.  Worcester,  Mass. 

RicHABDS,  Herbert  Le  Van  (Steel) 65  Montrose  Ave.  So.  Orange,  N.J. 

THOMAS,  John  Wadsworth 442  Grand  St.  Jersey  City,  N.J. 

Wji^lacb,  Rev.  Sidney  Wishart 2024  E.  Main  St.  Waterbury.  Conn. 


Bean,  Allen  Daggett  (Sales.) 2946  Van  Buren  PI.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Bbunbb,  Harry  Clarke  (Mgr.) . .  162  Christiana  St.  No.  Tonawanda,  N.Y. 

BuBGwiN,  Harry  Puckey  (Banking) 95  Richmond  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

BuswELL,  Walter  Scott  (Sec.  and  Treas.) 

_  329  Park  Ave.  East  Orange,  N.J. 

fOBMAN,  Lyle  Wayman. Humphreys  &  Lyon  Sts.  E.  Elmhurst,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Mabvin,  Everette  Dunbar  (Clerk) 322  Carolina  St.  Derby,  Conn. 

SooTT,  Gordon  Embler  (Machinery) 73  Willett  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

THOMPSON,  Clark  Coggshall  (Sales.),  129  Columbia  Hgts.  Brooklyn,  N.Y 

Wagner,  Waldo  Urban  (Sales.) 401  N.  Irving  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

Webber,  Lorenzo  Dow Ivoryton,  Conn. 

Williams,  Walter  Roberts  (Farmer) Green  Gables,  Sunderland,  Mass. 

270  MIDDLETOWN  1920-23 


Bishop,  Edmund  Martin  (Sales.) 1414  Kipling  St.  Houston,  Texas 

Clinchy,  Rev.  Everett  Ross Fairmount,  N.J. 

Dixon,  Kenneth  Victor 38  Watchung  St.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Gilbert,  Lewis  Loder,  Jr 416  Norton  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

GiLLXspiE,  Robert  Bartow  (Sales.) 163  W.  126th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Gravatt,  Earl  Carlile  (Sales.) 560  Benson  St.  Camden,  N.J. 

Parslow,  William  King  (Sales.) Morris  Heights,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Peck,  George  Franeis^ales.) 158  S.  Main  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

Wildman,  Talbot  Cole  (Oil) Glenbrook,  Conn. 


Bbbman,  Stanley  Harchr 637  Western  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Berlinohof,  Clifton  Harold 1118  Columbia  St.  Scranton,  Pa. 

Carlton,  Norton -Brewster  (Sales.) . .  .42  Watchung  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Gordon,  Robert  Nelson 142  N.  Columbus  Ave.  Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 

Heidbnrbich,  LeRoy  Fredrick  (Asst.  Treas.) 

141  Manning  Blvd.  So.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Johnson,  Thurston  Allen 123  Winthrop  St.  Winthrop,  Mass. 

KiMBER,  William  Francis,  Jr 132  Heller  Pkwy.  Newark,  N  J. 

Mertz,  Raymond  Emil 263  Union  Ave.  BelleviUe,  N.J. 

Peck,  James  Knickerbocker 158  S.  Main  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

ScoFiELD,  Carleton  Forman  (Ed.) Cascadilla  School,  Ithaca,  N.Y. 

Streibert,  Theodore  Cuyler 610  Madison  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Swift,  Robert  Pomeroy 

Paper  Trade  Journal,  10  E.  39th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Thompson,  Malcolm  George 120  Columbia  Hgts.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Thrasher,  (Harold)  Forbes  (Fin.) 

c/o  The  Dominion  Securities  Corpn.  26  King  St.  E.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 
Watson,  Richard  Ranch  (Machine) 130  Mervine  PI.  Trenton,  N.J. 


Adams,  David  William 4  Baker  St.  Johnstown,  N.Y. 

Clinchy,  Donald  Stagg 210  N.  Grove  St.  East  Orange,  N.J. 

*  Gillies,  Brooks,  died  1920 Rochester,  N.Y. 

Heidenreich,  Floyd  Cornwell 141  S.  Manning  Blvd.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Henderson,  Frank  Beers 115  Virgima  Pk.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Hill,  Charles  Fowler  (Journ.) 204  W.  110th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Morgan,  Russell  LefFard 116  N.  Lincoln  Ave.  Scranton,  Pa. 

PiNSKER,  Samuel  Davis 202  William  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

Powell,  Talcott  Williams Mountain  Lakes,  N  J. 

Russell,  William  Duncan,  Jr 112  Dana  St.  Wilkes-Barre,  Pa. 

Sbibsrling,  Theophilus  Kamaghan Medina  Rd.  Akron,  O. 


Eustis,  Richard  Clinton 1985  Sedgwick  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

German,  Spence  Mayell  (Clerk) 144  Broad  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

Gilbert,  Edwin  Bamett  (Sales.) 220  Park  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Jones,  Henry  Lawrence 39  N.  Franklin  St.  Wilkes-Barre,  Pa. 

Lindemuth,  Edmund  Karcher  (Lumber) 329  N.  5th  St.  Reading,  Pa. 

McDonald,  J.  Frank,  Jr 372  Park  St.  Upper  Montclair,  N  J. 

1923-26  MIDDLETOWN  271 

MuBoocK,  Charles  Lewis Clinton,  Conn. 

OviATT,  Clifford  Reichel 960  Elm  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  WmTNiT,  Robert  Berry,  died  1920 Endioott,  N.Y. 


GLADiNOr  Albert  Grevirson 5431  Walnut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Kelly,  William  Henry,  Jr 233  Western  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

La  Ganke,  Leland  Ellsworth 1906  Farminston  Rd.  Clevelimd,  O. 

Otiatt,  Harold  Erasmus 136  Cottage  Ave.  Mt.  Vernon,  N.Y. 

RuMRiLL,  Melville  Keith 30  Wilbraham  Ave.  Spnn^eld,  Mass. 

Smith,  William  Alexander  (Clerk) 148  N.  Broadway,  Nyack,  N.Y. 

Ulland,  Harold  Evans 529  Howell  Ave.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Yebkes,  Charles  William 59  Gregory  Ave.  West  Orange,  N.J. 


Chapmak,  Lewis  Wesley  Stephen 15  S.  High  St.  New  Britain,  Conn. 

DscKEB,  Lewis  Thompson . . . , 28  Olcott  Ave.  Bemardsville,  N.J. 

Follett,  Foster  Valentine 116  Central  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Hammond,  Sanford  Loomis 158  Summit  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

HoBSON,  John  Osborne 2436  Morris  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Knobppel,  Harold  John  Henry 1816  Morris  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

LocKHABT,  Harold  Reuben 756  Washington  Ave.  Bridgeport,  Conn. 

Mabtin,  Harold  Conrad 679  Newark  Ave.  Elisabeth,  N.J. 

Severance,  Milton  Leonard Ford' Hall,  Easthampton,  Mass. 

Sharpe,  Philip  Boies 4  Church  St.  Greenwich,  N.Y. 

Snodorass,  Robert  McConnell 70  Beech  St.  Blast  Orange,  N.J. 

SvAiN,  Joseph  Raymond 78  S.  Highland  Ave.  Ossining,  N.Y. 

Taylor,  Levergne  Andrus 76  New  Hanover  Ave.  Meriden,  Conn. 

272       *  1839-62 



*  Smith,  Prof.  Hamilton  Lanphere,  died  1902 "Geneva,  N.Y. 


*  Lang,  Prof.  Benjamin  Locke,  died  1884 Ottumwa,  la. 


*  Strong,  Rev.  George  Augustus,  died  1912 Cambridge,  Mass. 


*  Gantbr,  Rev.  Richard  Leo,  died  1893 Akron,  O. 


*  Mitchell,  Henry  Sparrow,  died  1914 Norwalk,  O. 

*  P^iNE,  Lewis,  died Pomeroy,  O. 


*  Allan,  Dr.  George  Smith,  died  1911 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Guthrie,  Charles  Bierce,  died  1879 Titusville,  Pa. 

Hancock,  James  Denton  (Ret.) Hancock  Bldg.  Franklin,  Pa. 

*  Kendrick,  Rt.  Rev.  John  Mills,  died  1911 Phoenix,  Aria. 

*  Marshall,  William  Smeder,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Mayo,  Edward  Hanson,  died  1880 Indianapolis,  Ind. 

*  Rearden,  Timothy  Henry,  died  1892 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Smith,  Robert  Clinton,  died  1907 Harrisburg,  Pa. 


*  Chipman,  Henry  Whitehouse,  died  1880 Chicago,  111. 

*  Harper,  John  Arunah,  died  1920 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  NoRRis,  John  Adams,  died  1877 Columbus,  O. 

TitiMBLE,  Matthew  (Ret.) 

1320  Rhode  Island  Ave.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 


*  Davis,  Murray,  died  1877 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Payne,  Albert  Bronson,  died  1894 Nashville,  Tenn. 

*  Yen,  Rev.  Yung  Kiung,  died  1898 Shanghai,  China 


*  Allen,  Rev.  Alexander  Viets  Griswold,  died  1908 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*  Doty,  Rev.  William  D'OrviUe,  died  1900 Rochester,  N.Y. 

Dunham,  Rev.  Francis  Solomon,  died  1920 Albion,  N.Y. 


1862-68  KENYON  273 

♦  EiTZMiLLEB,  Edward  Augustus,  died  1916 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

♦  Mann,  George  Edward,  died  1919 Galveston,  Texas 

♦  Obonhtatekha,  Dr.,  died  1907 Toroato,  Can. 

♦Tongue,  Rev.  Thomas  Orkney,  died  1900 Washington,  D.C. 

♦  Vancb,  John  Randolph,  died  1898 Marshall,  Mo. 


♦  Mendenhall,  Charles  Heber,  died  1900 Parkersburg,  Pa. 

♦  Payne,  William  Pryer,  died  1867 Richmond,  Ind. 

Rockwell,  Dr.  Alphonso  David 370  Sanford  Ave.  Flushing,  N.Y. 

♦  Shabpb,  Edgar,  died  1907 San  Diego,  Cal. 

♦  TwTMAN,  Buford,  died  1901 Louisvule,  Ky. 


♦  Beownb,  Rev.  Percy,  died  1901 Roxbury,  Mass. 

♦  Cakteb,  Rev.  George  Galen,  died  1904 Hudson,  N.Y. 

♦  Claxton,  Robert  Bethell,  Jr.,  died  1879 Elmira,  N.Y. 

*HxiBBT,  Frank  Winfield,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

♦  HuBST,  Shrewsbury  Darneal,  died  1913 Louisville,  Ky. 

♦  Mabshall,  Col.  James  Miles,  died  1913 Jeffersonville,  Ind. 

Mitchell,  Burton  Conyers Eudora,  Kan. 

♦  Tatlor,  William  Watts,  died  1913 Cincinnati,  O. 

♦Watson,  Pliny  (Edwin),  died  1891 Toledo,  O. 


♦  Ball,  John  Creighton,  died Bowersville,  O. 

♦  BuBB,  Charles  Edward,  died  1903 Columbus,  O. 

♦  Nobton,  Junes  Sager.  died  1896 Chicago,  111. 

P««T,  George  Jones  (Law.) 1  W.  64th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

♦  Woodward,  John  Kimble,  died  1887 Wilkes-Barre,  Pa. 


♦  Bowler,  George  Pendleton,  died  1878 Clifton,  O. 

♦  Dandbidqe,  Dr.  Nathaniel  Pendleton,  died  1910 Cincinnati,  O. 

NoBTON,  Edmund  (Fin.) 1903  30th  St.  San  Diego,  Cal. 


♦CIhubch,  Rev.  Edward  Bentley,  died  1904 San  Francisco,  Cal. 

♦MiDART,  Frederick  Henry,  died  1883 Columbus,  O. 

RwNOLDS,  Edward  William 

SuvooNG,  Dr.  Vung  Pian Kiangnan  Arsenal,  Shanghai,  China 


♦  Donaldson,  William  Harrison,  died  1903 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

♦  Gbeqson,  Rev.  John,  died  1912 Cambridge,  Mass. 

*Habt,  Henry  Clay,  died  1897      Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

♦  McDonald,  John  McCorkle,  died  1899 Helena,  Mont. 

Nictolson,  Franklin  Shaw  (Ret.)  .  E.  2924  Fairview  Ave.  Spokane,  Wash. 

♦  Whitesides,  Nevil  Pemberton,  died  1895 Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Wilson,  Charles  Granville  (Law. ;  Banker).. . .  104  Prescott  St.  Toledo,  0. 

274  KENYON  1869-75 


Dorset,  .Walker  MoCorkle  (Bookkeeper) P.  O.  Box  342,  Piqua,  O. 

*  Hatdbn,  Albert,  died  1911 Chicago,  111. 

*  Lang,  Dr.  Edward  Ross,  died  1906 Union,  Ore. 

*  Leooett,  Charles  DJalma,  died  1922 Fairfield,  la. 

*  Sadler,  Charles  Webb,  died Sandusl^,  O. 

Wktmobb,  Charles  Henry  (R.  Est.) 36  Lexington  Ave.  Columbus,  O. 


*  Kellbt,  Dr.  Armon  Frank,  died Bennett,  CJolo. 

*  Pbbt,  Henry  Johns,  died  1920 Chicago,  IlL 

ScHULTB,  Rev.  Bernard .345  W.  85th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stout,  Rev.  Charles  Tullidge 226  S.  Grove  Ave.  Oak  Park,  lU. 

Wilson,  Harry  Eugene Dubuque,  la. 

Wilson,  John  Scott  (Ins.) 14  Montgomery  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

*  Wilson,  Russell  Jones,  died  1905 San  Francisco,  Cal. 


Cabtmell,  Edson  Black  (Ret.) 205  Union  St.  Lancaster,  O. 

*  Case,  Dr.  Guy  Buttolph,  died  1904 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Evans,  Eli  Pinney,  died  1908 Columbus.  O. 

*  HuoHES,  Rev.  William  Mortimer,  died  1916. ....... .Morristown,  N.J. 

*  Showalier,  Watterson,  died  1922 Greorgetown,  Ky. 

*  Smith,  Albert  Buttles,  died  1891 Geneva,  N.Y. 


DouoLAS,  Hon.  Albert  (Ret.) Stoneleigh  Court,  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Egbert,  Rev.  John  Lightner,  died  1905 Springfield,  Mass. 

Holmes,  Raymond  (Ins.) 330  California  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

McKinley,  John  Dewitt  Hart  (Ed.)  . .  588  Gertrude  Ave.  Winnipeg,  Can. 

Otte,  Frederick  Augustus Elmwood  Ave.  Jamestown,  N.Y. 

White,  Bishop  John  Hazen 319  W.  Colfax  Ave.  South  Bend,  Ind. 


*  Davies,  Samuel,  died  1890 Wichita,  Kan. 

*  KiNNET,  Brockway,  died  1893 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Southard,  George  Franklin  (Ret.) 518  W.  Pine  St.  Enid,  Okla. 


*  Crbiohton,  William  St.  Clair,  died  1911 Los  Angeles,  CaL 

*  Flournot,  Richard  Clough  Anderson,  died  1922 Sioux  City,  la. 

*  Inoraham,  Charles  Modiset  died  1920 Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Stone,  Dwight  (Planter) Waterproof,  La. 

*  Tourney,  Joseph  Richard,  died  1919 Marion,  O. 


*  Miller,  Joseph  Willey,  died Chillicothe,  O. 

*  Morrison,  Frank  Hardick,  died  1904 Cranford,  N.J. 

O'Ferrall,  Dr.  Robert  Miller 516  N.  Wayne  St.  Piqua,  O. 

Strader,  Peter  Wilson  (Farmer) South  Bellingham,  Wash. 

1876-85  KENTON  276 


*  Mason,  Col.  Charles  Winder,  died  1913 Fort  McDowell,  Cal. 

*  WiLBON,  Dr.  Frank  Pope,  died  1915 San  Francisco,  Cal. 


*£lli0,  Charles  Bates,  died  1906 Grand  Forks.  N.D. 

♦Hall,  Dr.  Lorin,  died  1913 Chicago.  111. 

*  Mason.  John  Sanford,  Jr.,  died  1891 Benicia.  CaL 

Paqk,  Rev.  Henry  Deane 1048  Junipero  Ave.  Long  Beaoh,  Cal. 


Atis,  Rt.  Rev.  Henry  Damerel .  Apartado  151  Guadalajara.  Jalisco.  Mex. 
Wilson.  Mountford  Samuel  (Law.) 

14  Montgomery  St.  San  Francisco.  Cal. 


Showalteb,  Jackson  Whipps Georgetown,  Ky. 


Blaxs,  Dr.  Francis  Wharton Gambler,  O. 

Bbxsbe,  Rev.  Asahel  Amos Zion  Church  Rectory,  Greene,  N.Y. 

Fbabxr,  Abner  Lord Roraina,  Tryon,  N.C. 

Mason,  George  (C.  Eng.) 3502  Court  St.  Catlettsburg,  Ky. 

*  Wood.  Thomas  Stokely.  died  1921 Duluth,  Minn. 


GsxGO,  Henry  Sellers  (Hdw.) 2128  Girard  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

LiTisAY.  Theodore  Murdock 1st  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Columbus,  O. 

Page,  Rev.  Thomas  Carter Altavista,  Va. 


Braseb,  John  Traflford  g^aw.) 139  W.  5th  Ave.  Lancaster,  O. 

*  DuDLST,  Hon.  Irving  Bedell,  died  1911 Baltimore.  Md. 


Edwabds,  Rev.  Frank  Elmer 

*  Mabfield.  Elliott,  died  1911 Cincinnati.  O. 

Wbight,  Dr.  Thompson  Barrett P.  O.  Box  306.  Altadena.  Cal. 


*  BoLLES,  William  Mather,  died  1892 Portsmouth,  O. 

Cole,  Charles  Lawrence  Jr.  (R.  R.) 

620  Metropolitan  Life  Ins.  Bldg.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  CoNovBR,  Wilbur  Garrett,  died  1893 Piqua,  O. 

Douqlas,  Joshua  Herbert  (Ret.) 

c/o  Anglo-Austrian  Bank,  Vienna,  Austria 


Mancourt,  Edward  May  (Coal) 

1928  Ist  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

276  KENYON  1886-96 


*  Brown,  Walter  Wood,  died  1894 Columbus.  O. 

CiiEMBNT,  Hugh  Barrett  (Arch.) 447  Book  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Dudley,  Arthur  Stanhope  (Tax  Com.).. 725  Stowell  Ave.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 
FuLLiNGTON,  Edward  McMullan  (Fin.)  .  289  Woodland  Ave.  Columbus,  O. 

*  Warder,  Benjamin  Head,  died  1897 Springfield,  O. 


Dew  ART,  Rev.  William  Herbert 247  Berkeley  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Hancock,  Lawrence  Penis  (Law.) 546  Delaware  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Sterling,  Hugh,  died  1916 Webster  Grove,  Mo. 


Dalt,  Dr.  Harry  Carrington  (Ret.) Gibsonton,  Pa. 

Devin,  Henry  Curtis  (Law.) 101  N.  Main  St.  Mt.  Vernon,  O. 

Dudley,  Rev.  George  Fiske 1368  Columbia  Rd.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Woo,  Robert  Chochung,  died  1894 Shanghai,  China 

*  Yen,  Points  Sih  Ching,  died  1921 Hankow,  China 


Harris,  Rev.  Gibson  William Trinity  Rectory,  Ossining,  N.Y. 


Bodine,  William  Budd,  Jr.  (Law.) 

2231  Land  Title  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

LoziER,  Harry  Abram Westfield,  Mass. 

Rambo,  Rev.  William  Edward Box  153,  Covert,  Mich. 

Sterling,  Robert  (Eng.) 845  12th  St.  Boulder,  Colo. 


Foley,  William  H.  (Banker)  .2  rue  de  la  Croix  d'Or,  Geneva,  Switzerland 

*  Gill,  William  Robert,  died  1897 Cleveland,  O. 

Reeves,  Prof.  Jesse  Siddall 1945  Cambridge  Rd.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

Wilkerson,  Frederick  Doolittle  (Ret.) 

613  Stambaugh  Bldg.  Youngstown,  O. 


Ganter,  Leo  Sanford  (Mfr.) Muncie,  Ind. 

*  Lanehart,  Edward  L.,  died  1891 Belleville,  O. 

*  LooMis,  John  Cooper,  died  1914 ; Tiflfin,  O. 

Stamp,  Charles  Marcus Mt.  Vernon,  O. 


CoMMiNS,  Alexander  Hamilton  (Law.) 

412  Central  Savings  &  Trust  Bldg.  Akron,  0. 
Sanford,  Clay  Vamer 


*  Baldwin,  Charles  Fowler,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 

Braddock,  Edward  Burson  (Law.) 3225  High  St.  Little  Rock,  Ark. 

1895-1903 KENYON 277 

Bbaddocx,  Walter  David  (R.  Est.) 3416  High  St.  Little  Rock,  Ark. 

*  Samtobi),  Lou  Angus,  died  1911 Cincinnati,  O. 


BuRNBTT,  Levi  Herr  (Steel) 71  King  Edward  Apts.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Gould,  Edward  Melville 204  N.  7th  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Mat,  George  Sturgis  (Law.) 431  N.  Washington  St.  Napoleon,  O. 

*  Moore,  Dr.  Webster  Forshey,  died Winton  Place,  O. 

Pate,  William  (Chemist) 1843  Cramford  Rd  Cleveland,  O. 

Semplb,  Carl  Young Coalgate,  Okla. 

WoLP,  Harry  Howe  (Ins.) 414  E.  Gilbert  St.  Muncie,  Ind. 

Wbiqht,  Charles  Chevrier  (Tools) 1780  E.  89th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 


CoiaoNs,  Augustus  James  (R.  Est.) Cocoanut  Grove,  Dade  Co.  Fla. 

*  Hendsrson.  William  Gary,  died Chicago,  111. 

*  KuNST,  George  Karl,  died  1904 Weston,  W.Va. 


*  Sthaw,  George  Alvin,  died  1910 Lima,  O. 


C!oNGEB,  Latham  Hubbard 196  Ash  St.  Akron,  O. 

Denslow,  Dwight  Norton  (Broker) 2  Colonial  Apts.  Elyria,  O. 

Gantsb,  Carl  Ransom  (Law.) 42  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 


BsAifwxLL,  Harry  Sheffield  (Fin.) 511  Locust  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Huston,  Charles  Vincent Carrollton,  O. 

Olivbr,  George  Sheffield  (R.  Est.) Hamilton  Ave.  Palo  Alto,  Cal. 

RocswKiiL,  David  Ladd  (Banker) 314  £.  Main  St.  Ravenna,  O. 

Squibs,  Ca^l  Andrew  (Paving) 702  Balboa  Bldg.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 


Beown,  William  Henry  (Fin.) Union  Bank  Bldg.  Pittsburgh,-  Pa. 

♦  Rattlis,  William,  died  1919 Cleveland,  O. 

Spinoba,  Arthur  Vail  (Metal) 6363  Morrowfield  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 


ChjMinNOS,  Wilbur  Love  (Law.) 49  Wall  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

Law,  Frederick  William  (Stookinan) -.Forsyth,  Mont. 

Law,  Robert  Davis  (Ret.) 1755  El  Cerrito  PI.  Hollywood,  Cal. 

Pabsoks,  Dwight  Lowell ^>• Kent,  O. 

Peasleb,  Alexander  Sankey  Latty  (Elec.  Supplies) 

300  N.  East  Ave.  Oak  Park,  111. 
Stbwabt,  James  Garfield  (Law.) . . .  .2526  Observatory  Rd.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Tanner,  Brent  Mcllvain  CMer.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wbiqht,  Howard  Buttles  (Credit  Mgr.) .  .3813  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 


Balcom,  Rev.  Royal  Hunt Ethete,  Wyo. 

278  KENYON  1903-09 

Cabtmell,  Dr.  Theodore  Mithoff Brockman  Bldg.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

♦  MoRBXSON,  Rev.  Cameron  Swazey,  died  1922 Seattle,  Wash. 

Wtant.  William  Nelson  (Fin.) 108  S.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 


BiLLiMGSLXT,  Horace  McCook  (Law.)..  .136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Gantbr,  Rev.  Maxwell St.  Bs^mabas  Church,  Berlin,  N.H. 

Lanodon,  Harold  Edward  (Rubber) 4116  Union  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Maubt,  Matthew  Fontaine  (Banker) 

c/o  Converse  &  Co.  526  Commercial  Tr.  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Pbasb,  Leon  Murray Blodgett  &  Bickley,  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

♦  PoTTB,  Willis  Wisden,  died  1900 Lisbon,  O. 

Rathbone,  John  Vallian  (Ins.) Kenilworth,  111. 


Pbilups.  Clarence  Coles  (Artist) ....  Sutton  Manor,  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

QxnNN,  William  B.  (Law.) 3222  Tuscarawas  St.  W.  Canton,  O. 

Upson,  James  William  (Coal) 234  W.  Park  Ave.  Mansfield,  O. 


AxTBLL,  Silas  Blake  (Law.) 18  E.  90th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hamii;ton,  James  Wallace  (Law.) . . .  1027  Carnesie  Bldg.  Pittsburg,  Pa. 
Hamm,  Frederick  Hess  (Ed.) 38  N.  20th  St.  Columbus,  O. 

♦  Mat,  Ralph  Barnett,  died  1921 Cheraw,  B.C. 


BoGGS,  John  G.  (Grain) 138  W.  Union  St.  Cirdeville,  O. 

♦  Brookb,  John  Thomson,  died  1907 Guthrie,  Okla. 

JuDD,  Dr.  Charles  Chauncey  Winsor . . .  1701  Madison  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Rising,  Karl  Sturgeon  (Oil) Lancaster,  O. 

Upson,  Charles  Edward  (Pumps) 234  W.  Park  Ave.  Mansfield,  O. 


Bbggs,  David  Wendell  (R.  Est.) Harrison  Bldg.  Columbus,  O. 

Grund,  Henry  Lang  (Paints) 2324  Grandview  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

♦  LuTHT,  Kenneth  Frederic,  died  1919 New  Yoi'k,  N.Y. 

♦  Retnoldb,  Elliott  Hudson,  died  1921 .".Detroit,  Mich. 

Upson,  Frederick  Sanders  (Pumps) 235  Merced  St.  Frestio,  Cal. 


AvBB,  Dr.  Delano  Richard  (Major) Marathon,  Wis. 

Bacon,  Louis  Adolph  (Chem.) 131  Baldwin  Ave.  Findlay,  O. 

Cabb,  Frederick  Whitslar  (Joiirn.) 4631  Lake  Park  Ave.  Chicago,  HI. 

Cbudb,  Clarence  Chester  (Atty.) 1221  Garrison  St.  Fremont,  O. 

Clembnts,  Warren  (Mfr.) 330  S.  16th  St.  Richmond,  Ind. 

CoLDBWET,  Anthony  Weiler  (Films) 

132  S.  Benton  Way,  Los  Angeles,  CaL 
Ck)OPBB,  Dr.  Frederick  Stiurges 406  E.  Gambler  St.  Mt.  Vernon,  O. 

♦  CoTT,  William  Woodrow,  died  1916 Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Wbldon,  Nebton  Tumey  (Supplies) W.  Main  St.  CJircleville,  O. 

1910-16 KENYON 279 


Cabtmbll,  Frederick  Austin  (Acct.) 215  Rowena  St.  Detroit,  Mich. 

CoLGBOvE,  Lawrence  Edwin"  (Auto.) 2023  Taylor  Ave.  Detroit,  Mioh« 

Cbowe,  Wellins^n  Harry  (Adv.,  Ins.) Cirdeville,  O. 

Hann,  Paul  Vidcers  (Illustrator) 423  S.  Ohio  Ave.  Colmnbus,  O. 

KiNNBT,  Mark  Curtis Mount  Vernon,  O. 

Sackbtt,  Arthur  Lisenby  (Law.) 632  Woodlawn  Ave.  Springfield,  O. 

Wiseman.  Mark  Huntington  (Adv.).. . .  120  W.  42nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Wtant,  Ralph  Waldo,  died  in  service  1919. 


Gabdinsr,  Douglas  Latimer Norwalk,  O. 

GiLLETTB,  Raymond  Coles  (Ins.) 605  Mohawk  Bldg.  Spokane,  Wash. 

Hknbt,  James  Donald  (Tires) 3217  Locust  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

MiLLSPAUOH,  Robert  Clarkson  (Lumber)  .1163  Fillmore  St.  Topeka,  Kan. 
MuBrar,  Alfred  Armstrong,  2264  St.  James  Pkway.  Cleveland  Heights,  O. 
Pease,  Edward  Milton  (Sales.) 

Hydraulic  Steel  Craft  Co.  Hydraulic  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Sandekson,  Everett 121  W.  72nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sn>DALL,  Kingdon  Thornton  (Law.) . .  .816  Cuyahoga  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 


(Elements,  John  Walter 109  N.  13th  St.  Richmond,  Ind. 

Corning,  Warren  Scovill Fisher  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 

Finney,  Charles  Morton  (Baking . . .  Finney  Baking  Co.  Logansport,  Ind, 

PuLVEB,  Irving  Loveridge 

Stallman,  Wayne  Augustus  (Mfr.) 57  E.  Spring  St.  Columbus,  O. 

Watson,  Ralph  McKinlay  (Banker) Lemmon,  S.D. 


Cbawfobd,  Clan  (Law.) 1201  Leader  News  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

Glass,  Wiley  Wiggins 108  S.  La  SaUe  St.  Chicago.  111. 

Habris,  John  Edward,  Jr.  (SsJes.) ....  c/o  Macondray  &  Co.  Manila,  P.I. 

Pontius,  Miller  Hall  (Banker) 365  E.  Main  St.  Cirdeville,  O. 

Squiebs,  John  Mattison 

Wiseman,  Robert  Cummings  (Arch.) 131  E.  31st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Gregg,  Carter  Moore  (Mfg.) 315  Yale  Ave.  Winnipeg,  Man.  Can. 

Gregg,  Jesse  Asbton  (Mfg.) 2128  Girard  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis.  Minn. 

Habper,  Donald  Hanby  (Rubber) 403  E.  Gambier  St.  Mt.  Vernon,  O. 

Habbis,  George  Thomas  (Paint) 

c/o  Hascall  Paint  Co.  Detroit  &  W.  65th  Sts.  Cleveland,  O. 

Langtbt,  Alfred  Leigh 37  W.  Van  Buren  St.  Chicago,  HI. 

Mebbiau ,  Ralph  Stewart  (Bldr.) 75  Palmer  Ave.  E.  Detroit,  Mich. 


Bailet,  Rev.  Percival  Clarence. .  .307  Lake  Linden  Ave.  Laurium,  Mich, 

*  CusHiNO,  Kirke  Williams,  died  1919 Narragansette,  R.I. 

Fbebman,  George  Willard 2247  Cunnington  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

GiLGBR,  Lewis  Chapman Norwalk,  O. 

280  KENYON  1915-20 

Peabb,  ClarkenDemarest  (Eng.) Yale  Club,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Snook,  Jean  Donald N.  William  St.  Paulding,  O. 

Watts,  Ellis  Carleton  (Lumber) 819  W.  26th  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


AxTBLL,  Lucien  Vespasian,  Jr 1221  Garden  St.  Hoboken,  N.J. 

Davbt,  Thomas  Elliott,  Jr.  (Eng.) 650  Bryson  St.  Youngstown,  O. 

DscHAKT,  Fred  Bonner  (EdO 100  N.  7th  St.  Richmond,  Ind. 

Lbwis,  Theodore  Conrad  (M:er.) N.  Page  St.  Stoughton,  Wis. 

Taylor,  Alfred  Nelson Adjt.  Gen.  U.  S.  A.  Washington,  D.  C. 


Bkrkelet,  Rev.  Otey  Robinson 401  Manistique  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Cboss,  Frederick  Reid  (Sales.) Proctor  &  Gamble  Co.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Davis,  Prof.  Elrick  B Washburn  College,  Topeka,  Kan. 

Doll,  Ralph  Joseph  (Sales.) The  United  Security  Co.  Canton,  O. 

EcKERLE,  Florentme  Francis 101  N.  Main  St.  Fostoria,  O. 

Fraser,  Hume  MacDowell c/o  A.  L.  Eraser,  Roraina,  Tryon,  N.C. 

GiLQER,  William  Carroll  (Glass) 83  W.  Main  St.  Norwalk,  O. 

Hamilton.  Herbert  Sprague  (Mfg.) Main  St.  McArthur,  O. 

SoHAFER,  James  Atlee  (Coal) 410  Cuyahoga  Bldg.  Cleveland.  O. 

Smith,  Harold  Bunnell    89  S.  Maple  St.  Akron,  O. 


Catt,  Warren  Haskell  (Power) 127  E.  Peach  St.  Connellsville,  Pa. 

Clark,  Charles  Harris  (Broker) 52  WiUiam  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Greoo,  John  William  (Hdw.). . . .  1813  Irving  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Leonard,  William  Wood  (Actor) 510  N.  Wayne  St.  Piqua,  O. 

LooMis,  Clifton  Kingsley  (Ed.) Medina,  O. 

Sapp,  Allen  Dwight  (Fin.) 1826  Spruce  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Carr,  Lieut.  William  Larwill 1st  F.  A.  Fort  Sill,  Okla. 

Dbvin,  Fletcher  Marsh  (Sales.) 101  N.  Main  St.  Mt.  Vernon,  O. 

Dudley,  John  Fendall  (Mgr.) 

1368  Columbia  Rd.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 
Garretson,  Josiah  Kams  (Sales.) 

c/o  Republic  Lron  &  Steel  Co.  903  Morris  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Knode,  Rudolph  Rife  (Mfr.)     326  S.  16th  St.  Richmond,  Ind. 

*  Park,  William  Addison,  died  1917 Franklin,  Pa. 

Puffer,  Herbert  Bruce 2886  James  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Wiseman,  Thomas  Wetzler  (D.  G.) 154  E.  Main  St.  Lancaster,  O. 

Young,  Frederick  Pilling      10  Rosser  St.  Bismarck,  N.D. 


Bbrkey,  James  Lawrence 1670  Lincoln  Ave.  Lakewood,  O. 

CoLDEWBY,  Bernard  Weller  (Oil)  16  Dudley  Ave.  Venice,  Cal. 

Eastman,  Russell  Vance  (Army  Officer)  305  E.  High  St.  Mt.  Vernon,  O. 
Gregg,  James  Henry  (Steel) . . .  .2128  Girard  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Harper,  Kenneth  Mercer  (Fin.) 108  S.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 

1920-26  KENYON  281 

Knox,  John  Marshall  (Sales.) 544  Hartford  Ave.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Walton,  Harold  Graham  (Ins.) 

American  Central  Life  Ins.  Co.  Indianapolis,  Ind. 


BuRiqerr,  William  Herr  (Steel) 708  S.  Negley  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

FiffiACK,  Howard  Granger 316  Jeflf arson  Ave.  E.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Gantbb,  Leo  Sanford.  Jr.  (Purchas.  Agt.)..828  E.  Adams  St.  Muncie,  Ind. 
Maibe,  Edward  Davis 16710  Je£ferson  Ave.  E.  Detroit,  Mioh. 


Bliss,  Theodore  Liston 413  Columbus  Ave.  Sandusky,  O. 

GoESucH,  John  Francis Gambler,  O. 

Palmeb,  Frederick  Herbert,  Jr.  (Paint) 

c/o  The  Cleveland  Window  Glass  &  Door  Co.  Cleveland,  O. 

Walker,  Louis  James  (Sales.) 109  Beck  Ave.  Akron,  O. 

Watson,  Herbert  Chandler 2247  Cimmiington  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Wiseman,  William  Parr 154  E.  Main  St.  Lancaster,  O. 


Crofut,  William  Elmer,  Jr 2500  Guilford  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

DicHANT,  Robert  Smith 257  S.  Broadway,  Lebanon,  O. 

FiSHACK,  Russell  Edmund Central  Grove  Ave.  River  Rd.  Toledo,  O. 

Greaves,  George  Hamilton 260  Arlington  Ave.  Elmhurst,  111. 

Grueneb,  Theodore 2089  Cornell  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Hatnes,  Leonard  Wood Soldiers  Home,  Sandusky,  O. 

Kego,  William  Eugene 30  Penn  Ave.  MaJisfield,  O. 

McCabthy,  Daniel  Webster,  Jr... 26  The  Roanoke, Clifton, Cincinnati,  O. 

Messingsr,  Roeewell  Emerson,  Jr 927  Grand  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 

Shields,  Robert  Merton 205  Montezuma  St.  Houghton,  Mich. 

Wolvbbton,  John  Pope 106  E.  Gambler  St.  Mt.  Vernon,  O. 


Bailey,  Edwin  Davisson 635  W.  Main  St.  Clarksburg,  W.Va. 

C!ranb,  Ethan  Clyde Third  St.  Waynesville,  O. 

Gbeavbs,  Charles  Stromberg 260  Arlington  Ave.  Elmhurst,  111. 

Kellt,  Lawrence  Edmund 5442  E.  View  Pk.  Chicago,  111. 

Russell,  Lawrence  Stratton.  . .  .1104  Duncannon  Ave.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Stubgbs,  Hale,  Jr 154  Park  Ave.  W.  Mansfield,  O. 

VoTAW,  Frank  Melvin 33  Rose  Blvd.  Akron,  O. 


Cannon,  William  Dean 105  Pine  St.  Danville,  111. 

DiLLBR,  Theodore  Craig 5837  Solway  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Keating,  Hugh  Edward 3576  Mooney  Ave.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Klinb,  Percy  Klayer 3588  Mooney  Ave.  Cincinnati,  O. 

MiLAR,  Robert  Fulton    405  Crosby  St.  Akron,  O. 

MoNBOB,  Sheldon  McKinley 415jTyler  St.  Topeka,  Kan. 

Richardson,  Jack  Cole,  III  3422  BerryJAve.lCincinnati,  O. 

282  1848-62 



♦  Bramdbbth,  George  Adlington,  died  1898 Sing  Sing,  N.Y. 


♦  Adams,  William  Root,  died  1903 Lowville,  N.Y. 


♦  CoLLiNB,  Lewis,  died  1904 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


♦  Db  RsmsR,  John  A.,  died  1907 Schenectady,  N.Y, 

♦  Thorbvrn,  Rev.  Alexander  McAllister,  died  1894 Syracuse,  N.Y. 


♦  Baldwin,  Charles  Edwin,  died  1885 Great  Bend,  Pa. 

♦  Baldwin,  John,  died  1872 New  York,  N.Y. 

♦  Brooks,  George  William,  died  1910 Cooperstown,  N.Y. 

♦  Cook,  John  Darwin  Shepard,  died  1909 Kansas  City,  Mo. 

♦  Peck,  Charles  Horton,  died  1917 Menands,  Albany,  N.Y. 

♦  Powell,  Wilson  Marcy,  died  1915 New  York,  N.Y. 

♦  Sbars,  Charles  Henry,  died  1860 Mechanicsville,  N.Y. 


♦  Bkll,  Hon.  Joseph,  died  1887 Pasadena,  Cal. 

♦  BowBN,  Samuel  Adams,  died  1894 Cooperstown,  N.Y. 

♦  Pruyn,  Dr.  Peter  Van  Schaack,  died  1891" Kinderhook,  N.Y. 

♦  Rbbd,  Colton  Joseph,  died  1913 North  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

♦  RioB,  Rev.  Francis  Fenelon,  died  1921 Montour  Falls,  N.Y. 

Sawtbr,  Rev.  Everett  Reuben 2  Cherry  St.  Hudson  Falls,  N.Y. 

♦  Smith,  Henry  Louis,  died  1914 New  York,  N.Y. 

♦  Spbaqub,  Charles  Ezra,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 


♦  Adams,  Elbridge  Root,  died  1922 Vernon,  N.Y. 

♦  Hill,  John  Lindsay,  died  1911 New  York,  N.Y. 

♦  Tbrrt,  Ira  Cole,  died Monroe,  La. 

♦  Viblb,  Rev.  James  Pattison,  died  1906 North  Adams,  Mass. 

Wilcox,  Brig.  Gen.  Timothy  Erastus  (Ret.) 

1841  California  St.  Washington,  D.C. 


♦  Bothwbll,  James  Lowe,  died Albany,  N.Y. 

♦^Dbnnis,  John  Henry,  died  1872 Waterford,  N.Y. 

1862-68  UNION  283 

*  Howe,  Prof.  Samuel  Burnett,  died  1911 Salem,  O. 

*  Steves,  Oliver  Penoyar,  died  1906 St.  Petersburg,  Fla. 

*  Wbight,  Benjamin  Franklin,  died  1905 St.  Paul,  Minn. 


*  Babd,  William  Penn,  died  1891 Reading,  Pa. 

Beach,  Rev.  Seth  Curtis  (Ret.) 85  Church  St.  Watertown,  Mass. 

*  Bbckwith,  Henry  Nehemiah,  died  1863 Chicago,  HL 

*  Clakk,  Charles  Gould,  died  1887 Troy,  N.Y. 

*  Easton,  Charles  Locke,  died  1905 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Stevens,  George  Simmons,  died  1901 Catskill,  N.Y. 

*  Vandbrveeb,  Rev.  David  Newlands,  died  1902 Greenport,  N.Y. 


*  Dreter,  Charles  George  Albert,  died  1861 Hoboken,  N.J. 

*  Sanborn,  Henry  Clay,  died  1878 Plattsburg,  N.Y. 

*  Sanborn,  Dr.  William  Henry,  died  1874 Morristown,  N.J. 

*  Strong,  Hon.  Alonzo  Paige,  died  1919 Schenectady,  N.Y. 


Gbegq,  Dr.  Robert  Jones 

*  Lynn,  William  Barr,  died  1887 Carrollton,  IlL 

*  Robinson,  David  Codwise,  died  1912 Elmira,  N.Y. 

*  Rockwell,  Lewis  Henry,  died  1909 Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Russell,  Edwin,  died  1870 Saratoga  Springs,  N.Y. 

Satre,  Warren  Grover  (Law.  Ret.) 143  E.  Main  St.  Wabash,  Ind. 

Smith,  Freling  H.  (Law.) 67  W.  69th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Alexander,  Rev.  George 47  University  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Alexander,  John,  died  1868 Johnstown,  N.Y. 

*  Bender,  Matthew,  died  1920 Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Curtis,  Prof.  Augustus  Elisha,  died  1916 Adrian,  Mich. 

*  Kearny,  George  Hammeken,  died  1907 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Smith,  Daniel  Lewis,  died Mechanics ville,  N.Y. 

*  Stevens,  William  Crosby,  died  1866 Poughkeepsie,  N.Y. 

*  Wager,  Barnet,  died  1883 Hot  Springs,  Ark. 


Littlefibld,  Henry  Coombs  (Law.) 762  Madison  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  LocKwooD,  Joseph  Alsop,  died  1897 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Olnby,  Rev.  Alfonso  Rosolphe,  died  1915 Watervliet,  N.Y. 

*  Parsons,  John  Davis,  Jr.,  died  1904 Albany,  N.Y. 

Seward,  Dr.  Frederick  Whittlesey 275  Main  St.  (joshen,  N.Y. 

Stanton,  Rev.  Horace  Coffin 1818  Arch  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


*  Harmon,  Henry  A.,  died  1912 Detroit,  Mich. 

'''Hbrrick,  Eugene  Kincaid,  died  1913 Chicago,  111. 

*  Kirk.  William  Valentine,  died  1870 NiverviUe,  N.Y. 

284  UNION 1868-74 

*  McFarland,  Dr.  Arthur  Howard,  died  1907 Greeley,  Ck)lo. 

*  Shear,  Theodore  Robert,  died  1909 New  York,  N. Y. 


*  BiBCH,  Wesley  Samuel,  died  1911 Fessenden,  N.D. 

Clapp,  John  Henry  (Law.) 406  E.  8th  St.  Okmulgee,  Okla. 

Knapp,  Louis  Henry  (Eng.) 280  Linwood  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  McLaurt,  Dr.  William  Piatt,  died  1902 Ne,w  York,  N.Y. 

*  Thachbb,  Theodore  John  Oxenbridge,  died  1916 Concord,  Mich. 


*  GiBBB,  Albert  Leicester,  died 

*  Gray,  William  Fisher,  died  1871 Albany.  N.Y. 

*  LocKwooD,  James  Betts,  died  1903 White  Plains,  N.Y. 

*  Mapes,  Wuliam  Edwin,  died  1893 ^ Goshen,  N.Y. 

Matson,  Charles  Newel  (Judge) Renville,  Minn. 

*  Merriman,  Friend  Fernando,  died  1912 Dimmore,  Pa. 

*  Smith,  Albert,  died  1893 Troy,  N.Y. 


*  Bristol,  George  Worthington,  died  1912 De  Land,  Fla. 

*  HoLLENBACK,  Charles  Edward,  died  1884 Owego,  N.Y. 

*  Jbnks,  William  Wallace,  died  1903 New  York,  N.Y. 

WiBNER,  Gabriel  W.  (Law.) 

1441  Alabama  Ave.  Dormont,  Pittsbiirgh,  Pa. 


Archibald,  Rev.  Andrew  Webster  (Author) 

108  Orange  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Kline,  William  Jay  (Pub.) 158  Market  St.  Amsterdam,  N.Y. 

Rider,  George  Clinton  TLaw.) 708  Washington  St.  Pekin,  HI. 

Thomas,  Jolm  Melvin  (R.  Est.,  InsO 

Exchange  Bank  Bldg.  Spokane,  Wash. 

*  Wood,  Daniel  Burton,  died Allentown,  Pa. 


*  Dexter,  Newton^ed  1914 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Dunham,  Austin  Ward,  died  1887 Burlington,  Vt. 

Hill,  Henry  Oscar  (Farmer) Deny,  N.H. 

*  Mapes,  Rev.  Eugene  Luaette,  died  1892 Carlisle,  Pa. 

Rudd.  Hon.  William  Piatt  (Justice) 373  State  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Stanton,  Benjamin  Lndng,  died  1898 St.  Paul,  Minn. 


Becker,  Tracy  Chatfield  (Law.) 

District  Attorney's  Office,  1106  Hall  of  Records,  Los  Angeles,  CaL 

*  Burt,  Uri,  died  1909 LoudonviUe,  N.Y. 

*  Sticknbt,  Milton  Whiting,  died  1898 Albany,  N.Y. 

Thomas,  Anson  Parsons 108  S.  Lake  Ave.  Albanv,  N.V. 

Waldbon,  Dr.  Henry  Adams 154  Grand  St.  NeWburgh,  N.Y. 

1876-81  UNION  286 


*  Clabkx,  Samuel  Albert,  died  1912 CTohoes,  N.Y. 

*  Hakbis,  Frederick,  died  1903 Albany,  N.Y. 

Kino,  Charles  Baker  (Law.) 117  High  St.  Peoria,  IlL 

Micks,  Henry  Rathbone  (Mfg.) 66  Cayuga  St.  Seneca  Falls,  N.Y. 

*  Ratmond,  Rev.  Andrew  Van  Vranken,  died  1918 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

TwEXDT,  Frank  (Tqpo.  Eng.) 3416  13th  St.  Washington,  D.C. 

WoosTER,  Edward  Bicknell. 1  Elk  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 


*  Hill,  Erastus  Dudley,  died  1910 Schenectady.  N.Y. 

*  Marsh,  Craig  Adams,  died  1910 Plainfield,  N.J. 

*  Newman,  William  Page,  died  1908 Albany.  N.Y; 

XiCHOLs,  Samuel 

*Smtth,  William  Henry,  died  1893 Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Toll,- Frank  R.,  died  1916 Schenectady,  N.Y. 


Bassett,  Rev.  Frederick  James 83  Dana  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  Bender,  George  Curtis,  died  1881 Albany,  N.Y. 

Brown,  William  Arthur  Alexander  (R.  Est.) 

685  Flatbush  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 
HuBBS,  Rev.  John  Brewster Hobart  College,  Geneva,  N.Y. 

*  Johnston,  Robert,  2nd,  died  1882 Cohoes,  N.Y. 

*  Rankine,  William  Birch,  died  1905 Niagara  Falls,  N.Y. 


*  Lansing,  Egbert  Peake,  died  1917 Cohoes,  N.Y. 

McCredie,  Thomas 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Adams,  William  Piatt  (Banker) Red  Hook,  N.Y. 

Greene,  John  Franklin  (Mfg.) Waterford,  N.Y. 

Hutchinson,  Edward  Louis  (Law.) 631  E.  Main  St.  Lexington,  Ky. 

Parsons,  John  Davis  (Mer.) 93  N.  Pine  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Roper,  William  Benjamin,  died  1881 Charleston,  S.C. 

Waldron,  William  Augustus  (Ret.) . . .  1001  Seminole  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 


*  Alexander,  Robert  Carter,  died  1899 New  York,  N.Y. 

Craiq,  Dr.  Joseph  Davis 12  Ten  Broeck  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 


*  Kline,  Perry  H..  died  1892 Amsterdam,  N.Y. 

Menbbly,  (George  Kimberly  (Lumber) Antigo,  Wis. 

*  Rankjns,  James  Lionel,  died  1900 Elizabeth,  N.J. 

ScHLossBR,  Rev.  Henry R.  F.  D.  #2,  Guilford,  Conn. 

*  Thomas,  Howard  Lloyd,  died  1890 Albany,  N.Y. 

Watkins,  Rev.  Wilbur  Fisk,  Jr Moimt  Washington,  Md. 

*  Williams,  William  Porter,  died  1919 Evanston,  HI. 

286  UNION  1882-90 


*  Case,  Lee  Whitney,  died  1917 Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Gbiswold,  Bishop  Sheldon  Mnnson 1314  Hinman  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

Van  Voast,  James  Albert 342  State  St.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Watkins,  Rev.  Schureman  Halsted Arlington,  Vt. 


*  Bennett,  Fred  Fuller,  died  1917 Chicago,  111. 

Lansing,  Gulian  yer  Planck  (Sales  Mgr.) 

608  W.  112th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lansing,  Dr.  James  Burnside  Wands Westervelt  Ave.  Tenafly,  N.J. 

McClellan,  Franklin  WiUiam  (Ret.),  207  Seward  PI.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 
McElwain,  Daniel  Crippen  (Law.) Columbia  St.  Cohoes,  N.Y. 



*  Garnsey,  Lewis  Roger,  died  1892 Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Pratt,  Dr.  Henry  Zachariah P.  O.  Box  471,  Ehnsford,  N.Y. 

Templeton,  Charles  Bradford  (Law.)...  136  W.  44th  St.  New  York.  N.Y. 

*  TiTXJS,  Francis  Skilhnan,  died  1897 Roslyn,  N.Y. 


Cadt,  Rev.  Putnam 195  Tremper  Ave.  Kingston,  N.Y. 

FowLEB,  Everett  (Law.) 129  Maiden  Lane,  Kingston,  N.Y. 

*  Franklin.  Richard  Whiting,  died  1887 Penn  Yan,  N.Y. 

Langdon,  George  Woodward 

Adj.  Gen.'s  Dept.  State  House,  Boston.  Mass. 


*  Angle,  Edwin  Charles,  died  1915 Schenectady,  N.Y. 

*  Fletcher,  Dr.  Elmer  Lewis,  died  1911 Eugene,  Ore. 

Merrill,  Benjamin 73 i  Lawrence  St.  Saratoga  Springs,  N.Y. 

*  Veeder.  Harman  Wortman,  died  1900 Schenectady,  N.Y. 

WooDBRiDGE,  Tyler  Reed  (Fruit  Grower) W.  20th  St.  Upland.  Cal. 


Bennett,  Rev.  Alden  Lewis 14  Berkeley  PI.  Montclair,  N.J. 

*  Burr,  John  Morris,  died  1916 Norwalk,  Conn. 

HowB,  Mather  Grain  (Typewriters) 7  Church  St.  Groton.  N.Y. 

Van  Voast,  John  Charles  (Lumber) . . .  1341  Union  St.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 
Vert,  Edward  Dwyer  (C.  Eng.) 636  E.  26th  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Carroll,  Rev.  Edward  Tourtellot 39  Church  St.  Amsterdam,  N.Y. 

*  Hanson,  James  Howard,  died  1912 Amsterdam,  N.Y. 

HsBLT.  Augustus  Vanderhoef  (Banker) 321  W.  8th  St.  Plainfield.  N.J. 

Pbirson,  Ernest  Van  (Banker) 62  Main  St.  Newark,  N.Y. 

*  Perkins,  Edward  Jay,  died  1898 Amsterdam,  N.Y. 


*  Bennett,  Prof.  John  Ira,  died  1920 Schenectady,  N.Y. 

1890-96  UNION  287 

Cahroll,  Frederick  Linus  (Law.) 112  S.  William  St.  Johnstown,  N.Y. 

Johnson,  Clarence  (Fanner) R.  F.  D.  4,  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Templeton,  Samuel  Edgar  (Adv.) 8  High  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Wright,  Dr.  Arthur  Brownell,  died  1920 Hartford,  C:k>nn. 


Clements,  Rev.  Robert 314  N.  Waller  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Hull,  Arthur  Eienison  (Ins.) 6  Coral  Ave.  Rome,  Ga. 

♦Walker,  Thomas  Lirtle,  died  1910 Schenectady,  N.Y. 


Daley,  George  Herbert  (Journ.) 

252  St.  Marks  PI.  New  Brighton,  S.I..  N.Y. 
Howell,  Fred  Bardwell  (M.  Eng.),  Gen'l  Electric  Co.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

*  Walker,  James,  died  1903 Schenectady,  N.Y. 


LippiNcoTT,  Warren  Bird 

*  Pike,  Emory  Edward,  died  1916 Hartford,  C^onn. 

Raymond,  Henry  Sumner  (Refrigerators) . . .  .402  South  St.  Waterloo*  la. 

Webster,  Edwin  Joseph 5  Sumner  Pk.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*Whitinq,  Charles  Selah,  died  1889 St.  Paul,  Minn. 


Cassidt,  David  Demorest,  Jr.  (Arch.). .  114  Market  St.  Amsterdam,  N.Y. 

Daley,  Edwin  Wood  (Fin.) 175  Dartmouth  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Rice,  Lucius  Coasens  (Banker) Mayfield,  N.Y. 


Barry,  James  Frederick  (Farmer) Lancaster,  Mass. 

*  Clements,  Rev.  Harvey,  died  1914 Gloversville,  N.Y. 

*  Crannbll,  Clark  Winslow,  died  1910 New  York,  N.Y. 

Day,  Clarke  (Law.) 85  Clinton  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Jansen,  Dr.  Frederick  Israel University  Club,  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah 

Johnston,  George  Albert  (Imptr.  and  Exptr.) 

Maritime  Bldg.  Bridge  St.  New  York,  NY. 

*  Milne,  William  Edwards,  died  1913 New  York,  N.Y. 

Pemberton,  Howard,  2nd  (Law.) 71  Ten  Broeck  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

ScHERMBRHORN,  Nicholas  Irving  (Banker) 

Citizens  Trust  Co.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 
Streetbr,  Dr.  George  Linius  (Embryologist) 

2022  Eutaw  PI.  Baltimore,  Md. 
Vander  Veer,  Dr.  Edgar  Albert 2.  .8  Eagle  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Walker,  William  Edward,  died  1922 Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Wabnick,  Harry  Tooker  (Mfg.),  c/o  Collette  Mfg.  Co.  Amsterdam,  N.Y. 


*  Carroll,  John  Davis,  died  1902 Johnstown,  N.Y. 

CJravbr,  Rev.  David  Howard 81  Sejonour  St.  Auburn,  N.Y. 

De  Graff,  Howard  Alfred  (Banking) Broadway,  Fonda,  N.Y. 

288  UNION  189&-1902 

Merbimak,  Dr.  George  Coe P.  O.  Box  134,  Lake  Como,  Pa. 

Travel,  Herbert  Witherwax  (Sales  Mgr.)  136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Daley,  Charles  Stanlev  (Law.) 68  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Daniels,  George  Greeley  (Dairy) 163  State  St.  Ogdensburg,  N.Y. 

Fisher,  John  Edmund  (Ranching) 445  Franklin  St.  Denver,  Colo. 

Johnston,  WiUiam  Allen  (Pub.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

McMxJLLEN,  Dr.  Charles  Gould 613  State  St.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Palmer,  Freeman  Packard  (Journ.) 66  Franklin  St.  Ogdensburg,  N.Y. 

Robinson,  Hubbell  (Law.) R.  F.  D.  1,  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

WooLLETT,  William  Lee  (Arch).  .5330  Lorna  Lindli  Ave.  Hollywood,  Cal. 


HiLDNBR,  Rev.  Ernest  Gotthold 15  College  Ave.  Houghton,  Mich. 

*  Hunter,  Dexter,  Jr.,  died  1915 Albany,  N.Y. 

Sheehan,  Perley  Poore  (Author) 1307  Laurel  Ave.  Hollywood,  Cal. 

Sturdbvant,  Frederic  Eugene  (Writer) . .  .86  S.  Broad  St.  Norwich,  N.Y. 
Yates,  Col.  Halsey  Edward 

c/o  The  Adjt.  Gen.  U.S.A.  Washington.  D.C. 


*  Barry,  Lucius  Chillson,  died  1898 Syracuse,  N.Y. 

HiNMAN,  Hon.  Harold  Jay  (Law.) 292  State  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Huntley,  Robert  Marshall  (E.  Eng.) 1  State  St.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Miles,  Frederick,  2nd  (Eng.) Stevenson,  Conn. 

*  Seaman,  John  Edward,  Jr.,  died  1895 Johnstown,  N.Y. 

Stone,  Dr.  Willard  John .  322  Chamber  of  Commerce  BIdg.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

*  Tucker,  Wentworth,  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 

Vandbr  Vbbr,  Dr.  James  Newell 28  Eagle  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Wright,  Rev.  Harrison  <King  (Missionary) 

c/o  Presbyterian  Foreign  Mission  Bd.  156  Fifth  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Bender,  Melvin  Thomas  (Law.) 108  South  Lake  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Stewart,  Clarence  Donald  (Mfg.) 58  Grove  St.  Amsterdam,  N.Y. 

*  Stewart,  James  Schuyler,  died  1911 Amsterdam,  N.Y. 


Chbesborough,  James  Walton  (Law.)  119  Woodward  Ave.  Ashville,  N.C. 
Kline,  Gardiner  (Pub.) 12  Railroad  St.  Amsterdam,  N.Y. 

*  Leavenworth,  Thomas  Frederick,  died  1914 Fierro,  N.M. 

*  Miller,  James  Wadsworth,  Jr.,  died  1922 Johnstown,  N.Y. 

Nevins,  Russell  Hubbard  (Ed.) St.  George's  School,  Newport,  R.I. 

Wagoner,  Charles  Porter  (Clay  dealer)  .534  Providence  St., Albany,  N.Y. 


Blooshngdalb,  Lewis  Morgan Box  373,  Scarsdale,  N.Y. 

Grain,  Rev.  Harry  Laurens 758  E.  Clinton  St.  Frankfort,  Ind. 

HiNMAN,  Addison  Hotaling  (Purchas.  Agt.) 

27  Bedford  Rd.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

1902-07  UNION  289 

HoADLET,  Robert  Bruce,  Jr.  (C.  Eng.). .  39  Bennett  Ave.  Binghiunton,  N.Y. 

HoYT,  Henry  Campbell  (E.  Eng.) 1  SUte  St.  Schenectady.  N.Y. 

RATMONn,  Arthur  Sheldon  (Drum) 8th  and  P  Sts.  Lincoln,  Neb. 

RuBSUM,  Joseph  Milton  (Cashier) 69  SUte  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Yatbs,  Willard  Stuart  (Lumber) 2109  S.  24th  St.  Lincoln,  Neb. 


BouDEUAN,  Donald  Oemst 150  S.  Burdick  St.  Kalamasoo,  Mich. 

Gbxkn,  John  Garside  (Adv.) 510  Union  St.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

GuLNAC,  James  Quinlan  (Lumber) 241  State  St.  Bangor,  Me. 

Hows.  Samuel  Burnett  (Ed.) 926  Union  St.  Plainfield,  N.J. 

Lbs,  Archibald  Allen  (Law.) 930  Foster  Bldg.  Denver,  Colo. 

Mactablank,  George  Clymer  (CTosJ  Broker) 

401  SUnley  Ave.  Clarksburg,  W.Va. 


Alltbr,  Herbert  Dod  (Mfg.) 66  W.  Main  St.  St.  Johnsville,  N.Y. 

*  CiiABS,  Robert  Wilson,  died  1918 SpringfielcL  Mass. 

Palmeb,  Samuel  Dimock  (Adv.) 25  Terrace  Ave.  Jamaica,  L.I.,  N.Y. 


*.Alexakdeb.  George  Bunyan,  died  1918 Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Blakb,  Frederick 508  Clinton  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Bbooks,  William  LeRoy  (Mgr.) 326  SUte  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Kino,  Eric  Ture  (Exptr.) 198  Davis  Ave.  West  Brighton,  S.I. ,  N.Y. 

King,  Prof.  Morland 833  Paxinosa  Ave.  Easton,  Pa. 

Patton,  Frederic  Curtis  (Auto.)  ....... .c/o  Patton  6c  Co.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Ratuond,  Morris  Thomas  (Lumber) 

c/o  Arnold  A  Co.  2  N.  Pearl  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 


King,  Warner  (C.  Eng.) 339  Washington  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Ratmond,  Samuel  Johnston,  died  1914 Biiffalo,  N.Y. 

ScHBNCK,  Gilbert  van  Evera  (LawJ 302  Quail  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

VON  Dannenbkbo,  Carl  Otto  (E.  Eng.) 

32  Townsend  Ave.  SUpleton,  S.I-,  N.Y. 
Waldron,  Prof.  Charles  Newman Union  College,  Schenectady,  N.Y. 


Bbadbeeb,  Earl  Croul 1212  Second  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

CoLBUBN,  William  Bennett  (R.  Est.) Grosse  Pointe  Village,  Mich. 

DB  Sabla,  Theodore  de  Joly,  Jr.  (Cons.  Eng.) 

136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Faibbaibn,  Edward  James  (D.  G.) University  Club,  Biiffalo,  N.Y. 

Gabdineb,  Harold  (Forest  Eng.) 

2837  3rd  Ave.  W.  Vancouver,  B.C.  Canada 

Hill,  Dudley  Toll  (Law.,  Edit.i R.  D.  8,  Vley  Rd.  Scotia,  N.Y. 

McClellan,  Willard  Andrew  (Paper),  606  W.  137th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Thubbeb,  Donald  McDonald  Dickinson 

194  McDougall  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

290  UNION  1907-12 

Wadswobth,  Mason  William  (Motion  Pictures) Springdale,  Ck>nn. 

WoBMEB,  Clarkson  Crelius,  Jr.  (R.  Est.) 

5  Country  Club  Drive,.  Grosse  Pointe  Farms,  Mich. 


BsNNETT,  Lewis  Cortrigbt  (Inventor).. 5807  Blackstone  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

HiLDBJCTH,  Hiram  Thomas  (Leather) Ohio  Leather  Co.,  Cxerard,  O. 

HiLDRETH,  William  Dutton  (Act.) Herkimer,  N.Y. 

Ratmond,  Rev.  Andrew  Van  Vranken,  Jr. 

77  Richmond  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 
Wbight,  Joseph  Thatcher 5603  Madison  Rd.  Cincinnati,  O. 


Faust,  John  William  (Executive) 19  Jay  St.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Kbllooo,  John  Davis  (Clerk) 253  Guy  Park  Ave.  Amsterdam,  N.Y. 

Mead,  Charles  Lawrence 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Tapscott,  Ralph  Henry  (E.  Eng.) 115  Fourth  St.  Garden  City,  N.Y. 


Dennis,  Archibald  Reid  (Mgr.)..  1625  Van  Ness  Ave.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

HuTCHENS,  Hoface  King  (Journ.) 91  Laurel  PI.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

Htde,  Strickland  Kingston  (Dye) . . .  .231  Hamilton  PI.  Hackensack,  N.J. 
MacGill,  Charles  Frederick,  Jr.  (Fin.) 

371  Harvard  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 
Ransom,  Edward  Delavan  (Sales  Eng.) 

470  Eastern  Pkwy.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Seabs,  Richard  Parsons  (E.  Eng.) 68  Livingston  Ave.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Shepabd,  Robert  Blanchard  (E.  Eng.),  342  Maolis  Ave.  Glen  Ridge,  N.J. 
Walssr,  Rev.  Theodore  Demarest 

6  B  Tsukiji,  Akashi  Cho,  Tokyo,  Japan 


Bbown,  Arthur  Doran Ogdensburg.  N.Y. 

Faust,  Dr.  Otto  Alois 817  Madison  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Micks,  Ransom  Rathbone  (Mfg.) Johnston  St.  Seneca  Falls,  N.Y. 

Raymond,  Paul  Clayton 167  Anderson  PI.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

TiEBOUT,  Ralph  Hayford,  Jr.  (Mer.),  680  St.  Marks  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Clabke,  John  Graham   (Banker) Larch  Ave.  Bogota,  N.J. 

CowABD,  Harry  Francis  (Mer.) 65  Middlesex  Rd.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Dennis,  Robert  Earle  (E.  Eng.) ....  672  S.  7th  Ave.  Mount  Vernon.  N.Y. 
Faibbaibn,  Thomas  Stanley  Arnot  (D.  G.). .  .400  Main  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

FiSHEB,  John  Lyric  (Mfg.) 442  Huntington  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Hill,  Philip  Toll  (Sales.) Eaton  Axle  Co.  Cleveland,  O. 

HoTT,  Walter  Sinn  (E.  EngO 45  Hillside  Ave.  Rockville  Centre,  N.Y. 

Randebson,  John  Edward  Hall  (Contr.)..755  Madison  Ave.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Shepabd,  Raymond  Dalton  (Acct.) 35  W.  69th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Walseb,  Kenneth  Eastwood  (Law.) 40  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wbstcott,  Philip  Raymond  (Mfg.) 11  Green  St.  Seneca  Falls,  N.Y. 

1913-18  UNION  291 


HuTCHZNS,  Dr.  Don  King. .  .Mary  McClellan  Hoepital,  Cambridge,  N.Y. 
KniBSBLT,  Henry  Harold  (Sales.).. 814  Summit  Ave.  Hermoea  Beach,  Cal. 

Lowe,  Russell  Edmund  (Met.  Eng.) 29  W.  39th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Tbempbr,  Van  Rensselaer  (Acct.) 88  Willett  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 


DE  LA  Vergni:,  Louis  du  Bois  (E.  Eng.) . .  303  Clinton  Ave.  Kingston,  N.Y. 

Ennis,  Thomas  Leland  (Law.) 687  Madison  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

EwENS,  Harry  Clarkson  (Mfg.) 42  E.  Main  St.  Lancaster,  N.Y. 

Hawlet,  Arthur  Leopold  (Broker) Ill  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Meneelt,  Alfred  Cluett  (Chimes) 1525  First  Ave.  Watervliet,  N.Y. 

Wadswobth,  George  (Govt.) Dept.  of  State,  Washington,  D.  C. 

Walwobth,  Stanley  Lincoln  (Sales  Eng.) 

401  Tenth  St.  Niagara  Falls,  N.Y. 


Dent,  Thomas  Ashley,  Jr  (Mfr.) 1014  James  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Faust,  Henry  Louis 34  Baldwin  Ave.  Newark,  N.J. 

♦  Hanson,  George  Fulford,  died  1921 Oxford,  England 

HuBBs,  Horace  Newton  (Eng.) 102  S.  Decatur  St.  Watkins,  N.Y. 

McGabrt,  Alfred  Leo Millport,  O. 

Pbhsons.  Henry  Z.  (Banking;) East  Aurora,  N.Y. 

♦  Wait,  William  Winslow,  died  in  service  1918. 


Pinch,  Nathaniel  Augustus,  Jr.  (E.  Eng.). .  13  Charles  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Gabbison,  Edmtmd  Everett  (Sales.),  123  N.  Neyley  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Gabbisoit.  Hyatt  Masten 84  Highland  Ave.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Hanson,  Kenneth  Boardman  (Sales.) 

Suite  708,  6  N  Michigan  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 
Haubnstbin,  Paul  Alfred  (Elec.  Contr.) .  .725  W.  Ferry  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y, 

♦  Landbkth,  James  Taylor,  died  1920 

Lowell,  Cornelius  Duane  (Drft.) 2728  Maryland  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 


Lesteb,  Charles  Tuck  (Law.) 135  Lake  Drive,  Mountain  Lakes,  N.J. 

♦  Mead,  Ashley  Clinton,  died  1922 Scotia,  N.Y. 

♦  O'Bbien,  Charles  Joseph,  died New  Haven,  Conn. 


BowMAK,  Charles  Calvin,  Jr.  (Coal) . .  1256  Wyoming  Ave.  Forty  Fort,  Pa. 

Caret,  William  Gibson.  Jr 4  Ardsley  Rd.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Eddy,  Spencer  Brownell  (Law.),  24  Madison  Ave.  Saratoga  Springs,  N.Y. 

Faust,  Robert  Roy 19  Jay  St.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Fisher,  Porter  Graham  (Ins.) 33  Penhurst  Pk.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Hale,  Maurice  Perkins c/o  Edward  E.  Hale,  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Lester,  Bemadotte  Perrin  (Law.) 62  Cedar  »St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Palmer,  Theodore  De  Cou,  Jr.  (Edit.)  88  Washington  St.  East  Orange,  N.J. 

292  UNION  1919-23 


Benmbtt,  John  Alden  (Law  Clerk) 14  Berkeley  PI.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Bowman,  Law  Warburton  (Coal) Marvel,  Alabama 

Dai/ton,  Wilfred  (Clerk) R.  F.  D.  #2,  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Db  Laplantb,  Charles  Jewell 152  Soldiers  PI.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Db  La  Vbrgne,  Charles  (Law.) 303  Clinton  Ave.  Kingston,  N.Y. 

GoFF,  Homer  Pershing,  Jr.  (Acct.) 53  Belvidere  St,  (>afton.  Pa. 

Landrbth,  Robert  Nelson  (Tools) 1622  Forest  PI.  Evanston,  111. 

Mat,  William  Bruce,  Jr.  (R.  Est.) Ardsley-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 

MooRA,  Charles  Shelton  (Sugar) ....  148  Claremont  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 
NoTMAN,  Arthur  Lome  vSales.)  ....  192  St.  James  Ave.  Springfield,  Mass. 
Pattbbson,  Edward  Stuart  (Mfg.) 

c/o  Elec.  Vacuum  Cleaner  Co.  Ivanhoe  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 
Pbrbons,  Robert  Hamilton  (Jobber).. .  .60  Church  St.  East  Aurora,  N.Y. 
Shields,  Francis  Adam 161  Lancaster  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 


Dalton,  John R.  F.  D.  2,  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Erdman,  Albert  William,  Jr 1234  Prospect  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Gibson,  Charles  DeWolf 2  Mt.  Vernon  Sq.  Boston,  Mass. 

Micks,  Henry  Wilson  (Ed.) 66  Cayuga  St.  Seneca  Falls,  N.Y. 

Wadsworth,  Henry  Cowles  (Bond  Sales) .  83  Norwood  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 
WiuuNBON,  Joseph  Girven 114  Chapin  Pkwy.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 


Allbrton,  Richard  Montgomery  (C.  Eng.) .  992  E.  8th  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Dawbb,  Parker  (C.  Eng.) 186  Pine  St.  Kingston,  N.Y. 

DiviNB,  Bradford  Dalton 336  Genesee  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 

Eddy,  John  Wesley  (Adv.) . .  .Alpha  Delta  Phi  House,  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Fat,  Lester  Thorp  (Sales.) 72  Hamilton  St.  Geneva,  N.Y, 

Haven,  Edward  Garrison 35  Winans  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

NoTMAN,  Robert  Allen  (Sales.) 192  St.  James  Ave.  Sprii^eld,  Mass. 

O'Brien,  Donald  Francis  (Sales.) 160  S.  Third  St.  Fulton,  N.Y. 


BoARDMAN,  Ronald  Peck  (Adv.) 

The  Hut  &  Cooley  Co.  Inc.,  New  Britain,  0)nn. 

Erdman,  Edward  Wilson 1234  Prospect  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Halb,  Nathan Union  College,  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Patterson,  Roger  Williams 107  Avon  Rd.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Warnick,  Spencer  Kellogg,  Jr 92  Market  St.  Amsterdam,  N.Y. 


Bartlbtt,  Henry  Howell 92  Market  St.  Poughkeepsie,  N.Y. 

Beach,  George  Ross  (Auto.  Sales.) .  .31  McMaster  St.  Ballston  Spa,  N.Y. 

Bishop,  Francis  Michler 102  Waverlv  PI.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

DoLD,  Donald  Templar  (Meat) 32  Middlesex  Rd.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Gibson,  Burdett 5  Union  St.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Hale,  Thomas  Shaw Union  College,  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Hall,  Edward  Fitch 60  Glenwood  Blvd.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Niesb,  Alfred  Moring Morristown,  N  J. 

1924-26 UNION 298 


Cabboll.  John  Miller 112  S.  William  St.  Johnstown,  N.Y. 

Cbiqui.  Charles  Anthony,  Jr.  (Sales.) 41  Chapin  Pkwy.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Dalton,  Elbert R.  F.  D.  /2,  Benkendaal.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Pleuthkeb,  Willard  Augustus 314  Highland  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

LeFatoub,  David  Edward 158  Market  St.  Amsterdam,  N.Y. 

Stuabt,  Sutherland  Rugge 68  Ridge  St.  Glens  Falls,  N.Y. 


Bbambs,  Clare  Franklin,  Jr 2  Highland  PL  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Chidset.  Alan  Lake 500  Paxinoea  Ave.  Easton,  Pa. 

CowLES,  Ernest  PYancis 420  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cbannbll,  Herman  Westinghouse 10  Chester  St.  Glens  Falls,  N.Y. 

Ely,  Robert  Groevenor 114  Lenox  Rd.  Schenectady.  N.Y. 

Page,  Franklin  MoMtdlin Lambert  Rd.  Chappaqua,  N.Y. 

Whitney,  Thomas  Gale Spring  St.  Mexico,  N.Y. 

294  1866-61 



*  De  Witt,  Rev.  Marcus  Bearden,  died  1905 Hopkinsville,  Ky. 


*  Hatnbs,  Rev.  William  Andrew,  died  1894 Columbia,  Tenn. 


Abbay,  Richard  Felix  (Planter) Commerce,  Tunica  Co.  Miss. 

Allison,  Alexander 

*  Hill,  George  Robert,  died  1907 Gallatin,  Tenn. 

*  Kebr.  Richard  Thoma8,.died  1893 Fort  Smith,  Ark. 

*  Ogilvie,  John  Davidson,  died  186- Belief onte,  Ala. 

*  Porter,  Dr.  James  William,  died  1882 Paris,  Tenn. 

*  Rodgers.  Hon.  Samuel  Andrew,  died  1902 Loudon,  Tenn. 

ToLBERT,  James  Russell R.  F.  D.  No.  3,  Clarksville,  Ark. 

*  Walton,  John  Bell,  died  1906 Tampa,  Fla. 


Bralt,  John  Hyde  (Ret.) 505  N.  Brand  Blvd.  Glendale,  Cal. 

Hall,  Joseph  Marion 603  N.  Anglin  St.  Cleburne,  Tex. 

*  LowRY,  Daniel  Anderson,  died  1863 Lynnville,  Tenn. 

*  McClure,  William  Logan,  died  1870 Rome,  Tenn. 


*  Baptist,  Powhatan  Richard,  died  1861 Dayton,  Ala. 

*  Guy,  Calvin  Von,  died  1863 Tuscumbia,  Ala. 

*  McClain,  James  Hoggatt,  died  1864 Lebanon,  Tenn. 

*  Martin,  Charles,  died  1864 Lebanon,  Tenn. 

*  Martin,  Henry  Clay,  died Munf ordville,  Ky. 

*  Stewart,  Benjamin  Decherd,  died  1859 Winchester,  Tenn, 

*  Street,  Thomas  Atkins,  died  1904 Gunthersville,  Ala. 

*  Tabb,  William  Henry,  died  1864 Columbus,  Miss. 


Lansden,  John  McMurray  (Law.) 315  5th  St.  Cairo,  111. 

*  McClunq,  Elliott  Spotswood,  died  1901 Knoxville.  Tenn. 

*  McKenzie,  William  Garret,  died Spring  Hill,  Tenn. 

*  M ALONEY,  Hugh  Douglas,  died  1902 Warrensburg,  Tenn. 

*  Rayburn,  John,  died  1862 Guntersvflle,  Ala. 

1860-73  296 



*Hart,  Prof.  James  Morgan,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 


Bbigham,  Johnson  (Lib.) Iowa  State  Library.  Des  Moines,  la. 

Dixon,  Brandt  Van  Blarcom  (Ed.) 1654  Joseph  St.  New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Douglass,  Edwin,  died  1880 St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Hallidat,  Samuel  Dumont,  died  1907 Ithaca,  N.Y. 

*  Ross,  Morris  Morris,  died  1915 Indianapolis,  Ind. 


*  GiLBEBT,  Frederick  Lee,  died  1910 Duluth,  Minn. 

Hadlet,  Eugene  Jacob  (Law.) 6  Beacon  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

*  MacGbegor,  Walter  Scott,  died  1917 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Phelps,  George  Henry,  died  1914 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Seymour,  Henry  Hale,  died  1913 Buffalo,  N.Y. 


Allen,  Oliver 257  Summer  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  BiRQE,  George  Kingsley,  died  1918 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Castle,  Thomas,  died  1872 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

CuLLiNAN,  Patrick  William  (Law.) 333  W.  3rd  St.  Oswego,  N.Y. 

*  HuBD,  Harvey  Judson,  died  1901 Ehna,  N.Y. 

liOOMis,  Chester  (Artist) 104  Linden  Ave.  Englewood,  N.J. 

*  Lyon,  William  Workman,  died  1908 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Taylor,  Rev.  Francis  Matthew  Sill,  died  1915 Erie,  Pa. 

*  Wells,  Henry  Graves,  died  1878 St.  Louis,  Mo. 


*  Altman,  Henry,  died  1912 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Arms,  Warner,  died  1910 Yoimratown,  O. 

*  BiRGE,  Henry  Morton,  died  1904 Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Cauldwell,  Andrew  Butler 1329  Randolph  St.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Duncan,  Dr.  William  Freese,  died  1892 New  York,  N.Y. 

Finch,  James  Wells 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Garrigue,  Waldemar  Otto,  died  1888 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Ide,  Hon.  Appleton  Jewett,  died  1908 Colimibus,  O. 

*  Jones,  Franklin  Hayward,  died  1873 Jamestown,  N.Y. 

*  Manning,  Calvin,  died  1921 Ottumwa,  la. 

Pbentiss,  Seymour  Cromwell  (Ret.) 315  5th  St.  Elyria,  O. 

*  Sprague,  Henry  Lynde,  died  1922 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Sprague,  William  Lyon,  died  1920 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Wheeler,  Dr.  John  Thome,  died  1908 Chatham,  N.Y. 

296 CORNELL 1874-79 


Fries,  Louis  Kossuth  (R.  Est.) 

*  HuBBET,  Horace  Potter,  died  1918 

*  JoRDAO,  Elias  Fausto  Paoheco,  died  1901 Sao  Paulo,  Brazil 

Patne,  William  Thomas  (Shipping) 14  Bund,  Yokohama,  Japan 

Shufbldt,  Dr.  Robert  Wilson  (Author).  .3356  18th  St.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Smith,  Herbert  Robert,  died  1898 Boston,  Mass. 


Adsit,  Charles  Chapin 224  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Abbis,  Myron  Israel  (Mfg.) 639  Wick  Ave.  Youngatown,  O. 

Babbos,  Lauz  de  Souxa 

GiBBRT,  Nicholas  Audinet 70  Avenue  d'I6na,  Paris  16,  France 

Howe,  Augustus  (Arch.) 433  N,  Broad  St.  Elizabeth,  N.J. 

Palmeb,  Charles  George  (Mfg.) 

c/o  Geo.  E.  Coney,  31  Nassau  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Pabmbleb,  William  Rayen,  died  1883 Cleveland,  O. 

*  Pbtbbb,  Charles  Ljmds,  died  1914 Little  Falls,  N.Y. 


Ballard,  Austin  (Ins.) 434  W.  Main  St.  Louisville,  Ky. 

Parmelee,  James  (Ret.) . .  The  Causeway,  Klingle  Rd.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  RuBPPELE,  Herman  Augustus,  died  1890 ^ Stanton,  Mo. 

Swain,  Hadwen  (Phonographs) . .  24(X)  Van  Ness  Ave.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 


Bbamhall,  William  Ely  (Law.) 

*  GiFFORD,  William  Stewart,  <fied  1922 Jamestown,  N.Y. 

Mead,  Theodore  Luqueer  (Horticulturist) Oviedo,  Fla. 

*  MiLFORD,  James  Stanley,  died  1921 Melbourne,  Australia 

Peck,  Theodore  Barnard  (Arch.) 65  Bank  St.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

*  Tiffany,  Charles  Otis,  cUed  1921 Bridgei>ort,  Ck>nn. 

*  WiNGATE,  Henry  Anderson,  died  1881 Louisville,  Ky. 


Ballard,  Samuel  Thurston  (Flour) Ballard  Mills,  Louisville,  Ky. 

Bonnet,  Alfred  (Ret.) Hopewell  Junction,  N.Y. 

*  Corlies,  Franklin  Haines,  died  1898 Philadelphia,  Pa. 

*  Mallett,  Dr.  Charles  Howard,  died  1894 Bath,  Me. 

Palmer,  Lynde  (Lumber) University  Club,  Albany,  N.Y. 

*  Reed,  Frederic  Clinton,  died  1887 Salt  Lake  City,  Utah 

Savage,  John Brady,  Tex. 

Shearer,  James  Buchanan  (R.  Est.) . .  2018  Center  Ave.  Bay  City,  Mich. 

*  Tiffany,  Joseph  Burr,  died  1918 Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Wakeley,  Hon.  Arthur  Cooper  (Judge) Court  House,  Omaha,  Neb. 

Yager,  Willard  Everett  (Law.) 19  Ford  Ave.  Oneonta,  N.Y. 


Abbott,  William  Pratt  (Ret.) SuflFem,  Rockland  Co.  N.Y. 

*  Edwards,  William  Sesrmour,  died  1915 Kanawha,  W. Va. 

Gai^bwbll,  Rev.  Frank  Dunlap  (Ed.)  5  Ouinsan  Gardens,  Shanghai,  China 

1879-83  CORNELL  297 


GiFPOBD,  Dr.  Harold 420  S.  3Qth  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

*  HiNKLBT,  Charles  Watson,  died  1912 Chicago,  III. 

*  HowLAND,  Edward  Cole,  died  1911 Washington,  D.C. 

Inoraham,  William  Shurtleff 156  Summer  St.  Bristol,  Conn. 

MiLLABD,  Alfred  (Ret.) First  Natl.  Bank  of  Boston,  Boston,  Mass. 

Newton,  Whitney  (Mfg.) 1165  Grant  St.  Denver,  Colo. 

Olbisted,  Allen  Sejrmour  (Mfr.) 289  Summer  St.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Sheabeb,  Chauncey  Hurlbut  (Motors) 1410  Hill  St.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 


*  Bonnet,  Jerome  Rapalje,  died  1918 Jersey  City,  N.J. 

Bbadlet,  Willis  Clifford  (Farmer) Fairview  Valley,  Coquille,  Ore. 

CuRTiss,  Dr.  Alexander  Main 69  Irving  PI.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Fox,  Dr.  Walter  Howard  (Ret.) Hartford,  Mich. 

*  Haskell,  George  Frederick,  died  1901 ; Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Maniebrb,  Dr.  Charl^  Edward,  died  1904 Chicago,  111. 

MoBRis,  Dr.  Robert  Tuttle 114  E.  64th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Russel,  William  Channing  (Edit.)  .  . .  .458  Locust  Ave.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Williams,  Henry  Kirk  (Pub.) 704  Ontral  Ave.  Dunkirk,  N.Y. 


Booth,  Quentin  Woodbury  ^Mfg.) 105  Lake  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

*  Cabtwriqht,  Robert  Henry,  died  1899 Rochester,  N.Y. 

Hahn,  Albert  George  Charles  (Ret.) Menlo  Park,  Cal. 

House,  Edward  Mandle  (Ret.) Austin,  Texas 

Pabmelee,  Robert  Murray % Bennington,  Vt. 

Saunders,  Charles  Lockard  (R.  Est.) 

560  Saunders-Kennedy  Bldg.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Shiras,  George  3rd  (Ret.) Washington,  D.C. 

Skinner,  James  Henry  (Ret.) 385  Portland  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

*  Stambaugh,  Henry  Hamilton,  died  1919 Youngstown,  O. 

*  Taylor,  Oscar  Livingstone,  died  1917 St.  Paul,  Minn. 


Catlin,  Hon.  Frederick  Miles  (Judge)  .680  Fairmont  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

*  Gushing,  Prof.  Henry  Piatt,  died  1921 Cleveland,  O. 

Lucket,  Rev.  Frank  Ranney 584  Orange  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Lukes,  Currie  Nelson  (Banker) Miles  City,  Mont. 

*  Morton,  Oliver  Throck,  died  1898 Chicago,  111. 

Robie,  Harry  Adams : Whitney  Point,  N.Y. 

Shiras,  Winfield  Kennedy  (Law.) 434  Diamond  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

*  Yeaw,  Everett,  died  1922 So.  Orange,  N.J. 


Booth,  Irving  Edward  (Mfg.) 740  East  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Browning,  C5harles  Ross  (Mer.) Llewellyn  Pk.  West  Orange,  N.J. 

*  Gushing,  Dr.  Edward  Fitch,  died  1911 Cleveland,  O. 

Hadley,  Frank  Ozro  (Lumber) 

Haldeman,  Frank  Mackenzie 1293  E.  Boulevard,  Cleveland,  O. 

Hollow  AY,  Edward  Morton 725  Federal  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 

Howard,  William  Edson  (Ret.) 

Box  404,  Madison  Sq.  P.  O.  Station,  New  York,  N.Y. 

298  CORNELL  1883-88 

*-  - 

Ingersoll,  George  Talcott 

♦RuNYON,  Frank  Willits,  died  1912 Plainfield,  N.J. 

Smith,  Delano  Eugene  (Bookkeeper) .  1210  Lincoln  Ave.  Burlingame,  Cal. 

*  Washburn,  Frank  Sherman,  died  1922 Rye,  N.Y. 


BuBROws,  James  Bering  (Farmer) Decatur,  111. 

Dann,  Clarence  Burdette  (Banker) . . .  204  Canner  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 
Davol,  Joseph  Benjamin  (Artist) Ogunquit,  York  Co.  Me. 

*  Lewis,  Dr.  George  Washington,  died  1900 Bufifalo,  N.Y. 

Rose,  Hudson  Parmelee  (R.  Est.) 7  W.  45th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Shaler,  Ira  Alexander,  died  1902 New  York,  N.Y. 

Stambauqh,  John  (Ret.) Stambaugh  Bldg.  Youngstown,  O. 


Good,  Arthur  Carroll  (Law.) 16  Court  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Jenkins,  Dr.  Ralph 1732  Massachusetts  Ave.  Washington,  D.C. 

Merwin,  Rev.  Milton  Knapp 1006  Miller  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 

*  Perkins,  Henry  Lattimore,  died  1903 Erie,  Pa. 

*  Yawqer,  John  Francis,  died  1921 New  York,  N.Y 


Baker,  Charles  Hinckley  (Reclamation) Mohegan  Lake,  N.Y. 

*  Baker,  Howard  Winfield,  died  1919 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Charpiot,  Henry  Charles  (Law.) 

Morgan,  Harjes  &  Co.  14  Place  Vendome,  Paris,  France 

*  Cornell,  Ezra,  died  1902 Ithaca,  N.Y. 

HiNMAN,  Delon  Mark 

*  HowLAND,  Harry  Cole,  died  1917 New  York,  N.Y. 

Raichle,  Frank  Godfrey 403  Porter  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

*  Tyler,  (Francis)  Edward  (Scott)  Gilbert,  died  1901..  .New  York,  N.Y. 


Cornell,  Arthur  Leland  (C.  Eng.) H^arrisonburg,  Va. 

Hebbard,  Will  Sterling  (Arch.) 124  W.  4th  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Hess,  Col.  Frank  Judson  (Mfg.) ....  245  Plymouth  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 
Richards,  George  Black  well  (Hdw.  Mer.) 

5th  and  Wyandotte  Sts.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 
RoMER,  William  Johnston  (Banking) 

Federal  Reserve  Bk.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Wayland  Hyatt 1028  Overton  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Wheeler,  Frederic  Russell  (Ret.) 465  Lowell  Ave.  Palo  Alto,  Cal. 


Andrews,  Frank  Mills  (Arch.) Riverside  Pkwy.  Ft.  Thomas,  Ky. 

*  de  Barros,  Bento,  died  1908 Sao  Paulo,  Brasil 

*  Henderson,  Eliot  Middleton,  died  1922 Towaco,  N.J. 

Leonard,  James  Augustus  (Eng.) c/o  Bangor  Power  Co.  Bangor,  Me. 

Pbotta,  Dr.  Louis  Frederick 

i88a-92  CORNELL m 

PuTANA,  Manuel  Maria Bucaramanga,  Colombia,  S.A. 

Retnolds,  Charles  Maxwell  (Mer.).. Bohemian  Club,  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

♦Treat,  Harry  Whitney,  died  1922 Seattle,  Wash. 

Ulrich,  Russell  (Realtor) 707  W.  Prospect  St.  Seattle,  Wash. 


Balch,  Allan  Christopher  (Pub.  Util.)  .950  S.  Broadway,  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Baldwin,  Walter  Hull  (Mfg.) 126  Lake  Ave.  Highland  Park,  111. 

Cornell,  FranJdin  C.  (Coal) Stewart  and  South  Aves.  Ithaca,  N.Y. 

*Heyl,  Henry,  died  1891 Dunkirk,  N.Y. 

EoLB.  Augustus  Richard  (Decorating)  .  . .  .315  Loring  Ave.  Pelham,  N.Y. 

♦Lyon,  Philip  Schuyler,  died  1890 Ithaca,  N.Y. 

Parker,  James  Southworth  (M.  C.) Salem,  N.Y. 

Pratt,  Dr.  John  Hahn Main  St.  Manchester,  N.Y. 

Thompson,  Ebenezer  Frank  (Druggist) . . .  321  N.  Perry  St.  Titusville,  Pa. 

♦Van  Heusen,  pr.  Richard  Fletcher,  died Albany,  N.Y. 

WooDWABD,  Jabez  Milton  (Farmer) Perrysburg,  N.Y. 


♦  Allen,  Gansevoort  Irwin,  died  1921 New  York,  N.Y. 

Barber,  Simeon  Morgan 12  E.  93rd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

GiPFORD,  Robert  Ladd  (Eng.) 1231  S.  El  Molino  Ave.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Johnson,  Frank  Clarence  (Mfg.) 851  E.  High  St.  Springfield,  O. 

♦  ToBEY,  William  Boardman,  died  1896 Guayaquil,  Ecuador 

TousEY,  Benjamin  Copeland  (Ret.) Clinton  Comers,  N.Y. 


AvERELL,  Sylvester  Gilbert Century  Club,  Ogdensburg,  N.Y. 

♦  Bailey,  Edward  Clifford,  died  1907 Pasadena,  Cal. 

Easton,  Irving  Boyd  (Lumber) 30  E.  42nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Elleby,  Arthur  (Motion  Pictures) 

131  Valley  Brook  Ave.  Lyndhurst,  N.J. 

♦  Gill,  William  Robert,  died  1^97 Cleveland,  O. 

Hall,  Joseph  Linville  (Mfr.) 720  Oliver  Bids.  Boston,  Mass. 

HoopES,  Maurice  (Mfg.) Glens  Falls,  N.Y. 

Kinney,  Gairrett  DeForest  (Mfg».) 201  N.  Water  St.  Peoria,  111. 

LoziER,  Harry  Abram Westfield,  Mass. 

♦  RoDRiQUEZ,  Jose  Antonio,  died  1904 Azusa,  Cal. 

Russell,  Charles  (Elec.  Supplies) 17  N.  Hawk  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Stagg,  Louis  Rolfe  (Mfg.) 57  Overlook  Ave.  Ridgewood,  N.J. 


Church,  Frank  Leonard  (Ret.) Cocoanut  Grove,  Fla. 

Ely,  William  Groevenor  (Constr.  Eng.) .  114  Lenox  Rd.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

FuLLAGAB,  Guy  Kent 39  Carlton  Ave.  Port  Washington,  N.Y. 

Hamilton,  John  Alan  (Law.) 616  Erie  Co.  Bank  Bldg.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Johnson,  Charles  Chamberlain  (Law.) 1468  Union  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

McVoY,  Martin.  Jr 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Phillips,  Frederick  (C.  Eng.) Peterborough,  N.H. 

SouTHwoBTH,  John  Howard  (Clerk) Box  87,  Newport  News,  Va. 

Wright,  Major  ^ohn  Newton 1340  3rd  St.  San  Diego,  Cal. 

300  CORNELL  1893-97 


*  Baldwin,  Abram  Tumure,  died  1919 Detroit,  Mich. 

Baldwin,  Seward  (Mfg.) Waverly,  N.Y. 

Clephane,  Malcolm  Wolcott  (Law.) Linden  Ave.  Englewood,  N.J.* 

Darling,  Frederick  Edgar  B.  (Mfg.) 177  Pawling  Ave.  Troy,  N.Y. 

Miller,  Theron  Butler  (Law.) 76  Hamilton  Ave.  Columbus,  O. 

NoRRis,  Henry  McCJoy 

c/o  Cincinnati  Bickford  Tool  Co.  Oakley,  Cincinnati,  O. 

Russell,  Howard  (Miller) 212  W.  22nd  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

ScHURMAN,  George  Wellington  (Law.) 96  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

White,  Rollin  Henry  (Mfr.) 3176  Fairmount  Blvd.  Cleveland,  O. 

*  Witherbeb.  George  Pease,  died  1893 Port  Henryt  N.Y. 

WooDBRiDGE,  Thomas  Witherbee  (Acct.) 

1023  N.  Berendo  St.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 
Young,  Hon.  William  (Judge) 264  Riverside  Drive,  New  York,  N.Y. 


Collin,  Dwight  Ripley  (Arch.) Fayetteville,  N.Y. 

Colt,  WilHam  Leonard  (Auto.) 1808  Broa4way,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Demino,  Paul  Harvey  (Banker) Grosse  Pointe  Farms,  Mich. 

*  Gladden,  Frederick  (Johoon,  died  1919 New  York,  N.Y. 

Hooker,  Elon  Huntington  (Eng.) 25  Pine  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Young,  Edwin  Parson  (Law.) 14  N.  Main  St.  Towanda,  Pa. 

Young,  John  Paul  (Botanist) Ithaca,  N.Y. 


Angel,  Lt.  Col.  Laurence c/o  V.  &  O.  Press  Co.  Glendale,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Beeber,  William  Parson  (Law.) .  .First  Nat.  Bank  Bldg.  Williamsport,  Pa. 

Blatchford,  Charles  Hammond  (Law.) 24  Mellen  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Inslbe,  Charles  Lawrence  (Const.) . , 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

McCarroll,  Joseph  Allen  (Arch.) 852  Monroe  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Sanborn,  William  Brodigan,  died  1921 .  .  : Montclair,  N.J. 

White,  Fred  Rollin  (Mfg.) 2300  Overlook  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 


Fabel,  Frederick  CTharles Amer.  t)ak  Leather  Co.  Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Hamilton,  Ralph  Bergen,  died  1919 St.  Catherines,  Ont.  (lian. 

*  Miller,  Lieut.  Louis  Gillespie,  died  1908 Columbus,  O. 

MoRLET,  Walter  Kelley  (Ret.) 625  Mendota  Ct.  Madison,  Wis. 

PiETSCH,  Walter  Gray  (Adv.) 28  E.  Jackson  Blvd.  Chicago,  lU. 

*  Whitaker,  Nelson  Price,  died  1922 Wheeling,  W .  Va. 

*  Wood,  William  Reuben  (!)Iark,  died  1915 Baltimore,  Md. 


Baldwin,  Harry  Coulter  (Lumber) 472  Penn  Ave.  Waverly,  N.Y. 

FuERTES,  Louis  Agassiz  (Artist) 201  Wyckoflf  Ave.  Ithaca,  N.Y. 

Lyon,  Newell The  White  Co.  Chicago,  IH. 

Miles,  Alfred  Graham  (Mct.) 550  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Rand,  Jasper  Raymond,  Jr.,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Sewall.  Henry  Foster,  Jr.,  died  1920 New  York,  N.Y. 

Wood,  Edward  Randolph,  Jr.  (Exec.) ..  1510  Wabiut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

1898-1903  CORNELL  301 


Albct,  C.  Judson  (Farmer) 507  W.  4th  St.  Williamflport,  Pa. 

Ammon,  Jay  Ripley  (Adv.) Gates  Mills,  O. 

CoNAKD,  Clarence  Knight  (Eng.) 550  Main  St.,  Northport,  N.Y. 

*  Inslee,  J.  Cross,  died  1897 Newark,  N.J. 

Sturdevant,  Frederic  Eugene  (Writer) . .  .86  S.  Broad  St.  Norwich,  N.Y. 
White,  Walter  Charles  (Mfg.) c/o  White  Motor  Co.  Cleveland,  O. 


Bailet,  Theodore  Layton  (Law.) 15  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Cleveland,  Frederick  Aldrich,  died  1914 Bryn  Mawr,  Pa. 

Inblee,  Russell  Gage  (Farmer) Newton,  N.J. 

Inslee,  Stephen  Dod  (Law.) Newton,  N.J. 

Russell,  Phitt  (Adv.) Bradentown,  Fla. 

Young,  Prof.  Charles  Van  Patten 112  Lake  St.  Ithaca,  N.Y. 


Bole,  Joseph  Kirkpatrick 1910  E.  93rd  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Daughaday,  Carlos  Colton  (Pub.).. .  .168  N.  Michigan  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

*  Little,  Hiram  Murray,  died  1900 Cleveland,  O. 

PATTEBftON,  Francis  Gordon 26  W.  Cedar  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

Smith,  Edward  Percy  (Min.  Eng.) Allendale,  N.J. 

Smith,  Peter  (Textile) 192  Elwood  Ave.  Newark,  N.J. 

Teagle,  Walter  Clark  (Oil) Port  Chester,  N.Y. 

Young,  George  Harper  (Eng.) 13  Lincoln  Ave.  Binghamton,  N.Y. 


Alexander,  Edward  Renick  (Law.) 246  E.  105th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Beown,  Wallace  Macdonald 32  E.  3l8t  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cboss,  Charles  Wood  (M.  Eng.) 185  E.  Grand  Blvd.  Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Godfrey,  John  Lawrence,  died  1900 Northampton,  Mass. 

Little,  (Tully)  Bascom  (Builder) 3751  Prospect  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Lyon,  Layton  Stearns  (Mer.). .  c/o  L.  L.  Stearns  &  Sons,  Williamsport,  Pa. 

*  McCuRDT,  Philip  Rhodes,  died  1920 Cleveland,  O. 

Southard,  George  Lee  (Mfr.) 418  W.  16th  St.  Franklin,  Pa. 

Williams,  Roger  Butler,  Jr.  (R.  R.) Savings  Bank  Bldg.  Ithaca,  N.Y. 


Bole,  Allen  (Mfr.) 8205  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Bowman,  Edgar  Stillman  (Mer.) 224  EucUd  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Brown,  Douglas  Kinnear  (D.G.).. River  View  Manor,  Dobbs  Ferry,  N.Y. 

(^opER,  Thomas  Keener 1404  Missouri  Trust  Bldg.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Johnston,  Harold  Eddy  (Mfg.) 546  3rd  Ave.  North  Troy,  N.Y.  • 

Smith,  Amzi  (Elec.) 1(K)  Watauga  Ave.  Johnson  City,  Tenn. 

Teagle,  Frank  Henry 8418  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Ware,  Ralph  (Mfr.) 481  Jackson  Ave.  River  Forest,  111. 


Bbidler,  Joseph  Arthur  (Mfg.) Box  578,  Coffeyville,  Kan. 

Brooks,  Everett  Watson  (Mfg.) 

2845  Washington  Bldg.  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

302  CORNELL  1903-07 

HowLAND,  Frank  Clarence  (M.  Eng.)  c/o  The  Thos.  PhiUipsCo.  Akron,  O. 
Patterson,  John  Johnston 431  S.  Dearborn  St.  Chicago,  111. 

*  Pratt,  Ransom,  died  1906 Elmira,  N.Y. 

Ryon,  Robert  (Grain) 214  N.  Pine  St.  Lansing.  Mich. 

Thayer,  Samuel  George  (Farmer) 

Elm  Tree  Farm,  Charlotte  Sta.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Tucker,  William  Winton  (R.  Est.) 1518  S.  State  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Woodward,  Winsor  French 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Baynb,  George  Henry  (Cons.  Eng.) 245  E.  19th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Brewster,  Alfred  Alexander 2457  Kenilworth  Rd.,  Cleveland,  O. 

Brown,  Charles  Macdonald 

c/o  Chas.  Brown  A  Co.  32  E.  3l8t  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Climo,  Arthur  Harold  (Paint) 2029  E.  88th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Glover,  Charles  NicoU  (Mfg.) Monroe,  N.Y. 

Inslee,  Ralph  Hamilton : Newton,  N.J. 

*  Kino,  Clifford  Marshall,  died  1922 Cleveland,  O. 

MouLSON,  Charles  Edward  (M.  Eng.). 76  Dartmouth  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 
Rosy,  Harold  Paige  (Fuel)  .533  Hamilton  Rd.  Thomburg,  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 
van  Loben  Selb,  Maurits  Carel  Constantyn  (Farming) 

Vorden,  Sacramento  Co.  Cal. 

VoRis,  William  Slade  (Mortgages) 940  Hereford  Dr.  Akron,  O. 

Whittlebey,  William  Augustus  (Mgr.) 1  Crofut  St.  Pittsfield,  Mass. 


BiLLwiLLER,  Charles  James.  Jr.  (Asst.  Mgr.]| 

c/o  Nitrate  Agencies,  Ltd.,  Iquique,  Chile,  S.A. 
Brinkerhoff,  Charles  Fuller,  Jr. 

Grand  Central  Terminal,  New  York,  N.Y. 
Chambers,  Norman  Campbell  (Mgr.) 

V.  G.  Mendoza  Co.  Apartado  1670,  Cuba  #3,  Habana,  Cuba 

Crouse,  Jay  Lansin|;  (M.  Eng.) 523  Oak  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Dodge,  Clarence  Bntton  (Auto.  Sup.) 

95»  S.  Los  Angeles  St(  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Gallaher,  De  Witt  (Ins.) 1220  Virginia  St.  Charleston,  W.Va. 

Newton,  Wilbur  (Lumber) 409  Court  St.  Pueblo,  Colo. 

Vail,  George  Ira  (Mfr.) 2197  Harcourt  Dr.  Clevelaiid,  O. 

Wallace,  Frederick  Ashby  (Wheels) 136  W.  Wayne  Ave.  Wayne,  Pa. 


BiGLER,  William  (Mfg.) Second  St.  Clearfield,  Pa. 

Cairns,  Edward  (Mfg.) 368  N.  Fullerton  Ave.  Upper  Montclair,  N.J. 

•Gresham,  Frank  Spencer  (Mfg.) .  Cotton  Exchange  Hldg.  Galveston,  Tex. 

Halliday,  Morris  Samuel  (Law.) Union  Trust  Co.  Cleveland,  O. 

Johnson,  George  Tewksbury  (M.  Eng.)..  .529  E.  Town  St.  Columbus,  O. 

Rowland,  Harry  Shepard  (Fin.) 77  Park  St.  Montclair,  N.J. 

SoMERViLLE,  Johu  Suapc  (Mer.) 1041  Michigan  Ave.  Evanston,  lU. 


Benedict,  Julius  Thompson  (Mfg.)... 5301  S.  Western  Blvd.  Chicago,  HL 
Bradley,  Alva  (R.  Est.) 706  Marion  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

1907-10  CORNELL  303 

Cbawfobd,  Willard  John,  Jr.  (R.  Est.) 

2301  Stillman  Rd.  Cleveland  Heights,  O. 

Eblls,  Dan  Parmelee  (Mfg.) 209  Prospect  Ave.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

HoLLowAY,  Arthur  Power  (Mfg.) 

Webster  Ave.  Elm  Cotirt,  Wheeling,  W.Va. 

HuTCHiNS,  Carleton  Brown  (Lumber) 147th  St.  Midlothian,  111. 

Martin,  Paris  (Law.) 2301  Regan  St.  Boise,  Ida. 

Newton,  James  Quigg  (Banker) First  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Denver,  Colo. 

Putnam,  Henry  Sibley  (Eng.) 25  Badeau  PI.  New  Rochelle,  N.Y. 

ScHURMAN,  Robert  (Mfg.) 357  Market  St.  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Stinchfield,  Charles,  Jr.  (Timber) ...  820  Penobscot  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 
Wallowbr,  Edgar  Zollinger  (Mining) 

Golden  Rod  Mining  &  Smelting  Corp.  Joplin,  Mo. 


BiLLwiLLBR,  Ernest  Oswald  (Eng.)  .  18  W.  San  Antonio  St.  San  Jose,  Cal. 
Bradley,  Charles  Leininger  (Banker) Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

*  FocKE,  George  Cleveland,  died  1909 Galveston,  Texas 

GrOODSPEED,  CHarles  Barnett. .  .  619  Railway  Exchange  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 

*  HoLLowAY,  Roger  Tifft,  died  1914 Montclair,  N.J. 

Rockwell,  Archie  Gordon  (Sales  Mgr.) 

1421  Hyde  Park  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 
Tatlob,  Donald  West  (Ins.  and  R.  Est.) . .  .48  E.  4th  St.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Ware,  Robert  Rea  (Mfg.) 4458  W.  Lake  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Wenham,  Russell  Pelton Painesville,  O. 


Beggs,  David  Wendell  (R.  Est.) Harrison  Bldg.  Colvimbue,  O. 

Brown,  Lloyd  Heman  (Farming) Morrison,  111. 

Brown,  Melville  Gilfillan  (Imptr.) 32  E.  31st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Cobb,  Richard  Henry  (Mfg.) 1905  E.  93rd  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Gardner,  Fred  Eugene  (Law.) 329  Uth  St.  Rochelle,  111. 

Hall,  Gilbert  Phelps  (Arch.) 61  Cedar  St.  Chicago.  III. 

Hargreaves,  Robert  Cattle 65  Canheld  Ave.  W.  Detroit.  Mich. 

Johnson,  John  Thomas,  Jr.  (Rubber) 702  E.  Market  St.  Akron,  O. 

Orahood,  George  Hurlbut  (Govt.) 1247  Clarkson  St.  Denver,  Colo. 

Rockwell,  Theodore  Griffith  (Ins.).. .  175  W.  Jackson  Blvd.  Chicago, til. 
Stanton,  Robert  Brewster,  Jr Vacuum  Oil  Co.  Alexandria,  Egypt 


Borden,  Rolden  Lee  (R.  Est.  and  Ins.) 

325  Pacific  Finance  Bldg.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  Clay,  Terry  Pitkin,  died  1919 Cleveland,  O. 

Crane,  Ralph  Pettibone  (Lumber) 306  W.  Bridge  St.  Austin,  Minn. 

Farrington,  Thomas  Hinchman  (Eng.) Owego,  Tioga  Co.  N.Y. 

Gray.  Donald  Stuart  (Oil) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  KiPP,  Whitney,  died  1913 New  York.  N.Y. 

May,  Prof.  Charles  Culbertson 5231  E.  42nd  St.  Seattle,  Wash. 

*  Millabd,  Samuel  Brown,  died  1908 Omaha,  Neb. 

Peters,  Albert  William  (Orcharding) R.  F.  D.  1,  Hood  River,  Ore. 

Sayle,  Walter  Chichester  (Mfg.) 2481  Edgehill  Rd.  Cleveland.  O. 

Stantok.  Harold  Oliver  (M.  Eng.) 218  Sinclair  PI.  Westfield.  N.J. 

304  CORNELL  1911-14 


AvERiiiL,  Willard  Gushing,  Jr Carter  Bldg.  Houston,  Texas 

BiQLER,  Harry  Frederick,  Jr. (Coal) 17  N.  Second  St.  Clearfield,  Pa. 

BoLB,  David  Clark  (Fin.) 2884  Scarborough  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Bole,  Hamilton  Biggar  (Steel) 8205  Euclid  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Divine,  Charles  Harding  (Writer) 201  Court  St.  Binghamton,  N.Y. 

Hawkins,  Harold  S.  (Sales.) 1326  Hanna  Bldg.  Cleveland,  O. 

McClain,  Edward  Lee,  Jr.  (Fin.) .  548  S.  Ardmore  Ave.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 
O'Haba.  Benjamin  Harrison  (Sales.) .  .2100  E.  27th  St.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Packard,  William  Guthrie 140  Lafayette  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Peterson,  Walker  Fairfield  (Eng.) 103  Edgevale  Rd.  Baltimore,  Md. 


Crounse,  Silas  Hilton,  Jr.  (Sales  Mgr.) 

c/o  General  Laboratories,  Madison,  Wis. 
Devlin,  Erie  Edwin  (Settler) 

Frater,  c/o  A.  C.  R.,  Sault  Ste  Marie,  Ont.  Can. 
Distler,  Walter  George  (Constr.) . . .  2905  N.  Calvert  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 
Grand,  Warren  Douglas  (Coal  MerO 

St.  George's  Club,  Sherbrooke,  P.Q.  Can. 
Johnson,  Allan  Chalfant . . .  Arrow  Head,  North  Portage  Path,  Akron,  O. 

Lawrence,  Harry  Jay,  Jr Merion  Cricket  Co.  Haverford,  Pa. 

Plamondon,  Charles  Ambrose,  Jr.  (Law.). .  112  W.  Adams  St.  Chicago,  III. 

Shivbrick,  Robert  Arthur 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Larratt  Worthington Frank  Porter  Lumber  Co.,  Chicago,  111. 

Tappan,  W.  Hubert  (Mir.) 66  Stewart  Ave.  Mansfield,  O. 

Townsend,  Alfred  Elliott  (Mfg.) 1612  Third  Ave.  New  Brighton,  Pa. 


Cameron,  James  Alexander Ellsworth  Collieries  CJo.  Ellsworth,  Pa. 

Gard,  Leonard  Meade  (Mfr.  Agt.) 1264  Park  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

KoRBER,  Albert,  Jr.  (Elec.) 150  St.  James  PI.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Krogstad,  Robert  Bacon 

Rollins  Burdick  Hunter  Co.,  76  Maiden  Lane,  New  York,  N.Y. 

McNear,  George  Plummer,  Jr.  (Banker) Petaluma,  Cal. 

Manny,  Walter  Roy  (Mgr.) 1  Rue  des  Italiens,  Paris,  France 

Merrtman,  Louis  McLane  (Farmer) Clockejrsville,  Md. 

Miller,  Ransom  Gurden,  Jr.  (Sales  Mgr.) 

2803  Scarborough  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Nevins,  Roger  Griswold 61  Maple  St.  Mansfield,  O. 

Schurman,  George  Munro  (Asst.  Treas.).  .8  W.  40th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Stodtenburq,  Lyndon  Everett  (Clothier).. .  .93  Halsey  St.  Newark,  N.J. 
Welles,  Theodore  Ladd,  Jr.  (Constr.) 

2316  Grandview  Ave.  Cleveland  Heights,  O. 


Alexander,  Donald  (Mfg.) 

121  W.  Springfield  Ave.  Chestnut  Hill,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Baker,  Leslie  David  France  (Dairy) Mohegan  Lake,  N.Y. 

Hollow  AY,  Henry  Franklin,  Jr.  (Executive) 

223  Upper  Mountain  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 

1914-17  CORNELL  306 

Johnson.  Charles  Biraell  (Mfr.) 2910  Iroquois  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Mason,  Lowell  (Fin.) 593  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

MuBFET,  Latham  Warner  (Broker) 2253  Chatfield  Dr.  Cleveland,  O. 

Pabsons,  Russell  Cleveland  (Mfr.) . .  .40  Riverview  Ter.  Springfield,  Mass. 

Patterson,  Benjamin,  Jr 122  Fifth  St.  Garden  City,  L.I.,  N.Y. 

Sullivan,  Donald  Fraser  (Eng.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sullivan,  Eklward  Dunbar  (Dredging).. 853  Iroquois  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 


Garfield,  John  Newell  (Mfg.) West  Mentor,  Lake  Co.  O. 

Hanbahan,  Dr.  Edward  M.,  Jr 18  Front  St.  Bingham  ton,  N.Y. 

*  HiNKLBT,  Gerald  Watson,  died  1919 Dunkirk,  N.Y. 

Micou,  Hilary  Herbert  (Mgr.) 524  Baldwin  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

MiLLABD,  Alfred,  Jr 1900  11th  Ave.  N.  Seattle,  Wash. 

MuLPORD,  Allen  (E.  Eng.) 

c/o  International  General  Electric  Ca.  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

ScHLAQBB,  Charles MansivoUe,  Doubs,  France 

Sherry,  Alden  Bradford  (Mfg.) 208  Lincoln  Park  Dr.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Stambaugh,  John,  Jr 621  Wick  Ave.  Youngstown,  O. 

Thubber,  Henry  Thomas 643  Jefferson  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Van  Winkle,  Edgar  Bishop 272  McDonough  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Bbckwith,  Charles  Leach  (M.  Eng.) 250  Hamilton  St.  Allentown,  Pa. 

BucKWELii,  George  Dupr6 Oliver  Bldg.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

CJlarke,  Charles  Frederick 1325  Astor  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Cooke,  Everett  Brownell 100  Strawberry  Hill  Ave.  Stamford,  Conn. 

Lansing,  Charles  Treadway  (R.  Est.) Beechwood  PI.  Tenafly,  N.J. 

Lansing,  Sanford  Green  (Paint) 21  Colonial  Rd.  Ridgewood,  N.J. 

Lton,  Lowell  Thayer  (Sales.) 6106  Walnut  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Micou,  Benjamin  Hall 4744  Second  Blvd.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Millard,  Hugh  Ezra  (Govt.) Dept.  of  State,  Washington,  D.C. 

PuNGS,  Edmund  Earle 60  E.  Ferry  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Stbattan,  Abram  Gaar..817  New  York  Life  Ins.  Bldg.  Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Taylor,  Gilbert  Morris  (R.  Est.) 529  Portland  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

TowAB,  Frank  Jonas,  Jr.  (Broker) 8650  Agnes  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Van  Winkle,  Allan  Foster 272  McDonough  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

VisEii,  David  Roy  (Adv.) 263  Cumberland  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Allbright,  John  Glover  (Eng.) 5323  S.  Western  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 

Brown,  Kenneth  Colton  (Eng.) 1550  Monadnock  Bldg.  Chicago,  111. 

De  Witt,  John  (Bond  Broker) 43  Exchange  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Eastman,  William  Hen^  (Sales.) 1038  Genesee  Ave.  Saginaw,  Mich. 

Foss,  Frank  Kent. .  c/o  Wilson  &  Co.  4l8t  St.  &  Ashland  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 
Franzheim,  Laurence  Woodward  (Steel) 

404  S.  Front  St.  Wheeling,  W.Va. 

Franzheim,  William  Alfred  (Steel) 404  S.  Front  St.  Wheeling,  W.Va. 

Goodman,  William  Edward  (Mgr.) 5753  Woodlawn  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Harrison,  Allrich  Scheper  (Sales  Mgr.) ...  18  E.  41st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Kelly,  Friedrich  Heyn  (Fruit) Ilchester,  Md. 

LiKLY,  Henry  Kenneth  (Mfr.) 330  Lyell  Ave.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

306  CORNELL  1917-20 

O'CoNNEiiL,  Geoffrey  Maurice,  .c/o  Adjutant  General,  Washington,  D.C. 

ScHURMAN,  Jacob  Gould,  Jr.  (Law.) 100  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Shelton,  Frederic  William  (Rancher) Watkins,  Colo. 

SiiATTERY,  Thomas  August  (Sales.) Troy  Club,  Troy,  N.Y. 

Smith,  Elwyn  Laurence 701  E.  Washington  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 

Tappan,  Alan  Prescott  (Sales.) 308  W.  Park  Ave.  Mansfield,  O. 

Van  Clbve,  Herman  Bregy  (Sales.) 18  Sunset  Ave.  Montclair,  N.J. 

*  WiEQAND,  Charles  Oliver,  died  in  service  1917. 


Bailet,  Clifford  Sherwood  (Pub.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Blanchabd,  Lieut.  Merrill,  died  in  service  1918. 

Bliss,  Rodney  Moore.. c/o  Stacy  &  Braun,  108  S.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111, 

Dixon,  Wesley  Moon  (Paper) 720  Erie  St.  Oak  Park,  111. 

Dodqe,  Frederick  Perlans  (Purchas.  Agt.) 

•  2322  Robinwood  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 

Eastwick,  Joseph  Less  (Treas.) 1109  De  Kalb  St.  Norristown,  Pa. 

Gardner,  Kenneth  Huntington  (Print)  .2961  N.  Park  Blvd.  Cleveland,  O. 

Gillies,  Frederick  Montague  (Steel) 1352  Madison  Pk.  Chicago,  111. 

Johnson,  William  Elliott  (R.  R.) 1616  Hinman  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

Micou,  Creswell  MacMurray  (Law.) 30  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Millard,  Joseph  Hopkins,  2nd 123  N.  39th  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Norton,  William  Kenneth  (Mer.) 76  Maple  St.  Hornell,  N.Y. 

O'Heir,  Hugh  Bingham 92  Wellington  St.  S.  Hamilton,  Can. 

Shiverick,  Francis  Tobey  (Furniture) ....  1310  Madison  Pk.  Chicago,  111. 

Welles,  John  Weaver  (Bank  Clerk) 385  River  St.  Kingston,  Pa. 

Wilmington,  John  Doane  (Mer.) 2320  Scottwood  Ave.  Toledo,  O. 

Yeaw,  Albin  (Pub.) 329  Hartford  Rd.  So.  Orange,  N.J. 


Appleby,  John  Lockman  (R.  Est.) 115  E.  82nd  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Carmack,  William  Graham,  died  in  service  1918. 

Craig,  John  Wesley  (Fin.) 20  Atlantic  St.  Portland,  Me. 

Deetjbn,  Rudolph  Henry  (Exptr.) 159  Park  St.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Howe,  Thomas  Miller  (Printer) 2141  Auburn  Ave.  Cincinnati,  O. 

QuEENT,  Edgar  Monsanto  (Chem.).  .3401  Longfellow  Blvd.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

*  Sanborn,  Sherman  Harris,  died  1918 

Short,  Harold  Armstrong  (Arch.) 38  E.  25th  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Skelding,  Paul  (Oil) c/o  Pittsburgh  Oil  Refining  Co.  Detroit,  Mich. 

WiGGLESWORTH,  Albert  GiflFord  (Sales.) 

649  W.  Washington  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 


Allbright,  Norman  Jacobs  (Eng.) . . .  5323  S.  Western  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 
Balcom,  Samuel  Balcombe  (Banking) ...  136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Edson,  Joseph  Dickson  (Food  Products) .  253  S.  2nd  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Oilman,  Joseph  Thayer  (Photography) .  136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hooker,  Roger  Wolcott  (Sales.) 25  Pine  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Johnson,  Harold  Ward 1616  Hinman  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

Nesbit,  Malcom  Montgomery  (Ry.  Supplies). .  Oliver  Bldg.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Prout,  Merritt  Benton 1206  Little  Bldg.  Boston,  Mass. 

Skirvin,  Orren  William  (Oil) Skirvin's  Hotel,  Oklahoma  City,  Okla. 

1920-24 CORNELL 807 

SpANaBKRO,  Leonard  Victor Hillside  PI.  Tarrytown,  N.Y. 

Wakblkt,  Thompeon  Morris  (Bonds) 71  W.  Monroe  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Whepk,  Robert  Wesley Brady,  Tex. 


Bailey,  Charles  Chester  (Steel) 1037  Hulton  Rd.  Oakmont,  Pa. 

BuBNKPp,  William  Herr  (Steel) 708  8.  Negley  Ave.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Ci-ABKSON,  John  Turner  (Mfg.) 2  Windemere  PI.  St.  Louw,  Mo. 

Cooke,  Carlton  Perry  (Mfg.) 189  BidweU  Pkwy.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Crane,  Roderic  Baird Florence  Heights  Blvd.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Fritz,  Horace  Harper,  Jr Wellington  Hotel,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Janes,  Lester  Babcook 6259  Sheridan  Rd.  Chicago,  111. 

Millard,  Henry  Rav 123  N.  39th  St.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Wilcox,  Ansley,  2nd Castleton-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 


Brannan,  Robert  Otis 14821  Clifton  Blvd.  Lakewood,  O. 

Brown,  Robert  Edward 3  Fairmount  St.  Melrose,  Mass. 

Cabteb,  Charles  Crawford 2060  16th  Ave.  Rock  Island.  111. 

Chase,  Russell  Nichols 2901  Archwood  Ave.  Cleveland,  O. 

Colt,  Leonard  Beeber  ( Automobiles) ...  1  Reservoir  Ave.  Providence,  R.I. 

CoMBEHALE,  Robcrt  Yvcs A.  D.  P.  House,  Ithaca,  N.Y. 

Dalton,  John R.  F.  D.  #2,  Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Ellis,  Dewey  Dorchester  (Clerk) 143  Lancaster  St.  Albany,  N.Y. 

Harteb,  Eugene  Brewster 121  Marlborough  Rd.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Kennedy,  John  Harrison  (Banking) 56  Lincoln  Parkway,  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Machlbtt,  Raymond  Robert 2418  Webb  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Shelby,  Alexander  Winchester 106  Arundel  PI.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Wigglesworth,  James  Donovan  (M.  Eng.).  426  CTentral  Ave.  Wihnette,  IlL 


Bromley,  Rhodes  Chadwick 

CbE,  Roger  Jewett 215  Palisade  Ave.  Yon^ers,  N.Y. 

Colby,  Horace  Famham,  2nd 211  Leib  St.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Colby,  Thomas  Berry c/o  Berry  Bros.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Donaldson,  Stuart  Shaw 7  Ashland  PI.  Toledo,  O. 

Ebersolb,  Harold  Leon 268  Park  St.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Ebersole,  Raymond  Arthur 268  Park  St.  Montclair,  N.J. 

Gregg,  Frank  Loaier,  Jr 1898  E.  89th  St.  Cleveland,  O. 

Hamilton,  Ralph  Bergen,  Jr.  (Sales.) .  134  Coristine  Bldg.  Montreal,  Can. 

Miller,  Thomas  Ewing  (Banking) 75  Hamilton  Ave.  Columbus,  O. 

Turk,  John  Wesley  (Farming) Bardwell,  Ky. 


Fates,  Hugh  Lee 269  Reynolds  Ter.  Orange,  N.J. 

Janes,  Edwin  Babcock 6259  Sheridan  Rd.  Chicago,  III. 

Lewis,  Mordecai,  2nd Stanley  Ave.  Clarksburg,  W. Va. 

PiETscH,  Walter  Randolph 1630  Ashland  Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

ScHEu,  Albert  James,  Jr 6112  Kingsbury  Blvd.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

SiBERT,  Gilbert  Martin 512  S.  Main  St.  Harrisonburg,  Va. 

Smtth,  Floyd  Monroe,  Jr 1038  Park  Ave.  Omaha,  Neb. 

Spangbbrg,  Victor  Arthur Hillside  PI.  Tarry  town,  N.Y. 

308  CORNELL  1924-25 

Tone,  Frank  Jerome,  Jr 131  Buffalo  Ave.  Niagara  Falls,  N.Y. 

Warnick,  Henry  Greene 92  Market  St.  Amsterdam,  N.Y. 


BiRKiN,  Robert  Greenley 422  Hamilton  St.  Evanston,  111. 

Booth,  Theodore  Harrington 142  Summit  Ave.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 

Bradley,  Charles 170  Waterman  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Collin,  Frank  Coit Fayetteville,  N.Y. 

CoYKENDALL,  John  Eastland 15  Lenox  PI.  Maplewood,  N.J. 

Johnson,  Carlton  Evan  (Clerk) 1616  Hinman.Ave.  Evanston,  111. 

Kimball,  David  Wheeler 120  Green  Bay  Rd.  Highland  Park,  111. 

Knapp,  Romaine  Cole 465  Waverly  St.  Waverly,  N.Y. 

Noel,  Thomas  Currie 23  N.  Maple  St.  Webster  Groves,  Mo. 

Rice,  Paul  Kruger Forest  Home,  Ithaca,  N.Y. 

Richardson,  Jack  Cole,  III 3422  Bernr  St.  Cincinnati,  0. 

Scott,  Charles  Duff 66  Admiral  Rd.  Toronto,  Can. 

Sexsmith,  Henry  Perry 26  Murray  St.  Binghamton.  N.Y. 

Simmons,  Howard  Lyle,  Jr 612  N.  Kenilworth  Ave.  Oak  Park,  111. 

Smith,  Horace  Hanford 300  W.  Broadway,  Louisville,  Ky. 

Splanb,  Howard  Scott 609  W.  First  St.  Oil  City,  Pa. 

Young,  Edward  Baldwin,  Jr.  (Farmer) 238  Pine  St.  Albany.  Ga. 

1837-46  309 



*  CoNKLiN,  Henry  Hewitt,  died  1884 Fond  du  Lac,  Wis. 

*  Jewbtt,  Dr.  Pliny  Adams,  died  1884 New  Haven,  Conn. 


*  GooDWTN,  William  Stephen,  died  1883 Hicksford,  Va. 


*  Inoebboll,  Hon.  Colin  Macrae,  died  1903 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Stobm,  ComeliuB,  died  1882 San  Francisco,  Cal. 


*  Mallstt,  Dr.  William  Peter,  died Chapel  Hill,  N.C. 


*  Chitbch,  Dr.  Samuel  Porter,  died  1914 Ithaca,  N.Y» 

*  Pynchon,  Prof.  Thomas  Ruggles,  died  1904 New  Haven,  Conn. 


*  Bbainabo,  Dr.  Edwin  Whittlesey,  died  1881 Branford,  Conn. 

*  Geer,  Rev.  George  Jarvis,  died  1885 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hall,  Dr.  George  Rogers,  died  1899 Milton,  Mass. 

*  Olmstead,  Rev.  Henry,  died  1882 Branford,  Conn. 

*  Wasneb,  Rev.  Abraham  Joseph,  died  1907 Angelica,  N.Y. 


*  CooKB,  Oliver  Dudley,  died  1895 Charlestown,  W.Va. 

*  Prescott,  Rev.  Oliver  Sherman,  died  1903 New  Haven,  Conn. 

*  Wadsworth,  Louis  Fenn,  died  1908 Plainfield,  N.J. 


*  Capron,  Rev.  Alexander,  died  1890 Jersey  City,  N.J. 

♦Chipman,  George  Colfax,  died  1893 Washington,  DC. 

*  Crane,  Thaddeus,  died  1903 Somers,  N.Y. 

*  Fowler,  Samuel,  died  1895 New  Orleans,  La. 

*  Palmer,  Rev.  Noble,  died  1903 St.  Paul,  Minn. 


*  Flagg,  Rev.  Jared  Bradley,  died  1899 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  HooFT^ames  Lawrence,  died  1887 Charlestown,  W.Va. 

*  Yale,  Hiram  Augustus,  died  1887 Meriden,  Conn. 

310  PHI  KAPPA  1847-56 


*  Hills,  Rev.  George  Morgan,  died  1890 Burlington,  N.J. 

*  MoHSS,  John  Rudd,  died  1885 Rahway.  N.J. 

*  SiSTABE,  Charles  Gabriel,  died  1899 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Flagg,  Rev.  Edward  Octavius,  died New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Jabvis,  Richard  William  Hart,  died  1903 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  MiDDLEBROOK,  Louis  Nathaniel,  died  1908 Bridgeport,  Conn. 

*  Peabodt,  Francis  BoUes,  died  1908 Chicago,  111. 

*  Pbtebs,  William  Cowper,  died  1896 Boston,  Mass. 

*  Stimson,  Rev.  Levi  Burt,  died  1897 Old  Mission,  Mich. 


*  Whbaton,  Charles,  died  1906 Aurora,  111. 


*  HtTNTiNQTON,  Rcv.  John  Taylor,  died  1919 Hartford,  Conn. 


*  Bbainabd,  Rev.  John,  died  1909 Atlbum,  N.Y. 

*  Cbosbt,  Darius  George,  died  1897 Orange,  N.J. 


*  Booth,  Thomas  Rogers,  died Bethlehem,  Pa. 

*  Chase,  Rev.  Francis,  died  1904 Scarsdale.  N.Y. 

*  Dbane,  Henry  Martyn,  died  1908 Armour,  N.C. 


*  Andbews,  Robert,  died  1919 East  Orange,  N.J. 

Bowman,  James  Pirrie  (Planter) St.  Francesville ,  La. 

*  Henshaw,  Charles  Henry,  died  1910 Providence,  R.I. 

*  Williams,  Erastus  Winslow,  died  1888 Yantic,  Conn. 


*  BoABDMAN,  William  Jarvis,  died  1915 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Williams,  Rev.  James  Henry,  died  1888 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  Jacobs,  Edward  Coleman,  died  1879 Corinne,  Utah 

*  Pebbtman,  Rev.  Edward  Griffith,  died  1888 Baltimore,  Mi. 

*  Pbeston,  Jacob  Alexander,  died  1904 Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Tbacy,  Elisha,  died  1913 New  York,  N.Y. 


*  FisHEB,  Rhoads,  died  1912 Austin,  Tex. 

*  Hubbell,  John  Henry,  died  1895 Beverly,  O. 

*  IvBB,  Rev.  Angus  Morison,  died  1880 Tuckahoe,  N.Y. 

1868-70  PHI  KAPPA  311 


*  Abhbtbong,  D.  Maitland,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hayes,  Dr.  William  Williams,  died  1901 San  Luis  Obispo,  Cal. 


*  HoLcoMB,  Bankson  Taylor,  died  1912 New  Castle,  Del. 

*  Leaver,  Henry  Knight,  died  1901 Washington,  D.C. 

Maddox,  William  Thomas  (Ret.) Box  54S,  Alexandria,  La. 


*  Graham,  Hamilton  Claverhouse,  died  1900 Selma,  Ala. 

*  HoLLBT,  Rev.  William  Welles,  died Hackensack,  N.J. 


*  James,  Coley,  died  1892 Thomaston,  Conn. 


*  Chrtstib,  Dr.  Thomas  Mackaness  Ludlow,  died  1914 Rye,  N.Y, 


♦Huntington,  Brig.  Gen.  Robert  Watkinson,  died  1917.  .University,  Va. 


*  Pitts,  Charles  Hall,  died  1887 Baltunore,  Md. 


Gbiswold,  Benjamin  Howell  (Ret.) 1433  Park  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Hooper,  George  Grafflin,  died  1903 ' Baltimore,  Md. 

Sullivan,  Felix  Robertson  (Ins.) 1728  N.  Calvert  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 


*  Huntington,  Dr.  Henry  Kent,  died  1897 New  York,  N.Y. 

Thurman,  Allen  William 1670  E.  Long  St.  Columbus,  O. 


*  Kennedy,  Frank,  died  1885 Hagerstown,  Md. 

*  Potts,  Rev.  Francis  Henry,  died  1922 Hastings,  Minn. 


Cheshire,  Rt.  Rev.  Joseph  Blount 802  Hillsboro  St.  Raleigh,  N.C. 


*  BixBT,  Robert  Forsyth,  died  1900 New  York,  ^.Y. 

Bryant,  Percy  Shelley  (Law.) 1544  Main  St.  East  Hartford,  Conn. 

Cooke,  George  Lewis  (Law.) 324  Dudley  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

*  KiRKLAND,  James,  died  1882 Albany,  N.Y. 

Whitlock,  Rev.  Harlow  Ruggles 69  High  Ct.  Rockville,  Conn. 

312  PHI  KAPPA  1871-78 


Gordon,  Rev.  Thomas  Henry Glastonbury,  Conn. 


Bellinger,  Edward  Bohun  (Ed.) 21  President  St.  Charleston,  S.C. 

*  Buxton,  Jarvis  Barry,  died  1899. Wilkesborough,  N.C. 

*  Elliott,  James  Habersham,  died Lester,  Miss. 

Graham,  Rev.  John 2203  Ditmas  Ave.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Perry,  Rev.  Joeiah  Bedon,  died  1908 Washington,  D.C. 

*  Snyder,  Dr.  Edgar,  died 

Warner,  Hon.  Donald  Ticknor  (State  Referee) Salisbury,  Conn. 


*  Buxton,  John  Cameron,  died  1917 Winston-Salem,  N.C. 


*  CoE,  George  Jarvis,  died  1905 Plainfield,  N.J. 

*  GiLMORE,  Dr.  Arnold  Plumer,  died  1906 Chicago,  111. 

Plumer,  Lewis  M.  (Law.) 1318  Park  Bldg.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Smyth,  Hon.  James  Davis  (Judge) Burlington,  la. 

Whaley  Rev.  Percival  Hanahan 166  Ashley  Ave.  Charleston,  S.C. 


Bryan,  Washington 9  W.  106th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Clarke,  Arthur  French  (Clerk) 

126  Englewood  Ave.  Coolidge  Comer  47,  Mass. 

*  Norton,  Rev.  George  Herbert,  died  1881 Ausable  Forks,  N.Y. 

*  Sartwelle,  Rev.  William  Dinsmore,  died  1897 Dublin,  Tex. 


*  FooTE,  Charles  Edgar,  died  1893 Phoenix,  Arix. 

*  HiESTER,  Isaac,  died  1921 Reading,  Pa. 

*  Porter,  Rev.  Theodore  Atkinson,  died  1917 Charleston,  S.C. 


*  Hazlehurst,  George  Blagden,  died Catonsville,  Md. 

Hooker,  Rev.  Sidney  Douglass  (Archdeacon) 

421  Lawrence  St.  Helena,  Mont. 

*  HusKE,  Rev.  John,  died  1915 Newburgh,  N.Y. 

Kurtz,  Dr.  Julian  Ellis 20  S.  5th  St.  Reading,  Pa. 


*  Blackmer,  William  Cole,  died  1903 Salisbury,  N.C. 

*  Chipman,  George  Sumner,  died  1879 Stamford,  Conn. 

HiLLE,  Rev.  John  Dows 330  Home  Ave.  Avalon,  Pa. 

*  Hunter,  Dr.  Charles,  died  1899 Colorado  Sprinas,  Colo. 

Lyman,  Augustus  Julian  (Law.) 126  Merrimon  Ave.  Asheville,  N.C. 

Mock,  Leonidas  Cowan , Salisbury,  N.C. 

Stewart,  Dr.  George  Taylor 230  Thayer  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

1879^6  PHI  KAPPA  313 


Cameron,  Rev.  James  Innes  Hayes 

Haqar,  Walter  Calvin 

Habdino,  Rt.  Rev.  Alfred  (Bishop) 

Bishop's  House,  Cathedral  Close,  Washington,  D.C. 
♦Snow,  Alpheus  Henry  (Law.)  died  1920 Washington,  D.C. 


*  Kneeland,  George,  died  1883 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Stone,  Rev.  Morton,  died  1905 Taunton,  Mass. 

*  Stone,  Rev.  Stewart,  died  1895 Philadelphia,  Pa. 


(^Ti88,  Dr.  Harlow  Clarke  (Law.) 

602  Erie  County  Sav.  Bank  Bldg.  Buffalo,  N.Y. 
Fbeeland,  Rev.  Charles  Wright  (U.S.A.)  (Lt.  Col.) 

War  Dept.  Washington,  D.C. 

Hdntinoton,  Dr.  George  Sumner 163  E.  56th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Newton,  Rev.  Edward  Pearsons Hyde  Park-on-Hudson,  N.Y. 


Barto,  Richard  Vernam  (Fin.) 657  E.  Rich  St.  Columbus,  O. 

*  Carter,  Bernard  Moore,  died Baltimore,  Md. 

Carter,  Charles  Henry  (Law.) 811  St.  Paul  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

CoiT,  Rev.  Charles  Wheeler Packard  St.  Hammonton,  N.J. 

Howell,  George  Dawson  (Law.) 1324  Oliver  Bldg.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Watson,  Rev.  Samuel  Newell c/o  Natl.  City  Bank,  Akron,  O. 


Carter,  Hon.  John  Ridgely  (Banker)..  .14  Place  Vendome,  Paris,  France 
Cowl,  Maurice  (Priest) 8046  W.  Chester  Pike,  Upper  Darby,  Pa. 

*  Huntington,  John  Williams,  died  1893 Amantia,  Fla. 

*  KtjRTz,  Dr.  Clarence  Mor^^n,  died  1918 Reading,  Pa. 

Woodruff,  Frank  Dutton  (Pub.) 34  Gramercy  Pk.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Brainard,  John  Morgan  (Law.) 144  South  St.  Auburn,  N.Y. 

Crocker,  ^ubert  Davis  (Law.) 3911  Dakin  St.  Chicago,  lU. 

Hills,  Rev.  George  Heathcote 3626  Reading  Rd.  Cincinnati,  O. 

Hills,  Reginald Shawnee-on-Delaware,  Pa. 

Huntington,  Rev.  Harwood 419  S.  Lorraine  Blvd.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Richardson,  Frank  Wood  (Mer.) 138  South  St.  Auburn,  N.Y. 


*  BoARDMAN,  William  Henry,  died  1917 Cleveland,  O. 

*  CoDMAN,  Rev.  Archibald,  died  1891 Roslindale,  Mass. 

*  Humphrey,  George  Frederick,  died  1883 Fairbault,  Minn. 


*  Cameron,  Rev.  Lewis,  died  1909 S.  Orange,  N.J. 

*  Goodwin,  Rev.  James,  died  1917 Hartford,  Conn. 

314  PHI  KAPPA  1886-93 

*  Hatch,  Edward  Buckingham,  died  1921 Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Hays,  John  MacClurg^  died  1915 Pittsburgh,  Pa. 


Applegate,  Rev.  Octavius 1103  Summit  PI.  Utica,  N.Y. 

Cabter,  Rev.  George  Calvert The  Rectory,  Bryn  Mawr,  Pa. 

Hamlin,  Albert  Church  (Ret.) 

Hotel  Marie  Antoinette,  Broadway  &  67th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Babber,  William  Wyatt   (Ed.) St.  Marks  School,  Southboro,  Mass. 

Brownell,  Henry  Barnard  (Law.) 120  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Goodwin,  William  Brownell  (Ins.) 

Aetna  Insurance  Co.  1007  Hartman  Bldg.  Columbus,  O. 

Morgan,  Wm.  Festus 20  Fair  St.  Cooperstown,  N.Y. 

Putnam,  William  Throckmorton  (Farmer) Lake  Cushman,  Wash. 

*  Stewart,  Dr.  William  John  Sheaff,  died  1919 Caracas,  Venezuela 

Warner,  Malcolm  Clark 528  Main  Ave.  San  Antonio,  Tex. 


ScHUTz,  Robert  Hutchins  (Mfg.)  ....  1075  Prospect  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 
Sennett,  Lucien  Frank  (Ed.) Howe  School,  Howe,  Ind. 

*  Vanderpoel,  Aaron  Melger,  died  1894 Hartford,  Conn. 


*  CJheritree,  Theodore  Lathrop,  died  1903 Niagara  Falls,  N.Y. 

*  Coleman,  Gilbert  Payson,  died  1918 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Hutchins,  Robert  Hamilton,  died  1909 New  York,  N.Y. 

LiTTELL,  Rev.  John  Stockton West  Hartford,  Conn. 

*  Ptnchon,  Prof.  William  Harry  Chichele,  died  1910 

Oyster  Bay,  L.I..  N:Y. 

*  Smith,  Philip,  died  1896 Detroit,  Mich. 


*  Dingwall,  Edward  Alexander,  died  1910 Bay  City,  Mich. 

Hamlin,  George  Newell  (Law.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Lampson,  Dr.  Edward  Rutledge 175  N.  Beacon  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Plumb,  Rev.  John  Fields Main  St.  New  Milford,  Conn. 

Van  Schaack,  David  (Ins.) 650  Main  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 


Almy,  Samson  (Lumber) 75  Prospect  St.  Providence,  R.I. 

Gary,  Henry  A 604  W.  112th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Fuller,  Frederic  Beecher,  died  1896 Chicago,  111. 

Kidder,  Dr.  Hugh 218  Central  Park  W.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Randall,  Ernest  Davis,  died  1894 Essex,  Conn. 


BowiE,  Carter  Lee  (Law.) 503  Carroll  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Cabteb,  Lawson  Averell  (Law.) Lake  St.  Cooperstown,  N.Y. 

1893-99  PHI  KAPPA  315 

*  Churchman,  Clarke,  died  1898 Claymont,  Del. 

CcLLEN,  James  (Ice  and  Coal) 3220  Jeflferson  Ave.  Cincinnati,  O. 

*  Dickinson,  Ernest  Leon,  died  1892 Essex,  Conn. 

LocKwooD,  Luke  Vincent  (Law,  Fin.) .  . .  165  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 
♦Wilson,  Rev.  George  Hewson,  died  1900 Southington,  Conn. 


Cakter,  Shirley  (Law.) 8  E.  Biddle  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Ide,  Horton  Gregory City  Hall,  Boston,  Mass. 

Morrison,  Rev.  Palmer  Bennett 

c/o  Brown-Shipley  <fe  Co.  123  Pall  Mall,  London,  Eng. 

ScHUTZ,  Walter  Stanley  (Law.) 36  Pearl  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Wesley,  Perley  Raymond  (Rubber) 100  Bowen  St.  Providence,  R.I. 


*  Briscoe,  James,  Jr.,  died  1921 Govanstown,  Md. 

Churchman,  Edward  Gilpin  (Glass) 73  W.  Broadway,  Salem,  N.J. 

Dingwall,  Harrie  Renz  (Distiller) 7857  Van  Dyke  PI.  Detroit,  Mich. 

*  Hamlin,  Edward  Percy,  died  1903 New  York,  N.Y. 

LiTTELL,  Rev.  S(amuel)  Harrington 

Amer.  Mission  of  the  Episcopal  Church,  Hankow,  China 
McGann,  Rev.  John  Moore 37  Chestnut  St.  Springfield,  Mass. 


Dtett,  Walter  Fairman  (Acct.) 146  Lexington  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

LONGFORD,  William  Speaight  (Ins.) 

c/o  Marsh  &  McLennan,  80  Maiden  Lane,  New  York,  N.Y, 
Washburn,  Dr.  Philip  Carter Cape  May  Court  House,  N.J. 


Allen,  Henry  Wo^ward  (Law.)..  .3737  Washington  Ave.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Beecroft,  Edgar  Charles  (Law.) Pelham  Manor,  N.Y. 

Gbinnell,  Henry  (Forester) 6  Ashton  PI.  Asheville,  N.C. 

Langford,  Archibald  Morrison  (Ed.) Howe  School,  Howe,  Ind. 

Moore,  Lt.  Col.  Jairus  Alpheus  (Ret.),  c/o  War  Dept.  Washington,  D.C. 

Page,  Col.  John  Henry,  Jr c/o  Adjt.  Gen.  U.S.A.,  Washington,  D.C. 

Plumer,  Samuel,  2nd Brazil,  Clay  Co.  Ind. 

Starr,  Dr.  Robert  Sythoff Soutif  Windsor,  Conn. 


*  Carter,  Julian  Stuart,  died  1918 Baltimore,  Md. 

Cook,  The  Rt.  Rev.  Philip Bishopstead,  Wilmington,  Del. 

Davenport,  John  Sidney,  Jr.  (Ins.) 

c/o  Life  Ins.  Co.  of  Va.  Richmond,  Va. 

Foot,  Edwin  Hawley  (Mfr.) 1015  4th  St.  Red  Wing,  Minn. 

Reynolds,  Lloyd  Gilson  (Law.) Bourse  Bldg.  Philadelphia,  Pa, 


Glazebrook,  Dr.  Francis  Henry 171  South  St.  Morristown,  N.J. 

Hedrick,  Rev.  Charles  Baker 

Berkeley  Divinity  School,  Middletown,  Conn. 

316  PHI  KAPPA  1899-1906 

Kbbner,  Howard  Sinclair Great  Barrington,  Mass. 

LiTTBLL,  Dr.  Elton  Gardiner 149  Park  Ave.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

*  Morse,  Bryan  KUlikelly,  died  1916 New  York,  N.Y. 

Onderdonk,  Adrian  Holmes  (Ed.) 

St.  James  School,  Hagerstown,  Washington  Co.  Md. 

Rich,  Rev.  Ernest  Albert  (Archdeacon) Logan  St.  Graham,  Va. 

RoBBiNS,  James  (Journ.) c/o  The  World,  New  York,  N.Y. 


Bradin,  James  Watson,  Jr.  (Vice  Pres.) .  .203  W.  78th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Fox,  Roderick  Harrison,  died  1911 Bradford,  Pa. 

Fuller,  Samuel  Richard,  Jr.  (Cotton) 

Canadian  Connecticut  Cotton  Mills,  Sherbrooke,  Can. 

Glazebrook,  Hazlett  McKim  (Mach.) 18  Badeau  Ave.  Summit,  N.J. 

HoRNOR,  Harry  Archer Buckingham  Valley,  Bucks  Co.  Pa. 

Schwartz,  David  Louis  (Mer.) 343  Aubrey  Rd.  Wynnewood,  Pa. 

Sherwood,  Bishop  Granville  Hudson . . .  627  S.  Walnut  St.  Springfield,  111. 


Brown,  William  Purnell  fContr.) Centreville,  Md. 

Walker,  James  Merryman  (Fin.) 209  Clinton  St.  Brookljrn,  N.Y. 

Wynkoop,  Augustus  (R.  Est.) 7  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Bradfield,  Herbert  Stanley.  .Capitol  City  Lumber  Co.,  Little  Rock,  Ark. 

Clapp,  Dr.  Fred  Raymond 15  E.  S.  St.  South  Bend,  Ind. 

Steele,  Thomas  McBlain  (Law.) 866  Chapel  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Weibel,  Richard  Nicks  (Mfg.) 227  Mitchell  Ave.  Clairton,  Pa. 

White,  Rev.  Howard  Russell 319  W.  Colfax  Ave.  So.  Bend,  Ind. 


Bradin,  Percival  Hawtree  (Ins.) 136  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Henry,  Daniel  Murray  (Law.) Baltimore  Club,  Baltimore,  Md. 

McKeon,  Robert  Lincoln  (R.  Est.) .  103  Sickles  Ave.  New  Rochelle.  N.Y. 
Thomas,  Rev.  Edmund  Crawford .  . .  160  Washington  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 
Tucker,  William  Winton  (R.  Est.) 1518  S.  State  St.  Syracuse,  N.Y. 


Denslow,  Theodore  North  (Ed.) Nashotah  House,  Nashotah,  Wis. 

Van  Tine,  Raymond  Brinckerhoflf 703  Leary  Bldg.  Seattle,  Wash. 


*  Farrow,  Malcom  Collins,  Jr.,  died,  1915 

Grady,  James  Thomas  (Ed.) 100  Morningside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Meredith,  Very  Rev.  Frederic  Charles 

Box  287,  Ancon,  Panama  Canal  Zone 

Rhodes,  Charles  Milton  (Glass) 

Wynkoop,  C.  Barton  (R.  Est.) 223  Elizabeth  St.  Utica,  N.Y. 


Cameron,  Ralph  Evelyn  (Eng.) Lanesboro,  Mass. 

1906-11  PHI  KAPPA  817 

*  Fackleb,  David  Morris,  died  1906 New  York,  N.Y. 

*  HuET,  Harry,  died  1909 Middletown.  Conn. 

Hunt,  Elmer  Munson  (Adv.)... Lanark  Rd.  Shippan  Pt.  Stamford,  Conn. 
Laudbrburn,  Donald  Ely  (Forest.  Eng.),  27A  Federal  St.  Brunswick,  Me. 

Maercklbin,  Burdette  Crane  (Edit.) 213  Laurel  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Schwartz,  Herman  Livingston  (Sales  Eng.) 

367  Aubrey  Rd.  Wynnewood,  Pa. 


Bryant,  Percy  Carleton 1544  Main  St.  E.  Hartford,  (Ilonn. 

Curtis,  Thomas  Cook,  Jr.  (Law.) 14  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

DE  Maxjriac,  Rev.  Henry  de  Wolf 117  Maple  St.  E.  Aurora,  N.Y. 

Edwards,  Rev.  Henry  Bovd 1716  Gaines  St.  Little  Rock,  Ark. 

Hedrick,  Frederick  Cleveland  (R.  Est.) 

2403  St.  John's  Ave.  Jacksonville,  Fla. 
Light,  Dr.  William  Henry 50  Mitchell  St.  Waterbury,  Conn. 


Cross,  William  Rich  (Adv.) Rye,  N.Y. 

Edsall,  James  Kirtland  (Banker) 115  Farwell  Ave.  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Hubbard,  George  Whipple  (Mer.) 21  Everit  St.  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Hyde,  Ralph  de  Lancy  (Sales  Mgr.) 424  S.  Maple  Ave.  Oak  Park,  111. 

Morgan,  Herman  Thomas c/o  Socony,  Calcutta,  India 

*  Page,  James  Jellis,  died  in  service  1918. 

Randall,  Giles  Deshon  (Auditor) 552  W.  186th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wolfe;  Ralph  Reed  (Edit.) 73  Evergreen  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 


Alkshirb,  Major  Joseph  Page  (U.S.A.) 

c/o  Adjutant  General,  Washington,  D.C. 

Deppen,  William  Christian  (Fuel) Claremont,  W.Va. 

Eastman,  Welles  (Ins.).  — 410  Groveland  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Hart,  John  Caldwell  (Sales.) 114  Hart  St.  Taunton,  Mass. 

*  Peck,  Henry  Oliver,  died  1912 Pittsfield,  Mass. 

Rich,  Frank  Chase  (Sales.) 

c/o  Whitley  &  Foedisch,  90  West  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  WnxouGHBT,  Keith,  died  1907 Buffalo,  N.Y. 


Bishop,  Frederick  Samuel Bardstown  Rd.  Louisville,  Ky. 

Harmon,  Sturges Watervleit,  Mich. 

Kedney,  Frederick  Steinfort 

4225  E.  Lake  Harriet  Blvd.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Langford,  Edward  (Actor) 241  W.  101st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Labned,  Major  William  Edmund 

^  c/o  Adj.  Gen.  U.S.A.,  Washington,  D.C. 

Wright,  Richardson  Little  (Edit.) 19  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Clark,  Albert  (Law.) Orchard  St.  Lee,  Mass. 

Davis,  Alexander  Keith 468  High  St.  Middletown,  Conn. 

818  PHI  KAPPA  1911-15 

Fabbow,  Walter  Murray 104  N.  Shamokin  St.  Shamokin,  Pa. 

Gibbon,  William  Burr  (Oil) 740  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Howell,  Alfred  (Gasoline) 

515  Charleston  Natl.  Bank  Bldg.  Charleston,  W.Va. 

Keyes.  George  Thurman  (Adv.) 55  W.  44th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

MoBBis,  Thomas  Lyon  (Law.) 205  S.  Evaline  St.  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Rees,  Henry  KoUock  (Ins.) 100  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Yates,  Blinn  Francis  (Banking) 

U.  S.  Mortgage  A  Trust  Co.  55  (Dedar  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Babnett,  Bion  (Artist) Salario,  Ajaccio,  Corsica,  France 

BiBD,  William  A.,  4th  (Edit.) . .  .8  Place  du  Palais-Bourbon,  Paris,  France 
Bleeckeb,  William  Hill,  Jr.  (Sales  Mgr.).9  Clinton  Rd.  Glen  Ridjge,  N.J. 

Hebrick,  Paul  Fairbanks  (Mfr.) 684  State  St.  Springfield,  Mass. 

Howell,  Charles  Hurd  (Ed.) Middlesex  School,  Concord,  Mass. 

Lines,  William  Samuel,  Jr 210  S.  Main  St.  W.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Pettigbew,  Elliott  Fielding  (Sales.).. .  .1600  Jesup  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 
Reodick,  John  Farnsley 408  Market  St.  Logansport,  Ind. 


Adkins,  Leonard  Dawson 

c/o  Cravath  &  Henderson,  52  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Babnett,  Rev.  Joseph  Noyes East  Ave.  Red  Wing,  Minn. 

Cook,  Allan  Behrends  (Fin.) 370  Central  Pk.  W.  New  York,  N.Y. 

(DuBTis,  William  Redmond  (Ed.) Point  Pleasant,  N.J. 

Deppen,  Richard  Lawton  (Mgr.) 30  Kingswood  Rd.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Foot,  Robert  Montague  (Mfr.) 928  3rd  St.  Red  Wing,  Minn. 

Leavenwobth,  Major  John  Parke  (Ret.) 

c/o  Adjt.  Gen.  U.  S.  Army,  Washington,  D.C. 

MooBE,  John  Bigelow  (Coal) Point  Marion,  Pa. 

Thompson,  Uldric,  Jr.  (Cons.  Eng.) 1  W.  54th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

WiTHiNQTON,  Robert  Preston  (Ins.)  — 

National  Life  Ins.  Co.  Montpelier,  Vt. 


Adam,  Josef  (Music) Wohllebengasse  No.  9,  Vienna  IV,  Austria 

DE  RoNO^,  Louis  Onderdonk  (Ins.) University  Club,  Hartford,  Conn. 

Eldeb,  George  Howard  (Farmer) Joppa,  Md. 

Hicks,  Ury  Albert  (Mfg.) 1229  S.  Wabash  Ave.  Chicago.  111. 

*  LisTEB,  Alfred  Brooks,  died  in  service  1918. 
Little,  Thomas  Wolcott  (Mfg.) 

c/o  Bemis  Bro.  Bag  Co.  40  Central  St.  Boston,  Mass. 

MooBE,  Rev.  James  Ashton  Greene Barnes  Hall,  Ithaca,  N.Y. 

Moses,  Rev.  John  Shapleigh 3238  O  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Wboth,  Rev.  Edward  Pinkney DarUngton,  Md. 

YouNO,  Vertrees  (Sales  Mgr.) 1501  Locust  St.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 


Babnett,  William  Edward  (Lumber) Newtown,  Conn. 

BiBSELL,  Randwick  Albert  (Hotel  Business) Brandon,  Vt. 

BoBHM,  Charles  Herbert  (Banking) . . .  Roland  Park  P.  O.  Baltimore,  Md. 

1915-20  PHI  KAPPA  319 

Edsall,  Rev.  Samuel  Harmon 122  Signoumey  St.  Hartford,  Comi. 

HowzLL,  Georse  Dawson,  Jr 48  Fayerweather  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

Mesrill,  Stanley  Merton  (Ins) 376  Prospect  Ave.  Hartford,  CJonn. 

RiVAfi,  Dayton  Kathan  (Sales.) 50  Church  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Shellet,  Isaac  Battin  (Ed.) 4420  Sansome  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

WiTHiNQTON,  Charles  Coolidge  (U.  S.  Post  Office) 

409  Buncombe  St.  Greenville,  S.C. 
Young,  Philip  John,  Jr 245  Grant  Ave.  Nutley,  N.J. 


Castator,  Frederick  Barwick  (Cotton  Oil) 

370  Ponce  de  Leon  Ave.  Atlanta,  Ga. 

Elder,  Francis  Wyatt  (Farmer) Pine  Grove  Farm,  Joppa,  Md. 

Harding,  Alfred,  Jr.  (Reporter) 685  Isham  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Kennedy,  James  Buyers 245  Rochelle  Ave.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Lambert,  Rev.  Frank Mobriage,  S.D. 

Lyon,  Lowell  Thayer  (Sales.) 6106  Walnut  St.  Pittsbiu-gh,  Pa. 

Martin,  Robert  Starr j Royal  Oak,  Md. 


Berkelby,  Rev.  Otey  Robinson 401  Manistique  Ave.  Detroit,  Mich. 

Hatch,  James  Watson  (Mfr.) 41  Concord  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

LnTLE,  Drummond  Williamson  (Ins.) 

904  City  Trust  BIdg.  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

Macrum,  William  Wade  (Clerk) 927  Hulton  Rd.  Oakmont,  Pa. 

Pratt,  John  Humphrey,  Jr.  (Mfg.) .  . .  .Byram  Shore,  Port  Chester,  N.Y. 

Sather,  Einer  (Mfg.) 800  Asylum  Ave.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Smith,  Hugh  Montgomery  (Mfg.) 429  E.  64th  St.  New  York  ,N.Y. 

Stark,  Rev.  Dudley  Scott 60  Broadway,  Mauch  Chunk,  Pa. 


Babber,  George  Harmon  (Broker) Englewood,  N.J. 

BxjRNHAM,  John  De  Bois  (R.  Est.) . .  .Montecito  Co.,  Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

Hahn,  James  Pendleton 500  Perry  Ave.  Greenville,  S.C. 

Harding,  Paul  Curtis  (Ins.) 

Bishop's  House,  Cathedral  Close,  Washington,  D.C. 

Hats,  James  McFadden Poia  St.  Edgeworth,  Pa. 

*  Smyth,  Walter  Goldsborough,  died  1922 New  York,  N.Y. 

Stewart,  Murray  McGregor  (Cotton) 426  E.  45th  St.  Savannah,  Ga. 

Talbott,  Lt.  Barnett  Thomas 1924  Eye  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Withington,  James  Harvey  (Steel) 

31  Chestnut  Ter.  Newton  Center,  Mass. 


Evans,  Theodore  Francis  (Ed.) Kent  School,  Kent,  Conn. 

Nordstrom,  Harry  William  (Music) 1541  56th  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 


Austin,  John  Fuller,  Jr R.  F.  D.  W.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Humphries,  Floyd  Thurston  (Fin.),  217  W.  Lafayette  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 
Humphries,  Romilly  Francis,  Jr.  (Ink) 

217  W.  Lafayette  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 

320  PHI  KAPPA  1920-25 

King,  Arthur  Lovelee 1462  5l8t  St.  Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

Love,  Ethelbert  Wickes .9  Phillips  PL  Cambridge,  Mass. 

Lton,  Jack  Wible 827  Bank  St.  Sewickley,  Pa. 

Tapf,  Alfred  Eric Roselle  Ave.  Deal  Beach,  N.J. 

*  •Walker,  Kenneth  Knapp,  died  in  service  1918. 


Clabk,  Olin  Howard,  Jr.  (Adv.) 53  Torwood  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Noel,  Wilbur  Kincaid 330  S.  4th  Ave.  Danville,  Ky. 

Strong,  Norman  demons  (Ins.) 226  Edgewood  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 


Brainbrd,  Wilson  Gillette 249  Collins  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Hoard,  Arthur  Wayne  (Coal) . . .  .613  Morgantown  St.  Point  Marion,  Pa. 
HoLDEN,  Theodore  Littleton  (Journ.) ....  247  Collins  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 
Plumb,  Robert  Johnston Main  St.  New  Milford,  Conn. 


Gesner,  Conrad  Herbert 18  Hewlett  St.  Waterbury,  Conn. 

Miller,  Stanley  Potter Freeling  St.  Point  Marion,  Pa. 

Morse,  Carey  Yale Newtown,  Conn. 

NiEBE,  Alfred  Moring Morristown,  N.J. 


Browning,  Luther  (Reporter) 66  State  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

Ives,  Richard  Goodman Ohehyahtah  PI.  Danbury,  Conn. 

MuLFORD,  Johnathan  Elmer 51  Walnut  St.  Bridgeton,  N.J. 


AvERiLL,  Edward  Wilson 617  W.  Berry  St.  Fort  Wayne,  Ind. 

Dealey,  Lewis  Palfrey Kent  School,  Kent,  Conn. 

Fleming,  Robert  Edward West  Lebanon,  Ind. 

Gbiger,  Roy  Edwin 16  Sunset  Ter.  West  Hartford,  Conn. 

Hadlow,  David  Moore 25  Lyceimi  St.  Geneva,  N.Y. 

Macrum,  Robert  King 927  Hulton  Rd.  Oakmont,  Pa. 

Morris,  Charles  Robert 3438  Oak  Park  Blvd.  Berwyn,  111. 

SisE,  Charles  Carpenter 69  Richards  Ave.  Portsmouth,  N.H. 

Stone,  Henry  Taylor 35  W.  Raymond  St.  Hartford,  Conn. 

1883-90  321 



Freeman,  Prof.  Clarence  Campbell 543  N.  Broadway,  Lexincton,  Ky. 


Shoemaker,  William  Rawle  (Vice  Admiral) 

c/o  The  Navy  Department,  Washington,  D.C. 


Ambs,  Prof.  Joseph  Sweetman Johns  Hopkins  Univ.  Baltimore,  Md. 

*  BuLLABD,  Francis,  died  1913 Boston,  Mass. 

BuBTON,  William  Meriam  (Oil) 910  S.  Michigan  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 

Hodges,  James  Shaler  (Govt.) 1726  St.  Paul  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

McPhekson,  Prof.  John  Hanson  Thomas.  .625  Milledge  Ave.  Athens,  Ga. 
Poor,  Prof.  Charles  Lane Dering  Harbor,  N.Y. 

*  Williams,  William  Knapp,  died  1897 Nordhof ,  Cal. 


(looDwiN,  Prof.  Charles  Jaques 118  Church  St.  Bethlehem.  Pa. 

Sharpe,  Prof.  Benjamin  Franjclin  (Ret.) . .  .4  Church  St.  Greenwich,  N.Y. 
White,  Julian  LeRoy 2400  W.  North  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 


Bliss,  Prof.  William  Julian  Albert.  ..1026  N.  Calvert  St.  Baltimore.  Md. 
De  Vries,  Rev.  William  Levering 

3516  Woodley  Rd.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

Lanier,  Charles  Day  (Pub.) 30  Irving  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Steiner,  Bernard  Christian  (Librarian) .  .  1631  Eutaw  PI.  Baltimore,  Md. 


Reeves,  Prof.  William  Peters Kenyon  College,  Gambier,  O. 


Ames,  John  McEwen Kanotex  Refining  Co.  Arkansas  City,  Kan. 

Keech,  Edward  PArkin,  Jr.  (Law.),  203  Ridgewood  Rd.  Roland,  Park,  Md. 

Knower,  Prof.  Henry  McElderry Univ.  of  Cincinnati,  (Cincinnati,  O. 

LiTTLEFiELD,  Rev.  Milton  Smith 45  National  Ave.  Corona,  N.Y. 

*  Morrison,  George  Clarence,  died  1912 Baltimore,  Md. 

Shipley,  Howard  Barry Baltimore,  Md. 

Stone,  John  Stone  (Telephone) 4811  Panorama  Dr.  San  Diego,  Cal. 

Wright,  Dr.  James  Homer Mass.  General  Hospital,  Boston,  Mass. 

322  JOHNS  HOPKINS  1891-94 


Brown,  Shellman  Baer  (Genl.  Mgr.) 601  Paxinoea  Ave.  Easton,  Pa. 

Gane,  Henry  Stewart  (Rancher) R.  F.  D.  #1,  Santa  Barbara,  Cal. 

Holmes,  Dr.  Edwin Palisade  Ave.  Englewood,  N.J. 

Johnson,  Charles  William  Leverett  (Fin.),  909  St.  Paul  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Keating,  Henry  Webster,  died  1918 Hagerstown,  Md. 

Laino,  Dean  Gordon  Jennings McGill  Univ.  Montreal,  Can. 

*  McDonald,  John  Dawson,  died  1898 Boston,  Mass. 

NoRTHRUP,  Edwin  Fitch  (Mfr.) Princeton,  N.J. 

Phinizt,  Bowdre  (Pub.) 519  Greene  St.  Augusta,  Ga. 

Reeves,  Prof.  Jesse  Siadall 1945  Cambridge  Rd.  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

Stewart,  Charles  Morton Eccleston,  P.  O.  Baltimore  Co.  Md. 

West,  Charles  Joseph  (Law.) 706  Daniel  Bldg.  Tulsa,  Okla. 


Brown,  Dr.  Thomas  Richardson.  .Whitfield  Rd.  Guilford,  Baltimore,  Md. 

Gresham,  Rev.  LeRoy 428  E.  Main  St.  Salem,  Va. 

Jewett,  Hugh  Judge,  Jr.  (Ret.) Darlington,  Md. 

Johnson,  Prof.  Theodore  Woolsey 55  Franklin  St.  Annapolis,  Md. 

Stevenson,  Robert  Alston 57  High  St.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 

Stewart,  (justav  Liu-man Gay  &  Lombard  Sts.  Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Stewart,  John,  2nd,  died  1903 Eccleston,  Md. 

Stewart,  Redmond  Conyngham  (Law.)  1063  Calvert  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 


*  Ahrens,  Adolph  Hall,  died Baltimore,  Md. 

Ahrens,  Theodore  George  (Research) 

Landauerstrasse  4,  Wilmersdorf,  Berlin,  Germanv 
Blackford,  William  Steenbergen  (Ins.)  ....<.  10  South  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Brown,  George  Stewart  (LawO 641  Washington  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

MuLFORD,  Rmand  Jessup  (Rector)  . .  .  Ridgefield  School,  Ridgefield,  Conn. 
Theobald,  Samuel,  Jr.  (Artist) 40  Crescent  Ave.  Arrochar,  S.I.  N.Y. 

*  Thomas,  Douglas  Hamilton,  Jr,  died Baltimore,  Md. 

TuRNBULL,  Edwin  Litchfield  (Ret.) 1530  Park  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 


Ames,  Prof.  John  Griffith,  2nd 1338  Mount  Ave.  Jacksonville,  HI. 

Baxter,  Prof.  Arthur  Henry Amherst  College,  Amherst,  Mass. 

Brush,  Prof.  Murray  Peabody Tome  School,  Port  Deposit,  Md. 

*  Conrad,  Charles  Angelo,  died Baltimore,  Md. 

Gribwolo,  Benjamin  Howell,  Jr.  (Banker) 

Baltimore  &  Calvert  Sts.  Baltimore,  Md. 
Hodges,  Rowland  White  (Office  Asst.) 

718  18th  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

*  Kinney,  Samuel  Wardwell,  died .Baltimore,  Md. 

Marshall,  Prof.  Harry  Taylor University  P.  O.  Va. 

Miles,  Louis  Wardlaw  (Ed.) . . .  .Gilman  Country  School,  Baltimore,  Md. 

*  MoLiNARD,  William  Robinson,  died Oklahoma  City,  Okla. 

*  Post,  John  Eugeiie  Howard,  died  1912 Baltimore,  Md. 

Tompkins,  Dr.  John  Almy 

Y.M.C.A.  Cathedral  &  Franklin  Sts.  Baltimore,  Md. 

1895-99  JOHNS  HOPKINS 323 


BucKLiB,  Dr.  Humphrey  Warren 806  Cathedral  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Farbow,  Miles  (Musician) 

Choir  School,  St.  John  the  Divine,  New  York,  N.Y. 
KiLVERT,  Charles  Alexander  (Fin.) . . .  .C.  A.  Kilvert  Co.  Providence,  R.I. 
Pleasants,  Dr.  J(acob)  Hall 

201  Longwood  Rd.  Roland  Pk.  Baltimore,  Md. 
Williams,  Dr.  William  Whitridge.  .236  Metropolitan  Bldg.  Denver,  Colo. 


*  CoRBiN,  Matthew  Maury,  died  1913 Schenectady,  N.Y. 

Cbitchlow,  Prof.  Frank  Linley Princeton  College,  Princeton,  N.J. 

LoNo,  Ellis  Barcroft  (Sculptor) 127  Richmond  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Nblson,  Edwin  Delaplaine 1012  N.  Calvert  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Thomas,  John  Hanson,  died  1919 > Baltimore,  Md. 


Adams,  Major  Edward  Maquire War  Dept.  Washington,  D.C. 

Adams,  Herbert  Henry  (Kodaks) 150  Rutgers  St.  Rochester,  N.Y. 

Garrett,  Robert  (Fin.) : Roland  Park,  Baltimore,  Md. 

Jenkins,  Michael  Ernest  (Law.) 18  Abell  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 

L  Englb,  Dr.  Edward  McCrady  (Ret.) 

2756  St.  Johns  Ave.  Jacksonville,  Fla. 
Warfield,  Dr.  Louis  Marshall 

University  of  Michigan,  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 
Williams,  Dr.  Dudley Edmonson  &  Elsinore  Aves.  Baltimore,  Md. 


♦Bates,  John  Savage  (Capt.),  died  1922 Tucson,  Aris. 

Brent,  Duncan  Kenner  (Law.) 

Legal  Dept.  B.  &  O.  R.  R.  Baltimore,  Md. 

jRANas,  Dr.  William  Willoughby University  Club,  Montreal,  Can. 

Hodges,  Conway  Shaler  (Mfr.  Agent) 615  Park  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Lehb,  Dr.  Louis  Charles 1757  H.  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  D.C. 

McIntosh,  David  Gregg,  Jr.  (Law.) 

Dumbarton  Farm,  Rodgers  Forge,  Baltimore,  Md. 

Bemsen,  Ira  MaUcrv 16  Gramercy  Park,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Smtth,  Frederick  Williamson  (Contr.  Eng.) 

2708  Coventry  Rd.  Cleveland,  O. 
Smith,  Robert  Marsden  (Law.),  Legal  Dept.  B.  &  O.  K.R.  Baltimore,  Md. 
Smith,  (Victor)  Edgeworth  (R.  EstJ.  .124  Audley  St.  Kew  Gardens,  N.Y. 

*  Steabns,  Charles  Miner,  died  1918 New  York.  N.Y. 

Stewabt,  W.  Plunket Cassatt  &  Co.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Haskell,  Louis  Wardlaw,  Jr 1521  Peabody  Ave.  Memphis,  Tenn. 

Jenness,  Peter 136  W.  44  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Jungbluth,  Karl,  Jr.  (Mining).. 715  Inter-Southern  Bldg.  Louisville,  Ky. 

5^QBLT7TH,  Marion  (Cattle) Delta,  Colo. 

Kofa,  Dr.  John  Hendrickson 1100  N.  Charles  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

324  JOHNS  HOPKINS  1899-1908 

*  Levering,  Joshua,  Jr.,  died  1900 Baltimore,  Md. 

Remsen,  Dr.  Charles  Mallory 515  Park  Ave.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Robinson,  Edward  Ayrault Severn  Apts.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Robinson,  Dr.  G(eorge)  Canby.  Johns  Hopkins' Hospital,  Baltimore,  Md. 


Beroland,  Dr.  John  McFarland 4  W.  Biddle  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Blackiston,  Andrew  Hooton  (Law.)  — c/o  G.  P.  Blaokiston,  Canton,  O. 

Bruce,  Edward  Skipwith 307  Keyser  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Greene,  Joseph  David  (Sales.  &  Law.) 103  Park  Dr.  Atlanta,  Ga. 

Griffin,  John  Wheeler  (Law.) 27  William  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hill,  John  Philip  (M.  C.) 3  W.  Franklin  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Loose,  Samuel  Negley Hagerstown,  Md. 

MacealIi,  Leonard  Leopold  (Bibliographer) 

c/o  Lawton  &  Cunningham,  Savannah,  Ga. 

Vatjghan,  Dr.  Roger  Throop 30  N.  Michigan  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 

VoGELBR,  Dr.  William  Jerome 403  PaUsade  Ave.  Yonkers,  N.Y. 


Bird,  Rev.  Andrew  Reid ,1516  22  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  DC. 

Booker,  Prof.  John  Manning Chapel  Hill,  N.C. 

Harris,  William  Hall,  Jr.  (Law.) 433  Title  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Larwill,  Prof.  Paul  Herbert 

2  bis  Chemin  des  Coutures,  Sdvres  near  Paris,  France 

*  VoGELER,  Charles  Augustus  Winter,  died  1919 Towson,  Md. 

Williams,  Harrison  Gaylor  (Ins.) 75  N.  Main  St.  Lapeer,  Mich. 


Campbell,  John  Gorsuch  (Ed.) St.  James  School,  Hagerstown,  Md. 

Crane,  Robert  Treat  (Ed.) 23  Olivia  PL  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 

*  Lanier,  Robert  Sampson,  died  1912 New  York,  N.Y. 

Randall,  Dr.  Alexander 

121  W.  Chestnut  Ave.  Chestnut  HiU,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Shippen,  Dr.  Lloyd  Parker 2202  Que  St.  N.  W.  Washington,  B.C. 


Atkinson,  Allman  Blow  (Lumber) 3526  Fifth  Ave.  Sacramento,  Cal. 

Baetjer,  Harry  Norman  (Law.) Chattolanee,  Baltimore  Co.  Md. 

DocHEZ,  Dr.  Alphonse  Raymond  Vivian.  .41  E.  70th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Hill,  Dr.  Eben  Clayton Johns  Hopkins  Hospital,  Baltimore,  Md. 

Hoffman,  Richard  Curzon,  Jr.  (Banker) . .  .Stevenson,  Baltimore  Co.  Md. 

Iglehart,  Francis  Nash 14  E.  Lexington  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Marshall,  Charles  Alexander  (Law.) Cedarhurst,  Nassau  Co.  N.Y. 

Nelson,  John  Marbury,  Jr.  (Lumber) . .  10  E.  Fayette  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 
Pagon,  Robinson  Cator  (D.  G.) 209  Ridgewood  Rd.  Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Reeves,  Edward  Duer,  died  1920 Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Semmes,  John  Edward,  Jr.  (Law.) 105  Charlcote  Rd.  Baltimcn^,  Md. 

Snowden,  Wilton,  Jr.  (Law.) .  .  .* 605  Cathedral  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Whiting,  George  William  Carlyle . .  20  E.  Mt.  Vernon  PI.  Baltimore,  Md. 

*  Yearley,  Alexander,  3rd,  died Baltimore,  Md. 

1905-1910  JOHNS  HOPKINS  326 


Babtjxb,  Dr.  Walter  Albert 16  W.  Madison  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Bebkhabd,  Carl  Lewis  Stubbs 

BoTCB,  W.  Graham  (Banker) 215  E.  Biddle  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

fioTNTON,  Jesse  Lyman  (Telephone) 104  Broad  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

BucKLKB,  Ri{(gin  (Arch.) 529  N.  Charles  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

GooDENOw,  Rufus  King,  Jr.  (Mfg.) 2515  Boston  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Griswold,  Robertson  (Fin.) 1433  Park  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Hull,  Andrew  Wilmer  (Shipbuilder) Box  275,  Newport  News,  Va. 

Jackson,  Richard  Newton Stevenson,  Baltimore  Co.  Md. 

MuRKLAND,  Sidney  Widlace  (Sales  Mgr.) .  195  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Stewabt,  Stephan  Lurman  (Farmer) Monkton,  Md. 

Thorp,  Major  Frank,  Jr c/o  War  Department,  Washington,  D.C. 

Wroth,  Lawrence  Counselman  (Lib.) .  .215  E.  Preston  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 


Barton,  Carlyle  (Law.) 928  Equitable  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Bowie,  Allen  Strafford 503  Carroll  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Campbell,  Thomas  Gorsuch  (Law.) Owing's  Mills,  Md. 

LiTPLE,  Rev.  Robert  Rice 733  W.  Wayne  St.  Ft.  Wajme,  Ind. 

RosEBORO,  Rev.  Francis  Brown 1087  Chapel  St.  New  Haven.  Conn. 

TowLEs,  Oliver  (Ed.) Chapel  Hill,  N.C. 


Blume,  Carlos Dartmouth  College,  Hanover,  N.H. 

Cbanb,  Major  John  Alden c/o  War  Department,  Washington,  D.C. 

French,  Henry  Findlay 151  W.  Lanvale  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Harris,  H.  Patterson  c/o  W.  Hall-Harris,  433  Title  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Iolehabt,  Iredell  Waddell  (Fin.) 10  S.  Calvert  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Magbhsrrt,  Richard  (R.  R.) Anthracite  Bldg.  Bethlehem,  Pa. 

Morrow,  Prof.  Emerson  Boyd.  .Oilman  Country  School,  Baltimore.  Md. 

PRICHABD,  Rev.  Harold  Adye 252  E.  Main  St.  Mt.  Kisco,  N.Y. 

♦  Stewart,  William  Donnell,  died  1921 Garrison,  Md. 


Albert,  Talbot  Jones '. Edgewood  Arsenal,  Edgewood*  Md. 


Black.  John  Merryman  (Farmer) Cockeysville,  Md 

Habdcastlb,  Harry  Kellogg Lutherville,  Md 

Michael,  Dr.  William  Howard Perryman,  Harford  Co.  Md 

Paxil,  John  Oilman  D'Arcy Woodlands,  Gorsuch  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Price,  William  Armstrong  (Geol.) 1628  Park  Ave.  Richmond,  Va 

Rogers,  ^Richard  Hynson  fLaw.) Chestertown,  Md. 

Webmb,  Dr.  Benjamin  Francis,  Jr 1746  K  St.  N.W.  Washington,  DC. 


Matnard,  Julian  Hilleary  (U.S.N.) .  .307  W.  Lanvale  St  Baltimore,  Md. 

TiLOHMAN,  Charles  Henry .* Canner,  Westminster,  Md. 

Vba«et,  George  Ross  (Law.) 1137  Calvert  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 

VooBLBR,  August^  (Adv.) 1506  Eutaw  Pi.  Baltimore,  Md. 

326  JOHNS  HOPKINS  1911-18 


Manninq,  James  Russell  (Law.) 

Poplar  Hill  Road,  Roland  Park,  Baltimore,  Md. 
Mabtin,  Edward  Duffield  (Law.) 

c/o  Briscoe,  Jones  &  Martin,  Fidelity  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 
Thomas,  Henry  Briscoe,  Jr.  (Banking) . .  .1124  Calinet  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 


BvcKLBR,  Leslie  Hepburn  (Law.) 42  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Obbr,  Beverly  (Mfg.) 1101  St.  Paul  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Packard,  Charles  Lee  (Banking) 806  St.  Paul  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Thomas,  Greorge  Peter,  3rd  (Rubber) .  .22  £.  Baltimore  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 
TiLGHMAN,  Wuliam  Donnell Easton,  Md. 


Babboll,  Lewin  Wethered  (Law.) .  .607  Continental  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Marshall,  Julian  Howard 818  W.  40th  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

NiLES,  Emory  Hamilton  (Law.) 928  Equitable  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 


Babton,  Rev.  Alexander  Kirkland. . .  .207  N.  Calvert  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Campbell,  Capt.  Alan  Lockhart  (IT.  S.  A.) Owing's  Mills,  Md. 

HoLLTDAT,  Guy  Tllghmau  Orme  (Sales  Mgr.) 

Swan  &  Edmondson  Aves.  Baltimore,  Md. 
Yost,  John  Stevenson  Long  (Law.) Melvale,  Md. 


Bbanham,  John  Carter  (Ed.) .  .Virginia  Episcopal  School,  Lynchburg,  Va. 

Bbunb,  Frederick  William  (Law.) Calvert  Bldg.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Dixon,  William  Thomas Roland  Park,  Md. 

Galloway,  James  Neville  (Ed.) . . .  206  Prince  George  St.  Annapolis,  Md. 
Platt,  Washington  (Chem.  Eng.) 62  E.  41st  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Nblson,  Robert  William  (M.  Eng.) % Ruxton,  Md. 

Platt,  David  Ferine  (Foreman) 603  E.  36th  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Spiekbr,  Edmund  Maute  (Geologist) 

U.S.  Geological  Survey,  Washington,  D.C. 
Tinges,  Charles  Howard  (Sales.) 1508  Linden  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 


Baker,  Henry  Scott  (Eng.) 1827  Jefferson  PI.  Washington,  D.C. 

BoYCE,  Charles  Prevost  (Banker) .  .  ,217  E.  Baltimore  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

France,  Robert  (Law.) Geneva  Apts.  Baltimore,  Md. 

MuDGE,  Edmond  Tileston,  2nd 1752  Park  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Pitt,  Charles  Gordon  (Mfr.) 200  E.  Preston  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

SMiTH,*Edmund  Law  Rogers  (Stoves) 109  Light  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 


Evans,  Henry  Cotheal  (Banker) 217  E.  Baltimore  St.  Baltimore.  Md. 

,     1918-23 JOHNS  HOPKINS 327 

HoopxB,  Arthur  Upshur Mt.  WafthincUm,  Md. 

Nelson,  Spottswood  Page Eccleston,  Baltimore  Ck>.  Md. 


Cahneal,  George  Upshur 412  N.  Allen  Ave.  Richmond,  Va. 

Gatchbll,  George  Gordon  (Sales.) Gavanus,  Baltimore,  Md. 

AiABSHALL,  Henry  Benthall  (Sales.) Roslyn  P.  O.  Baltimore  Co.  Md. 

Spisbs,  Tomas  Hosldns  (Banking) 415.  N.  23rd  St.  Richmond,  Va. 

Stokbs,  John  Austin  (Farming) Sherwood  Rd.  Cookeysville.  Md. 

Stous,  William  Hughes  (Eng.) 1639  N.  Calvert  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 


*  Bbunb,  Charles  David  Fisher,  died  1921 Baltunore,  Md. 

ClBoirwBLii,  William  Kennedy,  Jr.  (Mfr.),  Lake  Roland,  Baltimore  C^.  Md. 

FiBCHSB.  Frederick  Carl  (Eng.) 1041  St.  Paul  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Lewik,  John  Henry Paxkton,  Md. 

RsANBT,  Warford  Atkinson Ruxton.  Baltimore  C!o.  Md. 

Smtth,  Beverlsr  Waugh,  Jr 1417  Park  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Webb,  Jesse  Lippincott  (Sales.) Pikesville,  Md. 


BooNx,  James  Rawlins  Herbert. .  .Lake  Roland  P.  O.  Baltimore  C^.  Md. 

Caket,  George  Gilson,  Jr.  (R.  Est.) Riderwood,  Md. 

Heiner,  Robert  Graham 209  E.  Biddle  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

LoBD,  Llewellyn  Williams 1011  N.  Charles  St.  Baltimore  Md. 

MoBOAN,  Tilghman  \^cker8  (R.  Est.). .  .  10  E.  Fayette  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

NiLEs,  Henry  Edward 2010  Edgewood  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

NoBRis,  Edward  Taylor  (Actor) The  Severn  Apts.  Baltimore,  Md. 

PBGBAif,  Francis  Edward,  Jr 1312  Bolton  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Van  Ness,  Bartow,  Jr.  (Eng.) 823  Park  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 

VoGELEE,  John  George 1506  Eutaw  PI.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Webb,  Charles  Albert  (Sales.) Sudbrook  Park,  Md. 


Cotton,  Henry  Kyd  Doui^as Damariscotta,  Me. 

Elder,  Neilson  Poe Gljrndon,  Md. 

Evans,  Frank  Garrettson,  Jr Calvert  Court  Apts.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Hall,  Robert  Charles Riderwood,  Md. 

Hiss,  Boeley 1427  Linden  Ave.  Baltimore,  Md. 

HuBT,  Edward  Greene Ruxton,  Md. 

Johnston,  Christopher 709  St.  Paul  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Lbsbr,  Charles  Carroll  Fulton 7  W.  Biddle  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

LovBLL,  Sjtorrow  Gordon Garrison  P.  O.  Baltimore  Co.  Md. 

Marburt,  Charles  Clagett,  2nd Upper  Marlboro,  Md. 

Marblell,  John  Usher,  Jr 112  W.  Patrick  St.  Frederick,  Md. 

Parsons,  Paul  Shumway 208  Oakdale  Rd.  Roland  Pk.  Md. 

Stellmann,  Edward  Bradlev 701  Cathedral  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Webb,  Herbert  Caasard  (Mfr.) Sudbrook  Park,  Md. 

YouNo,  Edwin  Bennett,  Jr 1038  N.  Calvert  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 


Cbomwkll,  Michael  Jenkins Lake  Roland,  P.  O.  Baltimore  Co.  Md. 

328  JOHNS  HOPKINS  1923-25 

HowABD,  John  Eager  (Eng.) 124  W.  Lanvale  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

HuBT,  Joeeph  Wistor,  Jr Ruxton  Md. 

HuFFARD,  James  Hudson Graham,  Va. 

MiDDLETON,  Samuel  Atherton '. Centreville,  Md. 

MiLLBB,  Norvell  Elliott,  Jr 1012  St.  Paul  St.  Baltimore,  Md» 

Passano,  William  Moore York  Rd.  Towson,  Md. 

Shbiybb,  Greorge  Van  Bibber Wilna,  Md. 

Upton,  Lloyd  (Sales) 122  Atlantic  Ave.  Marblehead,  Mass. 


Ellicotp,  David  Brown,  Jr Darlington,  Md. 

HABWOOD^ames  Kemp Newbury  Ave.  Catonsville,  Md. 

HowABD,  William  Hand  Browne 341  Courtland  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Packard,  William  Gardner 914  N.  Charles  St.  Baltimore,  Md. 

Shrivbr,  Greorge  McLean Pikesville,  Md. 

Shrivbb,  John  Shultz  Van  Bibber Wilna,  Md. 


Cotton,  Dudley  Page Damariscotta,  Me. 

Deford,  Benjamin  Franklin,  Jr Riderwood,  Md. 

O'DoNNELL,  John  Charles 1629  16th  St.  Washington,  D.C. 

Parsons,  John  Warner 208  Oakdale  Rd.  Roland  Park,  Md. 

Reanst,  Howard  Appold Ruxton,  Md. 

Van  Bibber,  Edwin  Michael 303  E.  Main  St.  Bel  Air,  Md. 

White,  Henry  Schroeder  Taylor.  Jr. 

39  Warrenton  Rd.  Guilford,  Baltimore,  Md. 

1893-1900  829 



*  *  BiRDSALL,  Dr.  Albert  Thornton,  died  1913 Brooklyn,  N.Y. 

*  Hahn,  Roland  Bruce,  died  1893 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Wallbb,  Robert  King  (Law.) Armour  Villa  Park,  Bronxville,  N.Y. 


Heath,  Dr.  Albert  Cheney 339  Lowry  Bldg.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

MATTE80N,  Roy  Grow .605  Portland  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

*  Pratt,  Edward  Electus,  died  1912 Washington,  D.C. 


*  NoRBis,  Harriman,  died  1921 St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Van  Cleve,  George  Barnes  (Adv.) 1790  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Wilkinson,  Char^  Dean  (Min.  Eng.) Kemville,  Kern  Co.  Cal. 


Day,  Reuben  Noble 408  Tulane-Newcomb  Bldg.  New  Orleans,  La. 

Hempstead,  Clark.  .301  Metropolitan  Life  Ins.  Bldg.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Hewitt,  Edwin  Hawley  (Arch.) . .  126  E.  Franklin  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Brill,  Hascal  Russell,  Jr 825  Brent  Ave.  So.  Pasadena,  Cal. 

Dew  art,  Rev.  Murray  Wilder 25  Criscut  Rd.  Winchester,  Mass. 

*  Goddard,  Dr.  Nathan  Andrew,  died  1921 Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Hannat,  Col.  John  Robert  Rigby .  .c/o  The  War  Dept.  Washington,  D.C. 

Spicer,  Russell  Paul  (R.  Est.) 836  Elm  Blvd.  Willmar,  Minn. 

Spratt,  Dr.  Charles  Nelson 900  Nicollet  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


BousFiELD,  Fayette  (Mfr.) 203  E.  8th  St.  Aberdeen,  Wash. 


RmsiNOBR,  John  Ramsay  (Rancher) El  Centro,  Cal. 

RoBB,  Paul  Raymond  (Sales.) .  .4513  Washburn  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Carpenter,  Fred  Herbert  (Lumber) 

121  Franklin  Ave.  W.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Day,  Floyd  Hamilton  (Lumber) 

1029  Whitney-Central  Bldg.  New  Orleans,  La. 

FiNDLEY,  Samuel  Hanson  (Elec.) 216  S.  5th  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

HBPPBLrxNaBB,  Charles  Edwin  (R.  Est.),  17  E.  24th  St-  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

330  MINNESOTA  1900-06 

Hempstead,  Hugh  Campbell Simeon,  Va. 

Klein.  Horace  Cadwell  (Pub.) 56  E.  10th  St.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

*  Matteson,  Maxwell  Warren,  died  1921 St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Page,  Charles  Tracy  (Clerk) 

Box  #690,  Panama  Railroad,  Cristobal,  Canal  Zone 

Phelps,  Carrington  Arah  (Writer) No.  Colebrook,  Conn. 

Wright,  William  Henry 810  Hyde  Park  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 


*  Foss,  James  Franklin,  died  1905 Fargo,  N.D. 

Smith,  Paul  Sherburne  (Rancher) Strathmore,  Cal. 

Welles,  Dr.  Henry  Joumeay 1916  Park  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Weston,  William  Snow Fairbault,  Minn. 

Willis,  Dean  Hugh  Evander 

Law  School,  Univ.  of  North  Dakota,  Grand  Forks,  If.D. 
Wood,  William  Robert  (M.  Eng.) 1317  Summit  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 


*  Campbell,  Harold  Otho,  died  1904 Pasadena,  Cal. 

DuRAND,  Dr.  Jay  Isaac 138  Madrona  PI.  Seattle,  Wash. 

Fabnsworth,  Ezra,  Jr.  (R.  Est.) .  .1017  Van  Nuys  Bldg.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 
Farnsworth,  Jolm  Jay  (R.  Est.) . .  1017  Van  Nuys  Bldg.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

*  HoTT,  Charles  Cameron,  died  1902 St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Janes,  Alexander  Leslie  (Law.) 588  Grand  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

LiND,  Norman  George  (Transp.) 17  Battery  PI.  New  York,  N.Y. 

*  Morris,  Charles  Statham,  oied  1921 Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Reed,  Judge  Frank  Elisha 4911  Aldrich  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Van  Bergen,  Robert  Evans  (Min.  Eng.) 

4922  6th  Ave.  N.  Woodlawn,  Birmingham,  Ala. 


Chase,  Raymond  Park  (Aud.) 1505  S.  3rd  Ave.  Anoka,  Minn. 

*  Fuller,  Harry  Leonard,  died  1901 Pierre,  S.D. 

Hoard,  Harold  Joseph  (Eng.) 1401  Arch  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

MooRE,  Robert  Dupont  (Lumber) Fairfax,  Wash. 

Williams,  James  Von  (Law.) Marshall,  Minn. 


Fish,  Horace  Porter  (Fin.) 3301  1st  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Pratt,  Arthur  Pierce 1334  Central  Ave.  Los  Angeles,  CaL 


Aldrich,  Henry  Whitney  (Lumber) 

c/o  Brighton  Mills  Co.  433  N.  W.  Bank  Bldg.  Portland,  Ore. 

BoGART,  John  Henry  (Sales.) Moimd,  Minn. 

Brown,  Gfarfield  WiUiam  (Examiner) . .  .942  Osceola  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

*  Dibble,  Walter  Gordon,  died  1905 St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Pierce,  Joseph  Alfred  (Printing) Pierce  Printing  Co.  Fargo,  N.D. 

Robertson,  Dr.  Archibald  Wright Litchfield,  Minn. 

Stockton,  Charles  Murray  (Law.) . .  .211  3rd  St.  N.  W.  Faribault,  Minn. 
Woodward,  Ernest  Austin  (Mer.)239  Grain  Exchange,  Winnepeg,  Canada 

1906>11  MINNESOTA  331 


Bbadust,  Ralph  Dawson  (Ins.) 1511  E.  4th  St.  Duluth,  Minn. 

DouGAN,  Henry  Knox  (R.  R.) 1315  Cleveland  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Elston,  Fred  Carroll  (Law.) 29  Hawthorne  Rd.  Duluth,  Minn. 

Healt,  Leland  Edward  (R.  Est.) Red  Lake  Falls,  Minn. 

McVet,  Rev.  Charles  Henry Box  103,  Rolla,  N.D. 

Spooner,  Paul  Lord  (Law.) Morris,  Minn. 

Whebleb,  Walter  Hall  (Cons.  Ens.) 

c/o  Chas.  H  Wneeler  &  Son,  1112  Metropolitan  Life  Ins.  Bldg. 

Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Blackwbuj,  Hiram  Ross  (Lumber) . .  .515  Gore  St.  Vernon,  B.C.  Canada 

Bbown,  Montreville  J.  (Law.) 603  5th  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Fee,  £(mest)  Franklin  (Lumber) 1922  E.  Superior  St.  Duluth,  Minn. 

Hall,  Edward  Samuel  (Adv.) 1236  4th  St.  Red  Wing,  Minn. 

McRae,  Randolph  James 118  W.  57th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

SwBNsoN,  Edward  Francis  (Banking) 37  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

WooDWABD,  Herbert  Starr  (Banking) Hobson,  Mont. 


CJole,  Dr.  Wallace  Hasbrouke 436  Holly  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

*  Dibble,  Edmund  Drinan  Barry,  died  1908 St.  Paul,.  Minn. 

Greqo,  Dean  Bradish  (Storage) . . .  306  Georgina  Ave.  Santa  Monica,  Cal. 
Jacobson,  Robert  Clark  (Mining) Kingman,  Ariz. 

*  Payne,  De  Witt  Jennings,  dieoTin  service  1918. 

RoBB,  Walter  Clarence 4230  Washburn  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Sanford,  LeRoy  Woodworth  (Ins.) 

4829  Dupont  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Taylor,  Donald  West  (Ins.) 48  E.  4th  St.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Yam  Berqen,  Frederick  Schoelett 212  3rd  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Barnaby,  William  Ernest 126  S.  Victoria  St.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Child,  Sherman  Walker  (Law.) .  .914  Kenwood  Pkwy.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Hutchinson,  Clement  Johnson Faribault,  Minn. 

Merrill,  Robert  Charles  (Banking) Hobson,  Mont. 

Robertson,  Dr.  William  Phelps .  . .  Robertson  Hospital,  Litchfield,  Minn. 

Taylor,  Harold  George 1046  McKnight  Blag.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

ViDAL,  James  Harold  Una.) 811  2nd  Ave.  S.  Fargo,  N.D. 


Crane,  Ralph  Pettibone  (Lumber) 306  W.  Bridge  St.  Austin,  Minn. 

Daniels,  Prof.  Farrington Nakoma  St.  Madison,  Wis. 

Healy,  Ralph  Lucius  (Copper) . .  Supt.  Copper  Mines,  Kennecott,  Alaska 

*  Jacobsen,  Heniy,  died  1913 Fergus  Falls,  Minn. 

Ulm,  Lynne  Charles c/o  E.  H.  Ulm,  Box  424,  Fort  Dodge,  la. 


Bill,  Clayton  Dyar  (Contr.) 

c/o  Mrs.  H.  B.  Annis,  4325  Dupont  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

332  MINNESOTA  1911-14 

Bbyant,  Lieut.  Stewart  Frederick  (U.  S.  N.) 

War  Plans  Division,  Navy  Dept.  Wash.  D.C. 
Corcoran,  Benjamin  Franklin  (Sales.). 622  S.  3rd  St.  Grand  Forks,  N.D. 

Klein,  Kenneth  Oscar  (Adv.) 2236  W.  2l8t  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

La  Vatea,  George  Leslie,  Jr 2433  Dupont  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

MacGill,  Charles  Frederick,  Jr.  (Fin.),  371  Harvard  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 
SwENsoN,  Clarence  (Fin.) 41  Prospect  Ave;  Montcuiir,  N.J. 


Bryant,  Gordon  Drayton  Spencer  (Artist) 

223  Riverside  Dr.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Ganssle,  Waldorf  Louis St.  James  Military  School,  Salina,  Kan. 

McEnart,  Dale  Robert  (Arch.),  2324  Pleasant  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Puffer,  Paul  Hubbard  (Oil) 5305  Jackson  St.  Houston,  Texas 

Spicbr,  Raymond  Deming  (Fin.) . : 2641  Ist  St.  San  Diego,  Cal. 

Woodward,  Earl  Raymond  (Grain) 

1911  Pleasant  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Barnard,  Lawrence  Dann.  .2nd  Ave.  N.  E.  &  4th  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

GiESSLEfe,  Dr.  Paul  William 327  La  Salle  Bldg.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Haines,  Allen  Kellogg  (Sales  Mgr.) 417  N.  8th  St.  E.  St.  Louis,  HI. 

Kin  YON,  Sidney  William  (Banker) 332  E.  Pearl  St.  Owatonna.Minn. 

Lyman,  Henry  De  Forest  (Shoes) 

O'Donnell  Shoe  Co.  684  Norwood  Dr.  Pasadena.  Cal. 

Miller,  John  McGannon  (Arch.) Rochester,  Minn. 

Peavey,  Roger  Weld  (Banking) Faribault,  Minn. 

Skewis,  Francis  James  (Lumber) Greenville,  la. 

Taylor,  Paul  Seavev  (Ins.)  .  .  .  1140  McKnight  Bldg.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Vanstrum,  George  Arthur  (Mer.) . .  2810  W.  42nd  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Vauqhan,  Martin  Bernard  (Edit.)  ....  1791  Lincoln  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 
Wagner,  Archibald  Frederick  (Acct.) 

1712  S.  Dupont  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Zblle,  Edgar  Frederick  (Motor  Trucks) 

1828  Kenwood  Pkwy.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Baird,  Lyman  Stanton  (Funeral  Director),  288  W.  5th  St.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Bierman,  Alfred  Charles  (Eng.) 170  Broadway,  New  York,  N.Y. 

Daniels,  Franc  Pomeroy  (Agr.) Long  Lake,  Minn. 

Daniels,  Dr.  John  Horton  (Medical  Miss.) 

University  Hospital,  Nanking,  China 
GiPSON,  Corwin  Elroy  (Lumber) 

406  Lumber  Exchange  Bldg.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Lampert,  Leonard  Jr.  (Lumber) Selby  &  Snelling  Sts.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

LovEJOY,  James  Albee  (Mfg.),  2524  Humboldt  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Reed,  George  John  (Grain) Maryland  Hotel,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Robertson,  Dr.  Carl  James 

Bureau  of  Medicines  &  Surgery,  Navy  Dept.  Washington,  D.C. 
TiLLOTSON,  Henry  Barber,  Jr.  (Ins.) 

1111  Nicollet  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

1915-18  MINNESOTA  333 


GAUSEwrra,  Alfred  LeRoy  (Law.) 371  Wilder  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Keefb,  Andrew  Percy. 1916  Marshall  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Leslie,  Frank  Paul  (Pfuper) 2006  Blaisdel  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Peavet,  Louis  Lynne  (BanJcer) Faribault,  Minn. 

Stellwaqen,  Seiforde  Michael  (Law.) 

2210  Alorioh  Ave.  South  Minnei4;>olis,  Minn. 


Baker,  Harry  Sargeant  (SalesO,  3906  Thomas  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Biebman,  Bernard  WUliam  (Bonds) 

1775  Hennepin  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
FuLLEB,  Charles  Alfred,  Jr.  (Bonds) 

2886  James  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Greiq.  William  Taber  (Engraving  Ins.) 

2649  Fremont  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
HoHX,  Horace  Raymond  (Banker),  3313  Second  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

McCann,  Wilfred  (Mfg.) 647  Grand  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

McCusKBR,  Dr.  Andrew  Joseph Lone  Rock,  Wis. 

Neumeier,  Frederick  George  (Joum.) . .  1022  N.  3rd  St.  Stillwater,  Minn. 
OsTROM,  George  Edgar. .  123  N.  Boulevard,  Morgan  Park,  Duluth,  Minn. 

Shearer,  James  David  (Law.) 454  Security  Blvd.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Sherman,  Erwin  Henry  (Oil) 2434  W.  22nd  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Ueland,  Sigurd  (Law.) Calhoun  Blvd.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Carey,  Dr.  James  Bain 

The  Nicollet  Clinic,  1009  Nicollet  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Daniel,  Dr.  Lewis  Morgan ....  1919  Dupont  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Hammer,  George  Edward  (Chem.) Litchfield,  Minn. 

Hartigen,  John  Eaton  (Ins.) 767  Linwood  PI.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Palmer,  Dr.  C.  Foster 401  Fountain  St.  Albert  Lea,  Minn. 

RuMPF,  Dr.  William  Henry,  Jr Faribault,  Minn. 

Scott,  Benjamin  Ives  (Farmer) R.  F.  D.  #2,  Bsrron,  Minn. 

Skinner,  Franklin  Trow c/o  Bank  of  Italy,  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Ueland,  Arnulf  (Banking) Calhoun  Blvd.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

WiNTERBLB,  WilHam  Franklin  (Ins.) 

Bankers  Life  (Do.,  Richland  Centre,  Wis. 


Biebman,  George  Henry,  National  Lamp  Works,  Nela  Park,  Cleveland,  O. 

Grbio.  John  Ebenezer  (Banking) Estherville,  Iowa 

HiQGiNs,  Raymond  Lawrence  (Mfg.) 

4109  Colfax  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
McDuEFEB,  William  Sumner  (Oil) .  .Meadowmere  Club,  Ft.  Worth,  Texas 

Metcalf,  Harold  Cottingham  (Banking) Hartley,  Iowa 

Nbsbit,  Dr.  Harold  Thompson c/o  Mayo  Clinic,  Rochester,  Minn. 

Sbdgwici:,  Malcolm  Alonso  (Banking) 52  Wall  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 

Sheareb,  Jonathan  Murray  (Ins.),  1912  Queen  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Wood.  Harold  Eaton  (Bonds) 602  Portland  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

334  MINNESOTA  1919-22 


Albxandbb,  Mark  Hastings  (Lumber) . .  128  W.  Rice  St.  Owatonna,  Minn. 
Clbybland,  Walter  Robimard  (Mfg.  Agent) 

3802  Lyndfile  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Ganssle,  John  Paul  (Jobber) 3315  2nd  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

*  Jones,  Walter  Arnold,  died  in  service  1917. 

Lord,  Samuel,  Jr.  (Law.) Kasson,  Minn. 

McMuBBAN,  John  Parke  Curtis  (Oil) . .  1026  Lombard  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 
Mills,  Charles  Burdick,  Jr c/o  First  Natl.  Bank,  Sioux  Rapids,  la. 

*  Newton,  Valentine  Hallock,  died  in  service  1917. 

Nolan,  Merrill  Charles  (Banking) Grand  Meadow,  Minn. 

Piebson,  Ridgelv  Berg  (Mfg.) 1671  Hampshire  St.  Quincy,  111. 

RuMPP,  Dr.  Carl  Walter 7th  St.  &  4th  Ave.  Faribault,  Minn. 

ScHMiTT,  Robert  Anton  (Sales.) 10th  &  Mill  Sts.  Spencer,  la. 

Spauldino,  William  Ellsworth  (Pub.) .  .44  Langdon  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 
TiLLOTSON,  John  Oliver  (Sales  Eng.) 

5049  Queen  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


BiEBMAN,  Harlow  Roesler  (Bacteriologist) 

2089  Carter  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Hammer,  Sidney  R(ishof)  (Banking) Litchfield,  Minn. 

Kellet,  William  Swan  (Sales.),  2161  Commonwealth  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 
NoBTON,  Henry  Wacks  (Law.) 

1725  Universty  Ave.  S.  E.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

ScHMiTT,  Walter  Eugene  (Grocery) Y.M.C.A.  Grand  Forks,  N.D. 

Upham,  Nathaniel  Woodbridge  (Banking) 

University  Club,  St.  Paul,  Minn. 
Williams,  Henry  Lane,  Jr Hampshire  Arms,  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Carlson,  Dr.  Harold  Wesley .429  Union  St.  S.  E.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Child,  Lewis  Washburn 914  Kenwood  Pkwy.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Kelleb,  Thomas  Albert 1546  Laurel  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Shbabeb,  Alan  McDougal 1912  Queen  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Ueland,  Rolf Calhoun  Blvd.  &  Richfield  Rd.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 


Anderson,  Markham  John 894  2l8t  Ave.  S.  E.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Conner,  Clarence  Hunt  (Banking) .  .  .  972  Goodrich  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Grbnier,  Judson  Achille 9  Iris  Place,  St.  Paul,  Minn 

Hartz,  Rasrmond  Emory  (Adv.) 612  Park  Ave.  Albert  Lea,  Minn. 

Leuthold,  Carlos  Raymond  (Mer.) Kenyon,  Minn. 

LiND,  John,  Jr 1775  Colfox  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Lynch,  Laurence  Seller 1954  Iglehart  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Nesbit,  Mark  Edwin 17  Grove  St.  Pleasantville,  N.Y. 

RuMPF,  Ernest  Frederick 424  W.  7th  St.  Faribault,  Minn. 

SwEiTZBR,  Joseph  Mearl 1424  Capital  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Wilcox,  Frederick  Herbert 2117  Kenwood  Pkwy.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

WiLLSON,  Stuart  Van 822  Ashland  St.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Witt,  Alvin  Rudolph  (Mer.),  2530  Li^e  of  Isles  Blvd.  Minneapolis^  Minn. 

1923-25  MINNESOTA  335 


Barrows,  L3rman 1418  E.  Superior  St.  Duluth,  Minn. 

Clark,  £klward  Gay,  Jr 2301  Humboldt  St.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Gall,  Robert  Charles  (Printing) White  Bear  Lake,  Minn. 

Heitsmith,  Richard  Howe 626  Union  St.  Jackson,  Mich. 

Henry,  Orville  Hamilton 704  Park  Ave.  Albert  Lea,  Minn. 

HuLTKBAKB,  Rudolph  Emanuel 1608  Van  Buren  St.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

NiLES,  Henry  Crandal 884  Belmont  Ave.  Springfield,  Mass. 

Rogers,  Herbert  Wilson 723  7th  St.  S.  E.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Skellet,  Thomas  Jensen,  Jr.,  2701  Lake  of  Isles  Blvd.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Ueland,  Torvald  (Adv.) 

Calhoun  Blvd.  &  Richfield  Rd.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 
Uphah,  William  Woodbridge 1531  Jefferson  St.  Duluth,  Minn. 


Artherholt,  George  William  (Cashier) Hartley,  la. 

AuRAND,  Calvin  Wuliam 425  Oak  St.  S.  E.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Clarke,  Robert  Lawrence Pleasantville,  N.Y. 

Cleveland,  Donald  Charles . . .  3201  Garfield  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Ck>NNER,  Kenneth  Tilson 972  Goodrich  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Eberhart,  Alpha  Dryden Burr  Oaks,  Austin,  Minn. 

Metcalf,  James  Mathew Primghar,  la. 

Reillt,  Edward  Thomas  (Ins.) 1145  Hague  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Sands,  Thomas  Edmund,  Jr 3748  Park  Ave.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Wall,  Norman  Julian Albert  Lea,  Minn. 

Woollett,  William  (Arch.) 5330  Loma  Linda  St.  Hollywood,  Cal. 


Catherwood,  Roger 707  N.  Kenwood  Ave.  Austin,  Minn. 

Chownino,  John  Patterson 2111  Girard  Ave.  S.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

CowEN,  Remnald  Law 2109  E.  2nd  St.  Duluth,  Minn. 

Hartigan,  Hubert  P 2049  Carroll  Ave.  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Lord,  Richard  John 1580  3r(i  Ave.  E.  Cedar  Rapids,  la. 

Pesek,  Cyril  Paul 519  Oak  St.  8.  E.  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Tallon,  George  Madison 520  N.  Park  St.  Watertown,  S.D. 

336  1869-94 



Bakeb,  Prof.  Alfred  (Ret.) 81  Madison  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


Fairclough,  Prof.  Henry  Rushton 

6  Cabrillo  Rd.  Stanford  University,  Cal. 


Mavor,  Prof.  James 146  Isabella  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


Macdoitell,  Alexander  McLean  (Law.) 

36  Prince  Arthur  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Thorburn,  Dr.  James  David,  died  1912 Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


O'Brien,  Arthur  Henry  (Law.) 9  Stibbard  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


*  Malloch,  Dr.  William  John  Ogilvie,  died  in  service  1919. 

*  Scott,  Charles  Duff,  died Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


*  RiORDAN,  Dr.  Bruce  Livingstone,  died  1914 Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


*  McClive,  Hugh  Walter,  died St.  Catharines,  Ont.  Can. 

MacGillivray,  John  Farquhar  (Law.) 

182  Cottingham  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


Jones,  Dr.  William  Warner 41  Avenue  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Lazier,  Ernest  Franklin  (Law.),  28  St.  James  St.  So.  Hamilton,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Robertson,  Samuel  John,  died  1906 Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

W^iTE,  Peter  (Law.) 174  Balmoral  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


Bain,  James  William  (Law.) 36  Forest  Hill  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Lanqley,  Prof.  Ernest  F 11  Whittier  St.  Cambridge,  Mass. 

MooRE,  William  Henry  (Transp.) 16  Cluny  Ave.  ToroAto,  Ont.  Can. 

1895-1900  TORONTO  337 


Cakroll,  William  Stewart  (Law.) 409  Peach  St.  Erie,  Pa. 

Habdy,  Arthur  Charles  Winnett  (Law.) Brockville,  Ont.  Can. 

Stewabt,  Prof.  Louis  Beaufort 161  Admiral  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Tatlob.  Herbert  Pay  (Banking),  33  High  view  Crescent,  Tcwonto,  Ont.  Can. 


Allan,  Arthur  Alexander  (Mfr.) 51  Bay  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Falconbbidqb,  John  Deltare  (Law.)  22  Chestnut  Park,  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Gabrow,  Charles  (Law.) North  St.  Goderich,  Ont.  Can. 

Gbabt,  George  R^^inald  (Law.) City  Hall,  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

GwTN,  Dr.  Norman  Beechy 48  Bloor  St.  E.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Habdt,  Dr.  Eugene  Alexander  Patrick,  41  Spadina  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 
RiOBDAN,  Charles  Christopher  (Mfg.) 

374  C6te  des  Neiges  Rd.  Montreal,  P.Q.  Can. 


Andbewbs,  Eklward  (Mining) 

1  High  St.  Port  Madoc,  N.  Wales,  Gt.  Britain 

Baker,  Hugh  Cossart  (Sales  MgrO Welland,  Ont.  Can. 

Evans,  Harry  Marshall  Erskine  (Fin.) 

"Sylvancroft,"  Stony  Plain  Rd.  Edmonton,  Alberta,  Can. 

*  FrrzaiBBONS,  Richard  Grant,  died  1905 Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

MuLLiN,  Dr.  J.  Heurner 201  S.  James  St.  Hamilton,  Ont.  Can. 

Scott,  Walter  Barrett  (Law.) 2228  Albert  St.  Regina,  Sask.  Can. 


Bain,  Lewis  Rutherford  (Banker) 673  Huron  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Chapun,  Garnet  Wolseley  (Mfr.) .  .499  King  St.  W.  Chatham,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Chubch,  Ruggles  Howard,  died  1903,  Athol  Bryson,  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Clab^,  Gordon  Mortimer,  died  1902 Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

LoTE,  William  Donald  (Chartered  Acct.) 

502  Trust  &  Loan  Bldg.  Winnipeg,  Man.  Can. 

RoPEB,  William  Percival 143  Beaver  Hall  Hill,  Montreal,  P.Q.  Can. 

Ross,  Donald  Aynsley  (C.  Eng.) 

484  Wellington  Crescent,  Winnipeg,  Man.  Can. 


Archibald,  Dr.  Thomas  Dickson 90  Park  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Macdonald,  William  Randolph  (Contr.) 

34  South  Drive,  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Mbbbdith,  John  Redmond,  died  in  service  1916. 
Mullin,  Dr.  Robert  Hyndman 

Vancouver  General  Hospital,  Vancouver,  B.C.  Can. 
ScABFE,  Reginald  Edward  Blake  (Mfr.) 

4  Dufferin  Ave.  Brantford,  Ont.  Can. 
Smith,  Alexander  Henry  (Min.  Eng.) Huberdeau,  Quebec,  Can. 


Bbardmorb.  Walter  Williams  (Leather) 

"Beuvenuto,"  Avenue  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

338  TORONTO  1900-05 

Flintoft,  Edward  Percy  (Law.)f  Windsor  St.  Station.  Montreal,  P.Q.  Can. 

Mebedith,  William  Ralph 

Ritchie,  John  William  Pringle  (Law.) 

Mebedith,  William  Ralph London,  Ont.  Can. 

107  St.  James  St.  Montreal,  P.Q.  Can. 
RoAF,  James  Richardson  (Min.  Eng.) 

R.M.D.  #1,  Royal  Oak  P.O.  B.C.  Can. 


Dablino,  Charles  Warreoi  (Fin.) 7  Maple  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Lazibb,  Harold  Lister  (Law.) Burlington,  Ont.  Can. 

McGiBBON,  Clare  Pettit  (E.  Eng.) Brampton,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Mackenzie,  Alexander  William,  died  1907 Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Spboat,  Dr.  Robert  Douglas,  died  1906 Milton,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Thobke,  Stuart  Mills,  died  1921 Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


McFabland,  George  Franklin  (Law.) 

235  Russel  Hill  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Maoee,  Allan  Angus  (Law.) 2  Place  D'Armes,  Montreal,  P.Q.  Can. 

Mullin,  Sidney  Archibald  (Fin,),  376  Brunswick  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 
RoAF,  E)r.  Herbert  Eldon  (Prof.). . .  .6  Heathc^ate,  London  N.  W.  11,  Eng. 
Robebtson,  Donald  Frazer  (C.  Eng.) .  .391  Wilbrod  St.  Ottawa,  Ont,  Can. 


FoT,  James  Cuvillier  (Govt.) 260  Laurier  Ave.  E.  Ottawa,  Can, 

*  Gibson,  John  Gordon,  died  1908 Denver,  Colo. 

Kebb,  Reginald  Wilder  (Ins.) 

Canada  Life  Assurance  Co.  King  St.  W.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


Cbeelman,  John  Jennings  (Law.) 

694  Sherbrooke  St.  W.  Montreal,  P.Q.  Can. 

*  Gibbons,  George  Sutton,  died  1919 Toronto,  Can. 

Mills,  James  Ec^ar  (Mfr.) Smooth  Rock  Falls,  Ont.  Can. 

Panton,  Dr.  Kenneth  Douglas. .  .University  Club,  Vancouver,  B.C.  Can. 
Panton,  Dr.  Leonard  Arthur  Cattanach 

1262  Frederick  St.  N.  Battleford,  Sask.  Can. 


Bonnell,  Mossom  Burwell  (Govt.) 

Patent  Branch  Dept.  of  Agriculture,  Ottawa,  Ont.  Can. 
CouLTHABD,  Dr.  Howard  Henry  Gordon 

46  Macpherson  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

GooDB,  Dr.  Edward  Allan 239  Sanford  Ave.  Flushing,  L.I.  N.Y. 

Hendebson,  Dr.  Ernest  Malan 9  Bedfoi^  Road,  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Lttle,  Frederick  Hunter  (Mfr.) 61  Oriole  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

McPhbdban,  Dr.  William  Fletcher 15  Bernard  Ave.  Toronto,  Can. 

*  Maclaben,  John  Alexander,  died  1905 Barnet,  B.C.  Can. 

*  Rtbbson,  Greorge  Crowther,  died  in  service  1915. 
Spohn,  Dr.  Alfred  Howard 

4023  Alexandra  Ave.  Shaughnessy  Hgts.  Vancouver,  B.C.  Can. 

m&-10  TORONTO  339 

Stbatht,  Dr.  George  Stewart 143  College  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Vansittart,  George  Edward,  died  in  aervioe  1916. 


*  Beabdmore,  Charles  Owen,  died  1916 Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Beci,  William  Frank  (Lumber) Pdhetanguishene,  Ont.  Can. 

Davidson,  Alexander  Topp  (Law.) . .  146  St.  George  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Jones,  Dr.  Reginald  Arthur 509  Broadview  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Keys,  Herbert  John  Erakine  (C.  Eng.) 

c/o  Prof.  Kejrs,  87  Avenue  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 
Maclaren,  Charles  Henry  (Law.) .  .110  Wellington  St.  Ottawa,  Ont.  Can. 

*  MuLOCH,  Cawthra,  died  1918 Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Ross,  Kenneth  George  (C.  Eng.) 

55  Summit  Ave.  Sault  Ste  Marie,  Ont.  Can. 


Frost,  Ellinwood  Alden  (Agr.) Lime  Rock,  Conn. 

Garrow,  Alan  Balfour. .  .Alexander  Apts.  University  Ave.  Toronto,  Can. 

Haruer,  Dr.  Charles  Gerald c/o  British  Embassy,  Paris,  France 

Jamieson,  David  Bradshaw Durham,  Ontario,  Can. 

Lackner,  Dr.  Harry  Mackie 19  Weber  St.  W.  Kitchener,  Ont.  Can. 

MiLLiQAN,  Gordon  Lathrope 128  St.  George  St.  Toronto,  Can. 

YouNQ,  Alan  Vernon  (Mfr.) 304  Mary  St.  Hamilton,  Ont,  Can. 


Baldwin,  St.  George  Pentland  (Rancher).  .Okanagan  Mission,  B.C.  Can. 
BoTD,  Gardiner  Mossom  (Min.  Eng.) 

c/o  U.  S.  Ferro-Alloys  Corpn.  Black  Lake,  P.Q.  Can. 
CJlarkbon,  Edward  Guy  (Acct.) ...  11  Oaklands  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 
Laidlaw,  Robert  Alexander  (Mer.) 65  Yonge  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


Brown,  Dr.  Alan  Gowans 423  Avenue  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Clarkson,  Hugh,  died  1914 Toronto,  Can. 

Clement,  William  Pope  (Law.) 9  Foundry  St.  Kitchener,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Dann,  Eyre  Frederick  Morton,  died  in  service  1916. 

Frost,  Dr.  Inglis  Folger 38  MaccuUoch  Ave.  Morristown,  N.J. 

McArthur,  Alexander  Stanley  (Farmer) King,  Ont.  Can. 

Spohn,  Dr.  Philip  Douglas 20  High  Park  Ave.  Toronto,  Can. 


*  BuRNHAM,  Sidney  Smith,  died  in  service  1918. 

Clarke,  Dr.  William  Albert .  .  .  1296  12th  Ave.  W.  Vancouver,  B.C.  Can. 

Dickson,  Dr.  John  Robinson Peking,  China 

Douglas,  John  Harvey  (Mfr.) 57  Heathdale  Rd.  Toronto,  Can. 

FoRSTER,  Dr.  Gerald  Joseph 60  Victoria  Ave.  Belleville,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Garrow,  John  Ure,  died  in  service  1916. 
Kingstone,  George  Alexander  (Mfg.), 

20  Glengrove  Ave.  W.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Laird,  Robert  Stuart  (Mgr.) 225  Ridge  Ave.  Winnetka,  111. 

McPhedran,  Dr.  Frederic  Maurice.  .Trudeau  Sanatorium,  Trudeau,  N.Y. 

340  TORONTO  1910-16 

Matthews,  Arnold  Colton 99  St.  George  St.  Toronto,  Can. 

Peacock,  Henry  Winfield,  Jr.  (Banking) 

1429  Walnut  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
Rterson,  James  Eric  Egerton  (Ins.) .  .86  Adelaid  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

White,  Robert  Lindsay 174  Balmoral  Ave.  Toronto,  Can. 

WiNANS,  Wesley  Willifun^ "Calydor,"  Gravenhurst,  Ont.  Can. 


Beatty,  Percy  Wood  (Law.) 162  Cottingham  St.  Toronto,  Can. 

*  Buchanan,  Norman  Simms,  died  1921 Silver  City,  N.M. 

*  BuRNHAM,  Noel  George  Herbert,  died  1913 Toronto,  Can. 

Crouch,  Milton  Edwin  (C.  Eng.) Box  57,  Nipigon,  Ont.  Can. 

Drbwry,  Harold  Arthur 106  Mackray  Ave.  Winnipeg,  Can. 

Fellgwes,  Kenneth  Cameron 10  Lowther  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Gibson,  Archibald  Hope,  died  1920 Hamilton,  Ont.  Can. 

*  MacDonald,  Archibald  Walter,  died  in  service  1916. 

Morse,  Stanley  Gumming  (Adv.) .  .723  8.  Gramercy  Dr.  Loe  Angeles,  Cal. 
Mow  AT,  Arthur  Maclaren ....  Edmonton  Club,  Edmonton,  Alberta,  Can. 

OuTERBRiDQE,  Leonard  Cecil  (Law.) St.  Johns,  Newfoundland 

Phippen,  John  Hubert  (Law.) 12  King  St.  E.  Toronto,  Ont,  Can. 

VAN  NosTRAND,  Comelius  Innis  (Contractor) 

24  Adelaide  St.  W.  Toronto,  Ont,  Can. 


GooDE,  Cephas  Whitby 24  Binscarth  Rd.  Torqnto,  Ont.  Can. 

Macdonalo,  Frederick  Wyld  (Fin.).  .45  Admiral  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 
Walker,  Alfred  Alexander  (Mfr.) . . .  121  Walmer  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


*  Cochrane,  Ogden  Dunlap,  died  in  service  1919. 

*  Cotton,  Chanes  Penner,  died  in  service  1916. 
Davidson,  William  Mortimer  (Sales.) 

146  St.  George  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 
Galbraith,  John  Stupart  (C.  Eng.)  . .  .2  St.  Clair  Ave.  W.  Toronto,  Can. 
HASTiNGSLVictor  John  (Iron),  Engineers  Club,  Coventry  St.  London,  Eng. 
Hawley,  Harold  Albert  (C.  Eng.) . .  168  Madison  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


Burnham,  Prof.  Howard  Hampden '.52  Bloor  St.  W.  Toronto,  Can. 

Burns,  John  Lyon  (Sales.) 1403  Angus  Ave.  Vancouver,  B.C.  Can. 

*  Gordon,  Walter  Leslie  Lockhart,  died  in  service  1915. 

Heaton,  Hugh  Attrill  (Pub.) 185  Balmoral  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Scott,  Alexander  Gordon 1857  Waterloo  Rd.  Vancouver,  B.C.  Can. 

*  Woods,  John  Robinson,  died  in  service  1917. 


Bird,  Henry  Irvine  (Law.) 

901  Metropolitan  Bldg.  837  Hastings  St.  W.  Vancouver,  B.C.  Can. 
BouRiNOT,  Arthur  Stanley  (Law.) 433  Daly  Ave.  Ottawa,  Can. 

1916-21 TORONTO 341 

BuRDBN,  Henry  John  (Arch.) 494  Avenue  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Cam 

*  Clabkson,  Maurice  Arundel,  died  in  service  1917. 

*  Galbbaith,  Robert  Douglas,  died  1920 Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Gibson,  Colin  William  George  (Law.) 

80  Homewood  Ave.  Hamilton,  Ont.  Can. 
EiNGBFOBD,  Maurice  Rooke  (Ed.) 

Upper  Canada  CioUege,  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 
Macdonbll,  Ian  McLean  (Law.) 

35  Prince  Arthur  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Manning,  Trevor  Reginald 128  St.  George  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

NsLLES,  Douglas  Alexander  Hardy  (Mfr.) 

147  Brock  St.  Simcoe,  Ont.  Can. 

Smtth,  William  Earl  (Law.) 79  Gormley  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Walkeb,  Harold  Coleman  (Law.)... 99  St.  George  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


Clabk,  Christie  Thomas  (Mfr.) ...  18  Lynnwood  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 
Httghson,  Hugh  MoBean  (Forester) .  .71  Bronson  Ave.  Ottawa,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Ormbbt,  John  Anthony  Ninian,  died  in  service  1916. 
ScHWABTz,  George  Bryant  (R.  Est.) 

101  Lawton  Blvd.  Toronto.  Ont.  Can. 


Chandlbr,  Charles  Massey  (Acct.) . .  94  Tyndall  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Gibson,  Franklin  Reginald,  died  in  service  1918. 

Graham,  David  Scott  (Sales  Mgr.) Inglewood,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Maclban,  Alan  Pratt,  died  in  service  1918. 
Orhsbt,  Gerald  Yeadon  (Acct.) 

"Knockmore,"  Forest  Hill  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 
Washington,  Frederic  Paul  Laurence  (Law.) 

112  Aberdeen  Ave.  Hamilton,  Ont.  Can. 


*  BoTD,  Eric  Mossom,  died  1917 Bobcaygeon,  Ont.  Can. 

Gouinlock,  George  Roper  (Arch.) ...  37  Walmer  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

*  Habling.  Thomas  Leslie,  died  in  service  1916. 

Hudson,  Walter  Drew  (Mer.) 71  Beaty  Ave'.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Lindsay,  Alfred  Barr 83  Broadway  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

McBean,  Keniieth  Duncan  (Chem.)  .c/o  C.  M.  &  S.  Co.  Trail,  B.C.  Can. 


Bell,  Hilliard  Brooke  (Law.).. 71  Woodlawn  Ave.  W.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 
Bird,  Edward  Alexander  (Ins.) 1203  Book  Bldg.  Detroit,  Mich. 


Martin,  D'Arcy  Argue  Counsell  (Law.) 

4  RavensclifiFe  Ave.  Hamilton,  Ont.  Can. 


D«  PsNciBR.  Joseph  Christian 128  St.  George  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

342  TORONTO  1921>25 

PoRTEB,  Dana  Harris 162  Crescent  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Snelorove,  Oscar  Henry 108  Pine  Crest  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


Ambrose,  Alan  Lucas 42  Charlton  Ave.  E.  Hamilton,  Ont.  Can. 

Crerar,  Alastair  John  (Law.) 7  Hughson  St.  So.  Hamilton,  Ont.  Can. 

Crombie,  John  Keith  Bradshaw.  .  .98  King  St.  St.  Catharines,  Ont.  Can. 

Howard,  Ernest  Ford  (Fin.) 128  St.  George  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Magbe,  John  Gentles 866  Richmond  St.  London,  Ont.  Can. 

Moore,  Allan  Bertram 15  Cluny  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

RoLPH,  Ernest  Gordon 42  Edgar  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Ross,  John  Douglas  Fraser  (Law.)  85  Roxborough  Dr.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 
Strickland,  Donald  D'Eyncourt  (Ins.) 

126  Huntley  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 


Catlbt,  Arthur  Bowen  (Broker)  .  988  Broadview  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Dack,  John  Oldham 834  N.  Oxford  Ave.  Los  Angeles,  Cal. 

Frederick,  Wilfred  Douglas Grand  Blvd.  Campbellford,  Ont.  Can. 

Gash,  Arthur  Blain  (Fin.) 85  Spadina  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

GuNN,  Andrew  Douglas  (Sales.) 50  Walmer  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

GuNN,  Donald  Robert  (Packing) 50  Walmer  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Heaton,  Thomas  Gilbert 185  Balmoral  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Kino,  George  Graeme  (Lumber) .  1998  Hosmer  Ave.  Vancouver,  B.C.  Can. 
MacLean,  Andrew  Dyas  (Journ.)  349  Adelaide  St.  W.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

McKbb,  John  William  (Fin.) 53  Walmer  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

O'Brian,  Peter  Dean  (Journ.) 

Y.M.C.A.,  Drummond  St.  Montreal,  P.Q.  Can. 

Ross,  Donald  Gordon 112  St.  George  St.  Toronto,  Ont  Can. 

Wardrope,  William  Hugh  Masson  (Law.) 

31  Glenfern  Ave.  Hamilton,  Ont.  Can. 


Allan,  William  (Clerk) 4  Roslyn  PI.  Winnipeg,  Man.  Can. 

Catlet,  Hugh  Cartwright 30  Howard  St.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Cronyn,  Terence 1004  Waterloo  St.  London,  Ont.  Can. 

GossAOE,  Charles  Dkvidson 28  Elgin  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Luke,  Morris  Cameron. 49  Buena  Vista  Rd.  Rockcliffe,  Ottawa,  Ont.  Can. 

NoRTHBT,  Rodney  Vernon 2  Elmsley  PI.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Smith,  Frederick  Arthur  Milsom 

The  Rectory,  Cataraqul,  Kingston,  Ont.  Can. 


Lazier,  Harold  Douglas  Franklin 75  Duke  St.  Hamilton,  Ont.  Can. 

Mackenzie,  William  Kirkland 97  Glen  Rd.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

Morrison,  Christopher  Macaulay 

1789  Matthews  Ave.  Vancouver,  B.C.  Can. 

Robertson,  Alexander  Bruce 510  St.  Charles  St.  Victoria,  B.C.  Can. 

Sntder,  Stuart  Alfred 39  George  St.  Waterloo,  Ont.  Can. 

SoMBRVTLLE,  Charlcs  Ross,  Jr 336  Piccadilly  St.  London,  Ont.  Can. 

Watt,  George  Leslie 65  Dufferin  Ave.  Brantford,  Ont.  Can. 

White,  Paul  Sanson 64  Wells  Hill  Ave.  Toronto,  Ont.  Can. 

1890-1900  343 



GooDSPEED,  Prof.  Edgar  Johnaon 5706  Woodlawn  Ave.  Chicago,  111. 


Flint,  Prof.  Joseph  Marshall  (Surgeon) Sunol,  Alameda  Co.  Cal. 


Ratceoft,  Dr.  Joseph  Edward  (Ed.) 298  Nassau  St.  Princeton,  N.J. 


Abells,  Harry  Delmonl  (Ed.) Morgan  Pk.  Chicago,  111. 

Adkinson,  Henry  Magee  (Eng.) 615  First  Ave.  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah 

Bachbll^,  Dr.  Cecil  V 30  N.  Michigan  Blvd.  Chicago,  111. 

Bbown,  Scott  (Law.) 208  S.  La  Salle  St.  Chicago,  111. 

Linn,  Prof.  James  Weber University  of  Chicago,  Chicago,  111. 

Neel,  Carr  Baker  (Min.  Eng.) 1250  University  Ave.  Palo  Alto,  Cal. 

Nichols,  Frederick  Day  (Pub.) 411  W.  114th  St.  New  York,  N.Y. 


Andbbson,  Norman  Kendall  (